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You Are A Pathetic Cuck

Cuckold Phone SexBlake you are such a loser and a major cuckold. You will never be able to please a woman, you see this toy in my mouth, you wish that was your cock. You are disgusting and have a pin prick dick or shall I say an oversized clit. You were naughty, you were let out of your chastity cage and you ejaculated by just my finger tip grazing over your clitty. Naughty boy you are there and you will have to withstand the punishment I put forward. You are lucky you aren’t mine, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week. I hope your fiance keeps your pathetic ass in that cage and makes you feed her hungry pussy all the cock it can take with a nice buffet. You know you can’t please a woman with your sad excuse you call a dick. You don’t have the right to cum unless I tell you that you are aloud too.

Phone Sex Therapist for Cuckolds and Sissies

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I talk to men about their kinky fetishes and fantasies; all the things they cannot tell anyone else, even their wives. Even though I am discreet, I am not bound by the same ethical guidelines that limit a licensed therapist. I can laugh at my clients. I can shame them. I can mock them. And, I can publicly humiliate them in my blogs if I want. What makes me go to such extremes? Losers do. First, some of the most pathetic men call me. They know they are losers who can’t please a Barbie doll with the turtle hiding in their panties. Second, they are asking for trouble by confiding in me. I snicker every time a caller says, “This is just between you and me, right?”  It is if you don’t piss me off, annoy me or tell me the most pathetic story ever.  It has been a loser week. Cuckolds, sissies, panty boys oh my. The winner of the loser of the week goes to Dale. Dale has been watching his wife put on makeup to go to the gym for a year now. He has been eating her pussy when she comes back from the gym for a year now too. He seemed to believe she was creamy from sweat. I sweat a lot when I get a decent workout. Never once have I sweated out thick milky white cream from my pussy from doing squats. Unless, of course, I am doing squats on my trainer’s big fat cock. I had to break it to Dale that not only was he the dumbest husband on the planet, he was also a cuckold and sissy cum eater.  Phone sex therapy means being harsh sometimes. If you are too dumb to read the writing on the wall, I am happy to spell it out for you. Please, don’t cry like Dale. I can only handle you being so pathetic.

phone sex therapy

Latina Mami

Latina phone sexLatina phone sex for that big fat white cock you have. Us Latinas love international dick! I love all my fuck holes to get used and abused by all kinds of different cocks! Come over to my house just walk right in I’m already on my bed bent over twerking my ass for you! Tackle my ass down big daddy and dig your face into my juicy ass. Fuck the way you are tongue fucking me is making me dripping wet. Roll me over and spread my thick Latina legs and ram your big fat long veiny cock into my sexy Latina tight pussy! Fuck, look at me squirting all over your body. I’m so fucking horny Papi! Cum fuck me and ram that cock in my big fat Latina ass! Fuck yeah, Papi keep pounding my fat ass just like that. Fuck you are going to make me cum! Lets cum together at the same time. Fill up my ass with hot warm cum!

Cuckold Phone Sex Valentine

cuckold phone sexI had a cuckold phone sex Valentine’s Day. What is that? That is when I make all the small dick losers who wish they could get into my panties bring me some real cock. The only thing a small dick loser can do to satisfy me is to bring me a big cock. I love shaming a tiny dick man in front of a real man. It is extra embarrassing for the cuckold to bring me a real cock then sit on the side lines and watch his gift get all the loving. If a cuckold or sissy man wants to be in my life he must bring something valuable to the table like a stud or a large cash donation. I am a mature sexy babe. I can have any man I want. Besides still having a rocking body, I am smart and sophisticated too. I don’t need to settle for small cocks, ugly men or cheap ass losers. Valentine’s Day proved that. Four of my regular cuckolds brought me four hung lovers. Big cock with cream filled balls is better than a box of chocolates. I enjoyed all my big dicks. But, I also enjoyed shaming my cuckold losers. Don’t feel sorry for them. They get off on humiliation. I even dressed one up as cupid in a diaper. They all had to fluff cock and clean me up after cum loads. Real men don’t always like a messy pussy. But a cuckold loser sure does.

I want your cock NOW

Sexy babeSexy babe Veronica, with huge yummy tits and a substantial, delicious ass! I meet you at the club and I’m feeling good you are looking so fucking sexy, and my pussy is getting fucking wet hot and horny for you! I go over to were you are sitting and start dancing on top of you giving you a little lap dance. I’m not wearing any panties, so I’m rubbing my cunt on your cock over your jeans. I pull down your zipper so you could feel all my pussy juice dripping on your cock. My big tits are rubbing on your face. Fuck! I just whisper in your ear, “let’s go back to my room.” I want that dick in me now!


