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Latina Mami

Latina phone sexLatina phone sex for that big fat white cock you have. Us Latinas love international dick! I love all my fuck holes to get used and abused by all kinds of different cocks! Come over to my house just walk right in I’m already on my bed bent over twerking my ass for you! Tackle my ass down big daddy and dig your face into my juicy ass. Fuck the way you are tongue fucking me is making me dripping wet. Roll me over and spread my thick Latina legs and ram your big fat long veiny cock into my sexy Latina tight pussy! Fuck, look at me squirting all over your body. I’m so fucking horny Papi! Cum fuck me and ram that cock in my big fat Latina ass! Fuck yeah, Papi keep pounding my fat ass just like that. Fuck you are going to make me cum! Lets cum together at the same time. Fill up my ass with hot warm cum!

Cuckold Phone Sex Valentine

cuckold phone sexI had a cuckold phone sex Valentine’s Day. What is that? That is when I make all the small dick losers who wish they could get into my panties bring me some real cock. The only thing a small dick loser can do to satisfy me is to bring me a big cock. I love shaming a tiny dick man in front of a real man. It is extra embarrassing for the cuckold to bring me a real cock then sit on the side lines and watch his gift get all the loving. If a cuckold or sissy man wants to be in my life he must bring something valuable to the table like a stud or a large cash donation. I am a mature sexy babe. I can have any man I want. Besides still having a rocking body, I am smart and sophisticated too. I don’t need to settle for small cocks, ugly men or cheap ass losers. Valentine’s Day proved that. Four of my regular cuckolds brought me four hung lovers. Big cock with cream filled balls is better than a box of chocolates. I enjoyed all my big dicks. But, I also enjoyed shaming my cuckold losers. Don’t feel sorry for them. They get off on humiliation. I even dressed one up as cupid in a diaper. They all had to fluff cock and clean me up after cum loads. Real men don’t always like a messy pussy. But a cuckold loser sure does.

I want your cock NOW

Sexy babeSexy babe Veronica, with huge yummy tits and a substantial, delicious ass! I meet you at the club and I’m feeling good you are looking so fucking sexy, and my pussy is getting fucking wet hot and horny for you! I go over to were you are sitting and start dancing on top of you giving you a little lap dance. I’m not wearing any panties, so I’m rubbing my cunt on your cock over your jeans. I pull down your zipper so you could feel all my pussy juice dripping on your cock. My big tits are rubbing on your face. Fuck! I just whisper in your ear, “let’s go back to my room.” I want that dick in me now!


Cuckold phone sexWhen you enter you will strip down to nothing and get on your hands and knees. Slowly you will crawl over to me. I will be sitting on the couch wearing nothing but my black thongs. You will kneel before me I will spread my legs. You see my kitty, glistening wet waiting for your tongue and fingers to give me pleasure. You slide my thongs aside bringing your tongue to my clit. Flickering at it as your 2 fingers find my sweet hole and push on in. I moan and my back arches. I place my hand on the back of your head and push your face into me. Your tongue going buck wild. I clench my ass moaning even louder. My hips rocking on your fingers. Feeling my orgasim building. You push your fingers in deeper and bite on my clit. I explode into your mouth. Digging my nails into you. My body trembling, my kitty squirting and squirting. Giving you all my sweet nectar.

Do You Need Phone Sex Therapy?

phone sex therapyDo you need phone sex therapy? This sexy therapist is always in. I love talking to men about their kinks and fetishes. My favorite type of therapy is cuckold therapy. Some men just need to pay money to hear that they are a loser. In my opinion, nothing says you are a tiny dick loser more than paying a phone whore for a phone fuck and she thinks you are too small even for a virtual fuck. I know you are paying for a service, but phone sex with me is not a guarantee.  I need big dick. It is not possible for me to say, “Fuck me hard and deep with your two-inch wiener.” I can’t say it with a straight face. I can give awesome small dick humiliation, however over the phone. I believe men need a wake-up call if they think I will be happy with their little dick just because they are paying me. Consider yourself warned.  I will not fuck you if you possess a shrimp dick. I will help you come to terms with your glaring shortcoming, however. Sometimes, men need just one woman to tell them the truth. Let me be that woman. I won’t give you the excuses you have heard before, like “I don’t feel well,” or “something came up.” I don’t lie to a tiny dick man. He needs to hear the truth. Do you need to hear the truth? Do you think you can handle it?

