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Cuckold Phone Sex Valentine

cuckold phone sexI had a cuckold phone sex Valentine’s Day. What is that? That is when I make all the small dick losers who wish they could get into my panties bring me some real cock. The only thing a small dick loser can do to satisfy me is to bring me a big cock. I love shaming a tiny dick man in front of a real man. It is extra embarrassing for the cuckold to bring me a real cock then sit on the side lines and watch his gift get all the loving. If a cuckold or sissy man wants to be in my life he must bring something valuable to the table like a stud or a large cash donation. I am a mature sexy babe. I can have any man I want. Besides still having a rocking body, I am smart and sophisticated too. I don’t need to settle for small cocks, ugly men or cheap ass losers. Valentine’s Day proved that. Four of my regular cuckolds brought me four hung lovers. Big cock with cream filled balls is better than a box of chocolates. I enjoyed all my big dicks. But, I also enjoyed shaming my cuckold losers. Don’t feel sorry for them. They get off on humiliation. I even dressed one up as cupid in a diaper. They all had to fluff cock and clean me up after cum loads. Real men don’t always like a messy pussy. But a cuckold loser sure does.

The Best Phone Sex

best phone sexBest phone sex comes with the best phone sluts. I know men often prefer a cute coed over a mature sexy woman, but you can’t go to a young girl for certain things. What I know now, is not a fraction of what I knew as a young woman. I used to believe that if I loved a man and he loved me, the sex would be fabulous. When it wasn’t, I blamed myself. I would tell myself I didn’t arouse him, or he was just tired from a long day at work. All that was bullshit. My ex had a small dick. The only problem in my lackluster sex life was his small cock and his refusal to accept it. When you are young, you believe in love. When you are mature, however, you believe in cock size. Younger girls have a better chance of understanding that size matters because of the Internet. My generation didn’t have Internet porn or even know terms like cuckold or small dick humiliation. I have been teaching younger girls to respect themselves for a decade now. As a sex education teacher and therapist, young girls seek my counsel on how to make their sex lives better. My first question is always, “How big is your boyfriend.” Anything less than 7 inches, I tell them to ditch the guy and get a real man. I would tell your wife the same thing. She can’t begin to have a good sex life unless she makes you a cuckold and takes a lover with a real cock. Perhaps you are more enlightened than my ex husband and know you can’t please your wife. Perhaps, you have found her a suitable lover. If you aren’t so enlightened yet, you need some phone sex therapy. I am a cuckold expert and a size queen trainer. Put her pleasure first.

Do You Need Phone Sex Therapy?

phone sex therapyDo you need phone sex therapy? This sexy therapist is always in. I love talking to men about their kinks and fetishes. My favorite type of therapy is cuckold therapy. Some men just need to pay money to hear that they are a loser. In my opinion, nothing says you are a tiny dick loser more than paying a phone whore for a phone fuck and she thinks you are too small even for a virtual fuck. I know you are paying for a service, but phone sex with me is not a guarantee.  I need big dick. It is not possible for me to say, “Fuck me hard and deep with your two-inch wiener.” I can’t say it with a straight face. I can give awesome small dick humiliation, however over the phone. I believe men need a wake-up call if they think I will be happy with their little dick just because they are paying me. Consider yourself warned.  I will not fuck you if you possess a shrimp dick. I will help you come to terms with your glaring shortcoming, however. Sometimes, men need just one woman to tell them the truth. Let me be that woman. I won’t give you the excuses you have heard before, like “I don’t feel well,” or “something came up.” I don’t lie to a tiny dick man. He needs to hear the truth. Do you need to hear the truth? Do you think you can handle it?

