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Public Fucking

Fantasy phone sex Getting fucked in public is a special kind of high. Looking around and seeing men and women watching me get pounded. I love how they get all hot and bothered by the show and soon a huge fuck fest breaks out. Clothes are being torn off and all I can see are cocks, tits and, cunts. Cum starts to decorate the room as the fuck fest gets wilder. The longer the fucking lasts the crazier it gets. That is when the good action starts. I get DP, I get to have myself a little train. And I get to fuck some nice looking whores like myself. And when it is all done and over with. There is nothing but naked hot sweaty bodies and sticky creamy cum as far as the eye can see.

Sissy At My Feet

Sexy babe I love a sissy at my feet licking my feet, and a man fucking my pussy so nice and sweet. I love having a sissy watch me and hear me get pleasure. Something their small sissy almost a clit dick could never provide me or any other woman. You must have skill with your mouth with a dick that small. Because after this fine man is done fucking the shit out of me. And leaves me his gift deep in my pussy. You will get on your knees and show me your skills that you have with that tongue of yours by cleaning out my cum filled pussy. And if you need to suck some cock to make him happy. You will do it and love every bit of it.

Erotic Roleplaying: Playing Doctor with the Doctor

erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying is something I enjoy. I am seeing this man who is a doctor. He has an amazing cock and he is creative and fun too. We had a date Friday night. I was dressed up fancy because we went to a high end restaurant in town. Afterward, he needed to stop by his office because he forgot is iPad there. He asked me if I minded. Of course, I didn’t. In fact, I looked at it as a chance to play doctor with the doctor. I love naughty role plays. He is a cardiologist, but he could still pretend to be a gynecologist or some sort of doctor who needed to check out my girl parts. He was game. I got dressed in a patient’s gown with no bra or panties on. My pussy was getting wet as he listened to my heart. Turns out my doctor has an ass fetish. I love a good hard cock up my ass. I bent over the exam table and let him check out my ass. He began our exam with a few well lubed fingers. He said he need to probe deeply to make sure my ass checked out healthy. I begged for a deep anal probe. His balls smacked against my ass as he checked me out to make sure I was healthy. It was a hot role play for me. I have always enjoyed playing doctor. We got dressed, went back to my place and fucked some more.

ass fetish

Have Backup

Cum on boobsvoicemails. They must all be off with their wives. Haha!! Being the pro of a slut that I am. I am never without cock even if it is the plastic kind that takes double A batteries. When my pussy is aching and super sloppy fucking wet I have no patience and need to blast my pussy juices everywhere. I need satisfaction immediately. I am sure you all can relate to that. Giggles. I grabbed both my 9-inch dildo shoving one in my pussy and one deep in my ass. I wanted to fucking explode have the bomb of orgasm. I was showing myself no mercy with both dildos. I wanted to cum from both of holes I needed to put the fire in between my legs out. I was fantasizing about it being 2 of your massive cocks fucking me even harder than I can fuck myself.

Phone Sex Therapy for Small Clits

phone sex therapyLet’s have phone sex therapy. If you are on my site, reading my blogs, my guess is you are searching for some one who will tell you the truth. The truth about your small cock. There are many self aware boys out there who know their dicks don’t measure up. I love reinforcing what you already know.  I would much rather talk to then men who know they have small dicks than the guys with small dicks who think they are a gift from heaven to women. Small dicks aren’t gifts, unless you count the gift of laughter. I had a call this morning from a guy with such a tiny dick it was just a nub. He sent me pictures. It was a swollen clit at best. Not sure how it could penetrate any pussy. Likely, he was a virgin and lied to me when he said he has fucked before. He did admit that girls never fuck him a second time and many have made up some excuse why they couldn’t sleep with him once they saw his wiener. They were nice girls. I am a mean girl. I am an honest phone sex therapist. I tell men what other women won’t. I don’t have pity sex. I think too much of myself to fuck a nub. The only way to fuck a nub is to trib like two lesbians lol. A clit stick doesn’t fit inside a pussy. He wanted help on pleasing women. Although I applauded his ability to know he can’t give sexual pleasure to others, I was blunt. Being a cuckold or a sissy is only way he could please women. Being a cuckold is harder as a single man, but I told him how to find couples and mistresses to work with him. I think he is just lonely. Loneliness is a small dick problem. That is why there are sexy hot women in this business. If you can’t get women to pay attention to you, you can always pay one to laugh at you.

