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You know I have been fucking all types of guys lately, and one of my favorite fucks hands down has to be my trainer. He has the biggest cock and sure does know how to use it. I couldn’t keep this to myself, I told my amiga veronica all about this hot fuck I was getting, and she wanted it too. So now she gets to play tennis and play with nice balls, and I get to get in a slippery wet situation when my trainer comes to do aquatics with me. Veronica loved the referral so much she got hooked on our trainer’s dick in no time. I mean what are friends for anyway? I like sharing a fantastic trainer together. We have had such a blast that we even set up a group session. The three of us are going to get a vigorous workout  I can’t wait to watch her pick her stamina up with his well endowed unique tool. We both love having 2 girl phone sex with our trainer too. I mean both of our husbands are always away doing something for work. Veronica and I need cock at all times.

My party was a big success!

sexy hot womenI had the best party last night, it was a special event just for my girls at work cus we all needed to blow off some steam. Everyone was there I had Candy, Farah and Loretta oh and Kelly and Beth too just to name a few, that’s a whole lot of hotties all in one place don’t you think? I had the whole event catered so we had gourmet food and so much wine but the best part was all the hot young studs I invited over to take care of all our sexual needs. They were sexy as hell and had big fat cocks, just the type of men we all like best and they were all there to do whatever we asked them to do. We didn’t have to do a thing, they worshipped us, buried their faces in our juicy pussies and never once asked us to return the favor, everything was all about pleasing us and nothing else. It was a well deserved break for us all and I’m not even gonna lie, watching all these beautiful women getting fucked like that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!

Your Sweet Cock

Cum on boobsSweet thing I need your cock. I have heard the stories from the other sluts here. And they have been telling me what incredible caller you are. They tell me how you make their pussy gush with that throbbing stick of yours. Everybody waits for your call and now I know it is my turn. Please do not keep this slut in suspense anymore. Let me have that nice thing swinging between your legs. I want to taste you, feel you, and hear your words. I want my pussy juices all over the place and all over you. Giggles. Don’t worry hun I will clean every inch of your body up with my tongue. I make you sparkle clean before you go home to your woman. Every man needs a woman and several sluts. I want to be one of your sluts.

Cum on Boobs


cum on boobsDo you like cum on boobs? I do and so does one of my young students. I was being a bad teacher this week. We never had school because of the weather. It has been cancelled every day this week so far. One of my female students lives near me. She stopped by yesterday morning to see if she could get some extra tutoring. She struggles with writing papers. Honestly, everything was innocent until her boyfriend showed up. I knew him. He was a former student. I used to bang him daily after class for a semester. Lucy told him all about her hot teacher and he knew who she was talking about. A young guy never forgets a naughty teacher who taught him how to eat pussy and fuck. I got horny as fuck seeing him again. It didn’t take me long to realize I had been set up. This was a planned threesome and I walked right into. I am not complaining, however. Been awhile since I had a threesome with another couple. This was no ordinary threesome. The guy was a former student and lover. The girl is a current student and neighbor. If anyone found out, I would be in trouble. My tenure might not matter much in a situation like this. I knew they wouldn’t tell. My former student is hung like a horse and will always be hot for teacher. My current student is hot for the teacher’s bald pussy. I am hot for both. I guided his cock into her pussy which I licked sloppy wet. I got his cock too. When he was about to cum inside me, Lucy told him to pull out and cum on me. His jizz shot all over my body. It was a Peter North cum shot. Lucy wanted to lick her boyfriend’s cum off my body. If we are buried under snow, I think they will be here daily. Suddenly, I love winter.

Let Me Dance for You

Sexy hot women



You can do what you want to do to me it’s okay with me baby. All I really want from you is a bit of your dick you can give it to me I’m going to earn it baby I’m going to shake my money maker. I want to dance for you I want to show you how I shake my thing. If you need a lover who’s going to love you right you need me to fucking night you can have me if you want I will do anything. I wanted to work for you I want to shake my ass I want to show you how good I dance I can do it baby if you need it let me soothe you. Yeah you know how I like it you know how I want to really give it to you and I will really give it to you that way if you want me. Do what you can do whatever you want. Let me take off my clothes for you I want to take off everything and do whatever you want to do.

