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Being a total cutie pie ain’t easy. The attention I have been getting my whole life from men
is absolutely wild. I sometimes softly pleasure myself thinking about all those times when I was
super young that older men took interest in me. I especially love reflecting back on my sweet next door
neighbor Mr. Fred who taught me all about my little pleasure button. See, he would watch me and my little
sisters when we got home from school- just for a few hours before mom and dad came home. He loved all three of us
girls so much but he was always so kind and expressive about his fondness for my tight pretty body
and developing breasts. One day while my sisters were asleep on the sofa, he picked me up out of the chair
I had fallen asleep in and carried me up to he and Mrs. Betty’s bedroom. Laying me down and confessing
his appreciation for my body and heart. He made love to me like I was his own daughter. Thankfully
he taught me everything I know now, so you have Mr. Fred to thank for my ability to make you feel so good.
Did you want to show me what else my little pleasure button can do?

Ass sex porn for me please

ass sex porn for me please, I just love spending the day watching endless porn. I get bored sometimes and don’t actually want to hook up with randoms, I know doesn’t sound like Loretta does it? but sometimes I just want to sit home and watch endless porn, and my favorite truly is ass fucking movies. They are so fucking hot its totally taboo to say you enjoy ass fucks, but I do and I just love watching porn compilations of ass bangs, they get me so wet and ready to take cock in my ass and mouth, I use my favorite dildos and pounce on it until I’m wet everywhere and I have made a complete mess, then I rub my clitty and let out a huge orgasm, It makes me so excited to enjoy a nice butt plug or vibrator even anal beads in my bum, because I am proud to be an ass whore, who enjoys being filthy and likes to play with her cunny and ass til she explodes

Ass sex porn

Best Phone Sex is Honest Phone Sex

best phone sexThe best phone sex is with a woman who will be honest with you. I am not the kind of woman to tell you your cock is big if it is small. I will not tell you that you are an amazing lover if you can’t find my clit with a GPS. I will not tell you your wife is not cheating on you if all the signs are there. I don’t operate like that. What good does it do you to delude you into thinking something that is not true? Eventually, you will meet a woman like me who will laugh at your three inch cock and ask to meet the lying bitch who told you it was big. Many of the losers I meet in my life are delusional because some chick didn’t have the balls to be honest. The truth hurts, but it can also heal. My ex husband number one is an example. He was my first husband, but I was his second wife. His ex wife told him there was nothing wrong with his dick. He had barely four inches hard and it was pencil thin. I never had an orgasm with him. She faked all her orgasms, so he thought the problem was mine. If she could cum, why couldn’t I cum. I wanted to slap the bitch. I had to dish out the harsh reality to him that he couldn’t please women. I became a cheating whore. We ended up divorcing because he couldn’t accept that he was only going to be my cuckold. Now, a decade later, he has embraced his role in my life. He came over last night and sucked a cock and watched a real man fuck me. He could have been enjoying life as my cuckold all this time if his first wife had not put him in the land of denial. If you think your wife is blowing smoke up your ass too, let me give you some brutal phone sex therapy so you can embrace your reality.

Submit to your princess

Fantasy phone sexThis is your daily reminder to be a good pay pig and hand your funds over to your bratty princess! You really have absolutely no control over me, don’t you think that that is so fucking hott!? You cannot stop your extreme femdom and fantasy phone sex fetish with me even if you wanted to! I want to see what happens when you really start to realize how good this is for your mental health and how you really do need this all day long, every single day! I am fucking you up in your brain and I do not even have to touch you to do so! This naughty habit is going to control every part of you and your life. You want this to happen so just let it happen! You really enjoy the way it feels when I walk all over you as your life crumbles to shit and heads toward bankruptcy. Don’t even worry about that, I am all that matters! You eagerly gobble up all of my delicious venom, no matter how badly it hurts! The more that you get inside, the more satisfied and happy you feel! These urges will keep you faithful to me and all of my wants and needs, perfect! Trying to fight them will be too much for you to handle. I will leave you completely and totally denied, let’s discover all of the fun that we can have, hehe!

