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Spring breakers

sexy chickslatina phone sexSexy chicks are the best party sluts. My friend Lena and I invited all our closest and hottest friends over. We were both on the same page. We needed girls vacation on it was all on our husband’s tab. We wouldn’t be smart if we didn’t take advantage of them. Lena and I are two peas in a pod. We love getting in trouble. Together and separately we have all sorts of fun. I have to say there is nothing better than when we combined forces and do slutty things together. We are dime pieces and enjoy all the finer things in life. We don’t have to give up good fuckings cause we have short cock husbands. We invited only the sexiest of our friends. What’s better than spring break with hot sluts? Spring break with a ton of big chocolate dicks of course. We loved visiting Jamaica and the grand Turk. We had plenty of big black cocks around to keep us busy. We had the best orgy ever. I can’t thank Lena enough for bringing out the inner slut in me. When I first got with my husband I tried hard to be the proper wife. I was sick of being appropriate and wanted to be the hot sexy Latina phone sex slut and whore I am to the bone.

Sissy Boy Cuckold Phone Sex


cuckold phone sexNot only are you a sissy that could cum solely to hearing me humiliate you, but we learned yesterday that you are also a cucky. We went through our normal routine of you coming over, and me laughing at how small what you call your penis is. I just can not help but laugh at it, it is like the fun size of a fun size, except it wouldn’t be much fun for anyone, if they could even feel it that is. I forced you into my slutty lingerie because with a cock that small you might as well dress like the little sissy bitch you are. Tonight was different from normal though because I decided I wanted to show you just what a real cock and cum load look like. So, I invited over a friend that has a cock like an elephant trunk. You watched so closely while he pounded into me, and you begged me to let you touch your little cock. I denied your request because tonight was about me getting pleasure not you sissy boy. When he blew his thick creamy load into my tight shaved pussy, I let you come lay on the bed, and I let the cum run out of me onto your face. You begged me to cum and since you were such a good little sissy boy cuck I actually let you cum to me. 


Helping A Friend

Roleplay phone sexI got a surprise from one of my sissy friends yesterday. He was visiting for the week and stopped by my house just to say surprise me. I was so excited, it feels like forever since I have seen him. We went out to lunch and chatted it up for a while, the whole time we were talking it looked like he had something on his mind. I asked him if there was anything he wanted to tell me and he said, well not really tell you but I do have something I would like to ask you. I looked at him with a blank stare just waiting to hear his question. He seemed nervous, he started telling me about his new husband, they are loving the married life and are enjoying each other so much, maybe a little too much is what he said. They have sex 5 times a day, they both need something to spice up their sex life. That is when he asked me could I fuck his husband. I was shocked! I never would have guessed my sissy friend was going to ask me to fuck his husband. I mean, they always tell me how hot I am when I am with them, they love my big ass and tits, always touching on me every chance they get. My friend kept talking telling me how he would love for me to wear one of my big dick strapons before I arrived. He wants me to treat him like the real sissy slut he is while he watches the whole thing. This is something I have never done before but it does seem like it would be a lot of fun. They are both hot little fucks and to be able to fuck one of those sissies is something I would never forget. I told him I have to think about it. They won’t be in town for long so I do need to make a quick decision.

I Love Forced Bi!

Best Phone Sex`

Every one knows I just love being a dominant sexy mistress. I have such high standards for what enters this glorious, goddess-like pussy. Sorry to tell you, but any man under eight inches is automatically a pathetic sissy cuck to me. I love fucking around and bossing around these small dick faggy little sissy cucks. My favorite way of toying with these pitiful dicklit having, sad excuses for men is to make them into my little cock sucking whore. I love using them as my submissive cum dumpster. If you want to even get near me, you have to prove yourself as a cock obsessed, cum eating bi cuck! I love forcing my little cuckies into being the perfect cock worshipping bi boys. My best cuck loves to slurp huge cocks up and down, working that pink tongue all over that juicy fucking thick cock. I love seeing a fucking nasty little whore choking on that veiny dick. The best part is slamming the back of my sissy cucks head down on that throbbing cock until his pretty mouth fills with cum!

matching cum shots for six of my bitches

latina phone sexI usually cheat on my significant other with huge big black cocks. Latina phone sex and big black dicks are my weakness and having fun with my girls. It isn’t unusual to take a girls trip, where I end up getting into trouble. What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas doesn’t it? We were at Drai nightclub and saw a young guy who was all talk we thought. The cute boy kept trying to get our attention. We paid him no mind. I even told him we play with the big boys. Determined to get our attention he kept buying us shots and even at one point sent us gifts to our room. Technology is a trippy thing we received text messages informing us we had all special deliveries. Once I realized this youngin wasn’t going to back down, I decided to see what was up.

