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Exhibitionist sex In the Shadows

Exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist sex has always made me curious. Everywhere I go, especially when I am out at night, jumping from spot to spot, I watch for couples having sex. The few I have been lucky enough to catch were very hot, erotic scenes. One was right out of that movie Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruise and Nicole type people, madly embracing, touching and grinding while they kissed so deeply. I almost went to them, I wanted to touch their faces, kiss them and taste them. When I think back about it, I do go to them, I do join in and it is outstanding.

I’ve seen some Great blowjobs when I caught horny people having public sex. Girls just love to show off when they are sucking their man’s big hard cock out in public. If someone does see them, they want to be doing a real good job. I thought one girl was going to come over and take my mans cock out when she saw us watching her. Horny bitch just didn’t care. All she wanted was big hard cock down her throat. My boyfriend was so wound up when we got home, we fucked for hours!

There are a lot of Sexy hot women out there having sex in the shadows. My boyfriend says I’m like a fuck magnet, I’m drawn to people having sex in public. So keep your eyes wide open when you are out in the shadows.

Freaky Deaky Fucking

Fantasy phone sexDo you think the “F” on my nicely shaved cunt stands for fucking? Most kinky men do. I wanted something to catch my wild crazy sexual desire. My “F” stands for Freaky!! Because I did not just want to fuck but I want to freaky fuck. Do a couple of pumps in my wet sweet pussy and then slide out and put a couple of more pumps deep in my ass. Grab me by the throat, lifting me up high keeping your hands tightly around my throat and just pound away hard slipping back and forth between my ass and pussy. I love fucking not making love. I love the dominate freak to come out of you which brings on my freaky deaky side.

My Sexy Playmate

Sensual phone sex


My sexy playmate and I were playing around he then said, “follow me but keep quiet so we won’t wake up everyone,” “ok I won’t.” I said, where are we going as he grabbed my hand, leading me into the laundry room. He picked me up and put me on the dryer then started it up.”What are you doing?!” I laughed, “let me taste that pussy,” he said. “We are going to get in trouble,” I explained. “No, we are not as long as you cover your mouth and just be quiet.” He took my pants off and pulled me closer to the edge of the shaky dryer. The vibration was very arousing, and the adrenaline rush that we might get caught turned me on. He then spread my legs wide and began licking my wet vibrating clit flicking it with his tongue, also sucking my lips and traced it back to my sweet cherry down inside me. It was pure ecstasy with extra stimulation from the dryer. Fucking me with his tongue while he fingered my sopping wet asshole. I couldn’t help grabbing his head-scratching him while shaking and trying to hold on. He spat on my clit and sucked me so good I squirted two times, but he was freak nasty he wanted more. I squirted so much it ran down his chin. He licked it off and licked me clean like he hasn’t eaten in days it turned me on so much. My body was so weak and exhausted from over stimulation I tapped out. He then grabbed me and said, “you know what to do.”I licked my juices off his face and kissed him. He smiled and said, “that’s a good girl.”

GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex! I am a sexy girl. I know what men like and I know what they need. I was at this high-end club last night looking for my next sugar daddy. There were plenty of men to select from too, but I am highly selective. I want a handsome older man. I want a rich man and I want one who will spoil me. David was 68 and recently widowed. He had a Rolex watch on that cost more than my car. He had on a Versace suit. He screamed sugar daddy. We got to talking and a few minutes turned into a few hours. He was old enough to be my father, but age is just a number, right? When the chemistry is there, age doesn’t matter. I made him feel special. I listened to everything he had to say. I asked questions, so he knew I was listening. I had no doubt that I had snagged him. I figured he would pop a Viagra and we would go back to my place. He didn’t need Viagra. He had an erection like a teen boy. He had a big black cock too, but he was white! I didn’t see his porn star cock coming, but I sure as fuck felt it cumming. When he busted his nuts inside me, it was like a volcano shot off inside me. He took me shopping on online for some pretty things. He got me everything on my Amazon wish list and I had a lot on there!  Turns out, David is a sugar daddy with everything I require plus a big hard cock!


Making Me Cum

Large boobsThe phone rings it is you on the other line. You tell me you are on your way to my house and can’t wait to fuck me for the next two hours before you have to head home to the little wife and family. I stop what I am doing and get my dildo out to get my pussy nice and juicy wet for your ten-inch snake. You get the key from under the frog and let yourself in. I hear you coming up the stairs and you hear my dildo on max speed and my moans getting louder. Your snake makes a huge bulge in your pants as you walk in my bedroom. You see me naked playing with my pussy and jump right on in. You throw my dildo to the side and replace it with your big fat hard snake. I always forget how good you feel inside my pussy. Pounding away at my G-spot and making me cum.

