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More Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy in the Internet Age

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex therapy is in high demand lately. Internet porn is easily accessible on tablets and phones. You can watch porn from your office computer too. Guys are seeing a lot of dick in the technology age. A lot of dicks that are way bigger than their dicks. Now, men are understanding why wives cheat. They are better understanding that not all cocks are created equally. This leaves many men confused about their relationships. Their wives or girlfriends don’t go crazy for their cocks like the women in those porn videos. That is because most men don’t have a porn star cock. I am not saying every woman needs a porn star cock, but most women over 30 want a cock 7 inches or bigger. This mature sexy babe certainly does. I knew, like most women, that size mattered before porn was a key stroke away. Men with small dicks are calling for advice now more than ever. They want to know if their women are cheating. They want to know how to be better lovers. They all say things like, “I don’t have a dick like those black guys in porn movies.” I tell all the men calling me with small dicks that the best thing they can do for their women, is be their cuckold. Women need big dicks and if you don’t have a big dick, you shouldn’t stop your woman from getting the big dick she needs. You can enjoy yourself vicariously through her. If you wife is satisfied, you should be satisfied too. That is because your woman, should always cum first.

Becoming Anabelle

Sexy babe


I wasn’t always the confident and dominant woman that I am now, a woman who fucks as many men as she wants and controls her sissy husband. I was once a shy and demure southern girl from a small town in the deep south. I let men control me back then, I laid on my back and let them have their way with me because I thought that’s just how it should be. Then I got a little older and more confident. I met a guy who liked women to take control of him. He was a natural submissive and I learned through him that I like to be the bitch in charge. I like big cocks and turning men into sissies. I climbed on top of him one day and rode him, he wasn’t fucking me, I was fucking him. I turned him into my pet and fucked him with a strap on and made him my bitch. Once I got a taste of being a Domme, I was hooked. Now cucking my husband and forcing him to be Bi and suck BBC is just another day for me.

Lights Off

Mutual Maturbation stories

My Sister phoned me last night and I want to share an experience she just had with you.  She in on one of those dating sites, and this one man whom she has been talking to for a while now asked her if she would be okay with going to dinner with him.  She said yes as she has mentioned him many times to me and was waiting for him to ask.  She said she was so very excited.

She spent the day shopping for a new dress, she got her nails and hair done, and bought some new heels.  She very much wanted to impress him because he was rather handsome.  I had seen a few pics of him, and yes, he is indeed handsome.  She showed up to the restaurant on time and he was waiting outside for her.  She said she was so happy to see him.  They had a great dinner, and one thing lead to another and they ended up back at his place.

They ended up in the bedroom together.  He undressed her and she went to undress him and he stopped her and said that he would be right back.  He went into the bathroom and yelled out that she could get comfy on his bed.  She thought it was a little weird but she climbed into his bed and waited.  He came out wearing a robe and then promptly shut the lights out. Not just that, but he closed the curtains all the way so it was pitch black in the bedroom.  My Sister said this sent up a lot of red flags, but he didn’t stop to pick anything up, or linger, he got right into bed, so my Sister relaxed.

They started to kiss, he was fingering her a little bit, but each time she went to grab his cock he would intercept her hand and push it away.  My Sister told me it was really starting to piss her off, and it was ruining the mood.  She finally pushed him away, got out of bed and turned on the lights.  He quickly pulled the blanket up.  She said she marched over to the bed, pulled back the blanket and immediately started to laugh so hard she almost peed. 

She told me that he was so small that it was almost non-existent.  When she was laughing, it would do this little wiggle thing, which caused her to laugh more.  He was so embarrassed, she got dressed and left.  She said while she was outside getting into her car he was looking at her from his bedroom window and she could tell he was jacking off, or at least trying to because there really wasn’t anything there.  I told her that SPH is a fetish. I explained it to her and she basically said that if he just wanted that she would of sent him my way. 

Cuckold Gang Bang

Domination phone sex

My sissy cuckold husband had been very naughty this week. He masturbated and played with his tiny pathetic cock without my permission. Now he needed to be punished. I needed to let him know who the one in control was. I hosted a little party and invited all of my favorite Bulls. None of the men invited had a cock smaller than 10 inches. My husband was placed into a chastity device that had sharp little barbs on the inside of it, if his cock got so much as a slight hardness, it would poke and hurt. I had my fun with the Bulls and took turns letting them fuck me in whatever hole they desired. They passed me around and had their fun with my mouth, pussy and ass. My pathetic husband whimpered and groaned the entire time because his cock was in so much pain. He was so turned on from seeing his wife gang banged by BBC bulls, but an erection meant agony. Even when he was fucked in the ass or sucked one off he was in pain from the nasty little cock control device I had put him in. Maybe next time he’ll think twice before disobeying me.

Cum On My Pretty Feet

foot fetishes

Some men get hard when I wear open toes heels. Those are my sexual foot fetishes men. You stopped cold and asked me if that was black cherry nail polish. Oh, I Know my pet your are addicted to my pretty toes and perfect feet.  I took my heel off and had to look. Oh, you never took your eyes off my legs and feet. I don’t believe I heard you clear your throat that many times before. You work alongside my parents at the PR firm and This teen had you mesmerized with her toes. I know that men who know the colors of nail polish are either A. Gay or B. Feet men. You, my sexy older gentleman are most certainly a foot man.

