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I will do anything for You

GFE phone sex


I will do some crazy things to make the man that I love and want happy. I don’t have any limits when it comes to that special guy in my life as long as he keeps our sexual endeavors a secret we will have an experience every time. I want to take all my clothes off slowly every sexy piece of cloth. I know that it’s turning that special man on to be treated like a king like he’s the most important man in the world and that’s what I aim to do. After my clothes are all off of me, I’ll crawl over to him. I’ll take his cock out of his pants and start sucking it; I’ll drink all of that sweet pre-cum. I want to smile in his face while my lips are covered with his pre-cum. I know that will make him so happy to see my beautiful lips covered with his lovely pre-cum. I want to make sure I pay close attention to those beautiful balls as I’m putting them in my mouth licking and sucking them gently but firmly. I want to tease the tip of that dick head until he’s forced to grab my hand and make me suck harder. Now I’m ready to wrap my pussy lips around that big hard pulsating dick. I want to ride it reverse cowgirl style and twerk on his dick. I want my full focus of attention to be on pleasing that special man in every way that he wants to be and that I want to please him. I wish that special man right now I wonder, are you that special man for me? Do you want to be happy in every way Without Limits

Small Dick Humiliation in the Club

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation was what he deserved. I am in my forties. My days of praising little dicks like they are the greatest gift to my pussy are long gone. Seriously, the audacity of this guy to think he could fuck me with three inches pissed me off. What happened was that I was out with girlfriends Friday night. This loser was buying us drinks. I guess he thought that entitled him to something more than a thank you. When I went to the bathroom I guess he misread the signal. There was no signal. I had to pee from one too many Pixie stick Martinis. He followed me into to the bathroom and pulled his cock out. Erase that. What he had was no cock. He whipped out his clitty. He expected a blowjob in the john. I am not a drunk college girl. I am a mature hot sexy woman. I don’t blow clit sticks in the bathroom of clubs. Now, if his cock was thirteen inches, that is a definite possibility. But, an inch worm, no way. I laughed at his small nub. I pulled off my panties and tossed them in his face. I explained since he had a clit, he belonged in panties more than me. He had this indignant look on his face like no woman had ever laughed at his micro penis before. I couldn’t stop laughing. I took some pictures with my camera phone, so my girlfriends could have a good laugh too. Oh, my god, he started to cry like a fucking pansy. He claimed I was so mean. He was the one who had the archaic view that buying me drinks deserves head in the bathroom as thanks. Seriously loser, what the fuck? Let his experience be a warning to you. Don’t think any woman will be so grateful for martinis that she will blow your short stack in a club bathroom. I can buy my own martinis.

Best phone sex with a hot latina

best phone sexNo one does it better than hot Latina. I like having power over men and enjoy how I can seduce and make guys hard. I like to tease with my hot sexy body. I wear short skirts and tight dresses and yes you will catch your significant other staring away at me. I like being a good slut and crave only the best cocks. Only the best for a dime piece like me. I have gotten so horny lately that I have ended up having the best phone sex with a special guy that gets my pussy wet as can be. I like making you hard an love to make you precum hard and nut even harder. A sexy Latina with naughty ways is the best. You need this latin spice in your life.

