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Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy

cuckold phone sexIf you are looking for cuckold phone sex, you found it. It is my favorite type of call. I have cucked 2 ex-husbands and countless men who thought they could satisfy me with their small cocks. I thought there were a lot of small dick losers in my life, but since I became a cuckold sex queen, I have discovered there are way more men than I thought with tiny dicks. Get this. Some guys lie about being smaller than they are for humiliation. If you have a big dick, even an average cock, and lie that you are smaller for phone humiliation, then you are a different breed of pathetic. Some guys love a ball busting cock size queen. I have a full time job as a school teacher. I am a therapist too. I counsel students on everything from relationship woes to performance issues. It was a natural leap to being a phone therapist too. I had a student recently come to me about her boyfriend. She is one of the popular girls. Super hot coed type. Cheerleader, smart and the girl other girls wish they could be. Her boyfriend is an all American football player. Handsome guy, likely the most popular boy in school. Apparently, however, he has a small cock and it rarely gets hard. When he does, he is a minute boy. She feels the need to stay with him because they are the “it” couple at school. I gave her some honest advice. I told her to make her boyfriend a cuckold and take a lover. Most married women, maybe even your wife, cheat on their husbands with small cocks. Some women won’t divorce a tiny dick loser because of financial security or family. In those cases, cheat cheat cheat. I told Lexie to get a black lover. There are plenty of hung black guys in school who would love to fuck an unsatisfied white cheerleader. I love being a phone sex therapist too. When we talk, I will help you come to terms with your small cock and also help you encourage your wife to take a lover who will satisfied her properly.  

Phone Sex Therapist Farah Loves Weak Men

phone sex therapistAs a phone sex therapist, I hear all kinds of things from my callers. I talk to submissive men, cuckolds, sissies, tiny dick losers and a variety of fetish guys. I don’t judge. Now, I cannot promise not to laugh. I spoke with a subby loser this morning who enjoys being exploited by dominant women. He acted at first like he didn’t like it, but he does whatever a woman wants. He will drain his bank account; wear a chastity belt; fuck his ass with a dildo; wear panties and ladies’ clothes. I bet he would even suck cock if a woman told him too. As a sexy dominatrix, I love submissive men.  Men who are too weak to say no and too pathetic to fuck, will do anything to be in the presence of a strong, hot woman. I have had many men like my caller in my life. I see to it to always have one handy. My current weak link is Harry. He is a 58 year old banker. Makes a shit ton of money, but is neither masculine or handsome. He has no options with women. Mature sexy women won’t fuck a man with a limp dick. Sexy coeds don’t want to fuck an old, ugly man. So, what does a man like Harry do? He finds himself a dominant woman and he tributes her. Harry pays me for my company. I’m not an escort. He is not paying to fuck me. He is paying simply for my company. I go to work functions with him. I play the part of the too hot for him girl, then back at his place he is getting small dick humiliation from me. He pays me to deny him and laugh at his inadequate dick. I know you are thinking to yourself, you would never do that. But, ask yourself a few questions. Are you handsome? Are you hung? If you are neither, I am sorry, unless you are filthy rich, likely all you will hear from a woman is her laughter.

Naughty neighbor phone sex

Naughty neighbor phone sexI’ve caught you peeking through my window! You naughty horny neighbor. Of course I shower every night around the same time leave my window open with my room light on. I know you are looking so I make my self even more sexy for you! I have my wet shaved pussy that I start rubbing making my self orgasm for you. Rubbing my tits with my other hand, my nipples are so hard my pussy is so wet! If only you had the balls to knock on my window and let me know you are there I would tell you to come in and fuck me hard! I will be ready tomorrow with this cute little yellow set at the window. As soon as I see you coming over I will invite you in to my house and into my pussy fuck hole. Of course my other two fuck holes as well!

Spoiled Queen

Best phone sexA sexy queen like me should always be financially and sexually pleased, without a shadow of a doubt! I live the life of a true superior being. You live the life on the bottom of my shoe, and that’s exactly where you are going to stay! If you love me, prove yourself and send me money. I’m just here to ruin men’s lives and take their souls, it’s what I do best! Imagine having the privilege of speaking to me on the phone, I know it makes your toes curl just thinking about it! Purchase my time and show me how enamored and obsessed you are with me from head to toe, inside and out. You have enjoyed your cock since you were old enough to play with it, now I enjoy controlling it! You’re like my puppet, you are weak and filled with desires that only I can fulfill, you are mine! Stay wrapped around my finger where you belong! We are going to have the best phone sex ever!

