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I Know You Want Me

I have been told that this Mistress of cuckold phone sex is a bit…shall I say coincided? And why not? I know my pussy and mouth are what your sweet dick desires. I also know if you are wanting to watch my pussy get filled by Jermaine’s big 11-inch cock then you are going to be lapping up his huge cum load off of me. I know how fucking sexy I am. I know that these dick sucking lips are what you want. I hold my beauty far above you and I get what the fuck I want! I want the newest iPhone and a daily allowance. Most of all I want big thick dick to satisfy this young boarding school brats aching cunt!! You are just the man to make sure I stay completely filled up and cleaned up.  How about a session with your youngest cock tease Mistress CJ baby? It is more than just a little play time it’s the best phone sex for your nasty fetishes. cuckold phone sex


I’m not Bossy I am the Boss

best phone sex

Ever hear people say to little girls if he is mean to you it means he likes you? Well that is exactly how I am. My version of flirting is teasing you, and I could cum just listening to you beg me to let you cum. I love making men cry and beg for mercy, and I need to have complete and total control. I need control of every aspect of his life not just in the bedroom. Sometimes I don’t let my true colors show right away. Like with my current boy toy, Adriano. Adriano is a mob boss, and I like any guy that has the title boss because it is even sweeter to take all control from them. Adriano has been a tough cookie, and has held onto control so far. But I also haven’t teased him into submission, yet. The other day Adriano brought me with him to a meeting, and made the mistake of sitting me next to him. I made sure to keep exposing my cleavage as much as possible, without dumping out my tits entirely, and I reached down and made sure he was getting hard for me. About half way through the meeting I announced that me and him were leaving, but he insisted he had to stay. I decided that was fine but he would me punished for not listening to me. So, when he got home, I chained him to the wall, keeping his hands far away from his cock. Then, I brought in the 2 random girls I found, and I made him watch as me and the girls touched each other. He begged and begged for me to at least let him touch himself. I couldn’t allow that he had to be taught that what I say goes. So, he watched as me and the girls played with each other for hours. His cock was so purple and swollen, but he would never get the privilege of touching it. Hopefully he learned who is boss.

All I need

Fantasy phone sex All I need is a sissy boy to eat my sweet nectar from my tight pussy and to hand over all his money to me his princess. I need my pussy taking care of several times a day. I will start and end the day with your tongue and mouth deep in between my pussy lips. We will take daily shopping trips and you will take care of me making me squirt in the dressing room as I try on a skimpy little black dress. I will drag you into the woman’s bathroom and you will show all the women that walk in and out what an amazing pussy eater you are. They will stop just to watch you do your magic for your princess. Stopping for a bite to eat you will be under the table giving me exactly what I crave and need.

Phone Sex Therapist and Size Queen

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I get to talk to all kinds of men and hear about their fetishes and issues. Cuckolds are my favorite. I was married to two cuckolds and I have counseled countless others. Many, like my two ex-husbands, I turned into cuckolds. Some turn easily, some don’t turn without a fight. Those are my favorite. Bill is my latest cuckold conquest. He is a fellow teacher, married, but has been trying to fuck me for a year now. I don’t do married men. Now, it is not because I am high and mighty. It is that I like to be the center of a man’s world and when you are the other woman, that is not possible. Now for Bill, my guess was he had a small cock too. When you are a sexy babe and a cock size queen, you get good at separating the boys from the men. You are probably self aware about your tiny dick or you wouldn’t be reading my blog. Most men, however, delude themselves into thinking size doesn’t matter until they meet me, and I set them straight. I was right about Bill. He had a four-inch hard cock, which would do nothing but fall out of me. Of course, he was like “let’s try.”  My alternative approach was for him to watch my grad assistant bang me.  My college stud has about a 9-inch cock. He is thick too. Bill thought I was joking until he was restrained to my chair with a pair of my pantyhose watching a boy half his age with a cock twice his size pound me on my office desk. Like many men, seeing is believing. Bill needed to see how much pleasure another man gave me; how much bigger another man’s cock was to accept the fact that I am out of his league. Turned out he enjoyed small dick humiliation. Maybe you will too.

Tease and Denial Queen

best phone sex

Do you really think that tiny little thing you call a cock could ever fuck a sexy dom like me? You are so fucking pathetic! I bet you’ll call just to hear me make fun of that tic tac in your pants because it is the only way you could get a hot girl to talk to you. If I take you home and find out you have a small cock, I will force you to watch me fuck a real man. You must have at least 8 inches to even talk to me at this point because I am so tired of getting all hot and bothered for someone that has a pea in their pants. Don’t even think about cumming either because only real men deserve to cum. I will tease you until you cry and beg me to let you cum. Then tell you no and spit in your face. You don’t deserve to cum to a sexy woman like me. At this point you should just chop that nub off and become a woman because to beg like a bitch.

