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Wicked bitches have the best Cunts

Naughty neighbor phone sex

Yesterday was a hard day for my best friend; unfortunately, she lost an exceptional guy in her life. Well, she lost him, and I found him, so I guess it was like a sad day for her and a perfect day for me. My friend, she thought that she was the slut of the year, giving her boyfriend head in front of me letting me see that huge thick dick of his. I thought to myself wow what a big fucking dick I can’t wait to put that big dick inside of my mouth and in my cunt and in my gaping asshole. As I watched my friend take that big fat cock all I could do was lust for it. She called me over she asked me if I wanted some, of course, I replied that’s what turned the whole night into the best night ever for me. I came over I grab this hard pulsating cock I stuffed it so deep down my throat that you could see his dick print bulging from my neck. Her boyfriend loved the fact that my mouth had his 9-inch cock all the way to the balls. I knew that he was majorly fucking impressive in bed by looking at them, but I had no idea that he was going to rock my world like he did. She, my girlfriend that is started to suck my pussy and dig her long tongue into my cunt like it was an arrow. I squeezed my cut muscles together as she dug her tongue deep inside of my pussy. Her boyfriend I guess he couldn’t help but to stuff that cock down my throat over and over, I really think he couldn’t stop. I felt like my face was being fucked massively good while I was fucking another face. Before you know it he grabbed her head and waved it out of the way and drove is big fat cock inside of my wet sloppy pussy his cock was so huge I screamed. I felt the passion that I had not felt in such a long time, and I indulged in it. I threw my hot wet pussy back at him better than a slutty cheerleader, and he loved it. I Road her boyfriend’s cock like a track star on a horse track, I was trying to win, and you can imagine that I did. I will end this little Story by telling you that I won in the end because the sex between her ex-boyfriend and myself only gets Wilder and better you could call us extreme.

Fired Due To Sexual Harassment

Mature phone sex

I really do not need to work, but I was getting a little bored so I decided to branch out.  I found a job, which at first I loved, that is until I was fired.  Can you believe that? Me?! Fired? I have never ever been fired from any job that I had in my life.  I suppose the company had a valid reason, however, I didn’t think the incident warranted a firing.  People have no sense of adventure anymore.  You tell me if you would of fired me over this slight digression. 

There was a younger man in the office that I managed.  I would see him every day sitting at his cubicle  diligently working away, trying ever so hard to climb that ladder.  A few months went by when my Assistant had to leave her position.  I took it upon myself to request this young man due to him showing so much enthusiasm toward work.  At least that is what I said, what I meant was that I wanted to watch him fuck someone while I watched.  I couldn’t say that of course so I told a teeny little lie to get what I wanted.

Things were going fantastic!  I had him wrapped around my little finger in no time at all.  I would give him little “bonuses” here and there.  You know, like jacking him off in my office, letting him cum on my boobs, things like that.  This went on for awhile, then I told him I wanted to watch him with someone else.  I wouldn’t participate, I would just watch.  He decided; after a few weeks of me talking him into it; that he would take his girlfriend to a hotel, and I could hide and watch.  I told him that it would have to be a suite, otherwise there would be no where for me to hide.  Arrangements were made.

I showed up early, placed myself behind one of the sofas and waited until things moved into the bedroom.  I saw the lights go off in the room I was, waited until they brushed their teeth, yadda, yadda.  Then I saw just soft candle light, that was my cue.  I moved across the room, and stood just outside the light.  We all know it is much easier to peer into the light from the dark then to peer into the dark from the light, plus, they were already engaged in foreplay.  I watched him take her from behind, then she climbed on top, then she sucked her pussy juice off of his cock, all this went on and on.  I wasn’t really paying attention to her face, I really didn’t care what she looked like.  Then, he hit a candle and knocked it to the floor.  I could see it, burning, not going out.  I decided I didn’t want to burn to death in a fire just because I was watching people fuck so I cleared my throat very loudly.  Their heads popped up, she screamed.  I actually laughed.  I said, “You knocked a candle over!”, walked over and stomped it out.

