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Bad Idea

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Best phone sex with a slut who will do anything to make your cock cream is the best. I know you sit there and wish you could have a slut like me. One who will make all those bad ideas reality lose control and let me be your hot slut. I know you are my best friends boyfriend, but I want your cock more than anything. You feel my hands jerk you in the middle of dinner. We are out in public, and I am a nasty slut letting myself lose control. You can’t take it anymore, so you begin to fall into my advances. It’s no secret that I got her fucked up and made her pass out on purpose. I want you all to myself for the night. While my best friend, Your girlfriend is in deep slumber I am going to make your cock cream and make you addicted to me.

Cartel cock

GFE phone sexGfe phone sex is something I am overqualified if you ask me. I have the perfect attributes to make you weak in the knees. My ideal body and slight tan will have you feeling ready to explore me — a sexy latina who has frolicked with the elite. I have expensive habits, and I am a bonafide label whore. Armani and Gucci are my go to’s; I seduced one of the top cartel kingpins in Medellin Colombia. I was whisked away to the south beach, and from there on I made my way to the great big apple and made my connections there and finally made the great west my home. A hot Spanish slut was rubbing elbows with the big boys. I have been known as a social climber and who can argue with me when I give so many perks. I am the perfect arm candy and will make any guy whimper and submit to me. My old cartel kingpin boyfriend was entirely inferior to me. His cock was so tiny even though his bank was big. I enjoyed the humiliation I inflicted on his pathetic ass, and I have him to thank for the life of luxury I ended up inheriting even with his short cummings I still manage to be a sweet, sensual girlfriend in public. Behind closed doors, it is a whole other ball game. 

Father Son Sandwich

Mature phone sex I am taking care of a friends dog why she is out of town visiting family. And why I was there I ran into the neighbor that lives in the apartment right next to hers. Jack is an older gentleman in his late sixties. We were chatting for a good forty minutes about this and that and even finding a few common things to bitch about. As we were chatting it up his twenty three-year-old son Billy comes home from work. He was a cute young man and he was definitely catching my eyes. As he walked passed me he jokingly said: “stop flirting with my dad”. I giggled at him watching his tight ass walk away from me. Jack caught me checking out his son. I tried to pretend like I didn’t notice him catching me. But Jack didn’t let me get away with it. He leaned in and said, “If you want to fuck my son you have to fuck me first.” I gave him a little wink and whispered. “I thought you would never ask.” I wiggled my ass walking past him into his apartment. I got the impression this is something these two did often. I was happy to be one of their sluts in this father-son fuck sandwich that I was about to be a part of.

Keeping Your Secret

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I found your Big cock porn stash, You don’t hide it very well. You wanted your young secretary to find it. I know you pad your slacks with socks. You’re a powerful man who loves to lick pussy. But not once have you tried to make me suck your dick. I know you have an itty bitty dick. Its okay I won’t tell anyone. I will make you pull that big cock porn out and tell me exactly why you love jerking off to them. You love ass and big dick. I know you want your ass filled like a cream filled donuts. You want to slobber on those big cocks and be made to stay on your knees baby. I can help you with that my sexy non-stud. Mabe you want forced to suck big dick?  Perhaps a couple of my friends can come and tease you while we are naked on your desk?

Hardcore Anal

Sexy babe

I like to be the one in charge, I’m naturally very dominant. It takes a special man to make me submit for him. I will only allow a real man with a really big thick cock to take control of me and fuck me like his whore. I met my match last night. He was 6’5, muscled, sexy, and had a 10″ uncut cock. Just the sight of that big fuck stick made my mouth water. He pulled me onto the bed with him and told me I was going to be his little slut for the night. My pussy was too wet to say no. After choking me and gagging me on his hard knob, he turned me onto my stomach and spread my ass cheeks. He lubed up my tight rosebud and pressed the tip of his thick cock to it. I felt my asshole stretching to its limits to envelope the enormous cock. I moaned and begged him to fuck me like a whore, and he obliged. Once he was balls deep in my ass, he started to slide in and out, slow at first and then picked up the pace. Soon he was sawing in and out of my tight backdoor and I was moaning like a bitch in heat. He creampied my ass before pulling out and making me suck his cock clean.

