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Giving My New Roommate A Sensual Welcome

Lesbian phone sexMy old roommate moved in with a boyfriend so I had to look for another girl to take her place. Luckily I met this cute new young freshman last week who was looking to move closer to campus. When helping her move her things in I couldn’t help but keep staring at her body, and couldn’t help but let my mind linger. By the evening those dirty little thoughts keep creeping up. We spent the night talking until we were both in her bed, I told her I give amazing back massages. I removed her shirt and had her lay down as I rubbed my hands over her shoulders, moving down her back. My hands grazing along her sides up to the sides of her breast, I moved my hands underneath them. Bending over and giving her shoulder a kiss then moving to her neck. I heard her moan as she turned over to kiss me, our lips locking passionately. We removed our clothes until there was the two of us naked in her bed are bodies tangled together.

Pay your hot sexy woman

Hot sexy womanI literally am paid to exist, I make money just sitting on my ass and being the hot sexy woman that I was born to be. My big juicy tits are a prize to be won and this shit doesn’t cum cheap, hehe! I swear, I dream of playing tennis and having caviar eaten out of my sexy asshole every morning before I go about my day of being the hottest housewife ever. There is nothing wrong with being a high maintenance slut, I promise! If you are a good boy, we will have many fun and exciting times together, our lives will be a constant sexual adventure. I love a man who loves to take me out and show me off while spoiling me rotten. It feels good to be able to destroy you from the comfort of my own bed, I am a true princess!

BDK Babes in Italy

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I got a late-night call from Cassandra BDK’s OG, sugar baby. I tried to cover up how upset I was I didn’t get to spend time with Papi king for his birthday. I was in my feelings thinking BDK didn’t like me enough to spend some time with me. Cassandra assured me that Papi King did and she got right on the phone with him to prove it. BDK let Cassie, and I use his private jet to meet him in Italy. We got our hottest outfits and made sure to pack plenty of things to get anaconda ready to play.

sexy chicksThe living legends private jet was nothing short of extravagant. We had to share on social media how lucky Cassandra and I are. Give something for the haters to entertain themselves. We got to Italy and instantly escorted into a black on black Bentley. We got our sexiest outfits on and made sure to snap plenty of pictures. Once we were BDK ready, we met up our rey. “La Leyenda vivente” looked so good we had to greet our Papi king. Anaconda was looking delicious through BDK’s designer pants. First, we had to show BDK how grateful and ecstatic we were. We are the luckiest sugar babies ever. We were ready to floss for the gram our followers have grown substantially because of BDK. Who doesn’t love sexy chicks and Papi king? It’s the perfect combo.


sexy babe

Cassandra and I had to show Big Daddy how much we needed anaconda. We greeted anaconda together. I feel like anaconda grows even bigger each time. It never ceases to take my breath away. I think all of us in the sugar gang can agree.  Anaconda felt so good in our mouths. We gave anaconda a tongue bath and sucked that yummy cream out and shared. We love being property of Papi king!!! We spent our fabulous Italian getaway with BDK and anaconda. 

High School Reunion

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If you plan on trying to take me home, you better have a big enough cock. I am so sick of guys with itty bitty penises trying to fuck me. NEWS FLASH, I am out of your league! So, this guy friend of mine has been friend zoned since high school, but he grew up to be quite hot. The other day was my high school reunion, and he looked so good I could barely believe it was him. I ran over to him and hugged him tight. I loved this guy, but only as a friend. I really should have left it that way. I played it smart and didn’t bring a date that way if I wanted to hook up with someone, there would be nothing holding me back. Anyways, me and this friend spent hours talking and laughing about the past. Then we spent a while catching up, he said he always knew I would be successful. Little did he know I am only rich because there’s a mob boss that’s in love with me. He is doing well though he’s a doctor, and engaged. Honestly I was surprised he admitted that to me because you could tell he was trying to get into my pants. He went on the explain though that they are in an open relationship. He said they love to do threesomes and invited me to his house afterward. I was curious and thought it might be a good time. I followed him to his house, and we were greeted by his fiancé. I went in and we pretty much got right to business. His fiancé was beautiful, and me and her were all over each other. Me and her started undressing him, and then I seen his 2 inch cock. I busted out laughing, and I turned to his fiancé and asked why she would let that near her. She giggled a little too, and explained that’s why they have an open relationship. He’s a great guy, but he just doesn’t know how to pleasure her. We made fun of him for a while, but I had a brilliant idea. I told him I bet I could please his fiancé better than him. I made him watch as I licked her sweet pussy, and she orgasmed all over my face multiple times. He begged me to let him fuck her, but I refused she deserves someone who can really please her. He then begged me to at least let him cum. I told him only big boys can cum. I then left his house with his fiancé.

Label hoe

latina phone sexI don’t ask for a lot there are two things you must process to ride this ride. One you must have more than a decent dick. I crave a huge cock and wont settle for anything less. I love a guy who knows how to fuck my tight hot Latina body. I don’t care for tiny nubs so if you are going to try to cum for me cum correct. 😉

Secondly I enjoy the nice things in life. I have only had the best since I left the slums. I worked with what i inherited from my hot Latina mamma. Its crazy how much you can get out of life when you look like a Latin barbie. I am a label whore and love to be dripped in diamonds and I always have the best jimmy choos on and never without a birkin in hand. The power of the pussy is like no other.

