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Cuckolding Queen

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My husband gets on my nerves with his tiny ass dick, but I love him dearly. He knows he doesn’t deserve great blowjobs from a sexy bitch like me because his cock is mediocre. I need my pussy pummeled as often as possible, and I don’t have time for a little dick loser to hold me back. Last night after sucking the leftover cum from my twat he begged for me to make him my cuck. I only keep him around because he takes me on expensive dates and buys me the best gifts I’ve ever received. I became a high-end escorts escort for the cock, and it wasn’t easy to find a big dick baller to fuck me while my husband watched. As soon as he got to our room, he shoved my husband to the side and pushed me to my knees. I was so turned on by how aggressive he was! “This my bitch for the night” he tells my husband as he shoves his dick into my mouth. It was so big my pink lips struggled to wrap around it. He fucked my throat until my eyes watered. My husband has never made me gag like this! This big dick king pulled me by my hair and made me get on all fours facing my husband. I looked my husband in the eyes as I got fucked hard and fast. I could feel his dick throbbing as he made me into a slutty cum dumpster. Hubby was so happy to get a fresh wad as it dripped out my pussy. He makes the best cuck!

Naughty neighbor phone sex freak


naughty neighbor phone sex


My neighbor does her lawn work when the weather is nice and today was one of those days. I watched from my window as she bent over to pull weeds. Her juicy round ass peeked from the bottom of her shorts. While standing there being a voyeur I slid my fingers all over my swollen cunt. She is so fucking sexy I just have to get some of that ass! I walk over to her side of the street and start rubbing her ass cheeks. I though my molestation would be met with a scream but instead she pulled me into her flower bed and began to kiss all over my lips. “I’ve wanted you for so long” she moans as I start massaging her clit. We went into her house where she had a strap on other erotic toys. She knew I was watching all along! She put her big dick on one leg at a time and forced me to my knees. I gargled that cock until it gleamed with saliva. I got on all fours and let her fuck me doggy style like the horny bitch I am! My twat creamed all over her strap on so it was only right that I lap away at her pussy like the sex kitten I am! Her sweet slit dripped and gushed all over my doll face as she came. After pleasing one another we laid in our own juices and made out until we were ready for round two, Im so glad I found my naughty neighbor phone sex freak!

My Toy Collection

Sexy Breasts

Sometimes when I get a little stressed out I like to take some special time to play with all the new toys my Daddy buys me. He loves buying me butt plugs, vibrators, dildos and clit suckers, he knows I love to have my pussy spoiled by him. I tell him to send me new toys every week and I will send him sexy pictures of me trying them out. One time he sent me a huge black dildo, I tried everything but I couldn’t fit it anywhere! I suddenly thought the only place I know it will fit is my mouth, I stretched my mouth as wide as I could and took a picture for Daddy. I know he loves seeing his little girl’s pouty mouth all stretched wide taking a huge black dildo like a pro, It makes him proud.

My Teacher

Great Blow jobs I am such a slutty whore for my professor. One day during class I made sure to unbutton my shirt and pull up my skirt so he could almost see my panties. I spent the entire class period teasing him. Slowly bending down to grab my pencil, going up to his desk to ask a question but really I was just pushing my tits all over him, ext. So in between classes I snuck in his classroom and hid under his desk. When he sat down and began talking to the class, I started to tease him even more. The first thing I did was started sucking on his balls. My favorite thing to do is suck and lick all over them. Boy was my professor surprised. But he barely could take it he grabbed all my hair and started shoving my mouth down his cock. His gigantic dick toke up my entire throat. I could feel it pulsating and throbbing. I pulled back slightly and started twisting and turning my tongue. I wanted to remember every inch of his tasty shaft. I am pretty sure the entire class knew what was happening because as I was going faster and faster, he stood up and started skull fucking my face. His balls kept hitting me making this amazing slapping sound and you could hear from a mile away how wet his cock was. I swear every few seconds I would gag because he just kept shoving and shoving it deeper and deeper. And oh my god my naughty professor has a dirty little mouth. He kept saying the craziest things. You fucking like that you dirty fucking whore. You love the taste of my dick ramming down your throat slut ! I know you do fucking take it whore !Then he started moaning so loud and the biggest fucking load of cum exploded in my mouth and my cheeks swelled up . I had tears in my eyes streaming down my face from gagging so much.

