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Mutual masturbation stories are my favorite!

mutual masturbation storiesMutual masturbation stories are so hot don’t you think? Well, have I ever got a good one for you! See, I’ve been seeing this guy for a little while now but he’s been out of town for like three weeks now and I miss him like crazy! So I got online with him last night so we could masturbate together and by the end I had came like four times. He wanted to see me fuck my ass with a vibrator and it felt so fucking good! I felt so naughty slipping that vibrator up my ass like that, any moment someone could have walked in my room and caught me but that didn’t stop me from loudly telling him how much I like it. He was stroking his cock and encouraging me to go deeper, harder, faster! We were both breathless and sweating with our hearts pounding and legs jumping when we finally came together. We made a huge mess all over the place but it was so worth it! It was the best sex I had had in a while that’s for sure!

Country Girls Make Do

Sexy babe

Growing up in the south, my parents tried to raise me to be a sweet proper southern girl. They couldn’t stop their daughter from being a cock hungry slut though. As soon as I blossomed, men and boys started to notice me and they all wanted to taste me like a Georgia peach. I used to sneak boys into my room at night and try to quietly fuck them without mama and daddy hearing and chasing him off. Other times, I would get so horny I would have to come up with my own ways to entertain myself. I didn’t have access to dildos or vibrators like city girls do, so I had to improvise. My favorite way to get myself off was using stuff like corn cobs or cucumbers to fuck myself. I would rub my clit until my pussy was nice and wet, and then slowly stick the big vegetable into my pussy and fuck myself hard and fast with it. I would squirt so much that my sheets would be soaking wet!

Soaking Wet

I’ve noticed how you look at me from outside of your apartment window every time I go to the pool and lay out to tan, or take a swim. You don’t realize that I can see you masturbate while you watch me. Finally, I got up the courage to put on more of a show today went I went out to the pool. I left my bikini at the lounge chair and went for a little swim. I came out right in front of your bedroom window where you were jerking off, and showed you my soaking wet body. I looked right at you as I started playing with my wet pussy and ass. I smiled at you as we masturbated there at the same time watching each other. SO hot!Mutual masturbation stories

Exhibitionist Whore

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Sometimes I feel so damn hot and horny! I simply cannot help myself sometimes, I love sex and playing with my hot bald wet pussy seems to be my only cure. Luckily, I always make sure to tote around my favorite fuck toys when I need a quick fix. Early today while using my sugar daddy’s credit card to shop, I felt so fucking wet and horny. My creamy wet pussy practically leaked through my panties.

I couldn’t take it longer! I spotted an empty park bench and decided it was the perfect time to pleasure my throbbing wet cunt. The look on passerby’s faces made me even wetter as I pumped my creamy cunt with my favorite dildo. I bit my lip in pleasure as a small crowd of horny men gathered around me enjoying the little show I was putting on. I was in such a state of ecstasy, I didn’t even realize that they began clapping when I squirted all over the bench!

I’m a Cheater

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Fuck you, you stupid piece of shit, who the fuck do you think you are you think you deserve to have sex with me. Guess what I’m not ever going to fuck you. I’m always going to take you right to the point of losing control, and then I’m going to get up and fucking leave. If you happen to be at my house, I am going to kick your ass the fuck out because you don’t mean shit to me you’re just a paycheck. I mean really who do you think you are with your small little dick you can’t even make me scream you make me mad. I can’t stand you I tried to like you, but it’s just not possible you’re so arrogant for nothing. You and your little bitty pink dick means nothing you should be in a dress you fucking sissy I should have a strap-on making you scream. You’re not a winner you’re a fucking loser a nobody, a complete nothing and you think you deserve me. For some reason I’m at a loss I cannot understand how someone like you could feel that you deserve someone like me. I love sex I love having sex I love one night stands I love being a dirty fucking whore, but you make me feel so bored. You can’t keep your little cock up for more than 10 minutes it’s disgusting it’s embarrassing, and it doesn’t turn me on loser. I’ve had enough of you. I am going to fuck your brother I’m going to let him suck my pussy, and I’m going to make you eat all of his creamy cum From my cum guzzling cunt. Your brother has been looking at my tight ass for so long he’s been telling me how he wants to bite my ass right in front of your face. Your brother calls you a wimp, and I do believe him he told me how he could fuck me for hours, and he’d love to put it on videotape I’m down for it. I’m going to suck his dick so fucking good that you’re going to feel it except for you’re not going to be getting it. I know that you deserve punishment for being so arrogant and stupid for thinking that you deserve sex from me and you’re never going to get it.

Lights Off

Mutual Maturbation stories

My Sister phoned me last night and I want to share an experience she just had with you.  She in on one of those dating sites, and this one man whom she has been talking to for a while now asked her if she would be okay with going to dinner with him.  She said yes as she has mentioned him many times to me and was waiting for him to ask.  She said she was so very excited.

She spent the day shopping for a new dress, she got her nails and hair done, and bought some new heels.  She very much wanted to impress him because he was rather handsome.  I had seen a few pics of him, and yes, he is indeed handsome.  She showed up to the restaurant on time and he was waiting outside for her.  She said she was so happy to see him.  They had a great dinner, and one thing lead to another and they ended up back at his place.