BDK’s number one fan

latina phone sex

I enjoy having latina phone sex I am a sexy Spanish mami and enjoy hot phone fucks with guys that can handle me. When my favorite caller rang me, I instantly got wet thinking about him and his anaconda. The living legend is by far the best, and he is indeed the king of all kings. La Leyenda vivente, El Papi rey. Translation he’s the utmost best the one and only.

I loved playing his groupie on the phone so much that I decided why not give it a shot and meet him up and surprise him. Social media lead me right to my king. I wore the shortest tightest mini skirt and a black crop top. My belly button and tongue ring had my king’s initials plastered on it too, I spotted Papi king and got a bit nervous and told my girlfriend what I was going to do. I worked the nerve to walk up to him after that all I wanted was anaconda and BDK. I asked for a selfie, and he granted my wish.

Papi king blessed me with his presence and made my dream come true when he whisked me away to show me his custom-made Bentley. I knew I was one step closer to anaconda being inside all my holes. I had to prove the salty haters that I was with royalty. A sexy mami with her beloved king. I took pictures in his hot Bentley all black on black and embezzled with jewels and gold. The interior was beautiful, and I didn’t know what was the bette viewr the Bentley  or anaconda poking out from BDK’s custom versace pants.. I had to make Papi king feel good.

BDK was about to make me his sugar baby. I went from his number one groupie to his number one latina sugar baby. I did that with a simple trick. I got on my knees with my heels still on and my skirt and crop top off and started to deepthroat like a hot groupie. I ended up getting that yummy cum and had to have Papi kings anaconda in my tight latina pussy. Only the best for the  royal heinous. I can’t wait till my Papi king plays with me again.

Best phone sex with a hot latina

best phone sexNo one does it better than hot Latina. I like having power over men and enjoy how I can seduce and make guys hard. I like to tease with my hot sexy body. I wear short skirts and tight dresses and yes you will catch your significant other staring away at me. I like being a good slut and crave only the best cocks. Only the best for a dime piece like me. I have gotten so horny lately that I have ended up having the best phone sex with a special guy that gets my pussy wet as can be. I like making you hard an love to make you precum hard and nut even harder. A sexy Latina with naughty ways is the best. You need this latin spice in your life.

Sexy Chicks

sexy chicksI went clubbing last night with a few of my girlfriends.  We were the hottest girls in the club. We usually are the hottest girls anywhere we go! Young sexy chicks are always popular with older men, even the ones who are married. Tom was supplying me with adult beverages all night. I could see he was married even though he insisted he wasn’t. He took his wedding ring off before he approached me. I could see the faint tan line. I am not looking to get married. I just love to tease and fuck if the man is worthy of my hot body and tight shaved pussy. We talked most of the night, but I still wasn’t sure if he was packing enough meat in his pants to be worth my effort to take home. Some men I just use for their wallets. Some men I just use for their cocks. But the best men I use for both. I suggested we dance. A slow sappy song came on, so I asked him to dance. The key is pressing up against him gently. If he has a big dick, you can feel it bulging in his pants. I turned around, pressed my perfect ass against him and got a surprise. His dick was erect. When I turned around to face him, I saw the tent in his pants. “Did I do that,” I said innocently. He replied, “You sure did beautiful. Can you take care of it?” I did a quick scan of the club for dark corners. I led him behind a bar that wasn’t being used because it was a weeknight. I gave him a great blowjob he will never forget. His cock was bigger than I was expecting. I used my hands, my perky tits and my pretty mouth to drain his balls in the club. I went back to his hotel last night and had a wild night of fucking. I may never see him again, but I will never forget his cock.


Cum Just For Me

GFE phone sexI love when it’s just the two of us in bed together. Spending some time close together, cuddled up naked. Feeling you get hard as your pressed against my body. You start to kiss my shoulder softly working up to my neck and nibbling on my ear. I get goosebumps across my body, you reach your hand around and finger my bald pussy. I’m wet, as you move me onto my back as you get on top of me. You are being gentle and sweet, slowly sliding yourself into me. I gasp with pleasure you bend down and kiss my mouth. Slowly you thrust in and out of me, my fingers running through your hair. Our eyes are locked and I know in this moment you’re going to cum for me. It’s just me and you in this moment, are you ready to cum for me?

Clever Snake Charmer

Sensual phone sexI made him lay back on my bed, I just got out of the shower and he was already waiting on me. As he laid there I sat down next to him running my hand up his thigh up to his slightly hard on. I wrapping my thumb and index finger around just the ridge of the head, slowly moving it up and down. He took sharper breaths so slowed down just a bit more, taking my time teasing him. Little bits of precum started to appear so gripped at the base firm but not too tight. I used my other hand to gently rub my palm in a circle motion over the tip. Using the precum to lube up his puffy mushroom head. I moved my hand from the base and cupped his balls squeezing very gently as I use my other hand to quickly slide up and down the shaft. He’s breathing grew faster could feel slight throbbing beneath my hand. So I teasing the ridge of the head using my thumb to run right underneath. His body tensed up as hot cum splashed onto my face.

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