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Teasing You with CJ

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You fucking wish someone as sexy as me and CJ would touch that little microscopic cock of yours! You met us at a college party, which you were clearly too old to be at. You weren’t really attractive, but we could tell you were rich. You were very suave with your Rolex and Armani suit. I must admit I do love shiny things, and I know CJ does too. We came up to you, and started flirting a little. It didn’t take long until we were pulling up to your huge fancy house in your brand new Lamborghini. Once inside, me and CJ put on a little strip tease for you, but when we started stripping you is when the teasing really began. We simply couldn’t contain our laughter when we saw your cock, or lack there of. Your cock was so small it could probably pass as a clitoris. You got off on us laughing at you and teasing you. You were literally on your knees begging us to let you cum, but with a cock that small there is no way I was letting you cum for free. Me and CJ left with $50,000 each, and you drove us home covered in your own cum. Just because I let you cum doesn’t mean I will let you clean yourself up. You deserve to be covered in your own dried cum for wasting our time!

best phone sex

Your Brutally Honest Phone Sex Therapist

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. It gives me great pleasure to tell men that their wives are cheating on them because they have small dicks. It never gets old. Guys call me daily to ask me questions about their wives’ behavior. I think they already know. They just want me to confirm their suspicions. Maybe, they even want some humiliation. Tony seemed like a smart man. Harvard educated with a great job at a top advertising firm. Yet, he was so dumb about his trophy wife. She is wife number two and half his age. She travels a lot for work and she is a Pilates instructor. According to him, she has three day trips monthly to improve her skills. She spends lots of time in other people’s homes teaching Pilates. She is hot. He needs Viagra to fuck his wife with his 4 inch dick. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know she is out screwing guys with bigger dicks than her husband. I would be too. She sneaks around because of the prenuptial agreement. I gave him an honest assessment of his marriage. Men in his situation can either divorce their cheating wife or accept the fact that they married a woman well out of their league because they have money and let her fuck who she wants because other men will be envious because they have a hot wife. I mean when it comes to needing a big dick, women will create elaborate lies. We will deny deny deny too. We want our cock and our nice lives. Men need to wake up and realize how sexy it is to have a slut wife. My style of brutally honest phone sex therapy isn’t for everyone. I will not sugar coat your situation or coddle you. I will tell you, however, how to make the best out of having a slut wife who needs more than your little dick and your money to be happy. Money doesn’t equal sexual happiness.

The Maid’s Tongue is Bigger

I would rather have your maid tongue bathe my pussy than touch that tiny thing you call your cock. You picked me up at a college party, you were good looking, so I let you take me home. Your house was huge and beautiful, and had to be worth millions. When we walked in we were greeted by a very sexy maid, and I invited her to join us in the bedroom. She took my hand and led me to your fancy bedroom. We all started making out, and it didn’t take long before the cloths started coming off. I anticipated this, but when I looked down at what looked like it should have been your cock, I was really face to face with disappointment. Me and the maid looked at each other, and busted out laughing. We spent the night making fun of you, and finger fucking and tongue fucking each other. We wouldn’t let you touch your little ding-a-ling no matter how much you begged, but you came anyway, without even touching that little thing. You’ll have to be punished for cumming without permission.

best phone sex


I knew he had to be compensating for something in that big ass jeep, but I did not think it would be that small. I always hear it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean, but it takes a long time to get to England in a row boat. I was going through the drive to get coffee when he rear-ended me, and when I got out to bitch at him, all I could think about is him rear-ending me in a different way. He was dreamy, and had a huge jeep just a sexy as he was. I told him to follow me to my place, so that we could “discuss the details.” Really I just wanted to discuss him naked on top of me. I pulled into my garage, and he followed in after me. I bent over in front of his jeep to “assess to damage.” He grabbed me by my hips, and pulled me towards his crotch. I spun around; I removed his pants as quickly as my hands would allow. I stopped, and tried to hold in my laughter while I threw his pants at him. I made him leave naked he deserves the humiliation for thinking he could fuck me with that little thing. I guess I will just have to make myself orgasm, as usual.

best phone sex

I Am Your Fantasy

fantasy phone sex

My weakness is my sexual fetish for bad boys. But I am also the young slut that knows how to please your fantasies. Umberto is twice my age and he rides a Harley and has tats all over his body. It was you that introduced us. DId it make your cock hard to know that we would sneak off into the boathouse to have him ravage my sweet ass hole and tight pussy? I mean I was the arm candy that you introduced as your sexy Girlfriend. Don’t worry my sexy Daddy your small cock secret is safe with me. I know that there are cameras catching my tight holes and mouth being filled with Umberto’s sticky thick cum. I know you are playing back the videos and wishing your cock was as big and satisfying to me as his. You are a dream of a man I know it must be hard to deal with that little boy cock as a grown successful man. I pamper you with affection, but you know that I am your little whore who will stop at nothing to be fucked like a ragdoll with a huge thick throbbing cock. Daddy? I saved you some sticky semen in my ass, are you ready to eat this cum?

