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Tony Small Dick Bitch

Small dick humiliation Tony is such a little bitch. That man which I use that term loosely has the smallest dick I ever did see. I have to take a magnifying glass just to see it properly. He is only double the size of my pinky! I wish I was exaggerating but unfortunately, I am not. When he wears any of my panties he does not even have to tuck it in. I show him all to all I know letting them see his little dicky and grape size balls. He gets so embarrassed he turns bright red. I make him jerk it off in front of others and when he cums again using that term loosely it is so girly like. I mean he barely makes a mess. it is like a few drops on the ground. and thin not creamy and thick like a real man’s cum. He truly is an embarrassment to the male community.

You Asked For It

Phone humiliationI was truly having a pleasant day my mood was up, everything was going perfectly. That was until I received a message from you. And your message said “Ready to fuck?”. I know you’re wondering what about that message would ruin my day? You see it wasn’t the message it was what came with the message. It was a picture of the most pathetically minuscule cock I had ever seen. To answer your question I’m going to have to give you a big fat no. I would never waste my time on a dick smaller than my clit. The fact that you thought I would is insulting. But don’t worry I’ll keep the picture for whenever I need a good laugh.

Schools In And Daddy Is Cuckolded Once Again

cuckold phone sex

Daddy has gone the whole summer getting little of this cuckold phone sex teen.  I have been so busy running around getting hard body older men at the beach I have been seriously slacking on his cuckolding. SO when I got my new schedule and saw that the Assistant Principle was a sexy black stud of a man, I had an Idea. I dropped my purse and stuck my ass in the air so this BBC hiding stud could see the lips of my cunt from under my skirt.  Mr. Assistant Principles hand came up and grabbed my ass. I guess my slutty whore Rep was known already! Yay! I backed up to him and I saw daddy peeking in the window as I was put on the desk and had Mr. BBC lick my pussy right in front of tiny dick daddy. I even gave him a little wave. daddy was dying to touch his stick dick but couldn’t in the hallway. I loved it when daddy was almost humping the window as I quickly got a load of BBC cum up my tiny sexy twat. I grabbed my purse went to get daddy and told him he could suck the cum outta of my cunt in the car if he put lipstick on for the rest of the day.  Just a little sissy humiliation I will make sure daddy goes full sissy mode later.

Itty Bitty Dick

Sexy babeI am your superior and I love fucking men especially big black men right in front of you. Letting you watch their huge cocks slither in and out of my beautiful Pussy. You know your itty bitty little dick will never compare to the 12 incher penetrating me making me squirt everywhere making a huge mess. Your only good for the clean up on us both. Sucking his cum out of my sweet pussy and cleaning off his massive BBC. Tasting my sweet pussy on his dick. We make fun of your small dicky. Your balls are like marbles and his balls are like hard 8-balls. He laughs at you and I laugh at you. I told him you had skill with your mouth and tongue and he is taking full advantage.

Eveylyn Dishes Out Some Sissy humiliation

Sissy humiliation

It seems that sometimes it takes sissy humiliation to keep your ass in check. I am having you meet me today at my home. I have decided to take you on as my personal sissy slut. I have already bought everything needed for your transformation.

When you called I gave you specific step by step instructions of things I wanted you to have done before you arrived. You called me from your car whining as usual and telling me you did not want to reimburse me for the items that I purchased because you had bought somethings yourself. I told you we would discuss it when you get here.

I think it is time for me to teach you your place in this relationship. When you arrive I tell you to go into my room undress and fold your clothes up neatly then place them in the chair. Next I want you to get down on your hands and knees at the end of the bed and wait for me. I give you a few minutes to contemplate your future.

I walk into my room with riding crop in hand. I smack your ass extremely hard causing you to scream out. I lean over and grab your hair yanking your head back. Then I whisper in your ear that you need to understand who is in charge. That you are my little sissy slut bitch and you will do what you are told when you are told or there will be extreme consequences.

Then I ask you fi you want to discuss finances and you reply no ma’am. Looks like you might be a fast learner after all. I tell you that your earlier drama has cost that cute little ass of yours and that you are to remain in place for your spanking. I smack your ass a dozen times leaving it covered in bright red riding crop marks.

Best phone sex

I tell you to reach back and pull your ass checks apart. With one hard push and no lubrication I shove a big black butt plug up your ass. You cry out please Mistress Eveylyn take mercy on your sissy slut, but your cock betrays you as it is rock hard and oozing pre-cum. I send you into my bathroom and have you sit on your sore plugged ass while I start doing your hair and makeup.

Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex is my favorite kind of call. Guys ask me what I am into. I am into a lot of things, but honestly, nothing turns me on more than fucking big dicks and shaming little ones. My ex-husband number two has been trying to get back together with me. Not sure why, because he knows I am a cock size queen. He thinks it was some sort of phase I went through and that with Viagra helping old dicks get hard, I would let him back into my bed. I let him back into my bedroom, but not how he was wanting. When I told him to come to my bedroom, it was so he could watch me fuck a younger stud. A younger stud with a bigger and thicker cock. I was riding Tom reverse cowgirl when Dave, my ex-husband, walked in. He started yelling about what a cunt I am and how I will never change. He stopped dead in his tracks when I asked to see if he has changed. All his new bravado, I thought perhaps he had grown a few more inches since I last saw him naked. My laugher was uncontrollable when I realized he his dick had shrunk not gotten bigger. My lover told him to put some panties on to cover up his shameful clitty stick. My ex was never good with small dick humiliation. Are you? I mean, any man, my exes included, is stupid to think a size queen would suddenly stop caring about dick size. If anything, over the years, I have become more of one. I get older, but my cocks get longer. I think my ex finally came around to accepting the fact that the only place he has in my world is as my cuckold.  Think you will learn your place easier than my ex?

Cuckold Phone Sex Date

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex was a favorite this weekend with me.  I think men crave slut wives more in the summer. Women wear less clothing in the summer, which means more men check them out. Face it, you enjoy men checking out your wife. You may even like it more than she does. It is not just husbands who enjoy the attention women garner either. I was on a date Saturday night with a man I met a few months ago. We have been dating casually. We have not yet fucked because he has an average cock. It is not huge, it is not small. He is within my cock size parameters to fuck, but just barely. He is handsome, intelligent and wealthy, just not hung. He is a very good pussy eater, so that scores him points. We went to a dance club after dinner. Some young stud was checking out this mature sexy babe. I wasn’t sure Eric noticed, but he did. He made a point to tell me. In fact, he talked about it more than I did. I began to wonder if he liked to watch. I asked him some questions about his first marriage. He admitted his wife had lovers and he watched. That made him a cuckold, but there are degrees of cuckolding. Some men suck cock and get fucked in the ass. Others just watch and maybe get some sloppy seconds. Eric was the later, so I brought the stud home to fuck. I have cuckolded many men in my life, including 2 ex-husbands. Eric was the first man who didn’t fall into the first category of cuckolding. He had an okay cock. He didn’t deserve sissy humiliation. He got to stroke his cock and watch a college boy fuck my mature pussy for hours. For being a good voyeur, I let him eat my creampie. Just when I was thinking about dumping him, he proved himself useful.

My Brother’s Got A Tiny Secret

Phone humiliationSo school is out for the Summer and I figured a visit home wouldn’t be to bad of a idea. I’m honestly glad that I did. So someone must of forgot to tell my brother that I was going to be coming home. I knew he was home cause he car was in the driveway. I left myself in and I could hear the tv on upstairs. It wasn’t until I got near his door that I could make out he was watching porn. *Giggle* I only opened the door cause I was curious what my brother was packing he is always talking himself up. But once I opened the door and saw him jerking his hand up and down about just a inch II couldn’t hold in the laughter. I couldn’t even see his cock. Completely hidden by his hand. He was so embarrassed he just shut down. *Giggle* Honestly maybe he was suppose to be a girl, my clit gets bigger then that little sausage.

Are You This Big?

Domination phone sexUnless your cock compares to the size of this one you are getting nowhere near my sweet holes. If you are packing an itty bitty little thing between those faggot legs of yours, then you are a huge joke. And not good enough for me sexually. You can kneel in the corner with your oversized clit in your hand jerking it off, watching me get fucked by a real man and a real cock. If you are a behaved sissy I may allow you to clean up the mess left inside my kitty. You better do a good job making sure you get every nook and cranny. Your tongue is the only good thing you have going for you. I know the pleasure your tongue can give, unlike your little dicky.


Sexy chatI had a disco-themed sex party a few nights ago. Everybody was dressed like it was 1975. Black men with afros and BBC. White chicks with crazy hair, wild makeup, and very wet pussies. My sissy slave boys had on gold thongs and I sprayed their bodies in shimmering gold glitter. They were the sex slaves of the party. My slave boys have been very good and deserved a special treat. There was lots of dancing, drinking, snorting, and fucking. As I was glancing around the room I saw this fine black guy hit on one of my sissy boys. Too fine for me not to get a taste of that chocolate treat first. I walked over to my boy and the sexy ass black man, and I shooed my sissy boy away. I pushed that sexy black MF down on the reclining chair. And I slithered to my knees. I unbuckled his bell bottoms and let that huge black cock just suffocate me. Drool was pouring out of my mouth. He was shoving and pushing trying to get all 10 inches in my mouth. Unfortunately, that did not happen but I did get his sweet tasting seed to fill my tummy full.

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