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Small Dick Humiliation Required

small dick humiliationDo you need small dick humiliation? So many men do. I could make a great living off of shaming little dicks. There are so many of you in the world. Nothing worse, however, than a man with a small dick who thinks he is God’s gift to women. I enjoy taking those men down a peg or two. Harry felt my wrath last night. He is the sleaze ball husband of one of my friends. I know from her he is like a dog in heat, always trying to put his little nub in anything that moves. He tried with me earlier in the week and I put him in his place. I don’t care how good looking a man is. He is no man with less than 6 inches. He wasn’t getting in my pussy. He kept telling me size doesn’t matter. Only men with small dicks say that bullshit. He was still trying to score, so I called in reinforcements. Chuck is a college stud with a nice 10-inch cock. He loves fucking his naughty teacher in front of older men with small dicks. I let my friend’s husband watch. I told him to watch and learn what a real man could do for me. I squirted on Chuck’s dick repeatedly. It was so funny to see my friend’s loser hubby looking so embarrassed, but seeing is believing. He needed to know that I know, size is everything to a woman’s pleasure.

Sissy Boy Cuckold Phone Sex


cuckold phone sexNot only are you a sissy that could cum solely to hearing me humiliate you, but we learned yesterday that you are also a cucky. We went through our normal routine of you coming over, and me laughing at how small what you call your penis is. I just can not help but laugh at it, it is like the fun size of a fun size, except it wouldn’t be much fun for anyone, if they could even feel it that is. I forced you into my slutty lingerie because with a cock that small you might as well dress like the little sissy bitch you are. Tonight was different from normal though because I decided I wanted to show you just what a real cock and cum load look like. So, I invited over a friend that has a cock like an elephant trunk. You watched so closely while he pounded into me, and you begged me to let you touch your little cock. I denied your request because tonight was about me getting pleasure not you sissy boy. When he blew his thick creamy load into my tight shaved pussy, I let you come lay on the bed, and I let the cum run out of me onto your face. You begged me to cum and since you were such a good little sissy boy cuck I actually let you cum to me. 


Cuckold Phone Sex in a Restrauant Restroom

cuckold phone sexI love cuckold phone sex. I am cock size queen. As a mature woman, I have no problem telling a man his dick wouldn’t satisfy a Barbie doll. I did it last night. I was on a date and this guy comes up to the table where we were dining and said, “You can do better.” My date was taller and more handsome, and he has a ten-inch dick. There was nothing wrong with my date and certainly the guy who interrupted our dinner was not better than my date. I can size up men quickly. Too much bravado is a sign of a small dick, or at least very average in size. I don’t do small nor do I do average. I told my stalker to move along. He did and about an hour later when I went to the bathroom, he pushed me inside. He was certain he had something better than my date. I texted my date that I had a situation in the lady’s room. When he came in, he saw my stalker with his 4-inch loser dick hanging out. He pushed him out of the way, pulled out his 10-inch cock and with a devilish smile on his face said, “Now this is what Farah needs.” I sucked on my date’s raging hard on in front of this loser in the bathroom of a high-end restaurant. I told the loser to leave or help me suck a real man’s dick. He left. Guess he is not ready to be a cuckold yet, but I bet you are.

I Love Forced Bi!

Best Phone Sex`

Every one knows I just love being a dominant sexy mistress. I have such high standards for what enters this glorious, goddess-like pussy. Sorry to tell you, but any man under eight inches is automatically a pathetic sissy cuck to me. I love fucking around and bossing around these small dick faggy little sissy cucks. My favorite way of toying with these pitiful dicklit having, sad excuses for men is to make them into my little cock sucking whore. I love using them as my submissive cum dumpster. If you want to even get near me, you have to prove yourself as a cock obsessed, cum eating bi cuck! I love forcing my little cuckies into being the perfect cock worshipping bi boys. My best cuck loves to slurp huge cocks up and down, working that pink tongue all over that juicy fucking thick cock. I love seeing a fucking nasty little whore choking on that veiny dick. The best part is slamming the back of my sissy cucks head down on that throbbing cock until his pretty mouth fills with cum!