Couldn’t Pay Me Enough To Touch You

best phone sex

Making fun of your little excuse of a cock get you off doesn’t it you fucking pervert. A girl as fucking sexy as me would never allow that thing inside of me. I can not even believe that you would bring me home, and expect me to fuck you. Like what the fuck do you think I am? I will not sleep with you just because you bought me a few drinks, and I sure as hell won’t fuck you if your cock is smaller than my pinkie finger! I would rather finger fuck myself. In fact, my fingers are bigger than that thing in your pants. I should make you watch as I finger fuck myself. I bet you would beg me to let you touch your self, but I would just laugh at you. You don’t deserve to touch yourself while watching me. I would make you beg me to let you cum, and I would spit in your face. You are nothing but a worthless piece of shit that doesn’t deserve to cum. I would leave you about to burst with your hands tied up so that you can not please yourself.

Phone Humiliation

phone humiliation

Sometimes all a man needs is a little phone humiliation. See Edgar likes to buy me expensive things and take me to lunch but not once has he shown me his dick. I have had my pussy eaten until I had multiple orgasms with my honey dripping down his chin, but when asked if he would fuck me he said that he would get around to it.  I was this perfect sweet honey pot that needs spoiled. Of course, I knew I was dealing with a little penis man. I am not stupid and I continued to find the darkest Strongest BBC carrying jocks at school to fuck me into bliss. But my cuckold self-needed to see his tiny dick.. My fetish was overtaking me. It became all I could think about during class. In the shower, I played with Charlie the shower head and got my little cunt off and an idea popped into my naughty brain. I invited Bryan the quarterback to hook up and put my iPhone on record. After my cunt and throat were sore from taking That BBC deep I did some editing and sent Edgar a little humiliating video asking to see his cock and if he enjoyed the fact I had to seek large cock because he couldn’t do the one thing this teen whore needed. Minutes Later I received a text simply saying to have Bryan and I meet Him at the Plaza Hotel. This is going to be fun! …

You Asked For It

Phone humiliationI was truly having a pleasant day my mood was up, everything was going perfectly. That was until I received a message from you. And your message said “Ready to fuck?”. I know you’re wondering what about that message would ruin my day? You see it wasn’t the message it was what came with the message. It was a picture of the most pathetically minuscule cock I had ever seen. To answer your question I’m going to have to give you a big fat no. I would never waste my time on a dick smaller than my clit. The fact that you thought I would is insulting. But don’t worry I’ll keep the picture for whenever I need a good laugh.

Master Mistress

best phone sex

Some men really don’t understand why I would rather pussy than an itty bitty cock. If you try to fuck me with a tic tac that you call a cock, I will make you watch while I fuck myself, and if I feel like that isn’t enough of a punishment, I will fuck you in the ass with my favorite pink plastic cock. I would love to show men what size an actual cock should be. All cocks should be a minimum of 8 inches to be considered a cock! So, I have been writing this soldier who was deployed, and he always brags about how big his cock is, and how skillful he is at using it. Well, he is finally coming home to visit his wife, but of course before that he is spending a night with yours truly. I get all dolled up and excited, but once again I am in for disappointment. He gets to my house looking like a whole snack in his uniform, and of course I was waiting in my pretty pink lingerie. When he came in I told him to drop his pants, so that I could see what he was bragging about. When the pants came off, I laughed so hard that I cried. It was a little under 2 inches. I told him I would show him what a real cock looked like, and got my favorite dildo. As a thank you for servicing our country, I let him watch as I fucked myself. When I was done, I decided that wasn’t a very good punishment for lying to me, so I bent him over and railed his tight little ass hole. When it started bleeding it just made me go harder. He begged me to cum, but I wasn’t done with him. I made him scream,” I am your dirty little subby whore master mistress.” Then I sent him home to his wife covered in his own cum and blood from his anus.

I Know You Want Me

I have been told that this Mistress of cuckold phone sex is a bit…shall I say coincided? And why not? I know my pussy and mouth are what your sweet dick desires. I also know if you are wanting to watch my pussy get filled by Jermaine’s big 11-inch cock then you are going to be lapping up his huge cum load off of me. I know how fucking sexy I am. I know that these dick sucking lips are what you want. I hold my beauty far above you and I get what the fuck I want! I want the newest iPhone and a daily allowance. Most of all I want big thick dick to satisfy this young boarding school brats aching cunt!! You are just the man to make sure I stay completely filled up and cleaned up.  How about a session with your youngest cock tease Mistress CJ baby? It is more than just a little play time it’s the best phone sex for your nasty fetishes. cuckold phone sex


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