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2 Girl Phone Sex

2 girl phone sex

What happens when you combine your Ebony princess with your ivory whore? It’s double the pleasure that’s what it is. Imagine having not one, but two hot and slutty women there to indulge your every fantasy and desire. There’s not one single fetish we won’t entertain.

You wouldn’t believe how sweet her pussy tastes. You’d like to imagine it at least. Her moans are so sweet and sultry, but they get quite a bit louder as I slip my tongue deep into her dripping wet cunt. Wouldn’t you like to stand behind as I’m on my hands and knees, showing you my pretty little pussy, as she has her sexy thighs spread around my face while I finger and tease her clit? Well it doesn’t stop there. We are both extremely open minded and versatile. Part of the fun is switching roles.

We met when we were both call girls for one summer to pay our way through college. It’s amazing how many slutty escapades the two of us accumulated over just that summer alone. I always preferred when we were hired by clients as a pair. The sex was always so fucking hot. She taught me the real techniques of sucking cock. I’ll never forget that very first time we shared a cock together. He came so fucking much in my mouth, that she calmly yet excitedly said ‘It’s okay, babe. Let me have some of it.’ His warm cum was swimming around our writhing tongues as we enjoyed a wet little kiss for a few minutes.

Don’t let her sophisticated face deceive you. I have seen countless loads of cum dripping from that gorgeous face and let me tell you that she looks even sexier when she’s drenched in cum. My favorite part is being the one to lick it all up.

We both love forced orgasms, both giving and receiving. She also loves leaving deep red hand prints all over my ass.

What would you have in store if you had these two sluts all to yourself?

beautiful ebony pussy

His Ass fetish Was Insane

ass fetish

His ass fetish was insane. All he talked about was tiny slim girls with big asses. I drove him crazy wearing tiny g-strings and tight yoga pants as I worked out. We had all ganged up and really had him on edge cumming in his pants as we rode those exercise bikes. Making sure that our asses were highlighted and who would make him get that cum spot in those exercise shorts.  I had shot him down so many times I decided to give Mr. Ass (Nicknamed by the club girls) A date. I showed up in the sheerest dress so my yellow thong showed trough. I had fun pretending to drop things and flashing my ass and pussy at him for two hours. I asked him to come up for a drink and he almost flew up my stairs. I giggled and told him I hoped my roommate was asleep. Sure enough, Ron, (not my Roommate) was wide awake sporting the biggest hard-on for his little Asian Cj. I was so happy that Mr. Ass stood there as I stroked all of his 9 inches lovingly and asked if He would like to watch me ride Ron’s cock. I told him where the liquor was and made him take a seat as I bent my perfect ass over to give ahem… Mr. Ass the show of his life. His pathetic clitter stick was out and he was jacking off furiously. Well, He must have came 6 or 7 times. For a tiny cock, he sure could come over and over. Just like I did on Big Ron’s cock! Mr. Ass even enjoyed an after-show creampie curtiosy of my gaping ass hole.

Sexy Babe and Neighbor Talia

sexy babeA sexy babe like me can have any man she wants. I have those cute schoolgirl looks with the girl next door charm. I have men eating out of the palm of my hand! Danny is a hot neighbor guy I have had my eye on for months. Married man but that never stops me. It rarely stops them either. The only reason I have not fucked Danny sooner is because his wife is always around. I think she knows I am a slut and that her husband would fall to his knees just to sniff my panties. She was right. She is out of town this weekend and the first thing he did this morning was pay his naughty neighbor a visit. He asked to borrow some sugar like it was 1950. I wasn’t buying his innocence act. I dropped the sugar packets on the floor on purpose then bent down slowly to retrieve them. It was a test. I had on a short skirt with thong panties. Danny had an ass fetish, which was what I was hoping for because I have a hot ass. He pulled me back on his crotch, so I could feel his pulsating cock. I managed to get his cock out of his pants quickly and in my sweet puckered asshole. He fucked me like he had not been laid in years. Biggest nut too. He has been fucking me on and off all day. I imagine in the few days his wife is gone, my pussy and ass will be worn out.

GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI love being a GFE! I get spoiled. I get to travel to exotic places. I get to make men look good! I don’t know why women escort when they can be a sugar baby. The Internet is full of special arrangement sites. No need to go through an agency. No need to advertise on Craig’s List and places like that either. I am my own boss. I decide if I want to meet a potential sugar daddy or not. For the most part, I meet legitimate men with big bank accounts. Every now and then, a bad apple gets in. Harry was a bad apple. Not that he was ugly or dangerous. It was nothing like that. He was broke, however. You can’t spoil me if you have no money. And if you can’t spoil me, I won’t fuck you. He was just another broke ass loser thinking his good looks and charms would warm his way into my panties. I laughed at him. He was delusional. I have a stud boyfriend to take care of my sexual needs. I am a sexy GFE to be spoiled and pampered. I don’t need more pretty faces with big dicks. I need more men with big wallets. Is that you?


