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Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,

I very much fancy the new domination porn you sent me. I love learning how to be a good mistress by watching these hot women turn these pathetic excuse for men into slaves. I really hope to use some of these new skills on you when I come home on holiday. I am not quite fitting in as the girls hate that I get their boyfriends cock more than they do. I mean what girl doesn’t suck cock and expect to keep a man around?? I just fuck and let them go, it is not like I intend to keep these “Boys”.  I do my peers a favor and teach these guys how to fuck they all should be thanking me. Instead, I just have to suffer with every males attention on campus. I am sending you a nice postcard, I hope you don’t open your email at work again daddy. I love sending you my naughty pictures. Which reminds me where are mine of you in your wifes’ panties and lipstick I asked for? Do not be bad, it will only make your punishment more severe! You wanted me this way and now you act like a fool by not obeying me. I have pictures of your small dick daddy I really do not want to have to send them to your contact list. So be a good daddy and send this sweet young Mistress what she desires. Did you get the video of the new teacher fucking my tight twat? He has a nice big cock, I hope that made you jealous!

Love and Kisses,

Your Sweet Young Mistress CJ <3

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Sexy Babe and Size Queen

sexy babeA sexy babe like me needs big cock. I won’t settle for less. Men think because I am young, I don’t know that size matters. Or they think if they spoil me, I will overlook the turtle in their pants. No fucking way. I stand up for myself. My orgasms are most important, so if you can make me cum, then you become my sissy bitch. Teddy was this fat cat I met on a special arrangements site. He thought if he bought me nice clothes and took me to fancy restaurants, I would overlook his 2 inch dick. There are plenty of men who can spoil me. Ones with nice cocks too, so I don’t need to settle. Teddy seemed shock when I suggested he put on a pair of my panties, so his little clit stick wouldn’t get hurt. I mean, my Ken doll growing up had a bigger package. I was not laughing, well I was laughing at his cock, but I was serious about the panties. I had to lash into him with some harsh small dick humiliation. He liked it. When he realized I was standing up for my sexual needs, he got turned on. I made him lick my pussy and eat my ass while wearing my pretty pink panties. He still wines and dines me, but there is no fucking, unless you count my pegging his sissy ass.

I’ll let you laugh

Small dick humiliation   Small dick humiliation will not only bring you satisfaction but me as well. I miss my fairy faggot princess. He used to dress himself up. It started as just a simple you should have been a woman statement. He then from now then and there wanted to just come over and have me talk down to him. Humiliate his little dick and have me play dress up. if you call me I will make you feel so bad about having a small wines that you might as well just turn it inside out and make it a clit. I will tear you a new one and make you feel like the cheapest disgrace of a man! Let me compare cocks to your and laugh at you a bit. It will be so fun.

Phone Sex Therapy: I Can Size You Up with a Glance

phone sex therapyDo you need phone sex therapy? Many men do. This hot sexy doctor is in. I am a doctor too. Not an MD, but a PH. D in psychology. I teach college by day and have phone sex by night. I have extensive hours and research in human sexuality and behavior. I can tell you if your wife is cheating and likely tell you why. I can tell you if you are gay, a sissy or a fetish panty wearer. I can size up men with a glance or a conversation. When Trevor was hitting on me at the bar last night, he didn’t like the fact that I sized him up so quickly and so precisely. I told him he had a small dick, that he over compensated with expensive clothes, a sports car and by flashing his money. He told me I was full of shit. I had him put his money where his mouth was by proving me wrong. I made a little wager. If he had a dick bigger than 6 inches, I would go home with him. If he had less than that, I would peg his ass in front of all my girlfriends who were with me. He took my bet. I thought for a moment perhaps I was wrong because most men would not take that kind of bet if they thought they would lose. I wasn’t wrong. He just wanted some small dick humiliation and a good ass pegging. He measured less than 4 inches. My girlfriend took off her panties and told him he belonged in panties not boxers. He put them on and I pegged his ass with a beer bottle. I didn’t have my strap-on with me. It is something perhaps I need to stash in my purse for such occasions. Trevor fell in love. Not with me, but with that beer bottle up his ass. Hardest his dick has ever been.

Pussy Rules Everything

Men will do whatever I say because I am sexy and they want to fuck me, it is that simple. I am dominant because I understand that pussy rules the world, and I have the best pussy in the world. I have the perfect legs, ass, tits, and pussy, and that is why I get whatever I want. No man will ever tell me no because they all want to fuck me. Because I know that every man wants me, I will never settle for a small cock. With a body like this, you better have at least a 9 inch cock to even call me. I am so tired of getting excited to fuck someone, and them really being a sissy bitch. If you have less than 9 inches in your pants, then I consider you a sissy bitch. At that point it isn’t even a cock, it’s just a large clitoris, but hey at least it is large. Also, do not even think about cumming without my permission! I want to hear you beg me to cum. I need to see you on your knees begging, “Please master Nancy, please let me cum!” I want to spit in your despicable face as you cover yourself in cum, and make you leave my house exactly like that. You deserve to be covered in your own dried cum, sissy bitch.

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Cuckold Phone Sex Mistress Doesn’t Play!

cuckold phone sex

I really thought you would learn to obey your cuckold phone sex Mistress this time!

