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I slid my pussy onto your throbbing cock. We both made moaning noises as you filled my tight pussy completely. You cupped my ass in both hands, your thumbs reaching all the way around my waist, and aided me in setting a rhythm. As I rocked back and forth, my body tensed almost right away, my filled pussy convulsing with my second orgasm of the night. I felt the familiar juices surround your cock, and you rolled me over, looking down as the excess fluids sprayed on my ass with every thrust you took. My legs were wrapped around you, my heels on your back, as I played with my own nipples, you fucked me harder, slamming that huge cock deeper and deeper in my wet pussy. I was so wet, we could hear a splashing noise every time you buried your cock in me. I then twisted around, your cock making a popping noise as it left my slick tight pussy. Now on my hands and knees, my ass positioned up in the air, you slid into me from behind. My pussy was so wet you hit all the way to my cervix, bottoming out and making me scream. I then dropped to my knees and begged for you to cum in my mouth. Then my prize, cum spurting from your cock head, filling my mouth and dripping onto my perky tits. Swallowing, I began to use my finger to scoop up part of your stray load from my tits, licking my fingers with a smacking sound. Don’t you have more for me?Phone chat lines

Horny Hot Whore

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A horny hot babe like me deserves to be showered with money and gifts! That’s why my new boy toy slave took me shopping. I love racking up charges on his card while I have his little dicky locked up in his pretty pink cage. I bet his cocky twitches watching me flirt and whore with the shop attendants!

I then took my boy toy into the lingerie store and I just knew his puny cock was jerking around in his cage! I love watching him pathetically shift around while I show him racks of tight outfits I would wear while teasing his cock. I found a few good options to try on and dragged him to the dressing room. I made him sit and watch me slowly undress.

To his surprise, I was already wearing a sexy neon set of lingerie that I had ordered with his credit card. I rubbed and tapped his wittle package in his pants and giggled when I felt it jolt. “Let me see that little baby dick,” I demanded. He took out his caged cock and I could see the droplets of precum that leaked out.

I swayed my hips for him and rubbed on my tight ass and pussy for him to get a good look. Then I bent over and slid my thong down to tease his cocky. I got a great idea! I called in the young hot shop boy and asked him what he thought about my ass and cunt. He stammered, and I noticed he had a thick hard cock.

I did what any horny hot whore would do in that situation, I made the shop boy pump my ass full of cum while my boy toy cuck watched. Then I walked over to him, spread my ass cheeks and dribbled the shop boy’s thick cum onto his pathetic tiny caged cock. Then I rewarded myself by racking up more charges on his card. Hehe.

Ass up; pussy wet

Ass fetish  I have an ass fetish just as much as you do. I love the way my ass looks up and my pussy is just perfect for you to open. That big cock sliding in and out of me is what makes my days, morning and nights. I strive for cock as much as I can. It is such a stress relief. I want nothing but happiness and a big dick. This morning my neighbor has bee coming over mornings so that he can cum. I spotted him one day while he was getting out of his car. He was in his work out outfit his sweat and muscles turned me on so much that I invited him over. I knew he wouldn’t turn me down. He came over and we fucked it out. He works out extra harder now. I like him so much because not only is he strong he always puts my ass up and records it. So, we can watch for later. He is now starting to come over more so perfect for me. I hope to get his cock a lot more then what I’m getting now.

Birthday Boy

Fantasy phone sexI knew you’d love fucking all three of our cunts! When thinking about what to get you for your birthday, I thought about how every man dreams of a threesome. I couldn’t just do the bare minimum though and how was I to decide between my two hottest friends?! I couldn’t just pick one! I decided a foursome would be the best! So I coordinated with Kay and Tiffany and had them come over. We shaved each other’s pussies and got dolled up to surprise you when you got home. You walked in the door and we were all posed with our asses and cunts exposed. We all worshiped your cock. We sucked and kissed your cock. You watched as we fingered each other and ate each other out. Then, you fucked all three of us. Each in the pussy first. I told you there was only one rule to this present, and it was that you save all your cum for me! You know how much your cum whore needs her cum! Happy Birthday, baby!