She was not happy from what he told me in the text messages afterward.  I left after I put out the candle, I wasn’t going to stick around for the aftermath.  Turns out, he was fucking the Daughter of the CEO  of the company.  One thing lead to another, I was called into HR and accused of Sexual Harassment and that is an automatic firing.  I couldn’t deny it, the girl saw who I was, there was communication between him and I discussing sexual acts and what not.

It doesn’t really matter though, I had fun while it lasted.  

You know you want this

best phone sexOh honey you know you want this! That’s what I said to the pathetic little cucky boy that was watching me suck and enormous dick. Honestly I wasn’t sure which he wanted more… me or my well endowed lover! He was lusting over that big cock, begging me to allow him to suck it so that he could get it hard for me but I just wouldn’t let him. I made him watch me play with that cock and then I made him help guide that massive dick into my pussy and it was amazing! It stretched me out bigger than that lil cucky’s dick could that’s for sure, he had a pathetic little 2 inch dick as big around as my pinkie finger. His dick was just as pathetic as he was, that’s why he got no satisfaction at all!

Hot Sexy Woman Eveylyn

Hot sexy woman

This hot sexy woman believes in giving back to her community. So when I was ask if I would participate in a bikini car wash for breast cancer how could I say no. I had on a sexy little black thong bikini. The car wash seemed to be a slow go. So far we haven’t had any takers. The girls and I were getting bored of standing around. So we started rubbing soap suds on each others tits and asses.

Then we would spray each other with the water hose. It seem to get your attention because about that time you pulled up in your silver Porsche. You pulled out a wad of one hundred dollar bills. You said that you wanted us to keep up the X-rated version of washing your car. You were tall dark and handsome. I was more than willing to flash you my big voluptuous breasts as I washed your car.

Shaved wet pussy

When I bent over to soap up my sponge, I couldn’t help but to wiggle my ass. I couldn’t help but to notice that you shifted the bulge in your pants. Oh I had your cock hard and wanting more. The girls and I were just finishing up with your car and a line of cars had started to form. I really should stay and help out. But my pussy was hot and wet. It was longing to feel your big hard cock.

I walked up to you to give you your keys back. I reached down and grabbed your big hard cock through your pants as I whispered in your ear that I wanted to fuck you. You told me to get in your car. You pulled around to the alley. I leaned over unzipped your pants and sucked on your cock while you fingered my shaved wet pussy. You slid your seat back and I climbed on top of your lap. My luscious tits were bouncing up and down as I was riding your cock. You squeezed my ass cheeks as you shot your hot jizz deep inside my pussy.

Erotic roleplaying

The Naughty Teacher and the Student on Viagra

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher missed her own class yesterday. I was too busy fucking one of my students to pay attention to the time. Honestly, I thought it would be a quick fuck. He is hung, but he is 19. Boys that age don’t have stamina yet. Turns out my usual minute man took some Viagra that he stole from his dad. He doesn’t have dick issues, which means I got a 4 hour erection. I don’t know about other women, but I want a 4 hour erection fucking me. It was just bad timing. Teachers aren’t supposed to miss their own classes, but a four hour erection doesn’t walk into your office every day. I would have been a fool not to enjoy every minute I could.  It has been a very long time since I fucked that long with such a hard cock. This hot sexy woman was a tired woman afterwards. I was bent over my oak desk for hours. With his nut sauce leaking out of my pussy, I taught my second course of the day. I went home after my last class to soak in a hot tub and soothe my sore pussy lips. I think I need to get some Viagra to have on hand. That shit makes a mature pussy hurt so good.

Clarissa’s Huge Ass Fetish

Ass fetish I have a huge ass fetish! I love being pounded in my ass by a huge dick. And when I say huge I mean huge. Nothing smaller than a 10-inch dick is allowed near my ass. I want to feel that dick fill my ass up the deeper it pushes in. Pounding at my ass as if the dick is going to pop thru my skin and end up coming out my pussy. Getting dick in the ass makes me squirt my pussy juices. It is one of the few times I let go of control is when I am getting an ass fucking. Not many get to fuck my ass only a few have that privilege and like I said you need to be packing the goods first before I even consider an ass fucking from you. I know most women don’t care for dick in their ass. But those women have no idea what they are missing out on.

