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Mutual masturbation stories

mutual  masturbation stories

My boyfriends best friend has the biggest cock I have ever seen. I want his dick inside me so badly. We are all hanging out at the house and I decided to go to my bedroom and lay on my bed while everyone is distracted. That friend of his has had his eye on me all night! I know it is a matter of time before he comes in here with his big fat cock.

I have my legs spread and I am rubbing away at my soaking wet pussy. I look over to my door way and see him standing there just like I had planned. He takes his cock out and stares at me. He starts stroking it while watching me rub harder and faster. I am about to squirt all down my thighs. He is nutting at the same time that I am cumming. His cum shoots across the room and lands on me.

He has really good aim. I hope to get that fat cock in one of my holes next time. Hopefully all of them.

Sexy Babe Masturbating Gets Him Off

Sexy Babe

My neighbor and I love to masturbate together, he loves watching a sexy babe like me rub her wet pussy right where he can see. I love sitting my chair right in front of the window. Then I grab my toys and strip down completely naked. I see him standing there in his own window watching me and waiting for the naughty show. He pulls out his cock when he sees me sit down and spread my legs. When I see him starting to stroke his cock I start rubbing my clit. Back and forth at the same pace that he is running his hand up and down his shaft. The faster he goes, the faster I go. Masturbating together makes my pussy fucking gush. Then I reach other and grab a dildo and he watches me shove it into my dripping wet tight little pussy. He can see how much I love it and we start to cum together. I love seeing his load shoot out everywhere for me.

Let Me Suck Your Cock


Great Blowjobs

There’s nothing better in the whole world than giving great blowjobs. And I do just that. I’ve been told that my blowjobs are the best that most guys have ever had, and I believe it. I love to suck cock and to be able to please a man with my mouth feels awesome. Sometimes, I don’t even have to touch myself and I cum when I’m sucking a big dick. I love that. I also need you to know that when I say I suck a cock I mean I really suck it. I want the guy I’m with to feel really good throughout the whole experience. I start by licking and teasing the head while I get a nice firm grasp around the base. I make sure I have a perfect rhythm going –  sucking and stroking that big cock at the same time. I use my free hand to stroke and massage his balls and play with his asshole. Usually within a minute or two of starting this, I can taste his sweet precum, and I love it. I know he’s getting more turned on too because he’ll grab the back of my head and start to jam his cock into my mouth, making me gag on it. I love the way his cock starts to throb and pulsate in my mouth, and the way he starts to fuck my mouth like a hot wet tight little cunt. I really give it my all then and suck as hard as I possibly can, sometimes even putting a finger into his ass and any guy I’ve ever done that to, loves it. As he gets ready to cum, He starts to take a little longer stroke, but still fuck my mouth deep and hard. I can feel the veins on his dick now and I know it’s time. As he pushes in a few more deep deliberate thrusts, I get my throat ready. When he cums, I feel it hit the back of my throat hard. I swallow constantly, because I don’t want to waste a drop. When I am done, I always thank him, because like I said, I love to suck cock, and I’m the best around.

I’m Such A Good Lesbian

Lesbian Phone SexI love cock in my pussy an awful lot, but Lesbian Phone Sex makes me absolutely crave the taste of cunt. There’s just something about a pretty, pink little hole that makes me want to bury my face in it. I don’t know if it’s the intoxicating smell or the sublime taste of a clean little slit that get me going. I know what I like when it comes to sex and masturbating, so I have always been able to give another woman exactly what she needs to get off. All I need to do is lose myself in the situation, whether it be as simple as another girl and I kissing and doing some heavy petting, or if it comes right down to actually the two of us fucking each other, I always give my everything. I want the lady that I’m with to feel wanted and desired. That alone will get her pussy nice and juicy for me. By kissing her head to toe, stopping for only a little extra time at her nipples and clit, I can get her so turned on and hot that she’ll beg me for a tongue fucking while I finger bang her. The way her clit feels as it hardens against my tongue is amazing. I am usually able to make a girl cum in about a minute or less. If she and I stick strictly to using our fingers and tongues and mouths, the sex can be outrageously hot. However, if she and I decide to use our favorite vibrators or even a huge double headed dildo, the orgasms we have can get out of control. My goal, when I’m fucking another woman is to ultimately make her pussy squirt hardcore at the same time that she does that to mine. The amount of cum the two of us make is astounding, and the feeling is out of control. I don’t know. The more I think about it, the more I like pussy.

Mutual masturbation stories

mutual masturbation stories

 I really like my best friend and her boyfriend. We are having a movie night tonight in my game room. I am super excited! My best friend leaves me and her boyfriend on the couch while she goes to the store to get some popcorn and snacks. I have been teasing him all night letting him peak up my skirt.

I spread my thighs in front of him and start rubbing my pussy. It is so wet. I slide my finger inside of my pussy hole and flick my clit harder and faster. He takes his cock out and starts fucking his dick in his hand going at the same speed that I rub my pussy at. I start moaning for him to fuck me hard.

