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Cuckold Phone Sex with Farah

cuckold phone sex Cuckold phone sex is my favorite. I love cuckolding men. My ex husband number two stopped by last night unexpectedly. He was hand delivering the mortgage check. Per our divorce decree, he must pay the mortgage on our nice house. I had a young lover over, so I hid him in the bedroom. I thought this would be a quick in and out sort of thing. If there is one thing about my ex, it was that he was always quick; too quick when it counted. Anyway, he kept talking about getting back together. I left him because of his small dick; I wasn’t going to get back with him. My small dick days are long gone. When he pulled out the little fellow, I called Simon out of the bedroom. In walks this college boy with a ten inch semi hard cock, glistening with my pussy juice. My ex looked embarrassed. I had Simon fuck me in front of him. I shamed his tiny dick as Simon slammed his big hard dick in and out of my hairy wet pussy. When I started squirting, my ex started rubbing his shrimp dick and I halted him. “You need permission from me to rub your worthless nub,” I quipped.  I cut him off. Told him he would have to rub one out at home, but not here. He had blue balls by the time he left. I had a cum filled cunt and a sense of accomplishment. I think my ex finally gets what I need now.

Great Blowjobs for Great Cocks Only

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs can only be given on great cocks. I am not putting my mouth on a worthless dick. I was on a Tinder date two nights ago. I saw photos of his cock before I agreed to meet. The camera either added ten inches or he didn’t send me a real photo of himself. When he pulled out his cock, I said goodbye. I am not hooking up with a loser. Not when there are plenty of big cocks down to fuck a sexy milf. I left him in the hotel he paid for with his tiny dick. I went to a college bar and picked up the first young stud to talk to me. I took that boy home and gave him the best head of his 19 years. It wasn’t all about him either. He slipped between my legs and ate my hairy wet pussy. He never had a hairy pussy before. It isn’t like I have a 70’s bush, but I am growing out my winter coat. He was between my legs for hours licking the alphabet on my clit. I kept squirting on his face and he kept begging for more. Coeds have bald pussies and rarely squirt. I think having a hot squirting pussy comes with age. The older you get, the more you know size matters and the more experimental you get. I discovered I could squirt accidently masturbating with a big dildo one day, so I made sure I only fucked big cock after that! I sent the Tinder loser a thank you text. If he had not been so disappointing, I would not have hooked up with the best pussy eater ever. I sent him a pic of me sucking on a worthy cock too. He clearly had no clue what a woman like me needs. Do you?

Small dick humiliation

small dick humiliation

I think it is so cute how you think you can please a woman. You have an itty bitty warm peepee. It is smaller then my pinky! I bet when you fuck a chick, it is the closest thing she gets to fucking a woman besides actually fucking a woman. I mean, since there is really no penetration since your dick is so small- it is more like dry humping.

Yup, that is the only way I can come, is if you rub your tiny little clit dick against my pussy lips. You should have no hair, since only real men have hair. Let is be real, your pubes would hide that tiny little pussy anyways. So go ahead and flick your little micro dick quickly back and forth with only two of your fingers.

I can not stop laughing thinking that you only need two fingers to jack your dick! OMG you are just so embarrassing.

Sissy Boy You Do Not Compare

Fantasy phone sex Look what I get to fuck instead of your little pecker. This cock is twice the size of your. Now this is a cock that gives me pleasure. Not that clit size thing you call a pecker. You are good for paying the bills. Waiting on me hand and foot but that is about it. I can hardly feel you when you are inside me. You can be good with your tongue. But a real woman need a real cock and baby that is not you. I love having real cock in front of you making you watch as you see what it looks like to give a real woman some real pleasure. Something you could never do with such a small little pecker.

Sexy babe who loves oral

Sexy babe who loves oral from her husband, that’s the only thing he does right, to be honest, I had to train him to use his tongue to get me off because we all know his 4 inches would never succeed at giving me a great big O. I have just jerked his cock of because my pussy does get sore from fucking other guys, I’m wrong I know but I just can’t help it, sometimes I make him go weeks without fucking me because it is gotten to the point where I can even fathom being in the same bed as him, but boy does that not run in the family because I have had both his brother and dad, and what a difference it is, his younger brother is huge and his father is even bigger, I can barely even believe they have any matching DNA. Other than success of course but boy did my husband fall short. I just love fucking his brother and father whenever I want.Sexy babe

Dick Sucking Queen

Small dick humiliationI love to dominate and humiliate men with extremely small dicks. A man with a tiny cock is really a woman with a big clit. Do you have a small package? Do women laugh when you’re naked? Put yourself in my hands, give me full control of your body. You can’t please a woman with your small cock so let me teach you how to please a man. I’ll dress you up really pretty by putting you in a beautiful dress and a long blonde wig. Red lipstick and mascara will finish your feminine transformation. Now, you’re ready to be my bitch. I’ll keep you on your knees all night sucking big dicks for money. You’ll finally see how it feels to hold a big dick in your hands. I can’t wait to see your small dick get erect from sucking cock. You’ve thought about it all your life and now your dream has come true, you’re my dick sucking queen.

