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Sexy whores only

Sexy babeI don’t understand how most girls let themselves go. Keep that body right and tight if you want to stay flawless. The prettier you are, the more likely you are to get whatever your heart desires. Beautiful bitches only, please. I will never settle for anything less. I always bring the sexiest nymphos around to share some yummy cock Bad bitches linking up to share a nice hard monster cock is what it’s all about. How hot is it to have a sexy babe ride your cock while you eat the other whore’s twat? Perfect whores for a perfect cock. To keep your man happy, you better be working not only that body out but that pussy too. Push the limits and get nastier and sexier. If you stay in missionary, you are doing it wrong. Ride his cock and bring some hot friends over. No one likes a boring washed up slut. Keep it cute and exciting at all times.

fucking a felon

sexy babeMy husband troublemaker cousin is out of prison. When we first started dating, I met him for the first time. I knew I couldn’t act on impulsion. I was new in this relationship and had to be a good girl. Well, a few years in his cousin is out of jail and needed a place to crash. You can imagine my excitement when our place was where he chose to stay for a bit while he got on his feet. I knew he couldn’t resist a sexy babe like me. It didn’t take much for me to make him pounce me. My husband was gone to work, and I was getting stuffed by his young cousin. I liked how he fucked me. For one he had a nice juicy dick, and he knew all the right spots. He was fucking me hard and releasing all his loads on me. It had been such a long time since he got to fuck a sweet wet tight twat. I liked being a nasty slut for him.

It’s Up To Me If You Erupt

Tease And DenialI know I have a very beautiful body that is hard to resist. I love dressing up in my sexy little outfits and teasing the hell out of men. I love seeing a tent pitch and even telling them to rub it a little, some try to get carried away but I won’t let them. No guy can come unless I say so, I know that look in your eyes is so frustrating when you have all that yummy cream built up and you just want to erupt but a beauty like me stands in your way. I love building up with a nice lick job and then letting you go soft and then coming over with my smooth, long legs and just barely letting your tongue touch them and then reaching down and stroking that nice hard dick you have. I love shaking my perfectly round small bum in your face and taking my panties off real slow and dangle them right over your nose so you can smell this pretty princess. I get down and rub my bald teen pussy and I come but I still won’t let you and poor thing you have all this pre cum oozing. Should I be nice and let you explode? Call me and let’s see!

Nasty Naughty Neighbor

sexy babe lMy cute neighbor is home alone again, and this sexy babe is taking notice. I like teasing the fuck out of him. I know he enjoys the show I put on for him. I wear my cutest bikini and soak in the sun showing off all my assets and tempting him in every single way. This time I decided to strip and skinny dip I knew he was playing close attention and I had to keep him in check by keeping him turned on. It wasn’t long after that that I caught him peeping and jerking off to me. I guess he couldn’t help himself I pushed all the buttons to make him fall to his knees and worship me. I had a great personal pussy eater out of him. Sometimes you just need to blow some steam and have someone tongue fuck you in all the right ways.

Spanish teacher slut

naughty teacher

The new Spanish teacher is a naughty teacher in your school. I like being the schools head slut. I’m not even a student, and I fuck more than most the girls on campus. I love seducing young guys who will do just about anything to fuck all the  students. I have no shame. I have broken so many campus relationships! Oh well, like to use my body to suck and fuck. I love being a little cum slut. I want all positions and being used and teaching you new things. After all, I am the teacher. I will sread my legs for big a cock. I have no limits and will guide you how a real whore likes to fuck. I get my holes filled at all hours of the day I get loads and pass on A’s.

Ready for him

Best phone sex  I want hot ass sex all the time. If I could get it I would. I am hungry for balls and cock slapping me in my face. In the office about three weeks ago .. three weeks to long I was at my desk and a co worker emailed me dirty talking me. Telling me he want his dick to be squeezed by my pussy. I had to tell him that I wanted it. I have been looking at him for months. He just so happened to trust me and know that I would never tell his wife. We have been dirty talking and emailing back and forth. It hasn’t happened yet. But, I know it will sometime soon. I send him sexy half naked pictures of me every day. I am hoping its good and worth the wait. Would you wait ?

Great Blowjobs for Great Cocks Only

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs are for great cocks. My lips, just like my pussy, don’t touch small dicks. I have been enjoying Tinder dates lately. Last night, however, I swore off Tinder for good. My fuck buddy for the night lied about his dick. He must have found a dick selfie on the Internet of a hung man and passed it off as his own. I should have known better. His cock was too big to be true. He sold me though. I had asked why he didn’t have a wife or a girlfriend with such a big cock. He told me he rarely meets women who can handle it. I get guys on the phone all the time who say the same thing. Now, I can hear in your voice if you are a poser or not. Guys with big cocks rarely brag about their 11 inch cut cock. And guys with such big dicks are rarely calling for phone sex. They are at glory holes and singles bars. I had a picture of a big dick that looked like he belonged on the photo of the guy I was hooking up with. It never occurred to me that a guy would be stupid enough to pull a bait and switch. It is not like I am going to say, “oh I guess the camera adds 5 inches. Me bad. Let me blow your little nub.” Men are stupid enough or horny enough to think they can con a sexy babe like that. Not this one. I sent Tim packing. I called him Tiny Tim among some other choice humiliating phrases, then outed him on Tinder as a poser. No horny woman should ever be expecting 11 inches and get 5 at best.  Let Tim serve as a warning to you. I will hear in your voice if you are a man with bragging rights, or just big dick poser.

mutual doings

Mutual masturbation stories  

 My neighbor loves to just come over and watch me play with myself. His cock is so small he jacks it off with two fingers while he watches me. It just turns me on so much being looked at while I finger fuck my pussy hole. He even slaps my face wile he is watching. My pussy then begins to drip more and more. After I cum I suck his little tiny penis. its so small it makes me laugh but, I love it. Cock control is so much fun I enjoy laughing at him and playing with my pussy. When you call me I’ll be playing with my pussy to your voice and you will stroke your cock to mine. What ever you want I got

Come to me

Sexy legs  Bending over just for you. Stare at my body , let me see how I turn you on. My pussy and ass hole wait for you. Help me help you. I want to cum all over your face. Grinding my hips on your face, feel my pussy juices fill your mouth up. I know your hungry for my little pussy. Just as much as I am for that cock. Fuck my ass hole open me wide and enjoy all juices that are going to pour. I’m your dirty horny little bitch that will do anything . I cant wait to take that cock right down my throat. Shooting your sperm down my throat or cumming right into me just makes me feel so right. Lets have a good night baby give me a call.


Gaping Assess

Ass fetish 

 Have you ever fucked on a first date ? That is the most pleasurable for me. Dinner, drive, dick what more could a slutty wet toy like me ask for? I dress in heels and flowy dresses. When I go out to get screwed by my one niter boyfriends so that my ass pokes and my holes are easy to get to. I love the ones who want my ass, my tight back door aches for some private hardcore beat down from the second I wake up, but I only get lucky sometimes. Most of my boyfriends don’t understand how to fuck me how i deserve but I bet you sure do right ? My pretty cunt is ready for you. stretch me , bend me put me in what ever position you need me in. I just want some meat inside of my sexy young hot body.

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