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Hot Girls Want a Dom

Fantasy phone sex

Hot gorgeous whores like me may be hard to find, but we sure are easy when it comes to getting our clothes off. I can’t help feeling so horny all the time. I love it when men take what they want and take control of me. Girls like me love being told what to do. Nothing is hotter than getting dirty, kinky directions from a real man with a nice hard cock. I love being put in my place and when men know that I need a good fucking. I get so fucking wet when I am being dominated and told to get on my hands and knees to worship a good hard cock. Being forcefully mouth fucked is the best. What good is a hot slut’s throat if it isn’t getting fucked nice and hard, right? I love getting my knees scraped up real good and being told how much of a good girl I am while my mouth is stuffed full of cock! Just give me that sweet cum, that’s what I want!

Fantasy Phone Sex with Your Dream Girl

Fantasy phone sex

Making me your personal, horny girlfriend will be the best decision you have ever made. I promise that you won’t ever have to worry about approaching a hot girl on the street when you have a hot dream girl like me to talk to and fuck whenever you wish. My sexual interests are whatever yours are, baby. I always aim to please and I like whatever you like in bed. 😉 I am literally an open book, I won’t ever lie to you or act like a prude bitch about kinky sex or fetish play. In fact, I am totally and completely open to anything and everything kinky. I am willing to do whatever those other prude bitches won’t do in the sack. I am practically a fetish encyclopedia. I know everything and anything there is to know about kink and most important of all, I know how to please a man. My main focus is on you and you only. I get off on your moans and seeing your face when I roll my sweet pink tongue all over your cock. I can’t resist touching my bald wet pussy when you tell me all of your deepest, darkest and dirtiest desires. Finger fucking myself for you will never live up to the feeling of you actually licking and shoving your fingers all around my juicy pink cunt. I can hardly wait for you to push your cock inside my tight cunt. You will be so excited when I bounce up and down your cock, slipping and sliding all over your cock. My wet cunt sliding up and down your cock is so hot, especially when I reach down and massage your yummy cum filled balls with my fingers. I want to coax all that thick, creamy cum deep inside my pussy.

Mutual Pleasure

Mutual masturbation stories

Talking to me will give you the most sensual experience ever. Phone sex is the hottest way to get intense mutual pleasure for you and I. Nothing is hotter than hearing a man moan on the phone while I rub my body down and finger fuck my juicy wet, bald pussy. I love talking dirty and mutual masturbation with you gets me going so hard. Rubbing my clit and moaning for you while you stroke your thick, rock hard cock makes my sweet bald pussy cream up. I get so wet knowing that I am giving you pleasure with my dirty mind and sultry satin voice. I want to hear you grunt and cum while I finger fuck my wet hole. I love hearing a man orgasm, it gets me so fucking turned on and makes my pussy want to just gush all over my bed. I can’t wait for you to hear my creamy wet pussy squirt all over my hand and thighs for you, baby. You drive me crazy when you whisper dirty things to me.

Cuckolding My Boyfriend

Cuckold phone sex

I get a pure sense of satisfaction talking dirty on the phone with you while my sissy cuck boyfriend sits right next to me. I get so horny and wet knowing that he’s sitting there with his pathetic dicklet while you and I discuss all the dirty things we will do to each other. I love making that cuck listen to you tell me how much you to want to lick my dripping wet pussy and plunge your thick rock hard cock inside me. I love to see the look on his cuck face when I put you speaker phone! Why don’t you tell him all the nasty things we do together, how you face fuck me with your 9 inch cock while he is at work. I love making my cuck boyfriend watch while I finger fuck my bald wet pussy thinking and talking dirty to you. Let’s taunt him and tell him how his pathetic cock will never be inside of me ever again! It makes me squirt all over teasing him like that.

Ken’s Dick

Mature phone sexMy friend Ken was down on his luck his girlfriend kicked him out of the house. He needed a warm bed to sleep in and I have a spare one. Ken is a straight-laced one woman guy. Ken also supplies me with my weed. And every week when he shows up to give me my package I try to seduce him but he never takes me up on my offer of a good fucking. After his bitch kicked him out I offered up for him to come here. I knew he had no place else to go I had him right where I wanted him. He was here for about twenty minutes and then I attacked him. I tore off his clothes and forced myself on him. He was not going to deny me his dick anymore.