Hottest sugar couple ever

Best phone sexDaddy loves having the best phone sex ever with his bad little sugar baby. I am such a hot little bitch and I have the best Big Daddy in the whole entire world. I even have my Daddy King’s name right on my pussy, you hating ass hoes could never be like us! BDK loves sucking on my diamond covered clit and he looks sooo good doing it too! God truly blessed this man, not only with extremely dapper looks and the most charming personality ever, but also with the longest and strongest anaconda in his pants! All the loser splenda daddies that are obsessed with us can go ahead and suck some cock because they are definitely not going to be eating this pussy anytime soon! My goodies are reserved for the one and only living legend himself, Big Daddy King, I am all his! We look so fuckin hott when we enter into any party, especially one that’s being thrown in our honor for being the hottest sugar couple that has ever existed! I look delicious as fuck in my $10,000 dress that he bought for me with cold hard cash. Daddy King bends me over and whips out anaconda while he spanks my fat sugar baby booty. I grip onto Daddy’s shaft and and put the head of anaconda in my tight pussy slit, it feels so fucking good to be stretched out by the thickest cock on the planet! Daddy counts to three and then slams his boner deep up inside of me which makes me moan all sexy and loud. BDK pulls my hair and slaps my ass cheeks while he makes me cum harder than I have ever before. The orgasms that Daddy King gives me are on a whole different level that no one else could ever reach! He loves his tight little white girl sugar baby pussy and I love him just as much in return. When Daddy cums all over my pretty face, I can’t help but scream out “Fuck your sexy sugar baby Big Daddy King!”. I love cleaning up his delicious millionaire nut juice, I am so fucking lucky! #SugarBaby #SugarDaddy #HottestSugarCoupleEver #NoSplendaDaddies #WeRichBitch #YouWish

Special Talent

Domination phone sex My very good friend Karen who is a dominatrix just like me was here for a visit. Well, to be honest, this visit she was not here to catch up she was here for my sweet sissy boy. My sissy boy knows how to eat a pussy damn good. He has that special knack for eating pussy. A natural talent for munching down on pussy and making you explode and squirt your pussy juices clear across the room. I like to pass him around to all of my kinky dominatrix girlfriends. He loves to show off his special talent giving each one of my dear friends the special attention they all deserve. My favorite part is when he comes to me afterwards to tell me all the juicy details.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah

phone sex therapistPhone sex therapist is what people call me. I don’t just counsel guys who pay me. I counsel students and friends too. Earlier in the week I got a call from a teacher friend of mine. Last year he married a girl way out of his league and half his age. I was suspicious of why they got married, then I discovered she was a mail order bride. She was looking for a stable man to get her green card. He called me upset because he thinks Tatiana is cheating on him. I was just surprised to find out it took him a year to figure that out. She is a hot 22-year-old and he is a frumpy dumpy 50-year-old man with a comb over and most likely a small dick. He comes from money; he teaches because he wants too, not because he needs the income. My guess was she knew he had family money and figured she could endure anything to leave Russia. Sometimes phone sex therapy is hard to deliver. I gave him a wake-up call. I had him check her panties in the hamper. Sure enough they all had cum stains. Of course, she was cheating. She is fucking hot. The female teachers would all do her over him. He is one of those desperate love lorn men. I told him if he really loves her, he will let her have all the big cock she can handle. He can divorce her and lose the hottest woman he will ever have, or he could be her cuckold husband. Think about it guys. If your woman is way out of your league and you have a small cock, you will not keep her happy. Let her fuck whoever she wants if you can say you are married to a hot woman. If you want to be a great husband, watch her fuck a big dick. Get her ready for her play dates. Maybe get some sloppy seconds. When you call me for advice, it may not always be what you want to hear but it will be what you need to hear.

