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Lick my Heels

Foot fetishes

I love making a man submit me to me and worship my feet. I made my husband lick my heels and kiss the smooth leather of my shoes, before sliding them off and worshipping my feet. His cock was bulging so hard in his pants as he took my big toe into his mouth and began to suck it. He ran his tongue along the sole of my foot. It tickled and felt so good, I could feel my pussy dampening at the touch of his tongue. He’s gotten very good at massaging feet during these little foot worshipping sessions. It feels so good, I like to lay back and rub my clit or stick a vibrator on my pussy while he sucks and licks me from my heel to my toes. When I’ve finally made myself cum, I like to give him a little treat. I place each foot on the side of his hard cock and slide them up and down the shaft and jerk him off with my feet. He loves the feeling of a footjob more than anything, and soon he’ll be blowing his load all over my perfectly manicured toes.

BBC Gangbang

Cuckold phone sex

I love giant cocks. The bigger the better, and black men have the biggest cocks of them all. I wanted to have some real fun last night. It was Friday night and I wanted to go wild! I pulled out my list of best bulls, and I invited them all over for some fun. Twelve hung guys taking turns fucking me. My husband was allowed to watch, but he had to sit in the corner in his cock cage and not interact. I was going to spoil myself with BBC and didn’t want his tiny dick anywhere near me.

The bulls showed up and the party started! I squatted on the floor in the center of them and took turns stroking and sucking each of their enormous cocks and fawning over their girth and size. The smallest cock there was still 10 inches. It was heaven for a size queen like me!

Then I positioned myself on the bed so that they could fuck any hole that they desired. The first one mounted me and stretched my tight pussy with his huge cock. The others stood around waiting their turn stroking themselves. A few hovered around my face taking turns getting their cock sucked. While the first one fucked my pussy, another lifted me up and slid into my ass. I had a cock in every hole! One after the other they passed me around like candy and fucked my ass or pussy before cumming in me. My only stipulation was that they cum in my pussy, I had an idea in mind for the juicy 12 guy creampie that it would leave me with.

I ended up getting fucked multiple times by each bull. By the time they were done, I had the biggest creampie ever. That’s when I beckoned my husband over to me. He had been watching quietly the entire time. Seeing his wife fucked by so many BBC’s is every cuck’s wet dream come true. I spread my legs for him and commanded him to lap up all the cream. He didn’t hesitate for a second. He gulped up every drop of the cum from my pussy. He’s such a little sissy fag, he can’t get enough cum. When he was done I was totally clean. He licked me the way other people would lick cake batter off of a spoon. Greedy hungry licks, he just couldn’t get enough.

Total Sissy Humiliation

Sissy humiliation

Nothing makes me wetter than seeing a cuckold suck the cock of a better man. The total humiliation and submission just makes my clit so hard. I had a really devious plan in store for my sissy husband last night. I put him in a pair of heels and tight lacy black panties and completed the look with bright red lipstick. My BBC bull fucked his ass and mouth with his 12″ rock hard cock until he was cumming in his panties. When my bull was ready to cum, he pulled out and blew his load all over my husband’s face. As if that weren’t humiliating enough,  I had even more in store for him. I didn’t allow him to wipe the cum off of his face, instead he had to wear it like the cum slut that he is. I ordered a pizza for my bull and I to enjoy. When the pizza delivery boy arrived, my husband had to open the door in his panties, heels, smeared lipstick, and cum covered face. He was totally humiliated but I could see the pitiful bulge forming in his panties. The delivery boy was in total shock at first, then finally took in the sight of me lying naked in the background with my bull. I sauntered up to him and asked if he would like to play. He immediately agreed. I sucked his cock for a bit and him and my bull took turns fucking me and double penetrating my ass and pussy. He then fucked my sissy cuck husband while I watched and got myself off with a toy. He plowed his tight ass while my husband whimpered and squirmed with delight. He came in his panties for a second time tonight as the pizza boy reamed his backdoor. Then to finish it off, he pulled out of his ass and made him suck it clean before depositing a second load of cum on his face.