Cuckold Phone Sex with a Size Queen

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex is what you get when you lack the equipment to satisfy me. Not everyone gets to enjoy my pussy. My days of acting like every dick is the best dick for me are over. I enjoy turning tiny dick losers into my cuckolds. I met Adam on Tinder. I knew he had a small dick. Normally, I would have swiped left, but he was acting all macho like he was god’s gift to women. He had 4 inches tops. Last time I checked, 4 inch dicks don’t make women scream and shout. They also don’t make women wet. You don’t see 4 inch dicks in porn for a reason. Women were bantering with him on Tinder. Calling him out for having a shrimp dick, but he called them blind whores. Adam needed a reality check and I was just the phone sex therapist for the job. I had no doubt, I could give him a wake up call. I invited him over to fuck. I just wasn’t clear about who was doing the fucking. When he walked in, he found me riding a 10 inch cock. Stupid man thought the cock I was riding was simply the warm up to the main act. A four inch cock is never the main act. Never. He wanted in my pussy, but he was rejected. My hung lover and I took turns shaming him for his lack of manhood. He was struggling to understand that this was real and not a joke. “My pussy is for big cock only and a 4 inch nub is not a big cock,” I said sarcastically. I invited him to watch the real man in action, but he threw a hissy fit. Reality is a hard pill to swallow, but I least I gave him a healthy dose of reality.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are something I enjoy. I find feet phallic. Do you? That is why if a man wants me to suck on his toes or feet, he better wear at least a size 11 if you know what I mean. If a man has small feet, that means he has a small cock too. If a man gets back to my place wanting me to give him a foot job and he has tiny feet, he is getting the same treatment he gets if he has a small cock. Since I let small dicks lick my pussy and ass, I will let small feet give me a foot job. I made Mr. Size 7 suck my toes as I cock teased him. I wouldn’t let him cum, because only big feet and big cocks get that privilege. I do enjoy having my toes sucked. It is sensual for me, often humiliating for the man, especially if my feet are bigger than his cock. Mr. Size 7 enjoyed sucking my toes and he enjoyed the small dick humiliation too. Dare I ask, what size shoe you wear?

More Cuckold Phone Sex in 2018

cuckold phone sexDo you see my well used pussy? That is the look of a satisfied cunt. A cunt that got a big fat cock for New Year’s Eve. It is the look of pussy that got exactly what it deserved. We both know you can’t give me the hardcore fucking that leaves me exhausted, yet begging for more, right? That is why you looked for cuckold phone sex. You know you couldn’t satisfy a mouse with that puny thing between your legs. I bet one of your resolutions was to get more humiliation. I bet you even vowed to get your wife some big cock too. You know she deserves to have a well fucked pussy like mine. Not just any cock can stretch out a pussy and make her meat lips sag. That takes many more inches than what you got. But the real question is, are you man enough to follow through with getting your wife some real dick?  In fact, after looking at you, I have decided you need more than humiliation and cuckold therapy. You require some forced feminization. I am going to put you in pretty pink panties because that shrimp dick is swimming in your boxers. You need to keep your pin dick secure in panties. Now that you are in panties, let’s find you a matching bra and garter belt. Slip on some high heels and put on some lipstick too. Now that is a look better suited for someone with a clit stick. This is going to be the year you embrace the fact that you can’t please women. This is the year you become a good cuckold and a sissy bitch. This is the year I own you. What are you waiting for? Call me for some phone sex therapy. You know you need it too.

My new stepson

sexy babeI have two stepsons. The oldest I know because I use to be his teacher and that’s kind of how I met my husband. The youngest lives on the other side of the U.S on the east coast. My husband and his ex-wife can’t stand each other. I don’t blame the women for hating his guts she got married to him in her early 20’s and wasted so much time with him being super loyal and faithful. Unlike I who needs everyone’s cock but my husbands. Their son is my new stepson so I am excited to meet him and get to know him. I have a ton of naughty things roaming my mind. I’d love to be the sexy babe that I am and seduce not one but both of my stepsons. There’s nothing that I love more than filling my holes with forbidden cock. My husband doesn’t fulfill me and barely gets me to climax so I’m hoping his boys will both be competent. The first one was a blast I’m sure this one will be too.

Mature Phone Sex Women are the Best

mature phone sexMature phone sex is what men crave. A hot teen slut is not the latest fad. A decade ago, every mature man wanted a younger girl. Younger men always want mature sexy women, but now so do dirty old men. Why? It is not that they aren’t attracted to coeds. It is that the need the experience and knowledge that comes with age. A woman in her forties just has certain life experiences that a nubile girl lacks. Men aren’t just attracted to me physically, they crave my honesty and experience. I have been fucking longer than most coeds have been alive. I know that cocks vary in size and performance. I understand that as women age, they become less complacent with bad sex. Young girls don’t want to hurt a guy’s feelings, or they are just fucking him for a free dinner, so they won’t admit that his cock is too small to satisfy her. A mature woman fucks for pleasure only, so if she is not getting pleasure, she has no problem saying so. Many men want that brutal honesty. Most men with small dicks know they are inadequate but if the girl isn’t complaining, they just go with the flow. However, when a woman is honest, they are eager to please. Men have an innate desire to pleasure women sexually. They will do anything to give pleasure too, even find a sexual surrogate to do the job he cannot or over compensate by spoiling her. All my ex husbands and small dick lovers have jumped through hoops to make sure I was sexually satisfied, even if that meant me taking a hung lover instead. The small dick losers in my life, never go away either. They keep coming back for more cuckolding or small dick humiliation. They pay my bills, take me shopping and spoil me. Why? Because I was honest and unapologetic about my need for bigger cock. Young girls could learn from sexy mature women. Being honest with a man goes further than blowing smoke up his ass.

