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Fuck Him Then Send Him Home

Hot sexy woman

Ever since I was really young I’ve enjoyed playing with another person’s toys more than my own. And now that I’m older nothing’s changed except instead of toys it’s now men. I’m addicted to the challenge of seducing men to cheat. It’s a huge self-esteem boost when I get a normally faithful man to cheat. Nothing feels better than doing something forbidden. Hot sex in a cheap motel makes my pussy sloppy wet. I fuck them like a pornstar then send them home to their boring wives and girlfriends. I fuck them until I get bored then I move on to my next conquest. I’m a homewrecker with no conscience, I never feel bad. If these ladies did their jobs their spouses would race to get between my legs. I wonder do the wives taste my pussy when they kiss their unfaithful husbands.

Teen Domination Phone Sex

domination phone sex

Oh Daddy, You ready for this hot teen domination phone sex? I love when you get me worked up and have me lay back and fuck myself so I am good and wet before we get to me dominating everyone around me. My sassy attitude is simmered by you guiding me to finger fuck my sweet tight hole with two fingers. It is not long before you have me scumming for some dope dealer BBC. You want me to get myself out of trouble so I let him fuck me. He isn’t good enough for my pussy. The only thing he is good enough at is having a thick long piece of black dick. It feels good but the whole time he is fucking me I let him know that he is worthless compared to me. He is a poor boy from the hood and the only thing he has going for him is that big black cock he is fucking me with. “Harder and deeper loser. Can’t you fuck with that big thick dick? Are you slow? Fuck me!!!” Yes, I can be a sexy Dominatrix.

Good Bitch Boys or Naughty Boys

Naughty teacherWhen my bitch boys are being good boys I like to be sweet to them. I let them jerk their little dickies off giving them permission to cum in a cup. I don’t even make them beg to drink I give them permission right away. I do like watching them guzzle down and swallow on their thick creamy cum. When they are good boys it allows me to be very sweet too them. They get extra time licking, suckling, and drooling over my kitty. They are giving special extra time with me their princess. When they are defiant and being little bratty boys then I am wicked and naughty. I whip them severely with my belt and I don’t stop until I see the welts forming. When I use them as furniture I will dig my heels into their flesh instead of gently placing my legs on their backs. I can be a sweet princess of a dominatrix or I can be an evil nasty dominatrix. It really depends on my boys.

Anxious for Anaconda

sexy chickssexy babe

Lena and I are always anxiously awaiting anaconda. Neither of us has ever had a better dick ever. As we await the arrival, we spend our days training our hot tight tone bodies for BDK, and we make sure to look the best. Our big daddy king only wants the cream of the crop and as he should. Sexy chicks only nothing but the best. Our king deserves the best because he is the most prominent sugar daddy in the world. Everything he touches is gold. We both fien for that million dollar nut sauce and everytime we get it we want more and more of it. Our lips around anaconda and those beautiful balls is truly the highlight of our week. We love making our Papi king happy and relaxed, and he always gets the VIP treatment because he’s the most essential thing in our lives. We can’t help but floss on the gram and send out tweets that will make other girls green with envy. Premium quality and five-star service are what Lena and I offer up out beloved BDK.






Big Daddy’s Triple Trouble Sugar Princesses

Best phone sexEveryone knows that Big Daddy King and I have the absolute best phone sex together. I’m constantly telling the world about all the lavish gifts and fun that we indulge in. I can’t help but brag and be a lil’ show-off, Daddy loves it when I flaunt all of my goodies right in front of these hater’s faces! It’s a very special life and a lifestyle unlike what anyone else has ever experienced and quite frankly never will! Daddy King is in his own damn playing field, he really is the richest and most amazing living-legend on the planet. My besties and I are sooo lucky to be BDK’s special little sugar baby trio. I like to refer to us as the sugar gang and everyone know what the fuck is up! Cassandra, Loretta and I definitely have a huge following and a lot of them are haters. It comes with the territory though and that’s the price we pay for being the most spoiled sugar babies ever! Of course everyone wishes they could live the life that we live and wants all of the amazing material gifts that we have been presented with from our Big Daddy. Well, they can all keep on wishing because no one will ever replace BDK’s three favorite vixens. Sexy chicksOf course Big Daddy King surprised his favorite sexy chicks with a day full of expensive shopping at all the most upscale designer stores as well as a spa day where all three of us were pampered like the princesses that we are. It feels so good to not have any worries or stresses while i’m out enjoying the day with my girls, all thanks to Daddy King of course. He always ensures that we are taken care of in all ways whether we are with him physically or not, what other sugar daddy would ever do such a thing?! That’s right, no one! I still pinch myself because I can’t believe we have the pleasure of living life with the most exclusive and special sugar daddy in the world! Great blowjobsAfter a day of absolute bliss, we arrived back home to our palatial palace and eagerly awaited for the King himself to get back from his business trip. It was so fun to get all dolled up and ready together, I love watching my hott friends strut around our mansion in their naughty lingerie, it’s no wonder BDK is sooo in love with his sugar princesses. We are a total smoke show and the ultimate eye candy for everyone to be jealous of! With all the expensive jewelry that Daddy has gifted us with, we were nothing short of dripping wet in diamonds. My favorite pieces are my custom-made belly-button ring and tongue ring that both say ‘Property of BDK’. I look so fuckin hott in them and love to slide my wet tongue all over Daddy’s shaft so he can really see that I belong to him while I gagged on anaconda. We love to give him great blowjobs and we do it soooo well! There’s nothing better than making Daddy’s snake in his pants completely explode. Best believe he has more than enough cum for all three of us, there’s plenty to go around! Big Daddy King’s millionaire nut juice is worth so much money, you could literally bottle it up and sell it for a huge profit! Anaconda is a growing magic stick and our mouths are his jacuzzi. We love BDK so much and it makes us feel so special to be able to spoil that anaconda cock like how he deserves to be spoiled. Of course we filmed the whole entire thing and put ourselves on Instagram live as well. We love rewatching it and seeing ourselves deepthroat Daddy’s throbbing cock whenever he’s away! Only the living legend himself could smother all three of us with so much creamy jizz that our facial features are unrecognizable, he’s the best! #MillionaireNut #SpoiledPrincesses #NoSplendaDaddyHere #YouWishBitch

