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Boredom and the Landscaper

Sexy women masturbating

I was at home, bored as hell, watching Netflix and not really getting much from it. So I turned off the tv and figured I would go take a nap. As I was lying there I started playing with my pussy. Idle hands right? I was really getting into it and then I heard an odd noise on the window. I opened my eyes and looked over and there is the guy who takes care of the landscaping staring into my window and drooling. I didn’t stop playing with myself, why should I, he is watching because he wants to so why not give him a show. So I turned a little so he could watch my fingers fuck my nice wet fuckhole. It almost looked like he was about to lick the glass so I waved him in, his face lit up with a big smile and an “are you sure” kind of look. I kept waving him in and he was in my bedroom in about a split second, a rather eager beaver… eater. He wasted no time in burying his face in my pussy and licking my clit until I was begging to get fucked. He pulled his cock out and rammed it into my wet waiting pussy and holy fuck he was hard. He fucked the hell out of me for a long time and after cumming a bunch of times I said he could nut right inside of me and that seemed to push him over the edge and his cock was deep inside me shooting his load, spurt after spurt. I turned around while he stood there panting and I asked if he would like to do this again sometime. He said, “Sure I’ll just be a peeping Tom again and see if you are game.” Little does he know that I am always game.Sexy breasts

Sexy Babe Enjoys Movie Night Fuck!

Sexy babeMovie night! I love watching movies, especially with him, but last night, I was horny as fuck before the movie even started. So, as the movie began, my hand wandered over to his thigh, then slowly further up. I admit that I don’t remember much about the movie, I was just too focused on making sure he knew I was horny. So, when my hand made it to his cock, I knew that I wasn’t the only one, and I couldn’t open his fly fast enough. He let me slip the pants down and free his dick for my pleasure. I immediately bent down and started to lick and suck and massage his cock and balls, before into deep-throating him. Erotic roleplayingI sucked him until I could tell he was losing his mind with it, then twisted myself around and pulled his head toward my cunt. He didn’t need any urging, he dove right in, running his tongue over my clit and into my pussy, dipping fingers into my fuck holes. He drove me right into an orgasm, and then filled my throbbing pussy with his dick, and kept me there, cumming over and over! Ohhh, I love movie night!!

Best phone sex Doc Rebecca

If you are looking for a quality doctor with a real need and urge to help her clients than you only have one decision to make and that decision is what time do you want to schedule your appointment. Dr Rebecca is here to make you feel good, suck your cock and balls, let you fuck every hole on her body and to generally help you feel good and work through any kind of circumstances or issues you may be going through currently. There is no one as qualified to suck a cock that will drain every last ounce of come from your balls as well as set you on that couch and allow you to feel content and comfortable enough in every move she makes and every word is trusted because of the bond that you will establish with doctor Rebecca. It is always welcomed for any client who needs something to simply ask. Please be open with me and let me know what your needs are so I can meet them.


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Cuckolded In Front of Friends

Sissy humiliation

My hubby is a sissy. Probably why I always refer to him as my sissy hubby, makes sense right? I was feeling really quite horny, and making my hubby do all kinds of kinky things always gets my pussy humming and wet. I called him into the living room and told him to call some buddies over that he golfs with or plays racquetball with. About 3 hours later hubby’s buddies are all here and enjoying pizza and beer and watching a football game. Sitting next to my hubby I whisper in his ear. “Stand up, stand next to the TV and take all of your clothes off.” He immediately stands but looks back at me with fear, because he doesn’t know what I am going to do next. He starts to undress and the guys all start protesting asking him what the fuck he is doing. He only looked at me for instruction. I turned to all the guys and said them “He is my cuckold and he does what I tell him to.” They looked stunned but curious. My hubby is usually made to wear panty hose with the crotch cut open, so once he was undressed his cock hung there, limp. “First thing my loving husband. I want you to suck any of these guys that want a blow job from you. Then you are going to jerk off standing in front of all of them jerking off until you cum.” I turned to the guys and told them if they wanted to leave now would be the time. Oddly, none of them left. He blew them all one by one; a few guys even returned the favor and blew my hubby. I told the guys to hold their wads until the end. All the cocks being sucked and stroked had me so turned on I wasn’t going to leave my pussy out of the action.Forced crossdressing

As the last guy was getting blown I asked the guys who were ready to cum now and a bunch of them said they were. “Ok, then you guys come on over here and stick your cock in my pussy and cum inside me,” I said. Each one came up, slid their cock into my tight, shaved wet pussy and within a few thrusts, they would cum. One by one they all eventually came over to me and came inside me. “Anyone that is done you can leave if you like or watch my sissy hubby suck each of your deposit out of my pussy.” Again, no one left. I looked at my sissy man and I didn’t need to say anything, he lay down on the floor and sucked all those hot loads that the guys left for him right out of my pussy. What a fun day, after all, that’s what a sissy cuckold husband is right? Mmmm drip drip drip

Cuckold phone sex

Expensive Weakling

Erotic roleplayingIt’s expensive as fuck for you to be so weak and addicted to me, isn’t it!? All I want you to do is send me hundreds of dollars and then disappear, I have no other use for you other than being my personal piggy bank. How’s work going by the way? Are you thinking of me and stroking your cock? Yeah, I thought so! Remember when you used to be a normal man before you met me, hehe, those days are now long gone. It’s always a perfect day for me to relax and make you go bankrupt! And the best part, I don’t have to do anything! You have no control over your fetishes, the weaker you are for me, the better! If a goddess like me wants control of your life, you give it to me! Trust me, i’m doing you a huge favor by doing so as well as doing what I was put on this Earth to do, rob you blind! My body is a sacred temple, now get on your knees and pray!

