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Sensual phone sex

Sensual phone sexBaby just look at me finger my tight little pink pussy fuck hole. I love licking my fingers and finger my pussy then lick them again! I just taste so fucking delish! My pussy just feels fucking amazing its so tight and soft in there. I cant wait for your dick to fuck me really fucking hard! I just want you to throw me on my bed and jump on me and start caressing me real soft and kissing my neck and my lips. Then going down to my belly with your tongue. Then you going lower to start french kissing my sweet sweet pussy. I love how you start tongue fucking my pussy fuck hole in deep. Flickering your tongue on my clit so soft till you make me orgasm twice in a row. Then you gently put your big fat cock in my pussy fuck hole, and I start squirting all over your dick and balls.

Best phone sex

Best phone sexLook at this juicy fucking big melon size tits, all over your big fat cock. I want you to titty fuck me real good till you cum all over my face and tits. Then I want to make you cum again! This time I want you to face fuck, tonsil fuck me in deep. I just want to feel all that man hot juice deep down my throat. I want to choke on that big fat cock as your head start to swell up full of pre-cum. I love the way you grab me by the back of my neck and push me down on your dick till you make me gag. Then I want you to lay back my King I want to ride that dick with my tight ass like a cowgirl on a horse. You could just see my thick ass bouncing on your dick and big balls!

Forced crossdressing on my husband

forced crossdressingMy poor husband is in for even more humiliation. I am so sick of being dissatisfied and I have made it my mission to get back at him at all cost. I have to admit I get a ton of release fucking other guys and girls, and just maybe I should be a bit easier on him, but I don’t want to and I won’t. See the thing is, I feel I am the total catch the trophy wife many men desire and try so hard to get.  I may enjoy a lot of perks living the so called “dream life” one that is much desired, but in return, I don’t get to have the sex I am addicted the type that I crave and desire. I have become quite the serial cheater lately. basically daily and now I am making my husband wear my panties and heels and lingerie just to laugh some more at his face all the while I have just gotten in from a series of hard long fucking sessions. I’m hot, not perfect.

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy

cuckold phone sexDo you need cuckold phone sex therapy? You would not be the first or last man to call me to be  cuckolded. I love cuckold therapy. It helps men understand their lot in life. Not every man was born to be a macho manly man. Not all guys have the equipment to satisfy women. If a guy is lucky enough to have a woman like me in his life early, he will embrace his tiny dick and enjoy being a cuckold. If he has the misfortune of meeting women who were raised to not offend a man’s sense of masculinity, then he will end up not enjoying a woman like me when he meets one. Joe was one of the unfortunate men. He met me at Club Azur last night. He was buying me drinks like he had a monster cock, but sadly, he was hung like a hamster. No woman had given him the 411 on his sad little dick before. He didn’t take the small dick humiliation well. When he tried to push his little dick in my face, I damn near bit it off. That got his attention. He thought I was playing some game with him, but I don’t play games with small dicks. I don’t do anything with small dicks. I had to tie him to a chair with his belt so I could explain his station in life. I showed him pictures on my phone of real men. Swipe by swipe he began to see the pattern. Swipe by swipe he began to understand that he didn’t measure up. While I had him tied up, I thought I could deliver some sex therapy porn. I put in a video I made for the last sad loser like himself. Vince was a guy I met at the gym who had no clue what a small cock he had until I stood him in a naked line up with some black men. Sometimes ladies, you should take the bull by the horns so they understand you need something more for your pussy. Or in this situation, grab the hamster by the peas.

Erotic roleplaying

Erotic roleplayingAre you ready for some sexy hot Latina big ass? Honey I’ll be your made, I’ll wear that sexy little tight short maid outfit you love. You could see like half my ass. Then when I bend over to dust the living room table all my thick ass shows and you give me a little spanking. Leaving your hand print on my right ass chick telling me you own this fat ass. Yes baby you do its all yours and only yours. I love the way you fuck me deep inside my pussy and how you just try to keep pushing in making it hurt but at the same time feeling fucking good. You almost want to put your balls in deep in my pussy fuck hole. While you fuck me doggy style you caress all my ass with fucking desire, spanking me hard telling me I’m only yours. That’s right baby only yours!

