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Fun Night

Sexy phone sex I asked my boyfriend if we could pretty please have a 3 some with my friend Donna. He said we could and I was very excited. I have not seen Donna in years since she had moved away. She was coming back to the area for a visit. We wanted to hook up but now I had a boyfriend. So we made it a 3 some as long as my man was in agreement and he was. We all went out for dinner and drinks. And then back to our house. We put on some music and started to dance sexual and rub up against each other. It had been so long since I had been with Donna I could not help myself I started making out with her. Rubbing up against her body. My boyfriend helped us by getting us out of our clothes as Donna and I were really getting into each other. It was a 2 some at this point. Giggles not a 3 some. However I do not think my man minded much. He was getting involved just hanging back and giving Donna and I some much needed time together. I personally think he was enjoying the show.

Best phone sex with a sensual slut

Best phone sexI like my men nasty as fuck, the nastier the better! You better bring your A-game when you come and fuck with me, I will expect and accept nothing less than the best! It takes a lot to grab my attention and keep it, so I truly wish you the best of luck in all ways! Not a lot of these horny men are able to stay up to par with me, I am not a force to be fucked with! Every time we talk, we have the best phone sex ever! You treat me like the sensual queen that I am, such a good boy you are! My big tits make everything better, and mine just so happen to make you stupid too, hehe. You’re so mesmerized by me and I fucking love it! It drives you crazy with how much I have you wrapped around my pretty little finger, which I love shoving down your throat while you gag for me! You should feel extremely lucky and blessed that I am even talking to you and giving you my time and effort, not everyone is fortunate enough to experience an erotic experience with this dirty bratty princess!

Phone Sex Therapy: Your Secrets are Safe with Me

phone sex therapyEvery guy could use a little phone sex therapy now and again. I tell guys to think of me as that bartender they spill their guts too at happy hour. Instead of paying for drinks to air your dirty laundry, you are paying for phone sex. I bet I am hotter than the bartender at your dive bar too. I am safe. I know no one you know. You are paying me for a service, so I am bound by some ethical obligations not to discuss you with anyone. That means you can confess away to me. You can tell me you want to suck cock. You can tell me you want to wear panties. You can tell me you are a closet sissy. You can tell me you’re a cuckold wannabe. Trust me, there is nothing I have not heard, and I am shock proof and judgment free. I am a phone sex therapist mostly to cuckolds and sissies, but I get all sorts of fetish guys. This morning, I talked to a cum eater. He has been eating his own cum for decades. Plus, he frequents glory holes for a fix. I helped him suck his own cock. He didn’t think he was flexible enough for that, but it is all about finding the right position. I don’t think he will ever leave the house again now that he can suck his own dick. What dirty secret can I help you with today?

Erotic Roleplaying Seductions

Erotic roleplaying is some of the best kinds of phone sex to really get that fantasy you have been fixated on fulfilled. My love of seducing men and making them return for more is a power trip I adore. Your will will not be your own once I own you.

I know how badly you crave my cum secrets inside this hot little cunt and it’s my pleasure to return home after fucking and awake you with my cum dripping pussy on your face. I know you crave to hear about the cocks that left that goo in me and I won’t hold back on describing how awesome it felt and how your cock could never make me near as satisfied as a nice throbbing fat fuck rod.

 erotic roleplaying

Phone Sex Therapist Mason

Phone sex therapistI had just shut down the office for the evening, and was changing, when my door swung open. I was standing there in nothing but my undergarments, but when I saw who it was, my body got hot in a flash. I hadn’t seen him in well over a year, and he was as hot as ever. I still remembered what he liked, so I took off my bustier and panties, and I propped myself up on my shredder receptacle. I reached into my file cabinet, and pulled out the toy I keep stashed there. As I started to play with myself with it, he started to strip. Shaved wet pussyIn almost no time, he was at my hip, taking the toy from me to shove into my ass. Then, he plunged into my pussy, and started to fuck me so hard that my receptacle was bouncing around. When he realized how distracting that was, he wrapped his arms around me, and carried me to the couch still buried inside me. He fucked up into me hard and deep as I sat on his lap, pushing that toy up deeper into me with every thrust. It took no time for me to start cumming, and once I did, I didn’t stop. He kept me cumming for over an hour! I can’t wait til he’s in town again!

