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Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is something a cock size queen is good at giving. I did a call with a guy yesterday who was so small it was like his dick was invisible. It was a micro penis. A turtle hiding in its shell. He sent me pictures. It was hard to contain my laughter. I have seen small dicks, but I think this was the smallest dick I have ever not seen. It was so small I couldn’t see it with cheaters on. I had to share the photos with my fellow phone sex sluts. They all got a good laugh. Then we talked about how sad it must be to be him. Girls don’t want to fuck him. They don’t want to marry him either. He knew he was small. He was self aware at least. I asked him why he was calling. He likes candid women. He didn’t need phone sex therapy. He knew he had a micro dick.  He just enjoyed the laughter of a sexy mature woman. When you have a micro dick, you don’t have many options with the ladies. You can be a cuckold. You can be a sissy. You can be entertainment. Do you have a micro penis? I could us another good laugh.

Beg To Worship Me

Phone humiliation

So there’s this guy who I often pass off my papers too. He’s never complain and does whatever I want him too when I ask. He’s a totally nerd even fit with those big rimmed glasses all I have to do is smile and hand over what I need him to do. Well today things didn’t go over how they normally do. I went to his dorm and knocked on the door until he came to answer and I started talking to him letting him know what I needed and being adorable. He stops me mid sentence “What do I get?”. He actually asked me, he was shaking so much I was surprised he didn’t faint. “What do you want?” I asked. “I want to touch you…just a little bit” he basically mumbled. I pushed him, and he fell back onto his ass. I entered the room shutting the door behind me. “You want to touch me?” I mocked as he stared up at me startled. “What makes your hands worthy enough to touch me? What makes you worthy enough to even be in my presence?” I hissed at him. “Please” he whined. “Please” I repeated “Please, Please, Please” I started to sing over and over again. “Your going to have to say that and a lot more to convince me to let you lay a finger on me. Unworthy scum”.

Overcompensating For Sure

Phone Humiliation

Let me tell you about the most wonderful date with the most embarrassing ending! So this rich old guy I want to say 60’s, I don’t know nor care. He had the dough so I was ready to go. He’s been showering me with gifts and even offering to help my expenses just to go out with him. So I thought why not, I got to give him a little something before he leaves and takes his wallet with him.  So I get picked up by his driver, I get flowers he tells me how pretty I am. Like, duh? Go to a fantastic steakhouse, I tease him a bit with my feet running up and down his leg. I convince him to go back to his house. So I can take care of him, and for him to write me a little allowance check of course. We get there, I’m excited and he seems quite overjoyed. We get inside and he sits down and pulls out his checkbook. I try to be cute and start to unzip his pants. Figured he could watch my head bobbing while he writes the check. His cock is very small, I assume maybe he’s a grower. I start to lick and suck with all my normal tricks it gets hard but no bigger. Which is whatever he’s rich, I’ll deal with the small gerkin. Then he says “That’s right baby, choke on it”. Well I certainly choked alright, but from laughing to hard

Your a Waste

best phone sexLook at me, I’m told often I’m so cute or adorable. No one really knows how mean I can be. Accept for you of course. Why exactly did you follow me home? What did you think was going to happen, did you really think you had what it takes to handle me?

The moment I heard your steps behind me I could tell you were weak. The sounds of your steps screamed timidness and weakness. I turned to you and asked “What do you think you are doing? You can’t afford me, we’ve been over this. If you think you can catch me off-guard your even too pathetic to manage that.” You look so defeated by so few words.

I walk up to you and spit down at your feet. “You’re a Waste”.

You Can’t Fuck Me But You Can Watch

tease and denial

If you think you’re getting a taste of this sweet little honey pot you’re sadly mistaken. I can tell you have the tiniest cock. You can try and overcompensate for your shortcomings with those big muscles but you’re not fooling me. You’re trying to make up for the fact that you have a small dick that could never make me cum. I’m a total size queen and I only fuck with guys who have really big thick cocks that stretch me out and pound me. I like to play naughty little games of tease and denial with you. I’ll make you think you can fuck me but you can’t. If you’re lucky, I might let you watch me cum all over a nice BBC. That tiny cock will fucking love it. I know you’re jealous that you’ll never feel the inside of my pretty pink fuck hole, but I’ll let you clean it out after he fills me up with his load. I’ll make a good use out of you. I cum so hard when I get fucked by a big black cock but my pussy will fucking squirt that cum all over your face when I grind my cum filled pussy on your tongue. I fucking love letting little dick bitch boys clean me up!

