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Best Phone Sex Girlfriend

best phone sexKeep me in your arms I need to be here with your love forever, and I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to go away because you mean everything to me, I don’t question who you are; I don’t judge you. I’m just enchanted with the experience of you. You are my dream there’s no one, and there’s nothing that could ever make me want to leave your side, I could live in your love forever. I love the way we lay together wrapped in each other’s arms we are made to be, and we’ve always known it ever since we were just little ones. When we would be together, and our families would go out together, you and I used to look at each other entrapped in each other’s eyes. I thought of you as a prince in my life, I knew you would do anything to make me happy that you would travel any to any land and try to make me yours. I want you to know I would do anything to be with you too. I would travel any road as long as it led to your love. You are everything to me you make me feel like a flower in the wind on a sunny day, a perfect picture for the Gods. I love you I need you I’m going to always love you this much you can believe me yes my love you can trust me because I’m telling the truth. I’m so glad we grew up together because we know everything about each other that way. I know you like vanilla ice cream on a sunny day sitting on our porch passing the time away I know you love that you’ve always shown me. You know that I love to get my feet tickled in the backyard well playing in the grass you know that because you’ve always done that for me. You make me smile every time I look in your beautiful eyes; I’m just overtaken by your joy by Your Love by your passion. I love you I cannot say it enough because I feel it too much and that’s so good to me. All I’ve ever wanted to do was be in your life I want to be your passionate lover I need to be your kinky, creative girl in bed and I will because I don’t ever want you to be bored. I love you-you’re my everything remember that if nothing else you’re so special to me and you will always be.


Bet you won’t call me only once!

Best phone sexEvery caller always tells me that they have the best phone sex with me and it’s never a surprise to hear to be honest, lol. I know my worth and I know what this sexy body of mine has to offer. It’s a known fact that no one ever calls me only one time. I’m literally perfect. I always look at myself in the mirror and admire my beautiful tits & juicy ass as I think to myself how sexy I am. One taste of what I got and I swear you’re gonna be fuckin hooked, babe! Obviously these perfect holes of mine don’t come cheap though. I love getting super nasty for a freaky bastard that has no problem paying to play with me. My time is precious and I need to make sure you’re worth it! Suck on my nipples and slide your fingers up inside of my wet pussy, I swear you’re gonna be in love! 😉

Horny Cock Escort

Best Phone Sex

Being a cock escort is so great. A materialistic slut like me loves spoiling myself with clothing, jewels and luxuries. That is makes being a cock escort the best! I get my money and presents and fucked hard. Money and cock is all I care about. I met up with a great client yesterday who wanted to do extra kinky roleplay. We got to his hotel and I fingered my wet cunt for him while he tickled my feet with his hard cock. A horny escort like me loves riding cowgirl on a hot rich man’s cock. I rode him so hard until he wanted to fuck my used escort rosebud asshole. He had me bent over the fancy hotel chaise lounge with my tight ass in the air, perfect for him to fuck. He shoved his cock inside me and pumped me full of cum like the dirty horny whore I am. I squirted all over his legs and the hotel room floor. After getting fucked so hard, I was gifted a blingy diamond necklace.

Galentine’s Day

She had never played with another wet pussy before, but we sure changed that. I heard the couple days before Valentine’s Day is “Gal”entine’s Day where you get together and spend time with your girlfriends. So we went out for a couple of drinks and one thing led to another. I’ve always been attracted to her, but when she said she wanted to feel my pussy, I couldn’t resist. I spread my legs wide open and let her have at it. She sucked on my hard nipples and used her long fingers to rub my clit. She tasted her fingers and went down on me, eating every bit. I came all over her face and taught her that she could squirt too when I returned the favor. I think Galentine’s is going to be my new favorite holiday!Best phone sex

Spoiling me is a luxury

Sexy babeGetting the chance to be able to spoil a super fly & super sexy babe like me is such a fuckin luxury. Period. It’s tax season and you know that i’m a size queen goddess that loves profiting off of your tiny penis and large bank account. You’re such a good bitch for me and you know it. I love all people, except for broke ones. Get on your fuckin knees and lick my tight asshole while my man fucks me hard and deep. I want you moaning loud and telling me how damn delicious I taste while you plead ‘Sent Goddess’ over and over again. It’s like you’re racing on a wheel and attempting to reach an orgasm that I am never going to grant you. Send me all of your fuckin money and be a good boy. After all, it is Valentine’s week and this week is all about being loved and being spoiled rotten. 😉

