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Ass and cum

Ass fetish   Ass freaks where are you? My ass hole is going to be spread so far apart for you to put your face in and dick. My body can take so much penetration. Can you? Why don’t we find out I broke up with my boyfriend because he just couldn’t handle me and get me off the way i need to be. I would have to sneak men over when ever he was at work just so I could cum. I am a sneaky little slut I have to say I got away with it every time. And yes I would beg for it in my tight little ass hole. My holes were made for filling. I can guzzle up so much cum its unreal. My body craves the protein baby. Let me show you how much I love to milk that prostate and get my ass hole slammed. Come enjoy me

Nope – Your Dick Is Too Small

tease and denial

This boy kept buying me all kinds of things, just hoping that I was would ease up on the naughty game of tease and denial that we’ve been playing. I’ve been stringing him along and making his cock ache for days now. I keep telling him that he’s going to get inside my pretty pink fuck hole. I almost let him too, until I saw what he was working with. It was obvious now why he spoiled me so much. He had a tiny dick. It was fucking useless. I’m a size queen and I need a big piece of man meat to make me cum. I was on his bed about to get naked and let him fuck me when he pulled his cock out and I changed y mind. Nope, there was no way he was getting inside of my sweet little honey pot. I saw his cock dribble out this sad amount of cum when I pulled my shirt back down and laughed at his tiny dick. I need to go find a big cock to bring back and show him how a real man fucks a sexy girl like me.

Voyeur vixen

Voyeur phone sexA cock worshiping voyeur vixen in the truest form, that’s exactly what I am. So soft, sweet, sensual, petite and ready to please, I love being watched by horny perverts as I get my pretty mouth filled up with fresh cum. I am so fucking eager to taste, to worship, to please… there’s just something so undeniably sexy about a throbbing hard ass cock that sends me over the edge! My intoxicating eyes gaze up at you as you watch me swallow you down, our audience cheering us on. My warm tongue gives you a bath as I lick all over your shaft and nut-filled balls. I consider myself to be the hottest cum slut around and you couldn’t agree more. The way a pulsating boner tastes, smells, feels and swells in my mouth drives me crazy. I love knowing I am the Goddess who has pleased you by receiving that full load all over my face and deep down my throat. Shove it inside my tight pussy and make my booty cheeks clap against that huge cock. Wrap my lustrous, soft hair around your strong hands and skull-fuck my pretty face until i’m smothered in cream. You’re gonna have me guzzling down every last drop, baby. Let me taste it, wear it, revel and bask in it. I need your cock soooo bad, shoot your load all over your sexy cum dump as I make a mess with my squirt! Voyeur phone sex with you is the best… 😉

Your Princess Is Such A Cock Tease

tease and denial

I met this guy at the mall the other day. I could tell he was the type of rich older guy that would spoil me rotten. My games of tease and denial had his cock aching. I was trying on every sexy thing he was going to buy me. The lingerie I was modeling for him just kept getting sluttier. I gave him a sexy little lap dance and felt his cock get rock hard in his pants. It makes my bald young pussy start to fucking tingle when I think about the pre-cum that’s probably leaking from his cock just from watching my sexy body dance for him. I love teasing my Sugar Daddies. Let’s see how far I can push you before you explode for me. The more you spoil me the sweeter I am, the more my little honey pot melts for you. Come spoil your princess Daddy!

Need to fill me up

Mature phone sex

 I just know you cant keep your eyes off my ass. Every where I go i just get stared at. My sexy co worker loves to come over and and gape my holes with his big cock. The other night he stayed over and fucked me for hours he will tie me up and fuck whatever hole he wants. Want to know his favorite ? My little pink ass hole. I think its sexy too I have to say I take pictures of it and fuck myself to my own pictures. He even lets me fuck and lick his ass hole. My strap on opens him nice and wide we love to use it on each other. If you love mature phone sex and fucking my holes and letting me fuck yours i’m ready for you.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishes

Guys with foot fetishes fucking turn me on. I love stroking your cock with long thin feet and milking out your long creamy load. It feels so good when it explodes out all over my toes. Lay back and watch my pretty painted toes massage your balls. My smooth long arches will stroke your cock make you blow your load. Once my pretty feet are all cover in your cum I want to take my long toes and stick them in your mouth. I’m going to have you cleaning up the mess you made all over my pretty feet. Suck and every one of my ten toes and make sure to slide your tongue in between and clean those pretty feet up. Your load tastes even better when you are licking it up of my sexy foot. Let my pretty little feet make you cum for me, baby. Watch my pretty painted toes jack you off. Then cover those pretty toes in your load!

