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You know I have been fucking all types of guys lately, and one of my favorite fucks hands down has to be my trainer. He has the biggest cock and sure does know how to use it. I couldn’t keep this to myself, I told my amiga veronica all about this hot fuck I was getting, and she wanted it too. So now she gets to play tennis and play with nice balls, and I get to get in a slippery wet situation when my trainer comes to do aquatics with me. Veronica loved the referral so much she got hooked on our trainer’s dick in no time. I mean what are friends for anyway? I like sharing a fantastic trainer together. We have had such a blast that we even set up a group session. The three of us are going to get a vigorous workout  I can’t wait to watch her pick her stamina up with his well endowed unique tool. We both love having 2 girl phone sex with our trainer too. I mean both of our husbands are always away doing something for work. Veronica and I need cock at all times.

Cum on Boobs


cum on boobsDo you like cum on boobs? I do and so does one of my young students. I was being a bad teacher this week. We never had school because of the weather. It has been cancelled every day this week so far. One of my female students lives near me. She stopped by yesterday morning to see if she could get some extra tutoring. She struggles with writing papers. Honestly, everything was innocent until her boyfriend showed up. I knew him. He was a former student. I used to bang him daily after class for a semester. Lucy told him all about her hot teacher and he knew who she was talking about. A young guy never forgets a naughty teacher who taught him how to eat pussy and fuck. I got horny as fuck seeing him again. It didn’t take me long to realize I had been set up. This was a planned threesome and I walked right into. I am not complaining, however. Been awhile since I had a threesome with another couple. This was no ordinary threesome. The guy was a former student and lover. The girl is a current student and neighbor. If anyone found out, I would be in trouble. My tenure might not matter much in a situation like this. I knew they wouldn’t tell. My former student is hung like a horse and will always be hot for teacher. My current student is hot for the teacher’s bald pussy. I am hot for both. I guided his cock into her pussy which I licked sloppy wet. I got his cock too. When he was about to cum inside me, Lucy told him to pull out and cum on me. His jizz shot all over my body. It was a Peter North cum shot. Lucy wanted to lick her boyfriend’s cum off my body. If we are buried under snow, I think they will be here daily. Suddenly, I love winter.

Wet Dreams

Sexy phone sexI woke up and my sheets were soaked. I had an incredible kinky dream last night I was being fucked by 20 guys. I could feel those dicks in all my holes. Hands grabbing all over my sweaty body. Slapping at my ass and teasing my hard nipples. I was watching a few of the guys jerk their dicks. I started to moan and beg for them to all cum in my mouth and all over my face. Watching them made my pussy juices start to flow out in little squirts down my legs. I wanted more cum to swallow so I grabbed one of the cute guys dick and shoved his dick into throat. My mouth begging for his cum.

BDK made me the luckiest girl in the world

2 girl phone sexWhen I called up my sexy bestie Cassandra to have 2 girl phone sex and tell her about how bummed out I was that my sugar daddy prospect ended up being a small dick loser who was more like a splenda daddy, she was kind enough to invite me to her palace to live the lavish life with her and Big Daddy King. She has been bragging about him to me non-stop and I couldn’t believe that I was finally getting the opportunity to meet the living legend! I was over the moon happy and excited, she has told me so much about BDK and his perfect anaconda cock, I have been wanting to please him in all the best of ways! She said to pack a suitcase full of bikinis because that’s the only thing I would be needing to live the celebrity life with her and our Big Daddy King. Cassandra picked me up in her private jet, but this wasn’t just any private jet, the interior was encrusted in gold and the expensive food and champagne were flowing for the both of us to enjoy. This was the life that I have always wanted but haven’t been able to achieve with any of these other lame and broke losers who think that they’re more than capable. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to be well on my way to Big Daddy King and Cassandra’s huge palace, knowing that my life was going to be changing drastically! There was a stretch limo waiting for us at the airport when we got off of our plane, and of course the inside was decked out with all of the necessities that we could need for our sexy ride home to the palace! I wanted to make all my friends and haters jealous so of course Cassandra and I were snapping tons of pictures for our social media while we got tipsy together off some yummy bubbly. My heart was racing with excitement and I had the biggest smile on my face as I eagerly awaited jumping into the strong arms of our sexy BDK. GFE phone sexWhen we pulled up to the palace, my jaw dropped and I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes! I have never seen such a sprawling and beautiful mansion. Daddy King sure does know how to take care of his sexy girls in the most lavish ways! We went inside and got settled and waited for our huge legendary anaconda to arrive home so that I could finally meet the most amazing man to ever bless this planet. When we saw him walking up the driveway, we went outside and ran to jump into his arms. He picked both of us up and we kissed all over him, i’ve never felt so tiny and sexy in the arms of anyone like how I did in my BDK’s manly grip. He loved how hott we both looked and we could see his huge anaconda dick bulging out of his pants already. Cassandra and I got on our knees and unzipped him so that we could kiss all over his diamond covered man-sleeve. My mouth was watering as I was finally up close and personal with the biggest, thickest cock and cum-filled balls that I have ever seen in my entire life! We worked our magic as we deepthroated BDK’s huge, perfect anaconda. He was moaning with extreme pleasure as his two favorite sexy babes went to work on his godly manhood. He wanted to fuck me so that I could experience the ultimate Big Daddy King cock that he has been wanting to bless me with. I had the most intense orgasm of my life, my pussy has never been wetter! When I squirted cum all over his anaconda, I yelled out ‘BDK is the best and i’m so lucky to be fucking his cock!’ His nut juice was so delicious, it tastes just like liquid gold. I’m truly the most lucky girl ever to have been blessed with such a gorgeous anaconda down my throat and deep inside of my sexy bald pussy. We have the best GFE phone sex with our Big Daddy King, he loves to spoil his naughty princesses!

