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I made him my little bitch

cuckold phone sexI made him my little bitch boy, he was very reluctant at first but I didn’t let that stop me. Why should I care about what he thinks? He has the smallest cock I have ever seen and he is the quickest cummer too that pathetic little cock will go off with the slightest touch from him… why would I want to touch that? His dick is too small to even be called a dick, it’s really more like a clit so I decided that he should just be a girl instead. He tried to tell me that he was a real man and he would never wear a dress but I just ignored all his whining and forced him to do exactly what I wanted him to do. In the end he was smooth and clean and dressed like the whore he really is inside. I also forced his little faggot ass to swallow a whole bunch of big fat cocks, my studs were only too happy to indulge me in breaking in the little bitch. He cried and whined the whole time but he sure was squirting an awful lot for someone that didn’t like it!

Good morning losers

Best phone sexWake up sunshine, it’s time to serve your dream girl. Except this isn’t a dream, this is reality, your new reality. Nothing else in your life matters or is more important than giving me what I want, how I want, when I want. You’re a worthless piece of shit who’s only good for pleasing me and showing me how obsessed you are with my entire being of existence! You’ve had girlfriends in the past but none of them even compare to me and all that I have to offer! You think that you have met beautiful women before but I am the ultimate walking goddess and you’ll never get the sexual experience from any of those other sluts like how I make you feel! I make you cower to your knees, weak for me and ready to please me in any way that you can. In repayment, I love to suck on your thick, juicy cock! I’m the best dick sucker around and I am very confident in my skills. No one gives you a deepthroat blowjob like me, that’s why you’re so fucking obsessed and cannot get enough! Prove to me how crazy I make you feel, crazy in all the right ways hehe. We always have the best phone sex, that’s why you keep coming back for more and i’m the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning! Now bow down to your sexy girl and prove your worth!

The Best Phone Sex for Cuckolds

best phone sexThe best phone sex lingers with you. Guys tell me all the time that they are glad they found me because they have talked to countless phone whores who didn’t get their cuckold fetish. I cuckolded two ex husbands and many a man in my life. I understand what a cuckold wants and needs. There are differences among cuckolds of course, but at their core, they all share a desire for the women in their lives to get the sexual pleasure they deserve. Some cuckolds can’t please a woman because they lack the length or the girth to do so. Some cuckolds develop dick issues with age and can no longer get it hard enough or for as long as their woman needs to orgasm. It is true that some cuckolds have bisexual fantasies, but I have the experience and knowledge to know that not every cuckold wants cock in a gay way. Some want cock simply as a sign of submission and humiliation to their girlfriend or wife.  Are there gay men too afraid to come out of the closet so they hide as a cuckold? Of course, there are, but there are plenty of men who just want to make sure their women have all the pleasure they deserve. I am a phone sex therapist and a sexy mature woman. I understand all cuckolds are not the same. I can tailor the cuckold experience to fit your needs, your desires. The doctor is in.

Love Your Goddess

Domination phone sex I just got done getting laid by some real nice BBC. And I have come home to you for your to suck at my pussy and get all of that BBC seed completely out of my pussy. Make me cum so you may taste the his seed and mine mixed together. Show me your Goddess how much you desire me . Grind on my clit with that tongue. Give me the pleasure I deserve. Feeling you suck the BBC seed from my pussy. Your fingers in deep scooping it all out. I love the way your tongue and fingers feels. How can tell how grateful you are to be doing such a task. Just by the pure pleasure you are giving me.

Ms. Control Freak

Sissy humiliationI love to take a big strong man and turn him into a dirty dick sucking woman. It makes me so happy to put a man in a dress, wig, makeup, and heels. Then I make a few phone calls and soon I have a room full of big dick men waiting to get their dick sucked. I’ll make my new dick sucking “woman” get on her knees and suck cock until his jaw hurts. If you’re still reading this, I know you want to put yourself in my hands. You want to be my new dick sucking slut in a wig and heels. You’ve thought about sucking dick and you need a strong woman like myself to make your fantasies come true. I know your cock is hard right now and your craving big hard dick. Let me take control of your mind and body.

