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Fucking A Beautiful Ebony Pussy

Beautiful Ebony Pussy

My friend has the most beautiful ebony pussy. We met in school and hit it off right away. I could tell that she was a kinky girl just like me. So, when my boyfriend said that he had always wanted to hook up with a black girl, I invited her over for a threesome. At first, he sat in my chair and stroked his cock while he watched me lick that black cunt until she came in my mouth. Then she took her turn tasting my sweet honey pot. I could tell my boyfriend was aching to get inside her tiny snatch. I took his hand and led him over to her. Guiding his cock inside her beautiful ebony pussy he started fucking her. I rubbed her clit while he pumped in and out. She started screaming that she was going to cum so I pulled his dick out and kept fingering her swollen clit. She began squirting all over his cock and balls. I reached my hand over to him and jacked him off onto her pussy. Her pussy juice and his cum mixing together all over her pussy. My hands were covered with both of their cum and I sucked it off my fingers, loving the taste.

Sexy hot woman being naughty

sexy hot woman

Sexy hot woman being naughty is a beautiful thing. Haven’t you ever fantasized about fucking your girlfriend and her best friend? Well if you are like my husband probably not. My husband is so boring and just the definition of sad. I no longer feel bad about my sexual escapades with neighbors and randoms. I realized that I need to take care of my needs and I have been a pretty damn good wife keeping in shape and looking my best. I signed up to be living the dream life he promised me. I never knew it would turn out to be a dream life with terrible sex. So I get my fix with Roxana and Gabriella and Brielle. They are hot, delicious and slutty. Roxy came over today and we immediately helped each other to orgasm. My husband would freak out if he knew that my pussy has been being pleased by half the neighborhood and many of our wedding guest and friends.

Totally wasted

Cocksucking phone sex

Everyone needs to let loose once in a while. Went out for a night on the town with my girls last night, got a little too tipsy, but who cares right. It’s a night out on the town supposed to let loose.
There was this really tall tall guy at least that is what I remember. Although; that may not be entirely accurate, at least I remember his name or maybe not. I know that we ended up at my place and my pussy is feeling well fucked and still wet. I roll over and there is this guy, sleeping but his cock is sticking straight up from under the covers. I decide to get on it and take advantage. I peel back the blanket and squat over his cock, pick it up and guide it into my wet pussy. I bounce up and down like a mad woman, holy fuck it’s feeling good. Finally, he wakes up, he’s startled at first but then starts thrusting upwards, hard. I cum all over his cock, my boobies are bouncing all over and he tells me he is going to cum. I hop off and give him my mouth, tongue, and face to cum all over. His hot load shooting in spurts on my face, love it.
Should do nights out more often if I get dick like this!

I’m Such A Good Lesbian

Lesbian Phone SexI love cock in my pussy an awful lot, but Lesbian Phone Sex makes me absolutely crave the taste of cunt. There’s just something about a pretty, pink little hole that makes me want to bury my face in it. I don’t know if it’s the intoxicating smell or the sublime taste of a clean little slit that get me going. I know what I like when it comes to sex and masturbating, so I have always been able to give another woman exactly what she needs to get off. All I need to do is lose myself in the situation, whether it be as simple as another girl and I kissing and doing some heavy petting, or if it comes right down to actually the two of us fucking each other, I always give my everything. I want the lady that I’m with to feel wanted and desired. That alone will get her pussy nice and juicy for me. By kissing her head to toe, stopping for only a little extra time at her nipples and clit, I can get her so turned on and hot that she’ll beg me for a tongue fucking while I finger bang her. The way her clit feels as it hardens against my tongue is amazing. I am usually able to make a girl cum in about a minute or less. If she and I stick strictly to using our fingers and tongues and mouths, the sex can be outrageously hot. However, if she and I decide to use our favorite vibrators or even a huge double headed dildo, the orgasms we have can get out of control. My goal, when I’m fucking another woman is to ultimately make her pussy squirt hardcore at the same time that she does that to mine. The amount of cum the two of us make is astounding, and the feeling is out of control. I don’t know. The more I think about it, the more I like pussy.

You Want My Shaved Wet Pussy

Shaved Wet Pussy

I have to be honest with you and tell you that my favorite thing in the whole world is a shaved wet pussy. My boyfriend really likes it, too. It has such a soft and velvety feeling. Whether you’re touching it with your tongue, your fingertips, or your big cock, it always so smooth and silky. That’s just the outside. I’m sure you can only imagine what the inside feels like then. The wetness and tightness surrounded by soft sensuous bald pussy. My pussy is the kind of thing you dream about. Wet dream about. With a cunt that looks like mine, you wouldn’t care if I was your good girl, or if I would be your complete whore for the night. Maybe both, huh? I bet when you think about fucking my bald little pussy, you get so hot and so hard and so turned on, you can’t even see straight. Your cock is in absolute control at that point. All you want to do is bury your face, your fingers and your hard cock inside of me. I can tell just by looking at you. You can’t keep your eyes off of my crotch, even when I have clothes on. You are fantasizing about all the filthy things you want to do to that shaved pussy of mine. You want to see just how wet you can my bald cunt, don’t you? How would you do it? Would you kiss me down there? Run your fingers inside my lips? Maybe your tongue? I bet your ultimate goal is to tease my clit with your big cock, right. You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Can you imagine what my soft pussy would feel like on the head of your cock? Oh my God. I bet you’d come almost instantly. Maybe you’d be able to make me do the same. Wanna try? I’d love to let you feel my bald pussy, all wet for you.

