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Cum Bath

Fantasy phone sexI brought a guy home last night from the bar. I wish I could tell you his name but I don’t remember. All I know was he was a fine looking 22-year-old with a washboard stomach. He was with a bunch of buddies of his drinking and acting like young bucks do. I zoned in on him and started flirting with him. He was totally digging the Milf all over him. His buddies were jealous as I gave all my attention to their friend. I invited him back to my house for a fun night in Ready Ramona. I let him drive me back to my place so I could get a sweet taste of his cock in my mouth. His precum squirting all in my wet mouth. His precum just made me more hungry for more of him. When we finally made it back to my house which seemed to take forever. We rushed into my house and I brought him right into my bedroom. I stripped down naked and got him naked also. The way he was gawking at my body was such a turn on for me making my pussy start to squirt. He said to me in that young eager voice. “I am going to fuck all your holes but I am saving my cum for your big tits.” I love a good cum bath bring it on!

Suck my toes while you fuck me

Foot fetishes

Want to hear a secret? Few things get me hotter than when a man sucks on my toes. If you want to make me squeal and wriggle underneath you while you fuck me, the key is to suck on my toes. I want to place my ankles on your shoulders while you stand above me with your hard cock inside of me. As you thrust in and out of me, I want you to take each of my toes into your mouth and suck them. Run your tongue from the base of my heel to the tip of my big toe, flicking it on the soft delicate skin of the soles of my feet. This sends me into ecstasy, and sends chills throughout my body. I arch my back as you suck on my sensitive and polished toes. I cum hard as you suck and nibble on them. It feels so good that I beg for you to fuck me harder and cum inside me. “Cum in me,” I whisper into your ear over and over as you thrust in and out of me. I feel you bury yourself deep inside of me and then feel your cock begin to pulse and throb as you fill me up with your seed. I lay back, satisfied and panting.

Porn In my School Uniform

naughty teacher

Rob Is a naughty teacher who loves to shoot porn on the side. I applied for a part-time position not knowing it was fro an adult sex shoot. I thought it was just an actress job. I was told that I needed my old uniform and it was snug but Rob said it was perfect and I was hired. Rob was hot as fuck and he leaned in close and asked me for a sloppy french kiss. I didn’t mind because he was so sensual.

He said that I would be doing some kinky acts in front of the camera. But first, he needed to test my tight teen pussy.  Rob asked if all little Asian Girls had tight and wet pussies like mine. I told him every little Asian I have fucked and licked does! I am only half but I am a very confident and sexy teen whore. I masturbated his cock with my cute stocking feet until Rob spurted on my tiny tits. I had so much fun preparing for my porn shoot, Sexy Rob says he has a surprise for me involving BBC. I wonder how good I will do for him? I just want to be a good princess slut for him.

Cum On My Pretty Feet

foot fetishes

Some men get hard when I wear open toes heels. Those are my sexual foot fetishes men. You stopped cold and asked me if that was black cherry nail polish. Oh, I Know my pet your are addicted to my pretty toes and perfect feet.  I took my heel off and had to look. Oh, you never took your eyes off my legs and feet. I don’t believe I heard you clear your throat that many times before. You work alongside my parents at the PR firm and This teen had you mesmerized with her toes. I know that men who know the colors of nail polish are either A. Gay or B. Feet men. You, my sexy older gentleman are most certainly a foot man.

I spent the next several days running around the firm barefoot in my stockings with a polish change every day.  I came and sat beside you at your desk curious about what you do here. This slut can play so sweet and shy. I put my hose clad foot in your lap and felt your cock jump and harden. I stroked your pants and that cock grew for me. Your face, as I giggled and told you to get it out, was amazing. Nobody would see behind the desk I assured you.

My feet gave your cock the best rub down as you grabbed some tissues to spurt your cum in. It was fast and a lot. I left you with a whisper,, I can do way sexually dominate things for that cock if you let me. Just because it is below average doesn’t mean you need to suffer. I gave you a quick kiss and rushed off. You will be fun to play with my love. I know you will thrive on a little tease and denial humiliation, won’t you?

cum on boobs please

cum on boobsCum on boobs, please! Let me feel all that hot jizz drizzle down my tits to my clit. There is nothing I crave more than a huge rod exploding all over my body. I can’t explain how excited I get. The grand finale is the best. Cum on my tits and tight ass I how I like to end my day. Sucking and fucking your huge cock will have me in complete bliss. There is nothing better than being drenched in nut sauce. A big dick with an even bigger load is the way to my heart. Pound my holes till you are ready to explode! Tease my mouth and let me taste all that jizz. I know your load is more than plenty to give me a mouthful and to decorate my rack. Watch as I rub it all over me and giggle. A sexy mami that is a great nut swallower but also one that can apprticate the best cum shots in life.

