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Sexy Babe Claudia

sexy babeThis sexy babe is ready for you! I want to tease you, deny you, and eventually, if you’re lucky, I will satisfy your every desire. My tight, little, sexy body is so hot, and I know it! Do you think you can handle this incredible sexy slut? I have a sexual appetite that is insatiable, and most of my lovers would call me a nympho. Last night, you shoved your hard cock inside my cunt without warning! I loved your aggressiveness, and how you took control of my tight pussy. I loved how you pulled my hair and put your hand over my mouth so I couldn’t scream, as you thrust your manhood inside my little hole. I begged you to stop, but of course, you didn’t. You kept fucking me harder and harder after that. I could barely breathe, but you just kept fucking me, over and over. I was afraid to tell you how many times I came all over your swollen dick, because I thought you would be mad at me and withhold your gorgeous cock from me. I let you think it was all about you, but I was getting pleasure too! I loved that you came in my sweet little cunt, and then made me suck you off to clean you up, making your cock rock hard again. Cumming in my mouth and swallowing your sweet, thick cum was amazing! I know you want to fuck my tight, little, sweet cunt again! Give me that throbbing cock, and show me how much this little bitch cunt pleased you last night! This hot sexy woman is just waiting for you again….


Work Slut

Erotic roleplaying

Guys tell me all the time how sexy I am, and I adore the compliments. There’s one guy though that’s really been lusting over me; he works with me, and so does his wife. His wife is always giving me an attitude because she’s jealous I think. One day in the break room, when everyone what’s gone, his wife stopped me and said she needed to have a conversation with me. Honestly, I thought this was going to be something that got on my fucking nerves, but it didn’t turn out that way. You see Jackson, that’s his name, and her name is Laura. Laura told me that she was angry when she first found out her husband was lusting over me, but then she saw an opportunity for her to get things that she wanted by giving him something he wanted. She propositioned me she told me that she would give me a raise if I fucked her husband for her. I smiled because honestly I’m kind of attracted to him. I told her that I was listening, and I wanted to find out more information because I definitely needed a raise. I’ve got bills to pay. She said she wanted me to fuck him after everybody left work. I was okay with it; in fact, I was really turned on, so today, after work, I’m going to fuck Jackson and give him my come guzzling pussy; however, he wants it. I’m going to let Jackson suck my pussy and fuck my pussy and my asshole in every fucking position that he could think of. The best part of it all is his wife is going to know everything, and she’s going to get whatever she needs to get from him because of it. I am so looking forward to this arrangement.

He wanted me to have a hairy wet pussy

hairy wet pussyMy new boyfriend wants me to have a hairy wet pussy pretty much 24/7 so I grew out my pussy hair just for him. Keeping it dripping wet at all times is the easiest thing I have ever done too, he is one sexy man with a huge cock and a big fat wallet to go with it so I spend all my days shopping and fucking. What could be better than that? He spoils me rotten, just yesterday he took me shopping and bought me a whole new winter wardrobe, I’m taking outfits, shoes, coats and bags to match! He dropped thousands of dollars on me like it was nothing and let me tell you, my panties were soaked the whole time. When we got back to his place I got right down on my knees to thank him with the best blowjob he had ever had. I swallowed that huge cock all the way down my throat until his legs were trembling and he was about to blow his load. Then I pushed him down on the bed and hopped on that rock hard dick and rode that dick until we both came. He is the best boyfriend ever, I have never been taken care of like this before. I’ve had lots of men spoil me but none of them have ever done this much, this man gives me anything I ask for and more. And all he asks is that I don’t shave my pussy, that’s it! How easy is that? I would do anything to keep this man, I hope one day I will even marry him, I know if I did I would be the happiest woman in the world with the fattest diamond ever sitting on my finger. Who wouldn’t want a life like that? I know I do!

