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Phone sex sites

Phone sex sitesLook at your sexy big titty Latina! This big tits are all yours honey! Cum here take my clothes off and make me your woman! Grab my huge tits with both your hands and lick my nipples! Yum rub your face all over my big tits and tell me how bad you want to stick your big fat juicy dick in my cunt! Hell yeah I cant wait for you to penetrate me with that big peace of meat! My pussy is so dripping wet for you now honey! Pick me up against the wall so I could put my thick Latina legs around your waist and you just ram your dick in my tight pussy! Fuck yeah keep fucking me baby pound my pussy fuck yeah! I’m in love with you and your big fat long juicy dick and Oh my that big fat mushroom head you have makes me squirt all the time!

Small dick humiliation story of my husbands life

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is what you deserve if you can’t please me. I love to make fun of my husband I let everyone I fuck know that they need to step up their game if they are fucking me. I am sex craved and hungry for real cock. I have no time to waste. I just want to get off and get back home to pretend with my pathetic husband. Why do I put up with such an idiot? Simple he gets me all the materialistic things I need. Except for being pounded hard. I crave real men with real hard cocks. I cheat none stop and have no shame in my game. I was with my neighbor again this weekend. My poor husband had no idea I was sneaking out every night to be screwed by our well-hung neighbor. He has no idea I am hooked on huge dongs. My neighbor even made me squirt. I have never had that experience before so you can say I am a bit hooked on that good dick. 

Who wants to be my boy toy

Latina phone sexLets me and you have fun. I want you to be my boy toy! This sexy Latina ass is all yours when ever you want baby. I will make any fantasy you have cum true! Any wild dreams you have I will do just for you baby. I’ll be here with my mouth wide open as well as my thick thighs open wide waiting for you to cum play with me. I cant wait to feel your big juicy mushroom head penetrate this tight fat pussy. I’m so horny for you right now, my pussy is dripping wet. I’m starting to slowly masturbate waiting for your call. Rubbing my clit softly all around up and down. Starting to put my fingers deep in my pussy wishing it was your big fat cock. I cant take it no more I’m going to use my 12 inch dildo with the big mushroom head wishing it was your dick in me!

Naughty neighbor phone sex

naughty neighbor phone sexI saw my friend next door leave her house, leaving her husband all alone in the house. I made my way next door wearing a skimpy little sun dress and knocked on the door. He of course invited me in. I think I caught him in the middle of being a naughty boy. I caught a glimpse of his computer and he was on my facebook page.

I asked what he was looking at, and by the guilt on his face I could tell he was jerking to my picture before I got there. I gave him a half smile and jumped down to my knees and released that man cock that has been neglected. I took him in my mouth, salivating all over it. I made it so wet in my spit.

My mouth was eagerly taking him further into my mouth. He picked me up and put me on the kitchen counter. His cock entered right inside my pussy since I didn’t wear an panties. He started pounding my pussy deep and hard. We fucked all around the house, room to room.

I finally felt that dick needing to blow so I got on my hands and knees and sucked the cum juice right out of his cock. He left a cum puddle all in my mouth. Woman should learn to take care of their men better!

Mutual Masturbation Stories Done Right

Mutual Masturbation StoriesWhen I’m home alone after a long day at work, I love to call my girlfriends and share some mutual masturbation stories. I often put on something sexy after I take a long hot bath, lay on my king size bed, and pick up the phone. We all have three way calling, and can talk with lots of girls at the same time. My friends are more than happy to listen. I like to start the conversation by telling them exactly what I’m doing to myself. And that they should do the same. I say that I’m lying on my back, legs spread apart and I’m running my hands over my nipples, down my stomach and over my bald mound. I use two fingers to spread my pussy lips apart just far enough to expose my pink clit and gently start to rub it with one finger. Then, I slowly slide another finger into my already wet cunt. I start out slowly and passionately. Making love to myself with every finger, one at a time. After each finger has been inside of me, I bring them up to my mouth and suck them completely clean. My soft, tight cunt tastes like the sweetest nectar. I can hear my friends moaning on the other end of the phone lines, already getting off with the story I’ve been telling, and touching themselves like I’ve told them to. I continue by telling them to get their favorite toy and turn it on. I hear a rush of vibration and the sound of soft moaning. As I tell the girls how I’m fucking my wet little tight hole with my big dildo, I start to feel a rush of heat in my clit. My orgasm is almost here. My body starts to shudder and my legs shake. My cunt tightens and contracts so much that I push my vibrator right out of my dripping wet pussy. The sound of the other girls cumming is going to make me cum even harder. I push the dildo back into myself hard and fast. Slamming it deep into my cunt. I start to cum so hard that I can feel my cream run down onto my asshole right before I gush out a huge squirt of cum from my fuckhole. I love mutual masturbation.

