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I Love To Leave You Hanging

Tease And Denial

I know you love looking at my hot tight body. I love stripping down completely naked in front of you and then going over to the counter and making a come here motion for you to get your ass off the bed and get between these legs. As you come over and get down I close my legs and giggle. You pry them open and start kissing, and licking. It feels so good you suck on my lips as you pull them apart and reaching up playing with my nipples making them erect. I can see you are getting so hard, I pull you up I want to taste my own pussy on your lips and as we are kissing I pull out your dick and it is so stiff. I stroke faster and harder, I even start sucking on your earlobe and you moan so loud. I keep stroking you seem like you are going to cum so I stop, you try to get me to continue, I get down from the counter and walk away leaving you with your hard and throbbing cock.

Sexy babes love to be spoiled

Sexy babeA naughty, sexy babe like me not only loves to be spoiled, but deserves it more than you deserve to have oxygen in your lungs. Hot girls never have to work a day in their lives so that’s where you come in! There’s nothing that you shouldn’t be doing for me, nothing that’s too much or out of your financial range and budget. I am more than worth every penny and a man that knows to never say No is exactly the caliber of man that I deserve in my life at all times! Unless you plan on adding to my wealth, you don’t deserve to talk to me whatsoever. My precious attention comes with high prices and if you don’t meet the requirements then you’re a lost fucking cause. Fuckers like you pay to cum and be noticed by a woman of my type of class. I make your blood boil with the need to serve, you crave the affirmation that only I am able to give to you. Call me up for some sexy phone chat, let’s see how easily I can break you!

What’s Your Fantasy?

erotic roleplaying

We’ve been spending so much time together lately and I love it. You know it’s just a dream come true to have a man like you interested in a sweet young girl like me. I feel like anything I want is just a twitch of the nose away from happening! And to thank you for all that you do for me, I have to ask now- What is your fantasy? Your ultimate fantasy. Is it having me lick you from head to toe? Or letting you suck on my sweet little toes. I could get all dressed up for you in my school girl clothes, we could even play games where you sniff my pantyhose. My pussy gets so wet just thinking about making you cum over and over again. Being your little pet who is at your every need and desire is just the kind of girlfriend I want to be. Draining your balls after a long day in the real world, right into my tight pussy that has been waiting for you. I’m here to help you open up and express all of your dirty thoughts. Let’s have another wonderful & naughty night, baby.

Tease and Denial

Tease and Denial

I am laying here with my legs spread wide open. I am tracing the edge of my pussy lips that are wet from the porn I have been watching. I slip my finger between these sweet juicy lips and begin rubbing my clit. My head goes back and a soft moan escapes my lips. I know you are watching me and you want to fuck my tight hot box but tonight I would rather tease and deny you the pleasure. I slide my glass dildo out from under the pillow and slowly insert it into my wet hole.

MMM. Feels so good as I begin pumping it in and out of my pussy as I watch you play with your cock. I am rubbing my clit and fucking myself with the clear dildo so you can see my pussy from around it as I pump in and out moaning because it feels so good. You can see my cum as I orgasm drip down the sides.  I love teasing you and sometimes this sweet hot milf has to take care of her own needs.



Double stuffed

Sexy legs lI outdid myself today if I do say so myself. I was bored and my husband was off at work, I was flipping thru tinder and flipping thru back page and I finally came across a post on craigslist that read “Double stuffed” My eyes gravitated towards it. It read that identical twin brother wanted to fuck a womenand wanted to fuck her at the same time. The description specifically asked for women with a hot figure and sexy legs, I had all those characteristics so I was ready to go and meet up. I was greeted by these two greek twins they were gorgeous and wasted no time. They had huge cocks and basically had me butt ass naked. I was enjoying taking the back seat while they were getting the town on my pussy and ass. They didn’t abandon my mouth either. They were fucking me so good. I had squirted 4 times. I was in a state of pleasure and shock.

