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Cuckold Phone Sex for Loser

cuckold phone sexSome men need cuckold phone sex more than others. Just like some men need to watch a woman suck a big cock more than others. Tony is a colleague. He is nice and smart, but he is a wimp. The kind of man who is a doormat for any woman. I will walk all over a doormat. I will fuck a man. Tony is persistent. He keeps asking me out. I keep saying no. I decided he needed to see me fuck a real man. I invited him over for dinner. The dinner for me was a big fat cock I was devouring. I timed it right so Tony would see me sucking his cock. Holy shit he didn’t react how I assumed he would. He pulled out his little dick and rubbed it. Doormat. He was acting like he thought I wanted. I enjoyed fucking my stud nonetheless. I didn’t care what Tony was saying or doing because I was lost in a big cock. I gave him some small dick humiliation that he ate up too. On the phone, I am used to easy cuckolds; in real life it rarely goes that way. Tony is just so pathetic, he acted like he thought I would want a cuck to act. I love cuckolds, but I prefer them to resist a little initially. 

Your Girlfriend Deserves A Real Dick

GFE phone sex

GFE phone sex for the men who can’t please those sexy hot bitches. I know a secret. She’s beautiful and you have money and a personality, but you don’t have what she really craves. You pick the phone up. Your girlfriend is breathing heavy. You ask her if she is okay, she tells you she just got off the treadmill. Soft moans escape her lips every once and a while. You ask her again if she is alright. She says yes, her back hurts just a little. And asks you to hold really quick. You hear a man’s voice and her saying slow down in a whisper.  Now you ask your sexy girlfriend if she is alone, and she says yes and that she was watching tv. The line goes dead and your little peter is so hard, knowing your girlfriend is getting the big dick and long, hard fuck she deserves.  This is where I come in. You need a young hottie to put you in your place. and make you the cuckold phone sex lover that your one pump clit stick desires! I’ll just throw you on a pair of silk hose and some lace panties and teach you a thing or two about big cock baby.

Phone Sex Therapy with Your Wife

phone sex therapy

She called me for phone sex therapy. I occasionally get calls from women. Usually, the women are sexually frustrated with their husbands and need guidance. Your wife came to the right woman because I told her how to cuckold you. Ginger told me about your three-inch dick. She also told me about your limp dick issues and the fact that you refuse to eat pussy. I told her to leave your loser ass, but she likes being married. She likes having you in her life. She just doesn’t enjoy fucking you. Can’t say that I blame her. I told her to cuckold you. I told her to get a lover. I told her that you would either support her need for big working dick, or you would bitch and moan because you are a selfish loser. Listen up husbands. If your dick is less than 7-inches, you can’t do your job as a husband. You can’t do all your job at least with such a small dick. The only way to make your wife happy, is to get her a lover. As a phone sex therapist, I had Ginger bring her husband to see me too. I had a stud with a large cock ready to fuck us both while he watched. Seeing is believing. Once a husband sees his wife moaning and squirting on a big cock, he knows he has been disappointing the woman he loves. Wake up men. The times have changed. If you have a small dick, you need to take a backseat to a man with a big cock.

He Was Due for Sissy Humiliation

sissy humiliation


You were due for sissy humiliation at my hands. I made you think I was going to fuck your brains out in my dorm room. I stripped you naked and saw your tiny four-inch cock and began to giggle. Then you heard giggles coming out if the closet and my two sorority sisters burst out with their phones to film your tiny clit stick. I thought I would make it a little even and had us all strip down while we forced you into panties and I sat my naked body on your chest. And put pretty eyeshadow and lipstick on your pretty face. Flashes went off and I had my Sorority sisters share his pretty face.

It wasn’t long before I had on my 8-inch strap-on and was forcing him to suck it! I lubed up and fucked his tiny ass pussy making him moan and whimper! Then I heard whispers as my friend’s phone clicked and they excitedly said they had our man meat on the way to teach our little clit stick sissy a real lesson with a big bull cock. But first, we had to dress our sissy slut up and bring him to the town with us! We put him in a cab with us and told the cab driver all about his strap-on play! We embarrassed our sissy slut so much and when we got to the fancy restaurant, we served him a plate of Vienna sausages and a huge calabaza sausage, which we promptly went to shoving in and out of his mouth in front of everyone! I had no control over the patrons taking pictures of him and where they would go! You know I wouldn’t have had this sissy phone sex story if he had a nice normal cock, he would have had a coed threesome.



Great Blowjobs are for Great Cocks Only

great blowjobsNot every man deserves great blowjobs. Some men don’t deserve head at all. I am a great cock sucker. Every woman is. So, the question you must ask yourself is, “If I get bad head, is it her fault or mine?” I am here to tell you the issue is not a woman’s cock sucking skills. It is your lack of cock. Woman enjoy giving head when there is a big cock to be enthusiastic about. If a woman is not enthused to go down on you, my guess is you have an underwhelming cock. I am also known to many as a phone sex therapist. Any time a couple comes to me and the man is complaining about his wife’s lousy sexual skills, the first thing I do is ask to see his dick. Almost all the time, it is a 5-inch or less dick. That’s a cock not worthy of a woman’s efforts. I would not waste my energy sucking your pathetic dick. If you are that small and complaining about your sexual dissatisfaction, I am going to ask you the tough questions like what about your wife’s sexual pleasure. Therapy clients are often disappointed with me because I side with the woman. If you have a small dick and you are worried about you, then you need a reality check. Your woman needs a lover. Some one who cares about her sexual pleasure before his sexual pleasure. You deserve to be cuckolded not only because you have a small dick, but because you are a selfish bastard who can’t see past his little dick. Women only give their best moves for the best cocks. If a woman isn’t all over you like white on rice, then you need to look at your dick and ask yourself why because it is a woman’s nature to please.

