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I Want To Fuck You

Fantasy phone sexI want to fuck you so badly. And you know it. I know you fuck around on your wife. I don’t understand why you won’t fuck me. I know you say it is because I live right next door to close for comfort for you. But I think that is just a lame excuse. Not a good enough one to deny me what I want. I hate being denied. It makes me more determined to get what I want. I have had enough. I waited for your wife to leave for her Wednesday night book club gathering. Aka drinking with the girls night. I snuck in the back door. I know you hide a key under the gnome dressed like Elvis. I play with my pussy finger blasting myself right there in your breezeway. When you open the door I will be the first thing you see. And I can’t wait for you to get home so I can ravish you. I am not waiting for you any longer I am taking what I want. You are not going to deny me anymore. I hear your car. I get excited. My pussy is very wet my fingers are soaked. I hear the rattling of the keys in the door. You walk in and flip on the lights and bam I am what you see. My legs spread wide. 3 of my fingers pushing in and out of my twat. And my boobs out bouncing for you. I see your bulge trying to rip through your pants. But yet you still try to deny me. No not tonight big boy. Tonight you belong to me. I take control seducing you making you mine for the night. And many more nights to come.

7 Rings

latina phone sex

Latina phone sex is the best. I am a hot sexy Spanish slut who happens to have equally yummy friends. My girls and I get together. We live a life most would only dream of and we tend to get out of the house for a girls night out once in a while. We all have cucks for husbands Men with big bank accounts but small dicks. We all crave big black dicks, and we get them. Little by little, we have let the cat out of the bag.

All of our husbands know very well that we sit around and burn them. We laugh at their misery and can’t get enough of what losers they are. We have all been planning a cuck party for a while now. All 7 of us got together and brought over our significant others. They were in for quite a night. Our special guest was the local college basketball boys. All tall dark and handsome and most importantly, Well hung! That’s the way we roll.  One by one they made it in. We weren’t only going to fuck these boys. We were going to humiliate our little dick worthless husbands and boyfriends. Seven rings all lined up. Cock rings, of course, We each put them on them and couldn’t contain our laughs. The look of defeat was priceless. My sexy chicks and I got fucked till we could barely walk. Our husbands couldn’t even jerk til the very end — complete humiliation.


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Black Cock Whore

Cuckold Phone Sex

A hot whore like me deserves the best of the best. And the best and biggest cocks I want are big black cocks. Only big fat black cocks can fill me up and get my whore pussy wet and juicy. I love inviting big black guys over while you’re out at work. Make sure to check your email because I will be sending you a video of me fucking your big black boss’ cock. I bet you love seeing my cunt getting pumped full of his creamy cum and not you. You cannot satisfy me like a big black cock is able to. If you truly want to satisfy my holes, you need to send over a couple of black guys my way!


Great Blowjobs are In Need

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs are in high demand, especially on a college campus.  Not just from the college studs either. I get a lot of cock. I am a sexy woman, so attracting men of any age is never a problem. When there was a knock at my office door, I assumed it was a horny student wanting a blow job from the best cock sucker on campus. It was a colleague. A handsome one too. He said he needed some advice. I give advice to all kinds of folks, so I ushered him in, and he took a seat. He started telling me about his marriage. It was not the story I was expecting. I figured his wife was cheating or she was a bad lay. What he told me was his wife won’t suck his cock because it is too big. His dick makes his wife choke. I was taller than this fellow professor. I had a hard time picturing him with a big dick. I mean he was a short man. I told him to let me see it. I needed to know just how big his dick was. I mean I have met his wife. She is a sturdy woman. I would think she would be a big dick sucker. Holy crap. He unleashed a snake from his pants. He was close to a foot long. No wondered his wife gags. I might too and I am a seasoned cock whore. I showed no restraint. I just started slurping on his dick in my office. He came quickly. Clearly, it had been too long since lips touched his big dick. He came into my office to find out if he should have an affair or hire an escort to drain his balls. After I swallowed a few loads, I think he understood where he needs to go for those ball drainings.

I guess I embarrassed him

cuckold phone sexA little wimpy cucky boy made the mistake of inviting me to a family get together and boy did he end up embarrassed! He was paying for my time of course, it’s not like I was his girlfriend… even tho that is what he told his family I was. How embarrassing for me! I wouldn’t want to admit to being the girlfriend of a tiny little man like that! So I told them all that I was actually his Mistress and that he paid me to humiliate him. I told them all about his tiny little dickie and how it would never satisfy any woman ever… I even told them about how he watches me fuck other men and cleans me up after! When I said that, his father pulled me aside and asked me if I wanted to get fucked by a real man right then and there just to really piss my cucky off and you know I said hell yeah! So he pulled out the biggest dick I’ve ever seen and made his son watch him fuck me. Cucky was so embarrassed for everyone to see that but that’s what he gets for being a little dick loser!