Sensual Phone Sex GFE Slut

Sensual phone sexShe was amazingly tall. I was at the dress rehearsal for a friend’s wedding, and another of her friends, one I’d never seen or met before, had caught my attention. She was wearing a pale cream-colored dress, and her tits and ass were as stunning as her height. I admit to being a horrible person, I kept an eye on her, tailing her until I was able to catch her alone. I told her exactly what I was after, and the grin that hit her face told me all I needed to know. I moved in for the kiss, and she had to actually crouch down a bit to make it work. Her ass was as firm as it looked, and her hand on my ass made my pussy tingle. I couldn’t wait, so I slid her dress up and off her body, not caring if anyone walked in on us at that point. I took my own dress off, and laid it with hers, before I slid down and dipped my tongue into her delicious gash. She lifted one leg up and over my shoulder, letting me have that entire wet slit to feast on. When she came on my face, I was in heaven. And, when she laid me back on the couch and buried her face in my snatch, I was done for. I took her home with me, and I can’t wait to see her again!

I want you to my little bitch tonight

Best phone sexI like to be a little dominate sometimes over all these young boys around me, and even the old dads that jog around the neighborhood. I can be really kinky and my favorite thing to do is get my big black strao on and bend over the lucky guy that gets to me my little bitch that night. I will make you get on your knees dressed up in my sexiest panties and a bra and of course I have some lipstick on your lips so I can see it on my stap on. I will take the back of your head and make you take the whole 10 inch black cock making you gag all over it.

I bet you would scream and cry like a little bitch and I make you take the tears and lube your asshole up for me to fuck your little asshole. I wanna grab your hips and slide that little asshole on my stap on until you can’t take it anymore. Wanna be my little bitch tonight?

Yummy Pussy

Best phone sexMy pussy smells so fucking good, you cannot get enough of my yummy juices while you devour me with your wet tongue. We always have the best phone sex together! I love finger fucking myself and then tasting my fingers after they have been plunging in and out of my slutty cunt slit. I get so aroused by my own scent, my horniness grows rapidly! It’s so fun to tell all of my callers my kinky stories, I love making that thick cock throb for me! Teasing you is so fucking hilarious, knowing that you will never ever get a chance with me but still so desperately fantasize about me sends chills up and down my spine, hehe. You’re so in love with me and my delicious curves, nothing is going to stop your devious fantasies and wild fetishes at this point! I love to torture and torment you, yet you can’t help but continue to spend all of your hard earned money on me! And at the end of it all, you thank me for it all like the loser bitch boy that you are!

Lick Every Hole

GFE phone sex


I love it when you take your time. Having you kiss and lick my entire body is just so sensual that it really reminds me of how much you care. You’re never rush, always making sure your sweetheart reaches climax over and over again. You’ve been getting a little more bold though and going where the sun doesn’t typically shine. I didn’t know how much I’d really enjoy having my little pink hole licked, kissed and sucked but it turns out that it drives me crazy. I would of absolutely never thought of myself as being into something so kinky but like a good man, you are always super gentle and show me all kinds of new things I would of probably never tried unless I had met you. It feels so amazing finally having a guy who can really make love to a woman like this. I even touch myself thinking about our amazing love making. I can’t wait to see what new trick you will have in mind for me next.

Rebecca gives great blowjobs

I keep trying to tell several of my clients that a blowjob can be as helpful as a therapy session. Having your cock sucked on for an hour or so a day, just might keep the doctor away. Well at least a male doctor anyway. I encourage my clients to come in and let me show them what I mean. I usually start off kind of slow, right at the head. I lick the tip like a lollipop and then I work into putting the entire tip in my mouth. I gently kiss the head of the cock and swirl my tongue down and around the shaft.

Great blowjobs

After a bit of that I take the entire cock in my mouth and depending on my clients need and how I feel them responding i will either give them a slow and steady licking or I will ram that whole thing into the back of my throat and give them some rough loving. Each of my clients is different and they all have different needs.

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