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I love Facesitting Full of cum

I only wanted to use him to sit my pretty little pussy on. I mean it doesn’t matter what size of a dick he has if this sexy little slut is just using him to lap my sweet bald cunny right. I love being his face spinner. A few thrusts of his tongue and sucking on my pussy lips has me squirting a river of my hot teen cum in his mouth. Yes, My ass hole and pussy might be a little swollen from the headmasters’ donkey sized dick. All the better for him to soothe my aching bald cunt don’t you think? I mean tiny little Asian body and a big cock that’s what you expect. What you don’t expect is I left his cum inside me for you!coed phone sex

Sissification Training

sissy humiliationHey there, my sweet little sissies. Welcome to my fun and wild little kingdom of pleasure! I have all kinds of pretty, frilly dresses and panties that your little sissy heart could ever desire. But they aren’t for me, no I would never be caught dead in anything frilly.

No, these pretty little things are all for you. My playthings, my slaves, my beautiful little dress up dolls. I will forcefully, yet lovingly, dress you up in the most innocent, elegant, promiscuous little outfits. But, for us to play, you need to follow all of my rules.

One, you must always do what I say. No questions, no if’s and’s or but’s. So, if I command you to pee in the street, in front of a crowd, you better do it. If not, you are a waste of my precious time.

Second, there is no complaining. The more you complain, the more extreme I will become, and you won’t like me when I do that. I turn from loving and nurturing, into a demon spawn from hell itself.

I won’t just push your little buttons and boundaries. No, I will pound, and destroy them. If you don’t do as you are told, mommy gets very angry. Trust me, no one likes mommy angry.

Last but certainly not least, you must send me pretty little pictures of our play. I like my toys to do exactly as I say, and I make sure you do it. If you would prefer sending me a video via email, I am happy with that too.
See all of your pretty outfits and caged up cocks makes mommy a very happy woman. When mommy is happy, everyone is happy. So, my lovely little sissies, send until your heart is content. I’ll be waiting.

Sissy Slut

sissy maid training

Do you want to talk to a woman who can turn you into the best sissy whore around? Well, I absolutely love sissy training calls because I love molding ugly men into sluts. I’m not the kind of woman who will just turn you into a sissy who kind of looks feminine. No, when I am done with you, nobody is ever going to know that you were born an ugly man. If you just decide right now to trust me, I promise you that you’re going to have everything you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll look like a woman and by the time you’ve gone through sissy training with me, you will even be acting like a woman.

When I say you’ll be acting like a woman, I don’t just mean the way you carry yourself or the clothes you wear. No, it’s going to take more than heels and makeup to sissify you. You are going to have to learn how to suck cock. I would bet everything I own that you’ve been thinking about sucking cock for a really long time now. It’s time to put all those thoughts into action and do what you were meant to do. Call me for sissy training and let me transform you.


Sissy Humiliation For The Confused

Sometimes guys want to be humiliated about their confusion on who they are and this is a perfect goal with sissy humiliation calls. You never really sprouted a proper penis and your really more feminine than the average male that were blessed with proper testosterone levels, therefore a much manlier cock and masculinity. You personally crave to be in the company of women, and wish to be like us. Your desire goes so deep that you wish you could be a lesbian and only have lesbian sex, or you crave cock and need to be humiliated about your size. Whatever the mixed bag is that is you, I am here to assist you in sorting this out. One way is to try out some sex therapy porn and get you fixated on either servicing cock like a good little sissy faggot, or learning how to masturbate your clitty and eat pussy like a good lesbian carpet muncher. I would love to help you figure out your place in society and encourage your new found self with sending you out to buy the girly things you so desire to own. I want to make you my pretty little Sissy and whether you crave cock or pussy is really not so big a deal as I am more than comfortable assisting you in any way that fits.

Sissy Humiliation


Sweet Torture

best phone sexAs I sunk the next guys delicious cock into my pussy, hubby begged me to let him cum. The chastity cage on his tiny pinprick dick was shaking. Precum was oozing out of his microscopic cock.
I looked over and laughed as I rode my meat stick harder. Both moaning and whimpering were in the background. I felt like a true Goddess.
My meat stick was already so close to cumming, I had to slow down a bit. I wanted to watch hubby as he whimpered and begged some more. His cunt of a cock begging for that sweet release.
I went harder one more time so that I could cum, then I got off of my meat stick. He begged me to let him finish but I ignored him. After all, he was just my living dildo why should I pay him any attention?
I walked over to my cuck hubby then flicked his cunt, he moaned loudly and shivered with pleasure. He was enjoying this too much. So, I rummaged through my drawers and grabbed my 11 inch strap on.
I rammed it so hard into his tight little ass that his feet came off the floor and he shrieked in excitement. He begged me to go harder, so I did. He had been such a good little cuck, he deserved some pleasure.
By the time I was done with him, his ass was a gaping hole and his cunt was so swollen it barely fit the cage. He pleaded and begged me to let him finish. I took off the cage and told him that he was not allowed to cum at all tonight.
Instead, he will watch porn with me as I get off and fuck as many men as I wanted. He nodded sadly as tears poured down his pathetic face. Sorry hubby, but there will be no release for you tonight.

