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Be My Sissy

phone humiliation

My heels are bigger than his dick. I love to get all wet thinking about how next I will humiliate him. As I sprayed water on my clit it came to me, pun intended. I would make him wear my pink panties. I wanted his little squirt stain and my panties back after he came. That’s right I wouldn’t even let him save my panties. And every time he came to my sweet princess cuckold sessions he would wear his panties and cum in them again for me. Dirty panty boy is his new nickname. I even keep it on my phone as Dirty Panty Boy.  I swear he loves to cum in those panties. I was nice and bought him his very own set of panties with his money. Now he is still a cum stained panty boy, just in his very own pair. He loves me to make him my dirty sissy slut and to suck and fuck my bull cocks. I am one lucky dirty cuckold teen queen because of him. 

He had the smallest dick I’ve ever seen!

cuckold phone sexLook at this dick, just look at it! Who in their right mind would ever want to fuck a dick like that?? No one that’s who! So when I saw it for the first time I just laughed my ass off because I would never settle for a cock like that. The dude was really mad that I was laughing of course, he even threatened to slap me around if I didn’t stop so I just walked right up to him and dared him to do it. He backed down just like I knew he would, men like him could never stand up for themselves in any kind of way. I told him I would show him what a real cock looked like and pulled out a gigantic strap on dick and told him to bend over. He didn’t want to of course but after I slapped the taste out his mouth he changed his mind and did what I said. He put that ass up in the air and I shoved that huge rubber dick in there balls deep while he squealed like a little piggy, it was too funny!

Sexy Women Masturbating

sexy women masturbatingSexy women masturbating is what every man wants to see, unless that man was hoping to fuck. I brought home Charlie last night. We met at a bar. Things were going great until we got naked in my bedroom. The problem wasn’t that he had a small dick. He was ample in size. The issue was he had drunk dick. I am not sure what is more disappointing: finding out a handsome guy has a 3-inch nub or that a guy with a big dick can’t get it up.  I tried to get him hard, but I am only going to suck a limp dick so long. Listen up men, drink in moderation. Sexy chicks like me, don’t appreciate a flaccid dick when we are horny. If he couldn’t get it up, he could at least get me off. The jack ass refused to go down on me or even finger me. He tried to order me to get him hard. Apparently, he couldn’t remember the hour I spent getting nothing but a sore jaw. I told him his dick was his problem. If he wasn’t going to man up and get me off, I would take care of myself. I tied his hands behind his back, so he couldn’t touch himself. That is when I used my bed post to get off. I grinded my bald pussy on that wood post and made myself cum while Charlie and his limp dick watched. He wanted to touch himself, but he had not earned that privilege. After I made myself cum a few times, I let him go. I kicked him out. His cock was working now, but I didn’t need him anymore. When I need a man, he better deliver because I have no time for small dicks or broke down dicks.

Best Phone Sex Is Cuckolding Therapy

Best phone sex

There are times when only the best phone sex will do when it comes to your dirty fantasies and naughty thoughts that make you desire some kind of therapy. It’s perfectly ok to feel overwhelmed by your desire for cock, watching cock fuck your lover or the desire to touch a big throbbing black cock.

cuckold phone sex

The thought of cuckolding you and making that little prick of yours throb amuses me and turns me on a little. Ok, it turns me on a lot to think of taking a much bigger dick in my sweet wet cunt and humiliate you the whole time, well when I’m not feeling intense pleasure anyway. You will be very near me and will be forced to suck a bigger cock after it has pleased my cunt. I know this is what your cock is throbbing for and it isn’t your fault you were born insuperior.

Shaved wet pussy

I guess I embarrassed him

cuckold phone sexA little wimpy cucky boy made the mistake of inviting me to a family get together and boy did he end up embarrassed! He was paying for my time of course, it’s not like I was his girlfriend… even tho that is what he told his family I was. How embarrassing for me! I wouldn’t want to admit to being the girlfriend of a tiny little man like that! So I told them all that I was actually his Mistress and that he paid me to humiliate him. I told them all about his tiny little dickie and how it would never satisfy any woman ever… I even told them about how he watches me fuck other men and cleans me up after! When I said that, his father pulled me aside and asked me if I wanted to get fucked by a real man right then and there just to really piss my cucky off and you know I said hell yeah! So he pulled out the biggest dick I’ve ever seen and made his son watch him fuck me. Cucky was so embarrassed for everyone to see that but that’s what he gets for being a little dick loser!