Pretty girl privilege

Hot sexy womanMost men are unable to handle a hot sexy woman of my caliber so it really turns me on when I come across one who can. A strong, independent and beautiful female like myself makes these pathetic losers run for the hills. It’s funny how intimidated and insecure a male becomes when he meets a gorgeous goddess who has the ability to walk all over him! Vanilla men just do not understand my lifestyle whatsoever and I am totally okay with that. If anything, it weeds out who the fuck I want in my presence and who does not belong there whatsoever! I am way too gorgeous and way too rich to give a flying fuck about any sort of broke peasant business. It’s a known fact that hott girls have access to a whole different type of life on a grand scale, that of which ugly poor bitches know nothing about! Pretty girl privilege is real and I am always the center of attention. 😉

Wet for You


Erotic roleplaying

Sobbing into your torrid broad shoulder as you tease my clit with your massive member. The feel of your skin under my nails as you fuck me like you love me causing my warm cunt to flood like the ocean. I scream and bring you in closer as you begin to stroke into me further and further. We are one. Inside of each other and loving one another; I can feel you. You pick up your drenched face from the inner corner of my neck to pour into my eyes with your sensual glare of passion. You bring your hand to my hot cheeks and gently wipe my tears while placing a kiss onto my lips. You grab my face and pull me into your now rough embrace, making me shiver all over. My nails dig deeper as your grip tightens around my soft neck. I know I bruise easy, yet I have no problem with these marks of passion. You thrust into me harder and faster; my cries begin to sound like music to your ears. I am wet for you…

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. I cater to them. The truth is I am ticklish plus I have a shoe fetish. I have a big closet of shoes; some I only have one outfit to wear with them. Most of my shoes are far from practicable, but I love designer shoes. I can spot a foot fetish guy quickly. I tease the ones who appear wealthy because it is tit for tat. You want a foot job? Well, I want a nice pair of shoes. You buy me the pair I have been eyeballing and I will let you cum on my feet. I find men at the high-end mall across town. It is not the mall of teens. It is the mall of trophy wives and rich soccer moms. The few men ever there are fetish guys. Either hanging out at lingerie stores for their panty fetishes or hanging at the shoe stores for their foot or shoe fetishes. When I met Michael, he was in the shoe department of Sacks 5th Ave. He was looking for a woman like me, so he could check out my sexy feet and my sexy legs. I spotted him immediately and made him a deal. I told him if he bought me some Jimmy Choos, I would bring him home and let him worship my feet. Guess who has a new pair of Jimmy Choos? I also got some hot cum on my toes.

You can look but you can’t touch

Erotic roleplayingI love fucking you up each and every day, it’s truly what I do best. Erotic roleplaying with super vanilla is my favorite because they’re the easiest to use and manipulate to do whatever the fuck I desire. Literally they love to do whatever the fuck I tell them to do without any hesitation whatsoever. Plus, it’s now officially bikini season and you know what that means!! You wallet is due to be drained to expense my whole entire new summer wardrobe. Take me shopping you little bitch and spoil me like how I deserve to be spoiled. Don’t spare a dime when it comes to giving me what the fuck I want. I’ll kick you ass to the curb real fuckin quick if you don’t! Sit back and enjoy the show as you watch me try on all my sexy outfits, you can look but you can’t touch you little bitch! Feel free to go broke for me though, i’ll definitely let you do that any time that you want! Queens never pay for anything, that’s your job bitch boy!

I went shopping and brought home a prize

best phone sexI went shopping for plants yesterday, my cucky husband is putting in a pretty new garden for me and I wanted it to be perfect. I left him at home and just took his credit card, it’s a lot more fun for me to shop when he isn’t there to complain about how much I spend. Anyway, there was a sexy guy working in the garden section of the store I went to, I had to have him! I was so bold about it too, I just took him by the hand and led him to the back room and told him to fuck me. Well he had no problem doing that for sure! He had a huge cock too, nice and think and long, way bigger than my stupid husband for sure. I let him fuck me raw, I wanted all that cum in my pussy so I could make my cucky husband clean it all up. I went home with tons of plants and cum dripping down my leg, my husband said he wasn’t happy about either of those things but why should I give a fuck about that? I was going to give him his little prize whether he wanted it or not!

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