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Million dollar sugar baby

GFE phone sexBig Daddy King is in Los Angeles for business meetings but he has some free time on his hands so of course he wanted to spend it by having GFE phone sex with his super special million dollar sugar baby. I packed my bags and gassed up our private jet, I was on my way to the city of Angels to be with my monster anaconda cock. I miss him sooo much while he’s away, I crave every inch of my living legend both inside and out! Of course I turned on my Instagram live and started showing off to all my haters, they love feeling like they’re apart of my lavish sugar baby lifestyle…. #YouWish! When I landed, my Daddy King was at LAX in the limo to pick me up and bring me back to his ocean front home that he’s staying at while he’s in town. But first, we hit Rodeo Drive! There’s shopping and then there’s shopping in Beverly Hills, only the elite can survive! All of the paparazzi were out and snapping pics of me and Big Daddy while we indulged in our spending spree. He loves showing me off and I love to strike a pose! We are the ultimate celebrity couple together, too hott to handle! Big Daddy bought me the most expensive Versace dress in the whole store, i’ve been dying to have it! I couldn’t wait to get back to the house so that I could strip it off for him. 😉 I couldn’t believe what a beautiful view we had.. unobstructed ocean waves and our own private beach, what could be better?! Daddy told me that he had another surprise for me as he pulled out the duffle bags and threw them on to the bed. He said he wanted to make me a millionaire with cold hard cash and that’s exactly what he did! I unzipped the duffles and inside were stacks of money… and it was all for me! I sucked on my Big Daddy King’s anaconda dick until he exploded his liquid gold all over my pretty face! I used my wads of millionaire cash to wipe the cum up off of my tits after he busted his load, hehe. No one spoils me and fucks me like my BDK! I love him sooooo much! #NoSplendaDaddysAllowed

Fuck Train For Extra Credit

Coed Phone SexThere was a short time I went to college and I was a total slutbag. I was the one fucking the professor for extra credit. I guess the professor had told me to stay after class one day and told me I was really going to earn some credit with him. I was excited so I did and that day I was wearing my cute red plaid skirt and a while button down top with white cotton panties. After class he had closed and locked the door and told me to lie down on the desk. I saw like 6 other guys come out from the corners of the classroom and he told me they were going to run a train on me but I was going to be blindfolded. I was then put on my knees and I had a cock in my mouth no, 2 cocks in mouth and someone was rubbing my pink starfish and cute tight pink hole. I could feel thick meat sticks and inflated heads popping in my holes fucking me like I was a toy. Spit was coming down my chin and my hair was being pulled while being fucked hard, my knees were bouncing off the desk.

Tease And Deny That Eruption

Tease And DenialOne of my favorite things to do since I have such sexy stems and very smooth skin is tease and then deny a man of his eruption. I called my fuck buddy over and I was waiting in my office chair that spins around in my bra and panties with my legs spread so wide. I told him to come into the room and he was already drooling looking at my body. He loves my small perky breasts and my white milky skin. He laid down on the bed and I spread my legs and started rubbing my thigh going up grazing slowly over my panties with my pussy that is nice and bald. I then took my bra off very slowly and making sure not to lose eye contact, biting my bottom lip. I was seducing him and I could see his tent pitching. I walk over to him and take that nice schlong out and start sucking hard and fast. I let up not to let him cum and he was begging me while playing with my perky breasts. I started stroking him rubbing the head over my nipples and I was going faster talking really dirty in his ear and he was moaning and ready to cum. I let up and got back on my chair and was playing with my pretty bald pussy. I wouldn’t let him touch himself I had a really good orgasm and had him lick my fingers clean.

I Loved Riding His Tongue

Small Boobs

I had promised my parents since they were going on vacation I would watch their house. So no sugar daddies or dick for me or so I thought. They had compiled a list of things they need done and one was their trees trimmed with the hedges. I called the neighbors and their college age son was home and does it for them usually and from what I remember he was nerdy. When he came over my how life has been good to him, he was buff and so hot! I could see as he was cutting the hedges his muscles were like wanting to burst out of his shirt. I was getting so turned on, I got naked and I love my small tits so I went by the window and was watching him while playing with cute tight, pink bald box. He saw me and I made a come here motion with my finger. He came inside and I went over and got on the counter, I told him I wanted him to eat my muff like it was last dinner. He got down and pulled his shirt off and the beads of sweat were dripping down his big chest. I grabbed his hair and when I felt his tongue on my clit I came so hard. He had me so excited, he didn’t stop and he just dove his tongue in my hole, grabbed my ass and started fucking me. I was arched backed and I came again riding his tongue. I pulled him up and kissed and sucked my juices off his tongue.