Sexy Babe Trolls for Big Cocks

sexy babeA sexy babe is always on the hunt for big cock. I was at a bar late last night. I guess you could say I was slumming because it was not my usual hangout. I wanted some big cock and my usual studs were all occupied or unavailable to service me. I am a cock size queen, so I cannot just call on anyone. I was popular at the bar. I classed up the joint. I was the only woman in the place. There were a few trailer trash whore types there and a serving wrench, but I was the only lady. I think it made me a novelty. I wanted to fuck some one, but I didn’t want to fuck a tiny dick loser. I was drunk, which makes me bolder. I stood up on the pool table and announced that the stud with the biggest dick in the bar could take me home. I never saw pants cum down so quickly. The men in the bar were drunk and rowdy. Plus, they were looking for a good time. I was too. The cocks varied in sized. Why would a guy with a 3 inch dick even whip it out? I guess he was delusional, hoping that he would be bigger than anyone else or that I would have sympathy on his loser dick. He was shit out of luck. I would go home if a 3 inch dick was the biggest there; that is why we have dildos. When I saw the 11 inch cock on the bartender, I had my man. I even blew him in front of the other losers. There was a sea of pathetic and average dicks, then there was the bartender. He stood out among the rest, so I showed him how sexy mature women give great blowjobs. I took him home with me and he could fuck me the way I deserve. I don’t normally go trolling for dick. A sexy woman can let the cock cum to her, but I am glad I went slumming. Might be one of the greatest fucks of my life.

great blowjobs

Tease and denial thanksgiving fun

Tease and denialTease and denial thanksgiving fun! My poor husband never gets a break not even for the holidays. I tease his cock endlessly and give him the worst case of blue balls. Even on a special event, I prefer to save a nice hard fucking with someone like his daddy.

I have mentioned before how different he is from his brothers and father, Its like complete night and day between his family and him. They all love me except his mom. She’s an uptight nagging nancy, Its funny cause her name is Nancy, Negative Nancy doesn’t like how hot I look and how all her sons and husband gawk at my sight. I have her son eating from the palms of my hands. She has tried endlessly to catch me in one of my sexual escapades but has failed miserably.

Its thanksgiving eve and I make my way with my pathetic husband over to his parent’s house, Daddy is happy to see me but his mommy nancy has some slick comments about my tight little dress. I smile and ignore it.

I Make my way to the “powder room” I hear footsteps and look its My father in law. He closes the door and starts making his way to me, I can already tell what he wants to do. He has totally been craving fucking me since our last session. He unzips me and starts to rub my body he is so hard I can feel his cock pushing up against me. My pussy is getting soaked I can feel it dripping down my thighs. All the things that are running thru my mind have me so turned on.

There’s nothing I love more than risky sex, That’s why I fuck a ton of people while my husband is home under the same roof. At this very second, I am thinking about being caught by my mother in law and my husband and it surely has me ready to take my father in law deep in my pussy. He starts my eating my wet pussy and really working his tongue in me. It was an instant orgasm, I wasn’t done neither was he. I needed his cock in me!!! I did not just want it, I needed it. I was quivering and drenched and just so enthralled by the experience that I didn’t realize I was moaning so loud.

Thank goodness Nancy had some music echoing thru the whole house. I loved getting his meaty cock deep in me. Its such huge difference from my husband, How could these two even be related I surely have reason to believe my husband is the milkman’s kid. All his brothers are all so well endowed and they fuck me so good. My husband’s tongue is the only thing that gets me off. While his dad can bust his load deep into me and make me cum over and over.

I still can’t believe my father in law fucked me and ate me out in the same house our family was in, On thanksgiving too. After fucking for what felt like an eternity, I made my way downstairs still flustered but still just so turned on.

I sat right at the dining table where my brother in law was and I waste no time and I slip him a little note.

I wanted round two and I sure got it.

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