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Sissification Training

sissy humiliationHey there, my sweet little sissies. Welcome to my fun and wild little kingdom of pleasure! I have all kinds of pretty, frilly dresses and panties that your little sissy heart could ever desire. But they aren’t for me, no I would never be caught dead in anything frilly.

No, these pretty little things are all for you. My playthings, my slaves, my beautiful little dress up dolls. I will forcefully, yet lovingly, dress you up in the most innocent, elegant, promiscuous little outfits. But, for us to play, you need to follow all of my rules.

One, you must always do what I say. No questions, no if’s and’s or but’s. So, if I command you to pee in the street, in front of a crowd, you better do it. If not, you are a waste of my precious time.

Second, there is no complaining. The more you complain, the more extreme I will become, and you won’t like me when I do that. I turn from loving and nurturing, into a demon spawn from hell itself.

I won’t just push your little buttons and boundaries. No, I will pound, and destroy them. If you don’t do as you are told, mommy gets very angry. Trust me, no one likes mommy angry.

Last but certainly not least, you must send me pretty little pictures of our play. I like my toys to do exactly as I say, and I make sure you do it. If you would prefer sending me a video via email, I am happy with that too.
See all of your pretty outfits and caged up cocks makes mommy a very happy woman. When mommy is happy, everyone is happy. So, my lovely little sissies, send until your heart is content. I’ll be waiting.

Sissy Slut

sissy maid training

Do you want to talk to a woman who can turn you into the best sissy whore around? Well, I absolutely love sissy training calls because I love molding ugly men into sluts. I’m not the kind of woman who will just turn you into a sissy who kind of looks feminine. No, when I am done with you, nobody is ever going to know that you were born an ugly man. If you just decide right now to trust me, I promise you that you’re going to have everything you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll look like a woman and by the time you’ve gone through sissy training with me, you will even be acting like a woman.

When I say you’ll be acting like a woman, I don’t just mean the way you carry yourself or the clothes you wear. No, it’s going to take more than heels and makeup to sissify you. You are going to have to learn how to suck cock. I would bet everything I own that you’ve been thinking about sucking cock for a really long time now. It’s time to put all those thoughts into action and do what you were meant to do. Call me for sissy training and let me transform you.


Dress Up Time

sissy maid training

 Let’s play dress up.

I have always loved playing with dolls as a little girl and well, I guess I never really got over it. I have a gigantic walk in closet full of every piece of clothing a sissy like you could ever hope to wear. So many sexy panties, lingerie, dresses, pantyhose, make up and most of all shoes! Soo many sexy heels to choose from. We can dress you up really elegantly, slutty or even super girly. That’s my personal favorite to be honest. Putting your wig up in pigtails and bows. Adding some pink lipstick and of course a frilly pair of panties. Doesn’t it make you feel ever so precious and beautiful? Don’t tell me that you don’t have an outfit already picked out, because I know a sissy slut like you thinks about it daily.

We could even make it a themed party or something. Like sissy maid training.


Sissy Humiliation For The Confused

Sometimes guys want to be humiliated about their confusion on who they are and this is a perfect goal with sissy humiliation calls. You never really sprouted a proper penis and your really more feminine than the average male that were blessed with proper testosterone levels, therefore a much manlier cock and masculinity. You personally crave to be in the company of women, and wish to be like us. Your desire goes so deep that you wish you could be a lesbian and only have lesbian sex, or you crave cock and need to be humiliated about your size. Whatever the mixed bag is that is you, I am here to assist you in sorting this out. One way is to try out some sex therapy porn and get you fixated on either servicing cock like a good little sissy faggot, or learning how to masturbate your clitty and eat pussy like a good lesbian carpet muncher. I would love to help you figure out your place in society and encourage your new found self with sending you out to buy the girly things you so desire to own. I want to make you my pretty little Sissy and whether you crave cock or pussy is really not so big a deal as I am more than comfortable assisting you in any way that fits.

Sissy Humiliation


How Small Is Your Cock?

sissy humiliation

If you’re trying to pass that tiny little thing off as a dick, then there’s really something wrong with you. Your “dick” is good for absolutely nothing except small penis humiliation. I know you’ve probably been laughed at a million times when you got naked in front of girls, right? And it’s happened so many times that you are turned on by the laughter now.

Yet there are times you still try to convince women like me over the phone that your pathetic cock is big enough to please a woman. But the joke is totally on you because I can tell, even when I’m just talking to you on the phone, that you have a tiny cock and that you would never be good enough to please me. But it’s totally fun to hear you try to convince me. I can only take that for so long, though. I am eventually going to have to put you in your place and give you a list of reasons why you aren’t ever going to be good enough for me.

Do you have a tiny dick and shriveled up balls? Just get on the phone now and call me so I can remind you how small your cock is. You’re pathetic and you know it.


