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Shaved Wet Pussy For Him To Eat

Shaved wet pussy

My boyfriend loves my shaved wet pussy. As soon as I get out of the shower he’s always right there waiting to get his face right up in my freshly bald soaking wet pussy. He knows how much I love to rub my little cunt in the shower. So, he knows that as soon as I get done that I’m dripping wet and ready to cum with him. He loves how smooth my bald pussy is when I just shaved it for him. He loves to run his finger along my clit and down to my little fuck hole. He keeps sliding his fingers up and down, feeling how wet and swollen my clit gets from his touch. Then he has me wrap my let around his neck and he eats me out until I cum into his mouth. He loves the taste of my sweet little honey pot and he loves when I full his mouth up my pussy juice as I explode for him.

Phone Sex Therapy Foursome

Phone sex therapyMy therapist and I had decided to meet at my office for Halloween. I needed a session, and we wanted to go out and do our own things directly afterward. We had just gotten into my session really well when her date for the evening showed up. Rather than making him wait outside, I had my receptionist send him on through. No sooner had we gotten him comfortable, and ourselves on our knees at his dick than a client of mine showed up and barged past my receptionist. He walked in on me and my therapist licking her date off, and immediately decided that he would join in. Before I knew it, he was undressed and thrusting his big, beautiful cock into my tight little ass. He started drilling me from behind, hard enough to shake my entire body as I licked and helped to suck off my therapist’s date. I guess that was a little more than her date was prepared to handle, because he started spurting off, and we had to work to keep up with his cum. We didn’t want him getting any of his outfit OR my rugs dirty! Next thing I knew, my client was cumming deep in my ass, hands holding me tight up against him as he shot off into me. Then, it was just a matter of my therapist and myself to worry about getting off.

Sexy Latina pussy

Phone sex sitesThis night I’m feeling a bit horny Papi. Well not just a bit. I been feeling fucking horny all day thinking about that big fat juicy cock in my mouth. I tried playing with my pussy, but it just made me more fucking horny. I’m just so fucking wet down there. Thinking about when you get home. I want to jump on that dick. Rip that fucking clothes off first grab that fucking dick give it a couple of french kisses on that big fat head. Suck out as much pre- cum as possible. Fuck I love all your pre- cum in my mouth. Then I will push back on the bed and jump on that big fat long cock. Fuck yea I love the way you tear my pussy fuck whole wide open with that fat dick head you have. Don’t you love this hot babe bouncing up and down on that cock of yours?

Sexy and slutty

Sexy phone sexSexy phone sex with a naughty, slutty vixen like me makes you beg for more and more, surprise surprise! You’re never able to get enough of me and my delicious curves, especially when I give you the pleasure of being able to face fuck my tasty pussy, hehe. I mean, how could you ever resist such a sensual whore like me?! My sexuality is one of my many super powers and I love holding you captive under my spell. I am such an erotic tease, unlike anything that you have ever had the joy of experiencing before! You have always had such a fetish and a hard on for a hot and powerful queen like me! Mindfucking you is my favorite pastime, it makes my sweet cunt gush with wetness to have you wrapped around my pretty finger! You’re weak for me and I take full advantage of it!

Phone sex therapy

phone sex therapyI have started to do therapy sessions to help out some men that have cum filled cocks and usually some kind of a issue. I was in my office thinking that I had just seen my last patient of the day. I got so hot and bothered with my last encounter talking about how his wife preferred big heavy black dicks over his. I was dripping down my thighs, saturating my panties.

I leaned back on my couch and spread my pussy open, pulling up my pin skirt. I got my big fat dildo out. Me and that guy’s wife have a lot in common. I fucked that dildo really hard. The guy all the sudden came back into the room, because he left his wallet on the table. He was in amazement watching my pussy stretch over that cock.

I told him to sit down and watch me pleasure myself with this big black cock, and see why his wife likes this so much better then his cock.

