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I’ll let you laugh

Small dick humiliation   Small dick humiliation will not only bring you satisfaction but me as well. I miss my fairy faggot princess. He used to dress himself up. It started as just a simple you should have been a woman statement. He then from now then and there wanted to just come over and have me talk down to him. Humiliate his little dick and have me play dress up. if you call me I will make you feel so bad about having a small wines that you might as well just turn it inside out and make it a clit. I will tear you a new one and make you feel like the cheapest disgrace of a man! Let me compare cocks to your and laugh at you a bit. It will be so fun.

you can look but don’t touch

sexy legsMy newest sugar daddy loves when I bring over hot friends over. He sits back and relaxes as I show him my hot Latina body. He loves my sexy ass and sexy legs. He can’t keep his eyes off me and has the need to spoil me nonstop. He spoils me pretty well. The only downside is his short dick. I don’t get near that thing. I am accustomed to guys who pack heavy equipment for my tight tiny body. I will let my sugar daddy watch me and my hot friends but he’s not allowed to join in. Sucks to suck! At least he keeps my pockets happy. Not many can have it all 😉 . After all I was meant to be the latina tease that makes your cock twitch. 🙂

Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationI had a date last night. I was very excited because he was rich and handsome. I met him on a sugar daddy site. I meet lots of men on these kinds of sites, but Paul was handsome. Many of the men I “date” are old fat bastards, but I am in it for the money, so I turn a blind eye.  Paul is a surgeon. Tall, dark and handsome. He treated me to a very fancy dinner, then a play. I felt high class. I couldn’t wait to fuck him. He was a dreamboat in comparison to my other sugar daddies. I was excited once we got to his bed room. I wanted to show off my cock sucking skills. I unzipped his paints seductively excited for a huge cock to roll out. Nothing rolled out. Nothing even peeked it’s head out either. I yanked his pants down like I was looking for Waldo. I almost cried when I saw he had a micro penis. I swear it looked more like a sad scared turtle than a dick. He was pissed at my disgust and disappointment. I gave him some much needed small dick humiliation. I told him that at least the fat old bastards I have fucked had cocks I could feel. He wanted his money back. I told him I wasn’t an escort, I was a sugar baby. His donation was nonrefundable. He tried to be an ass, so I snapped some pics with my cell of his micro dick and told him if he bothered me  in the future, his pathetic dick would be all over social media. Silly men. I am too hot for a small dick.

Putting Out The Fire

Fantasy phone sexI Have a client who loves my fireman outfit! It is the only outfit I wear for him. I come rushing into his office to put out the fire in his pants. And the only way the fire can be put out is with my ass. I cawl up to him backwards wiggling my ass at him. I beg for him to let me take care of that burning fire trapped in his suit pants. He is a wicked kinky man and he turns me on so fucking much. Sometimes he will make a call to his wife as he sticks his cock in my ass. It gets him off just as much as it gets me off. She won’t take it in the ass and he will talk to her and as he is fucking me almost like a virtual slap in her prude face. When he dumps his load he will tell her how much he loves her. Listening to his conversion to the one he vowed to be faithful to as he ass fucks me is such a fucking turn on.

Obsessed with your dick and wallet

sexy babe

The only thing better than a big bank account is a big dick. Big dicks aren’t common as much as guys like to brag about what they have down south. Men with talented big cocks usually are like unicorns. I have been with plenty of guys who have huge peckers but can’t perform with them. Whats the point of having a Bugatti if you can’t maneuver it 😉 I’m a sexy babe who loves to have her Latina holes pounded and I especially love when I feel you stretching my twat and giving me every bit of your precious cream. You wan’t me to call you Papi you need to show me what you are working with. I love a Papi with a big one and one who can spoil my sweet ass as well.


