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Sexy Fantasy Phone Sex Call

Best phone sexI love rubbing on my Latina love box every chance I get. When I am on a call with a horny man, pleasuring myself is always ten times better. I spoke with a new guy the other night. We had such an erotic time together. The roleplay was amazing and I enjoyed every second of it. He got down to sexy business right away. I love when a man handles his business and plays no games. He told me he was in a chair completely naked, stroking his cock. I asked him if it was hard, he told me it was getting there. That was exactly what I wanted to hear. Erotic roleplaying“Let me make your cock nice and hard” I want the sound of my voice to make your cock rise like a snake rising out of a woven basket. He told me he will do anything I tell him to, all while hinting what he really enjoys. To cut to the chase, I had him down on his knees, sticking his 6-inch vibrator up his ass, while he was rubbing his hard rock cock. His moans had my Latina pussy so wet and horny, I wanted more and more of him. I cannot tell you how many times a man has made my pussy explode just by hearing the sound of his moans. When a man cums and he is vocal enough to let me hear him, I go insane! When I am alone, I like to lay in bed, put my hands between my legs inching down to my wet pussy and fantasize about the men I have talked to. I love all my men. When a new one comes along I am the happiest Latina around.

Ass Fetish for Mature Women

ass fetishI have a student with a naughty ass fetish. I caught him in my office going through my gym bag. He was looking for my dirty panties to sniff. I forgot to lock my office door in between classes, and he helped himself to what was not his. I had to admit to myself that it was sexy that he wanted to smell my dirty ass. I bent over my desk, pulled my skirt up and my panties down. “Sniff the real thing pervert boy,” I quipped. He fell to his knees and buried his face in my ass. He licked my taint, inhaled my scent and tossed my salad until I had an assgasm. I love a tongue up my ass, so when I find out a guy loves a woman’s ass, I make him my ass slave. Jerry is a college athlete. He has a pretty coed girlfriend. He is a good student and he likes ass sex porn. He will be coming by my office daily to take a whiff and lick of his hot teacher’s sweet ass. Do you want your turn?

PTO Meeting Orgy

exhibitionist sexNo one ever expects an orgy at the PTO meeting, but when this milf slut gets involved, it’s a guaranteed good time. If you’ve ever been to one of these meetings, you’d know how dull they can be. I decided to spice it up the only way I know how: with sex. I was watching this sexy dad present about a bake sale, and started thinking all kinds of nasty thoughts about him. I spread my legs wide and started rubbing myself hoping he would notice. The man sitting next to me did, and got visibly erect. I reached over and started rubbing his bulge. The dad up front finally noticed my little display, and he got hard too! “I’ve got a presentation to show you!” I said, and went up to the front of the room. I stripped naked, revealing my tight milf body and huge mommy tits. Then I started sucking off the bake sale guy.

The other parents were shocked, but soon they were all turned on by my little show. I could see everyone touching themselves and it drove me wild! I love turning people on and being an exhibitionist slut. I went and grabbed a mom from the audience and put her up on a table. I started licking her sweet mommy cunt until my whole face was covered in her juices. While I was snacking on muff, bake sale dad came up behind me and started fucking me doggy. The other parents got naked and came to the front of the room to join our fuckfest. It quickly became a writhing pile of fucking and sucking and moaning. I ate every woman’s pussy and sucked every man’s cock. I got double penetrated by the coaches of the softball team, fisted by my neighbor, and face fucked by my son’s best friend’s dad. The orgy didn’t stop until every person had come at least three times! I feel bad for the janitor….maybe I’ll fuck him as an apology for the mess.

sugar never ever was so sweet

sexy chicks

Its spring time and bling-bling time. I have to admit a girl like me loves to show off and needs to be dripped and drenched with two things. Bling and Cum. My favorite combo. I love putting my hot Brazilian bikini and frolicking in the ocean. Sex on the beach with a well-endowed daddy that makes me happy in every way. I love soaking up the sun. The best part of private beaches is there is no one around. I can go all nude if I’d like.pristine clear beaches and the perfect scenery to be your hot sexy slut. I know sexy chicks will always get your cock rock hard. You need something more. A little hot freak is willing to get it in all her holes. I’m here to show you how to explode like never before.

Sissy Cuckold Experience

I made up my mind. I am going to help my sissy friend. If he wants to see his sissy boy of a husband get fucked long and hard in the ass with my big strap on he has himself a deal. I called him yesterday morning and told him the good news. He was so excited he squealed like a little pig. We planned on meeting later that night for dinner, after that, the fun began. They bought a beautiful suite for us to stay the night in. Top floor with a kick ass view. Once we got in the room the vibe completely changed. My friend was ready to see me fuck his sissy husbands boy pussy as it has never been fucked before. See I found out my friends cock, he calls it his clitty, is very small. So small in fact it actually looks like an oversized clit.Sexy breasts He loves his sissy husband and wants him to feel real pleasure. They decided they wanted to twist things up. My friend said he wants to watch me fuck his sissy mate until his clitty gets nice and hard. That is when he is going to come over and stick his clitty right into his sissies mouth letting him lick and suck all over. We got started, I was strapped up and ready to fuck this sissy the way he deserved to be fucked. They got dressed like little sluts, tight dresses, their sissy asses hanging right out, tall skinny high heels. My friend sat in the corner with his little soft clitty poking out, he was such a ready slut I could tell he couldn’t wait to see me stretch out his mates boy pussy, watching him moan and scream with pleasure. I looked at my friend and looked at his husbands sissy slut ass. I bent him over the bed letting that boy pussy stand up in the air. I spread his sissy ass cheeks wide open, exposing his willing asshole. My big hard dildo crept right into him, and he let out a big moan, screaming OH YES, Fuck my sissy slut hole! I started off slow, this sissy slut wanted it rough. As soon as I heard him tell me harder, I fucked his sissy hole like a bucking bull, telling him how he likes his boy pussy fucked hard, how much of a fucking slut he was. I looked over at my friend whos clitty had grown in size. He was so hot and horny, watching me ram my hard dildo is his slut husband. He stood up and walked right over to him, his husband opened his mouth wide, ready for all 4 inches of his little shrimp. The next ten minutes were nothing but moans, groans, and slut calling. By the time we were done, there was sissy slut cum everywhere. Those sissy sluts had such a good time. I am glad I could help my friend out.