Sexy phone sex

sexy phone sex

I am setting up a little event tonight at a hotel. I am really excited! I have invited my tiny dicked friends and their smoking wife’s, and a bunch of really well hung men. We all gather into the hotel room and start to strip out of our clothes. I am asking that the married men sit this one out and just watch. The well hung guys each grab a girls tight hole of their choice. It is so hot to see how these girls are so hungry for these cocks. They each forget about the men they all go home with each  night and start being filthy. I help connect each of those cocks and holes on each girl. We are going to have a hot orgy while those men watch us girls get what we want. I look around to see that those cocks are stretching those pussy, ass, and mouth holes. We all want that boiling hot cum. The first cum load rushes into a hot girls mouth. I kiss her and suck the cum out of her mouth and pass it on to the next girl, then she does the same. I know we have a bunch more cum to get out of these fat

My New Little Maid Outfit

erotic roleplaying


You told me you wanted to try something a little more freaky lately and I figured that erotic roleplaying might be just the ticket to spice things up. I went down to the sex shop and picked up this really sexy and cute little french maid’s uniform complete with  thigh high stockings and heels. Once you sent your wifey away for the weekend, I came over and insisted on changing but you had to keep your eyes closed. Once I told you to open up, you saw me standing there in that sex new uniform- using a feather duster on your chest. You instantly jumped up and grabbed your little maid, insisting that the bedroom was the first place that needed my attention. You carried me over to the bed, slowly undressed me and kissed me all over- while taking my clothes off with your teeth delicately. I climbed up on top of you and rode your cock as deeply as I could possibly be penetrated and kept a steady pace, making sure you enjoyed every single stroke inside my cunt. You flipped me over and slide right in from behind, sticking a finger in my tight rosebud asshole while you got your last few pumps into me before we both came together. I’m glad I was right about that outfit. I guess we’ll have to try some new “jobs” for me over the weekend. Can I get the visa so I can go shopping, sugar? 😉

My new pool guy

sexy babeMy husband was away at work and of course, something had to go wrong, my pool was acting up and I had to quickly call up a poorly company, I waited for the servicemen to come and give me an estimate. The companies van pulled up thru my driveway very shortly after the call. A short guy came out and he was pretty obnoxious and loud. I already knew he was going to be a pain. I knew he was going to overprice me and try to stick me with a crazy bill. He was a sleaze indeed, The whole time he couldn’t stop staring at me. He even said from the moment he stepped in the house” had I known a sexy babe was going to be hot wet and ready for me I would have come even faster”. He walked in and was getting even more annoying by the second. I was shooing him off as fast as possible I didn’t even want him in the house another minute longer.He was making jokes and I couldn’t wait for him to go. I caught a glimpse of his hard-on and my attitude completely changed. I couldn’t believe this obnoxious little shit had such a gorgeous cock I couldn’t believe my eyes. I needed it in me.I went in on his cock, he knew he what he was doing to me. He had a hypnotizing cock. I had him fill my mouth with cum. I swallowed of course. After I felt it grow in my mouth I had to have it stretch my pussy out. Let’s just say I was happy with the discount and dick I got

Watching Next Door

Sexy phone sexMy bedroom window has a perfect view into my neighbor’s bedroom. I often times catch them fucking. HeHe I really think they want me to watch them. They must hear me over hear playing with myself. And they never close their blinds, so I consider it invitation to watch a live porno. I love to sit in my soft recliner with my toys and my legs draped over the arms. They are crazy, wild when they are fucking. And I love to watch them with my vibe on my clit and my dildo shoved deep in my pussy. I get off several times imagining I am in between the both of them. Getting a little dick and a little pussy

Take Your Clothes Off

Sexy Dominatrix

Stanley, I like when you come over here wearing your rimmed wired glasses I like to see you and your straight-line slacks, and I really like those boring black steel toe boots I like that tie to but Stanley I’ve decided that you should wear something different I went out to the mall and got you a nice outfit to where for me. Stanley, you said that you would do anything for me I think that you should wake your sexual insanity up for me. You want to know what this little silver halter top is for, first I want you to take your clothes off. MMM, Look at you, you are stunning you’re so sweet. I love that tight little bubble ass Stanley is amazing I think that you turn me on just by looking at your body I think you would look so sexy in these little pair of hot shorts, I know you like them I know you do Stanley my pet. Put them on but wait I need you to put these little thong panties on first, you’re going to love the way they feel digging into your ass slit don’t worry about anything. After you have those hot shorts on I want you to put on this little silver halter top you look so delicious. now I want you to put on these four-inch beautiful sparkling silver high heel shoes I swear you look just like a beautiful model even better walk around for me show me you know how to move that tight ass for me it’s a bubble Beauty and I am in love. Let’s have some fun baby I need this right now and only you can give it to me let’s play dress up.

Sexy women masturbating

sexy women masturbatingI am hanging out with a girlfriend of mine. Her small dick boyfriend is in another room and he can hear the fun we are having. We invite him into my room to watch. We start talking about big dicks and how they make us so wet. We get on top of one another and start fucking one another’s pussies. She is so soaked, knowing that his tiny cock is not going to go inside of her.

He takes out his cock and starts stroking it up and down. We ignore him since he is acting more as a door mat. I fuck her pussy with a dildo twice the size of his cock. We are going to make each other cum over and over with a fat dildo. Soon we are going to have to call my big cock friends over to join us!

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