Best phone sex with Eden

Best phone sex Do you like that I have my pretty pink cunt spread open for you? I am ready to take your fucking huge cock in my tiny pussy hole and my asshole baby. I like to be a submissive whore and please you in every way. I will be on my hands and knees waiting for you to get off of work and I will have my mouth open ready to clean your cock, balls, and asshole after a long hard day at work. I will even put on the nastiest porn you like so you can jerk off right onto my face after. Do you like using a little whore like me as a sex doll? I like when you degrade me and call me really nasty names it makes my pussy cush with wetness.

Naughty teacher of a different sort

Naughty teacher

I put word of mouth out to the neighborhood that I was going to host a little party for all the boys and girls. It’s time to show everyone how to give and take a BBC. In reality, it’s not really showing everyone “how” … I’m pretty sure taking cock is an instinct, but I like to have an audience sometimes.
I had them all gather in front of the couch like I was about to tell a story. All the eyes watching as I got the BBC naked and sucked his cock. It was a big fat black cock and he got hard right away from the audience. I didn’t waste a second and got on reverse cowgirl and fucked that cock. It was hard to pay attention to the “lesson” I was trying to give, that BBC felt so good I gushed twice and just wanted to keep fucking, but the second time I gushed the BBC guy blew his wad inside my slick cunt. I laid back on the couch and threw my legs in the air, spread my pussy lips and had each one of the neighbor boys and girls lick a little cum from my pussy. If he or she didn’t want to then they could suck the BBC. Either way, it was the payment for the show.

You want the best phone sex don’t you?

best phone sexI know you want the best phone sex, that’s why you’re here right? Well let me tell you all about what I did last night. I went out to my friend’s house for a little party and met this sexy guy there. He was hot as fuck so obviously I went home with him and we fucked all night long. He was very attentive to me, I swear he must have licked this pussy for a couple hours! Then he bent me over and fucked me deep, I swear I was screaming so loud I thought for sure his neighbors would call the cops! It was the best sex I have ever had I swear, I just love a man that knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it!

Revenge on the cop cock

Great blowjobs

Yes I know I’m part of law enforcement too, but I don’t really act like it. I make my parolees fuck me, men and women. Sometimes I even blackmail them into doing what I want. When I went to visit one of my parolees in jail to give him his revocation papers, there was a particular guard being … well a fucking asshole. He acted like I was just a woman in his jail. Ugh, what a dickhead. I finished with the inmate and let dickhead know I was ready to go. He saunters over to the cell slowly and takes out his keys like he’s waiting for the second coming. “Do you think you can speed it up? I have shit to do.” I said to him which his response was simply to glare at me. Finally, he opened the door and walked me down the block past the inmates. Oddly enough usually when I need to come here I get cat called and all kinds of offers of getting me off, but not one peep from these guys. I think it’s dickhead guard. We walk thru the last block on the long corridor and I am seeing all the cells are empty. I feel his hand on my arm and him just pushing me into one of the cells. I yelled what the fuck at him, he came up grabbed my neck and said “This is my house, and people do what I tell them to do in my house. Now, get down on your knees and show me you understand that concept. Bitch.” I was not happy; who the fuck is this guy to pull this shit. As he takes his cock out I am not wanting to open my mouth, but he told me if I don’t he was going to show me to the showers. I really had no idea what he meant but the fuck if I was going to take the chance and find out. I open my mouth really wide and put my tongue all the way out and he slaps his cock on it. Sucking on the head and running my tongue down his shaft and I had him groaning. My tongue slathered his cock in my spit. He started to throat fuck me. I could feel him getting closer with each stroke into my throat and mouth. His hands on the back of my head I can hear him getting close to cumming … and then his warm hot load of spunk came shooting out at me. He came all over my face and when I stood up he was just smiling a cocky smirk. I thought fast and shut the cell door with him still in the cell. I took his shirt and pants (where the keys were) and one, wiped his jizz off my face. And two threw them in the garbage. “Have fun explaining why you are naked in a cell Bitch!”

Phone sex therapist Rebecca- Schedule Now

Phone sex therapist

Quality phone sex sessions are hard to come by if you do not have a caring and loving therapist that you have developed a relationship and re pore with. I encourage all of my clients to share their innermost fantasies with me no matter how dark or how dirty they think it might be. I am not here to judge or anything of that nature. I also have taboo fantasies that I love acting out. My favorite fantasies usually take place in my office and behind closed doors with my clients. I urge all of my clients to be comfortable during our sessions, even if that includes being completely nude or wearing attire that may seem odd to others. I encourage an open door policy and having family or friends as a support system and they are welcome to join in ANY and ALL activities that take place in my office as well. Feel free to make an appointment soon.

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