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The pool boy has a big black dick

sensual phone sexSensual phone sex is the best. I like seducing young guys who are hungry for a sexy young wife. My new pool boy is hot and has what I want so much. A big black dick. I have fucked the last few pool boys but none measure up to this chocolate stallion. The moment I laid my eyes on him was the moment I needed him deep in my holes. My tight ass and twat was calling out his name. It felt so good to feel him push his big black dick in me. I could feel him stretch me out. I didn’t hold back. I asked him help me with a light switch and I pulled his pants down and let him fuck me in my bed. We also fucked in the pool and on the kitchen Island. I gave him five stars for customer service. 😉

Feet for your Meat!

foot fetishes

This teen tramp noticed that a new intern has started working on campus. And boy does he have a thing for my stockings! I noticed him readjusting his package while staring at my legs yesterday. I was wearing my black seamed hose and black high heels. So I decided to close my book and put my bare feet up and give him my sweetest smile while wiggling my cute petite toes. Wiggle Wiggle, then smile as I pulled my hemline higher showing him my tiny black thongs and my peek a boo bald pussy. He cleared his throat as I walked by and slipped a note saying meet me in the janitors closet. I was sitting on a shelf with just my thongs and my hose on when he slipped in. I stretched out my feet and whispered get that cock out. He did and I gave him the most seductive foot job making his average cock shoot a nice load on my toes. “Now Lick it off!’ I half yelled half whispered. Boy did Mr. Intern lick and suck his cum off my toes. I got to finish my classes with cum and slobber toes! I love being a cute tiny tramp with nice feet! Let me be your seductive foot princess.

Shower Hottie

Best phone sex

I love doing dirty things in the shower. I especially love doing dirty things in the shower with you! While the wife’s away at her book club or PTA meetings, I love stripping down in your bathroom and climbing into the hot shower with you. I know you love seeing my tight fit yoga body and perky natural tits dripping wet. I love kissing you from your neck down to your hard cock and sucking that yummy pre cum right up as the water pours down our naked bodies. I know she doesn’t suck you off like I do. I love when you press me up against the fogged up glass doors and rub the head of your juicy thick cock all over my tight wet pussy and asshole. Don’t you feel how much tighter and fresher my pussy is than her? She would never let you fuck her up against the shower door, but I do! Because I crave your cock and cum every day!

Spring breakers

sexy chickslatina phone sexSexy chicks are the best party sluts. My friend Lena and I invited all our closest and hottest friends over. We were both on the same page. We needed girls vacation on it was all on our husband’s tab. We wouldn’t be smart if we didn’t take advantage of them. Lena and I are two peas in a pod. We love getting in trouble. Together and separately we have all sorts of fun. I have to say there is nothing better than when we combined forces and do slutty things together. We are dime pieces and enjoy all the finer things in life. We don’t have to give up good fuckings cause we have short cock husbands. We invited only the sexiest of our friends. What’s better than spring break with hot sluts? Spring break with a ton of big chocolate dicks of course. We loved visiting Jamaica and the grand Turk. We had plenty of big black cocks around to keep us busy. We had the best orgy ever. I can’t thank Lena enough for bringing out the inner slut in me. When I first got with my husband I tried hard to be the proper wife. I was sick of being appropriate and wanted to be the hot sexy Latina phone sex slut and whore I am to the bone.

We like getting in trouble

sexy babemilf phone sexMy best friend Denise and I enjoy getting in all sorts of trouble. Together we find a victim together. While our husbands stay home, we discover the city in hopes of having the best minajatwa yet. Each week we raise the bar and make it harder to compete with, Denise, and I love big dicks and cum that can fill us both.

Rubbing on her cunt and caressing her perfect body is the absolute best. A sexy babe like her will make me do anything. When she told me she wanted to be double stuff along with me, I couldn’t say no. We got the best big black cocks ever. Together we took them whole. Our phones were ringing off the hook. Our husbands wanted to know where in gods green earth was the both of us at; Luckily we can get away with anything. A sweet giggle and apology win them right over. Too bad they will never know the truth.

Cock For My Oral Skills

best phone sex

I am addicted to cock and the sweet taste of cum. It makes my sweet young cunt explode to just to suck on a cock and I can’t wait to get yours in my mouth. You called and I told you how hot, wet and juicy my little pussy had been all day and that I really needed your cock in my mouth. I could hear your chuckle as you said you were wrapping up a few things and take off work early and come straight to me. In less an hour and I was ready and waiting, you were in the living room we both knew what I needed and started to Strip naked for you. Your slacks were off I shoved you in the Leather chair in my living room and got down on my knees in front of you and took your hard cock deep down my throat. Grinding your cock harder and faster in and out of my mouth until you shot your sweet hot cum down my throat and I savored every last drop of it! We spent the rest of the evening with you fucking my little pussy until I was raw! I am so happy you wanted to cum with me! Nobody can take care of that cock like your princess!

sugar never ever was so sweet

sexy chicks

Its spring time and bling-bling time. I have to admit a girl like me loves to show off and needs to be dripped and drenched with two things. Bling and Cum. My favorite combo. I love putting my hot Brazilian bikini and frolicking in the ocean. Sex on the beach with a well-endowed daddy that makes me happy in every way. I love soaking up the sun. The best part of private beaches is there is no one around. I can go all nude if I’d like.pristine clear beaches and the perfect scenery to be your hot sexy slut. I know sexy chicks will always get your cock rock hard. You need something more. A little hot freak is willing to get it in all her holes. I’m here to show you how to explode like never before.

He fucked me all day long

best phone sexMy friend came over to visit me yesterday and it was so fucking hot! He fucked me all day long, by the time he was done with me I was too tired to move, that’s how good it was. He started right in as soon as he walked in the door too, he pulled that cock right out and asked me to suck it. Well, he has a huge fucking cock so I was all over it! I got right down on my knees and sucked that dick all the way down my throat, his legs were trembling and shaking and he was thrusting so hard that I could barely breathe but I loved every single second of it! Then he fucked the shit out of me, he fucked my pussy and my ass and I couldn’t do anything but beg for more. I swear he made me cum more times than I can count but I loved it all!

He spent all his money on me

best phone sexI met a new guy and I am practically in love already! He is very rich, like can buy me anything I want kind of rich and he has a huge dick too! It’s like I won the fucking lottery or something and I am so so so happy. Yesterday he took me shopping in all these super expensive stores, then we went out to eat in a 5 star restaurant and then back to this really fancy hotel for the best sex I have ever had. Seriously, this guy worshiped my pussy for hours, he made me cum at least 6 times before we even fucked! Then he pulled out that massive cock and I got weak in the knees. I could only fit half of it in my mouth and just thinking of that huge thing filling up my pussy had me dripping wet. I had to beg him to fuck me like a shameless little slut but that dick was so worth the wait! Best sex I have ever had!

I can make that cock cream

sexy breastMy brother in law can’t keep his eyes off of me. He won the lottery when he gained me as a sister in law. I played hard to get for a while and rained all over his parade. I wasn’t going to give in so quickly and give him the satisfaction I knew he was craving. I was going to make him work for it all. It was so fun to be a tease. I knew I wanted to please him and make that cock cream. My sexy breast and tight ass needed the cum coat asap. It was killing me giving him blue balls. I had to make him need me not just want me. I stuck to my guns but once I let him hit it he was hooked, and I was too, That cock was so big too strong I thought it wasn’t going to fit. I enjoy veiny hard cocks that spurt massive loads. I am one lucky girl.

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