My husband gets tease and denial

tease and denialTease and denial, My poor husband gets ignored daily nowadays. I use to feel so guilty and terribly bad but now it’s a different story. I have to admit I have become quite the selfish stuck up bitch lately. I joke around about my husband’s size to anyone who wants to hear. I degrade him when he isn’t around to defend himself. It gets me wet to make him feel little. Well since he is little he deserves to feel that way. He isn’t puzzling the picture together. He believes it’s a phase I’m going through and I am only joking when I deny him and poke fun of his “manhood” well I call it clit-hood.  *Giggles* Well it’s true. He has no idea about the things I do behind his back. I’m cheating on him almost daily, Going on vacations with my best friend and fucking her tight pussy with all types of toys and strap-ons. I’m using hook up apps and fucking our neighbors. He would never guess that his trophy wife was really evil and such a sex craved slut who could care less about getting satisfied by him because well, it never seems to happen. I think he might never piece it together cause I’m that good. I will keep reaping the benefits of being a horny housewife.

The Lesbian and My Pussy

Lesbian phone sex

My hubby’s niece is in town this week and since the sissy hubby works so much I’m in charge of showing her a good time. As soon as she arrived we hit it off, had a great lunch and I showed her the sites of the city. When it was dinner time we were both tired out from the day so we sat on the couch, relaxed and just talked and ate our meal. Suddenly she blurted out “I’m a lesbian!” I smiled at her and said “That great!” and just like that she pushed me back to lay down, pulled up my skirt, pulled my panties aside and started licking my pussy. It felt incredible. I mean I have done threesomes with women before but she just had a terribly talented tongue. As the night went on, we ended up in my bedroom. More than once she got my pussy so hot and aching I couldn’t stop myself from cumming. She would start off by spreading my pussy lips wide and sucking on my clit. That would make me actually need to spread my legs wider. Her touch was perfectly gentle and when she slipped her soft young fingers inside me, finger fucking me until I was ready to explode. When I started to tell her I am going to cum she pushed four fingers into me and pounded my pussy so hard I gushed all over her hand and made quite the mess. Hmm, maybe I am a lesbian. I think I need a guy to call me and show me I’m not!

Real Voyeur Sex With Sexy Babe Beth

Real Voyeur Sex

I love to day dream about my real voyeur sex stories. My naughty neighbor used to spy on me all the time. I know he was doing it long before I caught him. But teasing him and letting him watch me fuck whoever I brought home was just so hot to me.

I remember the first time I notice him watching me. I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in a while so I was really needing to get laid. He came over and when we made up to my room I was ready to get wild and dirty with him. Little did I know; my neighbor was looking through his window right into my room. Of course, I had kept the lights on, I wanted to watch that cock going inside of me, and apparently so did my neighbor.

We got our clothes off and dropped to my knees taking my boyfriend’s dick in my hand. I stroked him into my mouth and then began to deep throat his long hard cock. I give great blow jobs, and this one was amazing. I was so desperate for his dick that I was letting him fuck my face while my drool spilled onto my chest and down to my already wet pussy.

He started to fuck me by bending me over right there as I grabbed my ankles and just slammed his thick cock inside me. He fucked me on my desk, on the floor, in my chair, and eventually, we made it to the bed. I threw him down and started riding his dick. As I was bouncing up and down, I looked over and that’s when I saw him. My naughty neighbor, looking out the window and stroking his little cock watching us fuck. I was already so close to cumming and it turned me on that he had been watching our kinky fuck session the whole time. Looking at him stroke himself sent me over the edge, I came so hard and looked right at my neighbor as I did. I could see him cumming too, watching me shake and scream with my orgasm.

Naughty neighbor phone sex

naughty neighbor phone sexI saw my friend next door leave her house, leaving her husband all alone in the house. I made my way next door wearing a skimpy little sun dress and knocked on the door. He of course invited me in. I think I caught him in the middle of being a naughty boy. I caught a glimpse of his computer and he was on my facebook page.

I asked what he was looking at, and by the guilt on his face I could tell he was jerking to my picture before I got there. I gave him a half smile and jumped down to my knees and released that man cock that has been neglected. I took him in my mouth, salivating all over it. I made it so wet in my spit.

My mouth was eagerly taking him further into my mouth. He picked me up and put me on the kitchen counter. His cock entered right inside my pussy since I didn’t wear an panties. He started pounding my pussy deep and hard. We fucked all around the house, room to room.

I finally felt that dick needing to blow so I got on my hands and knees and sucked the cum juice right out of his cock. He left a cum puddle all in my mouth. Woman should learn to take care of their men better!

Sexy Chicks Have a Hot Fuck!

Sexy chicksShe was a tall, sexy drink of water, and I wanted her! We were both attending a friend’s wedding, and it was my first time meeting her. We liked each other immediately, and danced and dined together. By the time the night was over, we went home together. It was so right, so natural, to have her hands on me, and to feel her body under my own. Her clothes seemed to fall right off of her, almost without help. Her skin was perfect, so soft and silky, warm and creamy. I just wanted to taste every inch of her, and I did. I tasted her mouth, her jaw, her throat, all the way down to her pussy. It was so sweet, the taste of her when I lifted one of her long, beautiful legs over my shoulder to bury my face in her. I was so hungry, all of a sudden, and I couldn’t get enough of her. My fingers naturally danced their way to her little ass, and a couple of them slid inside of her, and it was so fucking tight. I started working them in and out of her ass as my tongue slipped into her pussy to massage her walls and g spot. When she finally came, it was nectar of the gods on my tongue, and I wanted more. We spent the entire rest of the night fucking and sucking each other, and we will definitely be spending more time together!

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