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Teasing You with CJ

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You fucking wish someone as sexy as me and CJ would touch that little microscopic cock of yours! You met us at a college party, which you were clearly too old to be at. You weren’t really attractive, but we could tell you were rich. You were very suave with your Rolex and Armani suit. I must admit I do love shiny things, and I know CJ does too. We came up to you, and started flirting a little. It didn’t take long until we were pulling up to your huge fancy house in your brand new Lamborghini. Once inside, me and CJ put on a little strip tease for you, but when we started stripping you is when the teasing really began. We simply couldn’t contain our laughter when we saw your cock, or lack there of. Your cock was so small it could probably pass as a clitoris. You got off on us laughing at you and teasing you. You were literally on your knees begging us to let you cum, but with a cock that small there is no way I was letting you cum for free. Me and CJ left with $50,000 each, and you drove us home covered in your own cum. Just because I let you cum doesn’t mean I will let you clean yourself up. You deserve to be covered in your own dried cum for wasting our time!

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Fired Due To Sexual Harassment

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I really do not need to work, but I was getting a little bored so I decided to branch out.  I found a job, which at first I loved, that is until I was fired.  Can you believe that? Me?! Fired? I have never ever been fired from any job that I had in my life.  I suppose the company had a valid reason, however, I didn’t think the incident warranted a firing.  People have no sense of adventure anymore.  You tell me if you would of fired me over this slight digression. 

There was a younger man in the office that I managed.  I would see him every day sitting at his cubicle  diligently working away, trying ever so hard to climb that ladder.  A few months went by when my Assistant had to leave her position.  I took it upon myself to request this young man due to him showing so much enthusiasm toward work.  At least that is what I said, what I meant was that I wanted to watch him fuck someone while I watched.  I couldn’t say that of course so I told a teeny little lie to get what I wanted.

Things were going fantastic!  I had him wrapped around my little finger in no time at all.  I would give him little “bonuses” here and there.  You know, like jacking him off in my office, letting him cum on my boobs, things like that.  This went on for awhile, then I told him I wanted to watch him with someone else.  I wouldn’t participate, I would just watch.  He decided; after a few weeks of me talking him into it; that he would take his girlfriend to a hotel, and I could hide and watch.  I told him that it would have to be a suite, otherwise there would be no where for me to hide.  Arrangements were made.

I showed up early, placed myself behind one of the sofas and waited until things moved into the bedroom.  I saw the lights go off in the room I was, waited until they brushed their teeth, yadda, yadda.  Then I saw just soft candle light, that was my cue.  I moved across the room, and stood just outside the light.  We all know it is much easier to peer into the light from the dark then to peer into the dark from the light, plus, they were already engaged in foreplay.  I watched him take her from behind, then she climbed on top, then she sucked her pussy juice off of his cock, all this went on and on.  I wasn’t really paying attention to her face, I really didn’t care what she looked like.  Then, he hit a candle and knocked it to the floor.  I could see it, burning, not going out.  I decided I didn’t want to burn to death in a fire just because I was watching people fuck so I cleared my throat very loudly.  Their heads popped up, she screamed.  I actually laughed.  I said, “You knocked a candle over!”, walked over and stomped it out.

She was not happy from what he told me in the text messages afterward.  I left after I put out the candle, I wasn’t going to stick around for the aftermath.  Turns out, he was fucking the Daughter of the CEO  of the company.  One thing lead to another, I was called into HR and accused of Sexual Harassment and that is an automatic firing.  I couldn’t deny it, the girl saw who I was, there was communication between him and I discussing sexual acts and what not.

It doesn’t really matter though, I had fun while it lasted.  

Obsessed with your dick and wallet

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The only thing better than a big bank account is a big dick. Big dicks aren’t common as much as guys like to brag about what they have down south. Men with talented big cocks usually are like unicorns. I have been with plenty of guys who have huge peckers but can’t perform with them. Whats the point of having a Bugatti if you can’t maneuver it 😉 I’m a sexy babe who loves to have her Latina holes pounded and I especially love when I feel you stretching my twat and giving me every bit of your precious cream. You wan’t me to call you Papi you need to show me what you are working with. I love a Papi with a big one and one who can spoil my sweet ass as well.

The Maid’s Tongue is Bigger

I would rather have your maid tongue bathe my pussy than touch that tiny thing you call your cock. You picked me up at a college party, you were good looking, so I let you take me home. Your house was huge and beautiful, and had to be worth millions. When we walked in we were greeted by a very sexy maid, and I invited her to join us in the bedroom. She took my hand and led me to your fancy bedroom. We all started making out, and it didn’t take long before the cloths started coming off. I anticipated this, but when I looked down at what looked like it should have been your cock, I was really face to face with disappointment. Me and the maid looked at each other, and busted out laughing. We spent the night making fun of you, and finger fucking and tongue fucking each other. We wouldn’t let you touch your little ding-a-ling no matter how much you begged, but you came anyway, without even touching that little thing. You’ll have to be punished for cumming without permission.

