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Edging phone sex

Edging phone sexGrab your cock baby, for some edging phone sex, I’m going to take you on the ride of your life. I want you to start slowly, stroking your cock up and down. Your dick will be throbbing, and those balls will be hanging low by the time I’m finished with you. Are you ready to be cock controlled by a real woman? I love hearing your voice strain as you force yourself not to blow that load. The pleasure and pain that is to come knowing how badly you need to cum, but only being allowed to do what I say. Who owns that cock? “You do mistress,” very good slave. Now take that cock and squeeze the head, hard! Use your pre-cum to make it all slick, just like my wet pussy. Doesn’t that feel good? Now take your hands off. You can feel the throbbing as the cum tightens and swells in your balls. This is the part where I tell you exactly how I want you to stroke that cock as I guide your masturbation. I’m going to push you to your limits, and then some. You are so close, aren’t you? Take your hands off, stop touching that pathetic man meat. I haven’t granted you permission yet! You won’t cum until I say that you can. I could tease you for as long as I like, and deny you all together, if I see fit. Sweet release, maybe. We will just have to see how good you obey your mistress, won’t we? Does edging phone sex turn you on. Does having me control your cock make it even harder? Call me so I can tease you, deny you and finally reward you with sweet release, if I feel like it.

Sissy Humiliation For The Confused

Sometimes guys want to be humiliated about their confusion on who they are and this is a perfect goal with sissy humiliation calls. You never really sprouted a proper penis and your really more feminine than the average male that were blessed with proper testosterone levels, therefore a much manlier cock and masculinity. You personally crave to be in the company of women, and wish to be like us. Your desire goes so deep that you wish you could be a lesbian and only have lesbian sex, or you crave cock and need to be humiliated about your size. Whatever the mixed bag is that is you, I am here to assist you in sorting this out. One way is to try out some sex therapy porn and get you fixated on either servicing cock like a good little sissy faggot, or learning how to masturbate your clitty and eat pussy like a good lesbian carpet muncher. I would love to help you figure out your place in society and encourage your new found self with sending you out to buy the girly things you so desire to own. I want to make you my pretty little Sissy and whether you crave cock or pussy is really not so big a deal as I am more than comfortable assisting you in any way that fits.

Sissy Humiliation


Tease and Denial

Tease and Denial Tease and Denial is one of my favorite fetishes. All my sugar daddies say I’m just a big dick tease *giggles*. So, come here big man and show this spoiled princess what you’re working with. Oh my, what a nice, juicy, cock, all the better for me to suck it. But I’m not going to suck it. I’m just going to lick the head a little with my soft, wet tongue. Wow look at him grow. Maybe I should set on that engorged rod, with my rack right in your face. But I wouldn’t be teasing you if I gave you what you want, now would I? I’m going to Lick it like a big old lollipop until he’s rock-hard and throbbing in my hand. I want you begging me, for my warm mouth so you can feel it on that swollen meat stick. Your balls will start to ache and feel heavy. Those loins will burn with heat so hot you’ll think you’re going to melt. You’ll be putty in my hands. Once I have you on your knees begging me for release. I’ll stick my little rose bud right in your face and demand you rim it good for me. You better not touch that cock or else, no nookie for you. I’ll make you leave with blue balls if you test me. Does tease and denial sound like fun to you? Well give your posh princess a call and let me torture you with a little edging. If you’re good and obedient for me, I might let you cum on my boobs.


How Small Is Your Cock?

sissy humiliation

If you’re trying to pass that tiny little thing off as a dick, then there’s really something wrong with you. Your “dick” is good for absolutely nothing except small penis humiliation. I know you’ve probably been laughed at a million times when you got naked in front of girls, right? And it’s happened so many times that you are turned on by the laughter now.

Yet there are times you still try to convince women like me over the phone that your pathetic cock is big enough to please a woman. But the joke is totally on you because I can tell, even when I’m just talking to you on the phone, that you have a tiny cock and that you would never be good enough to please me. But it’s totally fun to hear you try to convince me. I can only take that for so long, though. I am eventually going to have to put you in your place and give you a list of reasons why you aren’t ever going to be good enough for me.

Do you have a tiny dick and shriveled up balls? Just get on the phone now and call me so I can remind you how small your cock is. You’re pathetic and you know it.


