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Naughty Teacher Gets A Blowjob!

Naughty Teacher

My naughty teacher fucked me over his desk before school was finally over. We had been playing a flirtatious little teasing game ever since I first started school. He noticed me the first day, wearing my short skirt and tight top. I looked at him with innocent blue eyes and watched his eyes trail down, looking at the devilish smirk on my face and the nice perky set of titties I was pushing out for him. He wanted to fuck me right then and there, I’m sure of it. He never gave me the kinky fucking that I was hoping for though. So, on the last day of school, I decided to take things into my own hands. School had let out for summer vacation and I walked my way into his room. I had already slipped out of my panties and had then in my first. Walking right up to him, I shoved my panties in his mouth, got onto my knees and gave him the most amazing blowjob I’m sure he’s ever had. I could tell he was about to explode in my mouth so I stopped. Bent over and exposed my sweet young pussy to him. He wasted no time stuffing his cock into me and cumming deep inside me. I felt his cum dripping down my thighs the whole walk home.

Naughty teacher of a different sort

Naughty teacher

I put word of mouth out to the neighborhood that I was going to host a little party for all the boys and girls. It’s time to show everyone how to give and take a BBC. In reality, it’s not really showing everyone “how” … I’m pretty sure taking cock is an instinct, but I like to have an audience sometimes.
I had them all gather in front of the couch like I was about to tell a story. All the eyes watching as I got the BBC naked and sucked his cock. It was a big fat black cock and he got hard right away from the audience. I didn’t waste a second and got on reverse cowgirl and fucked that cock. It was hard to pay attention to the “lesson” I was trying to give, that BBC felt so good I gushed twice and just wanted to keep fucking, but the second time I gushed the BBC guy blew his wad inside my slick cunt. I laid back on the couch and threw my legs in the air, spread my pussy lips and had each one of the neighbor boys and girls lick a little cum from my pussy. If he or she didn’t want to then they could suck the BBC. Either way, it was the payment for the show.

The Best Phone Sex is Not What I Thought

best phone sexThe best phone sex for me is with men with working dicks, preferably big cocks. I am a teacher, but everyone knows teacher’s salaries aren’t great. I do phone sex full time in the summer and part time during the school season. I took this job because as a mature woman, I am horny all the time. Men my age can’t keep up. I thought, “It’s always more fun to masturbate with a friend.” My background as a teacher, however, garnered me far different calls than I expected. I get very little true fuck calls. Most guys call me for phone sex therapy. I have excepted that. In fact, I have discovered that I get wet shaming cuckolds or sissies. The older I have become, the more hedonistic I have become. It is all about me. If you can’t please me with a large cock then you best amuse me with just how pathetic you are and what lengths you are willing to go to entertain me. A few months ago, I had a small dick contest. I had all my regular tiny dick losers send me pictures of their turtles. I had some girlfriends come over, along with a few fuck studs to help me judge the winners. The collage I have here are the best of the worst. None of these men could pleasure a snail. They did, however, provide hours of enjoyment to my hot girlfriends and I. Plus, they gave some real men a good belly laugh. I love tiny dick losers for the entertainment value alone. If you send me a pic of your little dick, you are a small dick humiliation junkie if you ask me. I welcome your pictures. Just know I will show them to my girlfriends, maybe even to the world wide web. Can you handle the shame?

phone sex therapy

Naughty Teacher Farah Loves School Season

naughty teacher Naughty teacher Farah is so glad school is back in session. Younger guys are always happy to discover that I am their teacher for a semester too. Although it is frowned upon by the folks who write my paycheck, I still fuck my students. I am in my sexual prime. Every semester these young hunks are in my class looking fine. I know they have the stamina to take me on. I also know their cocks are big, thick and always working. My teacher’s pet this semester is Damien. A rather unfortunate name if you ask me, but there is no 666 tattooed on his body. Trust me, I have combed every inch of his buff body. I would know. On our first encounter, we explored each other’s bodies with a hot tongue bath. My pussy was creaming by the time he fucked me. I gave him head like I was the pupil and being graded. We broke my desk in for the semester. My office hours are by appointment only because I have so many students who are eager to spend some alone time with the teacher. Damien is my Pet for the semester which just means he gets to fuck me whenever he wants. Other students get fucked by appointment and approval. I am a size queen even with the young studs. Are you hot for teacher? Some erotic roleplaying can help make your fantasy a reality.

Phone Sex Therapy with the Sex Ed Teacher

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy is 24/7 with a woman like me. I have decades experience as a sex education teacher. There is nothing I have not heard.  Trust me, teen boys have more sexual issues than grown men. The new school year as only just begun and I have been taking to boys about all sorts of things: prostate self exams, chronic masturbation, small dicks, panties and cock sucking. Young boys have a slew of sexual fetishes and dysfunctions. On the first day of school, a young boy came to my office to discuss his cock. He was told by his girlfriend that his dick was too small for her. She decided to hook up with one of our school’s black athletes. I knew the boy she dumped him for quite well. He has an 11 inch cock. No woman forgets that. I helped him with stamina. He was a quick cummer. No girl wants a minute man, regardless of his cock size. Anyway, Shawn was crushed at her small dick humiliation. I had to see his dick to help him. I couldn’t see his cock from across the room with my glasses on he was that small. To say he had a turtle was being generous. This young boy has a life as a cuckold or a sissy in his future. Likely, he will be both. No woman is going to fuck his dick unless being paid. I broke the news to him gently. Little freak punked me. He didn’t want therapy or a sympathetic ear. He wanted me to make him my bitch. I forced him to lick my pussy, making sure he knew that his job, his role in life, will be to worship pussy. He lapped up my juices like a good pet.  He is now wearing a pair of my panties under his school clothes every day. This phone sex therapist can handle whatever your problem or fetish may be.

