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Tease and denial thanksgiving fun

Tease and denialTease and denial thanksgiving fun! My poor husband never gets a break not even for the holidays. I tease his cock endlessly and give him the worst case of blue balls. Even on a special event, I prefer to save a nice hard fucking with someone like his daddy.

I have mentioned before how different he is from his brothers and father, Its like complete night and day between his family and him. They all love me except his mom. She’s an uptight nagging nancy, Its funny cause her name is Nancy, Negative Nancy doesn’t like how hot I look and how all her sons and husband gawk at my sight. I have her son eating from the palms of my hands. She has tried endlessly to catch me in one of my sexual escapades but has failed miserably.

Its thanksgiving eve and I make my way with my pathetic husband over to his parent’s house, Daddy is happy to see me but his mommy nancy has some slick comments about my tight little dress. I smile and ignore it.

I Make my way to the “powder room” I hear footsteps and look its My father in law. He closes the door and starts making his way to me, I can already tell what he wants to do. He has totally been craving fucking me since our last session. He unzips me and starts to rub my body he is so hard I can feel his cock pushing up against me. My pussy is getting soaked I can feel it dripping down my thighs. All the things that are running thru my mind have me so turned on.

There’s nothing I love more than risky sex, That’s why I fuck a ton of people while my husband is home under the same roof. At this very second, I am thinking about being caught by my mother in law and my husband and it surely has me ready to take my father in law deep in my pussy. He starts my eating my wet pussy and really working his tongue in me. It was an instant orgasm, I wasn’t done neither was he. I needed his cock in me!!! I did not just want it, I needed it. I was quivering and drenched and just so enthralled by the experience that I didn’t realize I was moaning so loud.

Thank goodness Nancy had some music echoing thru the whole house. I loved getting his meaty cock deep in me. Its such huge difference from my husband, How could these two even be related I surely have reason to believe my husband is the milkman’s kid. All his brothers are all so well endowed and they fuck me so good. My husband’s tongue is the only thing that gets me off. While his dad can bust his load deep into me and make me cum over and over.

I still can’t believe my father in law fucked me and ate me out in the same house our family was in, On thanksgiving too. After fucking for what felt like an eternity, I made my way downstairs still flustered but still just so turned on.

I sat right at the dining table where my brother in law was and I waste no time and I slip him a little note.

I wanted round two and I sure got it.

Let Me Be Your Girl!

Ya know, I was thinking you and I could really give your wife a show. I mean she is horrible and does not know how to please you like I do. Really she is wasting your time and that fucktastic cock of yours. So here is what I was planning, I’ll come with you to your business meeting and after we could get a room at some fancy hotel. You tell her to meet you there and you have a wonderful night planned, make sure you don’t forget to give her the key. When she walks in I will be fucking you so good, riding that huge fucking cock, screaming your name. You’ll be sucking my tits and spanking me, telling me how much better my fuckhole is than hers. We can really stick it to her because she really doesn’t deserve you, you are just the best fuck in the world and super fucking hot. And hopefully when she sees that you finally found a woman who can take care of your every need she’ll leave. And if she doesn’t at least you have yourself a girlfriend cause baby I need and want that dick in my pussy, mouth and ass every day.

Sexy babe and her hot sidekicks

Sexy babe and her hot sidekicks all down for some hot fun. I was getting so sick of the monotonous daily task and just needed a vacay with my girls. We hit up sin city on my husband’s tab of course and let loose and had a blast. I have hot friends and Mandie and Colette are by far the hottest of the bunch and the most fun so of course, they were going to be down for so much fun. We ended up partying dancing and having a blast, but the real blast happened in our hotel room. After a couple jello shots and dares, we end up making out and obviously getting naughty. We brought out our favorite toys from our suitcase and shared cause sharing is caring. We had multiple orgasms and spent the night being horny sluts together, after a while, we invited a guy with a nice BBC to satisfy our cock cravings. Then we kicked him out after we used him because girl power you know 😛  Sexy babe

Mature Phone Sex Fantasies

mature phone sexMature phone sex fantasies are common. Every guy has a sexy mature woman he has stroked his cock to in his life. As a teacher, trust me, I have been that hot mature woman on many occasions. I won’t lie and say I have never fucked a student while in my class. Of course, I have fucked some young cock. I do, however, try to show some restraint while they are in my class, but some boys don’t take no for an answer. Toby pursued me hard. He said I was his fantasy woman. He found my phone sex site and blackmailed me into fucking him. There is a morality clause to be a teacher. He had me by the proverbial balls, but I could have reported him. I know I could have turned the tables on him, but I wanted to fuck him. I was just playing hard to get and he threw me a curve ball. I was happy he did because his cock was huge. He didn’t need to blackmail a woman to fuck her; not with a ten inch rod. I let him think he had power over me because it was hot, but I never fuck anyone I don’t want to fuck. I am a dominant woman and a cock size queen. Our first fuck had me squirting all over the place. His cock hit my G-spot. He is my dirty little secret. I have been fucking this student all semester. I know it is risky, but the risk is worth it for that huge of a cock. Can I be your naughty teacher too?

