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Christmas Toys

GFE phone sex I love my early Christmas gift baby. Going to another friends wedding sounded so boring until you handed me our new toy. A remote controlled vibrator that only you could control. My pussy was watering at just the thought of it. When I put it in my dripping wet cunt you immediately turned on. Oh my fucking God I was under your mercy. My Lacy black panties were drenched before we made it to the wedding. As the bride walked down the aisle you took your phone out and turned my toy on full fucking blast. I came so hard in the pew I almost screamed during the service. You were being so fucking mean but taking such good care of me. I had to turn the tables on you when we made it to the reception. Thank goodness our table was in the corner. It was so easy to take your cock out under the table cloth with out anyone noticing. It was rock fucking hard and so big. I felt my pussy tighten around my toy when you turned it on full blast from you phone. Each pulse reverberating deep inside. “Follow me outside now” , i said into your ear. There was no arguing as you obediently followed me. We snuck inside the limo that would carry the happy couple to their honeymoon. It would be our turn to christen it before them.

Inventorying Your Cock


Fantasy phone sexYour bar was closing just as I got there. You told me I made it just in the nick of time. You went to lock the doors as the last customer left. I had told you I would help you with doing inventory, but the only inventory I want to do is checking out your great big thick cock. So I decided to shimmy out of my little black dress. I even took off my bra and panties.

I decide to have on nothing other than my birthday suit and a pair of black thigh high boots. I am leaning against the bar when you return. You tell me I am violating health code regulations. I tell you that that’s not the only thing I plan on violating as I walk over to you and grab your crotch. I reach down and unzip your pants releasing your hard throbbing cock. I drop down to my knees and start sucking your cock.

I slide my baby soft lips all the way down the shaft of your big thick cock. Making sure to get it slippery wet and rock fucking hard for my hot wet pussy. I stand back up and start French kissing you. You lift me up and thrust your big hard cock into my hot cunt. My back is against the bar as you thrust your cock balls deep inside of my pussy. Just as you hit my G-spot causing me to scream out in pleasure, I feel your cock explode filling my cunt full of your warm creamy cum.

Roses from Duncan


Last week I moved into my new apartment finally. I was amazed at this great deal that I got for such a beautiful place. Anyway a few days ago while I was unpacking some of my boxes, I had a ring at the door which was peculiar because not very many people that I knew, knew where I lived. Only a few friends and I know that I moved out of state so big surprise. I walk to the door and ask who was knocking before opening it, a male voice set delivery, so I open the door, standing before me was a cute little delivery guy with a bouquet of roses and a notepad for me to sign. I asked him who is this from what is it I’m not expecting that the little guy responded to me by saying, lady, I’m just doing my job I do deliveries could you sign here. I didn’t put up a fight I signed, and I took the roses and closed my door. I wondered where could these roses have come from nobody knows that I live here and I haven’t been in more than a casual relationship in a while. I thought to myself this could be a mistake, so I looked for a card to see I looked inside of the bouquet and there was a card that said, “you are going to love the surprise that I have for you I’ll see you later.” The card didn’t have a signature no name, so I resolved that this was a mistake. Anyway, what can I do but enjoy the roses I sniffed the sweet smell and put them in a vase and went back to unpacking. Several hours later there was a knock at my door I thought to myself this is the delivery guy coming back to pick up the roses that he accidentally delivered to me, so I open the door without even thinking or looking in my peephole. As soon as I open the door, a big strong guy hugged me he grabbed me and held me close and said I’m so glad to see you I pushed him away and I said who are you and he said you’re not my sister, I responded I sure am not. He apologized profusely and told me that his sister lived here before me. I told him so you must be the guy who sent the Roses he said yes you got those they were from my sister. I invited him in and said to him that I would look at the realtor’s card to give him the information and hopefully the realtor could lead him to the current address of his sister. He sat down on my couch well I walked over to the counter and copied the information for him. I could not help but notice that he was tall dark and so very handsome and while my face was buried in his chest from the hug that he gave me, I saw his body was super lovely. I offered him a glass of wine and sat on the couch with him laughing about how he had made the mistake of hugging me. He told me he hadn’t seen his sister in such a long time that’s why he was so excited and just grabbed me without looking. I looked at him with a koi look and said I didn’t mind at all you’re very strong, in fact, I kind of liked it. I asked him what was his name after introducing myself and he said Duncan I responded well it’s very nice to meet you, Duncan. Without hesitation Dunkin let me know that it was very nice to meet me to he admitted that I felt very nice in his arms I smiled and noticed that my nipples were getting so hard. I asked him if he was hungry and if he’d like to share some pizza with me that I ordered earlier, he said yes as I stood up my robe opened a little. As I didn’t expect any company I wasn’t wearing any clothes under my robe, so I apologized, he told me don’t be sorry I’m the one that should be sorry because I’ve kept you up late. I let him know that I didn’t mind at all I went in the kitchen to get the pizza, and we ate and drank more wine I told him I enjoyed his company that if he didn’t have a place to stay for the night he could stay at my house. Duncan said that he would go and get a hotel room because he didn’t want to impose I insisted that he stayed the night. He stood up, and I stood up at the same time bumping into his strong solid chest, and his strong arms I told him clumsy me he laughed and asked me was he honestly not going to be imposing by staying the night. I whispered softly, I want you to fuck me with your cum-filled cock, he responded you’ve got me any way you wish to have me. Duncan picked me up took to my bedroom and threw me down on the bed. We made mad passionate crazy love in fact we had a night to remember. I would love to tell you all about it but only if you really want to know.