How Small Is Your Cock?

sissy humiliation

If you’re trying to pass that tiny little thing off as a dick, then there’s really something wrong with you. Your “dick” is good for absolutely nothing except small penis humiliation. I know you’ve probably been laughed at a million times when you got naked in front of girls, right? And it’s happened so many times that you are turned on by the laughter now.

Yet there are times you still try to convince women like me over the phone that your pathetic cock is big enough to please a woman. But the joke is totally on you because I can tell, even when I’m just talking to you on the phone, that you have a tiny cock and that you would never be good enough to please me. But it’s totally fun to hear you try to convince me. I can only take that for so long, though. I am eventually going to have to put you in your place and give you a list of reasons why you aren’t ever going to be good enough for me.

Do you have a tiny dick and shriveled up balls? Just get on the phone now and call me so I can remind you how small your cock is. You’re pathetic and you know it.


Cuckold Phone Sex with My Loser Ex-Husband

cuckold phone sexMy ex-husband needs cuckold phone sex. Do you? I can’t explain it. He has the most pathetic little cock I have ever seen. Seen is the wrong word to use because I need to squint to see it. Minuscule is a better word for my ex-husband’s private parts. Hence why he is an ex-husband. His teenie weenie couldn’t please me ever, not even once. It didn’t help that he was a chronic masturbator too, so he couldn’t get his nub hard for me. I no longer fuck him. Although I am no longer married to the loser, he keeps on trying to fuck me. I learned quickly with him that a hot bitch like me deserves to fuck a man she can feel inside her pussy. A man with a cock worthy of a sexy woman. Yet the delusional fucker still thinks our shared past somehow will make me have pity sex with him. He came over last night begging for my pussy again and I laughed. Normally, I just shut the door and be done with him, but I wanted to play tease and denial games. I teased him with my hot pussy. I let him watch me play with my sex toys that were bigger than him. I got the loser all excited, then slapped a chastity cage on his worthless pecker denying him any pleasure. He doesn’t deserve to cum. No man who can’t please a woman deserves to cum. And any man who prefers playing with his own junk over his lady’s pussy, doesn’t deserve to cum either. It is a privilege to be in a pussy as fine as mine. So, don’t for a moment think I won’t put your shrimp dick under lock and key too if you think fucking is all about you or you don’t meet my size requirements.


Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliationHahaha! Small dick humiliation? More like microscopic! I could laugh and laugh at that thing forever. No wonder you can’t get any woman to fuck you. No wonder you’re such a whiny cuck! You’re pathetic in every way, you don’t deserve to be called a man and you don’t deserve to call that a cock when to me it just looks like an oversized clit, at best. It pleases me to humiliate a man that is really just a girl considering the lack of cock. If you don’t have a monster cock, you’re a bitch. You are useless to society, and only a dumping ground for making fun of and torturing. Some think they are still in charge because their wives have boosted their fragile ego. They are more than wrong and I am always happy to put them right back in their place. Groveling at my knees, whining and begging as I laugh and force him to do things he never imagined. Pathetic!!!

Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sexDo you like to be Cuckold phone sex? Whoever said size doesn’t matter has never fucked a huge cock like my friend Ray’s. I have been obsessed with big cock. Probably because when my cherry was popped by  Ray, as a teen, his 9-inch long 2-inch thick, ruined this cunt for anything small. So, when I met my husband and he had a 4-inch dick, I was like no fucking way can I marry you, But he was loaded and know that a hot bitch like me deserves only the best, and that includes big, hard, throbbing dick. So, I am married now, and I am what you call a cuckolding wife. I fuck whom I want, when I want, and my husband either gets to join in on the fun or sit at home alone and rub his little clit. He is well trained of course. He knows how to find hot guys with big dicks for me; how to prepare me properly for my special dates; how to fluff your cock and how to clean me up after you fuck me good and leave him a nice fat load behind. Would you like to be my cuckold? Lick the cum out of my hot pussy or suck some cock to get it ready to enter my tight cunt or ass? Call me, Valerie the Cuckolding wife and me and my Bull will put you in your place, sissy.


Foot Fetishes friendly

foot fetishesI love it when my Johns worship and kiss my feet. I have one John who is in love with my feet while in a pair of sexy stiletto heels. He even likes to fuck me in them. Everytime I see him we do a line of coke and then I bend over a table or chair and he fucks me from the back. After that I climb on the table on all fours and he grabs my heels and rams his thick white dick inside of this tight brown pussy. I swear he watches my shoes and feet the whole time we are fucking. After he makes me cum he flips me over and yanks my expensive heels off of my feet. Of course I let him because I know he will just buy me some more. I play with my pussy and rub on my clit while he kisses and worships my feet until I squirt my cum all over his face.

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