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Black Girls Love To Fuck

Ebony phone sexI got my cherry popped by the boy next door when I was a young teenager and I’ve been addicted to sex ever since. I would sneak him into my bedroom after my mom went to sleep. He fucked me so good I had to bite my pillow to suppress my loud moans. Soon, I got curious and I wanted to fuck other boys. Sometimes these boys would line up outside my bedroom window waiting for a turn to fuck me. I know people called me a slut for allowing a bunch of boys to run trains on me, but I couldn’t stop myself. My pussy would get so wet during class because I couldn’t stop thinking about which boys would be at my window that night. By the time I’d become a senior I had fucked nearly every boy in my grade. I was a teenage sex addict and I couldn’t control my sexual urges. One night I fucked eight boys in a row and I still wanted more. I’m older now but nothing has changed, I’m still a sex freak with an insatiable appetite for hard dick.


Fantasy phone sex I am that girl next door. But there is a twist I am also the kinky little slut next door. I love to go prowling for BBC to bring home. I have a sweet spot in my heart when it comes to BBC. The first time I ever got fucked by a black man was in college. I was in his dorm room and we were drinking a few beers. I must admit I was flirting but I was also little nervous. Up to this point I had never been in such an intimate place with a black man before. He made the first move kissing me with his big black lips. His big hands groping my body as he stripped off my clothes. He had moves that no white man had used on me before. He made me feel like a dirty little slut and a princess all at once. And he was the first man to ever make me squirt across the room. That is why I have such a sweet spot for BBC, it brings back such wet memories for me.

I Love Licking Her Toes

Foot FetishesA foot fetish can be so hot and turn me on. I invited my sugar daddy along and I had one of my very best friends. When we got to the hotel he went to the corner of the room and I got down on the bed and she was lying on her back and I started kissing up and down her leg which was covered by a stocking and I took her heel off and was sniffing it. My sugar daddy was getting very excited and he took his big dick out and started stroking it. I peeled her stocking off and was kissing her feet, licking between her toes and sucking on the big one like a hard dick. I turned around and she was rubbing my panties on my hot moist cunt. I took my panties off and went back and sucked on her toe again for more lube. She was rubbing it up and down my clit to my hole and then stuck it in my hole and I was riding that toe and it felt amazing. My sugar daddy came over and was kissing her feet while he stroked and he came all over he toes and I felt it squirt on my butthole. I didn’t stop, I loved the sound of my wet pussy about to climax on her toe, she was wiggling it and I came all over and he licked it up and then we shared a hot cum filled 3 way kiss.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. I can always spot a foot dude too. Usually, I will indulge him if he is handsome.  I went shoe shopping yesterday. I started the morning off with a pedicure, so I would have pretty feet for the shoe stores. I was walking around the mall when I realized I had an admirer. I wasn’t immediately aware that he was a foot guy. When he followed me into the shoe store and stared at my feet, I knew for sure. I crossed my legs continually, bringing attention to my feet. His eyes followed my freshly pedicured feet. I had him hooked. I signaled him over. He looked wealthy by his attire and Rolex watch. His watch cost half of my teacher’s salary I was sure. He looked like the kind of man I could strike a deal with, so I did. Buy my shoes and get a private showing at home. He ate that deal up. Honestly, I thought he was foaming at the mouth with excitement. He didn’t blink an eye when I racked up a $3,500 shoe bill. I have a shoe fetish. I am the kind of woman who buys shoes to match every outfit. When we got back to my place, I modeled every pair I had while he stroked his cock. I was surprised by how large his dick was for a fetish guy. I was happy to watch him masturbate for me. I did more than that, however. I let him cum on my feet. His hot jizz ran through my toes. It felt amazing. I gave him a footjob too. I took a sexy ass pic of his cock in between my pretty feet. I know I am too old to be a sugar baby, but this guy was loaded, submissive and had a big cock. He doesn’t want to fuck me sadly. He is married. I told him if he keeps me in pretty shoes, he can have a footjob whenever he wants.