Sissy Face Sitting

Femdom phone sex

I love having my pussy eaten by a submissive man. Especially when I’ve got a hot load of cum inside me from one of my BBC bulls. I like to sit on his face and take control. Having my pussy licked makes me cum so fast, but face sitting makes me feel powerful and dominant, like the sexy femdom Queen that I am. I want you to lay on the floor while I stand above you and then squat onto your face and put my pussy and ass right on your mouth. I’m in control of the situation now, and you can’t stand up until you’ve made me cum and let me squirt all over your face. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll let you stroke your tiny cock while you lick my pussy and asshole. If you’re a really good little pussy pleaser for me, I’ll even fuck you with my strap on and jerk your cock from behind while I do it.

Sissy pegging

Femdon phone sex

If a man’s cock is under 7 inches, I don’t allow him to penetrate me. He can make me cum with his mouth, but that’s it. Instead, I like to fuck him with my big thick strap on. Fucking a guy with a strap on makes me feel so sexy and powerful. I love bending over a man and making him my little sissy bitch with my big fake cock.

I met a cute guy at a club last night and brought him home with me only to discover his cock was too small to please me. My urge to Domme men with little cocks took over. I pushed him back on the bed and laughed at his sad little cock. His humiliation was palpable. I climbed onto the bed and sat on his face and told me the only way he could play with my pussy was with his mouth. I rode his face and came over and over. When I was done, I told him it was his turn now. I had him flip onto his knees and slipped into my strap on. He was nervous, but sissies never fight back hard. I spit on the tip of my silicone cock and started to work my way into his tight ass. He had never been fucked in the ass before. I slid my thick cock into him and he started to moan. I began to thrust in and out faster and faster. I asked him if he liked being my little sissy and taking a cock into his ass like a faggot. My fake dick in his ass felt so good that he couldn’t even deny how much he loved it. Instead, he begged me to pound his tight little asshole even harder. He reached between his legs and started to pull on his sad little cock until he was squirting his cum all over himself while my strap on was still in his ass.

Phone humiliation will be your therapy

phone humiliationPhone humiliation is a key part of your therapy with me, I know that you don’t like it but it has to be this way. You have a tiny little penis and a huge ego, those two things just can not go together no matter how much you may want them to. You need to be taken down a peg and I am just the one to help you achieve that goal. Look I know that you think you are god’s gift to women but you are so not at all anything approaching that. You have the smallest cock I have ever seen and you are weak as hell! A real man could pick me up, you can’t. A real man could fuck me for hours, you cum in less than thirty seconds. We are going to start off your therapy by making you watch me with a real man. You will watch him fuck me, you will see what a real man does and how he satisfies me and if I feel like you have made enough progress, I might let you play clean up boy after he is done. We will just have to see how you act.

He thought he would get me for Christmas

cuckold phone sexThis little dick loser really thought that he would be able to fuck me on Christmas, he was even bold enough to ask me for it! Can you believe that nonsense? I was quick to laugh at him and set him straight you can believe that! I don’t care what holiday it is a man like that will never get a girl like me. I am way too beautiful to settle for some guy with a tiny dick, I only fuck real men! I wouldn’t even feel that pitiful little nubbin he calls a dick if he could even get that tiny thing inside me to begin with. No, this Christmas he will be spoiling me rotten, buying me whatever I want and in return he will get nothing at all. That is just what a man like him deserves so I guess he had better start getting used to it now.

Sexy babe of your dreams

Sexy babe


Men dream of having a sexy babe like me on their arm. My husband loves to parade me around in front of his friends and colleagues and show off what a hot wife he has. I look like the perfect submissive little trophy wife who will do anything to keep him happy and his wallet open. They have no idea that behind closed doors, I am the one in charge. I’m the dominant partner here and he submits to me and my every desire. Fucking lots of men with huge cocks and spending their money is what pleases me, so he lets me. His friends and the men he works with have no idea how hard he gets me he sees me walk in late at night with my hair mussed up and my makeup smudged. He practically runs to me and drops to his knees to lick my freshly fucked pussy. He laps up another man’s cum from my cunt and he’s hard as fuck the entire time he’s doing. Think of how scandalous it would be if they knew that under his suits and ties he wears to work, he’s wearing a cock cage, a buttplug, and women’s panties. They have no idea that in his personal life he’s my submissive little sissy cuck husband. I think he even likes sucking cock even more than I do. When he sees my bull’s huge 12″ BBC he practically salivates. He’s such a little fag! Nothing gets him harder than sucking my bull’s cock or taking it up his ass before my bull fucks me. He can ride a big cock better than most women by now, and he can suck them like a pro. He’s been face fucked by my lovers so many time that he barely even has a gag reflex anymore. But no, the people in his life and the men he works with have no idea. I just smile and laugh and pretend to be what they think I am.

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