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Naughty Teacher Farah

naughty teacherHe paid his favorite naughty teacher a visit today during office hours. He didn’t have an appointment, but no college stud needs an appointment to see me if he has a big cock. He is in my human sexuality morning class and had some questions. He told me he thought something was wrong with him because women don’t want to fuck him. I thought the problem was that he had a small dick. Most women, even coeds, will find a nice excuse as to why they can’t fuck a guy if he has a tiny package. Rick’s problem was the opposite. He had a big dick. A cock that likely scared off coeds who want to keep their tight pink pussy. A mature woman like me, wants to be stretched out. The older women get, the bigger they like their cocks. Once I new what the problem was, I had to show him that there was nothing wrong with him. His esteem needed boosting and my pussy needed a big hard cock. We fucked on my office desk, which lately has become quite the stage for me. We were in the middle of a hot ass fuck, when he asked about anal sex. I so wanted to make an ass sex porn with my hung student. I let him slip his cock up my ass and he grunted like a pig when he entered me. It was a guttural sound; the sound of a boy totally in the throws of passion. I was enjoying his cock just as much. I was surprised our sexy moaning noises weren’t heard in the hallways. I was enjoying his cock so much, I fucked right through my next class. By my third class, I was walking funny and had cum running down my legs. I love the college life.

ass sex porn

Shoe and Foot Fetishes Welcum Here

foot fetishesGuys with foot fetishes are easy to spot, especially when you are shoe shopping. Sunday was spent at the mall for me. There is a high end mall in the next county that I often visit for some retail therapy. This guy I was seeing dumped me. I was honest with him that being a one man woman wasn’t really in my DNA. I like to have a main guy in my life, but I will fuck younger studs. Maybe I just have not met the right guy to make me forget about the pleasure younger guys can give me? Anyway, I was at this expensive shoe store trying on shoes that could feed a third world with their price tag. I love shoes. I have a pair of sexy shoes for every outfit, then I have shoes I have bought outfits to go with because I loved them so much. I saw a handsome older gentleman looking at me intently. He didn’t work there. He was too nicely dressed. Honestly, I thought he was looking at the young girl next to me trying on shoes once I noticed her there. He had sugar daddy written all over him. I am a hot sexy woman, but I am a little old for a sugar daddy. There was no doubt once he approached me and offered to buy my shoes. The ones I wanted were too expensive for my budget, but if he was paying, I was in. I knew there would be a catch. Men don’t just buy a random stranger a pair of $5,000 shoes without a catch. He just wanted to watch me walk in them and of course he wanted a foot job.  I figured if his wallet was that big, his cock was small. It was just a day of surprises for me. He had a huge cock. So big in fact, it made my size 8 feet look small. He didn’t last long with my sexy pampered feet wrapped around his cock. He said I gave him the best foot job period. If a guy buys you an expensive pair of shoes you have coveted for a long time, a sexy babe should give one hell of a foot job. He is talking me shopping next weekend. I see more foot jobs in his future.

Naughty Teacher Is Addicted To BBC

naughty teacher

My Naughty Teacher loves to watch me getting fucked by the biggest Black Dicks around. Naughty little black cock slut he calls me. I have a BBC addiction and it makes my cunt drip. My Teacher loves to put me on display as I have amazing cocksucking skills. I mean Teacher loves watching me take cock because I won’t let his little dick inside me.  I only let teacher eat my pussy after I get Black men cum in it. I am his cuckold GFE little teen dream. I can put him in his place by telling him that I only want Big black cock ever inside me. He is just a little white boy with a millimeter peter. I need stretching out and 4 inches won’t do it. I can be really brutal with the little dick insults. Do not cross me. I love showing my perfect ass to these men who can not have my cuckold phone sex whore pussy or ass.

Naughty Teacher Office Hours

naughty teacherHave naughty teacher fantasies? I bet I have lived many of your fantasies. I got into teaching, so I could have easier access to men half my age. Everyone woman knows when she hits her sexual peak in her late 30s and early 40s that she needs a guy half her age. I always pick male student assistants. Every semester a new student with a hard cock drills my pussy and ass daily in my office. Yesterday, a former stud assistant paid me a visit. He was missing my mature pussy. He said I ruined him for coeds. I hear that all the time. I also gave him an ass fetish, which is something else I hear often. I have a nice ass. And, I love a cock in it. Not just any cock, however. I am a cock size queen. I want an 8 inch plus cock up my ass. Trey has 8.5 inches of stud meat that I taught him how to use. I love that after a few years his cock still aches for me. I was happy to entertain him for an hour in my office. I bent over my big oak desk and told him to fuck me. He licked my ass and pussy before he started to pump slowly into me. My cunt was dripping wet from having his cock inside me again. Other students were waiting for my office hours, but all I could think about was getting that young big cock.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

phone sex therapistSometimes being a phone sex therapist means taking extreme measures to help your client. I have this young college girl who has been coming to my office hours to talk about the bad sex she has been having in college. She thinks there is something wrong with her because she never cums with sex. I asked her a series of questions to get to the root of the issue. The way I saw it, she was picking boys with small dicks who didn’t care about her pleasure. No foreplay just shoved their dicks inside her pussy and thrust until they came. She didn’t believe me that size matters, so I had to call in my student assistant to show her. I have trained him to be a good lover, plus he has a 9 inch cock. He knows how to please a woman. I let her watch as Adam ate my pussy before he fucked me. I let her see the different positions a guy could fuck her in to make sure she climaxes. And because I take phone sex therapy seriously, I let Adam fuck her too. I enjoyed watching her have her first orgasm, and her second and third. She was very grateful to me, but I think it is important for women to understand that if they aren’t having an orgasm, it is more likely the fault of her lover. Would your wife say you’re a good lover?