Erotic Roleplaying: Playing Doctor with the Doctor

erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying is something I enjoy. I am seeing this man who is a doctor. He has an amazing cock and he is creative and fun too. We had a date Friday night. I was dressed up fancy because we went to a high end restaurant in town. Afterward, he needed to stop by his office because he forgot is iPad there. He asked me if I minded. Of course, I didn’t. In fact, I looked at it as a chance to play doctor with the doctor. I love naughty role plays. He is a cardiologist, but he could still pretend to be a gynecologist or some sort of doctor who needed to check out my girl parts. He was game. I got dressed in a patient’s gown with no bra or panties on. My pussy was getting wet as he listened to my heart. Turns out my doctor has an ass fetish. I love a good hard cock up my ass. I bent over the exam table and let him check out my ass. He began our exam with a few well lubed fingers. He said he need to probe deeply to make sure my ass checked out healthy. I begged for a deep anal probe. His balls smacked against my ass as he checked me out to make sure I was healthy. It was a hot role play for me. I have always enjoyed playing doctor. We got dressed, went back to my place and fucked some more.

ass fetish

Docs Rewards

mature phone sex   This my favorite time of year. I have many dress jackets like this one I’m wearing now. I wear them to work quite frequently because of the ease and seductiveness of taking them off. I love walking around from behind my desk slowly unbuttoning my jacket from the bottom up. I walk towards which ever client needs my services that day. That always works to make a soft cock rise to attention. More often than not I am wearing crotchless underwear and I can just go straddle him as he sits in the chair. Watching my ass still in pink thongs and garter as I’m riding your hard dick makes them cum deep inside of me. I love the feeling as it slips out of me throughout my day. Kind of a reward for me.

He was just so sweet!

best phone sexMy friend came over yesterday and he was just the sweetest! He showed up with a big bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates for me just because he missed me, wasn’t that just so sweet? Then he showed me just how much he missed me by spending a whole lot of quality time down on his knees between my legs licking my juicy pussy. I was losing my mind, it felt so good and I came over and over but he just wouldn’t stop! I was begging him to fuck me but he just wanted to eat my pussy for hours! Finally I just couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed his head away, shoved him back on the bed and sat right down on that giant cock! I rode that dick until we were both satisfied!

Phone Sex Therapy: I’m the One on the Couch

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy with me is different. Usually, the client lies on the couch, but with me I am the one on the couch. I am naked too. I like to lay naked on my couch while you confide your deep dark fantasies and confess all your dirty secrets. I talk to cuckolds, perverts, sissies, small dick losers and a variety of fetish guys daily. Some of you have dirty secrets that make my cunt wet, others have pathetic lives that make me laugh. One guy this morning told me all about his weekend as a cuckold. His wife put him in panties and made him watch her get fucked by real men. It gets better though. He was forced to gobble up all the cum in her dirty holes after every fuck. She took a lot of cock too. I was even envious. Before this weekend, my caller only had cuckold fantasies. I have been coaching him on how to make his fantasies a reality. Some wives need a little nudge to cheat. All I ever needed to cheat was the sight of a big cock! My caller’s wife has been cheating on him for months, he just didn’t know it. I had my suspicions, however. Women don’t put on make up to go to the gym. I had him confront her, give his blessing. I even had him tell her how happy he was that she could find the sexual pleasure she needed. When your wife has your blessing, she is more apt to just stop sneaking around and fuck in front of you. I love being a phone sex therapist, because I have my own sort of happy ending for callers. I get to cum listening to how their wives denied them and humiliated them in front of their lovers.

I feel like Getting Slutty

Hot sexy woman


I want to be your dream tonight I want you to make me scream when you give it to me you know you can do what you want. I have been missing a strong touch and I’m raw and ready to be satisfied completely. Be the one for me make me dance for you. I promise if you do your part I will make you so happy. I need some hard cock my body is craving a big hard cock rod to penatrate my wet pretty pussycat. I am hungry for a throbbing cock to fill my mouth. I can almost taste the sweet cum on my tongue just thinking about it. I wish you could hear me and know I was talking to you. I dreamabout all I could to make you feel like a porn superstar.

Naughty Girl

gfe phone sexI was stealing from Walmart. Money is just so tight these days.  I wanted that red Lacey bra so bad, it even had matching panties. So I put them on under my clothes and I swore I take the tags off but apparently I didn’t. Next thing I know I am in the back of the police car. I slid my handcuffs off and got into the front seat and dove off as fast as I could. God, I loved the adrenaline rush. After thirty or so minutes passed I had a whole train of police cars chasing me. I was going well over 100 miles when I pulled over to the side and ran into the woods. I was throwing off my clothes as I ran. First my shirt, then my pants next I slid off one shoe at a time and then my socks. Until finally I stood there in only my new bra and panties. It didn’t take long for them to find me. Oh, but when they did I was fingering my pussy and begging for there cocks. They almost tripped over themselves trying to get to me.There had to be 20 officers. All of them just stuffing my holes with there big thick rock hard cocks. One dick was in my mouth I was socking it so good for him I loved the feeling of it being shoved down my throat and another was begging jerked right by my face. One was in my tight juicy pussy and he was just pounding it so good his balls just kept hitting against me. Another was in my ass. I couldn’t help but moan and scream I loved all there cum I begged for it please just give me all of it. Every last one of them toke turns on me and by the time all of them where done I was covered head to toe in cum ..my pussy twitched and I was exhausted but needed more so I begged them to keep going. It toke so long for all of them to Finnish the first time. By the second time, the first officer was ready again.

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