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The pool boy has a big black dick

sensual phone sexSensual phone sex is the best. I like seducing young guys who are hungry for a sexy young wife. My new pool boy is hot and has what I want so much. A big black dick. I have fucked the last few pool boys but none measure up to this chocolate stallion. The moment I laid my eyes on him was the moment I needed him deep in my holes. My tight ass and twat was calling out his name. It felt so good to feel him push his big black dick in me. I could feel him stretch me out. I didn’t hold back. I asked him help me with a light switch and I pulled his pants down and let him fuck me in my bed. We also fucked in the pool and on the kitchen Island. I gave him five stars for customer service. 😉

I was his girl for the night

best phone sexMy friend Thomas came over yesterday drunk as a skunk, usually he’s a shy guy, really reserved but he was not at all like that last night! He was all over me as soon as he walked in the door. He grabbed me close and kissed me and when he did my knees got weak and my pussy was soaking wet, who knew that we would have chemistry like that? I never thought he even liked me but I guess he did and was always too shy to make a move on me. I was liking the new Thomas so I kissed him back and pulled him closer, encouraging him to take my clothes off and fuck me. I led him to the bedroom and let him throw me down on the bed, he was so forceful and manly and exciting! He had a great dick too it was big and thick and when he shoved it inside me balls deep I screamed out with the pleasure of it! We crossed a lone last night that we never crossed before… I kinda hope we cross it again soon!

Feet for your Meat!

foot fetishes

This teen tramp noticed that a new intern has started working on campus. And boy does he have a thing for my stockings! I noticed him readjusting his package while staring at my legs yesterday. I was wearing my black seamed hose and black high heels. So I decided to close my book and put my bare feet up and give him my sweetest smile while wiggling my cute petite toes. Wiggle Wiggle, then smile as I pulled my hemline higher showing him my tiny black thongs and my peek a boo bald pussy. He cleared his throat as I walked by and slipped a note saying meet me in the janitors closet. I was sitting on a shelf with just my thongs and my hose on when he slipped in. I stretched out my feet and whispered get that cock out. He did and I gave him the most seductive foot job making his average cock shoot a nice load on my toes. “Now Lick it off!’ I half yelled half whispered. Boy did Mr. Intern lick and suck his cum off my toes. I got to finish my classes with cum and slobber toes! I love being a cute tiny tramp with nice feet! Let me be your seductive foot princess.

Sexy Women Masturbating in Front of You: Watch and Learn

sexy women masturbatingEvery man loves to watch sexy women masturbating. I enjoy being watched playing with my kitty. It feels good to be watched, but also, I think it is educational. I encourage all women to masturbate in front of their men. This is the best way for a man of any age to see how his woman likes to be pleased. Men, you should never turn your head when a woman is playing with her pussy for you. Watch intently. Take notes and learn something. I got tired of men fumbling around between my legs in need of a map to find my clit, so I started masturbating in front of them. While I touched myself, while I made myself cum, I instructed men to take note on how I like to be pleasured. If your woman has not yet given you a guided masturbation lesson to her pussy, ask for one. There is no shame in admitting you don’t know how to please your girl. There is only shame in never pleasing her, especially when you have been instructed on how she likes it. Guys make the mistake all the time of thinking every woman cums the same way or to the same things. The female orgasm doesn’t have to be such a mystery if you just watch and learn.

He fucked me all day long

best phone sexMy friend came over to visit me yesterday and it was so fucking hot! He fucked me all day long, by the time he was done with me I was too tired to move, that’s how good it was. He started right in as soon as he walked in the door too, he pulled that cock right out and asked me to suck it. Well, he has a huge fucking cock so I was all over it! I got right down on my knees and sucked that dick all the way down my throat, his legs were trembling and shaking and he was thrusting so hard that I could barely breathe but I loved every single second of it! Then he fucked the shit out of me, he fucked my pussy and my ass and I couldn’t do anything but beg for more. I swear he made me cum more times than I can count but I loved it all!

