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Foot Fetishes

foot fetishes

My feet have been neglected all week long. Won’t you be a good boy and show them some attention? I love to have them worshiped, massaged and licked for hours. I also have a nice selection of sexy shoes that I may or may not try on and model for you. That all depends on you. The more time you give my feet, the greater your rewards will be. I hope you like painting toes too, because I need a fresh coat. I’ll let you pick the color though. The more experienced you are with feet, the better so I hope you come with a good track record and a handful of stories you can share with me as you cater to my heels and toes. They especially loved to be sucked. Take your time working your lips and your tongue around each and every freshly pedicured toe. Don’t keep a girl and her beautiful feet waiting. You’re one of many out there with foot fetishes. I just hope you’re worthy enough for mine.


Bring me your kinky fetishes

Foot FetishesLook at my perfectly pedicured little toes, just begging for foot fetishes. I love it when you give me a nice foot rub, with your tongue. It tickles so good and makes me super horny. Your little tongue wrapping around each and every one of my cute little toes. If you suck on that one right beside my big one. Omg that feels amazing. It makes my little clit throb so hard. Come taste my wet pussy, your tongue always drives me crazy. Set back and relax, it’s my turn to work you up. I’ll wrap my little feet around that big throbbing cock and give you a nice foot job, does that feel good? I know you love it when I get a little kinky for you. I’ll rub my soft sweet feet up and down that engorged meat stick, till you blow that huge load all over them. I want you to cover them with your creamy jizz. Mm nice and warm! Do you have a foot fetish you want to share with me? Or maybe something even more kinky? I would love to hear from you. Kinky is my middle name and I love living my kinky fetishes out with you.

My Boyfriend is not Enough

Mutual masturbation stories

I had a show this weekend it was a private show. I remember being super fucking horny and having to dance in front of all those guys I was going to have to get my rocks off. My boyfriend was worried he thought that I would fuck them all because, after all, that is the kind of girl that I was before I met him. Secretly I must say that’s still the kind of girl that I am today, but I gave my boyfriend a chance to satisfy me. He took me right in the dressing room he took all of my clothes off and my panties off with his teeth. He started to lick my pussy so deep and so good I thought he was looking for family members. I rode his face like a cowgirl, and believe me; my boyfriend loves to eat my soft yummy cunt box. I had to go down and suck his cock because he ate my pussy out so good. I took his cock out of his jeans and started working on it like a crazy Beast. I sucked his cock and his balls and made them feel like I was their best friend. Soon my boyfriend’s cock was hard as steel. He bent me over my vanity desk and started to fuck me doggy style ramming his cock in and out of my soft wet pussy. I loved it; it was so intense. The sad thing for my boyfriend is when I got in the room and started dancing for all of those guys, those horny guys I had to give them some of my cunt box. I’m a nasty whore; I can’t help myself I love to have a good time. I want to have a good time with you right now make your move.


Naked In Your Kitchen

coed phone sex

There wasn’t much you could do this Sunday when this coed slut showed up in your kitchen making us pancakes. Your family was out at church and then a picnic. You are a bad boy who chose to stay home so he could see his sexy neighbor tend her rose garden in a tiny dress with her ass showing. I really should not have tempted you flashing my ass and pretty bald pussy all those times. I felt bad and when I saw everyone leave but you, I scrambled over and let myself in. It wasn’t long until you were down with some lotion and tissues expecting to jack off to me. Instead, I did a sexy strip tease and showed you all my naked body even my cute tiny size six manicured feet. I through My arms around you pushed you against the counter and used my talented mouth to suck and lick your shaft until You forcefully picked me up and fucked me against the counter as the pancakes burned. I took all your cum load and gave you a deep kiss as I ran out the side door to my house as your wife and brats pulled up. Have fun explaining those burnt pancakes and smell of sex in the air baby!


2 Girl Phone Sex

2 girl phone sex

What happens when you combine your Ebony princess with your ivory whore? It’s double the pleasure that’s what it is. Imagine having not one, but two hot and slutty women there to indulge your every fantasy and desire. There’s not one single fetish we won’t entertain.

You wouldn’t believe how sweet her pussy tastes. You’d like to imagine it at least. Her moans are so sweet and sultry, but they get quite a bit louder as I slip my tongue deep into her dripping wet cunt. Wouldn’t you like to stand behind as I’m on my hands and knees, showing you my pretty little pussy, as she has her sexy thighs spread around my face while I finger and tease her clit? Well it doesn’t stop there. We are both extremely open minded and versatile. Part of the fun is switching roles.

