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I love cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sexI love cuckold phone sex. Guys think because I am young, I am stupid. I know a small dick when I see one. I may be young, but I still care about what I put into my body! I only want big cocks in my tight little coed holes.  Nothing better than that feeling of being stretched out like you’re giving birth. I had a date last night with one of my professors. He has been chasing my skirt since the first day of class. He is handsome and financially secure. He is even single. The problem was that he had a short limp dick. It was not worthy of my deepthroat blowjobs. It was not worthy of any of my holes. Honestly, I was afraid of failing his class if I didn’t blow his loser dick.  Then, I had a brilliant idea. I pulled out my camera phone and took a few pics of his broke down dick. I made it clear that he could not fail me for refusing to service his loser dick. The university frowns on student teacher fraternization. Suddenly, something surprising happened. He didn’t want me to touch his cock. He knew I looked like the kind of bad ass babe who would shame his small pecker and cuckold him. He wasn’t trying to bribe me for a good grade in his class. He knew he was a loser and he wanted a goddess to own him. My professor is the student’s pet! I am going to have so much fun with him this semester.

Sexy phone chat

sexy phone chat

I had the best and hottest, sexy phone chat today. The guy I was talking to was so sexy and wild! He told me all about how he wanted me to put my tight, wet pussy on his face and grind on him until I squirt all over! I couldn’t help but to get really excited as I heard him stroking his huge, hard cock on the other end of the phone. I started to play with my clit and slowly slide two fingers into my pretty pink slit. The way he was breathing so deep and gasping softly between breaths, really had me hot! I love hearing a guy jerk his hard cock for me. Knowing that he’s thinking of ramming that huge cock into me is such a turn on! I kept telling him that I wanted to feel him inside of me and how bad I wanted him to fill me with his cum over and over. I gave him my address and I’m sitting here, playing with my soaking wet pussy and waiting for him to come play with me.

Threesome Best Phone Sex!

best phone sexI just love playing with my girlfriends! We always have so much fun together! My bestie Kimmie and I have been playing together since we were little. We first started playing “doctor” and it just progressed
from there. She’s from Hungry, like me, and it feels like we’re sisters. She is always so good to me, very generous with her tongue on my pussy. She knows exactly what I like. She usually makes me cum several times before she lets me suck on her little, blond cunt. She always smells and tastes so good!

Our other girlfriend, Sasha, we met while we were in college. She’s from Russia, so there is a language barrier there, but that doesn’t stop us. It was just an instant connection with all 3 of us. The sexual chemistry
is just amazing between us! Sasha loves using her strap-on with Kimmie and me, fucking us over and over. She gets off just fucking us! But, of course, both Kimmie and I go down on her and suck her beautiful, tight
little Russian pussy.

Our threesomes are the best times ever! We love having boys watch us fuck one another! Such a turn on! Wanna come and join the fun?

He was so sexy

best phone sexI met this guy yesterday and he was so damn sexy I just about lost my mind! He was everything I like, successful, wealthy, tall and fit my panties were soaked minutes after meeting him and all I could think was how can I make this man mine. Well we had a few drinks and I suggested we go back to my place and he was definitely into it so we left. We were all over each other things were going so well and then he took off his pants to reveal the smallest fucking dick I had ever seen in my life. I was so disappointed! He was the total package but his dick was barely 2 inches long what the fuck was I supposed to do with that?? He could tell I was upset and to give him credit he knew what would make me happy. He called a friend of his over and this guy had a huge dick worthy of fucking. It was hot to have the little dickie man watch me fuck his well endowed friend and he clearly liked it too because he squirted all over the place. Now he is going to be my rich boyfriend in public and my cucky in the bedroom its a perfect situation I think!

Small Dick Humiliation was Warranted

small dick humiliationHe needed small dick humiliation and he got it. I was on a date. This was a man with a big bank account. He had everything I love in a man except the one thing that matters most, a dick. It was so small I thought he was born a girl and living as a man. My own clit was bigger. I was hopeful that he was the whole package because he was over 6 feet tall. Handsome, athletic and rich. Only problem was he was hung like a hamster. When he took his pants down, he was expecting a blowjob. That is not what he got, however. He got shamed. I laughed so hard I thought I would pee my panties. How could I be so wrong about a man? Normally, I am great about sizing up a man. He gave off no vibes of having a small dick. From his reaction, it was clear he had no clue he was small. Small is being generous. This was the most non-existent dick I had ever seen. The biggest disappointment too. He honestly thought I would fuck him because of his money. I looked him straight in the eyes, trying not to laugh and said, “I would not fuck you if you were the last man on earth. Not even if you paid me.” I walked right out of his place and went home and masturbated. I will never lower my standards. Dildos were made because of small dick losers like him.

