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Ass Fetish for Mature Women

ass fetishI have a student with a naughty ass fetish. I caught him in my office going through my gym bag. He was looking for my dirty panties to sniff. I forgot to lock my office door in between classes, and he helped himself to what was not his. I had to admit to myself that it was sexy that he wanted to smell my dirty ass. I bent over my desk, pulled my skirt up and my panties down. “Sniff the real thing pervert boy,” I quipped. He fell to his knees and buried his face in my ass. He licked my taint, inhaled my scent and tossed my salad until I had an assgasm. I love a tongue up my ass, so when I find out a guy loves a woman’s ass, I make him my ass slave. Jerry is a college athlete. He has a pretty coed girlfriend. He is a good student and he likes ass sex porn. He will be coming by my office daily to take a whiff and lick of his hot teacher’s sweet ass. Do you want your turn?

Phone Sex Therapy for College Boys

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy is in high demand lately. I think more and more guys are realizing they are sissies or small dick losers. Guys are starting even younger these days too. I have a 19-year-old student who came to me on Monday with a problem. I listened to him intently. He told me of one failed relationship after another. He told me of numerous coeds going out with him, but not wanting to fuck him once they saw him naked. I had to ask the tough question. I asked him if he had a big, average or small cock. He told me he guessed it was average. That meant he was small. My guess was he was under 4 inches. Boy, was I wrong. This unassuming college boy didn’t have an average or a small cock. He had damn near a foot-long cock. He was a white boy with a black cock. I was blown away. It was unexpected. I explained to him that he was not average. He was huge. He asked me what was wrong with him then. I looked at him and told him that coeds were afraid of his cock. He was too big for their inexperienced pussies. They were afraid of ruining their pussies. I told him he needed a mature phone sex woman. A mature woman wants big dick. Perhaps it was in bad forum to fuck a boy coming to me for therapy, but he needed laid. None of the coeds were taking care of him, so I needed to do it. It was unfair for him to be in college with a huge cock and not getting laid. Part of the college experience is fucking. If silly coeds were going to send him away, I sure as hell was not. This hot teacher knows how to handle big dicks. I told him to come see me daily for some ball draining therapy.

hots for the the tutor

hot sexy womanHot sexy woman has a way of making any red-blooded male nervous. When I was asked to tutor one of my neighbor’s son I was hesitant. I hadn’t even been teaching in a bit. I didn’t have it in my mind. I liked going to glory holes and getting pounded by big black cocks.

When I saw the young boy, my answer was yes. Of course, I could help tutor him with his Spanish. I knew it was going to be a hands-on experience that would be pleasurable for both of us. I knew his appetite for me was evident. I saw his boner the moment his mommy introduced us. My hands couldn’t get enough of him. I began making my move by jerking him under the table. I let him release and finished off by making my mouth acquainted with his meat stick.

Mature Phone Sex Women Like Big Dicks

mature phone sexMature phone sex fantasies are common. I get a lot of younger men calling me for milf fantasies. I excel at being that hot woman that offers release to younger men. Now, I am a cock size queen, so I don’t want my men too young. I’m in my forties, so those teen boys and college studs are perfect for me. They aren’t virgins, but they can still benefit from some tutelage to become a great lover. Men get personal satisfaction with two major things: providing financially for their women and families and providing sexually for their girls. Not every young stud I fuck can satisfy a woman with his dick, so I coach them on how to be a good cuckold. It is better to hear that you have a shrimp dick when you are younger. Carl is a handsome college boy. Smart and cute, but he was cursed with a 4-inch dick. That is not going to give a woman pleasure. It certainly wouldn’t please me. He was hoping to be the teacher’s pet, but he became the teacher’s sissy instead. I dressed him up in a sissy maid outfit and gave him tasks from cleaning my office to worshiping my ass. He did well with his tasks. He was just happy to be in the presence of a sexy babe. I was happy to have a new sissy assistant. Some men transition easily into sissies, some give quite a fight. Carl is a natural sissy and I am lucky to have a new sissy slave who doesn’t need a lot of training to except his position in my world.

This Naughty Teacher is the Campus Slut

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher got in trouble I didn’t think I could get out of, but I did. Another professor busted me with a male student. I could lose tenure for fucking my students which is bullshit because male teachers do it all the time with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. I made my colleague a deal he couldn’t refuse. I would blow him if he kept quiet. I know his wife. No way that bitch is giving him head. From how quick his response was, I know I was right. We went into his office, so I could blow him and get back to my students. I knew this wouldn’t be a one time thing. Blackmail never is. He surprised me with a nice cock. Honestly, I always assumed he had a little dick. He isn’t very tall, and he has no bravado. He is an unassuming man with a bitch wife. I always thought he was a cuckold, so I was shocked to discover he had an 8-inch cock. It was hard too, damn near swollen from lack of being drained.  I sucked him like a good slut. I let him think it was under protest because he seemed to like thinking he was in charge. Normally, I wouldn’t play those sorts of games, but as it turned out he had a cock worth jumping through some hoops for, but I won’t tell him that. Those coeds have nothing on me. I am the real campus slut.

