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I Love Licking Her Toes

Foot FetishesA foot fetish can be so hot and turn me on. I invited my sugar daddy along and I had one of my very best friends. When we got to the hotel he went to the corner of the room and I got down on the bed and she was lying on her back and I started kissing up and down her leg which was covered by a stocking and I took her heel off and was sniffing it. My sugar daddy was getting very excited and he took his big dick out and started stroking it. I peeled her stocking off and was kissing her feet, licking between her toes and sucking on the big one like a hard dick. I turned around and she was rubbing my panties on my hot moist cunt. I took my panties off and went back and sucked on her toe again for more lube. She was rubbing it up and down my clit to my hole and then stuck it in my hole and I was riding that toe and it felt amazing. My sugar daddy came over and was kissing her feet while he stroked and he came all over he toes and I felt it squirt on my butthole. I didn’t stop, I loved the sound of my wet pussy about to climax on her toe, she was wiggling it and I came all over and he licked it up and then we shared a hot cum filled 3 way kiss.

I love my job

phone sex therapy  Phone sex therapy makes my days go by so fucking fast. There are so many clients who require my services no less than weekly so I have had to extend my business hours. I get off so many new ways each day. These guys really have some wild imaginations. I love it though. Especially when they shove their massive cocks down my throat gagging me over and over again. That shit makes my pussy so wet. Silly guys they really think that I do this job for them. How else can I be this kind of whore and not go to jail. That prude wife you have has you on a sex schedule. I don’t know about you but my libido has no time clock. I love to fuck all the time.

Riding My Toy Feels Better Than You

GFE Phone SexI am suppose to have a man, but, I am no longer waiting. I am a free gal and I deserve to be, I do love my sweet cuckies though. I love when men watch me ride my big fat dildo knowing they are nowhere near that and could never satisfy me. I would still love to find a guy who could while I ride my toy like a stallion, could fuck me up clean tight asshole. I have no hair on my body and I love when my tiny A cup titties bounce. Another thing I love about anal is that men with an ass fetish would love my perfect heart shaped ass. I am waiting to hear from the cucks and the men who love that GFE.

We tongued his bumhole

2 girl phone sexMy Aunt Daphne and I had the yummiest 2 girl phone sex together and I can’t stop thinking about it! We licked our sweet boy’s bumhole and then swapped spit & kissed one another so that we were both experiencing just how delicious he tasted. That sweet little fuck hole was gaping open when Daphne and I had our way with him while our tongues were plunged deep inside of him. Our sweet boy needed to be cradled and nursed for a bit after we gave his ass a spit-bath. He really wanted some tasty fresh milk straight from our titties, he was craving it like crazy! Suckie suckie suckie, he has both of mine and Daphne’s breasts in his mouth. He alternates from left to right breast, it’s like his head is on a swivel as he nurses us. When he empties our boobies he just repositions himself to the next one so that he can drain that as well. The best part is that our sweet boy has a huge monster tent pitched in his thonged cheetah bikini bottoms. Auntie Daphne gave them to him to wear and he hasn’t taken them off since lol, he is such a good boy! He loves how they feel when he’s wearing them and he even more so enjoys the eye candy he gets when he looks in the mirror and admires himself in the tight little nut huggers that we force him to wear. He really does enjoy being in cheetah chastity with his two favorite Aunties. We burp our sweet boy and give his asshole another good licking before we tuck him back into bed all nice and cozy. The two of us are the naughtiest treat together and he loves it. Our ass fetish gets even more fuel to the fire added after we eat him up like he is our last supper! Ass fetish

Ex sex

 Roleplay phone sex 

 My ex came over and we have been broke up for a few months, but he keeps coming back for me. He just cant get rid of this pussy. I have been craving his cock, but I dont miss him. I want more then him, he doesn’t like that I love phone sex so he left, but anyways, I got him back over and I played with his ass, i love to feel that anal gland it makes my pussy drip. I want to play with your ass like I do his. He eat me out and damn was it good. I love the way he makes me feel when he fucks me in all my holes, its so good I moan and scratch his back and neck, I think of our sex from time to time and just play with my ass hole, and pussy.