Phone Sex Therapy with the Sex Ed Teacher

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy is 24/7 with a woman like me. I have decades experience as a sex education teacher. There is nothing I have not heard.  Trust me, teen boys have more sexual issues than grown men. The new school year as only just begun and I have been taking to boys about all sorts of things: prostate self exams, chronic masturbation, small dicks, panties and cock sucking. Young boys have a slew of sexual fetishes and dysfunctions. On the first day of school, a young boy came to my office to discuss his cock. He was told by his girlfriend that his dick was too small for her. She decided to hook up with one of our school’s black athletes. I knew the boy she dumped him for quite well. He has an 11 inch cock. No woman forgets that. I helped him with stamina. He was a quick cummer. No girl wants a minute man, regardless of his cock size. Anyway, Shawn was crushed at her small dick humiliation. I had to see his dick to help him. I couldn’t see his cock from across the room with my glasses on he was that small. To say he had a turtle was being generous. This young boy has a life as a cuckold or a sissy in his future. Likely, he will be both. No woman is going to fuck his dick unless being paid. I broke the news to him gently. Little freak punked me. He didn’t want therapy or a sympathetic ear. He wanted me to make him my bitch. I forced him to lick my pussy, making sure he knew that his job, his role in life, will be to worship pussy. He lapped up my juices like a good pet.  He is now wearing a pair of my panties under his school clothes every day. This phone sex therapist can handle whatever your problem or fetish may be.

He just had to accept his fate

domination pornI know a little man named Fred and he is the wimpiest, little bitch boy I have ever seen… but he thinks he’s some kind of alpha male just because he makes a lot of money. Money doesn’t make you alpha male, it just ensures that men like that can get a woman’s attention that’s all. He always ended up submitting to me in the end but always gave me a fight about it so I decided that he needed some harsher training to really teach him who’s boss around here! I got dressed up all sexy and invited him over and as soon as he got there I forced him into his new little cage. He was all flustered and mad but I told him he had to learn a lesson and that he was going to see how it felt to be the bitch in a cage while a real alpha man fucked the shit out of me! My sexy lover put me right on top of the cage and fucked me basically right on top of my new little pet and you know what? Wimpy little Fred loved it! And he’s learned to be much more respectful too!

domination phone sex

Small Dick Man

Small dick humiliationLast night was a big disappointment, I went on a date because I was sexually frustrated. I was hoping that my date was packing an anaconda in his pants but what he had made me laugh. His dick looked like a thumb, it was so small. I was laughing so hard that I nearly peed on myself. He looked so embarrassed because his face turned bright red.
I told him, “Your dick is too small for me, you could never satisfy me with that vienna sausage.”
That’s when he started apologizing for the size of his dick like a very weak man. His personality matched his dick size.
I was ready for a little fun. He was so captivated by my beauty that I knew he would do anything to please me. I was going to push him to his limit. I dressed him up in my panties and put makeup on his face, and he never said “no”. I could tell he was so uncomfortable and it made me laugh. I called Marcus and Jordan over, these black guys have huge dicks. My date didn’t say no when I told him to get on his knees and suck their dicks. I wanted him to get Marcus and Jordan hard because I wanted some big black dick. My date behaved like a dirty slut and I realized that he was doing something that he’d always wanted to do.

Pussy Pleaser Humiliation

Phone humiliationBeing submissive to me is a personality, you either want to give yourself to a dominant, sexual goddess like me in any way that you can or you just don’t. Your mouth is a pussy pleaser and my clit is going to invite you in to play! Every time you have a thought about your cock entering up into my goodies, I want you to pay me! Sorry but I value my time way too much to be conversing with men for free, haha fucking pathetic! You should be on your knees thanking me for this opportunity to please your nasty, sexual whore! You don’t want more of me, you need more of me, don’t lie to yourself! You can’t control your fetishes, can you?! You start salivating as soon as you see my sexy ass! You’re a freak so you’re going to get treated like one! I know it hurts, you know i’m going to quench that naughty thirst of yours!

Your dick is useless to me

tease and denialTease and denial is all you can expect from me with a dick that small! I mean seriously, do you really think I give a fuck if that tiny little dickie cums or not??? Well just to be clear on the subject, I do not have one tiny little fuck to give if your little peepee gets to cum, I don’t care if you get blue balls, I don’t care if it hurts you… I honestly couldn’t give a shit if that tiny little useless cock fell right off! It’s far too small for me to fuck, honestly the only time I will touch that tiny little appendage of yours is when I put this cock cage on you. You’ll be wearing it from now on… and yes, I will have the only key to it! No more masturbating for you loser!

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