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I have a dirty little secret

gfe phone sexI have a dirty little secret. Every weekend I am always feeling extra sensual and naughty. I love rubbing my clit while on the phone having the hottest gfe phone sex. Talking to me would be a dream come true! I am a hot sensual slut and I always aim to please. I can be both naughty or nice, I am literally your dream girl. I love being a fantasy girl and appease your every desire. My sultry voice will make your cock rock hard. I love guiding you as you masturbate and moan my name, baby! I am a sucker for hot mutual masturbation phone sex. You can hear my every whimper, every moan and every gasp! You make my pussy so fucking wet, baby! The two of us can go on a hot role play adventure. I would love to be your hottie stripper girlfriend who always makes you a VIP no matter what. Giving you a hot sexy lap dance in the back would makes my pussy soak through those lacey panties! I would give you an exclusive experience by taking your cock out of your pants and slurping on it with my cherry lip gloss lips. Running my tongue up and down that shaft makes me so horny! I want you to pull me onto your lap and slide my hot wet cunt down on that veiny cock! This lap dance just got a lot wetter because my stripper pussy is going to squirt all over that dick!

Let’s Cum Together

Mutual masturbation stories

Let’s have fun and cum together! I love sharing mutual masturbation stories with you. Times of when I teased and fingered my pretty pink pussy until it was dripping wet and begging to be filled. Times of when I used my big dildo to fill and stretch my pussy, sliding it in and out while imagining that it was your thick cock fucking me instead. I love watching you stroke your hard dick while I pump my toy in and out of my cunt. Putting on a show for each other while easing ourselves closer and closer to the sweet release of orgasm. Moaning out as I rub circles on my clit and fuck myself fast, hard and deep with my toy. Watching you stroke faster and faster until you cum all over my face and chest while I squirt all over my hand and dildo. Definitely fun to cum together!

Exhibitionist Sex with My Neighbor

exhibitionist sexI love exhibitionist sex. I have no problem with public nudity. I love showing off my hot body. I am a mature woman, but men love me none the less. They can’t get enough of my sexy MILF body. My college stud next door was home and it was a beautiful day. I had this idea that I would wake him up with a show. I was in my back yard naked. I started masturbating under his window. He wakes and bakes in front of his window every morning, so I knew it would not be long before he saw me playing with my pussy. About ten minutes after I started playing with my shaved wet pussy, he started stroking his cock. I could see it in all its glory: hard, throbbing and dripping pre-cum on the window. It was a fucking hot way to start the morning. After we both came with some mutual masturbation, we fucked. He got hard again quickly and summoned me to his bedroom. Been a long time since I fucked in a twin bed!

Exhibitionist Sex

exhibitionist sexI am an exhibitionist sex slut. I can’t help it. I love all eyes on me. It was a beautiful day outside and I have a lovely body. I found a nice grassy area away from the public and got naked. It started off as nude sunbathing. I just wanted to catch some rays. I soon noticed I had a small gathering of men watching me. They were stroking their cocks. They didn’t think I could see them, but they didn’t hide well. They were too loud too. I spread my legs and started rubbing my bald pussy. Before long, I had a few fingers in me deep. I was making my pussy gush all over my fingers. I licked my cunt drenched fingers clean and heard a few of them moaning like they nutted. I invited them closer. I told them it was no fun to hide behind bushes and watch me. I wanted to see a show too. I watched as four men stroked their cocks for me. They all had nice cocks too. Not porn star cocks, but I wasn’t fucking them. I was just watching. A sexy babe like me enjoys watching men be the master of their domains. It was a hot exhibitionist day for me.

Mutual Masturbation Stories

Mutual Masturbation Stories

I know you get so aroused watching me play with my pretty pink pussy that I sometimes just can’t contain myself and find my hands wandering. I love putting on a show for you by rubbing my little clit and fingering my wet hole while you stroke your big, thick cock and watch me pleasure my cunt. There are times when we will just masturbate and cum together and be perfectly content and satisfied without even needing to fuck. I absolutely love when you stand in front of me while I’m on my knees before you, allowing me to lick and suck on your dick and balls while you stroke hard and fast and then pull back to cum into my open mouth and on my face and tits. The explosion of hot cum on my skin is enough to send me over the brink of orgasm myself!