Sexy babe for him

Sexy babe 

  I finally made it to my bosses house. We had been flirting for the past week. I couldn’t stop the feeling that I have for him. The skirts that I wore every day of the week suddenly became shorter and shorter. I have been bringing his coffee and doing exactly what he needs. I have just been after the dick. I leaned over his desk to show him my cleavage. He got close to me and leaned in to kiss me. He told me to come over to his house and let him pound my pussy. I needed a raise and he said he would if I gave him my holes. So, I went to his house with my sexy dildo and fucked my self for him. He turned his charm on even more than at work. Getting his cock hard watching me he turned me over and fucked my cunt. I was soaked it leaked over into my ass. He then asked to pound my ass. I, of course, let him. I just want that cock in every hole from now on. For an older man, he sure has a great stamina.


Best phone sexEver since that night at the strip club you can’t keep your fucking paws off of me or your fat cock out of me! I’m not complaining though. I love that you got so jealous of all the other men in the club staring at me twerk my ass and grind on the pole. Rubbing my pussy juices up and down that pole, everyone in the room wishing it was their cock I was grinding on. You’re such a jealous man, you would think you’d learn your lesson by now about not giving me the attention that I deserve. For every bit of attention I’m missing from you, I’ll get it from someone else and drive you absolutely wild. You know how sweet this pussy is, and how much you love to have me slide up and down on your fat cock. You better be good to me or I’ll make you watch me give lap dances next time!


Sexy phone chat I wanted to fuck the new sexy neighbor so I went nude sunbathing in my backyard where I knew he would have a clear view of my slutty body from his windows. I was on my back near the pool my legs spread wide open my wet pussy staring at his window. I saw him stop to stare at me and I waved him over with my finger. I watched him walk over giving him a show of my fingers playing with my pussy. He stopped right in front of me staring at my pussy getting wetter and wetter. He whipped out his hard dick and my mouth dropped. I wanted his dick before and now I really wanted his dick.

Whipped Cream

The only thing I like more than having you lick whipped cream off of my cunt is you unloading your cream from your cock all over me. I was trying to make a dessert for your office Christmas party. I was just getting the whipped cream out of the refrigerator when you walked in the kitchen and grabbed me from behind. You grabbed the whipped cream and put it on the counter, shut the refrigerator door and pushed me up against the cold stainless steel door. The whole thing shook. You pulled down my shirt and bra and pressed my hard nipples against the cold metal door. You lifted my skirt and moved my panties to the side. You took a bit of whipped cream and spread it across my pussy lips before getting low and licking it off. Fuck. You commanded then that I took my clothes all the way off. As soon as they hit the floor, you turned me around, and picked me up. You placed me on the cold kitchen counter and sprayed me vigorously with the whipped cream. It was so cold but you warmed it right up, licking every bit. You sprayed me once again, emptying the can, and had me play with it in my pussy. I was sure to get it deep in there so you would have to tongue me even deeper to clean it out. I know you love eating that pussy. How is that Sensual phone sex Darlinevanilla cream pie, baby?

