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you can look but don’t touch

sexy legsMy newest sugar daddy loves when I bring over hot friends over. He sits back and relaxes as I show him my hot Latina body. He loves my sexy ass and sexy legs. He can’t keep his eyes off me and has the need to spoil me nonstop. He spoils me pretty well. The only downside is his short dick. I don’t get near that thing. I am accustomed to guys who pack heavy equipment for my tight tiny body. I will let my sugar daddy watch me and my hot friends but he’s not allowed to join in. Sucks to suck! At least he keeps my pockets happy. Not many can have it all 😉 . After all I was meant to be the latina tease that makes your cock twitch. 🙂

Sexy cuckold

Roleplay phone sex

Roleplay phone sex lets me relive sexy, hot kinky shit that has already happened. So the past month my boss’s wife started working with us. As soon as I met her I was instantly attracted to her. Not to mention my boss has flirted with me since I started last year. We have fooled around a couple times. Well,, he had always told me that he would love to watch his wife get fucked by me. Having us two would make his dreams come true. His wife came into my office letting me know about a meeting I told her to come to sit with me. As we talk I imagine her bend over my desk fingering her pussy ad her husband walks in on me eating her sexy little pussy, he soon joins. Well, I explained to her that she was beautiful and I would love to play with her. I would get some wine and I would make her feel so relaxed and amazing. She was caught off guard and bent over my desk and kissed me and told me to meet her after work in her office. So, I did I walked in so excited I had my sexy little panties in bra on and they were both waiting. They had this sexy little three sum planned for quite some time I believe. Her pussy tasted so sweet as my boss pounded away my cunt.

Best Phone Sex: Size Matters Losers

best phone sexWhen you look like me, you can demand a certain type of man. No small dicks are allowed in my pussy. No broke ass losers can date me either. There is nothing more disappointing than a Splenda Daddy. That is a fake sugar daddy who thinks he can entertain a hot girl like me, but he has neither the cock nor the funds to treat me right. Sadly, some Splenda daddies sneak through my vetting process, like Tyler. Now, he looked good on paper. He has a wonderful white-collar job and his income verified. I saw dick pictures and he was handsome. A young professional just starting off his career as an investment broker was an acceptable date. We went to the nicest restaurant in town. I took a cab the place, because I don’t let guys know where I live immediately. I am so glad I have that policy because his fucking credit card declined. I had to pay for dinner. No way was I fucking a man who couldn’t even buy me dinner. I didn’t understand what happened. He assured me he had a cash stash at home and would repay me. He gave me the banking error line that I hear when losers ‘cards decline. So, I let him take me back to his place in his Ford Fiesta. Seriously dude, what the fuck? My hot ass belongs in a luxury car. At that point, I just wanted my cash and to cut my losses. He had to have stolen someone’s identity because he drove a crappy car and he lived in a crappy apartment. I waited by the door for my money. When he came back naked with no cash, I was not surprised. Dickhead move. The surprise was on him, I tasered him in his puny nut sack and while he was curled up on the floor pissing himself, I gave him some small dick humiliation he won’t soon forget. I had that piece of shit poser crying. I will have you crying too if you think you can fuck me with no money and no dick.

Naughty Teacher Is Addicted To BBC

naughty teacher

My Naughty Teacher loves to watch me getting fucked by the biggest Black Dicks around. Naughty little black cock slut he calls me. I have a BBC addiction and it makes my cunt drip. My Teacher loves to put me on display as I have amazing cocksucking skills. I mean Teacher loves watching me take cock because I won’t let his little dick inside me.  I only let teacher eat my pussy after I get Black men cum in it. I am his cuckold GFE little teen dream. I can put him in his place by telling him that I only want Big black cock ever inside me. He is just a little white boy with a millimeter peter. I need stretching out and 4 inches won’t do it. I can be really brutal with the little dick insults. Do not cross me. I love showing my perfect ass to these men who can not have my cuckold phone sex whore pussy or ass.

Naughty Teacher Office Hours

naughty teacherHave naughty teacher fantasies? I bet I have lived many of your fantasies. I got into teaching, so I could have easier access to men half my age. Everyone woman knows when she hits her sexual peak in her late 30s and early 40s that she needs a guy half her age. I always pick male student assistants. Every semester a new student with a hard cock drills my pussy and ass daily in my office. Yesterday, a former stud assistant paid me a visit. He was missing my mature pussy. He said I ruined him for coeds. I hear that all the time. I also gave him an ass fetish, which is something else I hear often. I have a nice ass. And, I love a cock in it. Not just any cock, however. I am a cock size queen. I want an 8 inch plus cock up my ass. Trey has 8.5 inches of stud meat that I taught him how to use. I love that after a few years his cock still aches for me. I was happy to entertain him for an hour in my office. I bent over my big oak desk and told him to fuck me. He licked my ass and pussy before he started to pump slowly into me. My cunt was dripping wet from having his cock inside me again. Other students were waiting for my office hours, but all I could think about was getting that young big cock.

