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I got to shop for free

best phone sexI went shopping the other day and went a little crazy, my cart was overflowing and I was way over budget. I guess it’s a good thing that the store owner was there and he was very interested in me. He said that I could have it all if I would fuck him so how could I turn that offer down? I took him in the dressing room and fucked his brains out. I went all out sucking his dick rimming that ass and fucking him until he was all worn out. I did such a good job that he was willing to not only give me all the clothes and accessories I wanted but he also gave me a wad of cash too! And we have a date set up for this weekend too, I think I may have found myself a new sugar daddy isn’t that great?

My Sexy Playmate

Sensual phone sex


My sexy playmate and I were playing around he then said, “follow me but keep quiet so we won’t wake up everyone,” “ok I won’t.” I said, where are we going as he grabbed my hand, leading me into the laundry room. He picked me up and put me on the dryer then started it up.”What are you doing?!” I laughed, “let me taste that pussy,” he said. “We are going to get in trouble,” I explained. “No, we are not as long as you cover your mouth and just be quiet.” He took my pants off and pulled me closer to the edge of the shaky dryer. The vibration was very arousing, and the adrenaline rush that we might get caught turned me on. He then spread my legs wide and began licking my wet vibrating clit flicking it with his tongue, also sucking my lips and traced it back to my sweet cherry down inside me. It was pure ecstasy with extra stimulation from the dryer. Fucking me with his tongue while he fingered my sopping wet asshole. I couldn’t help grabbing his head-scratching him while shaking and trying to hold on. He spat on my clit and sucked me so good I squirted two times, but he was freak nasty he wanted more. I squirted so much it ran down his chin. He licked it off and licked me clean like he hasn’t eaten in days it turned me on so much. My body was so weak and exhausted from over stimulation I tapped out. He then grabbed me and said, “you know what to do.”I licked my juices off his face and kissed him. He smiled and said, “that’s a good girl.”

Sugar Daddy i’m coming for you

Erotic roleplayingHell on heels, say what you will, baby i’m coming for you. I made the devil a deal a long time ago. He made me pretty, He made me smart and all I do is break millions of hearts day after day. This diamond ring on my hand is the only good thing that came from that married man, we definitely were not up to any good! I have all of his credit cards maxed the fuck out just how they should be. Erotic roleplaying with his sugar baby Lena drains his fuckin bank account! Bless his heart, lol. Give me an inch and i’ll take a mile, I truly do not give a fuck! I wonder if your wife knows about us? Like I care!! She probably doesn’t have any clue about your sugaring antics  but if she does she is too much of a weak bitch to even speak up and try to snatch her man back from me. Sorry not sorry but you’re all mine now! I own you and your wallet. She knows what’s up. There is no competition when you match up against the ultimate sexy sugar princess that is me. Consider yourself lucky if I even look your way let alone give you the time of day to please me and spoil me like how I deserve to be spoiled. Pay up and shut up you horny bastard. This can be our little secret until wifey finds out about this perfect little princess sugar pussy that you just can’t stay away from!

I love being a sexy babe

sexy babeI love being a sexy babe. I have a body built for sin. Men are drawn to me, especially younger men. I have a new neighbor with a teen son. My husband has perpetual limp dick syndrome, so I am always on the prowl for men to fuck. I don’t care about age. I care that I have a hard dick in my pussy when I want to fuck. Every woman knows a teen boy has a cock that rarely goes soft and if it does, it is never for long. School is out for the summer and the new teen boy next door is a high school graduate. He starts college in the fall. I thought I would offer him a part time handy man job for the summer. You know, some one for the nooks and crannies, the neglected spots. My husband is as useless in the bedroom as he is around the house. Trey was happy to earn some extra cash. I was happy to just look at him mowing my yard. Yesterday was a scorcher of a day. I suggested he cool off with a shower. I just didn’t tell him I would be joining him. He didn’t resist. In fact, his response was, “What took you so long?” He jack hammered my pussy from behind. My ass too. His cock was stiff as a board and nice and long and thick.  He cleared out the cobwebs from my pussy and ass. This sexy mommy always gets her man.

Sensual phone sex

GFE phone sex

I want my pussy licked so bad! I’ve been lying in bed all day playing with myself and thinking about how much I wanted to get fucked. I imagined everything I would do if you were in bed with me right now. I want you to start kissing me from the tips of my toes, working your way over my ankles, down my calf, and up my thighs. You linger between my legs and start kissing my pussy passionately and flicking your tongue up and down my lips. I love the feeling of your hot mouth on my wet pussy. My back arches and my fingers are laced in your hair, pulling your face even closer into me so I can rub my pussy up and down your lips. When I start to cum on your face, my thighs start to tremble and I squeeze them shut so that your face is still pressed to my throbbing clit as I ride out the waves of my orgasm. I pull you up to my face and press my lips to yours so I can taste my cum on your mouth. With my legs wrapped around your hips, I pull you inside of me. I’m so warm and wetter than even before. I keep my mouth locked onto yours, kissing you deeply as you pump your cock in and out of me. My hands glide up and down your back and over your ass as you fuck me. I beg you to cum in me, I want to feel your cock throb and pulse as you fill me up with your cum. We lay locked together panting and kissing until you’ve finally finished cumming. I want to spend the rest of the night laying with you naked and kissing and touching each other and fucking over and over again.