I spent the next several days running around the firm barefoot in my stockings with a polish change every day.  I came and sat beside you at your desk curious about what you do here. This slut can play so sweet and shy. I put my hose clad foot in your lap and felt your cock jump and harden. I stroked your pants and that cock grew for me. Your face, as I giggled and told you to get it out, was amazing. Nobody would see behind the desk I assured you.

My feet gave your cock the best rub down as you grabbed some tissues to spurt your cum in. It was fast and a lot. I left you with a whisper,, I can do way sexually dominate things for that cock if you let me. Just because it is below average doesn’t mean you need to suffer. I gave you a quick kiss and rushed off. You will be fun to play with my love. I know you will thrive on a little tease and denial humiliation, won’t you?

Phone Sex Therapy for 2019

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy in 2019 should be your resolution. There is no shame in admitting that you need to talk to some one about your small dick or your fetish. I am here for you. I am an open-minded, sexy therapist with decades of experience and research in a slew of sexual deviancies. I don’t see them as deviancies, however. Just desires that need taught how to control like a vampire needs to control his need for blood. Chuck is a small dicked man. He can’t get a woman. He sets his sights too high and he thinks he is the total package to women. If you have a small dick, you have no business acting like you are 10 foot tall with a big fucking cock. Chuck was hitting on me and my girlfriends at the bar. He was handsome, appeared to be rich based on his clothes and his car keys. But something felt off too me. He was trying too hard. Men confident in their cock size, don’t need to come on that strong. It was clear he needed some therapy. I took him off to a dark corner and told him to show me his cock. I new it wasn’t going to be big, but I was not prepared for it to be that small. Holy shit, I couldn’t see anything but balls. He had a micro penis and was hitting on me. I had to give him some small dick humiliation. He deserved it. Like many men, Chuck needed to know his place. He is not lover material. He can be a cuckold, a sissy maid, even an adult baby or a cross dresser, but he is not man. I told him if he wants companionship, he needs to change his ways. Look for a dominant woman and serve her. He was shocked at my brutal truth because he has money and looks. I’m here to tell you that size is all that matters.

Small Dick Humiliation

Fantasy phone sex I love comparing small dicks with a big fucking real cock. I short dick man can’t please my horny princess ass with that small thing. I need a huge cock to fill me full. I need to feel the cum rushing thru my body. Short dick men cum like a bitch. I put short dick men on their knees and let the big cock men use there to holes for fucking or cleaning their cocks off. I love to humiliate them in front of everyone. Having everybody laugh and stare and treating them like fuck meat. I walk them around on all fours having them clean out the creampies out of the women’s pussies. I only use short dick men as such. They have no other use in my life.

Hot Wife Phone Sex

Cuckold phone sex


My husband loves that I am a cuckold phone sex slut. When he hears me in the other room on the phone with you, it gets him so hard. He loves that I talk to horny men all day and tell them about the dirty things I like to do. I like to masturbate when I’m on the phone with a client and it makes me cum even faster knowing he’s in the other room hard as a rock trying to hear what I’m saying. He likes to read my blogs and see what I write about. He gets a little thrill from knowing that there are men looking at pictures of his wife stroking their cock and cumming reading about what a little sissy cuckold faggot that he is. I don’t do phone sex for the money, do it because I fucking love it. Making men cum for me and letting them listen to me play with my pussy while my husband can’t even come into the room is just so fucking hot.

Sissy maid husband

Sissy maid training


My husband is my little submissive pet. Part of keeping me happy, other than letting me fuck other men and spend his money, is waiting on me and being a perfect little sissy maid for me. He wears a french maid outfit, thigh high stockings, stiletto heels, and has a plug in his ass when he’s being my maid. All I have to do is ring a bell and he comes rushing to my side to serve me. Whether it’s fetching me food and drinks while I’m in bed having marathon sex, or fluffing my Bull’s big cock for me, or climbing between my legs and eating my pussy and creampie. It just gets me so hot seeing him in his outfit, totally humiliated and degraded being forced to wear women’s clothes and a plug in his ass. Sometimes I like to order takeout just so his has to answer the door in his outfit and let others see his shame. I just love degrading him.

Cuckold Phone Sex Christmas with My Ex

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex Christmas? My ex-husband begged for cuckold sex. All he wanted for Christmas was me to fuck a big dick in front of him. It is funny when you think about it because he insisted on the divorce. He couldn’t please me with his 3-inch dick but he didn’t want me fucking other men. He just wanted me unhappy and unsatisfied. Fuck that. I divorced his loser ass. Now that we are divorced, he wants to watch me fuck big cock. He wants me to shame him for his little dick. He is my second husband. I am not close to my parents and my daughter from my first marriage was with her daddy this holiday.  I told my loser ex if he wanted cuckold sex and small dick humiliation, he would have to pay for it. Literally, pay for it. He opened his wallet and laid down a stack of Benjamins. I took my cell phone out of my purse and called the hung neighbor boy next door. He is 19 and twice the man my loser 55-year-old ex could ever hope to be. Wish granted. I made him kiss my stud’s dick. When that went well, I had him fluff his cock. When I fucked my hung lover, my ex had to watch sitting on his hands. He was a good cuck, so I let him clean up my messy pussy. Why was he not such a good cuckold when we were married?

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