Phone Sex Therapist Dr. Farah

phone sex therapistDr. Farah, your phone sex therapist is in. I love talking to guys with any kind of fetish, but cuckolds and cuckold wannabes and should bes are my favorite. There are two types of cuckolds. The ones that know their woman is fucking around on them and the ones that don’t. If your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you covertly, it doesn’t make you any less of a cuckold than if you were rubbing your nub watching her take a big black dick. In my opinion, however, it is better to know and encourage your woman’s slut behavior. Men know when their women are cheating; just like women know when their men are cheating. You can embrace it or bury your head in the sand. In phone sex therapy, I will tell you it is better to confront her and encourage her to cheat in front of you. Why not celebrate being a cuckold? If you have a small, worthless dick, she is never going to fuck you the way she fucks a man with a big cock, if she even fucks you at all. At least you can watch a real man do what you cannot do for her. Being a knowing and willing cuckold has dignity at least because you accept that you can’t please your woman. Instead of trying to keep her miserable and sexually frustrated, you are encouraging her to get what she needs. The doctor is here to help.

Strap on Escort

Best phone sex

When you are need of a good anal stretching, Felecia the cock escort is here! All you simply need to do is hit up my phone sex line and let me walk you through stretching out that tight rosebud asshole! I love a horn dog that can get on his hands and knees and worship my feet and rubber cock. It’s even better when I’m getting paid. I need you to clean my feet and toes with your tongue, make sure to get ever inch. Then you are to worship my strap on cock with your mouth and throat. I need this dildo to be extra wet so we can get a good gape on you, babe. You better get this strap on nice and lubed up with that spit. I will grab your hair and force your throat down on it if I have to! Making you choke and gag on this cock is almost as hilarious as forcing it up your asshole and making you beg for it! I love watching your pathetic little cocky twitch as I pump your ass full of my strap on cock!

Cum Spit For Daddykins

cuckold phone sex

This little whore had a visitor today. My New sexy daddy came to ask me about a very black friend of mine. He was caught with some weed and said he knew me and I would bail him out.  My new daddy is a local detective who decided that I needed to show my sexual relationship with Jerome before he would believe That I knew him. Sucking a black cock in front of Detective Rob was very hot. Rob wanted to know what my actual daddy would say if I was fucking a black cock and sucking it down like the whore I was. Well, daddy would disown me and disinherit this little whore. But Daddy Rob loved how I took that BBC and I even kept getting cum loads of black cock juice and spitting it in his mouth. I told him how good those cocks felt inside my tiny body and just how lucky he was to taste the BBC cum from my spoiled little mouth.

He was so humiliated

cuckold phone sexOh man, I really did a number on my newest cucky bitch boy, I’m pretty sure that I broke his spirit. He was a cocky little motherfucker but I really don’t understand how he got that way seeing as how he is short, skinny and has a tiny penis. What exactly is attractive about that?? He doesn’t even have money so he is pretty much irredeemable in my eyes but man he acted like he was some kind of stud or something! He was far, far from being a stud so I decided to show him what a real stud was. I invited one of my lovers over and  when little cucky boy got mad I had my lover restrain him so that he would be forced to watch us fuck. Boy was he mad! Until I compared their cocks, then he just started crying and begging me not to tell anyone about his tiny peepee. As if I would bother to keep that a secret! I told everyone I knew and even posted pics, pretty sure I broke him after that but who cares? I know I don’t give a fuck about a stupid lil cuck.

Latina phone sex with the best

latina phone sex

Papi wants to have fun have latina phone sex again. 😉 Let me show you my assets and make you weak in the knees.

My sexy body and holes are all yours to play with; I love to worship you and make you happy. I am yours for the night and possibly every night.

I want to play my cards right and show you how grateful I am to have you devour every inch of my body. I want to feel you take control of me and use me to your liking. I know my tight ass has your cock growing and ready to pop out. I cant wait to rub and tug on it and lick the head and tip. Feel my tongue flicker all over and watch me spread my legs and rub my clit. I know it drives you crazy when I moan and call you Papi. You are this latinas master. I want you to fuck me raw and let me build up the biggest cum load. I wish it all over me.
Most importantly let me have a taste because I have a sweet tooth for your candy rain. My mouth full of cum is the treat I been waiting on. Great blowjobs are the best with this Spanish slut.

great blowjobs

True Rumors

Fantasy phone sexI had some furniture that I needed moving out of my house and into my storage unit. There was no way I could move it myself so I called a moving company and I asked for them to send me the two biggest guys they had. A few hours later I heard a knock on my door and what do I see but two very fine black brothers. All of a sudden I was more interested in seeing what they are packing under their uniforms instead of getting my furniture moved. I was not subtle in my attempt to let them know I had another thing on my wicked little mind. I pushed the one brother back on my leather couch the very one I wanted to be moved and jumped on him straddling him. I would like to say he was surprised but I guess this kind of thing happens to him them. The other brother was joining us in seconds. It was almost like they were expecting it walking into my place. I giggled softly to myself and wonder if the true rumors about me and moving me are getting around town.

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