Yummy Pussy

Best phone sexMy pussy smells so fucking good, you cannot get enough of my yummy juices while you devour me with your wet tongue. We always have the best phone sex together! I love finger fucking myself and then tasting my fingers after they have been plunging in and out of my slutty cunt slit. I get so aroused by my own scent, my horniness grows rapidly! It’s so fun to tell all of my callers my kinky stories, I love making that thick cock throb for me! Teasing you is so fucking hilarious, knowing that you will never ever get a chance with me but still so desperately fantasize about me sends chills up and down my spine, hehe. You’re so in love with me and my delicious curves, nothing is going to stop your devious fantasies and wild fetishes at this point! I love to torture and torment you, yet you can’t help but continue to spend all of your hard earned money on me! And at the end of it all, you thank me for it all like the loser bitch boy that you are!

Small dick humiliation

small dick humiliation

I think it is so cute how you think you can please a woman. You have an itty bitty warm peepee. It is smaller then my pinky! I bet when you fuck a chick, it is the closest thing she gets to fucking a woman besides actually fucking a woman. I mean, since there is really no penetration since your dick is so small- it is more like dry humping.

Yup, that is the only way I can come, is if you rub your tiny little clit dick against my pussy lips. You should have no hair, since only real men have hair. Let is be real, your pubes would hide that tiny little pussy anyways. So go ahead and flick your little micro dick quickly back and forth with only two of your fingers.

I can not stop laughing thinking that you only need two fingers to jack your dick! OMG you are just so embarrassing.

Who’s The Boss?

Mature phone sex Remember that TV show Who’s the boss? Well in version of it. You would be Tony and you would be doing a lot more than just cleaning the house. Cooking the meals. And doing the laundry. My satisfaction would also be a multi daily chore. And your daily outfit would be a thong, bra, and high heels. I always loved that show and imagine how someday my pet would be if he was Tony. How I would dress him. And instruct him with a list of chores that must be completed every day or be punished. The punishment you ask? Well it is none of my kitty for you to suck. You do not get to taste the sweetness of my kitty.

Sexy babe

Best phone sexSexy babe latina’s know how to get exactly what they want. I was running low on cash and decided to get an extra part-time. I got all cute and applied at the temp’s office. I was expecting to work at an attorney office and possibly meet my future Ex-Husband. Well, the frumpy lady at the temp’s office didn’t like me much. Guess she got a little jealous of me. Can you blame her? I’m a sexy chica and I am used to haters. She called me the next day I got matched to be a personal assistant to a very wealthy guy who needs assistance in his office and home. I jotted down the address I received and made my way over to the gated community. It was a nice place and I was greeted by the Mr. Clemmons. He was old as dirt but had a boner from the moment he laid his eyes on me. The perv had a twitching cock and made a proposal I couldn’t turn down. All I had to do was jerk him off a couple times a week and he would take care of me. I was sold I love money and I love pervs. It worked out perfectly because as soon as I saw the huge cock pop out I was in awe. He was so well hung and had better cocks than guys my age. I grabbed his cock stroked it and took it in my mouth deepthroating it like the blowjob queen I am. Mr. Clemmons told me he has always had a weakness for hot latina sluts like me. I quit my contract with the temp agency and began servicing my new sugar, Papi.

Gaping Holes

Sissy humiliationWhen you’re with me, I’m in total control. You have to check your manhood at the door. When you walk into my home I take your manly name away, you’ll be called Britney, Cindy, or Veronica. You’ll be my bitch. I’ll dress you up real sexy. A pretty dress, some makeup, and a wig will turn you into a fuckable slut. I have men lined up and ready to fuck your tight holes. You’ll be my beautiful sissy and mine to control. You’ll look good on your knees with that dress hiked up to your waist. Move those panties to the side and let me see that tight boy pussy. Spread your asscheeks apart and show me that tight butthole. Your cock is so hard I can tell you’re ready to be fucked. You walked into my home as a man, but you’re leaving as a slut with a gaping asshole.

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