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy

cuckold phone sexI love cuckold phone sex therapy calls. Nothing gets me wetter than laughing at your tiny dick and hearing all the excuses you have for why you aren’t fucking your wife. Men listen up. If your wife has excuse after excuse for not fucking you, you most likely are a cuckold. Women of a certain age want and need to fuck. If they aren’t fucking you, they are fucking someone. Trust me. I know about mature women. I have been one for a couple decades now. Men think that if they have an average or even above average cock, their wives won’t cheat. That is nonsense. Size matters, but what good is fucking a decent sized cock if it can’t get hard, stay hard or bring a woman pleasure. Some men have limp dicks and don’t know how to use what they got. I would cheat on a man with a 7-inch cock in a heartbeat if that cock was rarely working or a 12-inch cock came around. I told this caller today who uses me as his phone sex therapist to wake up. His wife has not touched him in months. She stays late at work and goes in early too. She comes home from work with bed head. I have never come home from teaching with bed head unless I was fucking a student before I came home. I asked him a series of questions and when he thought about the answers, he realized he had a cheating wife. I asked him some tough questions about himself too. Despite an above average cock, he has erectile dysfunction. A woman in her sexual prime needs working dick. I broke the news to him that his hot wife likely has a young lover. Many wives take younger lovers because they only want sex too.  When he thought about it he realized his wife spends a lot of time with her 22-year-old assistant. If you call me for therapy, understand I am nothing but honest. Can you handle the truth?

Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is enjoyable to me. I am not necessarily a ball busting bitch, but I do love shaming little dicks. Older women don’t take any shit. We also don’t take any small dicks in our pussies. I was enjoying a night out with my girlfriends last night. We were at a wine bar. When this loser wouldn’t go away, he turned our place into a whine bar. He started calling us stuck up bitches. He was an annoying fuck. Horny men are the worst. They are ruled by their hormones and say and do stupid stuff because they want to fuck. This guy had no clue he was out of his league. He wasn’t tall. He wasn’t handsome. And, he was apparently broke because his card declined when he bought us a round of drinks that we had refused earlier. No amount of booze makes me blind to a man’s major short comings. There was no way this train wreck had a big cock. He kept saying big things come in little packages. He had little man syndrome. Often, short men have big egos and short tempers to overcompensate for their short stature. When I hit my limit of his annoying ass, I told him to put his money where his mouth was. If he had a big dick, then I demanded to see it. He pulled it out and we all laughed.  My girlfriends put on their glasses and still snickered, “Where’s the beef?”  We couldn’t even call the cops on him for indecent exposure because we couldn’t see anything! He was not handling the barrage of small dick jokes well.  He asked for it, just like some of my callers. I mean, if you have a dick smaller than 5 inches, you better check yourself before you claim to have what sexy hot women need.

I’ll Make A Cum Loving Sissy Out Of You

sissy humiliation

Little dick boys that try to take me home are in for a night a sissy humiliation. I love how they take a girl like me home and actually think I’m going to hook up with them. It’s such a disappointment when that take their pants off and this tiny said little thing flops out. I can’t even cum with that thing. I mean, my dildo that I use is fucking huge and your itty bitty clitty isn’t going to do anything for me. Shit, my fingers might be longer and thicker than you. So, instead of fucking me you get to wear my pretty panties while I make into a sissy bitch. I’m going call up a friend of mine to come over and show you what a fucking cock looks like. I’ll dress you up and teach you how to worshi[ that big beautiful piece of man meat. Come learn your place you little sissy boy. You’ll be begging for BBC cum like a proper slut by the time I’m done with you.

My eyeliner Is Thicker Than Your Dick

small dick humiliation

Guys that hook up with me know that I’m kind of a size queen. It takes a nice big piece of man meat to make this pussy squirt. The little boys who try to waste my time find themselves getting some small dick humiliation instead of getting laid. This one guy tried to come home with me to fuck one night and he was so good looking and it was obvious that he spent a lot of-of time at the gym. It was seriously disappointing when he pulled his pants down and I saw the tiny thing he was working with. My jaw fucking dropped. I really wanted to fuck but that just wasn’t going to do it for me. He followed my gaze and looked down in shame. I took a picture of him and sent it to all my friends with a caption, my eyeliner is thicker than his dick. I even sent it to him so he could see how fucking pathetic he looked. When he asked if we were still going to hook up I couldn’t stop fucking laughing. He had to be kidding. I kept his pants and sent him on his way with his cock still out. That’s what he gets for wasting my time.

Sexy bad bitch

Fantasy phone sexI’m a sexy and bad little bitch, but you already knew this! You need to know your fucking place and if you don’t already know it then it’s about time that you learn… don’t ever forget it either! I love having mind and dick control over you and you can’t help but give in to all of your temptations. Degrading you gives me the utmost pleasure. I’m going to expose you for who you really are, a sick pervert with sissy urges. Let me ruin you, i’ll be the devil on your shoulder that’s persuading you to keep drinking the poison, hehe. Don’t worry, i’ll be encouraging you right along to get all dressed up for me in my sexy panties…you’re about to be exposed for who you really are! Those true colors and intentions are about to shine brightly, sweetie. You’ve kept your depraved taboo fantasies hidden for so long, it’s time for them to come to light! You need only what I am able to give because no one else can do it like this sexy Goddess can. You’re going to be my loser pay pig forever and ever, so give in and risk it all while we have fantasy phone sex! 

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