We met when we were both call girls for one summer to pay our way through college. It’s amazing how many slutty escapades the two of us accumulated over just that summer alone. I always preferred when we were hired by clients as a pair. The sex was always so fucking hot. She taught me the real techniques of sucking cock. I’ll never forget that very first time we shared a cock together. He came so fucking much in my mouth, that she calmly yet excitedly said ‘It’s okay, babe. Let me have some of it.’ His warm cum was swimming around our writhing tongues as we enjoyed a wet little kiss for a few minutes.

Don’t let her sophisticated face deceive you. I have seen countless loads of cum dripping from that gorgeous face and let me tell you that she looks even sexier when she’s drenched in cum. My favorite part is being the one to lick it all up.

We both love forced orgasms, both giving and receiving. She also loves leaving deep red hand prints all over my ass.

What would you have in store if you had these two sluts all to yourself?

beautiful ebony pussy

Foot Fetishes friendly

foot fetishesI love it when my Johns worship and kiss my feet. I have one John who is in love with my feet while in a pair of sexy stiletto heels. He even likes to fuck me in them. Everytime I see him we do a line of coke and then I bend over a table or chair and he fucks me from the back. After that I climb on the table on all fours and he grabs my heels and rams his thick white dick inside of this tight brown pussy. I swear he watches my shoes and feet the whole time we are fucking. After he makes me cum he flips me over and yanks my expensive heels off of my feet. Of course I let him because I know he will just buy me some more. I play with my pussy and rub on my clit while he kisses and worships my feet until I squirt my cum all over his face.

Foot fetishes

foot fetishes

I have a new interest in foot fetishes. I think it would be so sexy for a man to lick and suck on my toes and I stroke his cock and tell him how good he’s making my little toes feel. I would love to rub my feet all over a mans cock and get him to cum using just my sexy arches. I have such cute feet and I always get compliments on my pretty toes. I think it would be a perfect match to find a guy who with a foot fetish to let me rub my feet all over his face and drive him crazy while I stroke his cock. I would love for him to smell my toes and tell me how sweet they smell after being in my high heels all day at the office.  Iwalk around all day so they are all sweaty and aching when I get home. I would love to have a guy rub them and worship them.

Teacher Has naughty Foot Fetishes

foot fetishes

I love having a teacher with foot fetishes as his main kink! He is just so naughty. He lets me dominate him in my cute schoolgirl uniform and my striped knee socks. I love to play with his cock under his desk, as I am always on his naughty list and I talk way too much. So, I have to sit by him when it comes to doing quizzes and such. I slip off my smelly shoes and trace his zipper for so long. Today he said I had to stay after school. It was the very first day back! I grinned as he locked the door and pulled the shades down. I had fun teasing Mr. Naughty teacher as I ran around the room opening my shirt and flashing him my tight bald cunt. I jumped on his shoulders and held his eyes and mouth shut as my smelly knee socks pumped his cock for cum! I laughed at the cum stains and unrolled my socks and threw them at him as I left! I love being a saucy seductress at a young age! He will be begging for more, Just like you baby!

Making a Sissy Maid

Forced Feminization

I love when I get the chance to turn a man into just a little sissy who caters to my every whim. My newest plaything is just too adorable, we play dress up into the cutest little frilly dresses complete with stockings, panties and training bras! He said that he wanted to do anything to make me happy so today we are turning him into a little sissy maid for me to use! I found a cute and sexy little French maid outfit, short skirt and thigh high white stockings made him look perfect! I ordered him to draw me a nice hot bubble bath and he sat at the edge of the tub and washed my feet and legs, then my arms and back, since he was so good I let him wash my chest too. Then he carefully washed my hair, it felt so good to be catered upon! Since he did so good taking care of me that I even let him have some fun after I had dried off. I rubbed his little cock through the fabric of his panties until he came right in them!

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesLet’s talk about a fetish that I know a you are really into, shall we?  Foot Fetishes are so hot! I love How much I get off with so hard during our feet calls! Let’s indulge your nylon and stocking fetishes as well shall we? Lovely feet and legs wrapped in silky material. Jack off on my legs and feet as I rub my soft kitty for you. Don’t you want these sexy feet and legs jerking you off? Foot worship is something that you will be doing to these beautiful legs and toes. Suck each toe right through my Pantyhose. Touching and tasting my sexy feet and legs makes your cock so hard. You will be leaking precum with me letting you lavish attention all over my lower body. But Don’t you worry I will take care of that cock! I will peel these hose right off and wrap them around your heavy cock and balls. Then I will use them jerk you off while I am sucking the tip of your cock! I know that feels so smooth and silky unlike any sensation you have ever felt on your cock and balls before! Come and let me be your sexy babe Tonight. I am waiting!


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