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Mature Phone Sex Fantasies: Coffee, Tea or Me?

mature phone sexMature phone sex fantasies are common. You are not alone. Guys think about their best friend’s mom, hot teacher, neighbor lady, boss’s wife, even their wife’s mom. I am here to help men like you with their mature fantasies. I have a few younger lovers with mature fantasies. That is why they are with me. They are hot for teacher! One of my young lovers asked me if I could help him with a mature fantasy the other night. I was happy to do it, of course. A few years ago, this sexy older flight attendant hit on him when he was flying home for a Christmas break. He always regretted that he never took their flirting further. I shopped all day for a naughty stewardess costume and finally found one at a stripper clothes store.  When he came over his jaw hit the ground when he saw me. I seductively said, “Coffee, tea or me?” I bet you can guess which one he wanted! I love erotic roleplaying, so I even had the hand moves of a flight attendant. I fucked him in the upright position too. I enjoyed the cos-paly aspect of our fucking. Dressing up, pretending to be someone else is always hot. He gave me the biggest cum shot yet. Must have been the high altitude, or my sexy ass.

Good Form

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I have good form for my papi I make it good very for him when I take every inch of his monster dick. I have become the size queen I was bound to be. I love watching anal sex porn and thinking about getting my tight Latina ass stretched. My short dick significant other will never make me orgasm like my fuck buddies can. I get dressed up to the nines for only the best quality cock. Top of the line for me always. I don’t cut corners when it comes to my satisfaction. I know what works for my body and what doesn’t. I get my hot Latina twat to quiver every time i get that huge chocolate dick inside. My sweet cunt gets filled with the best cream sauce ever. Back to my mouth it goes and to each and every hole after. I can surely fuck for hours on end and get the orgasmic satisfaction I am addicted too entirely.

Naughty Teacher Loves Being Back at School

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher is back in action after the Thanksgiving break. I was only off campus 5 days, but I missed the cocks of some of my favorite students. I am a mature slut. One man has never been enough for me. I hit my sexual peak around 38 and I have not slowed down. Some of these frat boys I fuck say they can’t keep up with me. One of the benefits of being a woman is that we can cum and cum again with no downtime in between. I made sure my Monday office hour appointments were back to back. I have four teacher’s pets this semester. Technically, I have 6 because two are pretty young coeds. I like pussy too, but cock more. Each one of my male students had an appointment to see me about my shaved wet pussy about an hour apart. An empty pussy is a horrible thing.  If my big oak desk could talk! I am giving these college boys an important education. They are all receiving training on lasting to please a woman as well as tips on how to please a woman. Maybe it isn’t what their parents are paying for but knowing how to be a good lover is more important than Psychology 101. I taught my afternoon class with cum leaking out my pussy and ass. I am so glad school is back in session. College boys are great fucks for sexy mature women.

Ass Sex Porn Mood

ass sex pornI was in an ass sex porn mood last night. I guess you could say I am a very anal woman. I discovered ass sex on accident when I was married and pregnant with my daughter. That was over 20 years ago. I love hot ass sex. Sometimes, I like that stuffed feeling of double penetration. I have mostly younger lovers and well, they are anal about no anal lol. Not they they won’t fuck my ass because they will. They just don’t like to share me because they don’t want their balls touching another man’s balls. Silly, I know. That sort of comfortably comes later in life. Anyway, one of my college studs was over last night. He has an ass fetish, so he never minds fucking my ass. I just wanted to be double penetrated. I broke out my sex machine. He had never seen one before. He feared it was for him. Men don’t know what they are missing when they refuse anal play. I never force a real man, however, to take it up the ass. That is reserved for sissies and cuckolds. I lowered my ass on his throbbing cock reverse cowgirl, so I could get that sex machine up my cunt. I came so hard. I have intense assgasms. My young stud enjoyed the quivering I did on his young cock. It was a first for him to experience something like that. I think I have him addicted to my ass. Now, if I can just get him to relax for a prostate exam, I can really change his word.

Phone Sex Therapy for All Kinky Fetishes

phone sex therapyDo you need phone sex therapy? Most men do. The sexy doctor is in. Guys think I am just a phone sex slut. There is far more to me than being a dirty talker. I have a Ph. D in psychology. I teach college and talk dirty. I started doing phone sex as research on sexual deviance. Turns out, I love sexual deviants. I am one too. I talk dirty when not on campus. My friends come to me for their sexual woes because my doctorate focus was human sexuality. I am qualified to hear your sexual woes.  I love being a phone sex therapist more than teaching college. I get to talk to cuckolds, sissies, mommy’s boys, fetish guys and perverts. This morning I talked to a guy with mommy issues. Oedipal complexes are common. I just played his surrogate mommy. Turned out he wanted to be an adult baby. I love an adult diaper lover. I treated him like he was my son. I breast fed him, gave him a bath, put him in a diaper and rocked him to sleep signing him a lullaby. I can be a sweet mommy or a mean mommy depending on the adult baby. Some boys deserve nurture and love and others deserve shame and punishment. Whatever your kinky fetish is, this sexy therapist is ready to help.

