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You Are A Pathetic Cuck

Cuckold Phone SexBlake you are such a loser and a major cuckold. You will never be able to please a woman, you see this toy in my mouth, you wish that was your cock. You are disgusting and have a pin prick dick or shall I say an oversized clit. You were naughty, you were let out of your chastity cage and you ejaculated by just my finger tip grazing over your clitty. Naughty boy you are there and you will have to withstand the punishment I put forward. You are lucky you aren’t mine, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week. I hope your fiance keeps your pathetic ass in that cage and makes you feed her hungry pussy all the cock it can take with a nice buffet. You know you can’t please a woman with your sad excuse you call a dick. You don’t have the right to cum unless I tell you that you are aloud too.

Phone Sex Therapist for Cuckolds and Sissies

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I talk to men about their kinky fetishes and fantasies; all the things they cannot tell anyone else, even their wives. Even though I am discreet, I am not bound by the same ethical guidelines that limit a licensed therapist. I can laugh at my clients. I can shame them. I can mock them. And, I can publicly humiliate them in my blogs if I want. What makes me go to such extremes? Losers do. First, some of the most pathetic men call me. They know they are losers who can’t please a Barbie doll with the turtle hiding in their panties. Second, they are asking for trouble by confiding in me. I snicker every time a caller says, “This is just between you and me, right?”  It is if you don’t piss me off, annoy me or tell me the most pathetic story ever.  It has been a loser week. Cuckolds, sissies, panty boys oh my. The winner of the loser of the week goes to Dale. Dale has been watching his wife put on makeup to go to the gym for a year now. He has been eating her pussy when she comes back from the gym for a year now too. He seemed to believe she was creamy from sweat. I sweat a lot when I get a decent workout. Never once have I sweated out thick milky white cream from my pussy from doing squats. Unless, of course, I am doing squats on my trainer’s big fat cock. I had to break it to Dale that not only was he the dumbest husband on the planet, he was also a cuckold and sissy cum eater.  Phone sex therapy means being harsh sometimes. If you are too dumb to read the writing on the wall, I am happy to spell it out for you. Please, don’t cry like Dale. I can only handle you being so pathetic.

phone sex therapy

When The Rent Is Due

Ebony phone sex

I only have half of my rent money and rent was due two days ago. I knew my landlord would be knocking on my door anytime today and I would be ready. I put on a sexy white thong because white looks so good against chocolate skin. I sat on my sofa and waited anxiously for the knock on the door.
Two loud knocks on the door woke me from a light sleep. I jumped to my feet and answered the door in my thong and nothing else. My landlord’s jaw dropped to the floor and stammered out that the rent was past due as his eyes never left my bare breasts. I pulled him into my apartment by his belt buckle and slammed the door behind him. I dropped to my knees and freed his cock from his pants and gave him an amazing blowjob. I sucked him so good that he came after a few minutes. He told me I didn’t have to worry about paying rent anymore.

It was such a beautiful day

best phone sexIt was such a beautiful day yesterday so I spent pretty much all day outside just soaking up the sunshine. I was in my backyard so I didn’t bother with clothes, I was just puttering around the yard completely naked with no idea at all that someone was actually watching me the whole time. I thought my fence was too high for anyone to be able to see in but my neighbor’s house had a direct view back there from their master bedroom. My neighbor was standing there in his room jerking off all morning long just watching me. Apparently he was frustrated from just watching my beautiful body and not being able to touch it because he walked over to my house and rang the bell. Well there I was naked and completely unprepared for company so I just opened my door naked as the day I was born! Boy, you should have seen his face! He was shocked but that didn’t stop him, he pretty much just let himself inside my house and kissed me deep. He said that he had been watching me and he just had to have this pussy so I just bent over and let him have it! He had a nice big cock too, he fucked me so good! I should really spend more time naked outside if this is what I’m gonna get!

Let Eden take care of that cock

Best phone sex

I have this neighbor who is really into bondage and I found that so interesting that I had to go over and flirt and make him want my little bald cunt. I just made sure that his wife wasn’t home before I went. Hehe. When I went over he took my upstairs to his room that is filled with nasty kinky things, and next thing I knew I was tied up on my knees at his fucking command. I never felt that feeling before being dominated and treated like a fucking slut and I loved it. I need to feel that feeling again so if your dominate and you wanna show me how I am a dirty whore then you should call me so I can get that big fat fucking cock off.

