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Ass Sex Porn with a Dirty Teacher

ass sex pornHe wanted to make an ass sex porn in my office.  This dirty teacher couldn’t say no. He is young, hung and full of cum. Just how I like my men. School just started, but he is already the teacher’s pet. He loves that I am a sexy mature woman and smart. He said the only thing hotter than a sexy librarian, is a sexy teacher. Students are in an out of my office daily, so no one pays much attention when a sophomore stays in my office for an hour. With all the hustle and bustle in the hallways, no one can hear my sexy moans as my favorite student pounds my ass. I am such a naughty teacher. I was clinging to my big oak desk as he pounded my fuck hole over and over. He set up his iPad, so he could film his hot for teacher’s ass video. He said he would edit out my face. I like the idea of being an amateur porn star. If no one sees my face, I don’t care if 10,000 men jack off to our little amateur endeavor.  I love being watched. I would show my face if there wasn’t this little thing about not fucking my students in my contract. I can’t help myself. College boys are better lovers than men my age. They have the stamina and don’t need a blue pill to get hard for me. Most of my colleagues know what a slut I am for younger men with big dicks. No one really cares but the administration. I bet even the parents don’t care. Every student I fuck does well in my class and not because I am trading sex for grades. That is not how it works with me. Boys excel in my class because they want to impress the hot teacher.  Do you want to impress the teacher too?

Phone Sex Therapist and Size Queen

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I get to talk to all kinds of men and hear about their fetishes and issues. Cuckolds are my favorite. I was married to two cuckolds and I have counseled countless others. Many, like my two ex-husbands, I turned into cuckolds. Some turn easily, some don’t turn without a fight. Those are my favorite. Bill is my latest cuckold conquest. He is a fellow teacher, married, but has been trying to fuck me for a year now. I don’t do married men. Now, it is not because I am high and mighty. It is that I like to be the center of a man’s world and when you are the other woman, that is not possible. Now for Bill, my guess was he had a small cock too. When you are a sexy babe and a cock size queen, you get good at separating the boys from the men. You are probably self aware about your tiny dick or you wouldn’t be reading my blog. Most men, however, delude themselves into thinking size doesn’t matter until they meet me, and I set them straight. I was right about Bill. He had a four-inch hard cock, which would do nothing but fall out of me. Of course, he was like “let’s try.”  My alternative approach was for him to watch my grad assistant bang me.  My college stud has about a 9-inch cock. He is thick too. Bill thought I was joking until he was restrained to my chair with a pair of my pantyhose watching a boy half his age with a cock twice his size pound me on my office desk. Like many men, seeing is believing. Bill needed to see how much pleasure another man gave me; how much bigger another man’s cock was to accept the fact that I am out of his league. Turned out he enjoyed small dick humiliation. Maybe you will too.

Naughty Teacher Farah

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah is my handle in a few adult chat rooms. I should be clear that these chat rooms are for cougars and cubs. I troll them looking for young studs with big cocks to fuck. I usually strike gold too. Most of the cubs hanging out in cougar chat rooms have cocks that coeds can’t handle, and they are looking for no strings attached fucking. Last night, Robbie was hot for teacher and I was hot for his 9-inch cut cock. He wanted to go to my office and fuck on my oak desk. I am always down for some erotic roleplaying. According to Robbie, he has a teacher who cock teases him. He was living out his fantasy from his own life. I would have pretended to be Julia Childs if that was what got that beauty of a cock hard. I blew him from my office chair and he fucked me bent over his desk. His long thick hard cock went in and out of my cunt at a fast seed. He asked about my ass. I know young girls don’t want anything up their asses, but sexy mature women we love a working cock in our asses. You would have thought I just promised him a lifetime supply of beer. He was being a great stud pounding my asshole with his balls slapping against my ass. It was another hot random encounter. Robbie is coming back another night to bang his erasers against my tight fucking ass. Are you hot for teacher?