Naughty Teacher and the Geek

naughty teacherI enjoy being a naughty teacher. I love it when a student surprises me. Tony seemed like such a geek. He is not Greek. He doesn’t play sports. He is a computer science major. He wears nerdy glasses and is a gamer. There was nothing about him that screamed that I wanted to fuck him. That all changed when he came by my office hours on Thursday. He was upset about a B on a test. That is not a bad grade, but to a smarty pants geek it seemed like failure. I tried to talk to him rationally, but then he did something unexpected. He pulled out his cock. He pulled out a big cock too. Holy crap I never saw that coming. The little nerd was trying to blackmail me. He said he heard I liked big cock and that I fuck my students. He wanted me to suck his dick and give him an A. Now, of course I sucked his cock. A 9-inch cock is nothing I pass on; however, I won’t be blackmailed. I recorded him while he was threatening me. Boy was out of his league with me. I played it back for him after we fucked. I told him I was not changing his grade. If he didn’t want blackmail on his record, he would come by once a week and fuck this sexy teacher. As far as his grades, I offered tutoring. I turned the tables on him, but I think he is hooked on my pussy now. He said he had never cum like that before. Being a total little geek boy, pretty sure many girls never think he has a big dick. I would have overlooked him too if he didn’t have balls of steel and think he could call the shots with this sexy babe. I have a knack for getting things the way I want.

Naughty Teacher and Her Favorite Pet

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher goes both ways! I have quite a few female students I enjoy sexually too. Amanda is a top pet of mine. She has been for a few years because she has the tastiest cunt. It’s a young bald pussy. It tastes like cotton candy. Amanda was hot for teacher the first day she sat in my class when she was a freshman. Smart girl; didn’t need tutoring, just wanted alone time with me. At that time, she was a bi curious coed. Now she is a full on lesbian sorority girl who is still hot for teacher. She is a senior now, but she still comes by my office for a little Sapphic love. She has some coed lovers, but she needs a mature sexy babe to get her off the best. I taught her how to eat pussy and ass. She has only gotten better with time. I hate the fact that she will be graduating in the spring. It will be hard to replace her sweet cunt. When she stopped by to say hi, I locked my office door and we got naked on my desk. Kinky games with rulers and strap-ons lead to two hot squirting pussies. Amanda will always be one of my favorite teacher’s pets.

Naughty Teacher Farah

naughty teacherHe paid his favorite naughty teacher a visit today during office hours. He didn’t have an appointment, but no college stud needs an appointment to see me if he has a big cock. He is in my human sexuality morning class and had some questions. He told me he thought something was wrong with him because women don’t want to fuck him. I thought the problem was that he had a small dick. Most women, even coeds, will find a nice excuse as to why they can’t fuck a guy if he has a tiny package. Rick’s problem was the opposite. He had a big dick. A cock that likely scared off coeds who want to keep their tight pink pussy. A mature woman like me, wants to be stretched out. The older women get, the bigger they like their cocks. Once I new what the problem was, I had to show him that there was nothing wrong with him. His esteem needed boosting and my pussy needed a big hard cock. We fucked on my office desk, which lately has become quite the stage for me. We were in the middle of a hot ass fuck, when he asked about anal sex. I so wanted to make an ass sex porn with my hung student. I let him slip his cock up my ass and he grunted like a pig when he entered me. It was a guttural sound; the sound of a boy totally in the throws of passion. I was enjoying his cock just as much. I was surprised our sexy moaning noises weren’t heard in the hallways. I was enjoying his cock so much, I fucked right through my next class. By my third class, I was walking funny and had cum running down my legs. I love the college life.

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Shoe and Foot Fetishes Welcum Here

foot fetishesGuys with foot fetishes are easy to spot, especially when you are shoe shopping. Sunday was spent at the mall for me. There is a high end mall in the next county that I often visit for some retail therapy. This guy I was seeing dumped me. I was honest with him that being a one man woman wasn’t really in my DNA. I like to have a main guy in my life, but I will fuck younger studs. Maybe I just have not met the right guy to make me forget about the pleasure younger guys can give me? Anyway, I was at this expensive shoe store trying on shoes that could feed a third world with their price tag. I love shoes. I have a pair of sexy shoes for every outfit, then I have shoes I have bought outfits to go with because I loved them so much. I saw a handsome older gentleman looking at me intently. He didn’t work there. He was too nicely dressed. Honestly, I thought he was looking at the young girl next to me trying on shoes once I noticed her there. He had sugar daddy written all over him. I am a hot sexy woman, but I am a little old for a sugar daddy. There was no doubt once he approached me and offered to buy my shoes. The ones I wanted were too expensive for my budget, but if he was paying, I was in. I knew there would be a catch. Men don’t just buy a random stranger a pair of $5,000 shoes without a catch. He just wanted to watch me walk in them and of course he wanted a foot job.  I figured if his wallet was that big, his cock was small. It was just a day of surprises for me. He had a huge cock. So big in fact, it made my size 8 feet look small. He didn’t last long with my sexy pampered feet wrapped around his cock. He said I gave him the best foot job period. If a guy buys you an expensive pair of shoes you have coveted for a long time, a sexy babe should give one hell of a foot job. He is talking me shopping next weekend. I see more foot jobs in his future.

Naughty Teacher Is Addicted To BBC

naughty teacher

My Naughty Teacher loves to watch me getting fucked by the biggest Black Dicks around. Naughty little black cock slut he calls me. I have a BBC addiction and it makes my cunt drip. My Teacher loves to put me on display as I have amazing cocksucking skills. I mean Teacher loves watching me take cock because I won’t let his little dick inside me.  I only let teacher eat my pussy after I get Black men cum in it. I am his cuckold GFE little teen dream. I can put him in his place by telling him that I only want Big black cock ever inside me. He is just a little white boy with a millimeter peter. I need stretching out and 4 inches won’t do it. I can be really brutal with the little dick insults. Do not cross me. I love showing my perfect ass to these men who can not have my cuckold phone sex whore pussy or ass.

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