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Ex sex

 Roleplay phone sex 

 My ex came over and we have been broke up for a few months, but he keeps coming back for me. He just cant get rid of this pussy. I have been craving his cock, but I dont miss him. I want more then him, he doesn’t like that I love phone sex so he left, but anyways, I got him back over and I played with his ass, i love to feel that anal gland it makes my pussy drip. I want to play with your ass like I do his. He eat me out and damn was it good. I love the way he makes me feel when he fucks me in all my holes, its so good I moan and scratch his back and neck, I think of our sex from time to time and just play with my ass hole, and pussy.

Being The Other Woman

Hot sexy woman

Nothing turns me on more than attached man. I see a man with his wife or girlfriend and becomes 10x more attractive. I’ve been seeing a married man for a few weeks now, and he loves that I do stuff that his wife won’t do. Dumb women, keep acting like prudes because there are women like me who will wreck your home. This man loves that I’ll put my tongue in his ass and I let him fuck me in any hole. I got him wrapped around my finger because I behave like his very own private pornstar. He puts his dick in my mouth and I always suck him dry. His wife doesn’t swallow but I love how his semen tastes. He wants to leave her for me but I don’t want him all to myself. It won’t be fun anymore without his prudish old lady. My cunt gets wet because being the other woman is so exciting.

Sugar baby of the year

Sexy hot womenAs everyone knows, Big Daddy King only keeps the most sexy hot women in the whole wide world on his big strong arms and that’s why I am his main spoiled princess. The two of us are the hottest sugar daddy/sugar baby duo that anyone has ever seen so naturally we were invited to be the very special guests of honor for the evening to the annual Sugar Baby awards gala. BDK and I got all dolled up and dressed to the nines, but looking like a ten… Big Daddy thinks I’m a solid 11 though as always, hehe. We looked fly and flashy as fuck but what’s new!! I was dripping in diamonds and he looked amazing in his custom-made designer suit. I was receiving the very prestigious sugar baby of the year award and Big Daddy was set to receive the lifetime achievement award for being the best sugar daddy that this planet has ever seen! BDK and his regal anaconda have gone from the living legend award to the lifetime achievement award, I am so proud of him and he deserves it all! Together we are the sugar couple of the year and they even gave us a separate award for that as well. I loved showing off our relationship to everyone that was sitting in the crowd and of course you know I was streaming that shit on Instagram live so that all of my fans and haters alike could witness me and BDK accept our well-deserved achievements. After the ceremony, Daddy King and I took a limo straight to the airport and hopped on our gold-encrusted private plane so that we could jet off to the Bahamas to celebrate. Everyone bows down to us and rolls out the red carpet wherever we go, that’s the privilege of being the most prestigious sugar daddy and sugar baby in the universe! I got on Instagram live again while we flew off to paradise and told everyone how my Daddy is a living legend and now he has yet another award under his belt to prove so! I gave BDK’s throbbing anaconda kisses from tip to balls and sucked all over him until he exploded his millionaire cum all over my pretty face! I love being property of Big Daddy King! #BadBitchesOnly #MillionaireCum #LivingLegends #SugarDaddyOfTheYear #SugarBabyOfTheYear #NoSplendaDaddysAllowed

Ready for him

Best phone sex  I want hot ass sex all the time. If I could get it I would. I am hungry for balls and cock slapping me in my face. In the office about three weeks ago .. three weeks to long I was at my desk and a co worker emailed me dirty talking me. Telling me he want his dick to be squeezed by my pussy. I had to tell him that I wanted it. I have been looking at him for months. He just so happened to trust me and know that I would never tell his wife. We have been dirty talking and emailing back and forth. It hasn’t happened yet. But, I know it will sometime soon. I send him sexy half naked pictures of me every day. I am hoping its good and worth the wait. Would you wait ?


Sexy chatI had a disco-themed sex party a few nights ago. Everybody was dressed like it was 1975. Black men with afros and BBC. White chicks with crazy hair, wild makeup, and very wet pussies. My sissy slave boys had on gold thongs and I sprayed their bodies in shimmering gold glitter. They were the sex slaves of the party. My slave boys have been very good and deserved a special treat. There was lots of dancing, drinking, snorting, and fucking. As I was glancing around the room I saw this fine black guy hit on one of my sissy boys. Too fine for me not to get a taste of that chocolate treat first. I walked over to my boy and the sexy ass black man, and I shooed my sissy boy away. I pushed that sexy black MF down on the reclining chair. And I slithered to my knees. I unbuckled his bell bottoms and let that huge black cock just suffocate me. Drool was pouring out of my mouth. He was shoving and pushing trying to get all 10 inches in my mouth. Unfortunately, that did not happen but I did get his sweet tasting seed to fill my tummy full.

