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Sexy Sugar Baby

gfe phone sexI love being a teen teas. I don’t hook, but I am a sugar baby. Sex for pretty things and cash is implied. I look at it as a tribute. Men need to compensate me somehow for blowing their old shriveled up dicks and making them look good. My men aren’t quite as old as Anna Nicole’s hubby was, but they are often 20-40 years older than me. I am barely legal, and my current sugar daddy is 58. He owns a technology company. He makes a shit ton of money that he loves to spend on young girls like me. Of course, he is married. I am a side piece. That is all I want to be to an old man. I am using him for his money. We have a special arrangement. I fuck him and he spoils me. Last night, he took me to this fancy restaurant. The place was so fancy my menu had no prices on it. He paid for me to buy a new fancy dress and get my hair and nails done. He likes the looks he gets when he walks into a place with a girl as hot as me on his arm. I let him finger bang my bald pussy under the table while we ate. I just thought of Johnny Depp. That’s an older man I would fuck. When we got back to my place, his old sweaty body was humping me. I’m on the pill but I tell him I’m not because he has this thing about knocking me up. He lives me a bigger wad of cash when I tell him to impregnate me. My friends think I should let him because I would be set for life from the support alone. The way I look at it is different. This is California. His bitch wife would get so much money, he might not have enough to keep spoiling me! I only fuck old geezers if they are filthy rich.

Bad Idea

best phone sex

Best phone sex with a slut who will do anything to make your cock cream is the best. I know you sit there and wish you could have a slut like me. One who will make all those bad ideas reality lose control and let me be your hot slut. I know you are my best friends boyfriend, but I want your cock more than anything. You feel my hands jerk you in the middle of dinner. We are out in public, and I am a nasty slut letting myself lose control. You can’t take it anymore, so you begin to fall into my advances. It’s no secret that I got her fucked up and made her pass out on purpose. I want you all to myself for the night. While my best friend, Your girlfriend is in deep slumber I am going to make your cock cream and make you addicted to me.

Mistress Next Door

best phone sex

Being a sneaky cheating whore is so much fun! Fucking around behind my neighbor’s wife’s back is such a thrill ride! As soon as her car leaves the driveway for work, I make sure to scurry over in nothing but a see through robe and heels! My neighbor gets so hard the minute he sees my tight naked body right through my robe. As soon as we’re inside, I drop my robe and he starts lapping up my wet warm pussy! He can’t get enough of my taste, his tongue flicks my throbbing clit and he shoves his fingers inside of my tight pussy.

I turned around and pulled his cock out of his boxers and right when I was about to give him a nice tongue bath- suddenly, we hear the door knob jiggle! Oh, shit It’s his wife! She walks in and looks shocked! My neighbor’s cock remained hard in my hand, but her presence wasn’t gonna stop me, “Have a seat, bitch. So I can show you how a real woman sucks dick,” I smirk. She listens to my orders and sits directly in front of us. I lather her husband’s cock with my tongue, running it up and down his thick shaft all the way down to his balls.

I turn around on all fours and spread my legs wide so she can take a look at my pink pussy and starburst asshole. I tell her to watch as her husband shoves his cock straight into my pussy and he fucks me so hard, his balls slap against my pulsing wet clit. I can tell she’s getting turned on as I grind on her husband’s cock. She starts fingering herself while he fucks me hard. I tell her to crawl over to us and lick my dripping wet pussy and his balls while he pumps his thick cum inside of me. Then I make the bitch slurp her husband’s cum out of my mistress cunt! <3

Soaking Wet

I’ve noticed how you look at me from outside of your apartment window every time I go to the pool and lay out to tan, or take a swim. You don’t realize that I can see you masturbate while you watch me. Finally, I got up the courage to put on more of a show today went I went out to the pool. I left my bikini at the lounge chair and went for a little swim. I came out right in front of your bedroom window where you were jerking off, and showed you my soaking wet body. I looked right at you as I started playing with my wet pussy and ass. I smiled at you as we masturbated there at the same time watching each other. SO hot!Mutual masturbation stories

Best Phone Sex Girlfriend

best phone sexKeep me in your arms I need to be here with your love forever, and I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to go away because you mean everything to me, I don’t question who you are; I don’t judge you. I’m just enchanted with the experience of you. You are my dream there’s no one, and there’s nothing that could ever make me want to leave your side, I could live in your love forever. I love the way we lay together wrapped in each other’s arms we are made to be, and we’ve always known it ever since we were just little ones. When we would be together, and our families would go out together, you and I used to look at each other entrapped in each other’s eyes. I thought of you as a prince in my life, I knew you would do anything to make me happy that you would travel any to any land and try to make me yours. I want you to know I would do anything to be with you too. I would travel any road as long as it led to your love. You are everything to me you make me feel like a flower in the wind on a sunny day, a perfect picture for the Gods. I love you I need you I’m going to always love you this much you can believe me yes my love you can trust me because I’m telling the truth. I’m so glad we grew up together because we know everything about each other that way. I know you like vanilla ice cream on a sunny day sitting on our porch passing the time away I know you love that you’ve always shown me. You know that I love to get my feet tickled in the backyard well playing in the grass you know that because you’ve always done that for me. You make me smile every time I look in your beautiful eyes; I’m just overtaken by your joy by Your Love by your passion. I love you I cannot say it enough because I feel it too much and that’s so good to me. All I’ve ever wanted to do was be in your life I want to be your passionate lover I need to be your kinky, creative girl in bed and I will because I don’t ever want you to be bored. I love you-you’re my everything remember that if nothing else you’re so special to me and you will always be.


