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Papi Kings Yacht

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I was craving anaconda I had to call BDK and tell him how much his sexy latina mami was missing him. Papi king is all I think about, and I have anaconda on my mind at all times. Papi King was so good to me.

He wanted his latina sugar baby to be spoiled. BDK couldn’t say no to Latina Loretta in a beautiful custom-made bikini. I grabbed my black bikini with my king’s initials on my pussy and put it on. I got all dolled up and ready to meet him and anaconda on deck. I had to wear my red bottoms and brought along my custom

Birkin bag too. Property of BDK was everywhere on me because that is precisely what I am. I am BDK’s property, and I like that all the other whores get so jealous and salty. Anaconda was excited to see this latina chica. I made it to the living legends yacht. No surprise it was top of the line Black on black and tons of diamond and gold decors. It was one of a kind. It was a Yacht made for a king. I had to thank Papi king, and I knew how to do such a thing.

Anaconda loves great blowjobs, so that’s what anaconda got. I got that magic stick prepped and ready to go. I could barely breathe, but it was worth it. I was anticipating that million dollar nut sauce. Papi King asked me where I wanted it. I am a greedy puta so I wanted a million dollar facial, and I wanted it in my pussy. I had to show off on Instagram that I am a bad bitch and I have my sugar daddies name on my pussy.  Not just any sugar daddy the living legends. The king of kings. The best sugar Daddy in the whole world.

Erotic Roleplaying with Mistress Eveylyn

Erotic roleplaying

I am a sensual dominatrix who offers Erotic roleplaying and I demand the utmost respect from you. I won’t waste my time with you if you cannot follow my rules. If you do decide to surrender yourself to me then you will experience sexual release like you have never had before. I may tease you and deny you but believe me when I allow you to cum it will be the best that you have ever experience in your entire life.

When you arrive for your appointment I can tell that you are a little nervous but I reassure you that you have nothing to be nervous about. You want me to help you build up your stamina. Your last girlfriend left you because she said you came so fast that it wasn’t even worth her taking her clothes off.

Yes, you are what we refer to in the industry as a minute man but luckily for you I know just how to change that. I took off my jacket to reveal my pale pink coreset. I looked down at your pants and could already see that your cock was totally hard. I had you take off all of your clothing.

It was at that point that you revealed how hard of a time you were having not touching your big hard cock. I informed you this is where you learn self control and stamina. I decided that it would be best if I restrained your arms to your chair. I slide off my panties so that all I had on was my black stockings, pale pink coreset that showed just the top of my salmon colored nipples, and 3 inch black patent stiletto heels.

You started begging me to allow you to touch yourself. I told you no but then l got down on my knees in between your legs. I took my hands and pushed your legs wide apart. I leaned over and kissed just the head of your cock. Just one little light sensual kiss and you exploded sending your warm creamy cum splattering all over my luscious tits.

I tell you that we have a lot of work ahead of us and that I am not very happy about you cuming all over my tits. I stand up and grab your head by the back of your head. I tell you to lick every last fucking drop of your cum off of me. I untie you and schedule you for another appointment in two days. I send you home with instructions on masturbation to help build your stamina.

Sensual phone sex babe

sensual phone sexI have grown to know what gets me excited. I have spent and wasted enough time finding out that I have made poor choices and stayed with short dick men way too long. I got married way to young and now that I am in my mid twenties with a relationship that has lasted five years too long I am ready to explore what gets my tight twat ready to go. The thing that gets me every time is a fat juicy cock. I have been dick deprived for almost five years. I no longer waste my time not fulfilling what I love. I enjoy sensual phone sex good porn and big chocolate dicks. Its quite simple if your cock doesn’t fit in both my hands I don’t want it.

We make a mess, You clean it up

Sensual phone sexJust patiently awaiting the arrival of my man to get home so that we can go rounds upon rounds tonight while we have sensual phone sex. I love making love all night long and then forcing you to get down on your knees and lick up our wet and sticky mess like the filthy animal that you are. I must admit that my pussy is quite prejudice when it comes to cocks… big dicks only! I have absolutely no problem at all with subs falling in love with me but just know that I will never ever be your girlfriend and you are just here to be my cuck bitch and absolutely nothing else. I seriously just love humiliating men, it’s a fuckin hobby that I can’t kick. My pussy is fucking dripping, i’ll be sure to leave a puddle for you to indulge in with your mouth and wet ass tongue. I grind on my man until he cums all up inside of this tight little cunt. Trust me, I don’t hesitate to throw that ass back while you watch in awe and amusement.

Happy 4th.

