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Milf phone sex

Milf phone sex

For my step son’s birthday this year, I gave him an extra special gift. I told him I would let him fuck me and he could invite one friend over to join in. He was so excited and I knew exactly who he was going to bring. He has a guy friend on the basketball team that has been wanting to fuck me since they met. I know how freaky my step son is. He wants to watch his friend fuck Mommy, so that he can stroke his cock and watch me get filled with cum. Once his friend fucked me hard over and over and filled me with his hot sticky mess, they both got behind me and slid their cocks in at the same time. One cock in my asshole and one in my cum filled pussy. I loved feeling so full with both of them inside of me. They fucked me hard in all of my fuck holes and filled me over and over. I loved them using me like a cum whore. I begged them to give me more cum. I think he had a great birthday.

Great Blowjobs and morning sex

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs are your favorite. I love waking up in your arms with my head laying on your chest. I know you love waking up to pleasure, so I think there’s no harm in waking you up with your dick in my mouth, preparing it to be as hard as possible so you can stick it in my already dripping wet pussy. I decided to carefully move from your arms, uncover your dick to see that it’s half hard.
Perfect. I start to kiss your dick softly, feeling it jump as I do. I’m careful not to wake you up though. I slowly start to let my tongue wonders aimlessly over you, drooling all over you. I let you feel my tongue go all around you, up and down, around your balls and back up to the tip. I can tell you’re half awake but refuse to wake up and give up the sensation that you think is a dream.
I open my mouth very wide and stick my tongue out as far as I can. I slide you into my mouth and over my tongue and over the roof of my mouth. I feel you hit the back of my throat and then I suck you very gently into the rest of my throat. This wakes you up. I feel you hand push my head down even further and this causes more drool to build in my mouth. I start to gag and you let me up for air and all my drool flows over your dick, leaving strings of it from my lips. I breath in once and that’s enough you think. You shove my head back down and your dick back down my throat.
You feel me trying to swallow all of you and clench my throat trying to breath. You begin to move my head up and down on you as I continue to struggle to breath, using my clenching throat to massage your dick up and down. You feel the tip of your dick stroke my tonsils and feel be gag and try to move my tongue along the rest of your dick as you slide in and out. I begin to suck on you more and more, realizing it’s literally the only thing I can do with your hand guiding my head up and down your dick. You let me come up for air again. I slide you out of my mouth and immediately let my tongue run over your balls. I suck them very gently, letting them feel my tongue and cheeks suck them into my warm mouth.
You feel me licking them very slowly while they’re in my mouth. I hear you moan and realize you’re about to cum. I quickly and without warning ram your dick back down my throat until you pound into my tonsils at the bottom of my throat. I begin to suck and run my tongue back and forth under your dick. You let out a deep groan and push my head all the way down. I feel your dick jump in my throat. I start to moan on your dick, feeling it empty your cum from your balls to coat my throat completely.
Can I please have more?

Tease and Denial

Tease and Denial Tease and Denial is one of my favorite fetishes. All my sugar daddies say I’m just a big dick tease *giggles*. So, come here big man and show this spoiled princess what you’re working with. Oh my, what a nice, juicy, cock, all the better for me to suck it. But I’m not going to suck it. I’m just going to lick the head a little with my soft, wet tongue. Wow look at him grow. Maybe I should set on that engorged rod, with my rack right in your face. But I wouldn’t be teasing you if I gave you what you want, now would I? I’m going to Lick it like a big old lollipop until he’s rock-hard and throbbing in my hand. I want you begging me, for my warm mouth so you can feel it on that swollen meat stick. Your balls will start to ache and feel heavy. Those loins will burn with heat so hot you’ll think you’re going to melt. You’ll be putty in my hands. Once I have you on your knees begging me for release. I’ll stick my little rose bud right in your face and demand you rim it good for me. You better not touch that cock or else, no nookie for you. I’ll make you leave with blue balls if you test me. Does tease and denial sound like fun to you? Well give your posh princess a call and let me torture you with a little edging. If you’re good and obedient for me, I might let you cum on my boobs.


Sexy Babe Claudia

sexy babeThis sexy babe is ready for you! I want to tease you, deny you, and eventually, if you’re lucky, I will satisfy your every desire. My tight, little, sexy body is so hot, and I know it! Do you think you can handle this incredible sexy slut? I have a sexual appetite that is insatiable, and most of my lovers would call me a nympho. Last night, you shoved your hard cock inside my cunt without warning! I loved your aggressiveness, and how you took control of my tight pussy. I loved how you pulled my hair and put your hand over my mouth so I couldn’t scream, as you thrust your manhood inside my little hole. I begged you to stop, but of course, you didn’t. You kept fucking me harder and harder after that. I could barely breathe, but you just kept fucking me, over and over. I was afraid to tell you how many times I came all over your swollen dick, because I thought you would be mad at me and withhold your gorgeous cock from me. I let you think it was all about you, but I was getting pleasure too! I loved that you came in my sweet little cunt, and then made me suck you off to clean you up, making your cock rock hard again. Cumming in my mouth and swallowing your sweet, thick cum was amazing! I know you want to fuck my tight, little, sweet cunt again! Give me that throbbing cock, and show me how much this little bitch cunt pleased you last night! This hot sexy woman is just waiting for you again….