Naughty maid phone sex whore

Naughty maid phone sexSissy Boy called me up for some naughty maid phone sex. He has been such a dirty sissy cuckaholic and needs his whole entire house cleaned from top to bottom from all of his sexual antics. A bunch of his big black dick friends came over to play with his sissy pee pee all night last night and clearly they have made a huge ass mess that needs to be tended to. He’s such a horny sissy, his little cock is constantly twitching just dying to be played with! He called me up and begged me to come and help him clean up the mess. Of course I showed up all dressed up in my sexiest maid outfit. My tits were pushed up and looking phenomenal as usual. My ass was nice and big & juicy, when I bend over you have the perfect view of my slutty fuck holes. Even though i’m there to help Sissy Boy clean, I am also there to totally humiliate him and make fun of all the filthy, nasty things that i’m gonna make him do! I’m looking like a total fuckin goddess as I strut around in my sexy high heels. I drive Sissy Boy crazy. He has never been this close to a real life princess before. I may be a maid but I still own him and his pathetic little pee pee. In fact, I think i’m gonna invite those big black cocks back over to his house because I want to create a little bit more of a mess and have a little more fun with him before I get down & dirty and scrub his place clean. Sissy Boy is all dressed up in his prettiest lingerie and looks like a total little whore. I shove his panties to the side and plunge one of those huge anaconda cocks inside of his asshole while another goes into his mouth. He has one in each hand while he strokes them hard. I have to whip out my phone and take pictures so that I can always remember how fucked up Sissy Boy is, lol! Sissy maid stories sure are fun to tell and talk about, especially with this special Sissy Boy!

Mother-In-Law Fantasy

Sexy babe

In all the years you have been married to my Daughter there has not been a time where I have not caught you looking at me with lust in your eyes.  Even on your wedding day when you danced with me I felt you press up against me more than you should have, I also felt your hands brush against my ass.  I brushed it off as an accident but as the years have gone on you have become more forward.  You have tried to corner me during Holiday events, Birthdays, Anniversaries, you name it. 

I have to admit, you do make me aroused.  I am not sure what to do though, you are my Daughter’s Husband after all.  I would never want to hurt her in anyway, but the way you have been coming on to me lately is making it harder and harder not to give in.  What if she found out? I am not sure she would ever forgive me.  Perhaps just one kiss? One blowjob? One night in my bed? Would that be so bad?

I don’t know exactly what will happen between us, but I do know that it has to be dealt with soon.  I am not sure how much longer I can stave off your advances.

Turning Tricks

Fantasy phone sexWhen I was 18 my friend Sandy turned me on to turning tricks for cold hard cash. She made the money sound amazing and she kept highlighting the obvious that I would be having sex multiple times a day. I was interested and she hooked me up with a few clients to start myself off with. My first-day turning tricks I fucked twelve wild men. I never had so many orgasms in my life. Each fuck was better than the fuck before. And they were throwing hundreds and hundreds at me. I was getting fucked every which way in every hole. By the time I was done my head was spinning and my pussy was so fucking satisfied. That is when I knew I had found my calling in life.

Cum swapping slut

latina phone sex

Nothing gets me off more than getting my cunt filled with jizz. I have the hottest pairs of twins as friends. Jenna and Jessica are both sluts willing to do anything with me. I like having latina phone sex with my papi. I love his huge dick and when he invites us over we need to share his dick. It’s a must. We get fully prepared to make big poppas dick cream. I like building that cum up and letting it pop right in my mouth. I fill the twin whore mouths and keep cum swapping till one of us has to swallow it whole. Its a fun game and treat. I am sure we will never get bored with the massive loads he pumps in our mouths.

Ready Ramona

Mature phone sex You come home from work and flip on the lights. You are stunned to see me there right in the middle of your floor fucking myself with my hot red vibrating dildo. You are wondering how the hell I even got in. Ready Ramona has her ways. Your mouth is open. Your dick is growing thru your pants. You walk towards me taking your dick out. You stand above me your dick an inch away from my sloppy mouth. My mouth reaches up putting your sweet tasting dick in my mouth. I moan softly as I slide down your shaft with ease. I am a slut with no gag reflex. Your cock hiding in my throat I begin to swallow on it. Your pre-cum tastes so yummy sliding down my throat. You pick me up like a caveman. Carrying me into your room and throwing me down on your bed. Go ahead have your way with Ready Ramona.

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