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Latina fix

ass fetishI am all for getting a cock off at any time of the day. All it takes is the right situation, and I am all for it. When I noticed my boss was jonesing for my latina holes, I couldn’t hold out. I knew he wanted me bad and I was really into his giant Italian cock. I could see how desperate he was for me. I dug the ass fetish porn in his browser history. I sympathized with him I knew to have me as his secretary must have been hard.

I always was turning him on. My short skirts and heels were kryptonite to him. He could stare at me all day. On one late afternoon when everyone clocked out, I decided to step into the office with a trench coat on and some hot lingerie underneath. I was craving some Italian sausage. I wanted to make him cream so bad, and I wasn’t going to stop till I made him pop. It was so easy to get him off, but he sure wasn’t selfish he made sure my latina holes were satisfied, and It wasn’t a one-time thing. It was every afternoon and night thing after that. I wasn’t going to let him go and he was sure as hell not going to stop our very hot sexy fun.

Princess Feet

Best phone sex

A pretty princess like me feels awfully sore after spending the day in 5-inch leather pumps. Wouldn’t you just love to lick and suck on my leather pumps before wiggling out my pretty little toes? It makes me so horny when you suck and lick my poor little toes. It feels even better when I rub my aching arches on your rock-hard cock. It’s so soothing when you roll your smooth hard dick along the arches of my pretty princess feet. I love when you worship my sweet feet and lather them up nicely with your tongue and mouth. Don’t you like getting them nice and wet for your sexy princess? Once you get them slippery and slimy enough, I want you to take out your thick cock so I can fully rub and massage my little feet and toes. I love rubbing and pinching at your balls with my wet toes. Maybe I’ll give you a nice dick rub if I’m up to it. I’ll slide my delicate feet up and down your shaft going fast then slow. I want you to cover my sweet pretty toes with a thick glob of cum when I’m done!

Foot fetish sugar daddy

Foot fetishes

My newest sugar daddy has a foot fetish. He loves worshipping my feet, sucking on my toes, getting a foot job, and then cumming all over my feet. And guess what? I LOVE it! I just love the feeling of having my toes sucked and the soles of my feet licked. It feels soooo good. I love painting my toenails and putting on my sexiest pair of heels when I meet him and then seeing his eyes light up and his pants start to bulge when he sees my shoes and new pedi. Sometimes I think he likes playing with my feet more than he does fucking me. Last night he was sucking my toes and playing with my feet, an while he worshipped my feet, I rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy. I was so turned on! He gently ran the tip of his tongue from the bottom of my heel, up my sole, and to the tip of my big toe. It drove me wild! He got so aroused he took his cock out and placed it between both of my feet and began to slide it in and out. He held my feet together and fucked them while I rubbed my pussy and fingered myself. He was so turned on from having my feet on his hard cock that he was cumming in no time. He came all over my toes and the soles of my feet.


The best cock ever

cum on boobs

Above all else I love a huge black cock. One that keeps me addicted and coming for more. I like worshiping the superior dick of all dicks. There is nothing like a big chocolate cock fucking all my hoes. My Latina cunt craves it on a daily basis. I love it so much and when I get the creamy load I need it all over. Love to taste it and having cum on boobs is the hottest. I loved jerking your cock and teasing it in my mouth. Feeling that big chocolate dick grow is the best. It feels like it will never stop expanding in my mouth. No other dick has power over me like black dick does. I worship it and have to have it!

versace on the floor

Great blowjobs

Dressed up and looking like a sexy slut. I like to make that big cock cum. I love dropping that versace dress on the floor and making your cock rise. There is nothing like a hot latina willing to drain your balls. I can’t get enough of your cock and crave it every moment of the day. My husband doesn’t give it to me like you. I like to whisk away and get my tight holes filled with your cream. I get addicted each time you fuck me. I’m hooked and won’t feel bad that I am getting what I need. Instant satisfaction is what I have when I see your cock. I know it will feel good in any of my three holes.

Hot New Ride

Best phone sex

 I told my new sugar daddy that if he got me a ride, he can take a ride- if you know what I mean. 😉 Last weekend, he led me into the garage and showed me my brand-new cherry red convertible. My pussy got so wet from the site of that sexy car and I began to strip off my clothes and laid on the hood with my legs in the air. My sugar daddy loves spoiling his princess and got rock hard at the site of me enjoying myself and rubbing my trembling clit on my new car. I fondled my breasts for daddy. My pussy juice trickled down my legs and all over the hood. Daddy’s bulge became enormous and to show him my appreciation, I let him lick my cunt and suckle on my clit. I grabbed his head and shoved his face deep in my bald young pussy. His cock got so excited, I started stroking his large bulge with my bare foot- he nearly creamed his dress pants as I jerked his cock off with my feet! I decided to be a good daddy’s slut and let him fuck my tight cunt. My naked body bouncing across the hood. I tightly wrapped my legs around his waist and forced him to cum deep inside my tight pink cunt. After we finished, I made sure to lick daddy’s cock and the car’s hood clean! We both got a hot ride that night!