Best Phone Sex is Honest Phone Sex

best phone sexThe best phone sex is with a woman who will be honest with you. I am not the kind of woman to tell you your cock is big if it is small. I will not tell you that you are an amazing lover if you can’t find my clit with a GPS. I will not tell you your wife is not cheating on you if all the signs are there. I don’t operate like that. What good does it do you to delude you into thinking something that is not true? Eventually, you will meet a woman like me who will laugh at your three inch cock and ask to meet the lying bitch who told you it was big. Many of the losers I meet in my life are delusional because some chick didn’t have the balls to be honest. The truth hurts, but it can also heal. My ex husband number one is an example. He was my first husband, but I was his second wife. His ex wife told him there was nothing wrong with his dick. He had barely four inches hard and it was pencil thin. I never had an orgasm with him. She faked all her orgasms, so he thought the problem was mine. If she could cum, why couldn’t I cum. I wanted to slap the bitch. I had to dish out the harsh reality to him that he couldn’t please women. I became a cheating whore. We ended up divorcing because he couldn’t accept that he was only going to be my cuckold. Now, a decade later, he has embraced his role in my life. He came over last night and sucked a cock and watched a real man fuck me. He could have been enjoying life as my cuckold all this time if his first wife had not put him in the land of denial. If you think your wife is blowing smoke up your ass too, let me give you some brutal phone sex therapy so you can embrace your reality.

Erotic Roleplaying For A Hot Fucking

Hey so maybe your looking for some form of sensual erotic roleplaying fun with a secretly kinky sophisticated woman. I am her, and the answer for that therapeutic need for tossing off and getting some real satisfaction. I’m all about your satisfaction and all about You sweets, so let me in on your secret passions and erotic fantasies.

I want you to watch me play with myself, finger my sweet slit and roll my nipples between my fingers.Watch me as I penetrate my cunt with one finger then another… now, come closer, and take a lick of my cunt, go on put you tongue inside and lick it nice and deep. Taste my sweet juices, suck on my clit, feel your dick get good and hard as my pussy juice gushes over that tongue. Now just thrust your cock in and fuck me good.

Erotic Roleplaying


Sexy Babe Loretta

Sexy BabeSexy babe Loretta, I’m happy to turn all the guys on, I might be a trophy wife but that doesn’t mean I like to settle for my husband’s pathetic cock. In fact, I fuck guys outside my marriage on the daily, Today I am planning on fucking my husbands best friend. It hasn’t an easy task trust me I tried. I am getting bold and starting to fuck around with guys that know my husband, first it was his business partner and now his best friend, Loretta is on a roll. Yey me, Back to Joey my husbands best friend, He’s got a huge chocolate cock that is always bulging out and since the moment I laid my eyes on him it stood right out. I had to have it because everything I want I always get. He would politely laugh at my sexual jokes I could tell they made him feel naughty and got him turned on, whenever my husband would leave I would flirt my cute butt off. I guess all my cute jokes have worked cause he sent me a message letting me know my ass was his tonight.

Cuckold Phone Sex is a Hard Pill To Swallow for Some

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex is something I enjoy. As a sexy mature woman, I have grown bolder with age. A man with a small cock is not welcome in my pussy any more. Frank had all the potential in the world for good fucking. Athletic build, handsome, wealthy…a dreamboat. Wrong. Perfect man in every way, but where it counts. Small dick city. So small, I could not even see it. I could hear my internal monologue going, “Where’s the beef?” He thought he was in charge with a turtle when he said, “Suck my dick honey. Let’s get the party started.” There is no party with a turtle dick. I laughed. I asked him to leave. It was over. A done deal. I was not fucking a man with a shrimp dick. He grabbed me, tried to get rough. I kneed him in the groin and tied him to a chair. I called over a real man so he could see the difference. Sometimes men need a visual to understand just how inadequate they really are.  When Shaun arrived, I made him watch as I blew a real dick. Frank has a clit. Shaun has a cock. No comparison between the two. Shaun liked humiliating a man twice his age. As he was fucking me, Shaun made sure to tell Frank that my pussy was off limits to him. Shaun owns my pussy now. Life is too short for small cocks. A hot size queen like me wants fucked. You got to have a big dick to fuck. You need at least something I can feel. Shaun fucked me for hours. We both kept coming and coming and coming. Frank was not happy. He kept insisting he had what I needed. Shaun pulled out of my pussy and shoved his dick down Frank’s throat. “Now, I own you too,” Shaun said with a smirk. To our surprise, Frank started sucking back. Frank has found his calling as a little fag boy. Have you found your calling yet?

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