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Tease and denial Is One of My Favorite Things

Tease and denial

Once in a while I get to partake in one of my all time favorite things.  Which is, Tease and Denial.  I have so much fun with this.  The power I feel over your cock is intoxicating! There are so many ways to tease someone.  However, it depends on the person’s taste.  You certainly wouldn’t tease someone with the promise of sucking your partners dick off as enticement if said person wasn’t into that.  One would think that would be a huge turn off not being teased with something you actually desire.

Oh and how big those balls get.  So full, so engorged, so wonderful.  One of the things I really enjoy doing (if the person is into it that is) is taking my nails and running them every so slightly over those balls.  They are just begging to be touched, to be breathed on, to be licked, or to be stuffed into a nice warm mouth.  Then of course there is your cock.  Standing up straight, twitching, leaking pre-cum, the sound of you trying to control your breathing due to the ache.  You can feel it in your stomach, there is a need to cum.  The urgency to do so edges almost on a primal plane.  

Then the begging starts.  All those pleases as I sit back, not bothered one bit by your suffering, only to tell you no, not yet.  As you get to the point when you might cum even without even touching your dick, I tell you that’s enough for today.  I might give you a sweet kiss on your forehead and send you on your way, or perhaps I might even let you release, but then it would be actually Tease and Denial now would it  ?No, I didn’t think it would be. 


Putting Out The Fire

Fantasy phone sexI Have a client who loves my fireman outfit! It is the only outfit I wear for him. I come rushing into his office to put out the fire in his pants. And the only way the fire can be put out is with my ass. I cawl up to him backwards wiggling my ass at him. I beg for him to let me take care of that burning fire trapped in his suit pants. He is a wicked kinky man and he turns me on so fucking much. Sometimes he will make a call to his wife as he sticks his cock in my ass. It gets him off just as much as it gets me off. She won’t take it in the ass and he will talk to her and as he is fucking me almost like a virtual slap in her prude face. When he dumps his load he will tell her how much he loves her. Listening to his conversion to the one he vowed to be faithful to as he ass fucks me is such a fucking turn on.

Great day at the office

phone sex therapy

Big surprises like that long dong almost smacking me in my face are why I love being a therapist. Coming into my office you already feel that level of comfort you don’t find most places. I unbutton my blouse I see your dick grow hard. I kiss it through your trousers and just as I pull them down it smacks me in the face. That enormous trouser snake that aches to unleash its venom inside of me. You bend me over my desk ripping away my pantyhose so that your cock can slide smoothly inside of my warm wet snatch. The length of your cock makes me cum quickly so we don’t any lube. Sliding from my cunt to my asshole is what makes your dick throb it’s long-awaited release.

Good to the last drop

phone sex therapist

Yes sweetie, I really am a phone sex therapist. But I like to take a hands-on approach with the huge pecker you have hiding in your pants. We can discuss anything that you wish as long as while your talking I can have that delicious cock in my mouth. I am sure that you won’t be able to concentrate too much on what is going through your head. That is kind of the point. When you wrap your hands around my ponytail and starting fucking my mouth. I can feel all the stress of your week start to flow into my mouth. That is when I start sucking extra hard making sure that I drain every last drop from your balls. As I grab a drink off my desk I grab my business card with your next appointment date already written on it.

Dominating me

Domination porn  I needed money so I stole from the company that I work for. Sadly I got caught. I got a knock on my door and it was a very special friend and colleague. He told me flat out with no hesitation that I would be doing whatever he asks me to do. If I don’t obey that he will have me arrested and sent to prison. Who takes over someone like this? Especially one who I thought was a friend. I know that I need to take responsibility for my actions, but how can you blackmail me like this? I did not see this coming. He made me take all my clothes off bend over the table and he pounded every hole and talked down to me the whole time. I had to show every detail of my body. I was so upset. But, he liked that I was upset. So, I kept crying an begging for an outlet. He made me go outside and masturbate. What choice did I really have?

