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Suzi’s Good Sissy Boy

Cuckold phone sexMy friend Suzi came over with her pet for us to play with. She has such a good sissy boy. She has trained him very well. He does everything with such eagerness. All she has to do is snap her fingers and bam he knows exactly what she wants him to do. We humiliated him to no end. He has such a small penis. I mean hard it is maybe 4 inches. We showed him porn of what real cock looks like. Took pictures of him and plastered them on FB and instagram. He got a lot of laughs from our friends. We made sure his face was in the pictures so all could see what a good sissy boy she has.

Naughty Neighbor Porn

naughty neighbor pornI made a naughty neighbor porn this morning. The hunk next door offered to shovel my driveway. He is a married man with a bitch faced wife. He was home from work due to the blizzard. He had no angle for assisting me. He didn’t want money or even pussy. He is just a nice guy. In my book, only nice guys with small cocks finish last. There is nothing small about Henry. His wife is just a shrew. No one likes her. She is one of those spoiled bitches that likes denying her husband sex. She is crazy. If you are lucky enough to be married to a man with 9 inches dangling between his legs, you fuck him. You fuck him daily. Hell, you fuck him several times a day. All my ex-husbands had small cocks. I know what I am talking about. I knew he was just being nice by shoveling the snow, but I was just being nice back when I invited him in to warm up. I have fucked him before, but he felt guilty for cheating on a wife who doesn’t appreciate what she has, so I backed off. We drank some hot chocolate, talked and then I pounced on him like a cat in heat. I couldn’t be good any longer; I was horny. Being snowbound makes me extra horny. This sexy babe always gets her man. We were writhing around on my floor naked, making out when he suggested a hot shower. I have not had shower sex in far too long. His long hard cock fucked me up against the shower door while the hot water cascaded down my back. He is a good man. He reached around to rub my clit so we could cum together. He told me the only reason he has not left his bitch wife is because he has the hottest neighbor ever.

Sexy babes love to be spoiled

Sexy babeA naughty, sexy babe like me not only loves to be spoiled, but deserves it more than you deserve to have oxygen in your lungs. Hot girls never have to work a day in their lives so that’s where you come in! There’s nothing that you shouldn’t be doing for me, nothing that’s too much or out of your financial range and budget. I am more than worth every penny and a man that knows to never say No is exactly the caliber of man that I deserve in my life at all times! Unless you plan on adding to my wealth, you don’t deserve to talk to me whatsoever. My precious attention comes with high prices and if you don’t meet the requirements then you’re a lost fucking cause. Fuckers like you pay to cum and be noticed by a woman of my type of class. I make your blood boil with the need to serve, you crave the affirmation that only I am able to give to you. Call me up for some sexy phone chat, let’s see how easily I can break you!


Hot sexy womanI brought home 2 black guys with BBC to be fucked by in front of my man. He is a bit of a sissy. And I run his world. I let him watch those hot black guys grope at me. I can see him off in the corner jerking off as I start to get fucked by those BBC. Being DP by the both of them as they throw me between them. In rhythm with those BBC and both cumming practically at the same time, I get up and walk over to my sissy man. I grab cigarette and plop myself down on the chair. Ordering him to eat the cum out of both my holes. He gets between my legs and I light up my cigarette. I can feel his tongue starting to work its magic. I tilt my head back and enjoy.

My new pool guy

sexy babeMy husband was away at work and of course, something had to go wrong, my pool was acting up and I had to quickly call up a poorly company, I waited for the servicemen to come and give me an estimate. The companies van pulled up thru my driveway very shortly after the call. A short guy came out and he was pretty obnoxious and loud. I already knew he was going to be a pain. I knew he was going to overprice me and try to stick me with a crazy bill. He was a sleaze indeed, The whole time he couldn’t stop staring at me. He even said from the moment he stepped in the house” had I known a sexy babe was going to be hot wet and ready for me I would have come even faster”. He walked in and was getting even more annoying by the second. I was shooing him off as fast as possible I didn’t even want him in the house another minute longer.He was making jokes and I couldn’t wait for him to go. I caught a glimpse of his hard-on and my attitude completely changed. I couldn’t believe this obnoxious little shit had such a gorgeous cock I couldn’t believe my eyes. I needed it in me.I went in on his cock, he knew he what he was doing to me. He had a hypnotizing cock. I had him fill my mouth with cum. I swallowed of course. After I felt it grow in my mouth I had to have it stretch my pussy out. Let’s just say I was happy with the discount and dick I got