I told him the flowers and shots were good, but us girls are into some very different kinds of shots.
Valentino was his name a cute young nineteen-year-old trust fund offspring from Sicily. He had his eyes on all seven of us. Tino told us that he always gets what he wants. The stud muffin wanted all of us in his suite for the night. We asked him however can he can satisfy every one of us? Mildly mocking him I wasn’t prepared for his reply. Valentino mentioned he had an overactive gland. We shrugged him off till he got our attention. He said All the cum was enough to give us all matching facials. That was the money shot we wanted to hear. Sure enough, Mr. Valentino was right. We got down to the nitty-gritty. By the end of the night, I had matching cum shot facials with six of my bitches. Sexy chicks love good cream.

sexy chicks

Foot Fetishes Dominatrix

foot fetishes

This hot little cuckold whore knows about your deep ingrained foot fetishes. See My closet full of black beautiful heels. I am going to put these sexy shoes on that you love so much and then let you smell the sweaty leather inside. Doesn’t that make your cock so hard just to sniff my shoes? Now bend over and show me that ass hole. I found cum in my very expensive heels today. I also found three pair of stockings in the laundry covered in your cum.

I think it is time you learned about the other things in my closet. Like my humongous black dildo. Oh, baby you know I love my black cock! Now it is your turn to fall in love with that BBC.

My black Feeldoe is perfect for your sissy feet loving ass! See no straps and no hands as I insert it and drip lube down your ass crack while whipping you with my thin black whip! Those red marks on your ass look so good as I plunge all 8 inches of this strap deep in you. Now come here and kiss these sexy legs and beg for my forgiveness.

Small dick humiliation

Fantasy phone sexLots and lots of guys come to me for small dick humiliation. They know their oversized clits that some might call a cock is so laughable to me. They know I will tease mercilessly until that little sissy baby is crying. I only take REAL man cock – no less than the lucky number 7 in inches. That thing? It is SO SMALL! I can’t stop laughing, I’d never let that thing touch me. I bet your cum is as pathetic as your mini dickie – judging from the size of your equally measly balls. The closest a fairy faggot like you could ever get to the pleasure of seeing me cum is at the hands of a true man, hung like I need, thick and juicy and fucking me right in front of you. My tiny body takes more cock than a small-minded bitch like you could imagine. Don’t you wish you were blessed enough to fuck me? I know you wish you had a dick worthy of my presence and attention, but it’s only worth a good laugh to me. You’re my personal clean-up crew – so get to licking and slurping up all this cum left over in my cunt from my real big cock man. You know, it’s even still warm.

Eat my pussy

Cuckold phone sex

After coming home from a hot date with my bull, I laid on the couch to rest when my cuck husband came in the room and begged me to let him touch me. He said it had been so long since he’d gotten to touch my pussy and he wanted it bad. I was in a good mood, so I spread my legs and told him he could eat me out if he wanted to. He got down on his knees and got near my cunt and saw it was still dripping with a load of cum from earlier. He didn’t hesitate for a moment. Instead, he lapped up all the cum from my pussy and moaned as he licked and sucked my clit and tasted my lover’s cum as it dripped out of me. I press his head into my pussy and made him lick me faster and hard as I began to moan and feel my orgasm coming. My thighs trembled as I squirted on his face. He licked up every single drop of cum from my used cunt and begged me for more like a good little cuck.

Phone Sex Wife

Sexy babe

The hottest part about being a phone sex whore? Knowing my cuckold husband knows I’m getting paid to talk to other men and make them cum. Even the men on the phone can satisfy me more than he ever could. Sometimes he can hear me moaning and furiously fingering my pussy while on the phone with another man and he gets so hard and jealous at the same time. He knows his cock could never please me, in fact it makes me laugh. So I get my satisfaction cucking him by fucking my various big dick lovers and playing with my pussy while having phone sex with a caller. He sees the soaked sheets where a caller has made me cum harder than he ever could and it makes him ashamed and aroused simultaneously.

Black Cock Whore

Cuckold Phone Sex

A hot whore like me deserves the best of the best. And the best and biggest cocks I want are big black cocks. Only big fat black cocks can fill me up and get my whore pussy wet and juicy. I love inviting big black guys over while you’re out at work. Make sure to check your email because I will be sending you a video of me fucking your big black boss’ cock. I bet you love seeing my cunt getting pumped full of his creamy cum and not you. You cannot satisfy me like a big black cock is able to. If you truly want to satisfy my holes, you need to send over a couple of black guys my way!


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