He was just so sweet!

best phone sexMy friend came over yesterday and he was just the sweetest! He showed up with a big bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates for me just because he missed me, wasn’t that just so sweet? Then he showed me just how much he missed me by spending a whole lot of quality time down on his knees between my legs licking my juicy pussy. I was losing my mind, it felt so good and I came over and over but he just wouldn’t stop! I was begging him to fuck me but he just wanted to eat my pussy for hours! Finally I just couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed his head away, shoved him back on the bed and sat right down on that giant cock! I rode that dick until we were both satisfied!

Mature Swingers Party Slut

mature phone sex

Needing something for that man meat tonight? How about a nasty mature phone sex session? I just got back from hot swingers party and my ass and pussy are sore as fuck!  I have taken more cum loads tonight than a skanky street whore. I am that high-class ass that doesn’t mind being dirty and freaky for my man. I brought my boy toy to a fancy party and the lights dimmed and women were shedding their gowns and picking names out of a crystal bowl. When It was my turn I picked two names. I am a greedy bitch like that. I had my two sweet business men types with a fire in those eyes as the last woman had no name left so I invited her to our little party. I knew what my slutty ass was doing. We found a perfect spot and I took this huge titted milf into my arms and begin to play with her pussy as the men stripped and got those thick cocks out and started rubbing our bodies.  All of a sudden both guys turned savage and took us by the hips and began dry fucking our asses as we made out.  We were made to suck and lick the taste of our asses of those meaty members before we were allowed any pussy play. My greedy ass got some dominant males who made all of our holes sore. What A night!!!!

Dirty Flicks To Make Us Cum

Best Phone SexI am very addictive once you hear my sensual voice and my way of getting that prick hard you won’t be able to resist me. One thing I want us to do is you pick the sex site we go to and we watch it together and I will be naked watching with you. I want you to put lotion on it so I can hear how wet it is like it would be if you were in my mouth fucking me hard. I love giving a commentary when we are watching hot little sluts get fucked. I make you slap your hard dick on the phone making my pussy even wetter. I can just imagine how thick it is with that purple head. I want to be treated like royalty when you get the visual of my pretty heart shaped ass in your lap. I love putting my heels up on my chair and fucking my cunt.

Jack Off To Me

sexy girlfriend porn

Every guy fantasizes about that perfect kinky girlfriend that wants to let you makes a naughty video of them taking your cock. I wanted to surprise my boyfriend and let him come home to find me laying on his bed with my pussy already out. I had my legs spread wide and my sweet little fuck hole was smooth and ready for him. When he walked in I pulled him over to the bed and took his cock out. When my tongue was circling around his head and I was stroking him into my mouth I looked up and handed him my phone. I told him to record me. I knew he wanted to have a video of us fucking to jack off too. I wanted him to stroke his cock when I wasn’t around to the sexy girlfriend porn we were about to make together. I looked at the camera and asked him if he wanted to fuck me and then I stuck my tight ass up in the air. He shot a video of himself pounding my sweet little pussy and filling me up with his cum. I bet he showed it to all his friends to brag about fucking his hot girlfriend so hard.

Phone Sex Therapy: I’m the One on the Couch

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy with me is different. Usually, the client lies on the couch, but with me I am the one on the couch. I am naked too. I like to lay naked on my couch while you confide your deep dark fantasies and confess all your dirty secrets. I talk to cuckolds, perverts, sissies, small dick losers and a variety of fetish guys daily. Some of you have dirty secrets that make my cunt wet, others have pathetic lives that make me laugh. One guy this morning told me all about his weekend as a cuckold. His wife put him in panties and made him watch her get fucked by real men. It gets better though. He was forced to gobble up all the cum in her dirty holes after every fuck. She took a lot of cock too. I was even envious. Before this weekend, my caller only had cuckold fantasies. I have been coaching him on how to make his fantasies a reality. Some wives need a little nudge to cheat. All I ever needed to cheat was the sight of a big cock! My caller’s wife has been cheating on him for months, he just didn’t know it. I had my suspicions, however. Women don’t put on make up to go to the gym. I had him confront her, give his blessing. I even had him tell her how happy he was that she could find the sexual pleasure she needed. When your wife has your blessing, she is more apt to just stop sneaking around and fuck in front of you. I love being a phone sex therapist, because I have my own sort of happy ending for callers. I get to cum listening to how their wives denied them and humiliated them in front of their lovers.

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