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Latinas lust BBC

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Latina phone sex is our specialty. We know what really gets men off with our sultry style and no taboo mindset we can make any cock cream.

I have the hottest friends they are latinas like me and not only are they sexy Spanish mami’s they crave nothing but the best. We became friends since we all ran in the same circles. All three addicted to the finer things in life and being trophy wives and girlfriends. As we got closer we knew that we all had a common situation going on. Although our significant others were checking all our boxes there was an area they came up short. I have always said some men need to compensate with their bank accounts for having been cursed with such itty bitty men clitties. Of course each of us were fulfilling our needs elsewhere. How could we not? Who doesn’t love to be fucked like a slut? The difference a couple extra inches can make is out of this world. Why settle for pencil dick that barely hits te 5 inch mark? My girls and I are part of the nine and up club

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BBC rules everything around me and my hot amigas. We only want Papi’s with big rods that can make us squirt and make our tight cunts shake and quiver. There is nothing better than a chocolate dick fucking our latina holes. Our bodies were made for fucking and our mouths were made for sucking. Size does matter we are size queens who love to cheat on our rich significant others. We all share a common love for disappearing for days and attending several orgies together. After all, they do say great minds think alike. While you are spoiling us we are out getting plowed by real men. The way we make fun of little nubs would have you beet red in the face. I especially love picking fights and doing anything in my power to get away from your shriveled up mini shrimp dick. Sometimes I will come home after a bbc binge and make you clean up the mess without you knowing. 😉

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Sissy Bitch and Master Daddy

I had so much fun turning my daddy into a little sissy bitch, and watching him worship a superior cock. When I still lived with my dad I was always bringing guys home when he was at work. Well, one day he come home early and found me fucking some big black cock, he was pissed. He asked what was going on, and I very snarky asked him what it looked like. He told me that I was not going to fuck a black man in his house, and I told him to shut the fuck up because I am in charge when we are in my bedroom. I told him his authority is null and void in my room because I just knew he had a tiny cock. I told him I was the boss now, and instructed him to drop his pants. My BBC friend I call master daddy and I just laughed at how tiny it was, and I told him he was going to feel a real cock. I made him hold his cock in one hand and master daddy’s in the other, and compare how heavy they were. Do you believe my dad had the nerve to beg me to cum so soon when the fun was just getting started? I laughed in his face, and told him to get on his knees and worship master daddy’s big black cock!

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Phone Humiliation: I’m Good at Being a Mean Girl

phone humiliationI love phone humiliation. I am a mean girl all grown up. I have always been concerned with appearances and cock size. I am not going to be seen on the arm of an ugly man nor am I going to fuck a man with a small dick. I am okay being called a bitch if it means I uphold my standards. I had a high school reunion over the weekend. My mean girl posse was reunited, and I felt like the Queen Bee again. Mark was this guy who crushed on me back when I was a hot teen slut. I rejected him because he was not attractive. The joke was on me, because he transformed himself. It has been 25 years since I saw him, but he looked like a movie star now. He lost a ton of weight, grew taller and developed some confidence. No more wallflower. No more reject. He was hitting on me again like we were back in school. I was game. He had a swagger about him now that in my experience comes with having a big dick. I was wrong. He may have had a big dick, but steroids have likely shrunk his package. I was so disappointed. We were in an empty classroom. I was about to give him head, when this 5-inch dick made an appearance. My laughter crushed him. He transformed to make me regret that I never went out with him in high school. Poor loser. I laid in to him like I do my cucks. He should not have been surprised by the small dick humiliation. Once a mean girl always a mean girl. I left in the classroom with blue balls and a hard clitty. I laughed my ass off. I guess once a loser always a loser.

You really think you could get a hot sexy woman like me?

hot sexy womanYou really think that you could get a hot sexy woman like me?? Yeah, well you had better think again sweetheart because you are no where near man enough for me! Look at my lover here, he has a big fat cock, he is strong enough to lift me up and he is rich as fuck, what do you have that could possibly compare to that? Yeah, yeah I know you have money too it is the only reason I even talk to you in the first place! Hahaha did you really think I go anywhere with you because I enjoy your company? Bitch please, I go out with you for the money I get! Now go sit down and shut your pathetic mouth and watch while a real man fucks me. He does things that you could never ever do!

Fantasies For The Holidays

fantasy phone sex

It’s Never too late to get this slut excited for the holidays’ ho ho hoe! I want my sissy daddykins to give me a candy cane up my sweet pussy so he can lick my sweet candy cane flavored twat. Then I want to get one of those oversize candy canes and fuck his sweet puckered ass hole. I want to be a spoiled extra from now until after New Years. I love sparkly stuff, hint hint. I want a jewel-encrusted cock ring for daddy and a gold-plated vibe! The best things in life are either sparkly or chocolate. So I want lots of chocolate cock for my x-mas presents! This sweet young cunt only wants a big black chocolate cock for her sweet tight cunny.