White cuck loser

Cuckold phone sexBroke white boys need to be taught a lesson in how to have proper cuckold phone sex. They kick back in their tiny shithole of an apartment and fantasize about living in Big Daddy King’s mansion with me. Too bad, only thick black thirteen inch anacaonda cocks are allowed in our palatial palace! BDK and I had such a deviously naughty idea, we would lure over a white boy who will not leave me the fuck alone and trick him into thinking he is actually going to have a shot at fucking me! Of course he jets on over and is already half naked when I let him through the door. I tease him and tell him to strip the rest of his clothes off as I seductively take mine off as well right in front of him. He’s beyond enamored with my gorgeous body and is drooling as he scopes out every single inch of my beautiful curves. My gorgeous tits, juicy ass and tight little pussy are truly that of a Goddess. He now knows why the Living Legend Big Daddy King is so in love with me both inside and out! I have to admit, after all his talking about his cock size, I sure did expect a massive white python to jump out of his pants but instead it was a tiny little hot dog. I would say maybe five to six inches and that is being kind! I was laughing at how even more pathetic this white cuck is the fact that he lied about his dick size! He only wishes that he could be as large & in charge as BDK! That tiny white sausage doesn’t have shit on Big Daddy’s thirteen inch anaconda! He can keep on wishing & dreaming but he will never ever measure up to the Super Bowl champion. We don’t have time for weak punk ass losers so we throw them in the corner if they’re lucky enough and blast them on social media & livestream their tiny cock masturbation. The whole entire world is going to know what a loser this white cuck is and will easily be able to see who I belong to and who’s property I am! I have BDK written on my tongue ring, belly ring, clit ring and a sexy tamp stamp to add icing to the cake. It’s impossible to not know who the fuck owns this sexy sugar pussy when I have his regal name written all over me! I may look like a lady but I love getting fucked like a whore by my Living Legend Big Daddy King’s massive anaconda cock while the white cuck losers gaze on in absolute erotic amusement,

He loved me

best phone sexHe loved me what can I say? No other girls could suck his cock like I could, I am an expert with huge cocks after all, I guess that’s why he chose me over everyone else. Plus I was by far the prettiest girl there so I can’t blame him for wanting the best, you should have seen their faces they were so pissed that I got him! Those other whores will just have to settle for the little dick men there, oh well sucks to be them! I went home with the biggest stud there and we fucked all night long, those other girls are gonna be so fucking mad when I give them all the details. I’ve never been fucked so good before I came over and over it was just the best night ever for me!

Your Good and Ready

Cuckold phone sex

I love some good cuckold phone sex fun as it is the best release we can get together. I’m a real exhibitionist when it comes to being a cuckold tease to torment my lover. I find it exciting to openly exhibit my lust for the guy with the bigger cock that sits next to me at the bar. I will spread my legs while wearing a short skirt with no panties and start fingering my slit right there. I will bring my pussy juice soaked finger to my lips and seductively suck it off. I see how big he is getting and will not hold back as I let him ram his big long fingers in this slit. I love to watch you squirm and give him a hot fucking lap dance right there at the bar letting everyone watch me as I work this guy up. We get back to the hotel room and you sit there and watch while I get the best pussy pounding that you could never give me.




Pretty girl privilege

Hot sexy womanMost men are unable to handle a hot sexy woman of my caliber so it really turns me on when I come across one who can. A strong, independent and beautiful female like myself makes these pathetic losers run for the hills. It’s funny how intimidated and insecure a male becomes when he meets a gorgeous goddess who has the ability to walk all over him! Vanilla men just do not understand my lifestyle whatsoever and I am totally okay with that. If anything, it weeds out who the fuck I want in my presence and who does not belong there whatsoever! I am way too gorgeous and way too rich to give a flying fuck about any sort of broke peasant business. It’s a known fact that hott girls have access to a whole different type of life on a grand scale, that of which ugly poor bitches know nothing about! Pretty girl privilege is real and I am always the center of attention. 😉

Wet for You


Erotic roleplaying

Sobbing into your torrid broad shoulder as you tease my clit with your massive member. The feel of your skin under my nails as you fuck me like you love me causing my warm cunt to flood like the ocean. I scream and bring you in closer as you begin to stroke into me further and further. We are one. Inside of each other and loving one another; I can feel you. You pick up your drenched face from the inner corner of my neck to pour into my eyes with your sensual glare of passion. You bring your hand to my hot cheeks and gently wipe my tears while placing a kiss onto my lips. You grab my face and pull me into your now rough embrace, making me shiver all over. My nails dig deeper as your grip tightens around my soft neck. I know I bruise easy, yet I have no problem with these marks of passion. You thrust into me harder and faster; my cries begin to sound like music to your ears. I am wet for you…

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