When I Whisper, “You Are Under My Umbrella”

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I met Mr. Johnson at a business conference in New York, he was simple enough very straight edged type of a guy completely uptight and boring. I was in New York for a photoshoot and Mr. Johnson’s conference just happened to be in the same Manhattan hotel. I could tell right away that I would be having fun with this sappy simpleton. I walked over to him in the hotel lobby, I looked him in his empty blue eyes and said, “How are doing I since that you need a pick me up” Mr. Johnson was shy he said thank you but he was ok. I smiled and gazed deeply into his eyes where I could see his inner obedience, “are you sure you are okay, you look like a storm cloud is over you but I can help you, I can shield you from the storm under my umbrella” as he started to say a response his eyes glazed over and he paused for a few seconds, “I am under your umbrella and I must do anything you tell me to” is what he uttered out his mouth. I wrote my name, phone number and room number on a piece of paper along with the word Umbrella. Mr. Johnson calls me sometimes and when he does I remind him of our great time that he only has flashbacks and the paper with my signature hypnotizing paper spell. Mr. Johnson isn’t as boring as he used to be. Would you like to get under my Umbrella?

Sexy babe Veronica

Sexy babeSexy babe with a huge Latina sexy ass Veronica ready to ride and please that huge cock you have! Cum here throw me on your bed and start caressing my big Latina tits with nice brown hard nipples. Lick my tetas Papi! You make me feel so fucking sexy and horny getting all my panochita wet! Fuck then you crawl down kissing all my sexy thick body biting on my thick Latina legs. Fuck Papi I love you. You always make me feel so good. You could just hear my breathing going crazy horny for you wanting your big dick in my tight pussy! Instead you cum up and shove your big huge cock in my mouth and start face fucking me and I start fucking my cunt with a big pink long fat dildo. Fuck I love that big fat mushroom head in my mouth and my pussy at the same time.


Best phone sexAre you looking for a Goddess? I am always looking for a new boy to train. Do you want to let go of control and give it all up to your Goddess? I will dress you up in the cutest outfits. And I will show you exactly how to please me. I will show you how to make me squirt over and over, until I can barely walk. You will wake me up every morning with a full body massage. Using scented oils. You will take care of all my needs and I know you will love every moment of pleasing me. I know what you need, crave, and want. I know what you can’t live without. I know your girlfriend or wife doesn’t understand this need that you have, but I do.

Sexy Time At The Movies

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We love going to the cinema to catch the latest flicks. It’s always easy for you to lie to you wifey and say you just had an after work meeting that you had to escape off to right after leaving the office. I always wear the tightest and sexiest little outfits for you. Leaving little to the imagination. Once we get seated, I immediately reach over and start massaging your cock through your pants. You get nice and hard for me almost immediately. I drop down to my knees and right in front of you and start sucking your cock. Other people start watching and a few men even begin touching themselves right then and there. Pretty soon the entire theater is jacking off at us while I give you the best blow job you’ve ever had. You finally blow your load right down my throat and I drink it down like it’s honey. I’m pretty sure the rest of the theater is a pretty big mess right now too. 😉



Good Boy

Mature phone sexYour wife does not have a clue about you does she? She thinks your a man. Ha Ha! But you and I know differently. Don’t we? That is why you come visit me often. You need to be put in your place by a strong beautiful dominate woman. Digging my high heel into your thigh as I stand above letting you take a precious look at my kitty. I will let you watch as I fuck real men. Then I will allow you to clean up the mess that we make. And I know you will be grateful. I will have you lay down and I will put my kitty right on your mouth letting you lick his cum out of me. Letting you give me more pleasure. Smothering your face as your tongue slithers in and out of my hole. And as a good sissy boy you are I know you are grateful for all and you are welcome!

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