Diana Sissy Humiliation Sissy Trainer Extraordinaire

sissy humiliation

Diana Knows sissy men down to a T! This sexy hot milf is the epitome of a sissy humiliation session. Look at her she is all fucking woman and knows he way around small dicked sissy faggots like you. Creaming your panties yet? Sometimes I think her two sissy boys were born into heaven with a sissy trainer Milf like her. Even I would beg under her stilettos. I know you would serve her so well licking the dirt of the bottom of her shoes and begging Mistress to take it easy on you. Diana will not take it easy on you by any means though. Forcing you into little foo-foo ruffled baby doll dresses and tights with flutter panties on. Then her big Bull cocks passing you around to fill your stomach and ass up with so much cum you will be farting it out and belching it for a week. You know if you buck, she has paddles to beat that pale white ass into submission. Go on I dare you to not submit to mistress Diana. That’s right you only need a slight helping to be the gapped ass sissy slut you were meant to be. Her sexy ass knows what a sniveling idiot you become around dominate women like her. Small dick humiliation is what you crave, and she will tell you exactly why you need to be a submissive sissy. Just look at this hot milf, I mean if you need a sissy mommy she can be loving yet dominant as well. Take my word even this genetic female knows that Diana has the sexy pussy you want to drain of all cum. And the big Bull cocks she fucks with leaves my pussy sore for days. SO grab your ice pack, lube and prepare for your ass hole to be annihilated by the one and one Mistress Milf Diana.

small dick humiliation

Farah The Hot Sexy Woman To Bring You Too Your Knees

hot sexy woman

I know a hot sexy woman when I see one. I love that my all-girls school turned me on to the delights of licking pussy and ass. I happened to attend the sexy and sexually talented Farah’s Closeted sissy boy seminar this last weekend. I could not keep my eyes off her. This is what I needed in my life. A real woman who knew how to bring every man in this room to his knees. I looked about and saw men from all walks of life. And some women who I wasn’t sure if they were a woman but were very passable. As she sauntered across the stage on 6-inch stilettos I could hear gasps and awes from the audience. She told the crowd that her heels were bigger than any of their cocks and dared that even one biological female was in the room besides her. I stood and much to my surprise I was the only one. My pussy was excruciatingly wet, and I knew the mistress Farah has everything to know on me. I was asked to the stage and she whispered in my ear that if I wanted to make 100 sissy sluts cum at once, all I had to do was berate them and tell them just how pathetic their cocks were. I was up to the challenge and I must say my pussy came as I heard every single panty-boy wet his pants with sissy cum stains. Small dick humiliation is so fucking arousing. I have much to learn, but I really wanted in Farah’s panties, Perhaps one day…small dick humiliation

Forced Feminization Femdom Therapist

You know you’re a closet femboy cock sucker and faggot, just admit to it already. It’s a fucking trend, really so jump on the damned bandwagon already and call me for some forced feminization femdom sessions to let it all out. You don’t really have to admit to any of it, the way your small cock grows as I start talking to you about how you are about to be my bitch, and that I expect you to be a pretty little cock slave that gets cuckolded by me. I’d love for you to slide that big long cock from my pussy and gobble gobble it up. Get into that sloppy blowjob that smears your lipstick all over his big hard cock. I’d love to do a phone humiliation session with you. Come on show your true desire for cock and cum craving. I know you have it in you to drain those balls in that pretty little whore painted face. Maybe you are ready to get fucked like a bitch already and will just bend over for my special friend, my nice big black strap-on. I think we will have a fine time making you the little cum whore you crave to be.

Forced Feminization

Your Inchworm Deserves Sissy Maid Training

sissy maid trainingThis was going to be a hell of a sissy maid training I could already tell. We are heavy petting and your tongue was in my mouth and your hands under my bra. I slide my hand up your pants and There is no cock at all. I ask if you were in an accident” no it’s there…” you stutter. Then you show me this inchworm of a fucking dick. I start laughing hysterically.  If you think that thing is going anywhere near my perfect pussy you have another thing coming.  I do have plans for little dick losers like you. A pair of silky flutter panties and show me what sissy girl you look like in them. Now a baby doll dress with tights and Mary Janes. I will put you to work doing chores around my house while I invite my girlfriends over to watch you. Now lift that dress and wiggle your ass for us! Here use this ass plug and get back to waiting in real women. Missy Sissy, you missed a spot, my pussy needs good lapping! I really can’t wait till our men friends come over and we can teach you about cock sucking and being our favorite cum catcher baby! Do I need to remind you that your inchworm is now your clit and your ass is now a pussy? Now get back to eating my pussy as I shop for some pretty gifts for me and you on your dime! 


Are you ready for our phone humiliation session?

phone humiliation

Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliationAll my cucks love Small dick humiliation they are so unworthy of anything more. Cucks have small cocks, even what might be deemed an average-sized cock to a woman like me is considered small. I am a goddess, a queen and I only accept cuck pay piggies that I can use all up. A tiny dicked bitch that can watch me get rammed and gaping right in front of him! Knowing how he could never do such a thing, it’s merely pathetic and sad. Cuck boy is forced to watch as I laugh and taunt him and his little dickie. I am getting pounded right in front of him, and he knows he can’t even compare. And the closest he will ever come to me is cleaning this cunt. Not to mention the fact that I always make my cuck bitch clean my real man’s cock clean. Lick and slurp up every bit of cum from my pussy and their cock, while it’s fresh and hot.

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