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Eat my Pussy

Femdom phone sex

I refuse to let a man with a small cock enter me. Sure, I will fuck a man with a tiny dick, but only with my strap on. Men with tiny cocks don’t deserve a sexy babe like me. They simply are not worthy of sticking their dick in me. The only way they can satisfy me is by eating my pussy and letting me squirt on their face. My sissy cuckold husband eats my cunt every night. I sit on his face for hours while he wears lacy panties like the little faggy he is. Last night I sat on the couch between two of my beautiful BBC bulls and he crawled to us on his knees and took turns giving all three of us oral. One after the other he pleasured us orally. He sucked their cocks and licked my pussy and had their cum and my pussy juice deposited on his face. Then I instructed him to wear our cum around on his face for the rest of the day. He was not allowed to wipe it off or wash his face. He even had to answer the door for the pizza guy wearing panties with his face covered in our combined cum. Humiliating little sissy cucks like him gives me so much pleasure!


Fantasy phone sexI hear you have a fire in your pants that needs to be put out. I got a fire in my panties that I need you to put out too. My pussy is aching for your thick big dick. I get on my knees and crawl towards you my boobs bouncing all the way. I whip out your already hard cock and shove it into my mouth. You taste so fucking good it makes my pussy only want you more. I am slobbering all over your dick and balls I can taste that sweet fucking precum and it drives me wild! I can not take it anymore I quickly get on all fours begging and pleading for your thick dick.

You Should be Shy

Look at that little thing! I would be embarrassed too. I went away on vacation to somewhere nice and warm with a big group of friends and their friends. You were one of my potential fucks because you had this cockiness like you thought that you were the boss, and I love showing men like you just who the boss is in the bedroom. We were on a yacht with a nice ass pool, and I am not sure who’s idea it was, but we decided to go skinny dipping. Everyone was completely naked, except you. I went up to you and asked why you still had your boxers on, and you told me you were shy. Now this was not the same cocky man I was thinking about fucking earlier, so I had to see what was underneath those boxer briefs. When you weren’t paying attention, I yanked them off of you. It was too hard to try to contain my laughter, and once everyone realized what I was laughing at they started laughing too. I made the other guys get out of the pool so you could see what a real cock looked like. I even got measuring tape to show you the size difference. Watching me handle all of those real cocks really made you hard, and it wasn’t long until you were begging me to let you cum. You are lucky I felt bad for you, and let you cum.

best phone sex

Tumblr Cock Fail

You are such a fucking sissy boy, and I can not believe you really thought that someone as hot as me would even touch that little thing you call a cock. You had the nerve to send me someone else’s dick pictures, probably because you were embarrassed, and honestly you should be. We met on tumblr, and when you sent pictures of that beautiful thick cock I knew I had to have it in my mouth. I was so ready for that huge cock. I was waiting for you in just my favorite thongs, only to be disappointed. You showed up, and you face wasn’t even as cute as the pictures. Honestly I never really cared about your face, but when I pulled your pants down I was devastated. It really isn’t even the size of my thumb! I asked you if you ever even seen a cock that big in real life. I insisted I show you and called over a friend. I made you suck his thick black cock while I watched and laughed at you. When he came down your throat, you begged me on your hands and knees to let you cum. Your requests were denied as I threw you out of my house butt naked and lips still sticky with cum.

best phone sex

You don’t deserve a hot sexy woman like me!

hot sexy womanLook at you, do you really think a man like you deserves a hot sexy woman like me? Your dick is tiny, way too tiny for a woman like me to ever accept it, I only fuck real men. I fuck men that have big cocks, the kind of cocks that will fill me up and stretch me out, I bet I would never even feel yours at all and that’s if you manage to even get it in me at all! Lets be real here, your dick is a micro penis, too small to ever be worth my time at all.You’re just the kind of little bitch boy that gets to clean me up after I’ve fucked a real man and you will never be anything else. You may as well except that now.

Cum Panties for my Cuck

Cuckold phone sex

Last night, I caught my sugar daddy jacking his pathetic cock to porn without my permission! I decided the best course of punishment was to lock his little cocky up in his pretty pink cage and go out with my girlfriends for ladies’ night at the strip club. The strippers were extremely well hung with massive cocks- bigger than my sugar daddy’s for sure. I decided that he needed to see just how pathetic his tiny cock was in comparison. I slid the most hung stripper’s cock out of his outfit and snapped a picture of me right next to it and texted it to him. I can just picture him at home squirming around in his little cage. But that wasn’t enough punishment for my little cuck daddy.

