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I got to shop for free

best phone sexI went shopping the other day and went a little crazy, my cart was overflowing and I was way over budget. I guess it’s a good thing that the store owner was there and he was very interested in me. He said that I could have it all if I would fuck him so how could I turn that offer down? I took him in the dressing room and fucked his brains out. I went all out sucking his dick rimming that ass and fucking him until he was all worn out. I did such a good job that he was willing to not only give me all the clothes and accessories I wanted but he also gave me a wad of cash too! And we have a date set up for this weekend too, I think I may have found myself a new sugar daddy isn’t that great?

MILF Phone Sex Slut Farah at the Pool

milf phone sexMILF phone sex is what summer is all about. I love younger men and they love me. I did something I rarely do yesterday. I went to the community pool. I have a pool in my backyard. The public pool, however, is better cougar hunting ground. Teen and college boys home from summer hang out there. I won the lottery. Almost no women were there. Some school girls, but they have nothing on a sexy milf. I was in a bikini showing off my milf body. I had the attention of the guys there, even the lifeguards. It was hard to narrow it down to one to take home. I decided on this Hispanic boy. He had just turned 18 and was a virgin. I speak some Spanish and he spoke some English, so we communicated. I took him home and made him a man. He had a nice cock, about 8 inches, which is the low end of my cock size limits. I am a size queen, after all. I just like teaching young men how to be good lovers for other women. Behind every good male lover is an older woman. He was not my first virgin and he won’t be my last. either.

Latina Mamacitas

latina phone sexMy sugar daddy likes when I bring over all my hot Latina cousins and friends. We are all into Latina phone sex. If you don’t have a fiery Latina to spice up your life you are missing out. We are the sexiest and the most freakiest whores. We can turn any limp dick rock hard with just a look. My cousin Mercedes is a hottie. We both take plenty of big dicks together. We can make any man cum. We have no limits and the only thing we want is gallons of jizz. A big meaty cock to suck and share and fuck. We can go all night and day. Hot Latina vixens for you. Latina mamacitas who can fuck so well.

I love being a sexy babe

sexy babeI love being a sexy babe. I have a body built for sin. Men are drawn to me, especially younger men. I have a new neighbor with a teen son. My husband has perpetual limp dick syndrome, so I am always on the prowl for men to fuck. I don’t care about age. I care that I have a hard dick in my pussy when I want to fuck. Every woman knows a teen boy has a cock that rarely goes soft and if it does, it is never for long. School is out for the summer and the new teen boy next door is a high school graduate. He starts college in the fall. I thought I would offer him a part time handy man job for the summer. You know, some one for the nooks and crannies, the neglected spots. My husband is as useless in the bedroom as he is around the house. Trey was happy to earn some extra cash. I was happy to just look at him mowing my yard. Yesterday was a scorcher of a day. I suggested he cool off with a shower. I just didn’t tell him I would be joining him. He didn’t resist. In fact, his response was, “What took you so long?” He jack hammered my pussy from behind. My ass too. His cock was stiff as a board and nice and long and thick.  He cleared out the cobwebs from my pussy and ass. This sexy mommy always gets her man.

They can watch

sexy chicks

Sexy chicks are always the freakiest ones. My friend and I had a double date. A little bit of alcohol makes us both horny sluts. My hot friend is a blonde bombshell. We both have a mutual attraction to each other. We weren’t feeling the guys much. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. After dinner, we went back to my place. The guys assumed we were going to have some hot group sex together — no way in hell. I wanted my hot slutty friend, and she wanted me equally. We both got down and dirty and began to make out and scissor in front of our guys. We had no care in the world. I wanted to make her orgasm so bad. The guys kept trying to jump in, but we had it planned right. They could watch, but they can’t touch.

Fantasy Titty Fuck

fantasy phone sex

I have often been told that I am every man’s fantasy. My supple tits and giving personality are award winning! I am also a very selfless lover, my man’s pleasure is the most important, even above my own. Nothing gets me off harder than knowing that I can pleasure a man, the look on a man’s face when he cums is positively orgasmic. Yesterday, I met with my married suitor whose wife is a terrible fuck. She doesn’t care about his sexual needs like I do. He loves tits and mine are absolutely divine. I love worshipping his cock with my mouth, my plump limps wrap around it perfectly and my tongue does not leave an inch untouched. I suck and slurp until his thick juicy cock is shiny and dripping with my spit. Then I love pressing my luscious perky tits around his cock and stroking him up and down until he releases his delicious cream all over them!

Big dicks hypnotize me

latina phone sexI know you love Latina phone sex. You also know I am a size queen, and I enjoy big things in my tight, Latina cunt. I love rubbing my sexy hot body and tempting you. Your huge dick hypnotizes me, and I want nothing more than to take every bit of your dick deep inside me. You texted me while I was having a girls night in and I wanted you to come over. I hated possibly turning you down. Your huge cock deserves the royal treatment. I bit the bullet and knew this was a time I needed to let my girls know. Once they saw the masterpiece, I was obsessed with they wanted in on the fun as well. Your cock right in our faces ready to fuck us and make us your

Fuck my ass

Ass fetish

I’ve been feeling really kinky and craving dirty nasty sex lately. What I want is a guy to bend me over and lick and finger my tight ass before sliding his thick cock into and fucking me like a whore. I’ve been laying in bed all day thinking about it and fantasizing about it until my cunt started dripping wet. With no one around to help take care of my needs, I took things into my own hands. I got out my favorite butt plug and slid it into my ass. It felt so fucking good having my backdoor filled up. I laid on my back and got my vibrating dildo and started sliding it into my shaved wet pussy that was dripping with desire already. I pumped it in and out of my pussy and made myself cum over and over! Having both of my holes filled up is so fucking hot and always makes me cum so hard.

Exhibitionist Sex Gets Me Off

Exhibitionist sex

I am no stranger to hot exhibitionist sex, I get so fucking turned on knowing that fucking out in public. Yesterday, I went to the country club to scout out some sexy, older, married men. I took my tight body to the country club pool and lounged around with my legs spread and my tight body on display. I got so fucking horny, I just couldn’t wait anymore. I pulled my bikini bottoms off and spread my legs exposing my bald wet cunt to the country club goers. I rubbed my soaking wet pussy and moaned so loud. I waved over this older married man and begged him to fuck me. He pulled his cock out and fucked my sweet mouth and throat. I got it all nice and wet so he could shove it in my tight wet pussy! My pussy gets so wet fucking him in front of the country club crowd. I squirted all over him and begged for his cum!

Do You Deserve Small Dick Humiliation?

small dick humiliationHe deserved small dick humiliation. He had a 4-inch dick and tried to get into my panties. I met him at the gym. I knew he was not lover material. He was more like a stalker than a lover. He would show up at every machine I was working out on, asking if I needed help. I told him to get lost many times. My rebuffs fell on deaf ears. He just wouldn’t take the hint. So, I found this young stud I have hooked up with before and told him I had a situation. The trainer stud was happy to help me put my stalker in his place. We went into the men’s’ locker room and exercised my pussy. I was bouncing on his dick stretching my cunt out properly. I knew it would just be a matter of time before my stalker came in. He was looking for me and he found me riding on a huge dick. He looked annoyed. He said something about me not being allowed in the men’s’ locker room. I just laughed at him and told him he didn’t belong in a man’s room either.  He brought this on himself. He didn’t get it. My young stud lover pulled out his 10-inch, thick cock and showed off. He told my stalker that this is what I deserved and nothing less. It was a hard phone sex therapy lesson to learn for him, but I doubt my stalker will be following me around again.

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