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Eat my Pussy

Femdom phone sex

I refuse to let a man with a small cock enter me. Sure, I will fuck a man with a tiny dick, but only with my strap on. Men with tiny cocks don’t deserve a sexy babe like me. They simply are not worthy of sticking their dick in me. The only way they can satisfy me is by eating my pussy and letting me squirt on their face. My sissy cuckold husband eats my cunt every night. I sit on his face for hours while he wears lacy panties like the little faggy he is. Last night I sat on the couch between two of my beautiful BBC bulls and he crawled to us on his knees and took turns giving all three of us oral. One after the other he pleasured us orally. He sucked their cocks and licked my pussy and had their cum and my pussy juice deposited on his face. Then I instructed him to wear our cum around on his face for the rest of the day. He was not allowed to wipe it off or wash his face. He even had to answer the door for the pizza guy wearing panties with his face covered in our combined cum. Humiliating little sissy cucks like him gives me so much pleasure!

Sissy Phone Sex

Sissy Humiliation


I just love dominating sissies! I think this is why being a phone sex mistress is the perfect job for me. Sissies and cucks are my favorite little play things. I love forcing them to wear lacy panties and humiliate themselves on the phone by dressing up like a little bitch and admitting to me how much they love wearing women’s clothes and sucking the cocks of bigger more masculine men. I will tease and deny you an orgasm until I am satisfied that you have properly submitted to me and my wicked desires. I will make you watch big dick porn and admit to me how much you wish your cock was as big as the men in the videos and how you could never properly satisfy me or any other woman with a dick as tiny and pathetic as yours. I get such a wicked thrill from humiliating you and degrading you. The only way a cuck like you could satisfy me is with your mouth on my clit while my BBC lover fucks me from behind. Maybe if I’m feeling generous I’ll let you lick his cum out of my pussy.

You Should be Shy

Look at that little thing! I would be embarrassed too. I went away on vacation to somewhere nice and warm with a big group of friends and their friends. You were one of my potential fucks because you had this cockiness like you thought that you were the boss, and I love showing men like you just who the boss is in the bedroom. We were on a yacht with a nice ass pool, and I am not sure who’s idea it was, but we decided to go skinny dipping. Everyone was completely naked, except you. I went up to you and asked why you still had your boxers on, and you told me you were shy. Now this was not the same cocky man I was thinking about fucking earlier, so I had to see what was underneath those boxer briefs. When you weren’t paying attention, I yanked them off of you. It was too hard to try to contain my laughter, and once everyone realized what I was laughing at they started laughing too. I made the other guys get out of the pool so you could see what a real cock looked like. I even got measuring tape to show you the size difference. Watching me handle all of those real cocks really made you hard, and it wasn’t long until you were begging me to let you cum. You are lucky I felt bad for you, and let you cum.

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Sissy Fag Trainer

Best Phone Sex

Little cucks need to learn how big cocks feel. I love dressing up my sugar cuck daddy like a pretty little faggy slut. I lay out a pink lingerie teddy, nylons and cute heels fit for a pretty little sissy just like you! I want you to make sure you have your teeny cock cage on as I tease and tickle your pitiful dick. I want you to be the prettiest sissy, so I apply bright pink lipstick and blush to your faggy face!

Now get on your knees, faggy and open your pretty little mouth! I strap on my big black rubber cock and run my fingers through your pretty hair. Now suck my cock, sissy. I’m going to teach you how to be the best sissy faggot cocksucker! Lick my thick rubber cock, run your tongue from top to bottom of my thick strap on.

         Oh, my dear pet, you have to worship that cock better. I shove my thick silicone cock down your whore mouth. I want you to beg me to fuck your pretty face. Get that dildo nice and wet like a good sissy! I want to make sure you know how it feels to have a thick cock fuck your throat. My cunt gets so wet hearing you gag on my strap on.

         I make you get on all fours and as I lightly tap my big black dildo on your puckered boy pussy. I want you to beg for me to fuck you in your tight ass. When I’m satisfied with your pleas, I ram my silicone black cock into your tight ass and fuck you over and over again. You’re only allowed to cum when I tell you too, little faggy!

Forced Crossdressing Makes Me Wet

forced crossdressing

Yes, Forced crossdressing you makes my tight wet slit wet. And Yes, I show my love for my Cucky Boyfriends in a very different way.  I love the fact that I can have My Sexy slut tremble as I layout perfect sized female garments for him to put on. I stand in front of him in my leather boots and schoolgirl uniform and demand he put on his silk red panties. he bucks and frowns. Okay sexy I will make a deal for every piece of Clothing you adorn for me I will remove one article of my own clothing.  His panties go on and I reach up and unzip my skirt. My cotton panties form to fit my bald cunt. His bra is next and he gets to see my bare titties because these perfect perky tits never require a bra. On and on we go until My cucky is now a beautiful female. I walk over naked and rub my body on him kissing him deeply. My lipstick smears on to His face. I reach under his miniskirt and stroke he small cock. Suck a good boy for me. He knows what I require as I have vowed to only fuck and suck BBC. We go into the bedroom where Lester is stroking his cock on the bed. Lester has become so hard that I want to rush over and take every inch of that purple monster in my throat. I restrain myself and guide my Cuck to him. He knows what I want. He climbs on the bed his thong showing under his skirt. My Cuck begins his BBC cock sucking and I slide my finger in his ass pumping him to make him take Lesters cock deeper and deeper down that slutty throat. I stop my cuck, he knows he will get Lester’s cum but only out of my sweet tight teen cunt. I climb on board that massive cock and work my hips, teasing and long stroking until I get the biggest load Lester has ever given. Lester lays me back takes my sweet tits in my mouth as my cuck sucks every last drop of BBC cum from my pussy. Cucky is rewarded with my cum as I tremble and squirt on his forced feminization sweet face.