I laid a big slobbery kiss on that thick stripper cock and made sure to send that too. I got a picture reply of my cuck’s puny dick leaking precum from his cock cage. I made sure to show every in the club how pathetic and small his trapped cock looked. My girlfriend’s then got my phone to record video of me deepthroating and sucking 10 inch stripper cock. I’m sure my sugar daddy was at home in agony while I sucked and slurped up every stripper cock in the club. I even stripped down to my panties to make sure to get a nice slimy glob of stripper cum on them. When I got home, I made sure to show me cuck daddy the think gooey white that stuck to my backside. I made that little cuck cum slut lick it all up too!

Cuck Lover Teen SLut

cuckold phone sex

How can this hot teen slut be so good at cuckolding you? Your mine Bitch. I keep you on a tight leash so I can make you watch the way I love deep throating these large juicy cocks! I love keeping you as my cucky boyfriend because you get so hard and jealous of these heavy cut cocks down my sweet young throat.  I know I am every mans dream fuck toy, I have the tight sweet sweet pussy you want to pound but is your cock up to my standards? I enjoy teasing you with a mouth full of cum, do you want it, baby. I will spit it into your mouth if you beg. Are you my good cuck? Will you eat the cum out of my mouth and then I will let you clean my soft juicy cum filled honey pot!? Cum for me ass I gulp this huge cock right in front of you. The one thing this hot teen Mistress is not is Shy! Let me tease, deny and seduce you with my young Mistress Ways!

She Is My Sissy

Phone sex sitesYou want to be her, don’t you? She is my sissy. Her pee pee is so small I only allow her to wear girly clothes. Pants are for men and she is no fucking man. I keep her pee pee tied tightly with sowing string around her little pee pee head and attached to a small anal hook coming out of her ass. I know it causes her pain but that is my pleasure. She has a very nice pussy ass I love to bend her over yanking the anal hook out of her ass and do her with my favorite purple 8-inch strap-on dildo. I dig my nails into her hips and pound her ass like a sissy bitch she is for me.

little Dick

Cheapest phone sex There was this small dick sissy at my friend’s house last night. Another dominatrix brought him for us to humiliate. She said her sissy had a big clit instead of a dick. But I thought she was exaggerating. But when they showed up and she had him take down his panties there was nothing there. I walked right up to him and tugged on that clit and asked him what the hell this thing was? And his balls grape size. I wish I was exaggerating but I am not. I have never ever seen a smaller fucking dick I have ever seen on a grown ass man. Of course, calling what he has a dick is an insult to all the real dicks out there.

Strap on fucking

Female domination porn

My husband’s dick is just too small to satisfy me. I’m so used to getting fucked by well hung guys, that anything under 8 inches is just too small. My favorite way to fuck my husband is to use a strap on and fuck him in the ass. I get to show him how good it feels to have your hole filled by a nice big cock. He was hesitant at first, but now I’ve trained him to be a perfect little cock loving sissy. I never let him put his puny dick in me anymore, he only gets to cum by having his ass fucked by me or my bull. 

Yesterday I decided to give him a little treat and brought out my biggest and thickest strap on to date. When I walked into the room wearing it, he was instantly hard, but also afraid. He’d never had his asshole fucked by something this big. I told him to drop to his knees and crawl over to me like the little cock loving faggot that he is. First I deep throated him with my big rubber cock, forcing it as far into his mouth as it would go and fucked his face. Then I turned him around and made him present his asshole to me for fucking. I spit on his ass and pressed the head of the big rubber cock to his hole and pushed it in. “Beg me to fuck you in the ass!”, I commanded. He began to whimper and beg for me to fuck him. I pressed harder and the big rubber cock slid right into him. He’s been fucked in the ass so many times by my bulls and other strap ons, that there was little resistance. I pounded away at his ass until I was almost too tired.

Once I was satisfied he’d been properly fucked, I allowed him to reach between his legs and play with his puny little cock. I continued my barrage against his asshole until he was squirting his pathetic load. Then I pulled out and made him suck my strap on clean. He’s such a good little cock sucker!

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