You can all fuck this whore as many times as you want

Roleplay phone sex

I don’t know who the mother fucker is that narced me out to my boss, but if I find out it was one of you I am going to tie you down and tease your cock until you beg me to stop, then I’ll keep doing it longer and longer. That doesn’t seem like much of a threat until you are in the middle of it, trust me. So because of whoever you are, I got “fired” for fucking you all. My boss was going to make me go to the prison and look after the high-security wing. There are the most rapes there and I don’t want to go. So because of you… I had to go to the jail where my boss told me to meet him. I got into the jail and I felt like I was being booked for a crime. They searched me, they took my mugshot and sat me in a cell and told me to wait for the Captain. I sat there, kind of pissed, like what the fuck?
The Captain is finally making his way over to the cell I am in. He looks at me and says “I thought I fired you, slut.” I just pursed my lips ready to say fuck you pal but I didn’t. I actually do want my job back it’s a pretty lush gig. The Captain and another officer came into the cell, both of them with a smirk and I don’t know if I was seeing things at the time, but it looked like they both had a hard on. I soon figured out why. They cuffed my wrists behind my back and marched me out into the central booking area where all the other people being charged were sitting waiting for release or a judge. They latched the cuffs to the front counter where I was facing everyone, front and center. The cells above and behind were opened and the inmates stepped out to see my jail jump suit being cut off. The howling and chanting began as the Captain asked who was horny. Every guy in there stood up clapping and grabbing their cocks. Oddly I wasn’t scared, I was thinking wow I didn’t even have to plan this gangbang. The Captain told them all he was first and they could watch how a real man fucks. They booed him but it didn’t stop him at all, he uncuffed me from the front desk and jerked me over to the stairs. He positioned my leg and all in one motion he shoved his big thick cock inside my pussy. I yelled out in pain and pleasure just as one of the other male guards took my picture. Captain fucked me hard and came inside me and made his announcement. “You can all fuck this whore as many times are you want she is here for the night for your use in cell 12, she will be cuffed so you don’t have to struggle with keeping her down.” My eyes are just huge, thinking what the fuck did he just say? As he was turning to leave he looked me straight in the eye and whispered “Well you like to fuck everything, so now everything is going to fuck you. You want your job, I’ll get nothing but good reports from all the guys … and girls that fuck you whore. Or your job goes bye bye.” He walks away and the other guards tell the inmates to come up get a number. I am dragged to the cell and cuffed to the bed with a cheap gross mat on it.
It was very … different. I have to go check on a parolee; I’ll have to write more to you guys later. Talk to you again soon.

Cuckolded In Front of Friends

Sissy humiliation

My hubby is a sissy. Probably why I always refer to him as my sissy hubby, makes sense right? I was feeling really quite horny, and making my hubby do all kinds of kinky things always gets my pussy humming and wet. I called him into the living room and told him to call some buddies over that he golfs with or plays racquetball with. About 3 hours later hubby’s buddies are all here and enjoying pizza and beer and watching a football game. Sitting next to my hubby I whisper in his ear. “Stand up, stand next to the TV and take all of your clothes off.” He immediately stands but looks back at me with fear, because he doesn’t know what I am going to do next. He starts to undress and the guys all start protesting asking him what the fuck he is doing. He only looked at me for instruction. I turned to all the guys and said them “He is my cuckold and he does what I tell him to.” They looked stunned but curious. My hubby is usually made to wear panty hose with the crotch cut open, so once he was undressed his cock hung there, limp. “First thing my loving husband. I want you to suck any of these guys that want a blow job from you. Then you are going to jerk off standing in front of all of them jerking off until you cum.” I turned to the guys and told them if they wanted to leave now would be the time. Oddly, none of them left. He blew them all one by one; a few guys even returned the favor and blew my hubby. I told the guys to hold their wads until the end. All the cocks being sucked and stroked had me so turned on I wasn’t going to leave my pussy out of the action.Forced crossdressing

As the last guy was getting blown I asked the guys who were ready to cum now and a bunch of them said they were. “Ok, then you guys come on over here and stick your cock in my pussy and cum inside me,” I said. Each one came up, slid their cock into my tight, shaved wet pussy and within a few thrusts, they would cum. One by one they all eventually came over to me and came inside me. “Anyone that is done you can leave if you like or watch my sissy hubby suck each of your deposit out of my pussy.” Again, no one left. I looked at my sissy man and I didn’t need to say anything, he lay down on the floor and sucked all those hot loads that the guys left for him right out of my pussy. What a fun day, after all, that’s what a sissy cuckold husband is right? Mmmm drip drip drip