Spring breakers

sexy chickslatina phone sexSexy chicks are the best party sluts. My friend Lena and I invited all our closest and hottest friends over. We were both on the same page. We needed girls vacation on it was all on our husband’s tab. We wouldn’t be smart if we didn’t take advantage of them. Lena and I are two peas in a pod. We love getting in trouble. Together and separately we have all sorts of fun. I have to say there is nothing better than when we combined forces and do slutty things together. We are dime pieces and enjoy all the finer things in life. We don’t have to give up good fuckings cause we have short cock husbands. We invited only the sexiest of our friends. What’s better than spring break with hot sluts? Spring break with a ton of big chocolate dicks of course. We loved visiting Jamaica and the grand Turk. We had plenty of big black cocks around to keep us busy. We had the best orgy ever. I can’t thank Lena enough for bringing out the inner slut in me. When I first got with my husband I tried hard to be the proper wife. I was sick of being appropriate and wanted to be the hot sexy Latina phone sex slut and whore I am to the bone.

The Best Phone Sex with a BBC Slut

best phone sexI am a black cock whore. You would never guess that by looking at me. I am a hot sexy trophy wife. I live in a gated community. Pretty sure my neighbors know I am a black cock whore. I mean if a black man is getting into my community it is to fuck a wife or sell drugs. That means my neighbors think I am a whore or a druggy. Black cock is my drug. My husband goes to work, and the black men come over to play. One of my male neighbors tried to blackmail me yesterday. He said he knew what I was doing every day and that if I didn’t fuck him, he would tell my husband. I am not fucking a loser white man no matter what is at stake. Tim arrived at the wrong time to blackmail me. I still had a black lover over. Tim never saw what came next. Jerome busted out of the bathroom and charged my black mailer. He heard every word. He had his dick out ready to cuckold my blackmailing neighbor regardless if he wanted to be or not. The blackmailer got blackmailed because I snapped a lot of pictures of him sucking my lovers 12-inch black cock. Either I never see my neighbor again, or he will be back over wanting some more BBC. Once you go black, you don’t go back.

Pussy stretching

Sexy chicks

I love the feeling of having my pussy stretched by a fat cock or a fist. When I masturbate, I love to ride the biggest thickest dildo that I own. It’s a thick suction cup dildo a stick to a wall or floor and bounce on. It’s bigger and thicker than any real dick, and almost as satisfying as getting fucked by a really hung guy. I had some time to myself this morning and I was feeling a little horny, so I pulled out my big toy and stuck it to the side of the bathroom wall while I showered. The hot steamy water poured on my body while I backed my pussy up to the wall and slowly inserted the thick toy dick into my tight pussy. I could feel my pussy lips stretching to accommodate the big rubber cock and I couldn’t help but moan. I soaped up my body and bounced on the rubber cock. I used a waterproof vibrator on my clit while I pushed back on the dildo and fucked myself. The combination of the buzzing vibe on my clit and the big rubber cock in my pussy sent me over the edge and I came over and over.

A sexy babe is always in high demand

sexy babeA sexy babe is always in high demand. I went to this new club over the weekend. I was dressed to kill. The problem was there were no guys in the club worth dying for! I mean every man  there was a broke ass loser. I only date rich men. I am all about the Benjamin’s. I have expensive tastes. After a few hours of talking to losers, I called an Uber. While I was waiting outside, this handsome man in a cashmere coat wearing a Rolex tried to steal my Uber. It was too cold outside for a hot chick like me to wait when that one belonged to me. When I explained that it was my ride, he offered me money to call another one. I suggested, we just share it. He agreed to that. He was clearly in a hurry. I tried to talk to him in the back seat, but he seemed disinterested. I saw no ring on his finger. The guy had to be gay not to like me. Even married men go for me all the time. I grabbed his cock and unzipped his pants and he stopped me. Told me he wasn’t paying for sex. He thought I was a hooker. Now, I was insulted. A sugar baby maybe, a dirty hooker, never. We argued a bit, but I ended up riding his beautiful hard cock all the way to the airport. He wasn’t bitching when his cock was up my tight shaved pussy. When he left the ride at the airport, he made a rude comment. What the fuck was this dude’s issue. The joke was on him because I lifted his wallet. I mean, I was paying for this Uber ride and he was a total dick. I deserved something more than his cum up my pussy. The Uber driver saw me do it, but he didn’t care. He got to watch a hot sex show and he didn’t like the guy much either.


Sexy phone chat I wanted to fuck the new sexy neighbor so I went nude sunbathing in my backyard where I knew he would have a clear view of my slutty body from his windows. I was on my back near the pool my legs spread wide open my wet pussy staring at his window. I saw him stop to stare at me and I waved him over with my finger. I watched him walk over giving him a show of my fingers playing with my pussy. He stopped right in front of me staring at my pussy getting wetter and wetter. He whipped out his hard dick and my mouth dropped. I wanted his dick before and now I really wanted his dick.

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