Jungle Fever

Ebony phone sexI gave the twins a key to my apartment. I wanted them to have easy access to my apartment and my body. Now, they’ve started coming in the middle of the night, ravaging my body as I slept. I don’t wear panties to bed anymore because I like waking up with a head between my legs. These twins love my chocolate body. They’ve caught jungle fever and there’s no cure. Nothing gives me more pleasure than being on my knees sucking them off. These twins own my body and soul. I didn’t know white boys can have big dicks because these young men are huge. I have to stretch my mouth and jaw before I put their huge shafts in my mouth. They tell me I look sexy with a dick in my mouth so I stay on my knees as much as possible. They make me feel like a sex goddess the way they both worship my tight black cunt.

Riding My Toy Feels Better Than You

GFE Phone SexI am suppose to have a man, but, I am no longer waiting. I am a free gal and I deserve to be, I do love my sweet cuckies though. I love when men watch me ride my big fat dildo knowing they are nowhere near that and could never satisfy me. I would still love to find a guy who could while I ride my toy like a stallion, could fuck me up clean tight asshole. I have no hair on my body and I love when my tiny A cup titties bounce. Another thing I love about anal is that men with an ass fetish would love my perfect heart shaped ass. I am waiting to hear from the cucks and the men who love that GFE.

Sexy Women Masturbating Can Help You Improve Your Jack Off Time

sexy women masturbatingSexy women masturbating is a natural and beautiful thing. I may be a size queen, but I don’t always need a hard cock to have a good time. I have been playing with my pussy longer than I have been fucking. Last night, I went to a Pure Romance party that a friend of mine was hosting. If you don’t know what that is, let me enlighten you. It is a sex toy party for women and couples.  As a mature woman, I always have sex toys on hand. But, a woman like me can never have enough. To give you an idea of how much I enjoy self pleasure, I bought $600 worth of new toys and lubricants. I love to masturbate. I do it several times a day. Just ask my neighbor. He spies on me while I do it. I have many mutual masturbation stories to share. The wind gets me horny nowadays. I think it is because I am in my sexual prime. I love helping my callers discover new ways to jack off as well as providing them with some guided masturbation techniques designed to help them last longer. If you are a chronic masturbator or a quick cummer, this sexy woman masturbating can help you get more from your self pleasure exploration.

A Sub Or A Dominatrix

Domination phone sexI could not imagine being a sub for a man or another woman. I love being in control. I love having my cake and eat it too. I love having sissy boys for all my wants and needs. I love a sissy boy to clean my house and another for him to hand over his paycheck. I need one for humiliating and that special one to fuck me just the way I like. I am the princess. I am the one in charge. My way is the only way. My way is the right way even when my way is the wrong way. Now, why would I want to be a sub and take the orders instead of getting my way? Why would I worry about someone else’s happiness and not my own? Does that make sense to you? Because it does not make sense to me.

I need Big Dick

Small dick humiliationI can’t help that small dick humiliation turns me on.

I need Big Dick!

Is that too much to ask for?

So if you have a clit dick, an itty bitty weenie, I am going to humiliate you.

Plain and simple. I have no time for little dicks , unless of course you want to spoil me and let me fuck the biggest thickest dicks right in front of you. Maybe you should put on some panties you pathetic no cocked loser. Be my flaming fag bag finding this hot teen big humongous cock. Suck and stroke those big dicked men that you are so fucking jealous of, loser.

That stump is not going near my Pussy or ass. I think you should take a nice juicy THICK cock in your man Pussy so you know how my Pussy feels bitch. And if your lucky and buy me nice things I will let you be my cum dump. Lick it out like a good boy


Naughty Teacher and Tutor

naughty teacherI am a naughty teacher this summer. A friend of a friend hired me to prep his son for grad school exams. The boy will be a senior in college next year. His parents want him to go to graduate school, so he can get a better job. Having taught college, I am qualified to teach certain subjects and some test preparation. I was picturing some nerdy socially awkward boy, but Jerry is a stud. He is just not as interested in college as his parents think he is. He has been more interested in drinking and fucking while he is away from home. He is interested in mature sexy chicks too. His parents had no clue their angel was banging his female professors. He is now banging his tutor. I am happy to fuck him. I don’t care that he is not very smart or motivated. I do care that he is hung. No wonder his female professors let him into their panties. He has a big cock and he eats pussy like a pro. Oral skills carry a lot of weight with mature women. I didn’t need to tutor him in the bedroom. Female anatomy and sexuality were subjects he was fluent in already. I told his parents he needed at least two sessions a week. Little do they know they are essentially paying me to fuck him. Easy money.

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