Sissy Bitch and Master Daddy

I had so much fun turning my daddy into a little sissy bitch, and watching him worship a superior cock. When I still lived with my dad I was always bringing guys home when he was at work. Well, one day he come home early and found me fucking some big black cock, he was pissed. He asked what was going on, and I very snarky asked him what it looked like. He told me that I was not going to fuck a black man in his house, and I told him to shut the fuck up because I am in charge when we are in my bedroom. I told him his authority is null and void in my room because I just knew he had a tiny cock. I told him I was the boss now, and instructed him to drop his pants. My BBC friend I call master daddy and I just laughed at how tiny it was, and I told him he was going to feel a real cock. I made him hold his cock in one hand and master daddy’s in the other, and compare how heavy they were. Do you believe my dad had the nerve to beg me to cum so soon when the fun was just getting started? I laughed in his face, and told him to get on his knees and worship master daddy’s big black cock!

best phone sex

We Want to Play with a Sissy Boy

best phone sex

My boyfriend and I love pretty sissy boys! We make the best ones get all dressed up and make them our cross dressing faggy slut! I love watching our sissy fuck toy get on his hands and knees to please us! A good sissy always makes sure to suck my boyfriend’s cock and my strap on to get them nice and wet. There is nothing hotter than when my sissy fuck toy sucks, slobbers and gags on my boyfriend’s cock while begging us to fuck his little whore holes.

I love getting my rubber cock slathered in drool so that it can be slimy and wet when I slide it up his rosebud. An eager fuck boy is the best fuck toy! We want our fuck toy sissy to crawl on his hands and knees with his sexy little outfit for us! We want our faggy fuck toy to moan for us while we fuck his tight throat and perky boy pussy!

Little Play Thing

I have to use a rubber cock to please my self because that thing in your pants is most definitely not a cock! I don’t think I have ever seen something so small. Are you sure it isn’t just a large clitoris? I mean at least if that were the case it would be considered large. We met at an amusement park, and you looked like you could be my amusement for the night. You are so handsome, and it is such a shame you itty bitty teensy weeny wiener didn’t quite live up to my expectation. I brought you home with me, and we started making out heavy. It seemed as though every time I reached for your cock you pulled away, which only made me even more curious. I yanked your pants down quickly, and was instantly in a fit of laughter. Why would you even come home with me knowing you barely had a cock? You got quite offended, but I waved you off because I wanted the privilege of showing you what a real cock looks like. I used my trusty dildo to pleasure myself while you watch, and I refused your begging to touch your own sorry excuse of a penis. Once I came it was time to have some fun with you, my little play thing. You were to call me master Nancy, and do everything I said without question. If you were a good boy perhaps I would let you cum. I made you suck all off the juices off of my dildo on your hands and knees, and you did so like a good little play thing. Then I took the dildo, still slick with you saliva, and shoved it into your ass. You begged and begged me to let you cum, and only after I had had my fun did I let you cum.

best phone sex

Sissy Boy Maid Wanted

Best Phone Sex

I’m looking for a pretty little sissy to make into my new toy. I need someone who I can force into playing dress up! Pretty sissies are my favorite toys! If you want to be my new sissy slut, you have to do everything I say. You have to be my pretty faggy maid and wear a pink maid uniform while you dust and worship my rubber cock. . 

I want a sissy who will wear pretty lipsticks and will gag on my strap on! If you are a really good little fag, I’ll even bring one of my boyfriends for you to suck. I love rewarding my sissy fag toys with creamy cum! And if you’re a really good toy, my big dick boyfriend will fuck your boy pussy so hard. I love watching you get fucked on your hands and knees while I play with my wet, bald cunt. I love watching my boyfriend fill you up with cum! So, do you have what it takes to be my new toy?

Sissy Phone Sex

Sissy Humiliation


I just love dominating sissies! I think this is why being a phone sex mistress is the perfect job for me. Sissies and cucks are my favorite little play things. I love forcing them to wear lacy panties and humiliate themselves on the phone by dressing up like a little bitch and admitting to me how much they love wearing women’s clothes and sucking the cocks of bigger more masculine men. I will tease and deny you an orgasm until I am satisfied that you have properly submitted to me and my wicked desires. I will make you watch big dick porn and admit to me how much you wish your cock was as big as the men in the videos and how you could never properly satisfy me or any other woman with a dick as tiny and pathetic as yours. I get such a wicked thrill from humiliating you and degrading you. The only way a cuck like you could satisfy me is with your mouth on my clit while my BBC lover fucks me from behind. Maybe if I’m feeling generous I’ll let you lick his cum out of my pussy.