Foot jobs, sex ect.

Foot fetishes   My obsession with footjobs and guys who love feet all began since I was little. I saw a porn with a girl giving a guy with a large fucking cock a sexy footjob. Ever since I have fantasized about talking to a man with the same fetish. All these years I would pretend I was getting my feet touched and massaged. Oils, and more oils over my soft small feet. In between my toes, and all over my heels. I would even imagine every time I was getting a pedicure that I could stroke his cock in the salon. With that being said I noticed one of the temps at my job was giving footjobs under the meeting table. They thought I hadn’t noticed. But, I had. I calmy peaked my head on them one day. The temp giving my boss sexual favors. “I want to join” softly. I told them about my little fetish turns out its the same as theirs. I ot undressed and let them take over. They lathered me down with oils and lotions. My feet covered their bodies, and mouths. I got to stroke and smile. This was so much better then what I imagined.

Shoe and Foot Fetishes Welcum Here

foot fetishesGuys with foot fetishes are easy to spot, especially when you are shoe shopping. Sunday was spent at the mall for me. There is a high end mall in the next county that I often visit for some retail therapy. This guy I was seeing dumped me. I was honest with him that being a one man woman wasn’t really in my DNA. I like to have a main guy in my life, but I will fuck younger studs. Maybe I just have not met the right guy to make me forget about the pleasure younger guys can give me? Anyway, I was at this expensive shoe store trying on shoes that could feed a third world with their price tag. I love shoes. I have a pair of sexy shoes for every outfit, then I have shoes I have bought outfits to go with because I loved them so much. I saw a handsome older gentleman looking at me intently. He didn’t work there. He was too nicely dressed. Honestly, I thought he was looking at the young girl next to me trying on shoes once I noticed her there. He had sugar daddy written all over him. I am a hot sexy woman, but I am a little old for a sugar daddy. There was no doubt once he approached me and offered to buy my shoes. The ones I wanted were too expensive for my budget, but if he was paying, I was in. I knew there would be a catch. Men don’t just buy a random stranger a pair of $5,000 shoes without a catch. He just wanted to watch me walk in them and of course he wanted a foot job.  I figured if his wallet was that big, his cock was small. It was just a day of surprises for me. He had a huge cock. So big in fact, it made my size 8 feet look small. He didn’t last long with my sexy pampered feet wrapped around his cock. He said I gave him the best foot job period. If a guy buys you an expensive pair of shoes you have coveted for a long time, a sexy babe should give one hell of a foot job. He is talking me shopping next weekend. I see more foot jobs in his future.

Tutor slut

naughty teacherI have been offering tutor sessions for those who I feel need extra one on one help with a naughty teacher like me. I know it’s hard to resist my hot young latina body. I want to prey on the boys on the football team. Even though they are only a few years younger than me it makes me feel so empowered to get them to do everything in their power to score some time alone with this sexy Spanish teacher. I will show you how to master more than basic latin root words. I know you will be focused on me the whole time. I feel the best when I have a nice rock hard cock in all my holes.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesGuys with foot fetishes are easy to spot. My daughter was in town this weekend and we went shopping. She needed some new clothes for college and stuff, so I took her on a shopping spree. We both became aware of a man watching us at the shoe store. We go to this local high-end shoe store that fits you personally for shoes. No Payless crappy shoes for us. My daughter is a GFE, she knows how to milk men. She started flirting with him with her feet. Poor loser, couldn’t take his eyes off her feet. I decided that what she needed to do was tell him if he bought our shoes, we would give him a foot show.  Of course, since he was buying, we racked up quite the bill. I bought a few pairs for myself too. We all went back to my place and as agreed, we tried on the shoes for him. This poor bastard was worshiping our feet. We even had him sucking the heels of our Jimmy Choos. He was super pathetic. Two hot women in front of him and all he cared about was worshiping our feet. Rich losers, however, are the best kind of losers. I asked him to show me his little dick. I knew he had one. Just as I suspected, his dick was smaller than my foot. Small dick humiliation was called for with Mr. Foot Fetish. I modeled how to do it for my daughter, but she didn’t need my lead. Hell, she was better at shaming him than me. He got off on it too. The poor bastard came on my new expensive Jimmy Choo’s, so I made him lick his own cum off them. I get you have a shoe and foot fetish, but don’t you dare ruin a pair of designer shoes. We made him tribute us too. I know he paid for our shoes, but that was because we are superior to him. The cash was for the hour of our time he wasted being a loser.

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