Best phone sex

best phone sex

I love when my husband lets me go out of town for the weekend. He knows what I’m out doing. He loves for me to text him and tell him about all of the cock I take on my little trips. He really loves for me to call him while I’m getting fucked and let him listen to me moan for another man. My husband has a dirty little secret. He wants to eat guy’s cum out of my pussy. His dream come true is for me to bring him my dirty, used up pussy for him to slurp the cum out of and to lick clean. He even offers to pay for my hotel, and everything. The only rule is, I have to get fucked hard and have every hole filled with cum on my trips. I always get the hottest guys and take lots and lots of pictures and videos of them fucking me. When I get home, my husband is there like a little puppy. I tell him to sit and stroke his cock as he watches the videos of me getting fucked. He waits for me to sit down so he can slide my cum soaked panties off and start licking away. I sit back while he slurps and licks all over my pussy and teased my clit to make me squirt for him. He even runs his tongue around my asshole because he knows I get filled in every hole for him. I wrap my legs tighter and tighter around his face as he drives me crazy! I love having him as my little cum eating, pussy teasing fuck boy. Just eating my soaked, used up pussy, is enough to make him cum while he’s licking me. I make him get down on his hands and knees and slurp up his own cum before he finishes with me. Such a good little cum eater!

Naked In Your Kitchen

coed phone sex

There wasn’t much you could do this Sunday when this coed slut showed up in your kitchen making us pancakes. Your family was out at church and then a picnic. You are a bad boy who chose to stay home so he could see his sexy neighbor tend her rose garden in a tiny dress with her ass showing. I really should not have tempted you flashing my ass and pretty bald pussy all those times. I felt bad and when I saw everyone leave but you, I scrambled over and let myself in. It wasn’t long until you were down with some lotion and tissues expecting to jack off to me. Instead, I did a sexy strip tease and showed you all my naked body even my cute tiny size six manicured feet. I through My arms around you pushed you against the counter and used my talented mouth to suck and lick your shaft until You forcefully picked me up and fucked me against the counter as the pancakes burned. I took all your cum load and gave you a deep kiss as I ran out the side door to my house as your wife and brats pulled up. Have fun explaining those burnt pancakes and smell of sex in the air baby!


Sexy Dominatrix For Therapy Sessions

You are on your knees in front of me, what are you ready to do? What is it that you are wearing? Are you seeking approval of a Mistress for looking like a good little sissy faggot slut ready to have a sexy dominatrix coerce you into sucking a big throbbing cock? Maybe you are a shy man that craves to serve me as a cucky first? You know I love it when I have a good cum eater at my side as I get my fine trimmed cunt penetrated and fucked until I cum. I love it when you are ready to lap that cum up from my cunt. I love it even more when you let that cock in your pretty little mouth and clean my juices and all the cum from that big pleasure inducing fuck stick. You will obey every order, won’t you cock sucker?

sexy dominatrix

Work Slut

Erotic roleplaying

Guys tell me all the time how sexy I am, and I adore the compliments. There’s one guy though that’s really been lusting over me; he works with me, and so does his wife. His wife is always giving me an attitude because she’s jealous I think. One day in the break room, when everyone what’s gone, his wife stopped me and said she needed to have a conversation with me. Honestly, I thought this was going to be something that got on my fucking nerves, but it didn’t turn out that way. You see Jackson, that’s his name, and her name is Laura. Laura told me that she was angry when she first found out her husband was lusting over me, but then she saw an opportunity for her to get things that she wanted by giving him something he wanted. She propositioned me she told me that she would give me a raise if I fucked her husband for her. I smiled because honestly I’m kind of attracted to him. I told her that I was listening, and I wanted to find out more information because I definitely needed a raise. I’ve got bills to pay. She said she wanted me to fuck him after everybody left work. I was okay with it; in fact, I was really turned on, so today, after work, I’m going to fuck Jackson and give him my come guzzling pussy; however, he wants it. I’m going to let Jackson suck my pussy and fuck my pussy and my asshole in every fucking position that he could think of. The best part of it all is his wife is going to know everything, and she’s going to get whatever she needs to get from him because of it. I am so looking forward to this arrangement.

Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sexDo you like to be Cuckold phone sex? Whoever said size doesn’t matter has never fucked a huge cock like my friend Ray’s. I have been obsessed with big cock. Probably because when my cherry was popped by  Ray, as a teen, his 9-inch long 2-inch thick, ruined this cunt for anything small. So, when I met my husband and he had a 4-inch dick, I was like no fucking way can I marry you, But he was loaded and know that a hot bitch like me deserves only the best, and that includes big, hard, throbbing dick. So, I am married now, and I am what you call a cuckolding wife. I fuck whom I want, when I want, and my husband either gets to join in on the fun or sit at home alone and rub his little clit. He is well trained of course. He knows how to find hot guys with big dicks for me; how to prepare me properly for my special dates; how to fluff your cock and how to clean me up after you fuck me good and leave him a nice fat load behind. Would you like to be my cuckold? Lick the cum out of my hot pussy or suck some cock to get it ready to enter my tight cunt or ass? Call me, Valerie the Cuckolding wife and me and my Bull will put you in your place, sissy.


I love cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sexI love cuckold phone sex. Guys think because I am young, I am stupid. I know a small dick when I see one. I may be young, but I still care about what I put into my body! I only want big cocks in my tight little coed holes.  Nothing better than that feeling of being stretched out like you’re giving birth. I had a date last night with one of my professors. He has been chasing my skirt since the first day of class. He is handsome and financially secure. He is even single. The problem was that he had a short limp dick. It was not worthy of my deepthroat blowjobs. It was not worthy of any of my holes. Honestly, I was afraid of failing his class if I didn’t blow his loser dick.  Then, I had a brilliant idea. I pulled out my camera phone and took a few pics of his broke down dick. I made it clear that he could not fail me for refusing to service his loser dick. The university frowns on student teacher fraternization. Suddenly, something surprising happened. He didn’t want me to touch his cock. He knew I looked like the kind of bad ass babe who would shame his small pecker and cuckold him. He wasn’t trying to bribe me for a good grade in his class. He knew he was a loser and he wanted a goddess to own him. My professor is the student’s pet! I am going to have so much fun with him this semester.

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