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Tease and denial thanksgiving fun

Tease and denialTease and denial thanksgiving fun! My poor husband never gets a break not even for the holidays. I tease his cock endlessly and give him the worst case of blue balls. Even on a special event, I prefer to save a nice hard fucking with someone like his daddy.

I have mentioned before how different he is from his brothers and father, Its like complete night and day between his family and him. They all love me except his mom. She’s an uptight nagging nancy, Its funny cause her name is Nancy, Negative Nancy doesn’t like how hot I look and how all her sons and husband gawk at my sight. I have her son eating from the palms of my hands. She has tried endlessly to catch me in one of my sexual escapades but has failed miserably.

Its thanksgiving eve and I make my way with my pathetic husband over to his parent’s house, Daddy is happy to see me but his mommy nancy has some slick comments about my tight little dress. I smile and ignore it.

I Make my way to the “powder room” I hear footsteps and look its My father in law. He closes the door and starts making his way to me, I can already tell what he wants to do. He has totally been craving fucking me since our last session. He unzips me and starts to rub my body he is so hard I can feel his cock pushing up against me. My pussy is getting soaked I can feel it dripping down my thighs. All the things that are running thru my mind have me so turned on.

There’s nothing I love more than risky sex, That’s why I fuck a ton of people while my husband is home under the same roof. At this very second, I am thinking about being caught by my mother in law and my husband and it surely has me ready to take my father in law deep in my pussy. He starts my eating my wet pussy and really working his tongue in me. It was an instant orgasm, I wasn’t done neither was he. I needed his cock in me!!! I did not just want it, I needed it. I was quivering and drenched and just so enthralled by the experience that I didn’t realize I was moaning so loud.

Thank goodness Nancy had some music echoing thru the whole house. I loved getting his meaty cock deep in me. Its such huge difference from my husband, How could these two even be related I surely have reason to believe my husband is the milkman’s kid. All his brothers are all so well endowed and they fuck me so good. My husband’s tongue is the only thing that gets me off. While his dad can bust his load deep into me and make me cum over and over.

I still can’t believe my father in law fucked me and ate me out in the same house our family was in, On thanksgiving too. After fucking for what felt like an eternity, I made my way downstairs still flustered but still just so turned on.

I sat right at the dining table where my brother in law was and I waste no time and I slip him a little note.

I wanted round two and I sure got it.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Farah

cuckold phone sex Cuckold phone sex is my favorite. I love cuckolding men. My ex husband number two stopped by last night unexpectedly. He was hand delivering the mortgage check. Per our divorce decree, he must pay the mortgage on our nice house. I had a young lover over, so I hid him in the bedroom. I thought this would be a quick in and out sort of thing. If there is one thing about my ex, it was that he was always quick; too quick when it counted. Anyway, he kept talking about getting back together. I left him because of his small dick; I wasn’t going to get back with him. My small dick days are long gone. When he pulled out the little fellow, I called Simon out of the bedroom. In walks this college boy with a ten inch semi hard cock, glistening with my pussy juice. My ex looked embarrassed. I had Simon fuck me in front of him. I shamed his tiny dick as Simon slammed his big hard dick in and out of my hairy wet pussy. When I started squirting, my ex started rubbing his shrimp dick and I halted him. “You need permission from me to rub your worthless nub,” I quipped.  I cut him off. Told him he would have to rub one out at home, but not here. He had blue balls by the time he left. I had a cum filled cunt and a sense of accomplishment. I think my ex finally gets what I need now.

Great Blowjobs for Great Cocks Only

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs can only be given on great cocks. I am not putting my mouth on a worthless dick. I was on a Tinder date two nights ago. I saw photos of his cock before I agreed to meet. The camera either added ten inches or he didn’t send me a real photo of himself. When he pulled out his cock, I said goodbye. I am not hooking up with a loser. Not when there are plenty of big cocks down to fuck a sexy milf. I left him in the hotel he paid for with his tiny dick. I went to a college bar and picked up the first young stud to talk to me. I took that boy home and gave him the best head of his 19 years. It wasn’t all about him either. He slipped between my legs and ate my hairy wet pussy. He never had a hairy pussy before. It isn’t like I have a 70’s bush, but I am growing out my winter coat. He was between my legs for hours licking the alphabet on my clit. I kept squirting on his face and he kept begging for more. Coeds have bald pussies and rarely squirt. I think having a hot squirting pussy comes with age. The older you get, the more you know size matters and the more experimental you get. I discovered I could squirt accidently masturbating with a big dildo one day, so I made sure I only fucked big cock after that! I sent the Tinder loser a thank you text. If he had not been so disappointing, I would not have hooked up with the best pussy eater ever. I sent him a pic of me sucking on a worthy cock too. He clearly had no clue what a woman like me needs. Do you?

Small dick humiliation

small dick humiliation

I think it is so cute how you think you can please a woman. You have an itty bitty warm peepee. It is smaller then my pinky! I bet when you fuck a chick, it is the closest thing she gets to fucking a woman besides actually fucking a woman. I mean, since there is really no penetration since your dick is so small- it is more like dry humping.

Yup, that is the only way I can come, is if you rub your tiny little clit dick against my pussy lips. You should have no hair, since only real men have hair. Let is be real, your pubes would hide that tiny little pussy anyways. So go ahead and flick your little micro dick quickly back and forth with only two of your fingers.

