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I’ll let you laugh

Small dick humiliation   Small dick humiliation will not only bring you satisfaction but me as well. I miss my fairy faggot princess. He used to dress himself up. It started as just a simple you should have been a woman statement. He then from now then and there wanted to just come over and have me talk down to him. Humiliate his little dick and have me play dress up. if you call me I will make you feel so bad about having a small wines that you might as well just turn it inside out and make it a clit. I will tear you a new one and make you feel like the cheapest disgrace of a man! Let me compare cocks to your and laugh at you a bit. It will be so fun.

Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationI had a date last night. I was very excited because he was rich and handsome. I met him on a sugar daddy site. I meet lots of men on these kinds of sites, but Paul was handsome. Many of the men I “date” are old fat bastards, but I am in it for the money, so I turn a blind eye.  Paul is a surgeon. Tall, dark and handsome. He treated me to a very fancy dinner, then a play. I felt high class. I couldn’t wait to fuck him. He was a dreamboat in comparison to my other sugar daddies. I was excited once we got to his bed room. I wanted to show off my cock sucking skills. I unzipped his paints seductively excited for a huge cock to roll out. Nothing rolled out. Nothing even peeked it’s head out either. I yanked his pants down like I was looking for Waldo. I almost cried when I saw he had a micro penis. I swear it looked more like a sad scared turtle than a dick. He was pissed at my disgust and disappointment. I gave him some much needed small dick humiliation. I told him that at least the fat old bastards I have fucked had cocks I could feel. He wanted his money back. I told him I wasn’t an escort, I was a sugar baby. His donation was nonrefundable. He tried to be an ass, so I snapped some pics with my cell of his micro dick and told him if he bothered me  in the future, his pathetic dick would be all over social media. Silly men. I am too hot for a small dick.

Pussy Rules Everything

Men will do whatever I say because I am sexy and they want to fuck me, it is that simple. I am dominant because I understand that pussy rules the world, and I have the best pussy in the world. I have the perfect legs, ass, tits, and pussy, and that is why I get whatever I want. No man will ever tell me no because they all want to fuck me. Because I know that every man wants me, I will never settle for a small cock. With a body like this, you better have at least a 9 inch cock to even call me. I am so tired of getting excited to fuck someone, and them really being a sissy bitch. If you have less than 9 inches in your pants, then I consider you a sissy bitch. At that point it isn’t even a cock, it’s just a large clitoris, but hey at least it is large. Also, do not even think about cumming without my permission! I want to hear you beg me to cum. I need to see you on your knees begging, “Please master Nancy, please let me cum!” I want to spit in your despicable face as you cover yourself in cum, and make you leave my house exactly like that. You deserve to be covered in your own dried cum, sissy bitch.

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Tease and denial Is One of My Favorite Things

Tease and denial

Once in a while I get to partake in one of my all time favorite things.  Which is, Tease and Denial.  I have so much fun with this.  The power I feel over your cock is intoxicating! There are so many ways to tease someone.  However, it depends on the person’s taste.  You certainly wouldn’t tease someone with the promise of sucking your partners dick off as enticement if said person wasn’t into that.  One would think that would be a huge turn off not being teased with something you actually desire.

Oh and how big those balls get.  So full, so engorged, so wonderful.  One of the things I really enjoy doing (if the person is into it that is) is taking my nails and running them every so slightly over those balls.  They are just begging to be touched, to be breathed on, to be licked, or to be stuffed into a nice warm mouth.  Then of course there is your cock.  Standing up straight, twitching, leaking pre-cum, the sound of you trying to control your breathing due to the ache.  You can feel it in your stomach, there is a need to cum.  The urgency to do so edges almost on a primal plane.  

Then the begging starts.  All those pleases as I sit back, not bothered one bit by your suffering, only to tell you no, not yet.  As you get to the point when you might cum even without even touching your dick, I tell you that’s enough for today.  I might give you a sweet kiss on your forehead and send you on your way, or perhaps I might even let you release, but then it would be actually Tease and Denial now would it  ?No, I didn’t think it would be. 


Teasing You with CJ

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You fucking wish someone as sexy as me and CJ would touch that little microscopic cock of yours! You met us at a college party, which you were clearly too old to be at. You weren’t really attractive, but we could tell you were rich. You were very suave with your Rolex and Armani suit. I must admit I do love shiny things, and I know CJ does too. We came up to you, and started flirting a little. It didn’t take long until we were pulling up to your huge fancy house in your brand new Lamborghini. Once inside, me and CJ put on a little strip tease for you, but when we started stripping you is when the teasing really began. We simply couldn’t contain our laughter when we saw your cock, or lack there of. Your cock was so small it could probably pass as a clitoris. You got off on us laughing at you and teasing you. You were literally on your knees begging us to let you cum, but with a cock that small there is no way I was letting you cum for free. Me and CJ left with $50,000 each, and you drove us home covered in your own cum. Just because I let you cum doesn’t mean I will let you clean yourself up. You deserve to be covered in your own dried cum for wasting our time!