Helping Out a Friend

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I have been known to fool around with women quite often. Being as horny as I am, I can’t keep my carnal desires narrowed down to men. I was lying in bed one day watching porn, getting ready to use my favorite toy. My friend texts me saying her husband was cheating on her and that she was coming over. She gets to my house and we talk over a few drinks. I told her I knew how to get back at him. Eager for revenge, she asks how, and I grab her body and pull it close to me, kissing her deeply. She smiled and pulled my shirt down to reveal my perky tits. She grabbed my hard nipples and began to twist. My pussy begged to feel her touch as my hips bucked restlessly. Removing the rest of our clothes, I laid on top of her and kissed a trail from her tit and down her stomach. I circled her pussy, leaving gentle licks and kisses on the lips between her thighs. I felt she was dripping wet, so finally, I delicately flick my tongue back and forth over her sensitive clit. Her moans and the way her hips would grind to the motion of my loving licks only got me juicier. I made sure she felt much better, and we even sent a picture to him to rub it in his face!

Food fucking Fun

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One of my college papers for phone sex therapy was on the use of food as sexual objects. I couldn’t believe how many people incorporate food or just use food items as a sexual outlet.

Of course, the usual standards were at the top of the list for couples. Strawberries, chocolate, champagne and whipped cream are all well know fuck-foods and perfectly acceptable.

My findings on woman masturbating with food led me to the conclusion that “root” veggies are the favorite followed by gourds and squash. I think the root part is key as root vegetables are so long and firm and hold up well to pussy juice and lube. Plus they can be eaten after they are fucked. Sliding a long hard zucchini into my pussy is way better than a vibrator. And you can custom choose exactly which size and shape fulfills your needs. So much better than picking a man. And you can tell from looking which one is fresh and which one needs thrown in the trash.

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Men prefer mixed veggies and fruit. A nice over ripe melon is prime fuck fodder. Shoving your cock into that sticky sweetness feels amazing, plus it can handle multiple loads. It also reminds you of the round firm melons of women. Men fucking fruits is seen as desperate in men whereas it is sensual and sexy in women.

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Finally, there are the messy food freaks. Like the virgin who fucked Apple pies in “American Pie.” Warm, sticky, and gooey is what they prefer. They really get into their food and want it smeared all over their bodies, plunging their cocks into it over and over. Or stuffing their pussy full. They fuck and eat with abandon. Never miss sex with a messy eater!!!

So which one are you? Come share your story with me in some hot phone sex therapy.

Playing Pool

Mature phone sexOne of the things that I like to do to relax is play pool.  There are only a few places where I live that I can go and do so.  Unfortunately the last two times I went I ran into my ex-husband.  I didn’t care that he was there, but apparently he cared that I was there.  Told me I was following him.  I wouldn’t follow him if he was leaking gold doubloons from his ass.  He can be somewhat of a royal twat when he wants to be. 

Because of this I decided that I would purchase my own pool table.  Sure I will miss the comradery of the other people who would be at the places I would go, but knowing I will not bump into my ex-husband makes it all worth it. For a little while it made me sad to know that most times I would be playing alone, until they delivered the pool table.  My oh my the most gorgeous young things delivered it.  

Sexy chicksI saw them get out of the van and decided that I was way over-dressed.  I shooed my Assistant into my office, took off everything that I had on except for my lingerie, and waited for the doorbell to ring.  When it did, I hurried down the stairs, holding a silk robe around me.   I told them I was sorry that I was in the middle of dressing.  The two young men were smiling, as was the younger lady whom was with them carrying the invoice.  I let them in and showed them where I wanted the pool table to be placed.