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex takes different forms. Some guys are cuckolds in the sense that they just want their wives to have lovers. They know that they are too sexually inadequate to take care of their spouse’s sexual needs. And some cuckolds are more about the cocks their wives are taking. They want to fluff the cock for their wives. They want to lick the creampie out of their wives’ pussies. They even want to get fucked and humiliated by their wives’ hung lovers. Which kind of cuckold are you? I love cucks. I don’t fuck cucks, but I groom them. I help them be the best cuckolds they can be for their wives and for themselves. I am a phone sex therapist. I specialize in sexual dysfunction, small dick shame and cuckolding. Many men want to be cuckolds but don’t know how to get their wives on board. Some men have small dicks and just don’t know what to do to help their wives get sexual satisfaction. And some men just don’t even know yet that they are incapable of pleasing women. That is my cue. I want to help you help your wife get the sexual pleasure she deserves because women cum first.

Sexy Babe Therapist

sexy babeThe best sex, is with a sexy babe who is in charge. Why talk to a bimbo who giggles and moans when you can talk to a hot bitch size queen who tells you the truth? I love helping men explore their kinky fantasies and fetishes. Even more, however, I enjoy helping men realize they have tiny dicks. So many men are clueless about their tiny dicks. I have met many men with underwhelming dicks. Do I look like I do small cock? Hell no. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to small and flaccid dicks. Men who don’t know they have a shrimp dick, have never met a woman like me. I won’t blow smoke up your ass. I won’t tell you that your cock is the best cock I have ever seen when it makes me cringe. That does you no good and it does the women of the world no good either. I’m here to help you come to terms with your short comings, not coddle you. I am a phone sex therapist for small dicks and broke down losers. I can help cuckold you if you have a small dick. I can help you last if you are a premature ejaculator. I can get your broke down dick erect with a prostate exam or a good pegging. I can even help chronic masturbators. This sexy woman wants you to know and accept your short comings.

Phone Sex Therapist

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. It gives me great pleasure to hear about your sexual dysfunction. Guys with working cocks or normal fetishes don’t call me. I get calls from small dick losers and guys with kinks and fetishes they can’t tell their wives or partners. So many men want to be cuckolded, they just lack a willing partner. I think it is because women are emotionally different than men. Yes, there are plenty of size queen women like me, but the average married woman values her vows. So, when her husband tells her to cheat, it doesn’t always go over well. Women and men don’t cheat for the same reasons. If you want your wife to fuck men with bigger dicks, then you need some phone sex therapy with a woman like me. I will help you guide your wife into cuckolding you. There is a chance that she is cheating on you behind your back, but if that is the case, I can help you get her to fuck her stud in front of you. Cuckolding lets you be a part of her fun and pleasure. If you can’t satisfy your wife, you don’t need to get a divorce. You just need to be a cuckold.

Sissy Humiliation

sissy humiliationSissy humiliation is so much fun, especially with men who don’t yet know they are sissies! I often meet men who don’t know they were not put on this earth to satisfy women. Trent is my latest sissy project. What a sissy too. First, he has this feminine voice. He has not an ounce of masculinity in his voice. Second, he is tiny in statue with feminine features like soft skin and thin lips. He even has small hands and feet. Finally, he as a 3-inch dick. It is neither big nor thick. It is a clitty stick at best. So, when he tried to fuck me, I put my arm out and laughed. I laughed hard. It was a reaction he was not prepared for either. He has a good job. Makes more money than I do, but I explained that money doesn’t matter. I have it and I am very comfortable. Mature sexy women like me only need a big cock, which he was lacking. He was not prepared for small dick humiliation either, but he got it too. It didn’t take long for me to have him in panties on his knees worshiping my cunt and ass the only way he can, with his tongue. I laughed at him and called him a good boy. I am sorry. I don’t care how nice you are or how wealthy you are. If you have a small dick, you are my sissy or my cuckold. If you can’t handle that, don’t hit on me and don’t call me.

Your Four Inches Insults Me

Small dick humiliation

When I bring a man to my bed it’s not often a split second decision. I have a lot of men pine after me, begging for the opportunity for one night with me. When you choose to chase me, you better have the stuff I need. Bringing you into my bedroom is a privilege so for you to drop your pants and reveal to me a shrimp between your legs you can only imagine my huge disappointment. Or maybe you can’t? It’s apparent you don’t know the definition of huge. I’m a full grown woman with a long list of conquest what do you think your four inches of pathetic man meat will accomplish with me? I seek real worthy lovers, I’m not a woman who gives out pity sex. Do not insult me with your waste of space.

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