He spent all his money on me

best phone sexI met a new guy and I am practically in love already! He is very rich, like can buy me anything I want kind of rich and he has a huge dick too! It’s like I won the fucking lottery or something and I am so so so happy. Yesterday he took me shopping in all these super expensive stores, then we went out to eat in a 5 star restaurant and then back to this really fancy hotel for the best sex I have ever had. Seriously, this guy worshiped my pussy for hours, he made me cum at least 6 times before we even fucked! Then he pulled out that massive cock and I got weak in the knees. I could only fit half of it in my mouth and just thinking of that huge thing filling up my pussy had me dripping wet. I had to beg him to fuck me like a shameless little slut but that dick was so worth the wait! Best sex I have ever had!

I can make that cock cream

sexy breastMy brother in law can’t keep his eyes off of me. He won the lottery when he gained me as a sister in law. I played hard to get for a while and rained all over his parade. I wasn’t going to give in so quickly and give him the satisfaction I knew he was craving. I was going to make him work for it all. It was so fun to be a tease. I knew I wanted to please him and make that cock cream. My sexy breast and tight ass needed the cum coat asap. It was killing me giving him blue balls. I had to make him need me not just want me. I stuck to my guns but once I let him hit it he was hooked, and I was too, That cock was so big too strong I thought it wasn’t going to fit. I enjoy veiny hard cocks that spurt massive loads. I am one lucky girl.

Sex Therapy Porn: Your Cum Photographs Well

sex therapy porn

Sometimes the pron on the screen becomes your therapy! But then a hot little cuckold Mistress who finds the biggest dick isn’t being took care of right makes your sex therapy porn into a cream covered teen! See your wife doesn’t understand your porn addiction. She does not know that you need a cute teen to take all 9 mother fucking inches deep inside of her hot teen twat. How could wife understand when she doesn’t even give you a blow job except for your birthday? I, on the other hand, my dear big dicked Married man have a mouth that craves big dick like yours. I will suck it until you almost blow your load and then let you penetrate my tight vagina until you pull out and jizz all over my sweet pussy and stomach. And yes, all on camera so you can watch it over and over until you get another sweet teen hole to please!

Latina phone sex with the best

latina phone sex

Papi wants to have fun have latina phone sex again. 😉 Let me show you my assets and make you weak in the knees.

My sexy body and holes are all yours to play with; I love to worship you and make you happy. I am yours for the night and possibly every night.

I want to play my cards right and show you how grateful I am to have you devour every inch of my body. I want to feel you take control of me and use me to your liking. I know my tight ass has your cock growing and ready to pop out. I cant wait to rub and tug on it and lick the head and tip. Feel my tongue flicker all over and watch me spread my legs and rub my clit. I know it drives you crazy when I moan and call you Papi. You are this latinas master. I want you to fuck me raw and let me build up the biggest cum load. I wish it all over me.
Most importantly let me have a taste because I have a sweet tooth for your candy rain. My mouth full of cum is the treat I been waiting on. Great blowjobs are the best with this Spanish slut.

great blowjobs

GFE Phone Sex w/ Brotherly Incest Love

GFE phone sex

I have a little secret, I love family fucking so much! I just can’t help
it, I’ve been this way forever. It all started with my brother sneaking
into my bed at night, ever since then he has had me addicted to his
dick. Yesterday he was so mean to me, I wanted to fuck soo bad and he
just wouldn’t! He kept teasing me, showing me his huge dick and never
letting me have it. He would touch me and kiss me but he just would not
fuck me no matter how hard I begged for it. I went to bed last night
horny as hell so I waited until I thought I was alone and started
rubbing my juicy cunny. That’s when my brother walked in and caught me!
He said I was just a dirty slut so he was gonna treat me like one. He
grabbed me by my hair and shoved his big cock down my throat and even
tho I was choking I was just so happy to finally get that cock! Then he
bent me over and fucked my pussy so hard that I had to scream! I was
cumming so hard and I loved it, it was definitely worth the wait!

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