Ass Fetish: Want to be the Teacher’s Ass Slave?

ass fetishDo you have an ass fetish? I love punishing men by making them worship my ass. One of my students was a naughty boy. He plagiarized a paper. He thought he got away with it, until I showed him the same paper from another students 3 years prior to him. He must have bought the paper from a former student. This school expels students for plagiarism. It is stealing. I could have ruined his future. Instead, I offered him a very generous deal. I made him my ass slave. Instead of banging erasers or getting kicked out of school, he must worship my ass for an hour a day for the rest of the school year. Guess which option he took? It is a no brainer. Lick and smell naughty teacher ass or ruin your future by being expelled and labeled a plagiarist. I think he has grown to love ass worshiping. He has been my ass slave for two weeks now. He gets a boner rimming my pink puckered butthole. Today, after class, I sat on his face, almost smothering him. I could see the tent in is boxers. I don’t allow him to cum, however. He is being punished. He gets teased and denied. This is about humiliation, punishment and my pleasure. I can say this; it has only been a few weeks, but I have yet to have my asshole eaten out better. Are you ready to be my ass slave too?

Ass sex porn gets me off

Ass sex pornAss sex porn does get me off. I love watching anal scenes because my husband can never fuck my tight ass right. I love watching BBC fucking hot sex MILFS like me. It is so fun to watch. I haven’t really gotten my ass pounded in over four days so that has me wanting it more than ever. I watch all the butt fucking scenes I want and of course I have to bring some toys for the occasion. There’s nothing hotter than watching your favorite porn vid and getting off with it. I love anal beads and have become quite the expert with them. I would have never used them before. I use to be so timid and shy and I had to snap out of that because my body deserved to be satisfied, I always get my satisfaction whether it’s with other guys or girls or just my hot toys. I am becoming quite the orgasm queen. Each orgasm I have is much stronger than the last, ass play really does help intensify my climax.

Sexy Babe Loretta

Sexy BabeSexy babe Loretta, I’m happy to turn all the guys on, I might be a trophy wife but that doesn’t mean I like to settle for my husband’s pathetic cock. In fact, I fuck guys outside my marriage on the daily, Today I am planning on fucking my husbands best friend. It hasn’t an easy task trust me I tried. I am getting bold and starting to fuck around with guys that know my husband, first it was his business partner and now his best friend, Loretta is on a roll. Yey me, Back to Joey my husbands best friend, He’s got a huge chocolate cock that is always bulging out and since the moment I laid my eyes on him it stood right out. I had to have it because everything I want I always get. He would politely laugh at my sexual jokes I could tell they made him feel naughty and got him turned on, whenever my husband would leave I would flirt my cute butt off. I guess all my cute jokes have worked cause he sent me a message letting me know my ass was his tonight.

Let your funds do the talking

Sexy phone chatI am such a sensual being, I deserve to be bathed in the finest oils and flowers as I am adorned in pure gold! The ultimate goddess treatment for the most delicious goddess that you ever did get your perverted hands on! It’s so funny what desperate men will do in order to get some pussy, especially my top notch cunny! Here’s a friendly reminder that I will never be your girlfriend, not even if you were the last throbbing cock on this planet! You would still treat me as a powerful queen and bow down to my needs. My entire life is beta funded and it’s marvelous! You’re a kinky fuck and you love to get dirty with your slutty goddess! I’m entirely bored with small talk, show me the money honey! Let your funds do the talking!

Sexy women masturbating

Sexy women masturbatingSexy women masturbating is probably a view you urge to see. I have already told you how much my husband gets on my nerves. I  still love to tease him and show him I like a good time. I send him the same pics I send all the guys that come over to pound me. The difference between my husband and the guys that come over? Is just that they get to reap the benefits of fucking me. While my poor husband gets deprived I satisfy guys with huge cocks. I like being an evil slut. I love seeing him come home rushing trying to get his cock to me and I just turn him down. I love getting his cock hard just to laugh and walk away and say not today. I do occasionally give in and feel bad but why should I? He has a clit for a dick and I just can’t fathom having it in me at all. It barely fits. I will continue to tease him and let him down

Tease and Denial Drives Him Crazy

Tease and Denial

Tease and denial is my favorite game to play with my boyfriend. I don’t know why I find it so fucking fun to tease the shit out of him and then never let him go all the way. Sometimes when he comes over I like to tease him so bad that he accidentally cums in his pants. It happened just last weekend. He came over to my place to watch a movie with me and I kept rubbing his cock through his pants and feeling him get to rock hard for me. He was whispering in my ear that he wanted to fuck me and I just giggled. I slipped my hand underneath his clothes and started to stroke him. I kept going faster and faster. Then I climbed on top of him and started grinding my hips into his dick while we made out. I was sucking on his neck and rubbing my pussy right on his cock when I pushed me back and I saw his face twist into a strange expression. I realized then that he was actually cumming in his pants. I laughed at him and he looked so embarrassed, telling me he wouldn’t do that if I would just give it up and stop being such a little cock tease.

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