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Sub Girlfriend

gfe phone sexAn old professor of mine called and asked me to go to a conference with him last night. He needed a “girlfriend” for the night. And really who better to ask than me. I mean I am sexy, young, smart as hell, and a sub. The perfect arm candy really. Although I’m sure his wife would have been upset with this arrangement. Not that it really matters to me I love married men. The conference was boring but he had his fingers in my pussy the whole time, neither of us much cared if anyone could see. Best part of the night was when he pulled me into the men’s room, his cock was straining against his trousers. He says Maggie be a good little girl and get on those knees, suck my cock into that pretty mouth of yours. I did just that sucked that big cock while other men walked in and out of that bathroom. I was so fucking hot even hotter when he shot that thick creamy load down my throat!

Ass fetish

Ass fetishThis sexy Latina ass is all yours honey. I’m ready to squat down on that face and make this ass bounce all over you. That’s right tongue fuck my Latina ass fucking good. You make my pussy dripping wet. I feel your face getting all wet with my pussy juice just dripping into your mouth and your face. I love watching your cock getting harder and harder as you tongue fuck my ass! I’m going to bend over grab that throbbing cock with my soft hand start stroking it so slowly then start french kissing that big fat mushroom head tasting all that juicy pre- cum. Then I’m going to reach down and start finger fucking your asshole. Then with my tongue I’m going from your big fat mushroom head down to your shaft then to your big balls reaching to your asshole and start tongue fucking that ass. Don’t you stop eating my ass.

Latina Caliente

Sensual phone sexMy love we are staying home alone tonight! I love when you fill up the bathtub with flower petals all around and all those pretty little candles. The way you start massaging my neck then start going down to my big boobies you love. I could just feel your big dick getting rock hard on my butt. Then you come to the front and start massaging my pretty little sexy feet, then your manly hands start going up my sexy beautiful thick Latina legs. You are finally in my tight pussy hole with that big fat middle finger. You go under the water and start eating me out for a little bit. Then you slide your body up against mine penetrating me with that big fat 9 inch cock. You make me feel fucking good. I start squirting and having multiple orgasms at the same time. Now its my turn to give you a back rub!

Sexy Latina pussy

Phone sex sitesThis night I’m feeling a bit horny Papi. Well not just a bit. I been feeling fucking horny all day thinking about that big fat juicy cock in my mouth. I tried playing with my pussy, but it just made me more fucking horny. I’m just so fucking wet down there. Thinking about when you get home. I want to jump on that dick. Rip that fucking clothes off first grab that fucking dick give it a couple of french kisses on that big fat head. Suck out as much pre- cum as possible. Fuck I love all your pre- cum in my mouth. Then I will push back on the bed and jump on that big fat long cock. Fuck yea I love the way you tear my pussy fuck whole wide open with that fat dick head you have. Don’t you love this hot babe bouncing up and down on that cock of yours?

Sexy and slutty

Sexy phone sexSexy phone sex with a naughty, slutty vixen like me makes you beg for more and more, surprise surprise! You’re never able to get enough of me and my delicious curves, especially when I give you the pleasure of being able to face fuck my tasty pussy, hehe. I mean, how could you ever resist such a sensual whore like me?! My sexuality is one of my many super powers and I love holding you captive under my spell. I am such an erotic tease, unlike anything that you have ever had the joy of experiencing before! You have always had such a fetish and a hard on for a hot and powerful queen like me! Mindfucking you is my favorite pastime, it makes my sweet cunt gush with wetness to have you wrapped around my pretty finger! You’re weak for me and I take full advantage of it!