Small dick humiliation

small dick humiliation

I met a new guy this weekend. When I took him back to my place for a little fun, things didn’t go as I  had expected. I tried to pull his cock out to suck it and he pushed me away. Every time I tried to get to his dick, he would stop me. I started to get really annoyed and finally asked him what the problem was. I was half joking when I asked if he had a baby dick. The look of embarrassment on his face was all I needed. I yanked his pants and boxers down. I couldn’t hold back my laughter at how tiny it was. It was the smallest, most pathetic little dick, I had ever seen. Me laughing at it must have done something for him because all of the sudden, the tiny little thing was sticking straight out. I couldn’t help but make fun of him. I pointed and told him how teeny tiny it was. He attempted to stroke it but didn’t even have to move his hand very far, which made me laugh even harder. I don’t think he was planning a hot evening of small dick humiliation, but that’s exactly what he got! The more I made fun of him, the harder he stroked that little bitty thing. He finally gave a sad little grunt and shot out a small drip of cum. His little dicklett was so small, the cum just dripped down his balls. I couldn’t even be upset at this point, I was still laughing when he got his pants back up and left. I can’t wait to tell all of my friends about little mister baby cock.

Beautiful Ebony Pussy

beautiful ebony pussyMy beautiful ebony pussy was on display last night. The club had a big crowd because of some rock festival in town. Drunk and high white men came into the club after 11 pm in droves. Many of them acted like they had never seen an ebony goddess before. What they had was a bad case of jungle fever and I decided to get rich off their affliction! White men love me. I am a strong, sexy Nubian goddess. I make white men melt. They are putty in my hands. This one guy bought the VIP room for his friends and himself for 4 hours. They were in for a treat. I am a better private dancer than Tina Turner. I doled out lap dances and teased cocks until they upped their game with a big pile of cash. Money talks white boys. The more money they shelled out, the more of me they got to see. The more money that piled up on the stage, the more I ignored the club’s you can look but you can’t touch policy. These men were drunk on bourbon. They smelled like sweat and stogies. It wouldn’t take much work to make them squirt. I gave them all hand jobs and blowjobs until I was full of white man seed and able to pay my car off with cash. You got jungle fever? Be prepared to have your wallet and cock drained.

Cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sex

My husband recently found out that I was fucking his buisiness partner James. He got off of work early and came home to find me on the couch, riding James’ huge, hard rod. I thought he would be pissed but he just set his briefcase down, and started to unbutton his pants. I smiled when I saw him pull his cock out. I knew what he wanted. I’ve seen that look before with other guys, but never him. I went back to bouncing up and down on James’ fat cock. I could see my husband at the other side of the room, stroking his cock as he watched me ride that dick. I couldn’t believe it when he told me to ride it harder and faster! This had me so turned on. I rode him hard and rocked back and forth on his throbbing cock. I knew he was getting close, so I slowed down. I wanted to draw it out and make them both last as long as they could. I decided to get up, walk over to my husband and have a little fun with him. I went over to my husband and got on my knees. I took his cock in my mouth as he grabbed my hair and pushed me all the way down on him. I sucked him hard and fast as James got behind me and started to slide that giant dong in my tight little asshole. James fucked me like he had something to prove to my husband! Every time he thrust in, it made me take the cock deeper in my throat. They were both breathing heavy as fuck. I could tell James was about to cum so I rocked back on his cock and made him spew his hot jizz deep in my ass. Watching James fill my ass made my husband moan and shortly after, I was taking a salty, gooey load right in my mouth. I had no idea my husband was into doing this! I thought he only like talking about it during cuckold phone sex.

Small Dick Humiliation was Warranted

small dick humiliationHe needed small dick humiliation and he got it. I was on a date. This was a man with a big bank account. He had everything I love in a man except the one thing that matters most, a dick. It was so small I thought he was born a girl and living as a man. My own clit was bigger. I was hopeful that he was the whole package because he was over 6 feet tall. Handsome, athletic and rich. Only problem was he was hung like a hamster. When he took his pants down, he was expecting a blowjob. That is not what he got, however. He got shamed. I laughed so hard I thought I would pee my panties. How could I be so wrong about a man? Normally, I am great about sizing up a man. He gave off no vibes of having a small dick. From his reaction, it was clear he had no clue he was small. Small is being generous. This was the most non-existent dick I had ever seen. The biggest disappointment too. He honestly thought I would fuck him because of his money. I looked him straight in the eyes, trying not to laugh and said, “I would not fuck you if you were the last man on earth. Not even if you paid me.” I walked right out of his place and went home and masturbated. I will never lower my standards. Dildos were made because of small dick losers like him.

