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Fun Night

Sexy phone sex I asked my boyfriend if we could pretty please have a 3 some with my friend Donna. He said we could and I was very excited. I have not seen Donna in years since she had moved away. She was coming back to the area for a visit. We wanted to hook up but now I had a boyfriend. So we made it a 3 some as long as my man was in agreement and he was. We all went out for dinner and drinks. And then back to our house. We put on some music and started to dance sexual and rub up against each other. It had been so long since I had been with Donna I could not help myself I started making out with her. Rubbing up against her body. My boyfriend helped us by getting us out of our clothes as Donna and I were really getting into each other. It was a 2 some at this point. Giggles not a 3 some. However I do not think my man minded much. He was getting involved just hanging back and giving Donna and I some much needed time together. I personally think he was enjoying the show.

Great blowjobs

Great blowjobsGreat blowjobs by this Latina phone sex hottie. Look at my sexy Mexican body Papi all for you. Let me rub all this juicy tits all over your face. Yeah Papi stick your tongue out and lick my pretty brown hard nipples. I’m rubbing my cunt on your rock hard cock getting you harder and making my self more fucking wet. I could just feel that big fat mushroom cock rubbing against my clit. You make me so fucking horny, I grab that cock and sit on it penetrating my pussy with your big fat long juicy cock. I feel that huge head going in and out my Panocha. I fucking love it. I start squirting all my pussy juice out on your cock. Then I get off drop on my knees and start licking all of my pussy juice off your big throbbing cock. I love the taste of your pre- cum!

Love Your Goddess

Domination phone sex I just got done getting laid by some real nice BBC. And I have come home to you for your to suck at my pussy and get all of that BBC seed completely out of my pussy. Make me cum so you may taste the his seed and mine mixed together. Show me your Goddess how much you desire me . Grind on my clit with that tongue. Give me the pleasure I deserve. Feeling you suck the BBC seed from my pussy. Your fingers in deep scooping it all out. I love the way your tongue and fingers feels. How can tell how grateful you are to be doing such a task. Just by the pure pleasure you are giving me.

Erotic Roleplaying Seductions

Erotic roleplaying is some of the best kinds of phone sex to really get that fantasy you have been fixated on fulfilled. My love of seducing men and making them return for more is a power trip I adore. Your will will not be your own once I own you.

I know how badly you crave my cum secrets inside this hot little cunt and it’s my pleasure to return home after fucking and awake you with my cum dripping pussy on your face. I know you crave to hear about the cocks that left that goo in me and I won’t hold back on describing how awesome it felt and how your cock could never make me near as satisfied as a nice throbbing fat fuck rod.

 erotic roleplaying

I want you to my little bitch tonight

Best phone sexI like to be a little dominate sometimes over all these young boys around me, and even the old dads that jog around the neighborhood. I can be really kinky and my favorite thing to do is get my big black strao on and bend over the lucky guy that gets to me my little bitch that night. I will make you get on your knees dressed up in my sexiest panties and a bra and of course I have some lipstick on your lips so I can see it on my stap on. I will take the back of your head and make you take the whole 10 inch black cock making you gag all over it.

I bet you would scream and cry like a little bitch and I make you take the tears and lube your asshole up for me to fuck your little asshole. I wanna grab your hips and slide that little asshole on my stap on until you can’t take it anymore. Wanna be my little bitch tonight?

Rebecca gives great blowjobs

I keep trying to tell several of my clients that a blowjob can be as helpful as a therapy session. Having your cock sucked on for an hour or so a day, just might keep the doctor away. Well at least a male doctor anyway. I encourage my clients to come in and let me show them what I mean. I usually start off kind of slow, right at the head. I lick the tip like a lollipop and then I work into putting the entire tip in my mouth. I gently kiss the head of the cock and swirl my tongue down and around the shaft.

Great blowjobs

After a bit of that I take the entire cock in my mouth and depending on my clients need and how I feel them responding i will either give them a slow and steady licking or I will ram that whole thing into the back of my throat and give them some rough loving. Each of my clients is different and they all have different needs.

Look Into My Eyes

Mature phone sexLook into my eyes. What do you see? Do you see a bitch you can throw around? A bitch you can take advantage of? Or boss around. I did not think so. Of course you do not see that. Cause I am no bitch I am a Goddess. These eyes say to you. I am the one in charge. I will be doing the bossing around. I will be the to take advantage of you. Every man should be at a woman’s foot kissing and loving on every move she makes. Enjoying everything about her. A real man gets on his knees before his Goddess. And craves only her happiness. Now look into my eyes and get on your knees boy.

Hot sexy mess

One of my clients called me a hot sexy mess today. It was unexpected and it really actually was a big turn on. I asked him why he thought that, with a little chuckle, he stood up ass naked. Mind you we had just finished one of our amazing sessions. We always have hot raunchy and yummy sex when we have our sessions. He looked a little dis-shoveled as he put his pants on but he seemed thoroughly satisfied.

Fantasy phone sex

He looked down at me and held his hand out to help me up off of my therapy couch, I took his hand and he pulled me closer saying, you have to be as fucked up as me to love these sessions so much. At that moment I had an epiphany that he was correct. I fuck my clients and I like it. I really am a hot sexy mess, but I don’t care. If it means I get to fuck hot clients and make them feel good, while I get to come too, then so be it!

Sissy Boy

Cuckold phone sexThis is how you would be dressed in my house. Like a little sissy girl. And you would be treated as such also. I love a good sissy boy around the house. The guys I brought home for my bed would see you. Laugh and tease you for being such a sissy bitch. I bring you out in public so all could see what a pansy ass you really are. When I have parties you will be the main attraction. Being our little bitch to fuck. Clean up the cum. Get our drinks. I know plenty of men who would love to fuck your ass. And plenty of girls who need a good pussy licking. And everybody is gonna love teasing and taunting you.

Sexy Babe Beth Always Gets Her Way

Sexy babe

Being a sexy baby like myself, I’m pretty used to getting whatever I want. Any guy who tries to date me knows I’m kind of a spoiled brat. I have to get my way all the time. I know that I’m sexy enough that I can get away with it. If my boyfriend tells me no to something that I want then I just tell him no to something that I know he desperately wants, my sweet bald little pussy. It’s a wonderful tool use and I use it all the time. He already knows that if he wants to fuck me or get his cock sucked then he has to keep me happy. I can be a hard girl to please, I just know what I want, and I don’t want to wait to get it. So, as long as you let me have my way and spoil me like I deserve then you’ll get the best sex you’ve ever had.

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