Best phone sex  My family and I for the fourth had a party, and we had been drinking all that day. We watched the fire works on the boat in the lake and it was just so peaceful and fun. I love the lake life, well anyways my sister is a lesbian and she brought one of her guy friends along with her and damn he was handsome, so sexy I knew when we met that we were going to fuck that night,So, we did. We went in my old room that I had growing up and he tore my little pussy up. He bent me over and spit on my pussy and ass hole. Then, started to pound me what was so amazing is that he knew to stick his finger in my ass hole while he fucked my tight pink pussy. My shit was already wet from just staring at him all day, and fantasizing about how is cock would feel in side of me. After, he came I sucked his cock and cleaned him right up. Happy independence day to me (;

Erotic Roleplaying in the Bedroom

erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying in the bedroom is hot. I love naughty bedroom roleplays. I have this college boy I have been tutoring for his grad school exams this summer. We do more fucking than studying. No amount of studying will help him because he doesn’t want to go to grad school. It is his parents pipe dream, not his. He may ruin the family name by getting into porn. He has a huge cock and he is great between the sheets. He is creative too. He set up this naughty roleplay for us last night and he even brought supplies.  I was the naughty teacher and he was the bad student. I am a teacher and he is my student sort of, so it was not an extreme role reversal. The nerdy clothes he wore, and the chalk board and other school supplies made it feel more authentic. I put on a business suit to look more professional and let the student seduce me. It is hot to be the one being pursued. I love it when a student is hot for teacher. The roleplay was that I caught him cheating on a test, so I detained him after school to punish him. He ended up punishing me with his big hard cock up my ass. He bent the teacher over the desk, yanked off my panties and shoved his cock up my ass with force. I am normally a dominant mature woman, but he wanted to be in control; he wanted to own my pussy. When a guy has a huge dick that feels like heaven inside me, he usually gets his way. Being a phone sex therapist, I see too many little dicks. When a big manly cock comes around, I get weak, even if he is half my age. My pupil and I fucked for hours, not ever opening anything but my legs.

Teen Domination Phone Sex

domination phone sex

Oh Daddy, You ready for this hot teen domination phone sex? I love when you get me worked up and have me lay back and fuck myself so I am good and wet before we get to me dominating everyone around me. My sassy attitude is simmered by you guiding me to finger fuck my sweet tight hole with two fingers. It is not long before you have me scumming for some dope dealer BBC. You want me to get myself out of trouble so I let him fuck me. He isn’t good enough for my pussy. The only thing he is good enough at is having a thick long piece of black dick. It feels good but the whole time he is fucking me I let him know that he is worthless compared to me. He is a poor boy from the hood and the only thing he has going for him is that big black cock he is fucking me with. “Harder and deeper loser. Can’t you fuck with that big thick dick? Are you slow? Fuck me!!!” Yes, I can be a sexy Dominatrix.

A little good morning message

Erotic roleplaying

Hi my love I can see that you’re awake and I know that you’re going to have a really long day you know I hate when you have long days  it takes too long for you to get back to me and let me satisfy you and you satisfy me. I have a few questions for you and a few treats too. Is your cock horny for me this morning, look at me I want you. You look so tasty what about me, do you think that I look so tasty right now? Can you tell in my eyes that I want you, that my cunt is thumping for your huge pulsating cock to fuck me Untamed and raw. I can tell when you wake up you want to just jizz all over my cum drinking mouth, your cock is usually so hard and I can’t help myself but need to taste it. Let me wrap my dick sucking lips around the head of your cock and slide down on your cock until it’s stuffed in my throat. I want you to have a good day and I know a good day starts out with a good cum. All I ever think about is pleasing you treating me just like you deserve to be treated like I mean you work so hard you deserve all of the pleasure that is afforded to you. Good morning sweetheart I love you.

Erotic roleplaying

erotic roleplaying Erotic roleplaying is something that I have been trying to easing one of clients into recently. He has all of these fantasies that he wants me involved with but we only talk about them. Today was the day! When he came in for his appointment today I was ready for him. He had a thing for country girls. And he had never left Chicago in his life. So I was dressed in the sluttiest Ellie Mae costume I could find. His dick was instantly hard and trying its best to break free of those pants. I pushed him onto my sofa freed that huge thing. Wrapping my lips around it wasn’t all that he wanted to me to do. He flipped me around reverse cowgirl and shoved his throbbing cock inside of me. I came all over him so many times. I think I may have created his fetish for him though.

5 star sugar babies

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Big Daddy King did it again he took great care of his favorite trio. BDK is the living legend and the utmost best sugar daddy in the world. Cassandra, Lena and I have all been honored to make our beloved BDK and Anaconda happy. I think I can speak for all of us when I say It’s the most magnificent cock we have ever seen. After a day of shopping and a full-service spa we knew it was only a matter of time before the living legend got back to his estate. We knew he was busy handling business and was coming home soon.



sexy chicks

We knew we had to surprise him. After all we are his sexy chicks. We got all dolled up and ready for the king of all kings. We got our BDK belly button and tongue rings. We were dripped in Cartier and wearing the cutest custom Versace bikini’s branded with BDK. Cassandra, Lena and I are sugar babies that know how lucky we are. Our primary job is to keep BDK and Anaconda in bliss mode. We have to thank our king for keeping us looking like a million bucks and spoiling us with trips and shopping sprees and jewelry. I think I overheard Papi king talking about wanting to invest in a private Island. We live a life everyone envies. They can keep drinking the haterade. We will stay satisfying BDK and Anaconda.



sexy babe

When Cassandra, Lena and I link up, we are sure to be treated with the best facial ever. We got to enjoy our BDK together. It was my first time with Cassandra in the mix. I was ecstatic to see how the OG sugar baby took charge and pleased anaconda. Lena wasn’t far behind. I wanted to show Papi king why he chose me as his Latina sugar baby. I didn’t miss a beat. Cassandra, Lena and I gave anaconda kisses and started to spoil anaconda. We took turns and worked together like the five-star sugar babies we are. When anaconda blew, we were doused with worlds most exceptional load better than a 24k facial.





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