My Micheal Kors purse you sent is a fucking Knock off, Designer gets my pussy wet. I should have known better than a man who has a clit for a dick. Fuck I even let you suck Dwayne’s cum out of my ass. What do I get a fucking Insolent micro dick bitch! Oh, But your shrinky DInk got off to watching Dwayne fuck me so hard I almost cried from how big he was. My ass gaped for you by that Python of a black cock of his. I even asked you if you liked watching you sweet young Mistress take Nigger Cock all night? You fucking loved it! And the disrespect as Mistress I get Is a fucking Knock off! How am I supposed to show my Face at school, when I told all my Girlfriends how smitten you were and what a fucking pay piggy you were and Your dick has never Touched me. You have 24 hours to make it right or you will never see my ass fucked or get to eat me out after I am full of cum again!  I do Not play, I swear you will be stuck watching female domination porn, I will Ruin You!

Sexy Dominatrix Pegging

sexy dominatrixI love being a badass sexy dominatrix. I went to a new fetish club over the weekend. I wore my latex catsuit and brought some whips. I love punishing loser sissy boys. Subby men are so much fun. The place was filled with hot women and weak men. That shocked me because I was excepting there to be some dominant men with submissive sluts at the club too. The place looked like it brought out the freaks. There were men in chastity belts. Men in diapers. Even men dressed up in women’s lingerie. They were easy targets. Men looking for shame and humiliation are fun, but I wanted a man I needed to break. I wanted one who could use some slave training. I found Mike. He was a 37-year-old lawyer. Right now, he works for the state as a prosecutor.  The kind of man who has a lot riding on his actions and what he says can ruin lives. Guys like that often want to give over power and control to a woman for once. I was happy to be that woman. We got a private room. I began by making him worship my pussy and my ass. He was a good cunt licker; someone trained him well there. I moved him to my ass, which is were he needed some work. I sat my ass down on his face, smothering him until he could lick me the way I wanted. After an hour of worshiping my holes, this sexy babe was ready to peg his ass. At first, he protested, so I bound his hands behind his back. I knew he had a virgin ass, but a good pegging was what he needed to relax. I lubed him up, gave him some poppers to help, then I slide my rubber dick up his virgin ass, milking his prostate with every thrust. By the time I was done, he was a puddle. We both loved every minute of our time together.

Teasing You with CJ

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You fucking wish someone as sexy as me and CJ would touch that little microscopic cock of yours! You met us at a college party, which you were clearly too old to be at. You weren’t really attractive, but we could tell you were rich. You were very suave with your Rolex and Armani suit. I must admit I do love shiny things, and I know CJ does too. We came up to you, and started flirting a little. It didn’t take long until we were pulling up to your huge fancy house in your brand new Lamborghini. Once inside, me and CJ put on a little strip tease for you, but when we started stripping you is when the teasing really began. We simply couldn’t contain our laughter when we saw your cock, or lack there of. Your cock was so small it could probably pass as a clitoris. You got off on us laughing at you and teasing you. You were literally on your knees begging us to let you cum, but with a cock that small there is no way I was letting you cum for free. Me and CJ left with $50,000 each, and you drove us home covered in your own cum. Just because I let you cum doesn’t mean I will let you clean yourself up. You deserve to be covered in your own dried cum for wasting our time!

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Your Brutally Honest Phone Sex Therapist

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. It gives me great pleasure to tell men that their wives are cheating on them because they have small dicks. It never gets old. Guys call me daily to ask me questions about their wives’ behavior. I think they already know. They just want me to confirm their suspicions. Maybe, they even want some humiliation. Tony seemed like a smart man. Harvard educated with a great job at a top advertising firm. Yet, he was so dumb about his trophy wife. She is wife number two and half his age. She travels a lot for work and she is a Pilates instructor. According to him, she has three day trips monthly to improve her skills. She spends lots of time in other people’s homes teaching Pilates. She is hot. He needs Viagra to fuck his wife with his 4 inch dick. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know she is out screwing guys with bigger dicks than her husband. I would be too. She sneaks around because of the prenuptial agreement. I gave him an honest assessment of his marriage. Men in his situation can either divorce their cheating wife or accept the fact that they married a woman well out of their league because they have money and let her fuck who she wants because other men will be envious because they have a hot wife. I mean when it comes to needing a big dick, women will create elaborate lies. We will deny deny deny too. We want our cock and our nice lives. Men need to wake up and realize how sexy it is to have a slut wife. My style of brutally honest phone sex therapy isn’t for everyone. I will not sugar coat your situation or coddle you. I will tell you, however, how to make the best out of having a slut wife who needs more than your little dick and your money to be happy. Money doesn’t equal sexual happiness.

The Maid’s Tongue is Bigger

I would rather have your maid tongue bathe my pussy than touch that tiny thing you call your cock. You picked me up at a college party, you were good looking, so I let you take me home. Your house was huge and beautiful, and had to be worth millions. When we walked in we were greeted by a very sexy maid, and I invited her to join us in the bedroom. She took my hand and led me to your fancy bedroom. We all started making out, and it didn’t take long before the cloths started coming off. I anticipated this, but when I looked down at what looked like it should have been your cock, I was really face to face with disappointment. Me and the maid looked at each other, and busted out laughing. We spent the night making fun of you, and finger fucking and tongue fucking each other. We wouldn’t let you touch your little ding-a-ling no matter how much you begged, but you came anyway, without even touching that little thing. You’ll have to be punished for cumming without permission.

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