Come Taste These Sexy Legs

Sexy Legs

I love having such a tiny body. I have such sexy legs and a cute little bum. I do have a friend with benefits and he can’t believe I am still single. He always tells me how beautiful I really am. I have been told I should do modeling or something. I know my goal is to please and believe me I love it but, it doesn’t hurt to focus a little bit on me. I love walking around the malls or wherever I can go to show off my long legs, the attention my body and legs gets me is incredible. I don’t think you will disagree, now will you? I want to feel your tongue going up and down my long, lustful legs.

Let Me Tease You

tease and denial

Tease and denial phone sex can be so much phone, at least for me. It usually ends with me laughing, knowing that I just hung up on you while you have your dick in your hand begging for the chance to cum for me. I am a total slut though, so sometimes I can’t help it, I get so worked up turning you on that I have to rub my bald little pussy and hear you explode for me. But, sometimes it’s just too much fun to make you squirm. I tell you how nice and amazing your cock, how badly I want to suck it and fuck you and have your cum dripping all over my tight little body. But, then just as I hear that catch in your breath, that clue that you’re right on the edge of cumming for me, you hear a click. Then, nothing, just dead silence. I left you wanting me, and need me, knowing that only my sexy young voice will make that cock cum and be fully satisfied with his massive explosion. I’m such a dirty little cock tease, you’ll have to play your cards right if you want the chance to cum for this naughty little slut.

Merry Cockmas

sexy babeWhile your wife is returning gifts and trying to get a head start for Christmas 2018 why don’t you let this sexy babe make you cum? I get so fucking horny and lonely. Sure I enjoy going thru those hookup apps and being fucked but sometimes a nice phone fuck is what I need to make me complete. I have talked endlessly how pathetic my husband is, So why don’t you cum with me and make me your little Christmas gift. Fuck me hard and make me squirt like never before. Let me make your fantasies come true. You need a sophisticated slutty hot wife. I’m the ultimate trophy wife that just happens to be sex crazed and horny all the fucking time. Why don’t you help both of us out and start to dial me in Tuesday and let’s get lost in a naughty journey? Have you been naughty or nice this year? If you have been naughty get naughtier and if you have been nice you deserve this! It’s always good to be bad.

Will I Let You Cum This Christmas?

tease and denial

I’ve been playing little games of tease and denial with guys this Christmas and they don’t even know it yet. I’ve been flirting and letting them touch my pretty pink pussy hoping that I will let them fuck me. Little do they know, I just love to tease and use my sweet young fuck hole to get what I want. It’s so easy. They want to fuck me so badly they’ll do anything to get a chance. This year for Christmas I want lots of presents and sexy things to play wear and play with and I know just how to use my bald wet pussy to get it. I keep making them think that I’m going to finally let them cum this year as a special present but I probably won’t! I just love teasing them too much and it’s the ultimate teasing game for me! Seeing them come over with that gleam of hope in their eyes that I’m going to let them cum for me. They give me their present, just begging for it to be good enough to let them taste my sweet honey pot. I might even rub their cock or suck them a little. I like to get them hard and so fucking desperate for my sweet pussy before I deny them. Though I do need to cum this Christmas, so I wonder which lucky guy will have given me a good enough present for me to let him fuck my pussy and cum with me!

Voyeur Phone Sex

Voyeur Phone SexI love watching men take their dick in their hand and stroking it all the way down to their balls without me knowing they are doing it. It makes my little puffy nipples so hard. Wouldn’t you love to be out somewhere like a library and the urge strikes you, you just can’t help yourself and so you take it out under the table. You stroke it and you have no idea a beautiful female is watching and fantasizing about my tongue wrapped around the head of your fat mushroom head. It makes me so moist to watch you when you have no idea you are being looked at while enjoying that nice cock that should be in my mouth, ass or pussy. I love chatting about the naughty things you do to yourself.

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