Sexy phone sex

sexy phone sex

 I love sharing a big fat cock with my girlfriend. We make sure to get the really well hung guys that have huge dicks that we need to pump and bust. Lately we have had small dicked boys follow us around and that’s fine and dandy but sometimes a girl just needs a thick and rough pound by a real man.

We are inviting two of our small clitty having friends that could never fill us up like we like to be filled up. They are going to sit in the corner while me and her make out and feel one another up. We have two of our favorite big fat cock having friends hiding in the closet.

We call them out and start taking turns sharing those big long hard cocks in our mouths. We even let our tiny dick having loser friends get a taste. They are about to see how real men fuck a tight wet pussy hole. Stroke those itty bitty dicks for us.

Naughty Maid

Naughty Maid Phone Sex

When you’re a college student, you’ll do anything to make some extra cash. I took a job as a slutty maid, which was actually really good money. I walked into my next house to clean and started getting to work. The owner of the home, a handsome bachelor, came down stairs and introduced himself. He was incredibly charming and showed me where everything was.

As was typical for our clients, he sat back and watched as I bent over to scrub and sweep. What I did not expect was for him to come up to me and press his erect cock against my ass. Since I’m a bit of a freak, I was turned on instead of offended. Turning me around, he kissed me as he rubbed my clit, feeling how wet I had already become. He grunted and pushed me down to my knees.

I gave him a naughty look, holding eye contact, as I swallowed every inch of his rod down my throat until his balls were touching my chin. Gagging, I worked my tongue along the shaft, loving the way it made him squirm. Unable to hold back, he bent me over the counter, yanked my panties down, and jammed his dick into my asshole.

I yelped as he stretched my tight ass. Reaching around with his hand, he played with my sensitive clit while he pounded me from behind. My moans built up until they were shouts of ecstasy and I was shaking from cumming so hard. When my climax subsided, I got back onto my knees and let him jerk his hot, sticky load all over my face and titties.

Tease and denial you want me don’t you

tease and denial

I love being a tease. Isn’t there such a thrill with me teasing that cock and making it throbbing hard? I love walking around wearing something sexy that is grabbing my skin so you can see the outline of my physique. I know that cock is aching to be caressed across my lips.

I am going to get on my hands and knees and press that cock up against my lips. I am sure it is aching to be pumped down my throat. Too bad I am not going to put it in my mouth, no matter how much it drools against my lips. I am going to stand up and get completely naked.

My sexy body is going to taunt that cock to pounce. Ah shit, what a shame I just got a text from a friend of mine with a ten inch cock so it was really good hanging out- literally. I got to go. Bye for now!

Black Women Do It Better

Ebony phone sexI love sucking dick. I love being on my knees, using my mouth to make you feel like a king. I’m a great dick sucker, I’ve been sucking dick since I was a young girl giving blowjobs to the neighborhood boys for candy and toys. I love sucking a hard cock and looking up to see your eyes rolling back because you’re feeling so much pleasure. Growing up the older kids use to tease me and say I had “dick sucking lips”. Now, I love my full lips because I know how to use them. I want to suck your dick. I need to suck your hard dick. I want to feel you in my throat. Hold the back of my back of my head and fuck my face. Be brutal, I can handle it. Black women suck dick the best. Let me wrap my lips around your cock and show you that black women do everything better.

Lesbian phone sex

lesbian phone sex

I was over at my neighbors house to have some girl time. We were sitting down laughing about how her man had a tiny dick. He was at work so I mean we could really let out a few belts of laugh however loud we wanted. I felt so bad for her when she told me he doesn’t satisfy her.

I offered to let me show her a good time and to let me pamper her for the day. We went to her room and made her talk about her mans tiny dick as I had my way with her. I spread her pussy wide and started liking all over her silky smooth pussy lips.

I started fucking her pussy touching her g-spot. She then proceed to tell me that my fingers are longer then his cock. We looked at the door and saw him standing there. Embarrassed and all. Too bad I am going to make her cum more then he has ever! Sit back and watch tiny coked dude.

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