I can feel my pussy about to squirt down my thighs and I can tell his cock is going to bust. We end up cumming at the exact same time. Perfect timing to since I just heard my front door open.

Tease and Denial Whore

tease and denialI love to tease horny men…and then deny them! The older men are so easy. I see their eyes following me as I walk by. Looking up my long sexy legs, my nice little curves, and then stopping on my perky tits. Their eyes fixated on my cleavage. I know their cocks are twitching just thinking about sliding inside of this little tease. I like to bend over in a short skirt and of course I’m not wearing any panties, and look back at them, seeing their eyes get wide when they see my bald little pussy. I teased this older guy like this once, and I even let him take me home. When we got to his place, I sat down on his couch and spread my legs in that little skirt, exposing my pussy to him. He got on his knees and started licking my pussy. Then when he stood I took his cock out, stroking it in my hand. I sat him down and start sucking his dick. I could tell he loved the way I could take his cock into my mouth. Just when I knew he was dying to fuck me, I stood up and giggled. I told him that I would let him cum next time…if I felt like it. I’m such a slutty little cock tease!

Satisfactory service

Being a doctor I feel it is my duty to help those with illness. I do make any judgements on those who do not feel rested or well. My goal is to make my clients feel better no matter how I must do it. If talking and an ear is what they need, I am here. If a good blow job and some stern cock sucking is needed I am on my knees sucking my clients cock to help them feel better.

Mature phone sex

If my client needs a pussy hole or a nice tight ass hole, then y holes are always open to them for quality healing and regeneration for them and their fuck sticks. I do not discriminate based on age, weight or cock size. I am here to serve all. It is my job to leave my clients feeling well taken care of, fully satisfied and wanting to come back for more. I aim to please and I always deliver guaranteed results.

Mutual Masturbation Stories Done Right

Mutual Masturbation StoriesWhen I’m home alone after a long day at work, I love to call my girlfriends and share some mutual masturbation stories. I often put on something sexy after I take a long hot bath, lay on my king size bed, and pick up the phone. We all have three way calling, and can talk with lots of girls at the same time. My friends are more than happy to listen. I like to start the conversation by telling them exactly what I’m doing to myself. And that they should do the same. I say that I’m lying on my back, legs spread apart and I’m running my hands over my nipples, down my stomach and over my bald mound. I use two fingers to spread my pussy lips apart just far enough to expose my pink clit and gently start to rub it with one finger. Then, I slowly slide another finger into my already wet cunt. I start out slowly and passionately. Making love to myself with every finger, one at a time. After each finger has been inside of me, I bring them up to my mouth and suck them completely clean. My soft, tight cunt tastes like the sweetest nectar. I can hear my friends moaning on the other end of the phone lines, already getting off with the story I’ve been telling, and touching themselves like I’ve told them to. I continue by telling them to get their favorite toy and turn it on. I hear a rush of vibration and the sound of soft moaning. As I tell the girls how I’m fucking my wet little tight hole with my big dildo, I start to feel a rush of heat in my clit. My orgasm is almost here. My body starts to shudder and my legs shake. My cunt tightens and contracts so much that I push my vibrator right out of my dripping wet pussy. The sound of the other girls cumming is going to make me cum even harder. I push the dildo back into myself hard and fast. Slamming it deep into my cunt. I start to cum so hard that I can feel my cream run down onto my asshole right before I gush out a huge squirt of cum from my fuckhole. I love mutual masturbation.

My Pet Catches Me Masturbating

Mutual masturbation storiesI was fucking My Self the this morning with My dildo. And My one pet caught Me. I saw him starring at Me in the door way on his knees. I smiled at him as I waved him to cum in and get closer. He is such a good boi I Am very proud of him. I slid the dildo out of My pussy and told My boi to go ahead and enjoy My pussy with his tongue. Which he eagerly did. Flicking at My cunt with that tongue. Sliding two fingers deep in My pussy. Making Me moan and groan in such ecstasy. As I start to squirt and cum in My pets mouth. Thrusting My hips up pushing My pussy in his face. As My body quivers as I squirt and cum over and over.

Her first pussy

Mutual masturbation stories

I have a younger neighbor girl who comes by now and then to chat or just hang out on the porch and chill. She’s very sweet and is fairly certain she is a lesbian. I told her it was great and I hope she got a good reception from whoever she has told. She said she hasn’t told anyone else yet, but she told me hoping I would give her a chance to eat my pussy. What a surprise, I wasn’t expecting that, but why would anyone turn that down.
First, we started just by mutual masturbation, she played with her pussy and played with mine and vice versa. Her pussy was so wet just in anticipation of the play we were going to do. It seemed like something took over in her and she jumped up and started licking my pussy from asshole to clit. She must have wanted to do it for a while because she really knew what she was doing. Her tongue put every part of my pussy on fire, and when she slipped a finger inside my wet fuck hole, I came all over her fingers and hand. When I went to take charge of her pussy she stopped me and told me that when I came she came and thanks for letting her try her first pussy. I hope she returns!

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