Erotic play

Erotic roleplaying   Erotic roleplaying sparks my mood even greater each time. Pain and pleasure all in one gives me so much satisfaction. Last week I had realized that I had a thing for my boss. I can’t help the way he and I stare at each other. It has recently become more and more of a sexual desire for one another. We work so much that we never have time to really mess around. Until last night. I went drinking with my girls and I decided to call him and admit my nervousness has gotten in the way of our future sex life. I always flip my hair seductively in the office and show my sexy legs to build up his fantasies of me bending over on his desk. He told me to come over and just relax. So I did. I did just that. I was offered some more wine and great conversation. All of a sudden I was pinned against the wall but very sexy like. He tied my hands and said he has been waiting for this moment. I was tied up for a little while and then I was free after he had banged my pussy a while. I kept his warm cum inside of me and played with my ass fingering my self to him. All the built up sexual tension was no longer there.


GFE phone sexI know I promised my horny cunt wouldn’t be a distraction when you decided to work from home today, but I just couldn’t help myself. I brought in your coffee and newspaper this morning along with a blow job. Sucking you dry is my favorite way to start my day! Then I cooked you breakfast and served it to you in a slutty outfit, being sure to bend over every opportunity I had and show you my wet pussy. For lunch, I sat on your desk, opened my legs wide and told you to eat up. Hahaha! Your dessert was me squirting all over your mouth and paperwork on the desk. For an afternoon snack, I straddled you in your office chair and rode you hard with my tits bouncing in your face. You filled my cunt with your cum and I was in heaven. I don’t think you got much work done today, baby!

Snow bunny sugar baby

Phone chat linesBDK knows that my phone chat lines are constantly being blown up by jealous splenda daddies that wanna get their broke hands on me. They don’t even come close to comparing to the living legend that is Big Daddy King! We took a private jet up to our Colorado mansion so that we could enjoy some sexy one on one time together in the snow. Daddy King is so busy making multi-million dollar deals all around the world, it’s always so special to be able to spend special quality time with him. My Big Daddy King is the ultimate sugar daddy and all these other jealous losers can continue to daydream about their pathetic bank accounts while BDK and I live out our jet-set lifestyle! Daddy is so superior to every other man on this planet and he knows it. That rich & big anaconda daddy dick is all for me! Of course BDK had a stretch limo waiting for me to bring me up to our beautiful ski palace. Daddy and I have been missing each other soooo much, we cuddled right up and gave endless kisses to one another. Big Daddy King’s latest business venture was to invest in a whole bunch of weed clubs, thankfully for me I get to enjoy the fruits of his labor, hehe! He brought a whole bunch of yummy edibles for us to enjoy and boy did we ever! I was looking like a total goddess in my sexy silky g-string as I stretched out on the ground on top of our mink rug in front of the fireplace. There was a tray full of chocolate covered strawberries and delicious French champagne awaiting us, the setting was perfect and the mood was so sexual & tantalizing. My pretty pussy was the perfect palette for Daddy to nibble off some tasty treats. Anaconda was throbbing through BDK’s compression shorts and of course I had to put my red luscious lipstick marks all over him! The dry cleaners hates us! Big Daddy King whipped out his camera and told me to look right at him while I tell all the broke ass losers that i’m a sexy snow bunny in my ski house and I have my Big Daddy’s name plastered on my pussy!  We can’t help but laugh at how pathetic all of you wannabes truly are! I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed my delicious chocolate anaconda cock buried deep inside of my tight sugar pussy. Daddy bent me over and pounded anaconda into me while the beautiful fire crackled behind us. It was an intense moment that gave me the most incredible orgasm. I squirted all over BDK’s huge black dick while I moaned out loud ‘I’m cumming hard all over my Big Daddy King’s anaconda cock!’. #SkiWeekendWithDaddy #AnacondaCock #BigDaddyKing #NoBrokeLosersAllowed

