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My hot girlfriend he says

Sexy girlfriend porn

There is nothing more better than spending your entire evening sucking your boyfriend’s cock on a Saturday. Sure I could be doing a million and one things. As a matter of fact I had a million and one things to do. Lately I have been neglecting my boyfriend. All I do is go to work then school. So I decided to dedicate my whole entire day to him Do you want to know what I did for him? Well take a look above. I sucked his dick all day long. Every time he would cum in my mouth I would swallow. Of course his dick got limp so I decided to tease and play with his balls until he got on hard again. He kept calling out my name every time he came. I must of did a hell of a job pleasing him. He referred to me as his Hot sexy girlfriend to every one he knew. Usually he just calls me Divina. I will have to please my man like this more often. It felt inspiring to have a dick in my mouth all day long. As if that was what my mouth was made for.

My Boyfriend is not Enough

Mutual masturbation stories

I had a show this weekend it was a private show. I remember being super fucking horny and having to dance in front of all those guys I was going to have to get my rocks off. My boyfriend was worried he thought that I would fuck them all because, after all, that is the kind of girl that I was before I met him. Secretly I must say that’s still the kind of girl that I am today, but I gave my boyfriend a chance to satisfy me. He took me right in the dressing room he took all of my clothes off and my panties off with his teeth. He started to lick my pussy so deep and so good I thought he was looking for family members. I rode his face like a cowgirl, and believe me; my boyfriend loves to eat my soft yummy cunt box. I had to go down and suck his cock because he ate my pussy out so good. I took his cock out of his jeans and started working on it like a crazy Beast. I sucked his cock and his balls and made them feel like I was their best friend. Soon my boyfriend’s cock was hard as steel. He bent me over my vanity desk and started to fuck me doggy style ramming his cock in and out of my soft wet pussy. I loved it; it was so intense. The sad thing for my boyfriend is when I got in the room and started dancing for all of those guys, those horny guys I had to give them some of my cunt box. I’m a nasty whore; I can’t help myself I love to have a good time. I want to have a good time with you right now make your move.


Dress Up Time

sissy maid training

 Let’s play dress up.

I have always loved playing with dolls as a little girl and well, I guess I never really got over it. I have a gigantic walk in closet full of every piece of clothing a sissy like you could ever hope to wear. So many sexy panties, lingerie, dresses, pantyhose, make up and most of all shoes! Soo many sexy heels to choose from. We can dress you up really elegantly, slutty or even super girly. That’s my personal favorite to be honest. Putting your wig up in pigtails and bows. Adding some pink lipstick and of course a frilly pair of panties. Doesn’t it make you feel ever so precious and beautiful? Don’t tell me that you don’t have an outfit already picked out, because I know a sissy slut like you thinks about it daily.

We could even make it a themed party or something. Like sissy maid training.


Milf phone sex

Milf phone sex

For my step son’s birthday this year, I gave him an extra special gift. I told him I would let him fuck me and he could invite one friend over to join in. He was so excited and I knew exactly who he was going to bring. He has a guy friend on the basketball team that has been wanting to fuck me since they met. I know how freaky my step son is. He wants to watch his friend fuck Mommy, so that he can stroke his cock and watch me get filled with cum. Once his friend fucked me hard over and over and filled me with his hot sticky mess, they both got behind me and slid their cocks in at the same time. One cock in my asshole and one in my cum filled pussy. I loved feeling so full with both of them inside of me. They fucked me hard in all of my fuck holes and filled me over and over. I loved them using me like a cum whore. I begged them to give me more cum. I think he had a great birthday.

Lesbians like dick 2

lesbian phone sex

You see I have a girlfriend. I love me some pussy. I could pretty much eat pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have a girlfriend and her name is Lola. She is a fine sexy thing with a fat juicy pussy. My favorite thing to do to her is slide my fingers inside her cunt and take them out just to taste her juices. Mmmmhmmm does she taste good! Often times we enjoy a nice dick in the mix. It balances everything out. One day the maintenance man icane out to work on a plumbing issue in our condo. Before he got there we were already about to fuck. I was just about to bump my pussy and ride hers when the doorbell rang. We welcomed him in butt ass naked. He was in shock but he grabbed his dick like he wanted in on the fun. Next thing I know he has my  keg up on the counter fucking the shit out og my juicy brown wet pussy, Lola is there watching waiting for her turn. Her mouth watering to taste my pussyjuices on his dick. my pussy is dripping just thinking about it. As you can see every lesbian couple enjoys a dick every now and then.

