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Latina phone sex with loretta

Latina phone sexlatina phone sex is hot sexy and sassy like me. I’m the total trophy wife who doesn’t get fucked right by her husband. I spend my days finding guys I can fuck while my husband is away at work or on business trips. I totally fool my husband into thinking that I am head over heels and overly satisfied with him and everything he does for me. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy all the gifts he showers me with, I love how he knows I am out of his league and he lucked out with getting such hot sexy young latina who attracts stares everywhere. I am a nasty slut who likes to get banged by all types of cocks also I enjoy hot females too. I love to look at beautiful girls and really play with them. I basically love getting fucked by everyone but my husband. I must admit I get so horny and I have to have what I want.

Cocksucking phone sex

 cocksucking phone sex

I have a new friend that is obsessed with me. He really wants to take things to the next level of our relationship. I know though that his cock is on the smaller side. I want him to know why we can never be perfect together because I can not be pleased by him.

I brought over a friend of mine named Jared. I made my new boyfriend sit on the couch and watch how quickly Jared makes me fall to my knees, something he could never really do. He took his pants off and his big fat ten incher flopped right out.

I fell to my knees rubbing his cock all over my face and lips getting ready to down it down my throat. I sucked him deep and hard into my throat. He was making me gag all over his cock. I guess we can also add that to the list my new BF could never make me do. I can gag on this cock.

Now watch me get a big fat load out of his balls.

Phone sex sites

Phone sex sitesLook at your sexy big titty Latina! This big tits are all yours honey! Cum here take my clothes off and make me your woman! Grab my huge tits with both your hands and lick my nipples! Yum rub your face all over my big tits and tell me how bad you want to stick your big fat juicy dick in my cunt! Hell yeah I cant wait for you to penetrate me with that big peace of meat! My pussy is so dripping wet for you now honey! Pick me up against the wall so I could put my thick Latina legs around your waist and you just ram your dick in my tight pussy! Fuck yeah keep fucking me baby pound my pussy fuck yeah! I’m in love with you and your big fat long juicy dick and Oh my that big fat mushroom head you have makes me squirt all the time!

Hot Sexy Woman Domme

Hot sexy womanDo you want a Hot sex woman Domme like Me to be your ruler? I will put you under my thumb. And keep you at My feet. You may worship Me every day. Kissing and washing My feet with your tongue. Drying My feet off with your hair. Then you may praise Me. Tell Me how grateful and how much you love Me. Tell Me how much you desire me. Tell Me how much you want to please Me in all aspects. When I ask for something I expect it right away. When I command an action from you. I want that action,which I commanded done right away. With a smile on your face. And eagerness in your movements. You will never walk unless the need arises. You will never cum, piss, eat, drink, sleep or anything else, without My permission. You will always wear My collar. A beautiful diamond crusted purple collar with the inscription: This boi property of Goddess Clarissa. If you take off this collar means banishment from My world. If you are afraid the collar is coming loose and may fall off. Say something. Only I may remove your collar and put back on your neck. I expect peace, so you will get along with other boi’s that live and serve Me. I pay special attention to My favorite boi. If you wish this to be you. Then you have to work at it. Please Me unconditionally. Without question, With happiness. And this can get you in the position of being My favorite boi. I expect you to take care of all My needs. In every way any time I wish. When I bring real Men home to please Me. You will be kneeling and quiet unless otherwise instructed. I will make you watch as I Am ravished by another. If you think you can handle this and would like to be a boi to this Goddess, you know where to find Me.

Photo Shoot

Fantasy phone sexhad a photo shoot a week ago with this photographer that I have known for years. We met when I was a teenager. He told me he would take my photos for free In exchange for my yum yum holes for a few hours each session. Of course I agreed very quickly. Over a thousand dollar photo shoot for my holes, for a few hours. Every three months or so I make an appointment for another photo shoot. Not that I need so many pictures but I really do like his cock. I like the smoothness of his cock when slides into my pussy. He has a great tongue too swirls that tongue in and out of my pussy. Slithers it on my clit. He really knows what he is doing under the sheets. Getting the photo shoot for free and his cock… Giggles. Well as you can see being a slut has advantages.

Like What You See?

Sexy babe You like the way My body  looks?  You can have this body if you behave. Treat Me right.  Make Me feel like the Princess I am.  Shower Me in gifts.  Spoil me until My hearts content.  I will be your Princess and you will be My servant.  My special servant to take care of all my needs inside and out.  To get Me what ever I desire.  That is how you get my body.  That is how you get permission to slide your rock hard cock deep in my pussy.  This is how you get to enjoy this pussy and body.  So if you wanna play on My playground boys.  Cum make Me your Princess. And I will let your cock drain over and over.


Fantasy phone sexI need a husband to take care of Me. A husband to control. A husband I can tease.  Let him watch Me have sex with other men.  Let my husband see what a real cock looks like as it gives Me pleasure, he can not.  I need a husband at My beck and call.  Give Me money every day to go shopping.  A husband to pay all my bills.  And I live My slutty life with My husband under My thumb.  I do not want a boi as a husband.  But I do want a husband who knows his place.  A husband who will strive everyday to treat me like the Goddess I am. To make me happy every single day.  In every thing I want, need, and crave.



I Love Being That Special Slut!

Fantasy phone sexI love being that special slut just for you. I love to see you walk threw my door. That always puts a smile on my face, when you surprise me like that. The way you cum in and just take control of my body. Making me shiver and quiver until I begin to cum. And still you keep thrusting deep in me. Bringing my body to ecstasy with your cock. Letting me feel every inch of your cock as you hit my cervix. My moans and screams in pleasure become louder and louder as you ravish my body.  Playing with every inch of my body for your pleasure and mine  I had this picture taken especially for you.  Because I love being your special slut.

Sensual phone sex

Sensual phone sexBaby just look at me finger my tight little pink pussy fuck hole. I love licking my fingers and finger my pussy then lick them again! I just taste so fucking delish! My pussy just feels fucking amazing its so tight and soft in there. I cant wait for your dick to fuck me really fucking hard! I just want you to throw me on my bed and jump on me and start caressing me real soft and kissing my neck and my lips. Then going down to my belly with your tongue. Then you going lower to start french kissing my sweet sweet pussy. I love how you start tongue fucking my pussy fuck hole in deep. Flickering your tongue on my clit so soft till you make me orgasm twice in a row. Then you gently put your big fat cock in my pussy fuck hole, and I start squirting all over your dick and balls.

Looking For Another Pet

Sexy babeMy pets have requested a new pet to add to group,  And I could use another play mate. So I Am putting out a call for all pets to apply if they wish.  Only one will be excepted.  Requirements are as follows:  There will be complete obedience and submission from your end. You will address Me as Ma’am until you have permission to call Me Goddess or Mistress.  You will be gracious, eager, in your service to Me.  You will not question My orders.  There will be a probation period of three months. If at the end of the three months.  I Am pleased.  My pets are pleased.  And you are pleased.  Then you will get a pretty purple collar for that neck of yours.  And you may call Me Goddess or Mistress.

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