Bet you won’t call me only once!

Best phone sexEvery caller always tells me that they have the best phone sex with me and it’s never a surprise to hear to be honest, lol. I know my worth and I know what this sexy body of mine has to offer. It’s a known fact that no one ever calls me only one time. I’m literally perfect. I always look at myself in the mirror and admire my beautiful tits & juicy ass as I think to myself how sexy I am. One taste of what I got and I swear you’re gonna be fuckin hooked, babe! Obviously these perfect holes of mine don’t come cheap though. I love getting super nasty for a freaky bastard that has no problem paying to play with me. My time is precious and I need to make sure you’re worth it! Suck on my nipples and slide your fingers up inside of my wet pussy, I swear you’re gonna be in love! 😉

I’m in Lust

Sensual phone sex


I just want to be the one you love to fuck I just need to be the girl who is good luck to you, babe. Can you let me suck your cock today I’ve been needing to wrap my lips around your cock all day, and now I really want to do so babe let me please you like you deserve to be treated and pleased? You’re the man who does the things for me that other men could only wish they do you make me happy babe you make me so sad inside and everything you said I believe it’s true cuz I believe in you. Whenever you want to make me feel like joy all you have to do is come around because you’re mine and I am yours, and that’s the way that life is supposed to be. Kiss me in my pussy wrap your tongue around my clit my cum guzzling pussy needs it more than anything. I’m Your Love slave, and you just make me feel overjoyed, I’m not playing with you boy. I need your body why don’t you come along and make it happen for me? I have been wanting you for so long. Everything you do is correct in my eyes, I think you’re special you’re so talented you make the world go around for me. And when you stick your big fat cum filled cock inside of me, you make me feel like I’m weak I love you so much. If you don’t fuck me, I am depressed the whole day long because I need you more than you understand. So please I’m begging you to give me a call back I am begging you on my knees I want to suck it, and all you need to do to me is say yes. I’m in love with you. I’m in lust with you your whole body turns me on. Please give me you because I deserve you and I will please you.

Southern Slut

Cocksucking phone sex

I may drawl like a southern belle, but don’t be fooled, I’m a very naughty girl. My daddy may have tried to keep me in line and make me behave, but as soon as I blossomed, he just couldn’t keep the boys away. I sound as sweet as pecan pie with my accent, but I’m hardly innocent. Just last night, I spent all of Valentine’s night down on my knees with a cock in my mouth. I went out on a date and he took me home to his place and when I saw his big dick, I needed to get a taste of it. I dropped to my knees and started to worship his big cock. I licked him from his balls to the tip of his dick, then I slapped his thick and heavy cock across my mouth and the sides of my face. I wanted to really savor his big cock before taking it into my mouth and deep throating him. I stroked his shaft with both hands while swirling my tongue around the tip of his cock and had him in ecstasy. I felt his thighs tremble and his cock start to pulse as he shot his big load of cum into my mouth. Then I swallowed it all down like a proper southern whore.

Horny Cock Escort

Best Phone Sex

Being a cock escort is so great. A materialistic slut like me loves spoiling myself with clothing, jewels and luxuries. That is makes being a cock escort the best! I get my money and presents and fucked hard. Money and cock is all I care about. I met up with a great client yesterday who wanted to do extra kinky roleplay. We got to his hotel and I fingered my wet cunt for him while he tickled my feet with his hard cock. A horny escort like me loves riding cowgirl on a hot rich man’s cock. I rode him so hard until he wanted to fuck my used escort rosebud asshole. He had me bent over the fancy hotel chaise lounge with my tight ass in the air, perfect for him to fuck. He shoved his cock inside me and pumped me full of cum like the dirty horny whore I am. I squirted all over his legs and the hotel room floor. After getting fucked so hard, I was gifted a blingy diamond necklace.

Galentine’s Day

She had never played with another wet pussy before, but we sure changed that. I heard the couple days before Valentine’s Day is “Gal”entine’s Day where you get together and spend time with your girlfriends. So we went out for a couple of drinks and one thing led to another. I’ve always been attracted to her, but when she said she wanted to feel my pussy, I couldn’t resist. I spread my legs wide open and let her have at it. She sucked on my hard nipples and used her long fingers to rub my clit. She tasted her fingers and went down on me, eating every bit. I came all over her face and taught her that she could squirt too when I returned the favor. I think Galentine’s is going to be my new favorite holiday!Best phone sex

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