Schools In And Daddy Is Cuckolded Once Again

cuckold phone sex

Daddy has gone the whole summer getting little of this cuckold phone sex teen.  I have been so busy running around getting hard body older men at the beach I have been seriously slacking on his cuckolding. SO when I got my new schedule and saw that the Assistant Principle was a sexy black stud of a man, I had an Idea. I dropped my purse and stuck my ass in the air so this BBC hiding stud could see the lips of my cunt from under my skirt.  Mr. Assistant Principles hand came up and grabbed my ass. I guess my slutty whore Rep was known already! Yay! I backed up to him and I saw daddy peeking in the window as I was put on the desk and had Mr. BBC lick my pussy right in front of tiny dick daddy. I even gave him a little wave. daddy was dying to touch his stick dick but couldn’t in the hallway. I loved it when daddy was almost humping the window as I quickly got a load of BBC cum up my tiny sexy twat. I grabbed my purse went to get daddy and told him he could suck the cum outta of my cunt in the car if he put lipstick on for the rest of the day.  Just a little sissy humiliation I will make sure daddy goes full sissy mode later.

Sexy Babe and Professor

sexy babeBeing a sexy babe is hard work! I have a brain for business and a body for sin. I am an academic. But when guys look at me, they don’t see my brains. I don’t hide behind frumpy clothes either. I am proud of my body. I flaunt what I got in sexy clothes. Guys think women are either smart or beautiful, never both. I am both. I am smart enough to teach college and sexy enough to attract young hard students. I am not teaching summer school this summer, but I am still on campus a lot because I am working on a book. I have this young stud I hired to do some errands for me. The school pays him. He is a grad student in my department. Little do they realize they are paying him for stud services. Sure, he makes some copies for me and double checks sources and stuff, but most of our time is spent bent over my big wooden desk with his cock up my ass. He has an ass fetish and I have a big cock fetish. He is the best student helper I have had yet. This book may never get written at the rate we are fucking. What do I care, I’m tenured already!

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

phone sex therapistPhone sex therapist is what people call me. I don’t just counsel guys who pay me. I counsel students and friends too. Earlier in the week I got a call from a teacher friend of mine. Last year he married a girl way out of his league and half his age. I was suspicious of why they got married, then I discovered she was a mail order bride. She was looking for a stable man to get her green card. He called me upset because he thinks Tatiana is cheating on him. I was just surprised to find out it took him a year to figure that out. She is a hot 22-year-old and he is a frumpy dumpy 50-year-old man with a comb over and most likely a small dick. He comes from money; he teaches because he wants too, not because he needs the income. My guess was she knew he had family money and figured she could endure anything to leave Russia. Sometimes phone sex therapy is hard to deliver. I gave him a wake-up call. I had him check her panties in the hamper. Sure enough they all had cum stains. Of course, she was cheating. She is fucking hot. The female teachers would all do her over him. He is one of those desperate love lorn men. I told him if he really loves her, he will let her have all the big cock she can handle. He can divorce her and lose the hottest woman he will ever have, or he could be her cuckold husband. Think about it guys. If your woman is way out of your league and you have a small cock, you will not keep her happy. Let her fuck whoever she wants if you can say you are married to a hot woman. If you want to be a great husband, watch her fuck a big dick. Get her ready for her play dates. Maybe get some sloppy seconds. When you call me for advice, it may not always be what you want to hear but it will be what you need to hear.

