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Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex Fantasies

When I was finishing up my Bachelors I was living off campus at a house with a few girlfriends, and we really loved giving that naughty neighbor phone sex fiend some awesome fantasies. With five sexy coed females living in this 3 bedroom house together you know these married “family” men can’t help but have fantasies about us. I admit we did a lot to bring about more of them too, like our half naked sunbathing and rubbing oil on one another in the front yard on lounge chairs. There was a night we came home after midnight and a few of the guys were talking and the three of us sexy coeds that were coming home just started making out with each other in the front of the house as we got out of the Uber and thanked the driver with a kiss bending forward against the window letting it be seen that I had no panties on under this micro mini dress that was riding up as I leaned in the window. Oh, and trust me, the three of us gave this Uber driver the best fantasy to jerk off to on his way to wherever as we really tipped him with a hot show in the back of his SUV. Let’s say it smelled like pussy in there, hot wet pussy.

Naughty neighbor phone sex

Sexy women masturbating

sexy women masturbatingI couldn’t wait to try out my new toy. I went on a shopping spree earlier as a treat from my husband. Usually, if I’ve been an extra nasty girl for him, he’ll treat me with his credit cards. I had to go to the adult store because I heard they had a new product that I just HAD to try. It’s already looking like it’s going to be an exciting evening.I could barely eat after my shopping trip because all I could think about was getting home to that new vibrator. I got home and took a shower. While I was in there, I teased my pussy with my fingers. Getting myself to the edge and back over and over again. I was trembling as I got out and dried myself. I couldn’t wait to get to that toy and make myself cum over and over while I thought about riding a hard cock. Imagining a big, stiff shaft gliding in and out of my creamy pussy, had me moaning with joy. I played with myself and that toy until the batteries died and I was absolutely soaked! Now I’m ready to go out and find the real thing.

Cuckold sex slave

cuckold phone sexI finally found the perfect guy to be my little slave. He’s absolutely perfect. The best part is he works in Hawaii, so when I’m feeling like a get away, I have my own personal little fuck toy in paradise! He’s so adorable. I just love to watch the looks on his face while another man is going down on me. He looks so cute when I’m moaning and cumming all over another man’s tongue. When I’m getting fucked hard from behind, I watch him in the corner, stroking his hard cock for me. I blow him kisses and wink at him as I bounce on another mans cock and ride him until he fills me with his hot cum. When I’m nice and full of cum, he cleans it all out with his tongue and doesn’t stop licking. I soak his face over and over and make him thank me for my cum. Once I’ve had my fun, I make him take me out, show me off and spoil me! I love having my own little piece of paradise!

CJ’S Fantasy Phone Sex: The Jail Chronicles

fantasy phone sex

roleplay phone sex

Big Dicked Jail Chronicles of two fantasy phone sex sluts. My Friend Myranda and I work the phone lines part-time. We just happened to go drinking with some of the other girls only we got sloppy drunk and we were flashing our tits and playing with each other’s pussy right in the bar. Some fucking narc called the local PD on us and we were in the overnight drunk tank. Now, for some reason, we were put in the same cell. You know I was drunk horny and couldn’t keep my face out of Myranda’s pussy. The correctional officer pulled out our bottle they had confiscated. He asked if we wanted a drink. His cock was out and so pretty we knew he wanted a slutty coed threesome. In seconds that Jailer dick was getting a double blow job. Loads of cum all over her tits were licked off by me! Then Myranda guided him inside of me as we drank even more alcohol and got freaky in the jail cell! I love pussy and I love dick get me drunk and I will be cummings all over your cock too! I love role play phone sex to take me back to that cum filled night in the jail cell with my hot bitch.

Mistress Satisfaction


Erotic roleplaying

Call me Mistress satisfaction. I know how to give you all the naughty lustful fetishes that you want. I know how to drive your cock insane. You have been a bad fucking boy, and I know exactly what you’ve done. I knew that you were a problem; I knew that you were a few screws short in your toolset. You’re a loser you are a fucking faggot sissy piece of shit. I’m your ruler I am your fucking owner and you better not ever disobey me, or I’ll spank your ass until it’s red and raw. Every time I see your little bitch face, I get the urge to dominate you. I am your fucking owner everything I tell you to do is what you need to be doing. Your mommy had a weak son that’s right loser your mommy had a weak fucking sissy son. You don’t have any balls, but you have the fucking audacity to try and talk to a woman. You know that you like getting fucked you know that you like for me to put on my strap-on and RAM it in your fucking sissy ass. What gave you the thought that a woman would want to let you stick your little 2in dick inside of her pussy? I’ve always thought of you s a bitch I’ve always seen you as a faggot little sissy. Look at your face I think you’re going to cry you know why you’re going to cry? You are going to cry because you have no control over your female instincts you’re a woman Inside, and that little bitty dick is proof. You need to be flogged you need to be beaten you need to be fucked in your little butt pussy. Tonight I’m going to give you everything you need, and I’m not holding back at all.