Naughty Teacher Farah is Excited for Back to School

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah is excited that school starts back soon. I have been enjoying my summer, but I love checking out the Freshmen class. Every school year, I get to enjoy the new school talent. Not every young stud is interested in a mature woman, but the majority are MILF fans. What is not to be a fan of? I am sexy and horny. Young boys love fucking an older woman. Most freshmen are not virgins nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they have much experience. Young girls know nothing about giving head and fucking. Not yet at least. Like a young man, a young girl needs some one older to make her cum and teach her how to be a good lover. My freshman orientation includes sex education lessons. If the student is lucky, I give him some private tutoring. I look forward to freshman orientation every August. The way I look it, I can size up the new meat and they can size up the sexy babe who will be teaching them in the Fall. Last freshmen orientation I picked up two young studs with big cocks who were just waiting for a hot mature woman to show them how to get the best use out of those big dicks. I can suck circles around freshman girls.  Are you ready to go back to school?

Do me right

 Ass sex pornI’ll be your sex education teacher baby. Let me show you how I like to get fuck. First I’d love for you to start kissing my pretty little lips then work your way down and start kissing my neck, oh yeah baby you are starting to make my pussy so wet. Start kissing my nipples and start sliding your finger down rubbing my wet little pussy massaging my clit making me twitch a little bit. Oh yeah my pussy is getting fucking more wet by the second. You just turn me on so fucking horny now and I want your big huge dick in my pussy. I just want to feel that big peace of meat penetrate my tight little pussy. Then I want you to start shoving that dick so fucking hard into my pussy. Oh yeah I’m starting to drip. Oh yeah I’m about to squirt and orgasm all over your balls.

Your Reward My Good Pet

Domination phone sexYou are being such a good pet. I Am so very proud of you. And you get a reward for being such a good little pet. You get to lick at my pussy and make Me cum over and over. So come on pet crawl over here and pleasure Me. Make My pussy squirt across the room. Put Me into seventh heaven pleasure My good little pet.  Let Me feel that tongue flicker at my clit.  Let Me feel that tongue of yours slide in and out of My pussy hole.  Sticking your fingers deep in my pussy as I scream and moan in pleasure.  Over and over again.  This is your reward My pet for being the good little pet you are My boi.

Your Goddess

Sexy Women Masturbating

sexy women masturbatingSexy women masturbating would be the name of my porn movie if I was a porn star. I have had many hot callers lately that I can’t keep my fingers out of my cunt. Now, I enjoy all my callers, but my sissy and cuckold calls only get me wet from the humiliation. It is so much fun to laugh at losers with tiny dicks. However, it is always quite enjoyable to get fucked by a real man too. The college boys are home for summer and horny. I am grateful so many of them have being calling this hot sexy woman. I always play with my pussy when a guy calls me for a fuck call. I’m in my sexual prime being in my forties, which pretty much means I am insatiable these days. I don’t really do drugs because I am a teacher and we get randomly drug tested, but it’s summer. I figure I can do some weed and stop in August and piss clean. Mary Jane puts me in a kinky mood. What about you?  After 8 hours of talking dirty and playing with my pussy while getting high put me in the mood for the real thing. I went next door to see if the neighbor boy wanted to play. He is home from Princeton for the summer. We fuck every summer. He is about to start his senior year, so this may be my last summer he will be home to fuck me.  He loves fucking me too. According to him, no coed can handle his 10 inch cock. Last night, I handled it balls deep in my ass. I love anal sex. Younger guys love fucking a woman in her ass. He didn’t last long. My ass is tight. I fucked him in his twin bed in his parent’s house. I felt so naughty. I came home, took calls and played with my cum filled ass I love this job.

Sex therapy porn with Doctor Rebecca

I had the most sensual experience of my career this morning. The client for whom we shall call Steve, because of patient confidentiality, called me at home very early and asked me if I could do an emergency session with him. This particular client is a very naughty guy and I love our emergency sessions because I get an opportunity to help him with extreme play therapy. He has a rough hand but his tongue is as sharp as a tact.

Sensual phone sex

Steve said he recently saw his friend and it brought up so many naughty memories of what his most dark fantasies are. He told me he needed to act these fantasies out immediately or he may just go find some pussy or ass hole  and take it all out on it.  I told him not to do that and said I could meet with him this morning. Needless to say he was already in my office when I got there and when I walked in he was sitting on my desk with his cock in his hand, ass naked and hard as a rock. He was ready and I could see it in his eyes. He wanted to use my body in all sorts of ways and I wanted him to do it.

Sex therapy porn

I did not even get time to lock the door when he walked up to me, grabbed me by my hair, spun me and pinned me to the wall as he grabbed my titties and kissed my neck. Steve then spread my legs apart and rammed his fat cock right up into my wet cunt from behind. He kept thrusting in and out hard and fast and I felt so wet. It was fucking amazing and I loved every moment of our Sex therapy porn.

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