Lick my Heels

Foot fetishes

I love making a man submit me to me and worship my feet. I made my husband lick my heels and kiss the smooth leather of my shoes, before sliding them off and worshipping my feet. His cock was bulging so hard in his pants as he took my big toe into his mouth and began to suck it. He ran his tongue along the sole of my foot. It tickled and felt so good, I could feel my pussy dampening at the touch of his tongue. He’s gotten very good at massaging feet during these little foot worshipping sessions. It feels so good, I like to lay back and rub my clit or stick a vibrator on my pussy while he sucks and licks me from my heel to my toes. When I’ve finally made myself cum, I like to give him a little treat. I place each foot on the side of his hard cock and slide them up and down the shaft and jerk him off with my feet. He loves the feeling of a footjob more than anything, and soon he’ll be blowing his load all over my perfectly manicured toes.

Shoe and Foot Fetishes Welcum Here

foot fetishesDo you have foot fetishes? I have pretty feet. I have a huge shoe fetish, so I understand men with a foot fetish. A man with a foot fetish picked me up yesterday, while I was indulging my shoe fetish at Nordstrom’s. I am certain he was there looking at women’s feet while they tried on shoes. If a man is willing to pay for my shoe fetish, I will let him cum all over my feet if he wants. When it comes to fucking my feet, I don’t care if you have a small cock. Well, I don’t care if you have a small cock if you buy me some expensive shoes. Here is the deal. If you buy me an expensive pair of shoes, your little dick doesn’t mater because I can fuck myself with the heal of my new designer shoes. The heel of a shoe can give me more pleasure than a tiny cock. I can’t afford many of the shoes I like, so I watch before I shop. I know a foot creeper when I see one. Bingo. I had not been sitting for more than a minute, when Scott approached me. I cut to the chase for him. I am a sure thing if you buy me the Manolo Blahnik Clizia Floral Mesh Peep Toe Booties that are $2,1000. I have coveted those for months now and Scott put them on his American Express card. We went back to my place for a fashion shoe show. While I was rubbing his average cock between my sexy babe feet, I had the heel of my new shoe up my cunt. Felt amazing to cum on an expensive pair of designer shoes while he was cumming on my feet. Men with a foot fetish are welcome to play with my feet if they indulge my shoe fetish.

Obey Your Way To My Feet

foot fetishes

Your foot fetishes make we wet. WHy because I know this teen mistress can control you with them! See You will come to me with your cock cage on and I will seduce you with my stockings. Pink and lacey. Silky and nude. It really doesn’t matter as long as you obey my every wish you will get to run your hands up and down these legs and even tickle my bare toes. edge play phone sex

My what perfect feet and splendid toes these are. I keep them perfect and I know you want to lick them. Bow to me and run your tongue along the inside of my feet. What a good man you are now up between my sweaty toes. OH, how your cock is growing in that plastic pink cage. Do you want to be released? Only if you promise not to touch it. This sweet young Mistress wants you to run your hands all up and down her body. Give me a good tongue licking and your dick can go right here between my feet. Oh but wait, you won’t get to cum just yet. Beg me to make you cum, I’m right here baby, how will you submit for your orgasmic lust?

Latina fix

ass fetishI am all for getting a cock off at any time of the day. All it takes is the right situation, and I am all for it. When I noticed my boss was jonesing for my latina holes, I couldn’t hold out. I knew he wanted me bad and I was really into his giant Italian cock. I could see how desperate he was for me. I dug the ass fetish porn in his browser history. I sympathized with him I knew to have me as his secretary must have been hard.

I always was turning him on. My short skirts and heels were kryptonite to him. He could stare at me all day. On one late afternoon when everyone clocked out, I decided to step into the office with a trench coat on and some hot lingerie underneath. I was craving some Italian sausage. I wanted to make him cream so bad, and I wasn’t going to stop till I made him pop. It was so easy to get him off, but he sure wasn’t selfish he made sure my latina holes were satisfied, and It wasn’t a one-time thing. It was every afternoon and night thing after that. I wasn’t going to let him go and he was sure as hell not going to stop our very hot sexy fun.

Princess Feet

Best phone sex

A pretty princess like me feels awfully sore after spending the day in 5-inch leather pumps. Wouldn’t you just love to lick and suck on my leather pumps before wiggling out my pretty little toes? It makes me so horny when you suck and lick my poor little toes. It feels even better when I rub my aching arches on your rock-hard cock. It’s so soothing when you roll your smooth hard dick along the arches of my pretty princess feet. I love when you worship my sweet feet and lather them up nicely with your tongue and mouth. Don’t you like getting them nice and wet for your sexy princess? Once you get them slippery and slimy enough, I want you to take out your thick cock so I can fully rub and massage my little feet and toes. I love rubbing and pinching at your balls with my wet toes. Maybe I’ll give you a nice dick rub if I’m up to it. I’ll slide my delicate feet up and down your shaft going fast then slow. I want you to cover my sweet pretty toes with a thick glob of cum when I’m done!

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