Show the Wife or Pay the Price

Mature phone sex


I have got my probation officer by the balls, and I fucking love it. Mr. Dick Head Davis, my sour smelling probation officer, is a goddamned vindictive loser from the deepest depths of hell. I’m sure the devil didn’t want this son of a bitch, so he’s stuck on earth reeking havoc. I got busted with a minimal amount in one of the clubs I dance for in a fucking raid. Some little young cunt runaway happened to be there, and the cops were looking for the jailbait slut. To make a long story short, I had a few packs of coke taped to my ass that I forgot. I was arrested and given probation for six months, now I have this piece a shit probation officer who won’t stop coming by the clubs I dance, “making sure I’m at work” he is a twisted fuck. I asked two of my girlfriends to help me set him up for blackmail, and they were in, all the way. We were going to get that motherfucker on camera completely harassing me and forcing me to have sex by threating to revoke my probation and take me to jail. My girlfriends pretended they were jealous of me and found out who he was, and they told him they wanted to help him fuck me. My girls are the fucking best; they will do anything for me. I got drunk as fuck which was a violation of my probation, and I pretended like I didn’t know he was there, that’s how my girls set it up they told him to stay in the shadows and watch how I got toasted. I blasted down ten shots of Patron back to back and shook my cunt better than ever. I twerked my ass and rode the pole on stage like a true alley cat tramp. I played with my pussy as an extra special treat for the guys and Mr. Dick Head Davis of course. My pussy was so wet by the time I got off stage and out of nowhere came walking up to me was, Mr. Davis! Renee, he said with a stern voice, I need you to come with me right now. I acted surprised, but I was ready to do nasty fucking cum guzzling deviant shit. I knew I was going to be being taped, so I wanted to be super cocksucking dirty. Mr. Davis ushered me to one of the VIP rooms to reprimand me, or whatever was on his demonic mind. We reached the room where I was naked except for a pair of Christian Louboutin silver glitter 6 inch high heels. “Look at yourself, what the fuck are you are doing”, he spewed out to me aggressively. I tried to explain but he took fake information my girlfriends gave him and started threating to lock me up, he screamed at me telling me I was a fuck-up. I started to cry and beg I told him I would do anything to keep from going to jail. Mr. Dick Head Davis fell for the bait. He made get on my knees then he whipped he huge 9-inch cock out and slapped my face with it. “Suck it, you fucking slut”, he demanded before shoving his rock-hard cock into my mouth. I sucked his balls like an award-winning porn star I even lick his balls clean. Soon after horny Mr. Davis got ready to put his cock-rod in my cunt my girls walked in. Without saying a word they both started sucking and kissing on him, his cock got even harder. I felt his hard cock pouring into my pussy it felt so fucking good. Did I forget to say Mr. Davis was a family man with a beautiful wife and four little bed wetters, yea that’s funny isn’t it. There is something else very funny about Mr. Davis his father is a very well known honest straight legged politician. All night long fucking and secretly filming that piece a shit was amazing. The next day I passed by his office and gave him a copy of his work, I let him know that I wanted money, gifts, and no more fucking shit. He has been great ever since.


Mature phone sex Today is a special day for me the hot 23-year-old next door neighbor is coming home from overseas. We started fucking the week he was deployed and that was two years ago. He had a great body back then but he has been sending me naked pictures of himself. He is nice and buff and looking hotter than ever! We have been writing naughty kinky letters back and forth for the last two years. He tells me the wicked stuff he wants to do to my body and I share with him the kinky stuff I want to do to his body. In his last letter, he said he would sneak away from home the first chance he got to come to visit me I have on his favorite outfit and I am waiting in my bed for him.

Fuck Him Then Send Him Home

Hot sexy woman

Ever since I was really young I’ve enjoyed playing with another person’s toys more than my own. And now that I’m older nothing’s changed except instead of toys it’s now men. I’m addicted to the challenge of seducing men to cheat. It’s a huge self-esteem boost when I get a normally faithful man to cheat. Nothing feels better than doing something forbidden. Hot sex in a cheap motel makes my pussy sloppy wet. I fuck them like a pornstar then send them home to their boring wives and girlfriends. I fuck them until I get bored then I move on to my next conquest. I’m a homewrecker with no conscience, I never feel bad. If these ladies did their jobs their spouses would race to get between my legs. I wonder do the wives taste my pussy when they kiss their unfaithful husbands.

Good Bitch Boys or Naughty Boys

Naughty teacherWhen my bitch boys are being good boys I like to be sweet to them. I let them jerk their little dickies off giving them permission to cum in a cup. I don’t even make them beg to drink I give them permission right away. I do like watching them guzzle down and swallow on their thick creamy cum. When they are good boys it allows me to be very sweet too them. They get extra time licking, suckling, and drooling over my kitty. They are giving special extra time with me their princess. When they are defiant and being little bratty boys then I am wicked and naughty. I whip them severely with my belt and I don’t stop until I see the welts forming. When I use them as furniture I will dig my heels into their flesh instead of gently placing my legs on their backs. I can be a sweet princess of a dominatrix or I can be an evil nasty dominatrix. It really depends on my boys.

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