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Tease And Deny That Eruption

Tease And DenialOne of my favorite things to do since I have such sexy stems and very smooth skin is tease and then deny a man of his eruption. I called my fuck buddy over and I was waiting in my office chair that spins around in my bra and panties with my legs spread so wide. I told him to come into the room and he was already drooling looking at my body. He loves my small perky breasts and my white milky skin. He laid down on the bed and I spread my legs and started rubbing my thigh going up grazing slowly over my panties with my pussy that is nice and bald. I then took my bra off very slowly and making sure not to lose eye contact, biting my bottom lip. I was seducing him and I could see his tent pitching. I walk over to him and take that nice schlong out and start sucking hard and fast. I let up not to let him cum and he was begging me while playing with my perky breasts. I started stroking him rubbing the head over my nipples and I was going faster talking really dirty in his ear and he was moaning and ready to cum. I let up and got back on my chair and was playing with my pretty bald pussy. I wouldn’t let him touch himself I had a really good orgasm and had him lick my fingers clean.

I Loved Riding His Tongue

Small Boobs

I had promised my parents since they were going on vacation I would watch their house. So no sugar daddies or dick for me or so I thought. They had compiled a list of things they need done and one was their trees trimmed with the hedges. I called the neighbors and their college age son was home and does it for them usually and from what I remember he was nerdy. When he came over my how life has been good to him, he was buff and so hot! I could see as he was cutting the hedges his muscles were like wanting to burst out of his shirt. I was getting so turned on, I got naked and I love my small tits so I went by the window and was watching him while playing with cute tight, pink bald box. He saw me and I made a come here motion with my finger. He came inside and I went over and got on the counter, I told him I wanted him to eat my muff like it was last dinner. He got down and pulled his shirt off and the beads of sweat were dripping down his big chest. I grabbed his hair and when I felt his tongue on my clit I came so hard. He had me so excited, he didn’t stop and he just dove his tongue in my hole, grabbed my ass and started fucking me. I was arched backed and I came again riding his tongue. I pulled him up and kissed and sucked my juices off his tongue.


My eyeliner Is Thicker Than Your Dick

small dick humiliation

Guys that hook up with me know that I’m kind of a size queen. It takes a nice big piece of man meat to make this pussy squirt. The little boys who try to waste my time find themselves getting some small dick humiliation instead of getting laid. This one guy tried to come home with me to fuck one night and he was so good looking and it was obvious that he spent a lot of-of time at the gym. It was seriously disappointing when he pulled his pants down and I saw the tiny thing he was working with. My jaw fucking dropped. I really wanted to fuck but that just wasn’t going to do it for me. He followed my gaze and looked down in shame. I took a picture of him and sent it to all my friends with a caption, my eyeliner is thicker than his dick. I even sent it to him so he could see how fucking pathetic he looked. When he asked if we were still going to hook up I couldn’t stop fucking laughing. He had to be kidding. I kept his pants and sent him on his way with his cock still out. That’s what he gets for wasting my time.

Your Dick Is Too Small For This Pretty Pink Pussy

sissy humiliation

This guy came home with me to hook up and after he showed what he was packing down there, I couldn’t believe that he even thought he had a chance to fuck me. It was laughable, literally, I laughed at him. Sometimes I can be an evil little bitch and I couldn’t fucking stop myself from laying his tiny cock in my hand, He asked what I was doing and I told him outright, I want to know if your cock is smaller than my finger, and it was! I giggled and asked him what exactly he thought I was going to do with that ting thing. I was ready to get pounded and cum and I was annoyed that he wasted my time with his pathetic overgrown clit. He was in for some sissy humiliation tonight. I had him in a pink pair of panties when my friend showed up. I made him crawl to the door and let him in. When he saw the BBC he had hanging between his legs he fucking creamed inside my satin undies that were hugging his baby dick. I made him watch me get stretched out and filled with a load. I told him from now he’s my little sissy bitch that gets to clean me out whenever I take a load.

Ass and cum

Ass fetish   Ass freaks where are you? My ass hole is going to be spread so far apart for you to put your face in and dick. My body can take so much penetration. Can you? Why don’t we find out I broke up with my boyfriend because he just couldn’t handle me and get me off the way i need to be. I would have to sneak men over when ever he was at work just so I could cum. I am a sneaky little slut I have to say I got away with it every time. And yes I would beg for it in my tight little ass hole. My holes were made for filling. I can guzzle up so much cum its unreal. My body craves the protein baby. Let me show you how much I love to milk that prostate and get my ass hole slammed. Come enjoy me