High School Reunion

best phone sex

If you plan on trying to take me home, you better have a big enough cock. I am so sick of guys with itty bitty penises trying to fuck me. NEWS FLASH, I am out of your league! So, this guy friend of mine has been friend zoned since high school, but he grew up to be quite hot. The other day was my high school reunion, and he looked so good I could barely believe it was him. I ran over to him and hugged him tight. I loved this guy, but only as a friend. I really should have left it that way. I played it smart and didn’t bring a date that way if I wanted to hook up with someone, there would be nothing holding me back. Anyways, me and this friend spent hours talking and laughing about the past. Then we spent a while catching up, he said he always knew I would be successful. Little did he know I am only rich because there’s a mob boss that’s in love with me. He is doing well though he’s a doctor, and engaged. Honestly I was surprised he admitted that to me because you could tell he was trying to get into my pants. He went on the explain though that they are in an open relationship. He said they love to do threesomes and invited me to his house afterward. I was curious and thought it might be a good time. I followed him to his house, and we were greeted by his fiancé. I went in and we pretty much got right to business. His fiancé was beautiful, and me and her were all over each other. Me and her started undressing him, and then I seen his 2 inch cock. I busted out laughing, and I turned to his fiancé and asked why she would let that near her. She giggled a little too, and explained that’s why they have an open relationship. He’s a great guy, but he just doesn’t know how to pleasure her. We made fun of him for a while, but I had a brilliant idea. I told him I bet I could please his fiancé better than him. I made him watch as I licked her sweet pussy, and she orgasmed all over my face multiple times. He begged me to let him fuck her, but I refused she deserves someone who can really please her. He then begged me to at least let him cum. I told him only big boys can cum. I then left his house with his fiancé.

Best Phone Sex with Sexy Neighbor



best phone sex

It is so disappointing when someone you have been fantasizing about has a teenie weenie. My neighbor is a super sexy Latino man, that I have been trying to fuck since he moved in 3 months ago. I have been dropping subtle hints, like getting undressed in front of the window facing his house. He had to have known I wanted to fuck him, but why wasn’t he making a move. So, yesterday our community was having a little gathering, and I decided to make my move. I led him away from the park to my house, and up to my room. I handcuffed him to my bed and did a little strip tease for him, but it didn’t look like it was getting him hard for me. At this point I started worrying he was gay. So, I inched his pants down his legs only to reveal his dick was less than 2 inches. Are you fucking kidding me? No wonder he didn’t make the first move! He knew better than to come near me with that….. that thing. It wasn’t even a cock just a thing. I couldn’t help it I threw my head back laughing. I laughed so hard I cried, and he was pissed. I uncuffed him and threw his pants at him I will be damned if I ever let a cock that small any where near me.

Get On Your Knees And Worship Me

Princess phone sexI find your amusing, following me around just to “bump” into me by chance. You are always staring but you know that you don’t have the means to take care of me. Your chances with me are very slim. You don’t have the means to spoil me nor the looks and body to please me. However your efforts have made me feel so sorry for you, I decide to play with you anyways. I order you until your knees. I lift my foot up and push your head down with it all the way to floor. You are bowing to your princess now, I permit you to kiss my feet. Your hands gently caress my legs, going higher and higher as you working your way up. Making sure to not miss any part unkissed. As you get up to my skirt you will see I have no panties, my pussy visible wet. I grabbed the back of you head push you down while my pussy grinds your face. I not sure if you can quite breath but I do not care. I cum all over your face. With myself satisfied I have no more use for you, so I leave you with you face wet and smelling like my pussy.

Itty Bitty Dick

Sexy babeI am your superior and I love fucking men especially big black men right in front of you. Letting you watch their huge cocks slither in and out of my beautiful Pussy. You know your itty bitty little dick will never compare to the 12 incher penetrating me making me squirt everywhere making a huge mess. Your only good for the clean up on us both. Sucking his cum out of my sweet pussy and cleaning off his massive BBC. Tasting my sweet pussy on his dick. We make fun of your small dicky. Your balls are like marbles and his balls are like hard 8-balls. He laughs at you and I laugh at you. I told him you had skill with your mouth and tongue and he is taking full advantage.

Small Dick Humiliation in the Club

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation was what he deserved. I am in my forties. My days of praising little dicks like they are the greatest gift to my pussy are long gone. Seriously, the audacity of this guy to think he could fuck me with three inches pissed me off. What happened was that I was out with girlfriends Friday night. This loser was buying us drinks. I guess he thought that entitled him to something more than a thank you. When I went to the bathroom I guess he misread the signal. There was no signal. I had to pee from one too many Pixie stick Martinis. He followed me into to the bathroom and pulled his cock out. Erase that. What he had was no cock. He whipped out his clitty. He expected a blowjob in the john. I am not a drunk college girl. I am a mature hot sexy woman. I don’t blow clit sticks in the bathroom of clubs. Now, if his cock was thirteen inches, that is a definite possibility. But, an inch worm, no way. I laughed at his small nub. I pulled off my panties and tossed them in his face. I explained since he had a clit, he belonged in panties more than me. He had this indignant look on his face like no woman had ever laughed at his micro penis before. I couldn’t stop laughing. I took some pictures with my camera phone, so my girlfriends could have a good laugh too. Oh, my god, he started to cry like a fucking pansy. He claimed I was so mean. He was the one who had the archaic view that buying me drinks deserves head in the bathroom as thanks. Seriously loser, what the fuck? Let his experience be a warning to you. Don’t think any woman will be so grateful for martinis that she will blow your short stack in a club bathroom. I can buy my own martinis.

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