Jungle fever latinas

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My girls and I have severe jungle fever. We can’t resist big cocks. The bigger, the better and there is only one type of cock that satisfies a sexy babe like me. Big black cocks that are the size of a stuffed eggplant. My friends aren’t any different. We all meet up and take the same cock together. When you deal with the big boys, there is plenty to go around. Sharing is caring in our book. Why not give the gift that keeps on giving. We have shared cocks and cum loads for a while now.

It started in the club where we worked. We each had goals of finding rich men willing to be complete cucks. It took some time but we each got that. Sneaking around was hard, and I had to fess up to my husband. Eventually, I was going to become reckless and not care. Luckily he good sport about the situation. One rule we have is that it stays within our circle. The last thing powerful men want out is their dirty secrets.

Selina and Denise had the same agreement. Like they say its cheaper to keep her. They knew not only would the embarrassment of everyone in town knowing they been cheated on, but also that everyone would know they get their rocks off watching their wives get pounded by other men. It was too much to risk, so we got what we wanted to like the sexy chicks we are. You can be we started to go wilder than ever. The three of us weren’t afraid of rubbing it in our husband’s faces together. We had to keep up with our jungle fever. The sexiest thing is having them look straight into our eyes while we are on all fours getting fucked from behind by big juicy black cocks. They married sluts with jungle fever.

Girls will play

sexy babeA sexy babe that knows how to use her body and get what she desires is a go-getter. I have tons of hot friends like me in the same boat. We live a great life, but we lack great fucks. I made sure my friends and I had a great girls night out. We need to keep each other satisfied, and it doesn’t hurt to share cock. I’m a complete girls girl. I know what its like to be dick deprived and need the girls to know my secret. I am far from selfish. I will surely help them out and get them off with the help of my fuck buddies. My favorite fuck buddy is a youngin who works for my husband. I started to fuck him instantly. The boy is only nineteen and has king-sized mamba in his pants. I knew he was the perfect entertainment for my get together. Without a doubt, his big black cock was going to have us creaming over and over again.

Latina lust

sexy legsMy friends boyfriend couldn’t keep his eyes away from me. I had to have a piece of him. I was noticing how big his rock hard was and I needed him deep inside me.

I wasn’t going to make it so obvious. I slipped him my number and waited less than a few hours. He wanted to hang out with me that very same night. I wore the hottest out fit I could find. My sexy legs and tight ass were to die for. I invited big dick rick inside.

I told him we weren’t going to behave. It had been at least three hours and my cunt was aching for his rock hard cock. I knew he was going to be such a great fuck and I was ready to get his cock and cum. I can keep secrets after all.

Taking Control

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I love being dominant and dirty with my little sissy fuck boys. I invited this hot little sissy over yesterday while my boyfriend was out. I had him step into my apartment and made him strip down to his tighty whiteys. I love being sensual and dominant so I had him thrown on a blind fold so he couldn’t see what I was doing. He could only feel my hands and lips touching him all over.

I took him into my bedroom and made him cross his hands behind his back as I tightly bound them together with rope. I lightly whipped his nipples and pinched them with my fingers! He whimpered when I whipped his nipples and thighs! I spread his legs open and pulled his thick hard cock out from the side of his tighty whiteys and began stroking it.

He got harder and harder in my hand but little did he know, I had a hard surprise for him! I began stroking my hard strap on up against his tight ass as he moaned, “what are you doing?” I giggled and began shoving my long strap on dildo inside his tight rosebud as he moaned harder. I fucked his tight ass and jerked his cock off in my soft hands until he came all over!

Dinner and dick

Ass fetishI went on a super erotic date tonight and it was sooo delicious. The guy was so fuckin horny and his ass fetish was outta hand! Lol, my booty cheeks were in his palms all night long! We started out with a fancy dinner at a five star michelin restaurant where we couldn’t keep our hands off of one another! His cock was so hard underneath the table and it was throbbing in my hands as I stroked him while our waiter refilled our wine glasses. I looked sexy as fuck like and like a total dime piece per usual! Everyone in the restaurant couldn’t take their eyes off of the two of us. We cause quite the scene when we’re out and about! Of course after we were done feasting we went home and ate each other up for dessert. Mmmm, I love his hard shaft plunging inside of my perfect goddess fuck holes! Dinner and dick, what could be better?! I love getting fucked!

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