Little Play Thing

I have to use a rubber cock to please my self because that thing in your pants is most definitely not a cock! I don’t think I have ever seen something so small. Are you sure it isn’t just a large clitoris? I mean at least if that were the case it would be considered large. We met at an amusement park, and you looked like you could be my amusement for the night. You are so handsome, and it is such a shame you itty bitty teensy weeny wiener didn’t quite live up to my expectation. I brought you home with me, and we started making out heavy. It seemed as though every time I reached for your cock you pulled away, which only made me even more curious. I yanked your pants down quickly, and was instantly in a fit of laughter. Why would you even come home with me knowing you barely had a cock? You got quite offended, but I waved you off because I wanted the privilege of showing you what a real cock looks like. I used my trusty dildo to pleasure myself while you watch, and I refused your begging to touch your own sorry excuse of a penis. Once I came it was time to have some fun with you, my little play thing. You were to call me master Nancy, and do everything I said without question. If you were a good boy perhaps I would let you cum. I made you suck all off the juices off of my dildo on your hands and knees, and you did so like a good little play thing. Then I took the dildo, still slick with you saliva, and shoved it into your ass. You begged and begged me to let you cum, and only after I had had my fun did I let you cum.

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Phone Sex Mommy Punishes Panty Boy

phone sex mommyHe wanted a phone sex mommy. I didn’t have any problem with that since he was a nasty little jack off boy. He has been playing around in mommy’s panty drawer for months now. Wrapping my silky underwear around his horny dick. Jacking off in the cotton crotch and leaving them for me to find. He thinks I don’t notice that my clean panties have a crunchy middle. No mommy is that dumb. Some mommies just have a different approach than me. They think if they don’t confront their boy, he will get over it. I know why a horny boy plays with mommy’s panties. He wants mommy’s pussy. He wants to smell the sweet smell of a mature pussy. My naughty boy got just that. I summoned him into my bedroom where I met him with my bare ass spread. “You’ve been a dirty boy. Did you think mommy wouldn’t find out,” I asked sternly? Then, I ordered him on his knees and told him to lick my ass. If he wanted to smell and taste my mature pussy, he could do so directly. I gave him a long face sitting session. All he could do was breathe my mature scent. I whipped his cock and balls as punishment too. Some boys are just so unruly. They need to learn that mommy is in charge. Are you a panty boy lover in need of some erotic roleplaying?

BBC Ass Fucking

Femdom phone sex

When you have a perfect ass like I do, men practically drool at the thought of fucking it. I love being fucked in the ass. I’m a size queen and the bigger the better. My Bull has a perfect 10 inch BBC that he loves to pound my ass with. Few things make me cum harder than when he’s balls deep inside of my ass. As soon as he sees me he starts getting hard and can’t wait to fuck my tight little hole and give me a nice yummy anal creampie for my cuckold husband to enjoy lapping up when I get home. He bends me over and pulls my panties to the side and slowly starts to work his big black cock into my tight asshole. I can’t help but squirm and whimper in pleasure while he’s doing it. Once he’s finally all the way in, he loses all abandon and fucks my ass as hard as I can. Luckily I’m used to a good hard as fucking because he doesn’t hold back one bit! When he’s done, he pumps all of his creamy cum into me. I love coming home with a nice creampie and flaunting it to my husband. His mouth starts watering at the sight of it and he can’t wait to lick it all up.

BBC Gangbang

Cuckold phone sex

My ex invited me over for dinner the other night. The pathetic cuck wanted me to take him back. I refused because his cock could never satisfy me. The poor little bitch was so dejected, I almost felt bad for him! I decided that he can have one last treat! Haha!

I invited over a few friends-with-benefits over and watched my ex’s eyes widen when he saw the three strapping black dudes walk in. I immediately knew he was probably so jealous of their thick black cocks! I made everyone drop their pants- even my tiny white ex and compare their cocks! Even the smallest black cock was at least twice as big as his white teeny sausage! Haha!

I could even see his teeny pecker twitch and get a little hard. I then sat my pathetic ex down and made him watch as my black fuck buddies tore off my clothes and began pumping their long dark cocks into my cunt, mouth and ass! He instantly began jerking his boy-cock, I bet he enjoyed watching his ex get gangbanged by negros in his living room! HA!

When it was all over, I gave him one last goodbye by making him lick, suck and slurp all the cum in my pussy and ass!

All I want Is Cum To Eat

cuckold phone sex

Dearest sugar daddy,

For Thanksgiving, all I want is BBC cum in my belly. I want you to jack those Big Black cocks right into my mouth. I will be happy feasting on ropes of huge black men cock cum. My belly will be full and my teen pussy satisfied. You Job Sugar Is to make sure that those huge Purple throbbing cocks do not shoot into my ass or cunt before They go down my throat. So In the few hours that you get away from the nagging wife I need you to be stroking and directing as many black cocks into my tight ass and cunt before you have to leave. Once your work emergency is taken care of I will let you go back home. I may even share a little bit of this cum with you but you have to leave room for your wife’s cooking baby. You Teen mistress eagerly awaits her Black Friday shopping spree on you! wink wink.

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