Vacation with me favorite bbc

sexy babe Things have been pretty good with my husband lately. I think he has gotten the hunch now. A girl needs her space. My husband ended up gifting me a surprise getaway for two. Just me and a friend I choose. I knew the perfect friend to bring. I decided

Davonne. My husband thought I was going to enjoy a girls trip. He was beyond wrong. I had a ton of fun just fucking my favorite cock in the world.

I met Davonne when he was setting up the digital cable at the house. He was tall dark and handsome just like I love. He was really into me and kept reminding me thru the whole installation process that I was a sexy babe. If you know me by now, you know very well my pussy is open sesame.

We fucked merely to put it in a term we fucked right then and there. We kept in contact, and I would have his big beautiful black cock whenever I needed dick.

Davonne joined me for the napa spa trip. We had wine toured and fucked everywhere for five whole fucking days. My holes wear filled with cum at all times.

Davone cock is about a good nine and a half inches, and it is so thick, and it fits perfectly in me. My dumb husband probably thinks I’m with a friend; boy does he have no idea,

Great Mature Sex

Great Blowjobs

I am that Caring Sweet Sensual Mature Girlfriend experience every man like you needs.  I will be that fetish loving sweet woman that satisfies her man.  I hear some woman say they do not even give their man blowjobs. I can assure you I have a great mouth that will swallow your cock whole. I will milk that sweet cock until you can not take any more. I will lay my body out for you to take any way you please.  I will bend over, so you can enter my ass using my pussy juice for lubrication. Please come fuck my ass and then enter my sweet mature pussy, I want to be filled with your hot sticky cum juice. I promise to clean your cock with my mouth afterward and give you a massage to work out all your kinks.

Sexy babes love to be spoiled

Sexy babeA naughty, sexy babe like me not only loves to be spoiled, but deserves it more than you deserve to have oxygen in your lungs. Hot girls never have to work a day in their lives so that’s where you come in! There’s nothing that you shouldn’t be doing for me, nothing that’s too much or out of your financial range and budget. I am more than worth every penny and a man that knows to never say No is exactly the caliber of man that I deserve in my life at all times! Unless you plan on adding to my wealth, you don’t deserve to talk to me whatsoever. My precious attention comes with high prices and if you don’t meet the requirements then you’re a lost fucking cause. Fuckers like you pay to cum and be noticed by a woman of my type of class. I make your blood boil with the need to serve, you crave the affirmation that only I am able to give to you. Call me up for some sexy phone chat, let’s see how easily I can break you!

I love your cock Papi

Sexy babeSexy horny babe Veronica here for you with a tight dripping cunt! Fuck I was going through my phone gallery and found your dick pick you sent me, and fuck Papi I’m so fucking horny for you! I swear baby my cunt is all wet with a throbbing clit just waiting for you to penetrate me! I love how you just get here pick me up with your big big muscles and lift me against the fucking wall put my thick legs up and grab on tight to my ass with my huge big tetas all over your face and start penetrating my tight pussy with that 7 inch fat thick veiny cock! I love your cock papi! I love feeling all those 7 inches of hard cock going in and out my tight pussy! I just feel that bug fat mushroom head going in and out my cunt hole. Makes me squirt pussy juice all over your cock and balls. I cant wait to lick it all off!

Cum all over my big boobs

Cum on boobsDrop me the check and let’s get straight to business. Straight to fucking and sucking, straight to cum on boobs because I know you love that shit! Grab on to my throat with your big strong hands, all that does is make my pussy even wetter and hornier. The feeling of your hard ass dick around my lips make them quiver. I am going to drown you in a vortex of sublime sensations and lustful desires, you won’t even know what to do with yourself when you have me wrapped around your finger. I can’t wait to show you how bad I want that thick dick before you slide right up into my warm pussy, so snug and sexy, it’s the perfect fit! Pin me down and push my legs all the way back, use your tongue on my clit to spell out how much you love me! My ass is poked up nice and high while I rock it on you as you push and stroke deep. You’re solid in my throat and I can’t stop sucking! I lift my leg up so that you can thrust even deeper into my sticky pussy. You have the nerve endings of my sexy cunny screaming with pleasure! Moan in my mouth while I drip on that yummy cock. Bust your big load of cummy jizz all over my large boobs, I know that shit drives you wild!

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