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I Love Being A Sugar Baby

Fantasy Phone Sex

I have always been use to the lavish lifestyle, I grew up in money. Something inside me never felt quite right to just get money from daddy, I wanted to make my own money. Fresh out high school a friend of mine told me about being a sugar baby and even an escort. I signed up for many sites, I thought this is so perfect for me. I can go on dates with wealthy men while making my own income. I have always been pretty and older, rich men love beautiful arm candy. So I have been doing this for almost a year and I have this regular, he is pretty handsome and very successful. We went on a date to a function from the office and he loves having me, I am available for him anytime.

He told me he rented a hotel room for the night and I was excited, we have never done anything sexual, he has always been a real gentlemen. I walk up to the room and there are rose petals on the bed and little sheets covering the lamps. He told me to disrobe but keep my stockings and heels on. He had some nice lavender oil and had me lay down he let it drop down my back and then rubbed his hands together to give some warmth.

He started rubbing me and up and down my shoulders to my legs. This felt so good, he treats me like gold so I started getting turned on and he could tell. He wiped his hands and told me to turn over and he was rubbing the oil on my breasts making my nipples shiny and wet looking, he went down between my legs and he started blowing on my pussy. I almost came right there, he opened up my pink, bald pussy with his tongue and starting licking and kissing, and then was sucking on my clit with two fingers fucking me deep and hard and I could tell I was going to cum. I started feeling pure bliss and I squirted all over his face, he came up to me and gave me a kiss and told me next time he was going to fuck me harder than those fingers. He left the $500 on the table and left.

Foot Fetish

Foot Fetishes

I have a thing for soft silky thigh highs. I love to have my feet pampered and pretty for you. I want to satisfy your hosiery and pretty feet fetishes. Turns me on so much for you to play with my stocking feet. I love how I can bring you to the edge of ejaculation and stop and offer you a new part of my body.  My feet playing with your member stroking it, teasing it till you want to bend me over and take my pretty ass for a few minutes. How you want me to put my pretty feet in your face for you to suck and tickle as I stretch out and take your engorged member in my mouth. Sucking and licking you as much as I can before my pussy is what you want.

Sexy babe Veronica

Sexy babeSexy babe with a huge Latina sexy ass Veronica ready to ride and please that huge cock you have! Cum here throw me on your bed and start caressing my big Latina tits with nice brown hard nipples. Lick my tetas Papi! You make me feel so fucking sexy and horny getting all my panochita wet! Fuck then you crawl down kissing all my sexy thick body biting on my thick Latina legs. Fuck Papi I love you. You always make me feel so good. You could just hear my breathing going crazy horny for you wanting your big dick in my tight pussy! Instead you cum up and shove your big huge cock in my mouth and start face fucking me and I start fucking my cunt with a big pink long fat dildo. Fuck I love that big fat mushroom head in my mouth and my pussy at the same time.

Fucking My Thoughts

Princess phone sex

You know how it is when it gets late and you are alone nobody around but you and your throbbing hard aching to fuck cock. You have been needing to stuff your erection into a warm moist but tight at the same time cunt pie. I know what you need I know you want to explode into creamy artistic expression
The kind that would paint my face a pretty white glazing coat of joy juice. You want me to love you enough to suck your soul through the head of your bone hard cock. I can lust for you like you need I can make you feel my hot breath on the back of your neck as I kiss your ears. You can fall in love with the way I will make you explode you can go insane with me because I like it more than you. I am your dream girl my lips are made to satisfy you in everyway my tongue was created to lick your cum filled balls. This sweet fat pussy is attached to my body for you to have a heated close fit sauna for your king cock to rest in and these beautiful supple gigantic tits are meant to feed your mouth. I can please you like you would not believe until your all messy jizzed out and exhausted from your super good time.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are something I enjoy. I find feet phallic. Do you? That is why if a man wants me to suck on his toes or feet, he better wear at least a size 11 if you know what I mean. If a man has small feet, that means he has a small cock too. If a man gets back to my place wanting me to give him a foot job and he has tiny feet, he is getting the same treatment he gets if he has a small cock. Since I let small dicks lick my pussy and ass, I will let small feet give me a foot job. I made Mr. Size 7 suck my toes as I cock teased him. I wouldn’t let him cum, because only big feet and big cocks get that privilege. I do enjoy having my toes sucked. It is sensual for me, often humiliating for the man, especially if my feet are bigger than his cock. Mr. Size 7 enjoyed sucking my toes and he enjoyed the small dick humiliation too. Dare I ask, what size shoe you wear?