Sexy babe

Sexy babe

I just love still being a sexy babe at an older age. The older I get, the more I like to tease and play with younger men. I just love leaving the curtains open in my house as I walk around after a shower and air dry. I’ve caught the pool boy looking into my windows and stroking his cock, several times. I usually put on a little show for him when I catch him peeking at me. He knows that my husband is too old to fuck and that this cougar is ready to pounce on the first sexy man I see. Today I caught him peeking in my window with his hard cock already in his hand and he was stroking it while watching me. I put my leg up on the chair in my bathroom and spread my lips while facing him. He looked shocked and then, excited as I started to rub my clit and tease my pretty, tight pussy with my fingers. I played with my titties as I finger fucked my pussy for him. He stroked his cock as I made myself cum for him over and over. My hand was soaked and I had my own sweet pussy juices rolling down my leg from how wet he had me. I watched him stroke his hard cock until he spewed his cum all over the place. Next time I catch him, I’m going to let him spew all of that hot sticky cum all over me.

Sexy babe

sexy babe

I’ve been going to the local college basketball games. My husband likes me to get fucked and I like to watch all the sexy young cocks bouncing around in those slinky shorts. You can see an entire outline of those thick, young cocks. Sometimes, I like to sit there in the stands and spread my legs a little so the players can see up my skirt. I love to distract them. I’ve been taken to the locker room plenty of times. Tonight’s game was exciting! I was supposed to meet the coach and one of the players in the locker room after the game. When I got to the locker room, there were 5 players and the coach, waiting for me. I dropped to my knees and started taking all those big cocks in my mouth. I love having 2 dicks stuffed into my mouth, while the coach is pounding my dripping wet pussy. They took turns bending me over the washing machine.  It reminds me of getting passed around the football team when I was in high school. I let all those dicks fill my pussy and ass with their loads of hot cum. Now I’ll go home to my husband and have him lick it all out.

He certainly got my attention quick!

best phone sexYou wanna know the best way to get my attention real quick? Spoil me rotten and I will put all of my attention right on you that is for sure! That’s why when I woke up to an email full of gift cards yesterday, I was sure to lavish my attention on the man that sent them. He is such a sweetie, he takes me shopping all the time but he’s out of town on business right now so I’m here all alone and he didn’t want me to be bored isn’t that sweet? He sent me gift cards for Victoria’s Secret and Amazon and even treated me to get a mani pedi too so I felt all spoiled and pampered. When he gets back from his trip I am going to make him the happiest man alive for taking such good care of me you can believe that! He is gonna feel so good he will never forget it!

I enjoy being a cock tease

hot sexy womanI enjoy being a cock tease. Men and boys alike turn their heads when I strut down the street. I was walking my dog last night in booty shorts and a tank top. No bra because I wanted my boobs to bounce and my nipples to show. Guys were getting whiplash checking out my ass. A few cars even stopped to look at me. I am highly selective, however. I love a handsome man with a big cock. I prefer my men rich too, so I didn’t give anyone the time of day until the handsome man in a Lexus pulled over to tell me I was the prettiest thing he had ever seen. He had a Rolex on his wrist too. I knew in that moment; he was the one I wanted to fuck. He asked if he could give us a lift home. I was only a few blocks from my house, but I took him up on his offer because I knew he would come in and fuck me. He couldn’t take his eyes off my sexy legs. He walked me inside like a gentleman. I offered him a drink, but next thing I knew, he was pressing his body against mine. I was up against the wall kissing him. His fingers found my shaved cunt. He was fingering my already wet pussy into a geyser.  I started squirting and begging for his cock. He was rock hard and eager for my wet pussy. He was so strong he was able to lift me up while he fucked me. We both came so hard. I only got his first name. I guess it was all I needed because I saw the ring on his finger. I was just a booty call. His cock was generous in size and so was the nice wad of cash he left me.

The family business

sexy chicksSexy chicks are always tempting. I have been brought along to take care of business. My husband knows I am an intricate part of the family affairs. I love working side by side by all the contractors. My husband has a team of powerful, skilled men. I like to evaluate them and have one on one meetings with the staff in my soundproof office. I get real acquainted and love seeing how they use their tools on me. Its all about quality control, after all. I am proud to say they know how to screw and drill and make great handymen. My husband has no idea how much it means to me to be able to put in my expertise in our family business.

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