I have a new neighbor

I have a new neighbor. OMG he is so handsome. I think he is single. You know, a bachelor. I watched the movers put his things away and nothing was feminine. I prefer single men. I can fuck them more because they can fuck me when I want to be fucked; not just when they can get away from their wives. I decided to be neighborly last night. I put on something sexy, baked a pie and went to say hello. I had a bottle of good bourbon with me because I could see his Maker’s Mark collection through the window. His name is Pete. He just got a new technology job in the city, so he bought his first house. He didn’t mention a girlfriend and he was getting buzzed and commenting on my sexy legs. I blurted out that nothing says welcome to the neighborhood like a hot blowjob. He paused because I think he wasn’t sure he heard me correctly. When I went to unzip his pants, he didn’t stop me, however. His cock was amazing. He manscapes! His cock was at least a solid 8-inches and thick too. I was showing off my cock sucking skills and being neighborly. He blew a hug load in my mouth. I love having new neighbors to fuck. I am the community welcoming slut.

Let me Fuck You Right


Great blowjobs

I can make a motherfucker scream. I can make a horny man so happy you could do what I need all I want is a little money. Let me be your nasty bitch for tonight; let me be your motherfucking whore and cum-dumpster. I can make you happy you can see and feel the best cunt slut in me. If you want to have a whore who is going to make you feel good it’s me that you need I’m a mother fucking cunt and believe me I can satisfy you in every way you can imagine. You will want me to be your everything. I’m a bitch who can do the best I can do the most I can make you work like you need to because I want you and I need you. Bitches like me don’t have any rules at all in this world I am everything that I knew to be. I’m a cunt I’m a slut I’m a motherfucking cock sucking bitch who can make you happy for real. I’m a fucking cunt bitch, and I love it. I cannot stop myself, and I wouldn’t if I could. Bitches like me have fun all the time we do whatever we want to. I sleep with all the motherfuckers who I want to anybody who I have an appetite for is who I get because I’m beautiful. I’m hot, and I’m nasty. Would you like to go on a ride with me and let me ride that cock of yours I can make it feel real good?

I want it all

Great blowjobs
My pussy was made to satisfy I don’t give a fuck about any other whores. I’m number one as far as I’m concerned, and I don’t need help from a bitch who is just nothing. I know this married woman who always tries to get me in a pickle she really is jealous because her husband wants to fuck me raw naked head. I am the kind of bitch who can take it all I’ve fucked guys with 10 inches of hard cum-filled cock, and even more. I don’t give a fuck about your feelings; they are not relevant to me what have you ever done for me. I’ve got a message for jealous whores, and that is girlfriends you need to leave me alone. I will help a woman out with her man. I’ll take him off of her fucking hands. I like to be the woman who gets caught fucking him in her bed; I don’t care about the names they call me. I care about my satisfaction instead. Fuck me if you want some drama in your life tonight, don’t care about your girlfriend and I don’t give a fuck about your wife. I’m a bad girl and bad girls do the most. I have been this way all my life I cannot stop myself now and I wouldn’t if I could. My mother says that you should just let a whore be a whore and a bitch be a bitch. My mother told me that everything I did was right and I don’t have to change. Would you like to sleep with a woman who can make all your dreams come true? I’m serious I can make all of your fantasies come true and I can make you come so fucking hard that you will fall deeply in love with me. You will love my voice you will love my touch you’ll love the way that I suck on your cock and slobber all over it. I know how to make a man like me, I know how to make a man want and Lust For Me. I learned all my tricks when I was just a young girl, my mother, my auntie and my grandmother are all fucking cunt bitches. I know if you’ve got a dick you want it to be please and I know if you got a wife or a girlfriend who complains all the time you’re not getting what you want you’re not getting what you need. You know what to do if you really wanted I’m waiting on you.

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