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Wear Those Panties For Me And Jack Off

Forced Crossdressing

Even though I am that teen slut that drives you wild, I love making you put on those panties and jacking off. I love how I made you go to the store and pick those satin panties out and I can imagine the look of shame on your face. I know you say you aren’t into it, it turns me on to push your limits. To know I have control of how you feel in that moment of being horny. You sit in your  chair with that fat head poking out the top of your panties. Haha you look so pathetic, I know one day I am going to get you to suck a cock for me with those exact panties on. When they get a little moist I am going to gag you with them.

My New Little Maid Outfit

erotic roleplaying


You told me you wanted to try something a little more freaky lately and I figured that erotic roleplaying might be just the ticket to spice things up. I went down to the sex shop and picked up this really sexy and cute little french maid’s uniform complete with  thigh high stockings and heels. Once you sent your wifey away for the weekend, I came over and insisted on changing but you had to keep your eyes closed. Once I told you to open up, you saw me standing there in that sex new uniform- using a feather duster on your chest. You instantly jumped up and grabbed your little maid, insisting that the bedroom was the first place that needed my attention. You carried me over to the bed, slowly undressed me and kissed me all over- while taking my clothes off with your teeth delicately. I climbed up on top of you and rode your cock as deeply as I could possibly be penetrated and kept a steady pace, making sure you enjoyed every single stroke inside my cunt. You flipped me over and slide right in from behind, sticking a finger in my tight rosebud asshole while you got your last few pumps into me before we both came together. I’m glad I was right about that outfit. I guess we’ll have to try some new “jobs” for me over the weekend. Can I get the visa so I can go shopping, sugar? 😉

Great Mature Sex

Great Blowjobs

I am that Caring Sweet Sensual Mature Girlfriend experience every man like you needs.  I will be that fetish loving sweet woman that satisfies her man.  I hear some woman say they do not even give their man blowjobs. I can assure you I have a great mouth that will swallow your cock whole. I will milk that sweet cock until you can not take any more. I will lay my body out for you to take any way you please.  I will bend over, so you can enter my ass using my pussy juice for lubrication. Please come fuck my ass and then enter my sweet mature pussy, I want to be filled with your hot sticky cum juice. I promise to clean your cock with my mouth afterward and give you a massage to work out all your kinks.

Cuck You Know Who You Are

Cuckold Phone Sex

I have this client which will remain nameless. Who is what you call a cuck also known as a pathetic, submissive male who can’t satisfy women sexually. I love when he calls me, I hold a key to his chastity cage. It is funny to hear him beg me, while his gf or wife is away. She loves that he comes to me so he doesn’t bother her sexually anymore, she is off getting the orgasms this cuck could never give. He is so pathetic he even sucks on cock and lets himself get compared to other men knowing he is inadequate. He makes my pussy so wet just knowing I am that one thing standing between if he is going to cum or not. He loves being degraded lol so funny, you are just so lucky I am not there. I would make you choke on two cocks until you almost couldn’t breathe while I make you finger your loose ass. So beware the next time you call I might not be so nice. I also love making you beg me to let you cum haha silly boy.

My new pool guy

sexy babeMy husband was away at work and of course, something had to go wrong, my pool was acting up and I had to quickly call up a poorly company, I waited for the servicemen to come and give me an estimate. The companies van pulled up thru my driveway very shortly after the call. A short guy came out and he was pretty obnoxious and loud. I already knew he was going to be a pain. I knew he was going to overprice me and try to stick me with a crazy bill. He was a sleaze indeed, The whole time he couldn’t stop staring at me. He even said from the moment he stepped in the house” had I known a sexy babe was going to be hot wet and ready for me I would have come even faster”. He walked in and was getting even more annoying by the second. I was shooing him off as fast as possible I didn’t even want him in the house another minute longer.He was making jokes and I couldn’t wait for him to go. I caught a glimpse of his hard-on and my attitude completely changed. I couldn’t believe this obnoxious little shit had such a gorgeous cock I couldn’t believe my eyes. I needed it in me.I went in on his cock, he knew he what he was doing to me. He had a hypnotizing cock. I had him fill my mouth with cum. I swallowed of course. After I felt it grow in my mouth I had to have it stretch my pussy out. Let’s just say I was happy with the discount and dick I got

Ass Fetish

Ass Fetish

I have a great MILF ass that wants your fuckrod day and night! I want you to cum on my boobs and then I want to drain that fuckrod like the good Milf cocksucker I am. I have a thing for younger men but my gentleman I entertain can hang like the best 20-year-old!  I can roleplay I am your mommy sucking your cock for the first time or that I am your sister for some nasty incest fun.

I have a great snatch that wants to be fucked so bad. I am simple I just want to please my man any way he wants. I am that craving succulent GFE experience that will make you beg for more. I know you see how hot this ass is, why wait?

Big Freak

Beautiful ebony pussyI need dick right now. I’m so horny that I’m having a hard time concentrating. I put my hand inside my panties and fingerbang myself but it doesn’t quench my sexual desire. I need you to fuck me. My pussy is tight and wet, I’m ready for your hard cock. You can fuck me in any position, but I think you’ll enjoy me being on top. I love being on top because I can control the thrusts and speed. I like to grind my pussy back and forth on your hard dick. It feels so good having your cock inside me. I’m not picky about whose cock will satisfy me. Any man can take care of my tight black pussy. I wish you were here with me right now because I would rock your world. Black women are the biggest freaks with the wettest cunts.

Come Screw This Naughty Teacher For Better Grades

Naughty Teacher

Hello there young man, I see you have been not been doing so good on your work here in my class. I am going to ask you what you are going to do to get those grades up, you need to keep this scholarship. I have an idea meet me in this exact classroom after all the classes are out in this university. I am wearing my short black skirt and a white button down shirt. I see you looking at me and my ass in this skirt. I go over and close the blinds and lock the door. I tell you to have a seat on my squeaky desk chair, I come over and sit on your lap. You look all shocked and I put my finger up to your lips and whisper ‘’be a good boy and just follow my direction”. I pull my skirt up and start rubbing on your pants, my oh my you get excited so very easy. I love how big that dick feels in those pants.I pull it out and start rubbing it on my pussy and you feel how wet I am. Right as I am to put it inside of me, I hear a knock. I tell you “next time” and kiss your lips giggling.

My bestfriends husband

cum on boobsI got bored and decieded to hit up my friends house. I showed up unannounced and didn’t think she would be busy, I had a key and dropped in. Then it hit me she was gone for the week on a buisness trip. I was already inside the house when I noticed her husband coming out the shower naked. Well thats all it took for me to get wet. He could see I wanted his cock and started to flirt a little. I couldn’t help myself once I see a cock I need it in my mouth. I like to deep throat til I get all the cum out. I love the taste of cum, Most of all I lvoe cum dripping down me. I like cum on boobs and pussy, cum on my face and my tight ass. Pretty much cum everywhere and anywhere . I got to fuck him and didn’t feel an ounce of guilt. I guess when you are nympho you lose your sympathy bone :p

Sexy Genessa

Sexy Ass Pic

I have a great ass that wants to please my man. I want you to be happy. I am that Girlfriend Experience that you cannot deny. I am a nymphomaniac that loves every kind of fucking.  I love too to show my ass in your face as I suck your dick so far down and back up and down my throat so well that your eyes roll back in your head. I want to drink your hot cum as you play with my pussy and ass that’s in your face. I am that loyal girlfriend that has all the kinks you need and want. I have a sweet tight MILF pussy that will drive you wild. I want to cum with and for you. Tell me your desire.

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