Cuckold phone sex

The Best Phone Sex is Not What I Thought

best phone sexThe best phone sex for me is with men with working dicks, preferably big cocks. I am a teacher, but everyone knows teacher’s salaries aren’t great. I do phone sex full time in the summer and part time during the school season. I took this job because as a mature woman, I am horny all the time. Men my age can’t keep up. I thought, “It’s always more fun to masturbate with a friend.” My background as a teacher, however, garnered me far different calls than I expected. I get very little true fuck calls. Most guys call me for phone sex therapy. I have excepted that. In fact, I have discovered that I get wet shaming cuckolds or sissies. The older I have become, the more hedonistic I have become. It is all about me. If you can’t please me with a large cock then you best amuse me with just how pathetic you are and what lengths you are willing to go to entertain me. A few months ago, I had a small dick contest. I had all my regular tiny dick losers send me pictures of their turtles. I had some girlfriends come over, along with a few fuck studs to help me judge the winners. The collage I have here are the best of the worst. None of these men could pleasure a snail. They did, however, provide hours of enjoyment to my hot girlfriends and I. Plus, they gave some real men a good belly laugh. I love tiny dick losers for the entertainment value alone. If you send me a pic of your little dick, you are a small dick humiliation junkie if you ask me. I welcome your pictures. Just know I will show them to my girlfriends, maybe even to the world wide web. Can you handle the shame?

phone sex therapy

Latina phone sex

Latina phone sexLet this hot sexy Latina take care of Papi! I want to be your Mexican princess and you to be my King! I will suck your dick all day everyday! I will suck your morning wood cock, grabbing your dick at the base of that long fat shaft, putting my pretty thick lips around your big fat mushroom head! Going all the way down on that shaft reaching your balls. Oh yes I love choking on this big piece of meat. You tonsil fuck me so hard you make me gag on that big dick. You will slowly feel my finger penetrate your asshole. I will start finger fucking you really hard and sucking your big fat long dick at the same time! I want to make my king feel good! I want to make you cum all day everyday! That’s right cum in this pretty Latina mouth. Cum face fuck me!

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapist

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex keeps me busy. Hands down,  it is what guys call me for the most. I had no idea so many men wanted to be cucks. I cuckolded both my ex husbands. I will cuckold any man with a small dick who thinks he can fuck me with his shameful nub. I think of myself as a bitch in charge, so it was a wake up call to realize many men want to be cuckolded in the first place. When I think back to my failed marriages, I think my husbands were giving me signals that I failed to see. They wanted me to fuck other men. They knew their dicks couldn’t please me, but they were afraid to admit that it was best for me to have lovers. Lovers with big dicks who could make me cum the way I deserve. Each husband was always introducing me to men they knew. Not best friends, but guys from the gym. Guys, who now I understand, had big dicks because they saw them in the locker room. I thought it was odd at the time they each of them would bring home men they just met at the gym for dinner. I was being given the men to cheat with and I failed to recognize what was going on. I was a cheating whore, but I could have been fucking men hand selected by my husbands. I bet you want your wife to fuck other men too. If you are still reading my blog, you are a cuckold or a cuckold wannabe. Women never think their husbands want them to cheat. Many of us will cheat behind our husbands’ back when we could have been cheating in front of them the entire time. If you want your wife to take lovers, tell her. Don’t throw men at her subtly hoping she will take the bait. Trust me, I have years of experience with cuckolds. Phone sex therapy will help you understand how to get your wife fucking men like she deserves.

Sissy Humiliation With Felecity


Crave me and my Sissy Humiliation phone sessions. You’re here for my Entertainment and mine alone. I will make you all the woman that you truly are, and make that inner woman crave cock. My joys of cuckolding pathetic men and teasing them about how they are more a woman than a man is what really launches me into being a Femdom that will forcibly initiate you into the perverse world of Sissification.

You need not hide that inner woman and cock craving from me, as I will exhibit the well endowed man for you to worship and become our little bitch. Dressing your little wee wee in pretty panties and making you watch me fuck a nice plump, juicy hard cock is purely my pleasure. I will have your sweet sissy ass kneeling before your King and Queen and be the sissy maid of cum licking. You are going to serve me and Thank Me and your King for the very opportunity to do such.Sissy HumiliationSo, are you a little sissy slut that wishes to probe into your perverse fantasy of being a girly boy and sucking cock for this Femdom Mistress?

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