Mature Phone Sex Women Like Big Dicks

mature phone sexMature phone sex fantasies are common. I get a lot of younger men calling me for milf fantasies. I excel at being that hot woman that offers release to younger men. Now, I am a cock size queen, so I don’t want my men too young. I’m in my forties, so those teen boys and college studs are perfect for me. They aren’t virgins, but they can still benefit from some tutelage to become a great lover. Men get personal satisfaction with two major things: providing financially for their women and families and providing sexually for their girls. Not every young stud I fuck can satisfy a woman with his dick, so I coach them on how to be a good cuckold. It is better to hear that you have a shrimp dick when you are younger. Carl is a handsome college boy. Smart and cute, but he was cursed with a 4-inch dick. That is not going to give a woman pleasure. It certainly wouldn’t please me. He was hoping to be the teacher’s pet, but he became the teacher’s sissy instead. I dressed him up in a sissy maid outfit and gave him tasks from cleaning my office to worshiping my ass. He did well with his tasks. He was just happy to be in the presence of a sexy babe. I was happy to have a new sissy assistant. Some men transition easily into sissies, some give quite a fight. Carl is a natural sissy and I am lucky to have a new sissy slave who doesn’t need a lot of training to except his position in my world.


Ass fetish Tyrone is the best black mother fucker out there. I love his bbc! It is the best cock I have ever had and I love fucking him every chance I can. He never has to look for him. I am always calling him, texting him, and liking his things on fb. I got him on speed dial. I love riding him with my pussy and ass. From his head to his base. He fills my holes full and then some. He stretches me out so I can take all of him. And when he cums it is everywhere. Oh, my gawd his cum loads are three times the size of any white man I ever been fucked by. Tyrone is not a stingy bastard either! That black mother fucker makes me cum and squirt all over too.

Secretly Submissive

To let you in on a little secret of mine. On rare occasions, I like to be submissive. It has to be the right man, I have to get the feeling that you are man enough to be able to make me submit to you. I have had only a handful of men exceed in getting me to submit to them. If you are one of those lucky men, you will be in total control of me. I will want to have rough sex with you getting fucked really hard in either my tight dripping Latina pussy or my pulsing tight asshole.Hot sexy woman Grab my hair and tell me how hard you’re going to fuck me. Tell me to get on my knees and choke on your thick hard cock until my mouth is watering and you can see the tears running down my eyes. I will not say no to you, only yes sir. I am by nature a dominant woman so when I do find that man who has what it takes to dominate me, my pussy becomes a waterfall.

matching cum shots for six of my bitches

latina phone sexI usually cheat on my significant other with huge big black cocks. Latina phone sex and big black dicks are my weakness and having fun with my girls. It isn’t unusual to take a girls trip, where I end up getting into trouble. What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas doesn’t it? We were at Drai nightclub and saw a young guy who was all talk we thought. The cute boy kept trying to get our attention. We paid him no mind. I even told him we play with the big boys. Determined to get our attention he kept buying us shots and even at one point sent us gifts to our room. Technology is a trippy thing we received text messages informing us we had all special deliveries. Once I realized this youngin wasn’t going to back down, I decided to see what was up.

I told him the flowers and shots were good, but us girls are into some very different kinds of shots.
Valentino was his name a cute young nineteen-year-old trust fund offspring from Sicily. He had his eyes on all seven of us. Tino told us that he always gets what he wants. The stud muffin wanted all of us in his suite for the night. We asked him however can he can satisfy every one of us? Mildly mocking him I wasn’t prepared for his reply. Valentino mentioned he had an overactive gland. We shrugged him off till he got our attention. He said All the cum was enough to give us all matching facials. That was the money shot we wanted to hear. Sure enough, Mr. Valentino was right. We got down to the nitty-gritty. By the end of the night, I had matching cum shot facials with six of my bitches. Sexy chicks love good cream.

sexy chicks

No Such Thing As To Much

Veronicas my name but I’m pretty sure you already heard of it, not just because I am a very well known sexy big tit women but hmm well because you and your friends probably stuck those big black cocks in me before. Hmm that’s right I get around but a lady never kisses and tells. If you know me from me being on my knees or hands and knees you would know that I’m a freak in the sheets for whoever I am pleasing and will be calling daddy for the night.Fantasy phone sex Just because I am successful and great at what I do doesn’t mean I don’t need company at night. To have a man all night long fucking the shit out of me is just the biggest stress reliever. On my really stressful days, one man is not enough I typically need to have three or four big thick cocks join the fun. It seems like I can’t get enough, even after countless cocks pleasing me, all I want to do is stay in bed the next day and choke on some big black cock. A girl can dream but duty calls and bills need to be paid,  a lady like me never sleeps. Working and being an undercover slut is what I do best, well this veronica sighing off.

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