My Beautiful Ebony Pussy is Addicting

beautiful ebony pussyI took some time off from phone sex to travel the world as a featured dancer. I am a high-class ebony slut and men everywhere love eating my beautiful ebony pussy. Instead of traveling as a sexy stripper, I am going to go back to talking dirty and stripping at private gigs. I may go back out on the road in the future because I am a restless soul. For now, however, I am staying put for a while. Earlier in the week, I did my first private stripping gig locally. This wealthy man called me up because his son has jungle fever and is getting married soon. He wanted to throw him a bachelor party. I love stripping for white men, especially loaded white men. I arrived at their house in a private limo that they sent to get me. I was set up in a private room with a stripper pole already in it. There were no other guests. This was not the official bachelor party. This was daddy’s special present to his son, the groom. I was happy to give the groom a hot lap dance and a chance to eat my chocolate pussy. A big bag of cash and 5-star treatment, not to mention a great pussy licking made it all worth my time. It’s good to be back home. I can have just as exciting adventures locally as I can abroad.

Office fun

mature phone sexMy job is normally pretty boring.Today was different because I had been staring at the new young guy at the office all day. By lunch time, I was ready to jump across the desk and ride him right there in the conference room. It was almost as if he knew how much I wanted him. It seemed like he was teasing me. He would walk by me in the break room, getting coffee and accidentally brush up against me. Later, I could feel the bulge in his pants on my ass as he walked behind me at the water fountain. Finally, I had enough of this and pulled him in closer to me. He didn’t even try to resist as I put my hand in his pants and jerked him off right there in the hallway of the office building. He had the cutest look on his face as he finished in his pants. I laughed at him as I walked away, leaving him in a sticky mess.

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex takes different forms. Some guys are cuckolds in the sense that they just want their wives to have lovers. They know that they are too sexually inadequate to take care of their spouse’s sexual needs. And some cuckolds are more about the cocks their wives are taking. They want to fluff the cock for their wives. They want to lick the creampie out of their wives’ pussies. They even want to get fucked and humiliated by their wives’ hung lovers. Which kind of cuckold are you? I love cucks. I don’t fuck cucks, but I groom them. I help them be the best cuckolds they can be for their wives and for themselves. I am a phone sex therapist. I specialize in sexual dysfunction, small dick shame and cuckolding. Many men want to be cuckolds but don’t know how to get their wives on board. Some men have small dicks and just don’t know what to do to help their wives get sexual satisfaction. And some men just don’t even know yet that they are incapable of pleasing women. That is my cue. I want to help you help your wife get the sexual pleasure she deserves because women cum first.

Sexy babe

Sexy babeI’ve always known I am a Sexy babe. Hell, my Dad’s friends even used to call me jailbait. I wore the sluttiest clothes, heels, nails, and makeup always done. I am a high-class girl with high standards. I was raised to know that I have a golden pussy and only give it to a man that will give you literal gold. Some might call me a gold digger, but I just know what I want! I won’t take anything less than a man that is wealthy and packing a huge cock. I could settle for a cuck, that allows me to fuck other men. Or should I say allows me to fuck real men. I desire the most expensive of things, my taste in everything is very high class and I always get what I want. That’s the perks of being a smoking hot babe that knows her worth. Prime pussy gets prime men and a premium luxurious lifestyle with me, myself, and I.

MILF Phone Sex Fun at the Grocery Store

milf phone sex

Grocery store trips are even more fun as a MILF. I get to flirt with and tease all the guys I want, while getting my shopping done. I’ve had my eyes set on one of the young stock clerks. Today, I was looking for a certain type of pasta sauce. I asked him if he knew where it was and it’s like he had never seen a pair of tits before. I knew by the way he was staring at me, that if I could just get him alone, I could do whatever I wanted to him and he would gladly accept the favor. I watched as he started to get hard, while stuttering and trying to get the answer out. I arched my back and stuck them out a little more, just to tease him a little. He wanted this hot MILF and we both knew it. I gave him my number and I could already hear my phone buzz in my purse as I walked away. When I got to my car, I looked over and he was heading in my direction. He got in the passenger seat and almost immediately had his hard cock out, ready for me to suck. As I sucked, he fingered me until I had his hand soaked. I climbed on top and rode that thick, young cock until he exploded inside of me. I can’t wait for next week’s shopping trip!

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