Beautiful Ebony Pussy

beautiful ebony pussyMy beautiful ebony pussy was on display last night. The club had a big crowd because of some rock festival in town. Drunk and high white men came into the club after 11 pm in droves. Many of them acted like they had never seen an ebony goddess before. What they had was a bad case of jungle fever and I decided to get rich off their affliction! White men love me. I am a strong, sexy Nubian goddess. I make white men melt. They are putty in my hands. This one guy bought the VIP room for his friends and himself for 4 hours. They were in for a treat. I am a better private dancer than Tina Turner. I doled out lap dances and teased cocks until they upped their game with a big pile of cash. Money talks white boys. The more money they shelled out, the more of me they got to see. The more money that piled up on the stage, the more I ignored the club’s you can look but you can’t touch policy. These men were drunk on bourbon. They smelled like sweat and stogies. It wouldn’t take much work to make them squirt. I gave them all hand jobs and blowjobs until I was full of white man seed and able to pay my car off with cash. You got jungle fever? Be prepared to have your wallet and cock drained.

Best Phone Sex with My Slave

best phone sex

I had heard all about girls who have used strap on their significant others. I was obsessed with hearing all about it and wanted to use it on my boyfriend. I think it is so hot to be able to take control and make a man get pegged. My cunt gets so wet at the thought of me completely naked and holding a nice big one and getting you so weak and submissive enough to let me take control. I want that power. The best thing ever is being able to make you my bitch. Once I have you where I want you, I begin to be in charge. I ahead bitch in charge who knows what she likes. My boyfriend was so against it, but I knew I could convince him. A threesome would probably get me to a yes a lot faster than I think. There was one thing I knew for sure that would seal the deal. I promised him endless blowjobs all year. I love sucking and fucking but to be frank he is more of grower rather than a shower. Also, I have had to look elsewhere to keep my sexual needs met. Once I got him to agree, there was no turning back. I had him in my power. I love making him my bitch and getting him on all fours was the best. A perfect pegging slave for the night. I think I can get use to using this on him. I think it is my new favorite toy.

Tempting you

sexy legsI know you love when I seduce you. I am the hot Latina slut next door. Your wife doesn’t give it to you as you want. I can tell you need me and want me so much. You are addicted to my sexy body from head to toe; you are in lust with me. My sexy legs and heels drive you crazy. You watch my every move and need me so badly. Don’t be sorry for wanting me. You want what you need. You need my Spanish cunt, and you can’t resist temptation. Get ready to get lost in my trance. You will forever be my prey. As soon as I get what I want, I am out for the good of course.

A Mature Sexy Babe

sexy babeI love being a sexy babe. There is no expiration date on sexiness. I am a mature woman, but like a fine wine, I am only better with age. My next door neighbor has a house guest. A sexy younger man. Not too young, but younger than me. I wanted to explore things. You know, see if I could get his attention. I stepped outside to get my paper in my sexy lingerie that leaves little to the imagination. I don’t need to do much to grab anyone’s attention. I ooze sex appeal. I don’t mind showing off my body either. I am an exhibitionist sex slut. So, even if I didn’t get his attention, looking like I do, I would get some one’s attention. Who am I kidding? I always get my man. My neighbor’s house guest came out to say hello and see if I was locked out of the house of something. I saw the wood in his sleep pants. I invited him in for coffee. I don’t even drink coffee. There is none in the house, so I had hoped he didn’t want coffee either. He didn’t. He just wanted to fuck the sexy MILF next door. He wasted no time. He bent me over my couch and fucked me from behind. His cock was big and throbbing. It pulsated in and out of my cunt while I convulsed on his member. He was hitting my G-spot and I was squirting all over his young stud dick. This young man was a skilled lover. He had stamina too. He stayed hard after he came to fuck me again. This time we made an ass sex porn. His cock was super wet from my cunt, so it slipped into my ass easily. By the time he was gone, I was filled with cum and satisfied. I hope he plans on staying awhile.

My Student Has an Ass Fetish

ass fetishThis summer school student of mine has an ass fetish and he is hot for teacher. He loves worshiping my ass. I knew it from day one. I just have a sixth sense when it comes to fetishes. I know a man’s kinky perversions before he does. Drew was always staring at my ass. One day, in my office I dropped my purse. I bent over to get it and drew smelled my ass. He tried to be subtle about it, but he didn’t realize I could see him in my office mirror. The next day, I kept him after class, locked the doors, bent over the desk and told him to lick my ass. I could hear him breathing heavily like a pervert. He could not believe that his naughty teacher was instructing him to do what he had long fantasized about. I felt his tongue licking up and down my ass crack. I had him slip his tongue and fingers in a few of my holes. I love having a kinky teacher’s pet willing to spit shine my pretty pink fuck holes.

Ass Fetish

Ass Fetish

I know all about your ass fetish and would love to spend some time indulging you in it! I can show off my sexy legs and feet in some cute heels and a skirt that is way too short. Hell, I hardly even wear the thing in public! I can tease you by bending over and exposing my panty-less bottom and pull up my skirt to show you my round ass! You should get on your knees and worship it! Kiss it and massage it, make my cheeks jiggle while you play with it! I’ll bend over the counter and you can eat my ass and jerk yourself off while you do it. You’re such a dirty little pervert that you’ll get off while rimming my ass. Worship it well enough that when you’re ready to cum I’ll even let you shoot your hot load across my cheeks!

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