GFE Phone Sex at a Friend’s House

GFE phone sexWe were spending the night with a friend while we were out of town for the weekend. They had made up the sofa-bed for us, and were out for dinner and a movie together. Well, while he was showering, I got really horny, and I decided to surprise him by being completely naked when he came back out. I was sprawled across our loaner bed, doing my best to look sexy as fuck, and I guess I succeeded, because he got a raging hard on before he even made it to the bed. He was pulling me to him, kissing me, touching me, making me feel all kinds of sexy. His fingers slipped inside me, and my hips ground forward onto them. When he replaced them with his cock, I was in heaven! I worked my hips around and down until he was finally all the way inside of me. He was working my body up into a frenzy, and I felt my orgasm coming. I just peaked, cumming hard and screaming out his name, as the front door opened, and our friends walked in to find us. They were red-faced and irritated, but damn it was amazing sex!!

Shaved Wet Pussy Cumming In His Face

Shaved Wet Pussy

Shaved wet pussy shoved in his face, that’s what my boyfriend fucking loves. Sometimes we don’t even fuck. He just wanted to get his head between my legs and lick up all my juices. I can’t complain. His tongue feels so fucking good on my little clit. He knows how to shove a few fingers inside my cunt and flick his tongue back and forth along my clit. When it starts to swell up and stick out, he knows I’m about to explode. My hips start rocking back and forth against his face and I start squirming all around. He knows not to stop. He tries to hold me in place while he continues to finger fuck me and run little circles around my pussy. It isn’t long until my orgasm explodes out of me. My entire body starts to shake and vibrate. My legs squeezing his head between my thighs. Grabbing his hair, I pull his face away from my little honey pot, just enough so that when I start squirting he can watch it shoot out all over his face. He loves licking my pussy juice up.

Small Boobs Make His Cock Cum For Me

Small Boobs

My small boobs used to turn this guy on so much. He would cum just watching me play with my tiny titties. I loved teasing him and knowing that I could make him bust his nut just by looking at my tight sexy body. I would sit him down on my couch and let him pull his cock out. I loved watching it hard as soon as I started to take my clothes off. Knowing that my little boobies were his favorite, I saved those for last. Pulling down my skirt and panties, peeling off my top, but leaving on my bra. I started rubbing my bald little pussy while he watched and stroked his cock that was hard as a rock. I walked over to him and stuck my fingers in his mouth, letting him taste me. Then I unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor. His eyes never left my tits until he came. Watching my rub my tiny boobs and pinch my nipples for him. He exploded just looking at them!

Small Dick Humiliation From Beth

Small Dick Humiliation

This guy needed some small dick humiliation. He found me online and started texting me. He was sweet and kept going on about how hot I was and was basically obsessed with me. I kept wondering why such a nice, seemly attractive guy would be so fucking needy. Then he showed me. He sent me a picture of his dick and I almost dropped my phone I was laughing so hard. He had the tiniest dick I had ever seen. When he asked me what I thought, I couldn’t lie. I had to tell him that he was the equivalent of a little boy. He kept trying to get with me though so I told him to come over and show me that little winkie in person. When he got to my place he whipped it out and I could help but to giggle at it again. I saw it twitch and I realized that he had just gotten hard, and it wasn’t any bigger. I took my phone out and snapped a picture of him standing there with his itty bitty dick out. I sent it to all my friends and they were dying. He asked me if I thought he could please me with and it sent out a whole new bout of laughter. I told him that I’d make him a deal, if he made it worth my time and ate my pussy really fucking good, I’d let him stroke his two fingers up that tiny thing and cum for me. He did as he was told and was happy with what he got. He knew he couldn’t actually please me with that thing.

Let your funds do the talking

Sexy phone chatI am such a sensual being, I deserve to be bathed in the finest oils and flowers as I am adorned in pure gold! The ultimate goddess treatment for the most delicious goddess that you ever did get your perverted hands on! It’s so funny what desperate men will do in order to get some pussy, especially my top notch cunny! Here’s a friendly reminder that I will never be your girlfriend, not even if you were the last throbbing cock on this planet! You would still treat me as a powerful queen and bow down to my needs. My entire life is beta funded and it’s marvelous! You’re a kinky fuck and you love to get dirty with your slutty goddess! I’m entirely bored with small talk, show me the money honey! Let your funds do the talking!

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