Sharing My Pet

Sissy maid training

First off, if you do not know Nicolette then allow me to introduce you to her.  She is one of the kinkiest friends that I have.  A few years ago I helped her with one of her sons.  Since that time her and I have become fast friends.  She is super hot.  I mean, look at her.  Her tits are simply amazing. Now onto the story part of this blog:

Nicolette was spending a couple days with me so we could catch up on things since it had been ages since we had spent any real time together.  Our conversation turned to sex.  For some reason it always does when the both of us are speaking together.  I told her about how I can afford to now pay people to have sex for me while I watch.  How I have a new play thing who was at his Parent’s home for the Holidays, and that I started learning about BDSM.  When I mentioned that she perked up quite a bit.

She asked me if I could get a hold of my pet who I play with now and then.  I told her I could most certainly try.  I texted him and being the good pet he is, he texted right back even though he was out for dinner with his wife.  I told him that I really didn’t care that he was there with her, I wanted him here, now!  He sent back a short reply of, ‘Yes Ma’am.” Then we waited.

Forced feminizationWhile we waited we went up to my closet to pick out some appropriate apparel for our fun.  The doorbell rang and I went to answer it.  He was there, kneeling by the door to request permission to enter.  I told him not yet and yelled for Nicolette to come down.  She came to the door and laughed.  I told him he could come in, he looked confused.  He wasn’t used to having anyone with us when we played.  I introduced them and we were on our way.

We made him put on a pair of panties all while informing him of what the night would hold for him.  He didn’t like wearing the panties, but tonight he was our little Sissy and he would be trained to be our Sissy Maid.  He stood there in those panties, it was almost comical, he was truly embarrassed.  Nicolette suggested that he be punished for not liking what his Domme had given him to wear.  I told her where the gear was and she brought out everything.  Her and I decided on the canes.  He bent over while her and I took turns reddening his Sissy ass.  With each swat he had to apologize.

We then moved onto some strap-on play.  I have to say, Nicolette was a beast with that thing.  I have never in my life seen someone get fucked so hard.  She was thrusting into him so hard that I thought for sure he would go shooting out the window onto my front lawn.  She then made him clean off that which had been so violently rammed into his ass.  I went behind him and continued to widen out his Sissy pussy.  By the time we were done he was in tears from the humiliation, and Nicolette and I were enjoying seeing those hot tears running down his cheeks as he thanked us both for the lesson.

Sissy humiliation


Sissy Fag Trainer

Best Phone Sex

Little cucks need to learn how big cocks feel. I love dressing up my sugar cuck daddy like a pretty little faggy slut. I lay out a pink lingerie teddy, nylons and cute heels fit for a pretty little sissy just like you! I want you to make sure you have your teeny cock cage on as I tease and tickle your pitiful dick. I want you to be the prettiest sissy, so I apply bright pink lipstick and blush to your faggy face!

Now get on your knees, faggy and open your pretty little mouth! I strap on my big black rubber cock and run my fingers through your pretty hair. Now suck my cock, sissy. I’m going to teach you how to be the best sissy faggot cocksucker! Lick my thick rubber cock, run your tongue from top to bottom of my thick strap on.

         Oh, my dear pet, you have to worship that cock better. I shove my thick silicone cock down your whore mouth. I want you to beg me to fuck your pretty face. Get that dildo nice and wet like a good sissy! I want to make sure you know how it feels to have a thick cock fuck your throat. My cunt gets so wet hearing you gag on my strap on.

         I make you get on all fours and as I lightly tap my big black dildo on your puckered boy pussy. I want you to beg for me to fuck you in your tight ass. When I’m satisfied with your pleas, I ram my silicone black cock into your tight ass and fuck you over and over again. You’re only allowed to cum when I tell you too, little faggy!

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