Mature Phone Sex Fetishes

mature phone sexMature phone sex women get a lot of fetish calls. I think it is because with age, comes experience. I have a lot of fetishes I enjoy. I make it no secret that I love cuckolds, but I have a strong shoe fetish. When I was younger, I learned to masturbate with shoes. I like the feel of leather against my pussy. I like the smell of leather too. In college, I would get older men, professors mainly, to buy me nice shoes. I was always able to spot the professor with a foot or shoe fetish. Men can’t take their eyes off my sexy legs nor my sexy feet. I cock tease them with my feet, which makes them weak, so they buy me whatever shoes I want. I am in my forties now. Even though my sugar baby days are behind me, I still have guys buying me designer shoes. I have an entire shoe closet which contains about 500 pairs of designer shoes. Shoes in my pussy will never replace a big cock, however after a disappointing date or as foreplay before a hot one, I pleasure my pussy with a pair of shoes or boots. Sometimes shoes make my pussy feel better than a small cock. Plus, if I masturbate a few times with some fine designer heels, my pussy will be super wet on a hot date with a hung man. He will think it is all him, but you and I will know the truth. Do you have a shoe fetish? What about foot fetishes? They are all connected: legs, feet, shoes, even pantyhose and stockings. I have my share of fetish boys for all those fetishes. Now, I sit at the front of the classroom dangling my feet in front of the students and see what young stud takes the bait.

Nope – Your Dick Is Too Small

tease and denial

This boy kept buying me all kinds of things, just hoping that I was would ease up on the naughty game of tease and denial that we’ve been playing. I’ve been stringing him along and making his cock ache for days now. I keep telling him that he’s going to get inside my pretty pink fuck hole. I almost let him too, until I saw what he was working with. It was obvious now why he spoiled me so much. He had a tiny dick. It was fucking useless. I’m a size queen and I need a big piece of man meat to make me cum. I was on his bed about to get naked and let him fuck me when he pulled his cock out and I changed y mind. Nope, there was no way he was getting inside of my sweet little honey pot. I saw his cock dribble out this sad amount of cum when I pulled my shirt back down and laughed at his tiny dick. I need to go find a big cock to bring back and show him how a real man fucks a sexy girl like me.

Teasing You In The Brothel And Deciding When You Release

Tease And DenialI have this guy I see a couple times a month, he is kind of a sugar daddy but not really. He surprised me and booked a trip for us to go into sin city. I am so excited it has been a hot minute since I went there. He is going to take us to the famous brothel that is right outside of sin city. I knew I had to kind of upstage the girls, we were about the be amongst a buffet of desire. I put on my cute little see through dress with matching bra and panties, it was like a cream color. We got checked into our hotel and drove to the brothel. The girls were all lined up and man were they beautiful, I could see him eyeing one of the ladies and I knew I had to do something to keep his attention. We sat down on the couch while we waited and he picked someone. I started rubbing on his pants and he was getting excited. He picked his girl, she was petite with large breasts and long dark hair. Her lips were plump and she was wearing her bra and panties. She took us back to her room. We all sat down on the bed and I looked right at him and I went over and kissed her and I whispered in her ear I want to tease the fuck out of him and then deny him and she was game. We started kissing and she was putting her hands up to my breasts making my nipples hard. I was kissing down her body and licking her pussy over her panties. I made a come here motion for him to come over and he did I could see he was hard. He pulled it out, and I was backing up and barely touching his head with my bare, wet pussy. Her and I both starting sucking his big cock and we were getting that thick spit and he was moaning we were sucking him until he was going to climax. We stopped and she went down on me and I was stroking him and he was getting close again and I stopped. I made him watch her eat my cunt and me come all over her face. She started rubbing her bald cunt on mine and I was stroking him again and I was going fast, I almost let him come because what she was doing felt so good we both were coming. I thought I would be a good girl and let him release finally the girl and me went down with our tongues out and heads tilted and was jacking him hard and fast. When he did come on us, he watched us lick it off of each other’s faces and then kiss with thick white cum on our tongues.

Your Princess Is Such A Cock Tease

tease and denial

I met this guy at the mall the other day. I could tell he was the type of rich older guy that would spoil me rotten. My games of tease and denial had his cock aching. I was trying on every sexy thing he was going to buy me. The lingerie I was modeling for him just kept getting sluttier. I gave him a sexy little lap dance and felt his cock get rock hard in his pants. It makes my bald young pussy start to fucking tingle when I think about the pre-cum that’s probably leaking from his cock just from watching my sexy body dance for him. I love teasing my Sugar Daddies. Let’s see how far I can push you before you explode for me. The more you spoil me the sweeter I am, the more my little honey pot melts for you. Come spoil your princess Daddy!

Need to fill me up

Mature phone sex

 I just know you cant keep your eyes off my ass. Every where I go i just get stared at. My sexy co worker loves to come over and and gape my holes with his big cock. The other night he stayed over and fucked me for hours he will tie me up and fuck whatever hole he wants. Want to know his favorite ? My little pink ass hole. I think its sexy too I have to say I take pictures of it and fuck myself to my own pictures. He even lets me fuck and lick his ass hole. My strap on opens him nice and wide we love to use it on each other. If you love mature phone sex and fucking my holes and letting me fuck yours i’m ready for you.

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