Edgeplay phone sex

edgeplay phone sex

I  love being a naughty tease that can make a guy want to pop his nut in a matter of minutes, fuck even seconds. However, I think it is extremely naughty to push those cocks to keep building up with as much cum as they can and not letting it out for a long time. I have this big cocked friend that has been wanting to fuck. I am inviting him over tonight and I am going to wear nothing but heals. I invite him to come inside and we start in the kitchen. He sits at the table and I start straddling his lap letting him feel my soaking wet pussy leaking through his pants.

I get off and help him take them off. I sit right on his cock and grind my wet pussy against his shaft. I can feel it building it up with cum as I tease him. I get on my hands and knees and suck his cock in my mouth. I keep stopping every moment I feel it twitching and flexing about to shoot out a hot load of cum. I am making those cum filled balls blue. I even start fucking his cock in my hand, he is leaking so much pre cum. I get to rub it all over his cock.

I have made his cock swell up now for hours. He is begging for me to just let him bust. I finally give in to his begging and slide that cock in between my tits. I suck on his cock head and in a matter of seconds. Yes, seconds. He finally squirts out the biggest load ever from his balls right onto my face. It drips down to my tits. That is how you empty a cock out.

Come On My Pretty Feet

Foot Fetishes

I love guys that have a foot fetish to me that is so kinky. I have this guy that I see on the regular and he takes me out shopping for stockings and shoes. I make sure to walk around and get my feet sweaty, like extra sweaty. We go back to the hotel room he got while he is in town and I sit down on the bed and tell him to take my shoes off and then take my stockings off real slow. As he is peeling my stockings down I can tell he is getting aroused, so I put my sweaty feet right up to his nose and make him smell them. My toenails are painted and I have very soft skin with a high arch. I keep wiggling my toes in his nose and he is sucking in the scent like someone doing a line off a table. I lie back on the bed and he takes his cock out and I start rubbing my toes on the head and down the shaft all the way to his balls. He grabs my ankles and puts his dick in between my feet and I was rubbing up and down while he was holding on to my ankles. I turned around my back and stroked up and down, when I went down I was tickling his balls with my toes. I got one of my stockings and wrapped it around the shaft and was stroking his dick with my feet and he grabbed and was fucking hard. He came all over my toes and feet, I lied back and told him to be a good boy and lick them clean.

No broke losers allowed

Sexy women masturbatingIf you can’t afford me then don’t even bother trying to get my attention. I love to humiliate these little broke boy losers. It’s hilarious when you approach me in the most pathetic of ways. To be able to witness sexy women masturbating is such a privilege and believe me, money talks baby. I must admit, I love being an emotional and mental sadistic, it makes me horny to have control over you and wrapped around my sexy finger. Praying pretty girls like me is such a blessing and it’s your fucking destiny as well! Don’t be a whimp and instead give new meaning to the term ‘pay pig’, because let’s be honest that’s all you really are to me and all that you will ever be. I enjoy many flavors, white men, huge black cocks, everything. What’s a hottie heartbreaker to do besides take advantage of a naughty boy like you?! My tight little body, wet pussy and juicy titties have you watering at the mouth and always wanting to give me more. I really need some new lingerie to wear while I get fucked by some real good dick. Step it up and get to sending, bitches!

My Naughty Teacher

naughty teacher

My naughty teacher wanted to fuck me and I could tell. It was so obvious, the way he looked at me gave it away. He was always staring at my tits and juicy ass and practically drooling on himself. He wanted a sexy young girl like me to tease and please his cock so I decided to give him what he wanted. I spent weeks teasing him first. I wore short skirts with no panties and shirts that you could see my nipples through. I started showing him my pretty little pussy even, spreading my legs and letting him see my sweet little teen honey pot.

When decided that I had been teasing him for long enough and that it was finally time to give him what he wanted, I went all out. I wanted to make his naughty and kinky fantasies come true. I dress up like a slutty little school girl. My plaid skirt and white top were so sexy with my tits and ass poking out. When he saw me walk through the door and then turn around and lock it, he knew exactly what I wanted.

I got on my knees and started sucking his cock. I loved watching him and seeing how much he fucking loved it. Then I sat up on his desk and let him taste my smooth blad little pussy. Then he fucked me so good with his big hard cock and I loved it. I know he fucking loved it. He finally got to live out his naughty fantasies. He made me feel like such a naughty little girl when he bent me over and blew his load all over my ass!

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