Tutor slut

naughty teacherI have been offering tutor sessions for those who I feel need extra one on one help with a naughty teacher like me. I know it’s hard to resist my hot young latina body. I want to prey on the boys on the football team. Even though they are only a few years younger than me it makes me feel so empowered to get them to do everything in their power to score some time alone with this sexy Spanish teacher. I will show you how to master more than basic latin root words. I know you will be focused on me the whole time. I feel the best when I have a nice rock hard cock in all my holes.

A for Ass Fetish

ass fetishHe told me he had an ass fetish and it was unfair that I wore tight skirts that highlighted my ample ass.  That was his excuse for not doing well on a test. I wasn’t sure if it was bullshit or the truth. I do have a nice ass and I love to flaunt it at the school boys. I decided to test him again privately. He showed up at my office and I explained, he could take the exam again or he could fuck my ass like a porn star. I waited for what I said to register because I was all business like in my talk. I knew he wasn’t expecting an invitation to make an ass sex porn with the hot teacher. His head spun around a few times when he realized what his two choices were. I just nodded as if he was asking if he heard me correctly. I pointed to his pants and he understood what I meant. He unbuckled his belt; his jeans came off and soon he was holding his young hard cock in front of me. He wanted to fuck the teacher’s ass. I wanted it too once I saw how big his cock was. I love ass sex, especially with younger guys. They have grown up on ass porn. They watch it often, but none of the coeds give up the booty, so they need a sexy milf to fuck up the ass. If the student has a big dick, I will take his cock up my backdoor! He was in a state of disbelief until his lubed cock was up my ass. Then, he knew it was real. I bounced my mature ass up and down his hard cock until his nuts exploded. He lasted a solid 20 minutes fucking the ass of his naughty teacher, which impressed me. This time, he got an A. An A for ass fucking.

The Naughty Teacher and the Student on Viagra

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher missed her own class yesterday. I was too busy fucking one of my students to pay attention to the time. Honestly, I thought it would be a quick fuck. He is hung, but he is 19. Boys that age don’t have stamina yet. Turns out my usual minute man took some Viagra that he stole from his dad. He doesn’t have dick issues, which means I got a 4 hour erection. I don’t know about other women, but I want a 4 hour erection fucking me. It was just bad timing. Teachers aren’t supposed to miss their own classes, but a four hour erection doesn’t walk into your office every day. I would have been a fool not to enjoy every minute I could.  It has been a very long time since I fucked that long with such a hard cock. This hot sexy woman was a tired woman afterwards. I was bent over my oak desk for hours. With his nut sauce leaking out of my pussy, I taught my second course of the day. I went home after my last class to soak in a hot tub and soothe my sore pussy lips. I think I need to get some Viagra to have on hand. That shit makes a mature pussy hurt so good.

Be Kind to Humankind Week with a sexy babe

sexy babe2 girl phone sexI think Denise and I have both had it with short dick men. We both have significant others that come up short on the dick spectrum. We decided to be kind to humankind by not cheating with big dick men for a day. Instead, we both invited our partners over to enjoy the show. We both get off with toys, and our husbands never do it for us.
I’m sure it is a hard pill to swallow when you have hot wives like Denise and, and you can’t satisfy us one bit. We both love chocolate dick, and we were trying to keep things nice and not bring it up, but we couldn’t help it.
The fuck session was intense and hot, but it also rained some truth on how we both love to be fucked by men with monster dicks. We can still talk about it. I know they were both embarrassed and we both enjoyed seeing the look on their faces. They had chastity devices on and couldn’t get off to us fucking. Denise is one sexy babe, and she keeps me excited. We both took care of each other, and we both realized we needed dick so last minute we weren’t so kind, and we caved. We invited our personal trainer Jerome to fuck us in front of our small dick husbands. Jerome had a blast fucking his two favorite clients. I had put Denise on a while ago. Jerome’s cock is good for the mind body and soul. Chocolate covered dick taste so good. Denise and I shared his big mamba cock and we had to cum swap together. It was the right thing to do. We are hooked with our workout sessions and fuck sessions together. Poor guys couldn’t help but watch and they didn’t keep their eyes off of the three of us.

Enjoying The Easy A

Naughty teacherI sat in my micro economics class today prepared to be bored when my professor gave a lecture on the importance of paying attention. Most of his points where directed at me, I could tell due to his constant glance each time he used the phase “Some students” normally followed by “think they can coast by”. In his defense the last two time I sat here I played with my phone and didn’t bother to take notes. I have a boy on lock that took this course last year who has agreed to do my assignments and light tutoring on the highlights in exchange for some special attention. However I do not appreciate this man approach to his assumptions. No matter how true they are. I waited for everyone to leave until it was just me and him. I approached his desk and he looked up at me with a smug face as if he knew this would happen. “May I help you Piper?” he asked in a tone that seemed like he was teasing. I knew right then this would go in my favor. So I responded “I just wanted to say that this is just a course I have to take to fill up my requirements. My work will be done and even if I barely get good marks I will pass. So save your breath trying to make a example of me”.  I started to turn and he grabbed my wrist pulling me into his lap. He continued to take my hand and rest it on the bulge in his pants. “I don’t expect someone as pretty as you to have to even work at all”. With that I had won, I couldn’t help but have a great big smile while he bent me over the his desk as he took what he wanted. The best part my Monday afternoons how just become a lot less tedious.

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