Let’s Play Sex Games

Domination phone sex


I’m going to be your hot fucking bitch who will fuck you in the middle of the streets. I don’t like to play boring games I want to be dirty, I want to play sex games. If you thought that I was terrible then babe, you guessed right cuz I’m the shockingly fierce fucking whore. I can wait to misbehave. Put your cock in my face and make me suck it like a lollipop, I plainly aspire to be the worst mother fucking fucker ever. It’s your cock that makes me crazy, it’s a big monster dick. Your cock is super duper huge, all I ever wanted to do was fuck you and let you be disrespectful. I know you’re really fucking horny for me. I know you want to bang me up, you can do it, sweet babe, because you know I need to slobber on your knob. My momma taught me everything I know because my mama was a world-class whore. You thought that I was needy well guess what, I am, and I shelve all the rest of those bitches with my sexual talents. I need to be satisfied I need to be fucked like a fucking animal. I need to be driven into by your big fat Hard Solid cock. All I have been dreaming about is you, and now I fucking want you, and what I want, I get. I better not have to fight for you I better not have to wait I better get you because I want you now. I am your dominant mistress, and I can’t wait to dominate your whole entire ability. I’m tired of being nice, I am done with being kind. I’m ready to get wild you know I’ve been waiting on this too long. I need your cock down my throat I want to choke on it I want to suck it until it sprays juices all over my face. Give me a cock facial I’m not asking I am telling you to.


I knew he had to be compensating for something in that big ass jeep, but I did not think it would be that small. I always hear it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean, but it takes a long time to get to England in a row boat. I was going through the drive to get coffee when he rear-ended me, and when I got out to bitch at him, all I could think about is him rear-ending me in a different way. He was dreamy, and had a huge jeep just a sexy as he was. I told him to follow me to my place, so that we could “discuss the details.” Really I just wanted to discuss him naked on top of me. I pulled into my garage, and he followed in after me. I bent over in front of his jeep to “assess to damage.” He grabbed me by my hips, and pulled me towards his crotch. I spun around; I removed his pants as quickly as my hands would allow. I stopped, and tried to hold in my laughter while I threw his pants at him. I made him leave naked he deserves the humiliation for thinking he could fuck me with that little thing. I guess I will just have to make myself orgasm, as usual.

best phone sex

2 Houses Down

Mature phone sexThere is this one sexy man who lives 2 houses down from me. He is an old sexy man in his seventies at least but something about him makes my pussy just drip every time I see him. He was an athlete back in his prime and it still shows. I have been flirting with him for a few weeks. Whenever I see him out in his yard messing in his garden or mowing his lawn. I walk past his house dressed very slutty with my dog and stop to start up a conversation. He is interested because he flirts right back with me but he has never made a move and I am getting sexually frustrated. Today I decided I was going to make the first move and instead of waiting for him to be outside to go over. This time I knocked on his door looking for some sugar. He invited me in and I could see by the look on his face he was happy to me. As he walked to his kitchen to get me the sugar I requested but do not need that is when I attacked him so to speak. I pushed him up against the wall and asked him when was the last time he had a slut at his disposal. He did not answer me instead he grabbed a hold of my tit and smiled. The only words that came out of his mouth were “I was just waiting for you to make the first move.” Now I am super happy I did.

Late night cock cravings

hot swexy womanI have cheated on all my boyfriends. I can’t seem to pick guys that satisfy me so I look elsewhere for what gives me pleasure and makes my twat happy. I am hot sexy woman who only craves real men. My favorite thing to do is cuckold a short dick loser. I didn’t mean to get into the cuck lifestyle it sort of fell in my lap. One day I was sneaking out I had a late night cock craving and I got caught. I thought my boyfriend at the time wasn’t coming home early. I was wrong. There he was watching me get rammed by a huge chocolate dick. I was in bliss. Getting all that cock and glorious cream. It was even better watching him feel so belittled and turned on at the same time.

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