Watching them lug that heavy thing into the house was too much for me.  I “accidentally” allowed my robe to slip open.  My panties were saturated with juice.  Their muscles were bulging, as were the front of the one guy’s jeans. I decided to go for it!  What is the harm I told myself.  None as it turned out.  After we were done breaking in the pool table I told them that every Wednesday night they were all welcome to come to my home to play pool.  I would have drinks, food, and of course, a wet and waiting pussy.  I think I am not going to miss the people I used to play pool with after all.  

Best phone sex

Daddy Punished Me

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Daddy found out I didn’t do my project for school on Native American Day… which happens to be today. When he found out I hadn’t done it – he was SO pissed! I knew I was going to be in huge trouble…and in a way that I wasn’t going to like. Daddy’s little spoiled brat needs to learn a lesson, doesn’t she? I know I need a nice good spanking…and that’s not the start of the punishment I deserve. I think I need to choke on that huge daddy dick of yours, and you need to make sure you fuck my mouth like it’s never been fucked before…I’ve been such a little brat…I need to learn my place! Don’t you agree Daddy? I know your huge, throbbing cock does! Push me down and order me to bend over so my perfect little butt is right in the air, waiting for you. You want to fuck my tight little butt hole don’t you Daddy? I know I know… I deserve it! So shove it right in Daddy, don’t even go easy on your little princess.  Ohhh, it hurts Daddy! Daddy, I don’t know anymore…it hurts, but it feels so good too! Spank me Daddy, oh yes yes yes, just like that! You want me to go ass to mouth Daddy? Well okay, anything for you I guess… especially because I know I deserve it, right Daddy? Oh I see, you agree… you got cum all over me Daddy! Yes sir, I will lick it all up like Daddy’s good little princess. Yes Daddy I will do anything to please you! Yes Sir, I will work on my bratty attitude as well…now Daddy please fuck me again?

Best phone sex I’ll take you there

There’s a little secret to the best phone sex and that is that it takes two. Take a walk on the wild side and step outside your box and try a new experience. Your very pleasure could be missing a beat when you haven’t explored all your options. I am the option you should be exploring now.
One of my past boyfriends was away overseas and he wanted to see me pleasured fully. So he had me set-up an account to live feed from my laptop. I was comprehensive about this not sure of where he was going… but guessed I would find out.

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I found out alright! I had a visitor one evening baring a card for me. I opened and read the contents. This man, a tall build black man, was here for me. My boyfriend wanted me to live stream for him as I took big black cock. I was told to not hold back and that he wanted to see me cum so hard while that big black cock penetrated my white girl cunt.

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Best Phone Sex with a Ebony Beauty

Best Phone Sex

     Best of phone sex with an Ebony Beauty stars Divina your fantasy of the perfect cock sucker!Lots of women will tell you how they love black cock. I am quite the opposite. They tell you that they won’t fuck anyone but a dude with 12 inch fat cock and how they love that shit to rip their pussy raw! Me I am quite the opposite naturally I love cock like any warm blooded bitch, but there is something about vanilla that turns my ass on! I love the way a white man’s skin looks next to mine and I love the way my pussy stretches when a white cock is pushed deep inside of it! Girls who say white men have small cock have probably never met you I guess!

     Part of the reason I love sexy chat is because I get to talk to guys with the white cocks I crave. There massive bulges turn me inside out and you can’t imagine the times I masturbate to their voices on the phone! I press my hand to my clit and squeeze my perky nipples while they are talking to me! You think that’s bad I sure as hell don’t! I love climbing on top of white cock and having him slip in my pussy! I love the way he can grab on my tits and I ride that cock like a fucking rock star! There is another reason I love white guys but I will save that for your call. It’s only something I can tell you in a private one to one conversation! So until then I will fantasize about that smooth cock of yours going deep inside this beautiful ebony pussy!