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Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex is my favorite kind of call. Guys ask me what I am into. I am into a lot of things, but honestly, nothing turns me on more than fucking big dicks and shaming little ones. My ex-husband number two has been trying to get back together with me. Not sure why, because he knows I am a cock size queen. He thinks it was some sort of phase I went through and that with Viagra helping old dicks get hard, I would let him back into my bed. I let him back into my bedroom, but not how he was wanting. When I told him to come to my bedroom, it was so he could watch me fuck a younger stud. A younger stud with a bigger and thicker cock. I was riding Tom reverse cowgirl when Dave, my ex-husband, walked in. He started yelling about what a cunt I am and how I will never change. He stopped dead in his tracks when I asked to see if he has changed. All his new bravado, I thought perhaps he had grown a few more inches since I last saw him naked. My laugher was uncontrollable when I realized he his dick had shrunk not gotten bigger. My lover told him to put some panties on to cover up his shameful clitty stick. My ex was never good with small dick humiliation. Are you? I mean, any man, my exes included, is stupid to think a size queen would suddenly stop caring about dick size. If anything, over the years, I have become more of one. I get older, but my cocks get longer. I think my ex finally came around to accepting the fact that the only place he has in my world is as my cuckold.  Think you will learn your place easier than my ex?

Got Dick?

small dick humiliation

I knew you needed small dick humiliation the moment I set eyes on you. That fucking power suit and those ray bans don’t hide shit! You thought a nice dinner and some caviar could get your pathetic excuse of a dick some teen pussy? I have been around the world and I have never seen an itty bitty weenie like that.  Three tiny inches and I can put my pearl ring around it with ease. No wonder you go for power and money because you have never been able to satisfy a women’s pussy with that clit stick! Omg, Its so fucking cute, adorable, baby-sized dick, omg so fucking funny. Not even bite-sized! Get your ass over here so I can at least see if your pussy eating skills are worth training you. Well, You can do better, why don’t you go pick out three nice pairs of my prettiest panties. Yeah, you will be buying me more. We need to go scouting for real dick baby. My fuck holes cannot exist on licking alone now can they?  I bet you have an ass fetish or a fetish for your ass being fucked. Either way, you are now my sexy fucking bitch. Bow to your mistress and procure me large thick cock. Let the cuckolding games begin!

Sensual phone sex babe

sensual phone sexI have grown to know what gets me excited. I have spent and wasted enough time finding out that I have made poor choices and stayed with short dick men way too long. I got married way to young and now that I am in my mid twenties with a relationship that has lasted five years too long I am ready to explore what gets my tight twat ready to go. The thing that gets me every time is a fat juicy cock. I have been dick deprived for almost five years. I no longer waste my time not fulfilling what I love. I enjoy sensual phone sex good porn and big chocolate dicks. Its quite simple if your cock doesn’t fit in both my hands I don’t want it.

Teen Domination Phone Sex

domination phone sex

Oh Daddy, You ready for this hot teen domination phone sex? I love when you get me worked up and have me lay back and fuck myself so I am good and wet before we get to me dominating everyone around me. My sassy attitude is simmered by you guiding me to finger fuck my sweet tight hole with two fingers. It is not long before you have me scumming for some dope dealer BBC. You want me to get myself out of trouble so I let him fuck me. He isn’t good enough for my pussy. The only thing he is good enough at is having a thick long piece of black dick. It feels good but the whole time he is fucking me I let him know that he is worthless compared to me. He is a poor boy from the hood and the only thing he has going for him is that big black cock he is fucking me with. “Harder and deeper loser. Can’t you fuck with that big thick dick? Are you slow? Fuck me!!!” Yes, I can be a sexy Dominatrix.


Great blowjobs One night stands are not so usual for me, but damn I had the best night. I met this tall fat guy when I went dancing he had an attractive face, so I was okay with going home with him. He told me on the way there he told me his dick was small, and I was just like yea right when guys say that they end up having a dick size of a donkey. I thought well maybe he does have a small dick then I would be happy. I hope he likes humiliation, because I sure do. Well we get there and he tells me he loves dick in his ass and that he loves small play. Bingo I caught a small dick I played with my pussy watching him stroke with two fingers I told him he was ballsy to bring a hot sexy bitch like me to your house not knowing what I would think. He said he knew that I liked small dick he could since it. Well I had so much cock shaming him and making fun of that little useless dick.