Naughty Teacher Farah Loves Students

Naughty teacherBeing a naughty teacher never gets old. It is summer time, but I manage to run into students all the time at the mall and at Starbucks. One student, I keep running into. I am a creature of habit. I have a predictable routine and I think Clay is on to my routine. Over the weekend, I ran into him at Starbucks then the gym. And, he was at the dog park when I took Buster for his daily run. He acted like it was all coincidence, but I didn’t buy it. I didn’t let on that he was transparent, however. He thinks I am a sexy babe. I happened to think he is a handsome young man. My guess was that he had a big cock too. I am a cock size queen. I have learned to size men up with their clothes on. I am rarely wrong. I made the first move. I started with the “I’m no longer your teacher” speech, then invited him to my place for nightcap. He isn’t old enough to drink, but he is old enough to get head from his former teacher. He got more than head. I was right about his cock size, so I let that young stud into my pussy and my ass. I am not supposed to fuck current or past students, but I just can’t resist those teen and young 20’s studs with their hard cocks and cum filled balls. They have the stamina and the sex drive to match this horny cougar. No Viagra needed with much younger men.  I fucked my former student for hours last night, even let him spend the night. I think I am in trouble with this one. I can’t stop thinking about his long, hard cock. He is coming by again tonight.

Erotic Roleplaying in the Bedroom

erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying in the bedroom is hot. I love naughty bedroom roleplays. I have this college boy I have been tutoring for his grad school exams this summer. We do more fucking than studying. No amount of studying will help him because he doesn’t want to go to grad school. It is his parents pipe dream, not his. He may ruin the family name by getting into porn. He has a huge cock and he is great between the sheets. He is creative too. He set up this naughty roleplay for us last night and he even brought supplies.  I was the naughty teacher and he was the bad student. I am a teacher and he is my student sort of, so it was not an extreme role reversal. The nerdy clothes he wore, and the chalk board and other school supplies made it feel more authentic. I put on a business suit to look more professional and let the student seduce me. It is hot to be the one being pursued. I love it when a student is hot for teacher. The roleplay was that I caught him cheating on a test, so I detained him after school to punish him. He ended up punishing me with his big hard cock up my ass. He bent the teacher over the desk, yanked off my panties and shoved his cock up my ass with force. I am normally a dominant mature woman, but he wanted to be in control; he wanted to own my pussy. When a guy has a huge dick that feels like heaven inside me, he usually gets his way. Being a phone sex therapist, I see too many little dicks. When a big manly cock comes around, I get weak, even if he is half my age. My pupil and I fucked for hours, not ever opening anything but my legs.

Fucking Her Husband- Easy Seduction

Coed phone sexDuring the Summer I don’t think much about school. The only time I’ve ever fucked a teacher was for a good grade or to excuse a few absences. Today just happened out of the blue but I couldn’t help myself. I ran into my economics teacher at the mall. He’s a average looking dude but I remember this one time I met his recent new wife. She was a total bitch and called me girlie. Always thought if I had the chance to I’d find a way to knock the smugness out of her. Then suddenly here’s her aloof husband alone in the mall strolling about. He had this look on his face as if in thought, I giggled he was probably lost. I approached him and struck up a conversation about his Summer and asked him if he needed help. He was looking for his wife but he lost her and she was off spending his money. He said the last part in a bit of a annoyed tone. I smirked and sweetly responded she shouldn’t be doing that without him present. He nodded and I saw him look my body over with interest. I grabbed his hand and told him to come with me, I had something to show him. I lead him into a less crowded part of the mall which had a little photo kiosk in the center. I pressed against him my hand lightly grazing the front of his pants and asked him to join me for a quick photo.

Good Bitch Boys or Naughty Boys

Naughty teacherWhen my bitch boys are being good boys I like to be sweet to them. I let them jerk their little dickies off giving them permission to cum in a cup. I don’t even make them beg to drink I give them permission right away. I do like watching them guzzle down and swallow on their thick creamy cum. When they are good boys it allows me to be very sweet too them. They get extra time licking, suckling, and drooling over my kitty. They are giving special extra time with me their princess. When they are defiant and being little bratty boys then I am wicked and naughty. I whip them severely with my belt and I don’t stop until I see the welts forming. When I use them as furniture I will dig my heels into their flesh instead of gently placing my legs on their backs. I can be a sweet princess of a dominatrix or I can be an evil nasty dominatrix. It really depends on my boys.

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