Behave like a bitch, get treated like one

Forced feminizationNormally I don’t like to punish in a cruel way, sometimes you have to assert a little more discipline than normal when it comes to a stubborn individual, don’t you think? There is this guy that moved in across the street. I call him the jerkoff because he just acts like a POS. So I was walking out to get the mail and bring the garbage in, my morning thing to do. I just slip on some flip-flops and a robe, I don’t usually wear clothes around the house in the morning. So I got the mail and the turd neighbor starts giving me shit from across the street. Telling me to cover up and junk. I walked over to him, grabbed his wrist cranked it up behind his back and walked him to my house. I pushed him in thru the front door; I grabbed the restraints in the foyer table and pushed him down onto a chair. Slapping him in the face, I ask who in the hell he thinks he is. With no response I told him to get up and strip, he gave me a no way look and I grabbed him by the balls “would you like to rethink that answer?” He strips down, and lo and behold this sissy bitch is wearing panties, a garter, and stockings. I pulled his panties off his cock and slapped it, lessons for pointing out other people just to take the focus off you. I sat him back down and bound his arms while I put a nice coat of whore make up. “If I see you outside without makeup, I’ll come over to your house and put a goat milker on your cock while you sleep. Understand?” He nodded. Let’s see how long it takes the jerkoff to not comply. I did tell him on his way out the door looking all made up and pretty, that if he doesn’t play by the rules next time the makeup will come with a large ass plug.


Married Men

Best phone sex Married men come and spend their money on me. Because I give them what those married men want. I control them. Their wives want them to be men. But those men know that they can not really be men. Cause they are sissy boys. In need of control. In need of a real woman to show them the ways of being a good boy. Wives want you to take control and responsibility. Be the Man of the house. They do not know you like I do. They do not realize you need to be under thumb. That is where you are the happiest. When you are in your place. Under foot. Being controlled. You can not be a man. You know it and so do I.

Erotic Roleplaying For A Hot Fucking

Hey so maybe your looking for some form of sensual erotic roleplaying fun with a secretly kinky sophisticated woman. I am her, and the answer for that therapeutic need for tossing off and getting some real satisfaction. I’m all about your satisfaction and all about You sweets, so let me in on your secret passions and erotic fantasies.

I want you to watch me play with myself, finger my sweet slit and roll my nipples between my fingers.Watch me as I penetrate my cunt with one finger then another… now, come closer, and take a lick of my cunt, go on put you tongue inside and lick it nice and deep. Taste my sweet juices, suck on my clit, feel your dick get good and hard as my pussy juice gushes over that tongue. Now just thrust your cock in and fuck me good.

Erotic Roleplaying


Married Couple

Mature phone sexLooking for a married couple to play with. I would love to dom the male along with the wife. Having him pleasure his wife and I. I would love to be with the wife also. I love sucking on a woman’s pussy. Her husband munching on my kitty. Pushing me into his wife. Smothering me with her delicious juices. Tasting her orgasm in mouth as I moan on her pussy. Vibrating that clit, Getting two fingers shoved in my pussy. My muscles tightening as I orgasm. Those fingers flickering inside me. Pushing down on his fingers and plunging my tongue into her pussy. All three of us getting off together. And keep on going and going like the energizer bunny.

Cuckold Phone Sex is a Hard Pill To Swallow for Some

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex is something I enjoy. As a sexy mature woman, I have grown bolder with age. A man with a small cock is not welcome in my pussy any more. Frank had all the potential in the world for good fucking. Athletic build, handsome, wealthy…a dreamboat. Wrong. Perfect man in every way, but where it counts. Small dick city. So small, I could not even see it. I could hear my internal monologue going, “Where’s the beef?” He thought he was in charge with a turtle when he said, “Suck my dick honey. Let’s get the party started.” There is no party with a turtle dick. I laughed. I asked him to leave. It was over. A done deal. I was not fucking a man with a shrimp dick. He grabbed me, tried to get rough. I kneed him in the groin and tied him to a chair. I called over a real man so he could see the difference. Sometimes men need a visual to understand just how inadequate they really are.  When Shaun arrived, I made him watch as I blew a real dick. Frank has a clit. Shaun has a cock. No comparison between the two. Shaun liked humiliating a man twice his age. As he was fucking me, Shaun made sure to tell Frank that my pussy was off limits to him. Shaun owns my pussy now. Life is too short for small cocks. A hot size queen like me wants fucked. You got to have a big dick to fuck. You need at least something I can feel. Shaun fucked me for hours. We both kept coming and coming and coming. Frank was not happy. He kept insisting he had what I needed. Shaun pulled out of my pussy and shoved his dick down Frank’s throat. “Now, I own you too,” Shaun said with a smirk. To our surprise, Frank started sucking back. Frank has found his calling as a little fag boy. Have you found your calling yet?

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