Sexy phone sex

Sexy ass pic  My entire night was so hot I had to take a sexy ass pic. I was on the phone with one of my friends from work. He and I were talking about business when all of sudden it took a turn. His voice almost sounded different. I was never attracted to him until I heard him on the phone. Voices can be deceiving but I guess that is what is so fun about it. He had me so wet that I couldn’t even stand it. He had me spread my pussy and hold my dildo in my pussy. Pretending it was his cock. I am hoping its much bigger than my toy but you know it worked out. The way he speaks and directs me to do things to myself makes me believe in how well he knows a woman’s body. I can’t wait for him and I to actually play,

trophy wife

sexy legsYou wanted a hot sexy Latina. With sexy legs and the sexiest body ever. You got your wish. The perfect trophy wife! Now since you small dick comes to be a headache in my life you will have to agree on various things to keep me happy and keep up with your facade. Everyone thinks you are the complete package and you have it all including a hot sexy wife like me. If people knew your truth you would be the laughing stock of our town. Remember happy wife happy life. You better keep me satisfied and keep my closet full with the best designer brands and make sure I have every single thing I desire. Most importantly you better watch me take huge chocolate dicks because that’s my kryptonite. I will make you the worlds greatest cuck. Watch as I get fucked and pleasured so well. You can never give me great big O’s like my fuck buddies can.

Sexy Dominatrix Pegging

sexy dominatrixI love being a badass sexy dominatrix. I went to a new fetish club over the weekend. I wore my latex catsuit and brought some whips. I love punishing loser sissy boys. Subby men are so much fun. The place was filled with hot women and weak men. That shocked me because I was excepting there to be some dominant men with submissive sluts at the club too. The place looked like it brought out the freaks. There were men in chastity belts. Men in diapers. Even men dressed up in women’s lingerie. They were easy targets. Men looking for shame and humiliation are fun, but I wanted a man I needed to break. I wanted one who could use some slave training. I found Mike. He was a 37-year-old lawyer. Right now, he works for the state as a prosecutor.  The kind of man who has a lot riding on his actions and what he says can ruin lives. Guys like that often want to give over power and control to a woman for once. I was happy to be that woman. We got a private room. I began by making him worship my pussy and my ass. He was a good cunt licker; someone trained him well there. I moved him to my ass, which is were he needed some work. I sat my ass down on his face, smothering him until he could lick me the way I wanted. After an hour of worshiping my holes, this sexy babe was ready to peg his ass. At first, he protested, so I bound his hands behind his back. I knew he had a virgin ass, but a good pegging was what he needed to relax. I lubed him up, gave him some poppers to help, then I slide my rubber dick up his virgin ass, milking his prostate with every thrust. By the time I was done, he was a puddle. We both loved every minute of our time together.

Surprise for you

Great blowjobs  I love giving great blowjobs. My Co-worker and I went on a brunch date yesterday. It was nothing out of the ordinary. But, something seemed different. As I went to pay for my bill he picked it up for me. He wanted to pay for me it was nice, but it was unexpected. He asked me out knowing he had a wife. I refuse to make any romantic connection with a married man, also one that I work with. He is very attractive, but I just couldn’t. I told him that he was wrong for doing that. We eat together yes, but its strictly business. I guess until now. Well, this morning I woke up with flowers delivered to my door. Knowing it was him, I sent them back. He must have asked my assistant what my favorite flowers were because he knew. Daisys. How sweet right? I thought.  I made it to work and he was sitting in my chair at work. He told me to lock the door. I proceeded to shut it and let him confess his love. He told me that since he met me he had always admired my work and enjoyed my smile. I couldn’t help but blush. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I got down on my knees giving him the best head that I ever gave. He came in my mouth and swallowed it all.  Next time I hope to be bent across my desk with my skirt pulled up above my waist.

Peeping tom next door

erotic roleplayingI have noticed my new neighbor has quite the wandering eye. I knew my blinds were open and I was pretty much giving a free show to all the neighbors. I never thought he was going to be so bold and practically make it clear as day. I knew he was enjoying me walking around the house naked. I enjoyed erotic rolepaying and would often have friends with benefits over to fuck me. Sometimes we wouldn’t make it to the room and we fuck right on the living room floor. My peeping tom had first class seats to all this. I wasn’t going to stop teasing him. I wanted to drive him crazy. I picked up on his routine and I would play with my cunt right where he could see me and I would turn the light off right after. I knew I was giving the poor boy a heart attack each time.

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