They ended up in the bedroom together.  He undressed her and she went to undress him and he stopped her and said that he would be right back.  He went into the bathroom and yelled out that she could get comfy on his bed.  She thought it was a little weird but she climbed into his bed and waited.  He came out wearing a robe and then promptly shut the lights out. Not just that, but he closed the curtains all the way so it was pitch black in the bedroom.  My Sister said this sent up a lot of red flags, but he didn’t stop to pick anything up, or linger, he got right into bed, so my Sister relaxed.

They started to kiss, he was fingering her a little bit, but each time she went to grab his cock he would intercept her hand and push it away.  My Sister told me it was really starting to piss her off, and it was ruining the mood.  She finally pushed him away, got out of bed and turned on the lights.  He quickly pulled the blanket up.  She said she marched over to the bed, pulled back the blanket and immediately started to laugh so hard she almost peed. 

She told me that he was so small that it was almost non-existent.  When she was laughing, it would do this little wiggle thing, which caused her to laugh more.  He was so embarrassed, she got dressed and left.  She said while she was outside getting into her car he was looking at her from his bedroom window and she could tell he was jacking off, or at least trying to because there really wasn’t anything there.  I told her that SPH is a fetish. I explained it to her and she basically said that if he just wanted that she would of sent him my way. 

I love Sucking Your Cum-Filled Cock


Latina phone sex

I love being in the company of Felix late at night turning over and taking his cream-filled dick and making it my own. I crave Felix, he means so fucking much to me and my dripping steaming hot cum guzzling cunt. I woke up early this morning I gave him a kiss on his sexy tight beautiful belly. Felix is a 6ft4 Adonis with rock hard abs and arms as big as my thighs. Felix loves to take me out shopping he buys me whatever I look at in the mall I mean I literally cannot turn to look at an item for longer than 3 seconds without him purchasing it. I played hard to get with Felix for so long, and now I’m wondering why, well I do know why because I wanted to make him hungry after me. Now that I have finally given in to his persuasion I feel more than gratified because he is an excellent lover in bed. Last night Felix ate my cunt as no other man has ever eaten me before he put his entire all into the actions that he was taking on my body. I didn’t think of tongue could go so deep inside of my cum guzzling cunt so fucking hard, but I guess that’s what I get for thinking. Felix ate my asshole he even stuck his nose into my wet pussy I mean he didn’t forget to touch any part of me. I was so satisfied with how he fucked me vicious Lee and ate my cunt, but I decided I had to return the favor by giving him the best head that he ever had. I’d like to think of myself as a blow job Queen, and I blew his cock to kingdom come when I was done he had no more liquid left. I get the job done, and Felix has a huge fat dick and every time I looked down I noticed that his toes were curling up as tight as a ball. He kept screaming almost like crying congratulating me telling me what a good job that I was doing when he was legible to speak anyway. After I got finished sucking Felix talk until he could barely breathe I took a warm towel and cleaned him up. Felix Lane motionless in the bed sighing softly only to find out that was the first round

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Sexy Women Masturbating

sexy women masturbating

Sexy women masturbating is what he loves, so I gave him a show. I wanted to fuck him, but he is off limits because he is married to my best friend. She knows he is into me, and she is okay with the flirting, just no fucking. I was over at her place last night to go out. We were gussied up and he was hard as a rock at our appearance. My friend is such a sexy bad ass. She told her husband to stroke his cock for us. He wouldn’t do it unless we played with our pussies for him. My friend and I lifted our pretty dresses, exposed our bald pussies and started rubbing our clits. My sexy ass friend teased her husband for his crush. He said he could look but not touch. He started stroking faster, we started rubbing faster. He had a nice cock. It was a shame that my friend insisted he was off limits to my pussy. We all had a hard cum, which was just what we needed. Why masturbate alone when you can jack off with a couple sexy hot women?

Attention Whore

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Today I went to meet a new sugar daddy at his condo in the city. He led me into his home office, touching my ass and rubbing my big tits and sat me down. We were chit chatting over my allowances and his “sugar,” when suddenly he got a call from his daughter’s school. I hate being interrupted and I certainly do not tolerate getting left alone. I demand attention and cock! He was taking forever talking to his brat’s principal so I decided to strip naked and show him what was really more important. He stammered on the phone and I could tell that his meaty cock was beginning to stand at attention.

I then grabbed my trusty vibrator from my purse and laid across his desk, pushing off the paperwork and shit off of it. I then spread my pussy open exposing my throbbing, wet pink pussy to him and began fucking myself in front of him. After all, if he won’t satisfy me, I will. I dripped pussy juice all over his mahogany desk and moaned loudly. He couldn’t take it anymore, he dropped the phone and furiously ravaged my cock hungry holes. I bet the brat’s principal stayed on the line to listen to us fucking.

Sexy GFE

GFE phone sexYou’ll never regret making me yours. Yeah I may not be incredible cheap to own but I know what I’m doing. Honestly look at me I know how much my time is worth. I may be a bit bratty but consider the way I make those pesky troubles of yours float away with a single touch. Consider the excitement you feel thinking about my pretty hazel eyes looking up at you while I have a mouthful of your cock. It is hard to contain myself sometimes when I really am a big cock loving whore. I love teasing a nice long shaft, with my soft lips kissing and sucking on smooth swollen head. But you’ll found that out yourself once you get my full undivided attention, won’t you?

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