Foot Fetishes friendly

foot fetishesI love it when my Johns worship and kiss my feet. I have one John who is in love with my feet while in a pair of sexy stiletto heels. He even likes to fuck me in them. Everytime I see him we do a line of coke and then I bend over a table or chair and he fucks me from the back. After that I climb on the table on all fours and he grabs my heels and rams his thick white dick inside of this tight brown pussy. I swear he watches my shoes and feet the whole time we are fucking. After he makes me cum he flips me over and yanks my expensive heels off of my feet. Of course I let him because I know he will just buy me some more. I play with my pussy and rub on my clit while he kisses and worships my feet until I squirt my cum all over his face.

Squirting Mutual Maturbation Stories

mutual masturbation storiesMutual Masturbation stories are the hottest.  I love it when my callers tell this princess slut exactly how to touch my pussy for them. It is so hot; my pussy is getting wet thinking about it. I am told what color of thongs to pick out of my drawer. Slut red it is tonight. Matching high heels are demanded. I feel so sexy. I am asked to make sure my hair is up. I look in the mirror And I know I’m the perfect piece of phone ass for him. He says sit my whore ass on the edge of the bed. “Spread your legs wide, slip your fingers in your panties and spread your sweet pussy lips for me.” I do as I told, I am soaking wet. I am lead through playing with my pussy. We even pick out a nice purple dildo together and I fuck myself silly for him. He tells me how much gooey precum is oozing out of his hard ten-inch cock for me. Rubbing my clit so hard as I squirt this time when he tells me he is shooting his load into his girlfriends’ panties. I love my hot nasty men who love when we get to cum together and my tiny body is racked with pleasure. This shaved wet pussy needs a nice big juicy cock to suck and fuck right now.

Mutual masturbation stories

Mutual masturbation storiesI knew he was there watching me through the fence that separates our back yards. I could not see him but I could hear him jacking off. I pretended not to hear his grunts. I was catching the sun in my birthday suit to avoid tan lines. I was laying on my tummy tanning my backside first. And about 20 minutes into the sun beating down on my bare body I could hear his soft but not so soft grunts on the other side of that fence. He was a young teen at that age where his dick is always in his hand and hard. Just the thought of him being there jerking off to my naked body really turned me on. I wanted him to see how turned on I was. I rolled over onto my back spreading my legs so the sun hit my pussy juices making my pussy shine like gold. My thighs opened up giving a bullseye shot of probably the first pussy he has seen in real life. His grunts got louder as I started to thrust my fingers in and out of my pussy. I was moaning myself I almost forgot he was there as I began to squirt all over my blanket I was laying on.

Is That Cock Worth Edging?

edgeplay phone sex

I know that you guys usually masturbate as fast as you can. A means to an end kind of thing.  But I bet you don’t realize that if you just take your time and do a little bit of edging, your orgasms will be much stronger and more intense.

When you call me for edging phone sex, you will need to call me for a pretty long call so that we can do it properly. I will be working you up to the edge of an orgasm repeatedly. You will be so turned on that you’ll be begging me to let you cum, but it’s not going to happen. You will be allowed to cum only when I tell you and not a second sooner. Trust me when I say that it will improve your orgasms. Both the ones when you’re jerking off and when you’re fucking a woman.

Are you ready for me to teach you how to edge you your way to a mind-blowing orgasm? Call me!

Coed Phone Sex in the Shower

coed phone sexTeen sex is so awesome, especially in my shower! I just love my shower time! I love getting my body all soaped up, playing with my baby titties and my sweet, little pussy. I always use the hand-held shower massager all over my body, but I especially love that water pressure on my clitty. Makes me cum every time! I also love making myself cum, and leaving the massager on my pussy so I can immediately cum again. I do this over and over, sometimes staying in the shower for over an hour!

Sometimes, I bring my pink, little dildo in the shower with me. I love feeling the water pulsate down my body, into my sweet pussy, and working that dildo in and out of my tight, little slit. I always fantasize about cock when I’m in the shower. My best fantasy I think about is bending over in the shower to shave my legs, and having you surprise me by getting in without my knowing. Then, feeling your nice, rock hard cock up against my ass really gets me going! I love it when you force yourself on me, shoving your big rod up inside me. Feeling the nice, warm water cascading down my body as you fuck me, is the best feeling ever!  These 2 hour long showers are my favorite!  Wanna get wet with me?

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