Phone Sex Therapy Foursome

Phone sex therapyMy therapist and I had decided to meet at my office for Halloween. I needed a session, and we wanted to go out and do our own things directly afterward. We had just gotten into my session really well when her date for the evening showed up. Rather than making him wait outside, I had my receptionist send him on through. No sooner had we gotten him comfortable, and ourselves on our knees at his dick than a client of mine showed up and barged past my receptionist. He walked in on me and my therapist licking her date off, and immediately decided that he would join in. Before I knew it, he was undressed and thrusting his big, beautiful cock into my tight little ass. He started drilling me from behind, hard enough to shake my entire body as I licked and helped to suck off my therapist’s date. I guess that was a little more than her date was prepared to handle, because he started spurting off, and we had to work to keep up with his cum. We didn’t want him getting any of his outfit OR my rugs dirty! Next thing I knew, my client was cumming deep in my ass, hands holding me tight up against him as he shot off into me. Then, it was just a matter of my therapist and myself to worry about getting off.

Sub Fun

best phone sexOh I had the best night last night! Thank you sir for dominating me the way you did. The feel of your hand squeezing my neck, pulling my hair, and spanking me, memories I won’t forget any time soon. Oh but when you invited that tempting wife into bed with us, fuck, she is an amazing woman. I am so very glad you let me eat that delicious cunt, the way she creamed all over my tongue. I could have just sucked and licked that perfect pussy for hours. Couldn’t get enough. But it got even better when you made me watch you fuck and told me I couldn’t cum. That was very hard but my reward was worth it. The way you stuck that fat cock in my mouth covered in her juice and cummed, was such a treat. I really hope I can join again soon.

Naughty Teacher hot encounters

Naughty teacher hot encounters, What can I say back when I wasn’t a housewife I was totally the hottest teacher on school grounds, I was the Spanish teacher and taught some horny seniors, I love coming to class dressed in hot mini dresses and stripper shoes, It was risque but come on now who doesn’t want to see my hot body in a little black number and some hot stilettos. I had the staff salivating at my presence the school dean was infatuated with me and my classmates were almost all failing because they wanted to spend some time with Ms. Lorenzo. I’d tease the guys and loved watching these fresh-faced 18-year-olds grow rock hard as I past homework and pop quizzes. I totally would rub against them to feel their bulge and to my favorites, I’d slip a little note and have them stay after class to do some extra credit, The extra credit I would give involved someone on one student-teacher interaction. Nothing turned me on more than a barely legal prey.

I loved getting fucked by my students and spent most the time thinking who would be my next participant.

naughty teacher



Phone Sex Therapist Farah

phone sex TherapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I tell men what they need to hear, but no one else has the balls to tell them, especially their wives or girlfriends. I will tell you your cock is too small. I will tell you that you are a latent homosexual. I will tell you that you belong in panties. I will tell you need sissy training because you are not meant to be a real man. I have no problem with brutal honesty. I don’t need to sugar coat anything because I don’t need anything from you nor am I financially dependent on you. That is why so many men call me. They know the truth, but need it confirmed. Guys enjoy phone sex therapy because it is cathartic to be validated. Some women think all men are dumb; I am not one of them. I think many men are very in tune with their short comings and their issues; however, it feels good when a sexy woman like myself confirms that their dick is too small to give anyone pleasure or that they were meant for sucking cock, not fucking women. Andy called me this morning about his wife. If you have your suspicions about your wife with other men and aren’t one of those people who doesn’t trust anyone, then likely she is getting cock on the side. Some tale tall signs, however, include you having a small or limp dick; lack of sex between the two of you; her spending more time on her appearance; and her being gone from the home more for any myriad of reasons. If a woman is in her 30s or older, married to a man with dick issues and not fucking him, likely she is cheating if she appears happy The older we get, the more important getting some is to us. Don’t delude yourself into thinking something else is going on. Call me and admit how turned on you get thinking about your wife with another man.

Phone sex therapy

phone sex therapyI have started to do therapy sessions to help out some men that have cum filled cocks and usually some kind of a issue. I was in my office thinking that I had just seen my last patient of the day. I got so hot and bothered with my last encounter talking about how his wife preferred big heavy black dicks over his. I was dripping down my thighs, saturating my panties.

I leaned back on my couch and spread my pussy open, pulling up my pin skirt. I got my big fat dildo out. Me and that guy’s wife have a lot in common. I fucked that dildo really hard. The guy all the sudden came back into the room, because he left his wallet on the table. He was in amazement watching my pussy stretch over that cock.

I told him to sit down and watch me pleasure myself with this big black cock, and see why his wife likes this so much better then his cock.

Great blowjobs for you

Great blowjobs for you, Yup that’s exactly what my latest hook ad read. Hell no I’m not ashamed! Should I be, uh no I don’t think so If you had to take the same pathetic cock every day you to would grow sick and tired of it. My husband’s cock is not only puny but it’s basically a short pencil dick. I feel so bad every time I see it. His cock is such a wimpy lil thing it makes me laugh so hard whenever he whips it out, Even when its “hard” its soft as can be. I tried my hardest to ignore the pathetic clit dick he has, yes that’s what I call it a little clit dick, because of thats basically what it is, So now I totally get myself of fucking and sucking randoms whenever I want wherever I want. It keeps me from leaving this sad marriage, I think I do him quite the favor staying I have always been arm candy and a highly prized sexy slut.Great blowjobs

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