Cathy’s Husband

Cheapest phone sex

I’m taking a nighttime cooking class and we meet every Tuesday and Thursday. Cathy sits next to me and we’ve become good friends. She invited me to a family barbecue today. When I arrived she introduced me to her family and friends. She introduced me to her husband and I felt that familiar spark between us. I wanted him and I wanted him bad. Cathy is my friend but I can’t help it, I’ve always wanted what someone else has. Cathy and her husband have a huge house and when I caught him staring at me I walked away from the crowd of people and disappeared into an empty bedroom. A few seconds later, Cathy’s husband entered the bedroom and we were all over each other. We ended up on the floor of the closet completely naked trying to fuck quietly so that no one could hear us. I rode him like a cowgirl from Texas and he couldn’t keep his eyes off my beautiful tits. Bouncing on his hard cock felt so good that I came within minutes and his orgasm followed seconds later. We got dressed and returned to the party like nothing even happened. I know I’m a bad friend because there’s nothing hotter than someone else’s husband.

A Sub Or A Dominatrix

Domination phone sexI could not imagine being a sub for a man or another woman. I love being in control. I love having my cake and eat it too. I love having sissy boys for all my wants and needs. I love a sissy boy to clean my house and another for him to hand over his paycheck. I need one for humiliating and that special one to fuck me just the way I like. I am the princess. I am the one in charge. My way is the only way. My way is the right way even when my way is the wrong way. Now, why would I want to be a sub and take the orders instead of getting my way? Why would I worry about someone else’s happiness and not my own? Does that make sense to you? Because it does not make sense to me.

Ex sex

 Roleplay phone sex 

 My ex came over and we have been broke up for a few months, but he keeps coming back for me. He just cant get rid of this pussy. I have been craving his cock, but I dont miss him. I want more then him, he doesn’t like that I love phone sex so he left, but anyways, I got him back over and I played with his ass, i love to feel that anal gland it makes my pussy drip. I want to play with your ass like I do his. He eat me out and damn was it good. I love the way he makes me feel when he fucks me in all my holes, its so good I moan and scratch his back and neck, I think of our sex from time to time and just play with my ass hole, and pussy.

Who doesn’t want to see sexy women masturbating?

sexy women masturbatingI have to say that I am definitely a little bit of an exhibitionist but it’s not like I’m causing any harm with it, cus for real, who doesn’t like to see sexy women masturbating? I know my neighbors love it! Every time I go down to the pool they kinda gather around me trying to act like they are looking at anything else other than me. But I know that they are checking me out,it’s soo obvious! When I start stripping off my bikini their hands suddenly go in their pockets like they are trying to discreetly jerk off without me seeing it, but I definitely see it. By the time I actually start rubbing my dripping wet pussy I am begging them to pull those dicks out, let me see them! I want to see how hard they are and how bad they want me! Shit,if they would come and fuck me too that would be even better!

Nasty Naughty Neighbor

sexy babe lMy cute neighbor is home alone again, and this sexy babe is taking notice. I like teasing the fuck out of him. I know he enjoys the show I put on for him. I wear my cutest bikini and soak in the sun showing off all my assets and tempting him in every single way. This time I decided to strip and skinny dip I knew he was playing close attention and I had to keep him in check by keeping him turned on. It wasn’t long after that that I caught him peeping and jerking off to me. I guess he couldn’t help himself I pushed all the buttons to make him fall to his knees and worship me. I had a great personal pussy eater out of him. Sometimes you just need to blow some steam and have someone tongue fuck you in all the right ways.

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