I can not stop laughing thinking that you only need two fingers to jack your dick! OMG you are just so embarrassing.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

phone sex therapistWord is out what a great phone sex therapist I am. I have a few specialties, but my clients are mostly cuckolds and sissies. Sometimes they are sissy cuckolds. Peter, who I now call Pam, is a sissy cuckold. When we first started talking, he was wearing his wife’s panties. He had a small cock and I told him his shrinky dink belonged in his wife’s panties. He was swimming in his boxer briefs. I bet you are too. I gave him little tasks like going to glory holes to get some real dick. Eventually, I had him come out to his wife about being a dirty cock sucking sissy. I wanted her to make him her cuckold. She did too. In fact, she loved the idea of one of her manly lovers skull fucking her pansy husband. He sent me pictures of one of her lovers reaming his sissy ass. Dressing as a girl, helped his wife’s lover fuck him hard. Some men love a sissy too, especially one already feminized. My caller went from a panty wearing sissy to a sissy cuckold fluffer. I helped him find his proper place in his wife’s life. I can help you too with some phone sex therapy.

Sissy Boy You Do Not Compare

Fantasy phone sex Look what I get to fuck instead of your little pecker. This cock is twice the size of your. Now this is a cock that gives me pleasure. Not that clit size thing you call a pecker. You are good for paying the bills. Waiting on me hand and foot but that is about it. I can hardly feel you when you are inside me. You can be good with your tongue. But a real woman need a real cock and baby that is not you. I love having real cock in front of you making you watch as you see what it looks like to give a real woman some real pleasure. Something you could never do with such a small little pecker.

Phone Sex Therapist for Couples

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. Callers tell me things they would never tell their partners. Sometimes, I get to do couples counseling, which is always fun for me. Last night I talked for an hour with a man and his wife. Their situation is like many of my callers. Sexually frustrated wife but she doesn’t want to cheat. Husband has a small cock, thinks his wife should take a lover. Where do I come in, you ask? I helped the wife understand that her need for sexual pleasure supersedes her husband’s pride. Men with little cocks shouldn’t have any pride. What is there to be proud of? A three inch limp dick? I told his wife that I cuckolded two husbands and countless men. I explained it is not cheating if her husband wants her to cheat. I explained that cuckolding is very common in the modern age. She asked me some questions and we watched a few cuckolding videos together. Consider it sex therapy porn. Seeing is believing. Of course, I showed her some black cock cuckolding videos, so she was a true believer after wards.  It is funny to me that wives are the ones more hesitant to cuckold their husbands. I know as a once sexually frustrated wife, I had no problem cheating. I was in my sexual prime. I knew I needed to get fucked, so I found myself working hard cocks.  If you have a wife that needs a little urging, remember I do offer couples phone sex therapy too.

Sexy babe who loves oral

Sexy babe who loves oral from her husband, that’s the only thing he does right, to be honest, I had to train him to use his tongue to get me off because we all know his 4 inches would never succeed at giving me a great big O. I have just jerked his cock of because my pussy does get sore from fucking other guys, I’m wrong I know but I just can’t help it, sometimes I make him go weeks without fucking me because it is gotten to the point where I can even fathom being in the same bed as him, but boy does that not run in the family because I have had both his brother and dad, and what a difference it is, his younger brother is huge and his father is even bigger, I can barely even believe they have any matching DNA. Other than success of course but boy did my husband fall short. I just love fucking his brother and father whenever I want.Sexy babe

Dick Sucking Queen

Small dick humiliationI love to dominate and humiliate men with extremely small dicks. A man with a tiny cock is really a woman with a big clit. Do you have a small package? Do women laugh when you’re naked? Put yourself in my hands, give me full control of your body. You can’t please a woman with your small cock so let me teach you how to please a man. I’ll dress you up really pretty by putting you in a beautiful dress and a long blonde wig. Red lipstick and mascara will finish your feminine transformation. Now, you’re ready to be my bitch. I’ll keep you on your knees all night sucking big dicks for money. You’ll finally see how it feels to hold a big dick in your hands. I can’t wait to see your small dick get erect from sucking cock. You’ve thought about it all your life and now your dream has come true, you’re my dick sucking queen.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

phone sex TherapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I tell men what they need to hear, but no one else has the balls to tell them, especially their wives or girlfriends. I will tell you your cock is too small. I will tell you that you are a latent homosexual. I will tell you that you belong in panties. I will tell you need sissy training because you are not meant to be a real man. I have no problem with brutal honesty. I don’t need to sugar coat anything because I don’t need anything from you nor am I financially dependent on you. That is why so many men call me. They know the truth, but need it confirmed. Guys enjoy phone sex therapy because it is cathartic to be validated. Some women think all men are dumb; I am not one of them. I think many men are very in tune with their short comings and their issues; however, it feels good when a sexy woman like myself confirms that their dick is too small to give anyone pleasure or that they were meant for sucking cock, not fucking women. Andy called me this morning about his wife. If you have your suspicions about your wife with other men and aren’t one of those people who doesn’t trust anyone, then likely she is getting cock on the side. Some tale tall signs, however, include you having a small or limp dick; lack of sex between the two of you; her spending more time on her appearance; and her being gone from the home more for any myriad of reasons. If a woman is in her 30s or older, married to a man with dick issues and not fucking him, likely she is cheating if she appears happy The older we get, the more important getting some is to us. Don’t delude yourself into thinking something else is going on. Call me and admit how turned on you get thinking about your wife with another man.

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