Naughty Teacher and Tutor

naughty teacherI am a naughty teacher this summer. A friend of a friend hired me to prep his son for grad school exams. The boy will be a senior in college next year. His parents want him to go to graduate school, so he can get a better job. Having taught college, I am qualified to teach certain subjects and some test preparation. I was picturing some nerdy socially awkward boy, but Jerry is a stud. He is just not as interested in college as his parents think he is. He has been more interested in drinking and fucking while he is away from home. He is interested in mature sexy chicks too. His parents had no clue their angel was banging his female professors. He is now banging his tutor. I am happy to fuck him. I don’t care that he is not very smart or motivated. I do care that he is hung. No wonder his female professors let him into their panties. He has a big cock and he eats pussy like a pro. Oral skills carry a lot of weight with mature women. I didn’t need to tutor him in the bedroom. Female anatomy and sexuality were subjects he was fluent in already. I told his parents he needed at least two sessions a week. Little do they know they are essentially paying me to fuck him. Easy money.

Dance For You

Forced feminization

Let me make you feel good after all I want to feel good too. I know you said this was your first time coming to a place like this so I want you to be completely relaxed and get ready to have an experience that will blow your mind and your load across the room. Me and my two girlfriends want to dance for you but we dance a special dance. All around you there are huge plush leather and satin fabric pillows trimmed in gold. LaLa is my Persian girlfriend who has the deepest green eyes you have ever seen in your life and her body is a masterpiece. Annabelle is my Spanish attraction fireball and she has all sorts of treats in her bag, remember that. The music is electrifying and all the curtains and lights in the dark let you see glimpses of wild feasting barbaric sex acts. LaLa starts to dance for you getting so close you can taste her sweet nipples in your mouth. I begin to take your shoes and pants off and you notice Annabelle is going into her treat bag. I grab your cock and start to suck it while LaLa straddles your face now her cunt is dancing on your wet face. Annabelle makes her way to us and she has got a treat to remember…..

Who doesn’t want to see sexy women masturbating?

sexy women masturbatingI have to say that I am definitely a little bit of an exhibitionist but it’s not like I’m causing any harm with it, cus for real, who doesn’t like to see sexy women masturbating? I know my neighbors love it! Every time I go down to the pool they kinda gather around me trying to act like they are looking at anything else other than me. But I know that they are checking me out,it’s soo obvious! When I start stripping off my bikini their hands suddenly go in their pockets like they are trying to discreetly jerk off without me seeing it, but I definitely see it. By the time I actually start rubbing my dripping wet pussy I am begging them to pull those dicks out, let me see them! I want to see how hard they are and how bad they want me! Shit,if they would come and fuck me too that would be even better!

Nasty Naughty Neighbor

sexy babe lMy cute neighbor is home alone again, and this sexy babe is taking notice. I like teasing the fuck out of him. I know he enjoys the show I put on for him. I wear my cutest bikini and soak in the sun showing off all my assets and tempting him in every single way. This time I decided to strip and skinny dip I knew he was playing close attention and I had to keep him in check by keeping him turned on. It wasn’t long after that that I caught him peeping and jerking off to me. I guess he couldn’t help himself I pushed all the buttons to make him fall to his knees and worship me. I had a great personal pussy eater out of him. Sometimes you just need to blow some steam and have someone tongue fuck you in all the right ways.

Mature Phone Sex with a College Boy

mature phone sexMature phone sex women are what the college studs crave. Summer is here, which means school is out. My neighbor’s son has MILF fever. He has been home from college for only a few days and I have already fucked him a few dozen times. He has spent more time between my legs than he has with his friends or family. He was with me once when his friends were blowing up his phone. He was supposed to meet them for a movie, but he decided to eat my pussy instead. He pals joke he that he has a secret girlfriend. I am not a girlfriend, just a hot sexy woman with some experience who loves younger guys. I am giving him a crash course on how to be a better lover. He informed me his school girlfriends think he cums too quickly. That is an easy fix with some edge play and tease and denial games. We have been fucking like bunnies. He does cum quickly, but he bounces back quickly too. He has a 10 inch cock, I want to train him to last longer, but I am enjoying fucking him 24/7 too much to edge him properly. I need some practice in restraint. I mean we are perfect for each other. We are both in our sexual prime with lots of energy to burn off. At least for the summer, I have a fuck buddy that runs to me with a text. Last night, I came home from a disappointing date with a loser who had a 3 inch dick. I shamed him, kicked myself for not seeing it coming and texted Ted. He was over at my place before I poured my wine. We fucked all night long. I still have a few months to work on that stamina issue.

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