Phone Sex Therapy for Cuckolds

phone sex therapyHe needed phone sex therapy badly. His wife has been cheating on him a lot longer than he thinks. Wives always cheat long before their loser hubbies catch on. Denny’s tale was not unusual. I hear it over and over from cuckold men who have no clue they are being cuckolded. Wife suddenly going to the gym or yoga daily but wears make-up. Wife suddenly interested in her appearance. Wife never has time for sex. Wife showers when comes home from the gym but isn’t in gym clothes. Wife suddenly secretive with her phone and seems to be texting a lot more than usual. The first thing I ask any caller with a story like this is how big is his dick. I really should phrase it like, “how small is your dick.” Almost every man with a cheating wife has a small dick. The few that have a nice size cock, usually have dick issues that require a little blue pill and a 2-4 hour window to see the benefit. Guys amaze me in their stupidity. As women mature, things like dick size and timely erections mater more to their sexual pleasure. Guys with cheating wives have three choices: ignore it, divorce her or be her cuckold. I recommend the later every time.  Being a cuckold is the best option for men with tiny dicks. At least you can watch and participate in your wife’s sexual exploits. Chances of you finding another lover are slim. If your own wife doesn’t want to fuck you, why would a stranger?  As a phone sex therapist, I help men like Denny understand their options and make the best choice. If a man loves his wife, he should want her sexual happiness even if that means she must fuck other men. Don’t be a double loser by being an asshole who doesn’t want his woman sexually satisfied.

I need Big Dick

Small dick humiliationI can’t help that small dick humiliation turns me on.

I need Big Dick!

Is that too much to ask for?

So if you have a clit dick, an itty bitty weenie, I am going to humiliate you.

Plain and simple. I have no time for little dicks , unless of course you want to spoil me and let me fuck the biggest thickest dicks right in front of you. Maybe you should put on some panties you pathetic no cocked loser. Be my flaming fag bag finding this hot teen big humongous cock. Suck and stroke those big dicked men that you are so fucking jealous of, loser.

That stump is not going near my Pussy or ass. I think you should take a nice juicy THICK cock in your man Pussy so you know how my Pussy feels bitch. And if your lucky and buy me nice things I will let you be my cum dump. Lick it out like a good boy


fucking a felon

sexy babeMy husband troublemaker cousin is out of prison. When we first started dating, I met him for the first time. I knew I couldn’t act on impulsion. I was new in this relationship and had to be a good girl. Well, a few years in his cousin is out of jail and needed a place to crash. You can imagine my excitement when our place was where he chose to stay for a bit while he got on his feet. I knew he couldn’t resist a sexy babe like me. It didn’t take much for me to make him pounce me. My husband was gone to work, and I was getting stuffed by his young cousin. I liked how he fucked me. For one he had a nice juicy dick, and he knew all the right spots. He was fucking me hard and releasing all his loads on me. It had been such a long time since he got to fuck a sweet wet tight twat. I liked being a nasty slut for him.

Nasty Naughty Neighbor

sexy babe lMy cute neighbor is home alone again, and this sexy babe is taking notice. I like teasing the fuck out of him. I know he enjoys the show I put on for him. I wear my cutest bikini and soak in the sun showing off all my assets and tempting him in every single way. This time I decided to strip and skinny dip I knew he was playing close attention and I had to keep him in check by keeping him turned on. It wasn’t long after that that I caught him peeping and jerking off to me. I guess he couldn’t help himself I pushed all the buttons to make him fall to his knees and worship me. I had a great personal pussy eater out of him. Sometimes you just need to blow some steam and have someone tongue fuck you in all the right ways.

My Brother’s Got A Tiny Secret

Phone humiliationSo school is out for the Summer and I figured a visit home wouldn’t be to bad of a idea. I’m honestly glad that I did. So someone must of forgot to tell my brother that I was going to be coming home. I knew he was home cause he car was in the driveway. I left myself in and I could hear the tv on upstairs. It wasn’t until I got near his door that I could make out he was watching porn. *Giggle* I only opened the door cause I was curious what my brother was packing he is always talking himself up. But once I opened the door and saw him jerking his hand up and down about just a inch II couldn’t hold in the laughter. I couldn’t even see his cock. Completely hidden by his hand. He was so embarrassed he just shut down. *Giggle* Honestly maybe he was suppose to be a girl, my clit gets bigger then that little sausage.

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