I knew he had to be compensating for something in that big ass jeep, but I did not think it would be that small. I always hear it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean, but it takes a long time to get to England in a row boat. I was going through the drive to get coffee when he rear-ended me, and when I got out to bitch at him, all I could think about is him rear-ending me in a different way. He was dreamy, and had a huge jeep just a sexy as he was. I told him to follow me to my place, so that we could “discuss the details.” Really I just wanted to discuss him naked on top of me. I pulled into my garage, and he followed in after me. I bent over in front of his jeep to “assess to damage.” He grabbed me by my hips, and pulled me towards his crotch. I spun around; I removed his pants as quickly as my hands would allow. I stopped, and tried to hold in my laughter while I threw his pants at him. I made him leave naked he deserves the humiliation for thinking he could fuck me with that little thing. I guess I will just have to make myself orgasm, as usual.

best phone sex

Sexy Chicks Need Big Dicks

sexy chicksSexy chicks were everywhere Saturday night. My girlfriends and I went to a rock concert. Tight jeans, baby doll tee shirts and some good Mary Jane. Brought me back to my college days. There were a lot of hot forty something women everywhere, but we weren’t going home with no losers. In fact, we didn’t take any guys homes. Either guys had a nice cock, but their bellies observed the full beauty of a big dick or they were buff with little willies. We want handsome and hung. Guys would ask to see our boobs, so we made them show us their dicks. You want to see sexy breasts, you gotta show us something first.  We don’t mind showing our tits because it gives us the perfect in to see if their dick is worth taking home. We still enjoyed the concert. We are hot chicks. Yes, a big cock is nice, but when none is around we won’t settle. We just played with each other. We were in a different city for the night, so we had a hotel suite with a hot tub. We had sex toys and lots of wine. We said goodbye to the small dick losers and hello to some sapphic hotel fun. Just you remember, I will eat pussy before I will suck a small dick.

Welcome to fall semester with a naughty teacher

naughty teacher

I may be only a two or three year’s older than my students, but that doesn’t mean I treat them like my peers. The boy’s gravel at the site of me. I am the hot new latina teacher on campus. Why wouldn’t they? I can’t get the boys to focus on me, so it’s a must that I need to spend one on one time with some of them to get them focused on the lecture at hand. I think they finally get comfortable after our one on one chats.

I like getting the sluts in class jealous too; they can’t stand it. I have always had hating sluts most guys want to bone me. I have been told I have so much sex appeal and I am so hot I could turn a gay man straight. I can’t fight with that notion. I am a naughty teacher. I like to teach, and some of these boys act so shy around me. I have to break that out of them. This fall term I have made it my mission to have group activities with most of the football team. I enjoy getting hands-on with them. Sometimes a bit of particular attention goes a long way. Some learn better when they are proactive and taking action. I had two boys from the football team meet me up for my first week of the class already. My lunch break consisted of this hot mami showing them how to use their words in Spanish and annunciation. I showed them how to master the Spanish language using my body. I like to start off simple. I think body parts are the way to go. I let them touch and feel my body all over and translated each piece. When they got to my tight ass and twat, they nearly lost it. I pulled both their big chocolate cocks out and made them fuck me on my desk. I must have gone too long because my dean walked in on us. Thankfully my dean loved BBC porn and enjoyed the live action show in front of him. The new hot young latina professor is a hit with all the boy’s staff and students.