Forced Feminization From CJ

Forced Feminization

I need of forced feminization, this teen BBC lover knows what you need. This cuck called me in near tears.  His wife had pimped him out to two big black men that used him like the faggot they claimed him to be. They were rough, choking him, making him suck their dicks clean after they filled his ass with their cum. They refused to let him cum and made him their little cum dumpster, fairy faggot, slut. He loved it. He couldn’t stop thinking about it. His dick was raging hard and he wanted more. It was simple I knew what his faggy cock needed. I instructed him to get his vibrator, the one with the veins and studs all over it. I told him to turn it on and shove it as deep in his ass as he could I wanted it rough and hard like he had been fucked last night. Listening to him cry out in pain just made me wetter. By this time I was finger fucking myself hard and fast, trying not to let him hear my pleasure.I told him to grind that vibe until he felt himself about to cum and then to pull it out, run it up and down his pulsing cock. Now he was to make himself a cum fountain and lick himself clean like the faggot he had become. As he exploded my tight pussy squirted! I had given him permission to enjoy what he longed for, BBC and domination!

Mutual Pleasure

Mutual masturbation stories

Talking to me will give you the most sensual experience ever. Phone sex is the hottest way to get intense mutual pleasure for you and I. Nothing is hotter than hearing a man moan on the phone while I rub my body down and finger fuck my juicy wet, bald pussy. I love talking dirty and mutual masturbation with you gets me going so hard. Rubbing my clit and moaning for you while you stroke your thick, rock hard cock makes my sweet bald pussy cream up. I get so wet knowing that I am giving you pleasure with my dirty mind and sultry satin voice. I want to hear you grunt and cum while I finger fuck my wet hole. I love hearing a man orgasm, it gets me so fucking turned on and makes my pussy want to just gush all over my bed. I can’t wait for you to hear my creamy wet pussy squirt all over my hand and thighs for you, baby. You drive me crazy when you whisper dirty things to me.

GFE Phone Sex With Eden


GFE Phone Sex

I know I am the girl of your dreams. I get so excited and horny when you call. I can’t wait to get on the phone with you and talk about how I would sensually stroke your cock if you were here with me. Having GFE phone sex with you while you stroke your hard cock and I rub my wet clit is my favorite part of my night. I’m not like other girls, I know how to treat a man and worship their cocks. A proper hot girlfriend like me should know how to please her man. My tight wet pussy would always be ready to be fucked by you. Whenever you leave, I would rub my cunt thinking of you. And when you return home, I will make sure to greet you at the door on my hands and knees completely naked with my mouth ready to take your cock and relieve you of your stress. My sensual voice will have you wrapped around my finger.


I love doing phone sex

mature phone sex

I love being a nasty phone sex slut. I had one of my regulars call me and we talked about really hot taboo sex. It’s so hot to talk about kinky topics with strangers while they masturbate that I end up joining them. I slid my hand into my panties and fondled my swollen clit while telling my caller all about how wet he was making me. This caller loves hearing about how much I love anal, so I told him all about the time I got back door railed on my back porch. It drives me wild to hear my callers gasping and panting and jerking off. Sometimes I grab a vibrator and really go to town on myself during the call. My callers are really happy when I have screaming orgasms with them! It’s not quite as good as real fucking, but being a dirty phone whore is the next best thing. I can’t wait for my next kinky phone sex call!

Masturbating With The Neighbor

I caught my neighbor again today watching me in my room. I was just getting out of the shower and there he was, right next to his window waiting to see this towel come off my body to expose my big Latina ass and titties. Ever since my divorce, I have really been seeing my sexy and kinky side come out more and more. My saying is, you only live once and I want to have as much fun as possible while I am living. It did make my pussy tingle thinking about this older man staring at me. I bet he was rubbing his dick every second of watching me. I decided I should have some fun with him. I ripped the towel off of my bod, my ass and titties popping out probably made some pre-cum pop right out of his dick hole. I got my coconut oil and started rubbing it on my already soft body. MMM, I bet he was loving this, I got my big thick dildo out of my drawer and got on top of my bed. I sat the dildo next to me spread my legs wide open and started rubbing on my growing clit. I figured if he is rubbing on his hard dick I might as well rub on my throbbing tingling clit. Once I got myself nice and wet, I picked up my dildo and started rubbing it between the slit of my pussy, letting my juices get all over that big rubber dick. Once it was nice and went I stuck it in, feeling that hard dildo spread my pussy hole wide open was amazing. I sat up a little and started fucking myself hard, I held on to one of my big titties and watched the dildo go in and out of me. It wasn’t long and I could feel the pressure building up, I knew I was about to squirt everywhere. I held it in for the next three minutes and without knowing, my wetness was everywhere. I fell back on my bed, thinking about the older man. I bet we both exploded at the same time. Once it was over, I picked up my towel and headed right back into the shower. I had to take another shower after the mess I just made.

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