Addicted to Cock

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I can’t get enough big cock and neither can my sissy fag husband. He loves watching me fuck other guys and loves it when my bulls take pity on him and let him suck their cock or fuck his tight ass. When I’m on a date with another man, I like to send my husband texts of what we’re doing. I’ll text him a picture of me with my date’s cock in my mouth or send him pics of my date’s dick so he can see just how much bigger and better my date is than him. When I get home his tiny little cock is always so hard. He can’t wait to drop to his knees and lick the cream from my freshly fucked cunt and ass. He is a sissy cuck through and through. I never actually let him put his cock in me. He is only allowed to cum three ways. Jerking himself off, fucked by my bull, or fucked by my strap on. I think it has been years since he’s had his cock in a real pussy. Through my intense sissification training, I’ve conditioned him to prefer getting fucked in the ass over anything else. He fought it at first, he denied that he was a cock loving little cucky, but I wore him down. I forced him to suck cock and get fucked. He would plead with me not to make him, but no matter how hard he tried to deny his love of cock, his rock hard dick gave him away each time. You can’t deny that you love cock when you’re down on your knees sucking two of them with the hardest erection you’ve ever had in your life! His hard on betrays him each time. It’s so pathetic, but luckily I enjoy having a sissy fag husband to humiliate and degrade.

Licking Pussy

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I love pussy almost as much as I love thick, big cocks. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a bisexual. I’m more of a trisexual in that I’ll try anything. 😉 Yesterday I went to my sugar daddy’s condo to have a little play session. He’s been in his cock cage all week and has been showering me with mounds of cash and gifts. I thought he deserved some sweet relief. But when I got there, the little prick was nowhere to be found! How dare he keep his princess waiting!

Instead, his young hot housekeeper was there dusting the living room. Normally, I wouldn’t even associate with the help. But I was so horny and there was something about her little maid uniform that turned me on. She bent over to dust off the coffee table and I caught site of her tight ass. I immediately came up from behind her and brushed my hand over her round ass and said not to worry about the cleaning today. The ungrateful sissy fag wouldn’t even notice!

It’s such a shame that such a pathetic loser like my sugar daddy would not appreciate the women that do everything for him. I slid her dress skirt up exposing her ass and rubbed my hands all over the top of her panties and I could feel her panties dampen. I then pulled off her panties and began licking her juicy cunt.

We started stripping off our clothes and got on my sugar daddy’s fancy leather couch sucking and fingering each other’s pussies. I licked her from cunt to rosebud, shoving my tongue in her holes and shoving as many fingers as I could! Then, she grabbed my hips and began grinding her soaking wet pussy on mine! It felt so good feeling her rock-hard clit fuck mine! Suddenly my sugar daddy walks in and I make him keep his cock cage on while I fuck his little housekeeper.

Horny Sugar Baby

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I love money, clothes, shoes and makeup, but above all things, I love cock. And lately, I’ve been craving thick, juicy cock! I decided to search around a few sugar daddy websites that I’m exclusively apart of- business men, lawyers, etc. I have some high standards for dick. I instantly got hundreds of messages from sugar daddies begging to have a taste and a go at my sweet, tight pussy. But I was only looking for the best of the best. Thick cock over 8 inches, over six figures and a fetish for rough sex!

I ended up finding the perfect suitor! I invited him over to my loft and he arrived shortly toting a bottle of champagne and a diamond necklace for me. I could instantly see his thick bulge in his dress pants. I couldn’t even wait for the damn champagne, I immediately stripped off my clothes and started grinding on his cock through his clothes. My pussy lusted and dripped for his cock. I helped him take off his suit and had him on the floor waiting for me to ride him in reverse cowgirl.

It felt fucking amazing, my pussy was so creamy and wet on his large cock. Without a second thought, he slid his cock into my ass and he fucked me like his little horny anal whore sugar baby. He fucked me raw and balls deep as I rubbed my clit and clutched my tits. We fucked for hours! I squirted so many times, my floor was practically all wet. He filled my holes with generous amounts of creamy thick cum. I thanked him for the orgasm, the champagne and diamond necklace and bid him farewell. Do you think you could be my next sugar daddy fuck toy?

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