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Luckiest Magic stick

cum on boobsCum on boobs on st. Paddys. I have been fucking a cute young thing from the neighborhood. I love college boys, and they sure love my latina ass. I get all giddy and excited knowing my husband will be away. I can spend my time plotting and getting ready to fuck for the whole weekend. I let the cute neighbor boy take me to an st — paddy college party. I was going to look hot as ever and give the girls tens years my junior a run for there money. I may be knocking on the dirty thirty, but I still look like I just graduated.I went with intentions of making the girls jealous and making my guy for the night the luckiest of them all. All eyes were on me, and I love attention, so I was there for a while. I was grinding and dancing with my cute neighbor, and I could feel what he was packing in his pants. Lucky me! That dick was nothing to play with, This sweet boy had a monster cock, and I wanted that more than anything. I could feel him grow desperate and wanted to head out and go to my place. Neither of us could take it any longer; I wanted that magic stick in all my slits. It was his luckiest day because I was going to let him ram my tight ass. I knew he had a hot ass fetish and I was going to give him what he wanted most.


ass fetish

Sexy babe wont be tamed

Sexy babeI sneak in big dick men in the house. I am a sexy babe that loves a real man’s cock. I have made it clear that I won’t be tamed. I have always been a lover of the more exceptional things in life, and while my husband can provide financially, I need to be satisfied sexually. My cunt is always wet and ready. I have fucked so many of my husband’s employees and even family members. No one is off limits. If I see someone that will deliver me great orgasms, I make my way. I know I should be much more of a Stepford wife, but I am not that. I won’t settle for a tiny dick. My pussy needs to fucked and stretched oh so well.

Latina phone sex with the best

latina phone sex

Papi wants to have fun have latina phone sex again. 😉 Let me show you my assets and make you weak in the knees.

My sexy body and holes are all yours to play with; I love to worship you and make you happy. I am yours for the night and possibly every night.

I want to play my cards right and show you how grateful I am to have you devour every inch of my body. I want to feel you take control of me and use me to your liking. I know my tight ass has your cock growing and ready to pop out. I cant wait to rub and tug on it and lick the head and tip. Feel my tongue flicker all over and watch me spread my legs and rub my clit. I know it drives you crazy when I moan and call you Papi. You are this latinas master. I want you to fuck me raw and let me build up the biggest cum load. I wish it all over me.
Most importantly let me have a taste because I have a sweet tooth for your candy rain. My mouth full of cum is the treat I been waiting on. Great blowjobs are the best with this Spanish slut.

great blowjobs

Best Phone Sex Therapy W/ Rebecca

If the best phone sex is what you seek for that unrealistic fantasy desire that works your mind and masturbation moments into an endless loop and frenzy then I should be able to assist you. My way to offer therapy is to not really judge you but maybe humiliate you a little and bring you down to the reality that you may not be manly for a reason. You need to come to terms about your sexuality maybe and just cannot get a handle on the fact that your cock is not a real cock, and certainly not one that women desire. If it’s something else that gets you worked up we can discuss that as well, especially if it has to do with that hot young daughter of your girlfriends that you know you could please if you only got the nerves or chance to.

Best Phone Sex

Valentines day and cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sex

My short dick significant other needs to learn his lesson. Poor guy thought this valentines day he would get lucky and get to fuck all night. I’m sorry love but only real men get to ride this ride. I have no problem shutting you down and making you my cuckold phone sex slave while you are far away. I know you work hard to treat me like a princess and spoil me rotten. Too bad your dick lacks luster. I like all the fine things. You should know that by now. You didn’t get the trophy wife off your looks. I would of thought god of thrown you a bone and at least would make your cock a decent size. You are a pathetic joke and while every couple is getting romantic on valentines you are stuck watching me get pumped and fucked by real cock. You can surely be the cleanup system.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. I have sexy feet and I enjoy showing them off. I have no problem encouraging a man with a foot fetish. My girlfriends and I were out last night at a dance club. Earlier in the day, we got spa treatments, which included pedicures. It was a warm night for January, so I wore strappy sandals instead of boots. The security guy at the club had MILF fever. He followed us around all night. He was reserved, didn’t say much, but he didn’t take his eyes off our feet. I knew what was going on. Finally, I was like enough is enough. I whispered in his ear if he wanted a foot job. He got an instant boner. He was not like most men with a foot fetish. He had a nice cock. He just liked feet as well as pussy. He took me to the security room. I had no idea it was there because it looks like a mirror on the wall, but I guess it was like cop stations. It was a 2-way mirror so he could monitor what was going on in the club. I sat in a chair with a bird’s eye view of the club while I wrapped my feet around his 8 -inch cock. I enjoyed watching people dance while my feet caressed his thick boner. His cock felt good against my newly polished feet. He came quickly. He said he forced himself to cum that quickly because he had to get back to work. Maybe that was true, or maybe it was the power of my sexy feet. He gave me a VIP pass to use for the future, so I never have to wait to get into the club. He loves a sexy babe with equally sexy feet. I like a man with connections and a big cock. It was a win-win for us both.

