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Sexy babes love to be spoiled

Sexy babeA naughty, sexy babe like me not only loves to be spoiled, but deserves it more than you deserve to have oxygen in your lungs. Hot girls never have to work a day in their lives so that’s where you come in! There’s nothing that you shouldn’t be doing for me, nothing that’s too much or out of your financial range and budget. I am more than worth every penny and a man that knows to never say No is exactly the caliber of man that I deserve in my life at all times! Unless you plan on adding to my wealth, you don’t deserve to talk to me whatsoever. My precious attention comes with high prices and if you don’t meet the requirements then you’re a lost fucking cause. Fuckers like you pay to cum and be noticed by a woman of my type of class. I make your blood boil with the need to serve, you crave the affirmation that only I am able to give to you. Call me up for some sexy phone chat, let’s see how easily I can break you!

You Slut

Sexy phone chat I was in the mall shopping the other day and some jealous bitch in the neighborhood called me a slut. I laughed at her. She is just mad cause her husband fucks me on a weekly basis and there is nothing she can do about it. I love fucking other women’s husband. They are the best fucks ever. I get the cock, the money and none of the aggravation it takes to have a husband of my own. If these women would take care of their men like they should in the bedroom. They would not be looking my way to get the satisfaction that their prude wives will not give them. The world needs sluts like me. Sluts are what makes the world go around.

Sexy Phone Chat with Hot Babe!

Sexy phone chatHe was trying to be slick and sneak into the kitchen on his hands and knees to surprise me. I caught him out of the corner of my eye, that bare skin of his catching my attention immediately. I waited until he was almost directly beneath me, then cocked a sexy little pose that showed off my pretty panties under my white dress as I looked down at him. He got that guilty little boy caught in the cookie jar look on his face, and looked so sweet. I leaned down and planted a big kiss on his lips as I pulled him up to me. He slipped the dress over my head and slid a hand into my panties. His fingers dipped into my puss, and that was all she wrote. I absently turned my burner down to low, and off we went to the bedroom, me wrapped around his waist as his fingers worked my pussy over. He laid me on the bed and pulled my panties down, burying his face in my cunt and working me into a frenzy. Only then did he slide up my body and run that beautiful, delicious shaft into my wet and waiting cunny. He fucked me hard and deep until we both came. I wound up burning brunch, after all.

Tease and Denial Has Him Going Crazy

tease and denial

My games of tease and denial have men going crazy for me. Everywhere I go I flash my perky tits and nice round ass for them to peek at and they are practically drooling on themselves. I know right away that I have them so wrapped around my little finger that they’ll do anything I ask just for a chance to get inside my pussy. They can’t help themselves, having a sexy young girl like me whispering sweet kinky things into their ear. I love seeing how excited they get when I’m stroking their cock for them and they think that this is it, that it’s finally their chance to fuck me and then with a mischievous little giggle I stop. Leaving their cock aching and them begging me for more. Every guy thinks he has what it takes but little have the patience and the control of their cock to play with me. When they finally get their happy ending and I have their cock exploding all of that delicious warm creamy cum for me, they know it was worth the wait.

My Pet

Phone sex sites Today I took my pet shopping. Had him dressed up in a cute little lacy purple outfit. I picked it out myself for him. I bought all sorts of things clothes, jewelry, stuff for my hair. And just crazy little stuff that was just too cute to not buy. And yes my pet paid for it all as he followed behind me. I could hear the laughs, and whispers about my pet. I could see the humiliation on his face. After I was done spending his money I took him home. He was such a good pet at the mall. So for his reward I let him give me oral on my kitty. When I had my 3rd orgasm I let him jerk off on the floor and allowed him to lick up his own cum. And true to form of what a good obedient pet I have. He thanked me for all I allowed him to do today for me.

Mutual masturbation stories

mutual  masturbation stories

My boyfriends best friend has the biggest cock I have ever seen. I want his dick inside me so badly. We are all hanging out at the house and I decided to go to my bedroom and lay on my bed while everyone is distracted. That friend of his has had his eye on me all night! I know it is a matter of time before he comes in here with his big fat cock.

I have my legs spread and I am rubbing away at my soaking wet pussy. I look over to my door way and see him standing there just like I had planned. He takes his cock out and stares at me. He starts stroking it while watching me rub harder and faster. I am about to squirt all down my thighs. He is nutting at the same time that I am cumming. His cum shoots across the room and lands on me.

He has really good aim. I hope to get that fat cock in one of my holes next time. Hopefully all of them.

A Slut Forever

Sexy phone sexI have been a slut since the age of 18. Still a slut today. And hoping to be a slut well into grandma years. I love being a slut and enjoying as many cocks as I can get in my lifetime. When a new cock comes my way. I love to feel the newness of that cock. Taste that cocks scent. And every man works his cock differently. And when I get cock that I have had before that is great too! I already know what to expect and what they like to make them feel good using this slut. My point being is being a slut is a great way to live and I would not want to be anything else but a slut.

Fulfill your cuckold duties

Roleplay phone sexRoleplay phone sex is the best when I am able to have you weak at the knees and bowing down to please my every move! Fulfill your cuckold duties for me today, after all, it’s the only thing that you are good for doing! If what you’re saying to me and giving to me doesn’t benefit me in any way, then I don’t want shit to do with your pathetic ass! And just like that, I get everything that I want! I love never having to worry about any sort of financial matter, you take care of all of that for me and you fucking love doing so! Need me to be kept as your dirty little secret? Don’t worry babe, I am very good at being your discreet and naughty mistress! Silently spending money on me is one of the most attractive things that you could ever do! Some men can only dream of pleasing and serving me while others actually work hard to earn their position in my life. Even more so if I decide to keep you around and not kick you to the curb once i’m through with you! I create your reality, every male that I encounter is my subject!

Naughty teacher

naughty teacher

I am teaching a sex class today and it is to make sure everyone learns how to fuck a big fat cock properly. The smaller fellas will have to sit back and watch. There are some men showing up without their lame wifes, so I will make sure to provide enough holes for them to learn properly how to fuck and fill up a hot pussy.

There are two small dicks that are getting benched. I take their girlfriends and introduce them to big fat cocks that will forever change their lifes. I teach them how to lather that cock up with their spit. I make them take those dicks deep down their throats. They will never gag on those tiny dicks like this. Oh and this is the best part!

Time to get those cocks stuffed into those pussy holes. Just wait till those pussy holes get full of a gallon of that hot sticky cum!

Phone Sex Therapy: Your Secrets are Safe with Me

phone sex therapyEvery guy could use a little phone sex therapy now and again. I tell guys to think of me as that bartender they spill their guts too at happy hour. Instead of paying for drinks to air your dirty laundry, you are paying for phone sex. I bet I am hotter than the bartender at your dive bar too. I am safe. I know no one you know. You are paying me for a service, so I am bound by some ethical obligations not to discuss you with anyone. That means you can confess away to me. You can tell me you want to suck cock. You can tell me you want to wear panties. You can tell me you are a closet sissy. You can tell me you’re a cuckold wannabe. Trust me, there is nothing I have not heard, and I am shock proof and judgment free. I am a phone sex therapist mostly to cuckolds and sissies, but I get all sorts of fetish guys. This morning, I talked to a cum eater. He has been eating his own cum for decades. Plus, he frequents glory holes for a fix. I helped him suck his own cock. He didn’t think he was flexible enough for that, but it is all about finding the right position. I don’t think he will ever leave the house again now that he can suck his own dick. What dirty secret can I help you with today?

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