Cuck You Know Who You Are

Cuckold Phone Sex

I have this client which will remain nameless. Who is what you call a cuck also known as a pathetic, submissive male who can’t satisfy women sexually. I love when he calls me, I hold a key to his chastity cage. It is funny to hear him beg me, while his gf or wife is away. She loves that he comes to me so he doesn’t bother her sexually anymore, she is off getting the orgasms this cuck could never give. He is so pathetic he even sucks on cock and lets himself get compared to other men knowing he is inadequate. He makes my pussy so wet just knowing I am that one thing standing between if he is going to cum or not. He loves being degraded lol so funny, you are just so lucky I am not there. I would make you choke on two cocks until you almost couldn’t breathe while I make you finger your loose ass. So beware the next time you call I might not be so nice. I also love making you beg me to let you cum haha silly boy.

Cuckold Phone Sex with a Size Queen

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex is what you get when you lack the equipment to satisfy me. Not everyone gets to enjoy my pussy. My days of acting like every dick is the best dick for me are over. I enjoy turning tiny dick losers into my cuckolds. I met Adam on Tinder. I knew he had a small dick. Normally, I would have swiped left, but he was acting all macho like he was god’s gift to women. He had 4 inches tops. Last time I checked, 4 inch dicks don’t make women scream and shout. They also don’t make women wet. You don’t see 4 inch dicks in porn for a reason. Women were bantering with him on Tinder. Calling him out for having a shrimp dick, but he called them blind whores. Adam needed a reality check and I was just the phone sex therapist for the job. I had no doubt, I could give him a wake up call. I invited him over to fuck. I just wasn’t clear about who was doing the fucking. When he walked in, he found me riding a 10 inch cock. Stupid man thought the cock I was riding was simply the warm up to the main act. A four inch cock is never the main act. Never. He wanted in my pussy, but he was rejected. My hung lover and I took turns shaming him for his lack of manhood. He was struggling to understand that this was real and not a joke. “My pussy is for big cock only and a 4 inch nub is not a big cock,” I said sarcastically. I invited him to watch the real man in action, but he threw a hissy fit. Reality is a hard pill to swallow, but I least I gave him a healthy dose of reality.

Do you really think you deserve a woman like me?

cuckold phone sexDo you really think that you deserve a woman like me? I mean just look at me, I have a perfect body and a beautiful face why should I settle for a loser with a tiny penis like you? Yeah, yeah, I know you have money! That’s the only reason I’m even talking to you in the first place! Doesn’t mean that I am actually going to fuck you. I only fuck real men, men with big fat cocks and a manly attitude, you are nothing like that at all. You are the kind of man that pays my bills and takes me shopping and if you are especially generous I might let you clean up my well fucked, cum filled pussy but that is really the best you could ever hope for. You know I’m right, that’s why I have all of your money and you are sitting there with blue balls!

I love your cock Papi

Sexy babeSexy horny babe Veronica here for you with a tight dripping cunt! Fuck I was going through my phone gallery and found your dick pick you sent me, and fuck Papi I’m so fucking horny for you! I swear baby my cunt is all wet with a throbbing clit just waiting for you to penetrate me! I love how you just get here pick me up with your big big muscles and lift me against the fucking wall put my thick legs up and grab on tight to my ass with my huge big tetas all over your face and start penetrating my tight pussy with that 7 inch fat thick veiny cock! I love your cock papi! I love feeling all those 7 inches of hard cock going in and out my tight pussy! I just feel that bug fat mushroom head going in and out my cunt hole. Makes me squirt pussy juice all over your cock and balls. I cant wait to lick it all off!

A New Whore

Sissy humiliationI pimp sissies. I take manly men and turn them into sexy feminine bitches. Right now, I’m looking for new bitches to add to my stable of whores. I’ll put you in sexy lingerie and makeup, and you’ll finally feel like a proper woman. But putting you in sexy clothes is only half of the transformation. The last step is you on your knees with a big cock in your mouth. I’ll have the men lined up, waiting to feel your lips around their cocks. Are you ready to be my new whore? I know you’ve thought about sucking dick. So quit daydreaming and let’s make it happen. There’s only one rule, always remember who’s the boss. I’m your pimp, I’m in control. You will obey me or get punished. When I say something, you listen. Call me and you belong to me.

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