Latinas lust BBC

ass fetish🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Latina phone sex is our specialty. We know what really gets men off with our sultry style and no taboo mindset we can make any cock cream.

I have the hottest friends they are latinas like me and not only are they sexy Spanish mami’s they crave nothing but the best. We became friends since we all ran in the same circles. All three addicted to the finer things in life and being trophy wives and girlfriends. As we got closer we knew that we all had a common situation going on. Although our significant others were checking all our boxes there was an area they came up short. I have always said some men need to compensate with their bank accounts for having been cursed with such itty bitty men clitties. Of course each of us were fulfilling our needs elsewhere. How could we not? Who doesn’t love to be fucked like a slut? The difference a couple extra inches can make is out of this world. Why settle for pencil dick that barely hits te 5 inch mark? My girls and I are part of the nine and up club

sexy babe


BBC rules everything around me and my hot amigas. We only want Papi’s with big rods that can make us squirt and make our tight cunts shake and quiver. There is nothing better than a chocolate dick fucking our latina holes. Our bodies were made for fucking and our mouths were made for sucking. Size does matter we are size queens who love to cheat on our rich significant others. We all share a common love for disappearing for days and attending several orgies together. After all, they do say great minds think alike. While you are spoiling us we are out getting plowed by real men. The way we make fun of little nubs would have you beet red in the face. I especially love picking fights and doing anything in my power to get away from your shriveled up mini shrimp dick. Sometimes I will come home after a bbc binge and make you clean up the mess without you knowing. 😉

latina phone sex                                                                                   💜🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆💜



Coleman’s Daddy

Sensual phone sex

I want to be kissed in my special place all of the time, and that means I’m greedy? My husband Coleman thinks that I am so greedy he says that I always want my way and I never settle for less. My husband is right I do want my way, but that doesn’t make me greedy, and if I am greedy and he won’t adhere to my greediness, I guess I’m going to have to get fed somewhere else. Coleman as far as I’m concerned you’re stupid in this matter you should live to please me after all you married me because I’m your goddess. Coleman thinks that I should not be so greedy with getting kissed in my pretty Pearl puckered asshole. I got my ass hole bleached and waxed, so he will have a beautiful, clean pallet to work with but does he thank me, no, not like I think he should. Be a good boy Coleman before I get another good boy to help you out I do happen to have a voracious appetite for getting my ass eaten out. I love my ass to be eaten it makes me a more excellent girl it makes me a more soothing Spirit to be around, and I know that has to be worth something. Coleman your father keeps looking at me I know that he lusts after my hot tight ass I know that daddy Coleman gets all uncomfortable when he’s around me because he seems so nervous. Today I am going to test my theory of how nervous he does get and how much he wants to kiss my ass. We happen to be out to Coleman’s parent’s house for the weekend, and his mother is a bore, or maybe that’s why he’s not used to exciting, exotic women like myself and our wants and needs. I also think that might be why his father keeps looking at me and dreaming and fantasizing about my hot wet pussy. Today daddy is going to get it because I am horny and Coleman is taking his fucking good time to satisfy me. I guess daddy will have to fluff me up and get me ready for Coleman I don’t mind doing them both right after each other. I walked up to Coleman’s father and offered him a sip of my sweet pussy juice and do you want to know what he said?

BBC Cream Pie

Cuckold Phone Sex

My cunt craves BBC cum! I love getting filled with cum and having it drip out of pussy! You’re such a good cucky boy aren’t you! I want you to lick my juicy wet pussy while I get fucked by a thick 10 inch black cock. Lick us both, cucky! Don’t you dare let those sweet juices go to waste! Flick your tongue back and forth from my pussy to his balls. Lick us both while he fucks my cunt so hard!

Don’t you love when my BBC boyfriend creams deep inside my tight pussy? I don’t want to see a single drop of that milky cum go to waste either! I want you to lick and slurp that BBC cum. You better gulp that black cock cream pie! And when I come home with my holes filled with cum from gangbangs and huge black dicks, you better slurp on all of that too! I love my little horny cum guzzler cuck!

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