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Foot fetishes

foot fetishes

I have a new interest in foot fetishes. I think it would be so sexy for a man to lick and suck on my toes and I stroke his cock and tell him how good he’s making my little toes feel. I would love to rub my feet all over a mans cock and get him to cum using just my sexy arches. I have such cute feet and I always get compliments on my pretty toes. I think it would be a perfect match to find a guy who with a foot fetish to let me rub my feet all over his face and drive him crazy while I stroke his cock. I would love for him to smell my toes and tell me how sweet they smell after being in my high heels all day at the office.  Iwalk around all day so they are all sweaty and aching when I get home. I would love to have a guy rub them and worship them.

Teacher Has naughty Foot Fetishes

foot fetishes

I love having a teacher with foot fetishes as his main kink! He is just so naughty. He lets me dominate him in my cute schoolgirl uniform and my striped knee socks. I love to play with his cock under his desk, as I am always on his naughty list and I talk way too much. So, I have to sit by him when it comes to doing quizzes and such. I slip off my smelly shoes and trace his zipper for so long. Today he said I had to stay after school. It was the very first day back! I grinned as he locked the door and pulled the shades down. I had fun teasing Mr. Naughty teacher as I ran around the room opening my shirt and flashing him my tight bald cunt. I jumped on his shoulders and held his eyes and mouth shut as my smelly knee socks pumped his cock for cum! I laughed at the cum stains and unrolled my socks and threw them at him as I left! I love being a saucy seductress at a young age! He will be begging for more, Just like you baby!

Making a Sissy Maid

Forced Feminization

I love when I get the chance to turn a man into just a little sissy who caters to my every whim. My newest plaything is just too adorable, we play dress up into the cutest little frilly dresses complete with stockings, panties and training bras! He said that he wanted to do anything to make me happy so today we are turning him into a little sissy maid for me to use! I found a cute and sexy little French maid outfit, short skirt and thigh high white stockings made him look perfect! I ordered him to draw me a nice hot bubble bath and he sat at the edge of the tub and washed my feet and legs, then my arms and back, since he was so good I let him wash my chest too. Then he carefully washed my hair, it felt so good to be catered upon! Since he did so good taking care of me that I even let him have some fun after I had dried off. I rubbed his little cock through the fabric of his panties until he came right in them!

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesLet’s talk about a fetish that I know a you are really into, shall we?  Foot Fetishes are so hot! I love How much I get off with so hard during our feet calls! Let’s indulge your nylon and stocking fetishes as well shall we? Lovely feet and legs wrapped in silky material. Jack off on my legs and feet as I rub my soft kitty for you. Don’t you want these sexy feet and legs jerking you off? Foot worship is something that you will be doing to these beautiful legs and toes. Suck each toe right through my Pantyhose. Touching and tasting my sexy feet and legs makes your cock so hard. You will be leaking precum with me letting you lavish attention all over my lower body. But Don’t you worry I will take care of that cock! I will peel these hose right off and wrap them around your heavy cock and balls. Then I will use them jerk you off while I am sucking the tip of your cock! I know that feels so smooth and silky unlike any sensation you have ever felt on your cock and balls before! Come and let me be your sexy babe Tonight. I am waiting!


Tangled Up in You

Sexy legs

My God I love being tangled up in you. Bodies intertwined and hands exploring every inch of the other person. I love the feeling of your cock slowly sliding into my tight wet pussy while my sexy legs are wrapped around you. Bodies rocking together as you slowly, gently fuck me. The energy building as we kiss passionately. Getting more and more intense as you pick up the speed and begin to thrust into my cunt a little harder, a little deeper. My face pressed into your neck as I kiss and nibble and lick, hands held tightly around your back pulling you in closer to me. Our bodies are one as we fuck faster, deeper, harder until we reach that explosive climax together. Finally relaxing as we stay tight in each other’s embrace.

Phone Humiliation For The Kinkster

You have that kinkster side to you and better than being the hipster I know you also are and my hipster lovers love my phone humiliation sessions. I love to help their Hipster style out in letting them be as Metrosexual as they desire. It’s ok to desire some cock on the side, and even better to have that open relationship with multiple lovers where you share one another, it’s “The” thing now and as “In” as men being the sissy cocksuckers they have suppressed for so long. It’s all out in the open these days and your a lot cooler to be “In” with the trend. I love to help you realize where you fit in as I am also in that hipster way as a vegan, polyamorous lifestylist. I’m really into indie music and films and can “get” you better than so many others. I love living in the Pacific Northwest and being myself and enjoying life. When I’m not working the therapy lines I am enjoying the mountains and streams with outdoor activities and fucking outside is the best I greatly enjoy being an exhibitionist as much as voyeuristic. I hope we can do a session soon where we can get to know each other!