sexy babe

Erotic roleplaying with BDK’s Sugar Gang

Erotic roleplayingI love being able to delve into erotic roleplaying while we share our Big Daddy King’s massive anaconda cock amongst ourselves. Cassandra, Loretta and I were all just chilling at the crib with each other, sipping on expensive champagne and putting on a little fashion show for one another to show off our sexy new lingerie that we splurged on for BDK. Even though our Living Legend Big Daddy King is out of town making multi-million dollar business deals all over the world, he still makes the time to constantly spoil his sexy little sugar sluts. The three of us together are nothing but naughty triple trouble and our Daddy King can’t get enough! He loves us and we love him sooo much too! There’s no one else on the planet that matches up to what Big Daddy King has to offer. Everyone is a broke loser Splenda Daddy and we don’t want any part of that stupid bullshit! We stay dripping in diamonds and the most beautiful designer duds all thanks to our sexy King. Sexy chicksDaddy knew that his sexy chicks were all at the mansion together and eagerly awaiting to hear from him to tell us what our latest surprise was going to be! He had been teasing us for days with hints and we had a good idea of what Big Daddy King had in mind for his sexy sugar princesses. When we heard the video chat ringing we all got butterflies and jumped up and down with excitement. Daddy looked so fucking good on the screen, he is such a dapper King and he is all ours! We are the luckiest sugar sluts in the universe, no one even comes close to comparing to BDK. His bank account and the way he showers us with lavish gifts is unlike anything i’ve ever experienced with any of those other broke boys! BDK really is one-of-a-kind! We were thrilled when Daddy said that we were taking a special trip down to Brazil for a super sexy photoshoot that he had lined up for his three favorite sugar babies. I’ve never been anywhere in South America before and BDK knows how badly i’ve been dying to go and visit! He is the most amazing sugar daddy ever! We filmed the entire surprise reveal for our YouTube channel so that we can show everyone how fuckin spoiled we really are. It’s so much fun to show off and tease all the peasants while we live our beautiful spoiled lives and dangle it in their faces! We have hoes lining up around the block that love to hate on us and want to steal BDK away but that will never happen!Ass fetishBrazil is seriously the best place to go with such a huge ass fetish like how BDK has. It’s no wonder Daddy King chose to come down to the land of fat butts. There is so much eye candy down there, everywhere you look there is a gorgeous looking woman who of course is staring right back at us just wishing she could be one of Daddy’s sugar princesses. We look so fuckin hott as we parade around on his strong arms, we’re the ultimate vixens and we belong to Big Daddy King! We are his property and it shows from head to toe! Our tongue rings, belly rings, sexy little panties and high heels all have diamond encrusted emblems on them that reads ‘Property of BDK’. We sucked Daddy’s huge anaconda cock and let him splatter his millionaire cum all over our pretty faces. We look our best when we’re covered in BDK’s heavenly nut juice!

BDK’s Sexy Chicks in Brazil

sexy chicksCassandra , Lena and I got a video call from our beloved Big Daddy King! Every time Papi king reaches out to us we get giddy and can’t help ourselves. We have the best sugar Daddy in the entire world. We can’t help but brag about the sugar gang lifestyle. All three of us must show the haters how much Big Daddy King spoils his sugar gang. Papi King never ceases to surprise us. We gathered around to greet our King. BDK had something great lined up for us. We were excited to see our Big Daddy on video chat looking sexy as ever. We are three lovestruck sugar babies. We adore Big Daddy and anaconda so much. Papi king gave us the big news that he had a vacation destination to Brazil in store for us. I was beyond on excited because that meant Papi King was going to be all ours for a few days. Big Daddy is always busy with meetings and business deals, but he still makes time for his sugar babies.

sexy legsI for one was beyond thrilled because South America is my native turf and being there with Papi king and the sugar gang was a dream. Brazil may be home to some big serpents, but the Brazilian Amazon has never seen an Anaconda like Big Papi Kings. All three of us are BDK’S 5 star sexy chicks. We have accumulated so many hits on youtube and followers because many would do anything to be in the sugar gang like Lena, Cassandra and I are. Our king never comes short he goes all out for anacondas sugar gang.

2 girl phone sexWe let the gram know that we are BDK’s naughty sugar babies and we are his property, and we are branded with Big Daddy kings Initials. The sugar gang has matching tats and Diamond tongue rings, and belly button ring’s with our Papi Kings initials. We can’t help ourselves. It’s a must to dote on our King. BDK is the living legend and he is the king of kings. I let everyone know how happy the sugar gang is to be in the presence of La Leyenda vivente. Cassandra, Lena and I crave our king’s luxurious nut sauce. We have to give anaconda kisses and make anaconda happy.

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