Cuckold phone sexWhen you enter you will strip down to nothing and get on your hands and knees. Slowly you will crawl over to me. I will be sitting on the couch wearing nothing but my black thongs. You will kneel before me I will spread my legs. You see my kitty, glistening wet waiting for your tongue and fingers to give me pleasure. You slide my thongs aside bringing your tongue to my clit. Flickering at it as your 2 fingers find my sweet hole and push on in. I moan and my back arches. I place my hand on the back of your head and push your face into me. Your tongue going buck wild. I clench my ass moaning even louder. My hips rocking on your fingers. Feeling my orgasim building. You push your fingers in deeper and bite on my clit. I explode into your mouth. Digging my nails into you. My body trembling, my kitty squirting and squirting. Giving you all my sweet nectar.

The Best Phone Sex

best phone sexBest phone sex comes with the best phone sluts. I know men often prefer a cute coed over a mature sexy woman, but you can’t go to a young girl for certain things. What I know now, is not a fraction of what I knew as a young woman. I used to believe that if I loved a man and he loved me, the sex would be fabulous. When it wasn’t, I blamed myself. I would tell myself I didn’t arouse him, or he was just tired from a long day at work. All that was bullshit. My ex had a small dick. The only problem in my lackluster sex life was his small cock and his refusal to accept it. When you are young, you believe in love. When you are mature, however, you believe in cock size. Younger girls have a better chance of understanding that size matters because of the Internet. My generation didn’t have Internet porn or even know terms like cuckold or small dick humiliation. I have been teaching younger girls to respect themselves for a decade now. As a sex education teacher and therapist, young girls seek my counsel on how to make their sex lives better. My first question is always, “How big is your boyfriend.” Anything less than 7 inches, I tell them to ditch the guy and get a real man. I would tell your wife the same thing. She can’t begin to have a good sex life unless she makes you a cuckold and takes a lover with a real cock. Perhaps you are more enlightened than my ex husband and know you can’t please your wife. Perhaps, you have found her a suitable lover. If you aren’t so enlightened yet, you need some phone sex therapy. I am a cuckold expert and a size queen trainer. Put her pleasure first.

Do You Need Phone Sex Therapy?

phone sex therapyDo you need phone sex therapy? This sexy therapist is always in. I love talking to men about their kinks and fetishes. My favorite type of therapy is cuckold therapy. Some men just need to pay money to hear that they are a loser. In my opinion, nothing says you are a tiny dick loser more than paying a phone whore for a phone fuck and she thinks you are too small even for a virtual fuck. I know you are paying for a service, but phone sex with me is not a guarantee.  I need big dick. It is not possible for me to say, “Fuck me hard and deep with your two-inch wiener.” I can’t say it with a straight face. I can give awesome small dick humiliation, however over the phone. I believe men need a wake-up call if they think I will be happy with their little dick just because they are paying me. Consider yourself warned.  I will not fuck you if you possess a shrimp dick. I will help you come to terms with your glaring shortcoming, however. Sometimes, men need just one woman to tell them the truth. Let me be that woman. I won’t give you the excuses you have heard before, like “I don’t feel well,” or “something came up.” I don’t lie to a tiny dick man. He needs to hear the truth. Do you need to hear the truth? Do you think you can handle it?

Favorite office slut

Hot sexy womanWalking into your office with my cute little outfit and black stilettos with all my tits showing, I jump on your desk pull down my blouse and make you suck on my tits. That’s right baby I’m your new favorite office slut! You throw everything off the desk and lay me on top getting me all naked caressing and kissing my big huge tits. Fuck yeah stuff your face with my big fat titties! You are making my cunt so fucking wet, you pull my panties down and drop to your knees and start sucking so fucking good on my pussy. Taste all this Latina, pussy baby. You are making me moan so fucking loud, and I start squirting all over that face. You pick me up bend me over your desk and start drilling my pussy with your huge cock! Then you pull out and put my ass all over your face and start tongue fucking me! Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck me so fucking hard you are making me cum all over your desk! It’s my turn now boss. I drop down on my knees and start sucking you off trying to drain your big balls full of cum into my mouth!

Wear Those Panties For Me And Jack Off

Forced Crossdressing

Even though I am that teen slut that drives you wild, I love making you put on those panties and jacking off. I love how I made you go to the store and pick those satin panties out and I can imagine the look of shame on your face. I know you say you aren’t into it, it turns me on to push your limits. To know I have control of how you feel in that moment of being horny. You sit in your  chair with that fat head poking out the top of your panties. Haha you look so pathetic, I know one day I am going to get you to suck a cock for me with those exact panties on. When they get a little moist I am going to gag you with them.

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