Cuckold panty sniffer

Sexy babe

My cuckold husband loves to sniff my panties when I come home from a date with one of my sugar daddies or my BBC bulls. He loves smelling the juices from my pussy after I’ve been fucked by another man and licking the crotch of my panties to see if he can get a taste of the other man’s cum.

I wasn’t always a Hot Wife to a cuckold husband. When I first married my husband for his money, I kept my affairs with other men a secret and suffered through having to fuck him and his tiny cock. Then one day I walked in on him masturbating with my panties over his face. It was a lacy thong I had worn on a date with my boyfriend and I knew it likely had the remains of my cunt juice and his cum still on it from where he had fucked me, and here was my husband sniffing and licking our juices off of them while jerking his tiny cock. I confronted him and he admitted he knew I had been cheating on him and that he liked it and was really turned on by it. I had no idea that there were men out there who enjoyed this sort of thing! Right away my pussy moistened at the thought of fucking my boyfriend and his enormous black cock in front of my husband.

It wasn’t long before I became the cuckold wife that I am today. I have multiple sugar daddies and various big dicked boyfriends to keep me happy and sexually satisfied and my husband is sometimes allowed to watch or join in a little when we fuck. I still let him have my cum filled panties to sniff, lick, and wear while he touches himself. I love being a Hot Wife!

BBC Anal Sex Whore

Cuckold phone sex

I love the feeling of having my tight rosebud being stretched and filled. Not very many cocks satisfy my urge to have my ass fucked raw. Your pitiful boy cock clearly can’t gape my sweet tight ass the way I want and need! What better way to get my ass filled with big black cock than to have my sister’s big black husband come over?

I love setting up the hidden camera, so I can record my tight ass getting stuff by 10 inches of black cock. I plan on emailing this to you later once I get your teeny cock cage on! The minute my sister’s husband walked in, my pussy became soaking wet. I asked him to come take a look at my bedroom ceiling for a leak. Little did he know! Hehe!

I laid across the bed in my little robe to point out the “leak.” My robe lifted up and exposed my tight wet pussy and my sister’s hot hubby got so hard. I could see his giant bulge throbbing in his pants. My pussy dribbled with wetness and I waved him over “Looks like the leak is right here!”

He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his massive dark black cock. I made sure to lick his cock, slurping and shoving it into the back of my throat. I gabbed on his black dick making it all wet and slimy. I turned around on all fours and begged him to shove his cock balls deep inside my pink rosebud. I made sure my ass was positioned well enough to catch my asshole being stretched out while he pounded my ass with his 10-inch cock. He gaped my princess ass wide open and shot his load deep inside me. I hope you enjoy the little movie I made for you!

Tumblr Cock Fail

You are such a fucking sissy boy, and I can not believe you really thought that someone as hot as me would even touch that little thing you call a cock. You had the nerve to send me someone else’s dick pictures, probably because you were embarrassed, and honestly you should be. We met on tumblr, and when you sent pictures of that beautiful thick cock I knew I had to have it in my mouth. I was so ready for that huge cock. I was waiting for you in just my favorite thongs, only to be disappointed. You showed up, and you face wasn’t even as cute as the pictures. Honestly I never really cared about your face, but when I pulled your pants down I was devastated. It really isn’t even the size of my thumb! I asked you if you ever even seen a cock that big in real life. I insisted I show you and called over a friend. I made you suck his thick black cock while I watched and laughed at you. When he came down your throat, you begged me on your hands and knees to let you cum. Your requests were denied as I threw you out of my house butt naked and lips still sticky with cum.

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Addicted to Cock

Femdom phone sex


I can’t get enough big cock and neither can my sissy fag husband. He loves watching me fuck other guys and loves it when my bulls take pity on him and let him suck their cock or fuck his tight ass. When I’m on a date with another man, I like to send my husband texts of what we’re doing. I’ll text him a picture of me with my date’s cock in my mouth or send him pics of my date’s dick so he can see just how much bigger and better my date is than him. When I get home his tiny little cock is always so hard. He can’t wait to drop to his knees and lick the cream from my freshly fucked cunt and ass. He is a sissy cuck through and through. I never actually let him put his cock in me. He is only allowed to cum three ways. Jerking himself off, fucked by my bull, or fucked by my strap on. I think it has been years since he’s had his cock in a real pussy. Through my intense sissification training, I’ve conditioned him to prefer getting fucked in the ass over anything else. He fought it at first, he denied that he was a cock loving little cucky, but I wore him down. I forced him to suck cock and get fucked. He would plead with me not to make him, but no matter how hard he tried to deny his love of cock, his rock hard dick gave him away each time. You can’t deny that you love cock when you’re down on your knees sucking two of them with the hardest erection you’ve ever had in your life! His hard on betrays him each time. It’s so pathetic, but luckily I enjoy having a sissy fag husband to humiliate and degrade.

You don’t deserve a hot sexy woman like me!

hot sexy womanLook at you, do you really think a man like you deserves a hot sexy woman like me? Your dick is tiny, way too tiny for a woman like me to ever accept it, I only fuck real men. I fuck men that have big cocks, the kind of cocks that will fill me up and stretch me out, I bet I would never even feel yours at all and that’s if you manage to even get it in me at all! Lets be real here, your dick is a micro penis, too small to ever be worth my time at all.You’re just the kind of little bitch boy that gets to clean me up after I’ve fucked a real man and you will never be anything else. You may as well except that now.

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