Latin Men Fuck So Good

Edgeplay phone sex


I know this very sexy guy his name is Javier. I have been lusting after him for so long I have wanted him inside of me making me feel so right I just have the feeling that he knows how to do that. I think tonight I’m going to get my chance to see how Javier can suck my wet cunt. I want to see just how he can suck my pussy and make it feel so good. Javier is the Latin love machine he looks so tasty and he always smells so fucking good. I don’t know what cologne that he wears but it turns me on and makes my pussy drip. I invited Javier to my house I told him that I wanted him to help me with some things around the house that I couldn’t do by myself. And Javier is such a chivaris man that he didn’t mind in fact he was excited to help me. He came to my house around 7 in the evening I told him we would have to do a lot of work and I needed his help for several hours. What Javier did not know was that I had some things planned like bubble bath with roses cuz I wanted to bathe him and get his body really clean before I dirty him up. Oh how I was going to PLS Javier if you want to know what’s going on maybe you should call me I won’t hold anything back.

I Love Being A Sugar Baby

Fantasy Phone Sex

I have always been use to the lavish lifestyle, I grew up in money. Something inside me never felt quite right to just get money from daddy, I wanted to make my own money. Fresh out high school a friend of mine told me about being a sugar baby and even an escort. I signed up for many sites, I thought this is so perfect for me. I can go on dates with wealthy men while making my own income. I have always been pretty and older, rich men love beautiful arm candy. So I have been doing this for almost a year and I have this regular, he is pretty handsome and very successful. We went on a date to a function from the office and he loves having me, I am available for him anytime.

He told me he rented a hotel room for the night and I was excited, we have never done anything sexual, he has always been a real gentlemen. I walk up to the room and there are rose petals on the bed and little sheets covering the lamps. He told me to disrobe but keep my stockings and heels on. He had some nice lavender oil and had me lay down he let it drop down my back and then rubbed his hands together to give some warmth.

He started rubbing me and up and down my shoulders to my legs. This felt so good, he treats me like gold so I started getting turned on and he could tell. He wiped his hands and told me to turn over and he was rubbing the oil on my breasts making my nipples shiny and wet looking, he went down between my legs and he started blowing on my pussy. I almost came right there, he opened up my pink, bald pussy with his tongue and starting licking and kissing, and then was sucking on my clit with two fingers fucking me deep and hard and I could tell I was going to cum. I started feeling pure bliss and I squirted all over his face, he came up to me and gave me a kiss and told me next time he was going to fuck me harder than those fingers. He left the $500 on the table and left.


Sexy phone sex I want to put out that fire in your pants. And you can put out the fire in mine. Every man needs a slut. And this slut’s loins are on fire. On fire for you. All 3 of my fuck holes want you. My tittys are begging for some fucking from you too. My whole body is burning and the only way to put it out is to cover me from head to toe. Inside and out with all your cum. Can you put out this fire? I am going to get on my knees, plopping that fine cock of yours into my mouth. Swirling around on your cock head letting the drool run from my mouth down onto your shaft. Then sliding my lips all the way down until I hit your balls. Suckling like it was the bottle life until you give me what I am craving.

Only The Best Phone Sex With Beth

best phone sex

I know that only the best phone sex will get the blood pumping in that long thick cock of yours. You need a sweet, sexy, young, tight, sexy girl like me to tease you and please you. I’ll make that cock fucking throb for me! My sultry voice will have you hard in second and I’ll tell you just how to milk that cock of every last drop of its warm and creamy goodness. We can fucking explode together! I love hearing your breathing speed up while I rub my swollen clit and you stroke that big long fat cock. I fucking love it. I’m so addicted to good phone sex and I can’t get enough. I know you won’t be able to either. There is no limit to the naughty fun we can have. Come and make a sweet young girl like me into your little plaything. I’ll do any fucking thing to make that cock cum for me!

Black Pussy

Ebony phone sexIt’s been a blast having twins living next door. Landon and Travis have 9-inch cocks and hard six-packs. Every day I go to their apartment and let them fuck me. They’re only 18 and their cocks get hard as soon as I walk into their apartment. I get on my knees and wrap my lips around their dicks and suck like a pornstar. The best part about fucking twin brother is double penetration. I love to have a cock in my ass and in my pussy at the same exact time. I get so wet my juices slide down my thighs. I’m a black slut and I love hard white cock. I’m also a cum guzzler. I swallowed every drop of their cum until their cocks were bone dry. These twins have made my life so exciting. Every day we try new positions and I sometimes let them film us. I know you want some of this black pussy.

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