The Wife and the Mistress

2 girl phone sex

When I found out about my ex husbands secret affair, I was livid and fuming. I didn’t say a word I was going to get even my way. I did investigate and confronted the slut. I was shocked she was willing to meet me up. When I saw the sexy babe, I kind of forgot how angry I was. She was gorgeous. I knew I was going to like her. Her name was Denise she was young beautiful and had great style like me. We hit it off instantly, and I just had to take her home. We were tipsy from drinking, and we were excited to have some fun. One thing leads to another, and we were stripped naked, and I reached for my toy chest and begun exploring her body. We were fucking each other with my toys and had been at it for hours. My poor husband made it home to find his mistress and wife fucking passionately. Oh, no loser you can watch, but you can’t touch. He was going to sit and enjoy the view with a chastity penis cage. He wasn’t allowed to cum only we were. His cock is pathetic, and we let him know how we are sugar sluts who only care about his cash flow.

sexy babe

BDK Anaconda Addiction

2 girl phone sexGreat blowjobsNobody appreciates naughty 2 girl phone sex like our Big Daddy King, flat out no questions asked. He’s the most generous sugar daddy in the whole entire world and he only deserves the best of the best, that’s why he has me and Loretta on his big strong arms as his young & sexy princesses. BDK is already a handsome sight to see but when he has our gorgeous asses on either side of him, he just looks that much more appealing! Everyone knows what the fuck is up when we step in, the party doesn’t start until the sexiest celebrity trio says it does, bitches! My addiction to Big Daddy King’s gigantic anaconda cock has gotten quite out of hand, hehe. Daddy loves how fuckin obsessed I am with his throbbing manhood. Loretta is just as infatuated now, especially because every time we play with BDK his huge dick just continues to get thicker and longer! We were both so excited when Big Daddy surprised us with a very expensive shopping spree in order to prepare for another special surprise that he had in store. The hottest new club in town was having their grand-opening and they wanted me to host the evening. Of course BDK is friends with the owner, he has the hook-up with everyone and everything… would you expect anything less from the living legend himself?! Only A-list celebrities & athletes as well as all the industry VIP’s were allowed to attend so obviously it only makes sense that Daddy and his sugar baby princesses are in charge of handling the fun evening. We all three looked hott as FUCK when we arrived to the red carpet. We made quite the entrance as we pulled up in a stretch Hummer limo! Loretta and I couldn’t keep our hands or our tongues off of our sexy Papi King. His anaconda was pulsating through his dapper designer suit that he had on for the event, goddamn that man can rock the fuck out of any designer he chooses! The level of horny that he makes me and Loretta feel is off the charts and we needed to feed our addiction. Our hankering for monster anaconda cock is uncontrollable and Big Daddy lets us have our fix whenever the hell want… which is all the time! The three of us slipped away back to the VIP champagne room so that we could manhandle our delicious black snake. He can’t get enough of our great blowjobs that we love to give him. Daddy painted our faces with his millionaire nut cream while we begged for his cum as he skull-fucked our pretty faces. We truly are a triple trouble trio… 😉 #BigDaddyKingIsTheBest #MillionairesOnly #BlackCardBlackCock #HottestSugarBabies #SpoiledPrincesses

Overcompensating For Sure

Phone Humiliation

Let me tell you about the most wonderful date with the most embarrassing ending! So this rich old guy I want to say 60’s, I don’t know nor care. He had the dough so I was ready to go. He’s been showering me with gifts and even offering to help my expenses just to go out with him. So I thought why not, I got to give him a little something before he leaves and takes his wallet with him.  So I get picked up by his driver, I get flowers he tells me how pretty I am. Like, duh? Go to a fantastic steakhouse, I tease him a bit with my feet running up and down his leg. I convince him to go back to his house. So I can take care of him, and for him to write me a little allowance check of course. We get there, I’m excited and he seems quite overjoyed. We get inside and he sits down and pulls out his checkbook. I try to be cute and start to unzip his pants. Figured he could watch my head bobbing while he writes the check. His cock is very small, I assume maybe he’s a grower. I start to lick and suck with all my normal tricks it gets hard but no bigger. Which is whatever he’s rich, I’ll deal with the small gerkin. Then he says “That’s right baby, choke on it”. Well I certainly choked alright, but from laughing to hard

Come to me

Sexy legs  Bending over just for you. Stare at my body , let me see how I turn you on. My pussy and ass hole wait for you. Help me help you. I want to cum all over your face. Grinding my hips on your face, feel my pussy juices fill your mouth up. I know your hungry for my little pussy. Just as much as I am for that cock. Fuck my ass hole open me wide and enjoy all juices that are going to pour. I’m your dirty horny little bitch that will do anything . I cant wait to take that cock right down my throat. Shooting your sperm down my throat or cumming right into me just makes me feel so right. Lets have a good night baby give me a call.


If the price is right

Sexy babeI only fuck with men who have big dicks and fat wallets baby, the only way I will even look your way or pay you any sort of mind and attention is if the price is right for a sexy babe of my caliber. Like I said, the price better be right. I can’t even imagine settling for a tiny micro-penis, especially a broke one! You better overcompensate for where you’re lacking in the manhood department with a huge deposit into my bank account. There’s nothing worse than a bastard that thinks I cum for cheap. Nah sweetie, you are terribly mistaken. Do you honestly think that I would ever even think twice about your existence let alone any sort of sexual activity with you if you didn’t pay up and shut up?!? Motherfuckers like that sicken me. You can look but you can’t touch little bitch. I’ve been way too spoiled with a lavish lifestyle and huge monster cock to ever settle for anything less. There’s no ifs ands or buts about it hun, don’t fuckin even contact me if you don’t plan on dropping stacks on my fine ass. No broke losers allowed!

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