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The Maid’s Tongue is Bigger

I would rather have your maid tongue bathe my pussy than touch that tiny thing you call your cock. You picked me up at a college party, you were good looking, so I let you take me home. Your house was huge and beautiful, and had to be worth millions. When we walked in we were greeted by a very sexy maid, and I invited her to join us in the bedroom. She took my hand and led me to your fancy bedroom. We all started making out, and it didn’t take long before the cloths started coming off. I anticipated this, but when I looked down at what looked like it should have been your cock, I was really face to face with disappointment. Me and the maid looked at each other, and busted out laughing. We spent the night making fun of you, and finger fucking and tongue fucking each other. We wouldn’t let you touch your little ding-a-ling no matter how much you begged, but you came anyway, without even touching that little thing. You’ll have to be punished for cumming without permission.

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Best phone sex

Best phone sex  I have been fantasizing about someone walking in on me surrounded by nature playing with myself. Just me, nature, the sun, and my oils. I have been hoping that my fed ex-guy just walks through the door and comes to the back and sees me. I order toys for my pleasure but more so to stare at him. I am crushing so hard for this man. I know he has a big cock. I can just tell. So, today I left a little note. It said come on in and out the back you will have your tip. I was in nothing but sexy little panties that were see threw. He made it out back and I was just about to cum. He stopped me and said he wanted to finish my cunt off. He sat my package down and released his (;

Couldn’t Pay Me Enough To Touch You

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Making fun of your little excuse of a cock get you off doesn’t it you fucking pervert. A girl as fucking sexy as me would never allow that thing inside of me. I can not even believe that you would bring me home, and expect me to fuck you. Like what the fuck do you think I am? I will not sleep with you just because you bought me a few drinks, and I sure as hell won’t fuck you if your cock is smaller than my pinkie finger! I would rather finger fuck myself. In fact, my fingers are bigger than that thing in your pants. I should make you watch as I finger fuck myself. I bet you would beg me to let you touch your self, but I would just laugh at you. You don’t deserve to touch yourself while watching me. I would make you beg me to let you cum, and I would spit in your face. You are nothing but a worthless piece of shit that doesn’t deserve to cum. I would leave you about to burst with your hands tied up so that you can not please yourself.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesGuys with foot fetishes are easy to spot. My daughter was in town this weekend and we went shopping. She needed some new clothes for college and stuff, so I took her on a shopping spree. We both became aware of a man watching us at the shoe store. We go to this local high-end shoe store that fits you personally for shoes. No Payless crappy shoes for us. My daughter is a GFE, she knows how to milk men. She started flirting with him with her feet. Poor loser, couldn’t take his eyes off her feet. I decided that what she needed to do was tell him if he bought our shoes, we would give him a foot show.  Of course, since he was buying, we racked up quite the bill. I bought a few pairs for myself too. We all went back to my place and as agreed, we tried on the shoes for him. This poor bastard was worshiping our feet. We even had him sucking the heels of our Jimmy Choos. He was super pathetic. Two hot women in front of him and all he cared about was worshiping our feet. Rich losers, however, are the best kind of losers. I asked him to show me his little dick. I knew he had one. Just as I suspected, his dick was smaller than my foot. Small dick humiliation was called for with Mr. Foot Fetish. I modeled how to do it for my daughter, but she didn’t need my lead. Hell, she was better at shaming him than me. He got off on it too. The poor bastard came on my new expensive Jimmy Choo’s, so I made him lick his own cum off them. I get you have a shoe and foot fetish, but don’t you dare ruin a pair of designer shoes. We made him tribute us too. I know he paid for our shoes, but that was because we are superior to him. The cash was for the hour of our time he wasted being a loser.

GFE for Cuffing Season

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These big dick sucking lips are not being put to use enough! I am welcoming fall with open arms because fall means cuffing season, and I make the worlds best girlfriend. I am in search of someone to be cuffed by until next summer. I am a sweet girl, but I can be a bit controlling. Who am I kidding? I am a lot of controlling, but I promise if your cock is big enough, you will enjoy me controlling you. I love sucking big veiny hard cock, and I need someone who won’t mind when I demand they put it in my mouth. If I am going to stay faithful you must have a huge thick cock, tons of money, and all the time in the world for me. I just want to suck your hard purple cock all day, and I need you to do whatever I tell you to do. I am a bit intimidating, but momma did teach me how to be a bit of a house wife too. I can cook, basic meals, and clean, I will not wash dishes though, but in return you will do anything at all that I tell you too. If you follow all of my rules, and beg me when you want to cum for me, we could really have a great time. It is the best season of the year, cuffing season, so come cuff me, a sexy dominant blonde that can control you for as long as I want, baby!

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