Cuckold Phone Sex with My Loser Ex-Husband

cuckold phone sexMy ex-husband needs cuckold phone sex. Do you? I can’t explain it. He has the most pathetic little cock I have ever seen. Seen is the wrong word to use because I need to squint to see it. Minuscule is a better word for my ex-husband’s private parts. Hence why he is an ex-husband. His teenie weenie couldn’t please me ever, not even once. It didn’t help that he was a chronic masturbator too, so he couldn’t get his nub hard for me. I no longer fuck him. Although I am no longer married to the loser, he keeps on trying to fuck me. I learned quickly with him that a hot bitch like me deserves to fuck a man she can feel inside her pussy. A man with a cock worthy of a sexy woman. Yet the delusional fucker still thinks our shared past somehow will make me have pity sex with him. He came over last night begging for my pussy again and I laughed. Normally, I just shut the door and be done with him, but I wanted to play tease and denial games. I teased him with my hot pussy. I let him watch me play with my sex toys that were bigger than him. I got the loser all excited, then slapped a chastity cage on his worthless pecker denying him any pleasure. He doesn’t deserve to cum. No man who can’t please a woman deserves to cum. And any man who prefers playing with his own junk over his lady’s pussy, doesn’t deserve to cum either. It is a privilege to be in a pussy as fine as mine. So, don’t for a moment think I won’t put your shrimp dick under lock and key too if you think fucking is all about you or you don’t meet my size requirements.


Foot Fetishes friendly

foot fetishesI love it when my Johns worship and kiss my feet. I have one John who is in love with my feet while in a pair of sexy stiletto heels. He even likes to fuck me in them. Everytime I see him we do a line of coke and then I bend over a table or chair and he fucks me from the back. After that I climb on the table on all fours and he grabs my heels and rams his thick white dick inside of this tight brown pussy. I swear he watches my shoes and feet the whole time we are fucking. After he makes me cum he flips me over and yanks my expensive heels off of my feet. Of course I let him because I know he will just buy me some more. I play with my pussy and rub on my clit while he kisses and worships my feet until I squirt my cum all over his face.

I made him a real bitch

cuckold phone sexThis little dickie cucky boy wanted to try to be manly but he failed miserably. All I could do was laugh as he strutted around acting like some kind of wannabe tough guy and boy he did not like being laughed at. He tried to get all up in my face like he was gonna do something so I just slapped the shit out of him and told him that he could never be in charge because he was more woman than man. I forced him to take off his fake man clothes and put on a bra and panties. He actually cried can you believe that? We had a whole photo shoot with him in lingerie and dresses and makeup and he claimed to hate it but his tiny clitty was hard the whole time. Of course I didn’t let him touch that little clit and I definitely did not let him cum either. He stayed in his girly clothes all night long too and I think I will make him be a girl whenever I see him from now on.

Phone Sex Therapy with Your Wife

phone sex therapy

She called me for phone sex therapy. I occasionally get calls from women. Usually, the women are sexually frustrated with their husbands and need guidance. Your wife came to the right woman because I told her how to cuckold you. Ginger told me about your three-inch dick. She also told me about your limp dick issues and the fact that you refuse to eat pussy. I told her to leave your loser ass, but she likes being married. She likes having you in her life. She just doesn’t enjoy fucking you. Can’t say that I blame her. I told her to cuckold you. I told her to get a lover. I told her that you would either support her need for big working dick, or you would bitch and moan because you are a selfish loser. Listen up husbands. If your dick is less than 7-inches, you can’t do your job as a husband. You can’t do all your job at least with such a small dick. The only way to make your wife happy, is to get her a lover. As a phone sex therapist, I had Ginger bring her husband to see me too. I had a stud with a large cock ready to fuck us both while he watched. Seeing is believing. Once a husband sees his wife moaning and squirting on a big cock, he knows he has been disappointing the woman he loves. Wake up men. The times have changed. If you have a small dick, you need to take a backseat to a man with a big cock.

Teacher Has naughty Foot Fetishes

foot fetishes

I love having a teacher with foot fetishes as his main kink! He is just so naughty. He lets me dominate him in my cute schoolgirl uniform and my striped knee socks. I love to play with his cock under his desk, as I am always on his naughty list and I talk way too much. So, I have to sit by him when it comes to doing quizzes and such. I slip off my smelly shoes and trace his zipper for so long. Today he said I had to stay after school. It was the very first day back! I grinned as he locked the door and pulled the shades down. I had fun teasing Mr. Naughty teacher as I ran around the room opening my shirt and flashing him my tight bald cunt. I jumped on his shoulders and held his eyes and mouth shut as my smelly knee socks pumped his cock for cum! I laughed at the cum stains and unrolled my socks and threw them at him as I left! I love being a saucy seductress at a young age! He will be begging for more, Just like you baby!

Tangled Up in You

Sexy legs

My God I love being tangled up in you. Bodies intertwined and hands exploring every inch of the other person. I love the feeling of your cock slowly sliding into my tight wet pussy while my sexy legs are wrapped around you. Bodies rocking together as you slowly, gently fuck me. The energy building as we kiss passionately. Getting more and more intense as you pick up the speed and begin to thrust into my cunt a little harder, a little deeper. My face pressed into your neck as I kiss and nibble and lick, hands held tightly around your back pulling you in closer to me. Our bodies are one as we fuck faster, deeper, harder until we reach that explosive climax together. Finally relaxing as we stay tight in each other’s embrace.

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