Please Me Like I Please You

Foot FetishesEvery time that he comes in town he sends for me and no matter what I’m doing I stop and make time for him. He has women in every city and I don’t care I’m only interested in pleasing him so they don’t even enter my mind when I’m with him. My attire is always nearly nude and Red Bottoms, the man loves to spoil me rotten. He always says when your rich like him you attract a certain type of woman he’d tell me I’m that type of woman for certain. I dance for him and lick every inch of his body before I do all the sexual fantastic treats he loves so much. He tells me to take my clothes off slow he’s really talking about the shoes, the last item he’s a foot man. I’ve never made love to a man with such intense passion our love making last all weekend long even longer if he’s in town longer. I’m deeply in love with him and I don’t care how gullible or insane that sounds I still feel the way I feel. I understand him when he says he’s the worlds star but I’m his star. I melt inside.

Cum On My Nice Perky Breasts

Cum On Boobs

I love you so much and want you to be as happy as you can be. I have never given myself to another like I have you. I feel like you are not only my lover but my best friend and you come to me wrapped in a ribbon. I love wearing that outfit you desire to see my frail body in and I know it makes your dick rise right to occasion.I love the black paint on my nails, running them along your neck and slightly down to your shoulders. I love cupping your balls and making them real warm and gently taking your dick in my mouth licking and sucking up and down. I want your hand on the back of my head and get you ready to shoot that jizz all over my small perky breasts.

He took me shopping

cuckold phone sexI have a wimpy little cucky pet that pretty much does whatever I tell him so today I made him take me shopping. He sat there humiliated while I flirted with the sexy clerk, I made him pay for everything and when I had all the shoes I wanted, I made him watch me fuck the clerk too! We were all alone in the shop so I had the clerk lock the door and pull out his huge throbbing cock. It was so big that it was hard to suck but boy did I love trying to get it all down my throat! That little wimpy cuck was crying while I was doing it, he wished so hard that I would suck his dick like that but he has a tiny little clit, why would I want to touch that? I only touch big cocks, the kind that real men have and his definitely doesn’t make the cut! He just had to sit there and watch that superior man fuck me. And in the end, he had to clean up my cum filled pussy too!

foot fetishes

Female Domination

Female Domination Porn

I am going to be bare ass naked except my thigh highs and red heels when you come over. I will not speak a word as I handcuff you and push you down on the bed.  I slid my heel off and run it up and down your body stopping at your engorged member.  I wrap my tiny toes around your organ and start stroking it. With my leg up, I start running my new purple vibrator along my pussy lips.  I crawl up the bed and lay my silky legs across you. I am now stroking that member with both stocking clad feet and pre-cum is on my toes. I lay back and begin fucking myself with my toy. You’re begging me to have mercy as I squirt.  I decided to give you a little as I take off my thigh highs and stroke your cock with them.  Your eyes are pleading so I put the tip of your raging hard-on in my mouth.  I slowly lick and suck all the way down and back up again. With my nylons and my mouth, you cum so hard all over. I slurp that sweet cum up and release you. Then I tell you to leave as I have had enough playtime. Until next time lover.

Foot Fetishes are Common

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. Women have them just as much as men. I have a confession. I love putting my sexy feet on a nice big cock. The feel of a throbbing shaft between the soles of my feet makes my pussy drip. When I picked Tom up at the bar last night it was because I saw what big feet he had. Most women know that a man with a big shoe size, most likely has a big cock to match. I wanted to give a foot job more than a blow job last night. Sometimes, I just want to feel hot flesh between my pretty feet. I got a pedicure earlier in the day, so I knew I had the perfect feet to give a hot foot job. When we were back at my place, I watched him undress for me. I was anticipating his beautiful cock as I watched him unzip his pants. His cock was above average, but it was not what I was expecting either for a size 13 shoe. I didn’t want to fuck him, but I did want to feel his cum between my toes. I told him his cock wasn’t big enough for my pussy. He read my mind, however, when he asked about my pretty feet. We shared the same fetish. I stretched my feet up to greet his cock and pretended like I was making a fire out of a stick. I rubbed my feet against his cock and soon fire erupted. He was quick to cum on my toes, so I was smart not to fuck him. It was still a hot encounter that fed my secret foot fetish. This sexy babe may be a size queen when it comes to what enters her pussy, but you may still have a shot of cumming on my feet if you have an average dick.

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