Teaching Great Blowjobs

great blowjobsI love teaching young girls the art of great blowjobs. Head skills are underrated. Nothing feels better on a man’s dick than a woman’s mouth. Yep, I implied it. Most boys prefer head over fucking pussy. Many men will say even bad head feels good, but great head feels amazing. So, when I have a male student who tells me his girlfriend won’t go down on him, I know I must intervene. I had an office meeting for them both. I made her watch as I sucked her boyfriend’s dick. She was shocked that I could handle his dick. He is about 9-inches rock hard. I don’t have a gag reflex, young girls gag on a pinky. She explained to me she didn’t want to puke on his dick. It happens and when it does men are usually proud because it means they have a cock so big it makes a girl puke. Anyway, I was the naughty teacher showing a cute coed how to suck her boyfriend’s big cock. She started masturbating as I slurped on her boy’s raging hard-on. I reached a finger over to rub her sweet bald pussy. Young girls have such pretty cunts, don’t you agree? What started out as a head lesson, turned into a hot threesome. I like coed pussy as much as I like frat boy cock. She was a natural cunt licker. So good it made me wonder if she didn’t want to blow her boyfriend because she prefers pussy! I had fun, but I would love to eat that coed cunt some more.

Teaching Coeds to Give Great Blowjobs

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs can be taught. I have this coed student who came to me with a problem. She told me she gives bad head. At least according to her college boyfriend, she gives a bad blowjob. She asked me for some help in teaching her how to be a better cock sucker. I am happy to help any coed who seeks my assistance.  I had just the test cock to help her out too. Trey is one of my grad assistants. He is the teacher’s pet because he has a 10-inch cock. That is a cock that can be shared. I showed her a few tricks like using her hands while blowing a cock. Also, I showed her how to use her tongue to rim the head of his cock to tease him. Trey didn’t see anything wrong with her cock sucking skills. I didn’t either. She seemed like a natural. I only gave her a few tips to start with and she took them and added more. My guess was that she was slurping on a small dick and her boyfriend was trying to keep her from leaving him. I asked her a few questions about the boy who was complaining about her dick sucking skills. Turns out she was sucking on a clit, not a cock. Poor girl thought she was a bad dick sucker. She just needed a mature woman to tell her the problem is the dick she has been sucking not her. I won’t let her waste her time with small dicks anymore. She is a great cock sucker with a big dick.

My Naughty Teacher


naughty teacherNaughty is where my mind is and your cock produces so many naughty images in this dirty mind of mine and I would just love to show you. I’m young, innocent and your wildest wet dream cum true. My masturbating to True Blood is almost as good as hearing you jerk off thinking about this babygirl pussy so bald and tight, between these athletic legs. I ace all my classes and it’s not always due to my “academic” skills *wink, wink* . I rather get a little more action than to just pretend to be paying attention, I’d rather play for the attention… and playing with my pantiless pussy in his class so he can get a clear view of my bald puss. He gets so uncomfortable and I get amused by how his big dick starts grow so fucking hard in front of the class. I almost want to go to the head of the class and pull his cock out and start giving my teacher with a big dick a sloppy fucking blowjob. I will even let the class see my hot bald pussy and wish they could watch our teachers cock bang me. Oh wait they did see it! He banged me right there in front of the class as he scolded me for being a naughty little cock tease. He then let the guys in class punish me also.

Naughty Sexy Babe

sexy babeI was a naughty sexy babe the other day. I was super horny. I was stuck on campus because of the weather. There was a tornado watch and the school has better shelter in case it touched down. I had cabin fever after only a couple hours. One of my favorite students lives in a dorm. I took a chance and walked to his dorm. I knocked on the door and asked if we could weather the storm together. Now, a ton of people saw me going to his room, but they don’t have X-ray vision, so I assumed no one would really know what was going on. I am a naughty teacher, but he is one of my assistants for the semester and we were on lock down because of mother nature. There is a reason there are a lot of little ones born 9 months after natural disasters and severe weather. What else is there to do but fuck? I have not fucked in a twin bed since the 80s. I hate storms. Fucking a college boy with a 10 inch cock and mad pussy eating skills is a great way to forget about the fact that you are in the midst of Wizard of Oz weather. We screwed like horny teens; well I did because he still is a horny teen. After a couple hours of hardcore fucking, we were drenched in sweat and cum and exhausted. Not a few minutes after we stopped rabbit fucking, the sirens stopped. We were safe from Mother Nature’s wrath. Honestly, it was the best way to pass time. I walked out of his dorm room looking unkempt I am sure. I likely had a freshly fucked face too, but no one saw anything. My story would be I graded some papers with my TA while I waited the storm out. There would be no proof I did anything wrong, because my TA will lie his ass off to keep banging his sexy teacher.

Great Blowjobs are In Need

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs are in high demand, especially on a college campus.  Not just from the college studs either. I get a lot of cock. I am a sexy woman, so attracting men of any age is never a problem. When there was a knock at my office door, I assumed it was a horny student wanting a blow job from the best cock sucker on campus. It was a colleague. A handsome one too. He said he needed some advice. I give advice to all kinds of folks, so I ushered him in, and he took a seat. He started telling me about his marriage. It was not the story I was expecting. I figured his wife was cheating or she was a bad lay. What he told me was his wife won’t suck his cock because it is too big. His dick makes his wife choke. I was taller than this fellow professor. I had a hard time picturing him with a big dick. I mean he was a short man. I told him to let me see it. I needed to know just how big his dick was. I mean I have met his wife. She is a sturdy woman. I would think she would be a big dick sucker. Holy crap. He unleashed a snake from his pants. He was close to a foot long. No wondered his wife gags. I might too and I am a seasoned cock whore. I showed no restraint. I just started slurping on his dick in my office. He came quickly. Clearly, it had been too long since lips touched his big dick. He came into my office to find out if he should have an affair or hire an escort to drain his balls. After I swallowed a few loads, I think he understood where he needs to go for those ball drainings.

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