Phone humiliation

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. I have a shoe fetish which goes well with a feet fetish. Almost every time I go shoe shopping to feed my addiction, I find a man with a foot fetish. I can usually spot them a mile away. Yesterday, I went on a shoe splurge, but I planned for it. I knew I couldn’t afford the expensive designer shoes I wanted, so I got a pedicure. Having pretty feet helps attract the feet guys. I am a classy woman. I dressed nicely and wore some classic designer pumps as I hit all the expensive shoe stores on Rodeo drive. I was like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman on a shopping splurge. I picked up a fan on my second stop. By my fourth stop, I confronted him. He was nervous, but I handled him. I made him an offer. Buy my shoes, and I would let him play with my feet. He popped a boner in his pants at the suggestion. He took me up on my offer. He paid for 7 pairs of shoes. We went back to his motel room and I gave him a foot job. Plus, I let him kiss my feet and lick my sexy legs. He was handsome and hung, not the case usually with foot fetish guys. He was a bit socially awkward, but that was to be expected. I didn’t fuck him. I would have, but he was all about my feet. And, honestly, I was all about the shoes. He got to worship and cum on a pair of sexy feet and I got a few thousand dollars worth of sexy shoes.  Win win in my book. I likely made out better in the end, but if some poor foot guy wants to pay my shoe tab just so he can cum on my feet, I would be stupid to say no.

Mike and Camilla


Erotic roleplaying

My special group of friends sat at the table in the coffee shop, laughing and joking, the conversation began to shift, and sex became the topic. “When did you guys have your first orgasm,” my friend Heather curiously pried. Everyone started throwing ages of when they first experienced a climax, Camilla was the only one who couldn’t relate “I’ve never had one” the whole table shook and stared in complete disbelief. “you’re lying right, where’s Ashton Kutcher with the camera” Mike erupted in laughter. I’m serious, and I don’t see what’s so funny,” Camilla said in a disgruntled tone. Mike became very interested, he had already been trying to date and fuck Camilla for months. Mike knew she was the type that played hard to get. “Let’s make a bet, if I can make you cum then you have to go on at least 5 dates with me” he chuckled. “It’s impossible you bozo if it hasn’t happened already I doubt it ever will” she sassed. ” Let’s bet on it then if I lose, I never bring it up again. Camilla shook his hand and took him up in his offer, the table was shocked and also amused, “be at my house at 7 p.m.!” Camilla commanded. That night mike arrived at her home. They sat and watched movies until he brought it up ” we had a deal ma’am,” ” I guess we did she replied do what you must.” He softly ran his fingers through her hair and started kissing her neck, sliding his hands down her pants ” to be a person who’s never come before you sure are wet, wet as hell” he looked up at her and smiled “I wanna drink you up” Camilla’s face turned red. Mike lifted her legs back planting his face in her sweet nectar, he sucked on her clit, he could feel her shake all about he had already felt he won, but he wanted to see how far he could take her. He sucked until he felt her thrust her hips back and forth, making love to his mouth. Camilla could feel something that was so foreign on the horizon, she couldn’t wait; she wanted it. “Cum in my mouth pretty girl” Mike screamed as she grabbed his head rocking her hips faster. Mike’s bone hard cum-filled cock was getting harder tasting her. “Ughhhh!” she let out a loud moan her juices dripping down his throat dripping from his chin, he was pleased “fuck me please,” she yelled. “As you wish, maybe you should be planning those dates while you’re at it” he smiled Camilla rolled her eyes

Latina phone sex


Foot Fetishes Massage

Foot fetishes

I know how much you absolutely adore my feet. The way they look in strappy high heels, the scent of them after I go to the gym. Everything about them turns you on. Tonight is for you. I went and got a pedicure today, so my toenails are perfectly manicured and painted princess pink and my skin is nice and soft without any callouses. I lay on the ground and have you sit on the couch and massage my feet with warm massage oil, getting them nice and slick. I sit up and wordlessly take your cock out of your pants and grab a little oil and get you nice and hard with my hands before laying back down and putting my feet in your lap, gently rubbing them up and down the length of your rock hard dick. With one foot on either side you hold my feet together onto your cock and slowly fuck my feet. It tickles slightly but feels so good and I smile up at you. I can tell you are getting close, so I lean forward as you finish and hot cum shoots across my face and tits, dribbling down my feet as you moan slightly. I love using every part of my body for your pleasure.

Femdom Phone Sex A Tempting Allure

I met him a year ago and he always found Femdom phone sex an alluring thing that was very tempting to him to explore. It was during my finals and a period I was doing mild domination sessions on the side for money. The ability to abuse and take out my frustrations and aggressions on some willing victim that paid me to do it was perfect. At the time there was this male professor that really pushed my buttons in pissing me off all the time always giving me bad marks or snide comments on my papers. This professor ended up being a client around the time and I was actually getting wet thinking of how many ways I could humiliate him. ONe of the best experiences was when he actually returned for more and I realized I could step it up. I had this professor by the balls with my humiliating him and making him crawl around the room with a tailed buttplug while my worn, cum filled panties where on his face… the crusty from dried cum and post sex cunt juices crotch over his mouth and nose. I made him wear a pair of pantyhose with an ass hole cut out to expose that tailed buttplug but encased his cock tightly with the control topped bikini cut built in panty. I told him to pretend to be a horny puppy and get yourself pleasure by rubbing your cock on everything through those restraining pantyhose after all it’s but a swollen clit, you should be able to cum by humping objects. This pathetically unendowed professor humped on a pillow like he was clit banging with another bitch, I was very amused.

Femdom phone sex


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