Phone sex therapy stories

phone sex therpay

Having your huge cock pounding my wet cunt is the best part of phone sex therapy.  It is the best part of my job. You come into my office and your cock instantly grows. I walk around my desk and we undress each other so quick. Your wife still won’t blow you until completion? I’m more than happy to assist you with your dilemma. You push me back onto my desk and slide your big dick inside my juicy hot cunt. Stretching my legs far apart and just drive your long dong hard and fast inside of me. My cum is dripping off the edge of my desk as I slide to my knees in front of you. Listening to you moan as my lips wrapped around that mushroom head. Sucking on it hard while stroking it with my hand. You wrap your hands in my hair forcing yourself all the way down my throat. Tasting your precum means your about to cum. Blowing the thickest load yet. Glad our sessions help.

The Doc wants to help

best phone sex  Doc Ginger always gives the best phone sex calls. I had a guy last night that has crossdresser fantasies. I helped him embrace his panty wearing fetish. I told him that he could find glory holes to suck the snot out of as many uncut cocks as he wanted without worrying about being known. Having his normal life at home with the wife and brats makes it hard for him to do this locally. Good thing that he takes business trips a lot. I want you to love all the dirty thoughts that pass through your head. Don’t feel dirty about any of it because your sexuality is nothing close to vanilla. That’s why your dick gets so hard whenever you start to think about it.

Good Bitch Boys or Naughty Boys

Naughty teacherWhen my bitch boys are being good boys I like to be sweet to them. I let them jerk their little dickies off giving them permission to cum in a cup. I don’t even make them beg to drink I give them permission right away. I do like watching them guzzle down and swallow on their thick creamy cum. When they are good boys it allows me to be very sweet too them. They get extra time licking, suckling, and drooling over my kitty. They are giving special extra time with me their princess. When they are defiant and being little bratty boys then I am wicked and naughty. I whip them severely with my belt and I don’t stop until I see the welts forming. When I use them as furniture I will dig my heels into their flesh instead of gently placing my legs on their backs. I can be a sweet princess of a dominatrix or I can be an evil nasty dominatrix. It really depends on my boys.

Anxious for Anaconda

sexy chickssexy babe

Lena and I are always anxiously awaiting anaconda. Neither of us has ever had a better dick ever. As we await the arrival, we spend our days training our hot tight tone bodies for BDK, and we make sure to look the best. Our big daddy king only wants the cream of the crop and as he should. Sexy chicks only nothing but the best. Our king deserves the best because he is the most prominent sugar daddy in the world. Everything he touches is gold. We both fien for that million dollar nut sauce and everytime we get it we want more and more of it. Our lips around anaconda and those beautiful balls is truly the highlight of our week. We love making our Papi king happy and relaxed, and he always gets the VIP treatment because he’s the most essential thing in our lives. We can’t help but floss on the gram and send out tweets that will make other girls green with envy. Premium quality and five-star service are what Lena and I offer up out beloved BDK.






Cathy’s Husband

Cheapest phone sex

I’m taking a nighttime cooking class and we meet every Tuesday and Thursday. Cathy sits next to me and we’ve become good friends. She invited me to a family barbecue today. When I arrived she introduced me to her family and friends. She introduced me to her husband and I felt that familiar spark between us. I wanted him and I wanted him bad. Cathy is my friend but I can’t help it, I’ve always wanted what someone else has. Cathy and her husband have a huge house and when I caught him staring at me I walked away from the crowd of people and disappeared into an empty bedroom. A few seconds later, Cathy’s husband entered the bedroom and we were all over each other. We ended up on the floor of the closet completely naked trying to fuck quietly so that no one could hear us. I rode him like a cowgirl from Texas and he couldn’t keep his eyes off my beautiful tits. Bouncing on his hard cock felt so good that I came within minutes and his orgasm followed seconds later. We got dressed and returned to the party like nothing even happened. I know I’m a bad friend because there’s nothing hotter than someone else’s husband.

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