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Sissy Maid Stories With Clarissa and I


sissy maid storiesSissy Maid Stories are so fucking pussy wetting! Clarissa is The best Mistress Trainer around. She holds my pussy to the highest standards. When I came for my session Clarissa Had her best sissy Nathan in a maids uniform that was so short you could see his little dick in its cock cage. My, My, was it straining and bulging out everywhere like playdough. I asked her where she got such a tiny cage to make his 3 inches sweet and bulging like that. Turns out Clarissa makes her own because she has had so many needle dicks and the industry can’t keep up with the shrinking cock department of humiliation. Clarissa was so sexy it made my Bisexual teen pussy ache so bad, I knew I shouldn’t dare but I came up behind her and reached around and grabbed her gorgeous tits. Clarissa grabbed my hand commanded me to my knees. ” A Good Mistress must always start as a sub and I will teach you to be my submissive bitch!” She pulled her panties to the side and made me lick and slurp that cunt and had her Sissy Maid Nathan bring her a glass of Merlot and Ky Lube. “Ass in the air slut!”  She was drinking her wine as She made Nathan Sissy bitch boy with the tiny cocklett bring her a huge black butt plug. : This Time I will Lube it, Learn your place or I will make you pay C.J.” My ass was reamed over and over until I was breathless. My pussy came on her command. I know we are some sexy hot women and I love being trained to be a good Mistress By Clarissa! We need sissy boys, come to play with us!

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Late night cock cravings

hot swexy womanI have cheated on all my boyfriends. I can’t seem to pick guys that satisfy me so I look elsewhere for what gives me pleasure and makes my twat happy. I am hot sexy woman who only craves real men. My favorite thing to do is cuckold a short dick loser. I didn’t mean to get into the cuck lifestyle it sort of fell in my lap. One day I was sneaking out I had a late night cock craving and I got caught. I thought my boyfriend at the time wasn’t coming home early. I was wrong. There he was watching me get rammed by a huge chocolate dick. I was in bliss. Getting all that cock and glorious cream. It was even better watching him feel so belittled and turned on at the same time.

Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesGuys with foot fetishes are easy to spot. My daughter was in town this weekend and we went shopping. She needed some new clothes for college and stuff, so I took her on a shopping spree. We both became aware of a man watching us at the shoe store. We go to this local high-end shoe store that fits you personally for shoes. No Payless crappy shoes for us. My daughter is a GFE, she knows how to milk men. She started flirting with him with her feet. Poor loser, couldn’t take his eyes off her feet. I decided that what she needed to do was tell him if he bought our shoes, we would give him a foot show.  Of course, since he was buying, we racked up quite the bill. I bought a few pairs for myself too. We all went back to my place and as agreed, we tried on the shoes for him. This poor bastard was worshiping our feet. We even had him sucking the heels of our Jimmy Choos. He was super pathetic. Two hot women in front of him and all he cared about was worshiping our feet. Rich losers, however, are the best kind of losers. I asked him to show me his little dick. I knew he had one. Just as I suspected, his dick was smaller than my foot. Small dick humiliation was called for with Mr. Foot Fetish. I modeled how to do it for my daughter, but she didn’t need my lead. Hell, she was better at shaming him than me. He got off on it too. The poor bastard came on my new expensive Jimmy Choo’s, so I made him lick his own cum off them. I get you have a shoe and foot fetish, but don’t you dare ruin a pair of designer shoes. We made him tribute us too. I know he paid for our shoes, but that was because we are superior to him. The cash was for the hour of our time he wasted being a loser.

Squirting On BBC

Sexy hot womenI am naked in bed with my ass in the air ready for the BBC I am about to get. One of many boyfriends Chris love to watch me get fucked by some huge BBC. He sits in the corner jerking himself off as I scream from all the squirting orgasms I am having. The guy he enlisted to fuck me I have been with many times before. He loves to throw my white whore body around and fuck me raw in every fucking hole I have. And I can’t help but squirt my pussy juices all over his BBC. We usually fuck for a few hours then Chris will come over and clean his cum out of holes and making me squirt some more of my pussy juices all over his face.

Booty Call

ebony phone sexThe twins were knocking on my door at 2 in the morning because they were craving my black pussy. I was kind of pissed that they woke me so I made them eat me out for an hour. The twins have huge cocks so I couldn’t stay mad at them forever. They’re both really good with their tongues. They licked and sucked on my clit until my cunt was sloppy wet. They didn’t fuck me until I begged for it..
“Fuck my black pussy, fuck my black pussy!!”, they had me screaming.
They forced me down on my knees and a twin entered me from behind. His dicks slid easily into my wet throbbing pussy. I was ready for a good pounding and they gave me one. My screams were too loud so one of the twins put a dick in my mouth. I sucked and slobbered on his cock until he filled my mouth with warm jizz. The twins are young and full of energy, we fucked until sunrise.

Give it to me already

Best phone sex   When I hear my name at work being called by my boss. I can’t stop thinking about what it would sound like if he were to fuck me. I have been dreaming, and fantasizing about us together for as long as I can remember. He has a wife and she is so stunning. She can’t be kinky. She is so conservative and I just wait around on the phones hoping he calls my hotline. He knows that I do this on the side. I would turn is simple everyday same-sex shit into beautiful kinky role plays. My favorite little vibrator is right next to me. I am so ready to use it. Is it ok to get some practice in with another man before he gives me his time right?

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