Suck On My Own Pussy

Fantasy phone sexI wish I could suck and lick on my own hairy pussy. My pussy looks so juicy and I know it tastes good. I always put my fingers in mouth after I make myself squirt everywhere. I have such a sweet tasting pussy I want to munch on it several times a day. But the best I can do is scoop up my juices with my fingers. But I often dream about being able to bend over and suckle on my pussy. Licking my pussy lips and flickering my own clit with my tongue. I dream about slithering my tongue in and out of my fuck hole. I dream about shoving three of my fingers deep in making me squirt directly into my mouth. I wake up from these dreams and my bed is a huge sloppy wet mess. I look down at my pussy and just see my juices dripping off of me. It makes me sad and jealous that I can not munch on my own pussy as others can.

Femdom Phone Sex: Worship Me, Scum.

Femdom Phone Sex

   So, as some may be familiar I was doing coursework and it got so consuming I had to take a break. Well! That became a whole other ordeal and I am now insanely addicted to being the dominant seductress I was born to be. A couple of good friends took me to this fetish party and they got me to play Mistress a few times and it felt so exhilarating and pleasing to stand over these groveling men begging me to allow them to worship me. Now this is where it’s at and these Femdom sessions got me so free of the aggression and stress of Finals that I just fucking ditched the school gig and I found my calling. I do therapy sessions and always open to some kinky or naughty fetishes, but what I may love most right now is to get into some Femdoming your sweet ass.


Cum Bath

Fantasy phone sexI brought a guy home last night from the bar. I wish I could tell you his name but I don’t remember. All I know was he was a fine looking 22-year-old with a washboard stomach. He was with a bunch of buddies of his drinking and acting like young bucks do. I zoned in on him and started flirting with him. He was totally digging the Milf all over him. His buddies were jealous as I gave all my attention to their friend. I invited him back to my house for a fun night in Ready Ramona. I let him drive me back to my place so I could get a sweet taste of his cock in my mouth. His precum squirting all in my wet mouth. His precum just made me more hungry for more of him. When we finally made it back to my house which seemed to take forever. We rushed into my house and I brought him right into my bedroom. I stripped down naked and got him naked also. The way he was gawking at my body was such a turn on for me making my pussy start to squirt. He said to me in that young eager voice. “I am going to fuck all your holes but I am saving my cum for your big tits.” I love a good cum bath bring it on!

Suck my toes while you fuck me

Foot fetishes

Want to hear a secret? Few things get me hotter than when a man sucks on my toes. If you want to make me squeal and wriggle underneath you while you fuck me, the key is to suck on my toes. I want to place my ankles on your shoulders while you stand above me with your hard cock inside of me. As you thrust in and out of me, I want you to take each of my toes into your mouth and suck them. Run your tongue from the base of my heel to the tip of my big toe, flicking it on the soft delicate skin of the soles of my feet. This sends me into ecstasy, and sends chills throughout my body. I arch my back as you suck on my sensitive and polished toes. I cum hard as you suck and nibble on them. It feels so good that I beg for you to fuck me harder and cum inside me. “Cum in me,” I whisper into your ear over and over as you thrust in and out of me. I feel you bury yourself deep inside of me and then feel your cock begin to pulse and throb as you fill me up with your seed. I lay back, satisfied and panting.

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