I Want a Star Role


Erotic roleplaying

I want to be on the casting couch and do all the nasty shit that the actresses do to get a role in tv and movies. I simply need to be a star, and I will do absolutely anything to become a star, and that includes sucking ass licking cocks and getting fucked by dozens of guys, I mean there is no limit. Calvin is an up-and-coming producer who is producing this great movie that I will do anything to be in, I mean I’ll take any role, and I will earn it in flesh. Bitches just don’t understand I am so fucking hungry for the spotlight I’m so hungry for the attention that comes with it, and I’m so fucking hungry for the money, all of the beautiful cash that comes with being a star. Calvin is going to put me in this movie, and I’m going to make sure of it I am going to sneak into his office and suck his cock all day long while he’s having meetings I’ll be under his desk sucking the cream out of his cock securing my way. I don’t care about any bitch that calls me a whore, I’m convinced all those country sluts are just jealous and they wish they had the opportunity to be in the midst of a producer like Calvin, that was making a great movie. Just watch what I’m willing to do I even think that I am going to videotape the whole thing to make sure that I get to watch myself over and over again.

Cuckold Training

cuckold phone sex

I love taking newbies under my wing and teaching them how to be good cucks for big huge cocks. Their pathetic cocks will never be anywhere near my pussy, but they could at least stand to learn how to please my bull and I! I got a call from a pathetic cuck named Ben. He has such a small cock! It’s laughable! The only thing his small Vienna sausage is good for is a laugh. He’d be the perfect sissy for my bull and I to play with! I showed him to get my bull’s cock nice and wet for my trembling pussy with his tongue. I grabbed the sides of his head and made Ben deep throat that big bull cock getting it all lubed with his saliva! I then crawled over Ben’s face making him lick and suck on my clit and my bull’s balls while he thrusted in and out of me! His cucky tongue is only allowed to lick our fuck and have his throat fucked by my bull whenever he felt like it. I told him to open his pathetic mouth wide and catch all of that yummy warm cum in his mouth!

Best Phone Sex Is Cuckolding Therapy

Best phone sex

There are times when only the best phone sex will do when it comes to your dirty fantasies and naughty thoughts that make you desire some kind of therapy. It’s perfectly ok to feel overwhelmed by your desire for cock, watching cock fuck your lover or the desire to touch a big throbbing black cock.

cuckold phone sex

The thought of cuckolding you and making that little prick of yours throb amuses me and turns me on a little. Ok, it turns me on a lot to think of taking a much bigger dick in my sweet wet cunt and humiliate you the whole time, well when I’m not feeling intense pleasure anyway. You will be very near me and will be forced to suck a bigger cock after it has pleased my cunt. I know this is what your cock is throbbing for and it isn’t your fault you were born insuperior.

Shaved wet pussy


Cuckold phone sexIs there honestly anything better than having cuckold phone sex while taking a cuck’s money and verbally humiliating him at the same damn time?! Mind you, all of this is happening while I have a real man’s dick inside of me that’s fucking me deep and giving me tons of pleasure. A cuck could never! I’m such a nasty little bitch and my sexual standards are very high. I want to drain you while my man eats my pussy. Do you wanna Skype with me? Only the highest paying bitch boys get to be blessed with my presence. My time is precious and you better have a pretty penny & pay up! Edge that cuckaholic cock for me and watch me while I get my sexy ass eaten. You’re not getting any of this juciness you fuckin small dick loser! Keep on dreaming! I’m always so horny or cash and throbbing cocks!

5-Star Fucking Review

Sensual phone sex


So I got in an uber the other day, and I was going to go pick up me and nice little meal from not too far from my house. The Uber driver was so fucking sexy, and he looked so good it made me think to myself my pussy is getting wet in the back of his car. I saw him look at me from the mirror and he gave me this look like he loves my tits I saw him like looking at my cleavage, and it made me extra wet. I asked him would do you me a favor and make an extra stop somewhere for me, but you have to wait like 30 minutes. I really wanted to know, would it be okay with him if I paid him extra. He looked at me, and I gave him those eyes of course, anyway he said sure so I told him, can we stop at this Motel. I got a room, and I told him I really needed to take a shower, and I asked him to come into the room and sit down and wait on me cuz I really didn’t want him to leave, and I was going to tip him so well. I knew he wanted to do it and he said yes, of course, we both went into the room. I got into the shower I took a shower and then when I came out of the shower I purposely left all of my clothes off. The Uber driver looked at me his cock, it got instantly rock fucking hard I got down on my knees, and I opened up his zipper and started sucking his cock like a mad woman. He began to push my head on to his cock which made me so fucking horny and so nasty I loved it. My cunt was thumping, he forced his cock into my mouth; he laid back before cumming hard, he sprayed his juices down my throat. I kept sucking his rock hard bone until it got hard again, I couldn’t help myself he tasted so fucking delicious. After he got bone hard again, I hopped on top of his cock and started fucking him hard and started driving my pussy up and down on this rock hard thick boner. That was the best Uber ride I had ever had because I came all over that big fat dick of his. He gave me an excellent review, and I gave him a 5-star review myself it was so great.

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