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PTO Meeting Orgy

exhibitionist sexNo one ever expects an orgy at the PTO meeting, but when this milf slut gets involved, it’s a guaranteed good time. If you’ve ever been to one of these meetings, you’d know how dull they can be. I decided to spice it up the only way I know how: with sex. I was watching this sexy dad present about a bake sale, and started thinking all kinds of nasty thoughts about him. I spread my legs wide and started rubbing myself hoping he would notice. The man sitting next to me did, and got visibly erect. I reached over and started rubbing his bulge. The dad up front finally noticed my little display, and he got hard too! “I’ve got a presentation to show you!” I said, and went up to the front of the room. I stripped naked, revealing my tight milf body and huge mommy tits. Then I started sucking off the bake sale guy.

The other parents were shocked, but soon they were all turned on by my little show. I could see everyone touching themselves and it drove me wild! I love turning people on and being an exhibitionist slut. I went and grabbed a mom from the audience and put her up on a table. I started licking her sweet mommy cunt until my whole face was covered in her juices. While I was snacking on muff, bake sale dad came up behind me and started fucking me doggy. The other parents got naked and came to the front of the room to join our fuckfest. It quickly became a writhing pile of fucking and sucking and moaning. I ate every woman’s pussy and sucked every man’s cock. I got double penetrated by the coaches of the softball team, fisted by my neighbor, and face fucked by my son’s best friend’s dad. The orgy didn’t stop until every person had come at least three times! I feel bad for the janitor….maybe I’ll fuck him as an apology for the mess.

Shower Hottie

Best phone sex

I love doing dirty things in the shower. I especially love doing dirty things in the shower with you! While the wife’s away at her book club or PTA meetings, I love stripping down in your bathroom and climbing into the hot shower with you. I know you love seeing my tight fit yoga body and perky natural tits dripping wet. I love kissing you from your neck down to your hard cock and sucking that yummy pre cum right up as the water pours down our naked bodies. I know she doesn’t suck you off like I do. I love when you press me up against the fogged up glass doors and rub the head of your juicy thick cock all over my tight wet pussy and asshole. Don’t you feel how much tighter and fresher my pussy is than her? She would never let you fuck her up against the shower door, but I do! Because I crave your cock and cum every day!

Spring breakers

sexy chickslatina phone sexSexy chicks are the best party sluts. My friend Lena and I invited all our closest and hottest friends over. We were both on the same page. We needed girls vacation on it was all on our husband’s tab. We wouldn’t be smart if we didn’t take advantage of them. Lena and I are two peas in a pod. We love getting in trouble. Together and separately we have all sorts of fun. I have to say there is nothing better than when we combined forces and do slutty things together. We are dime pieces and enjoy all the finer things in life. We don’t have to give up good fuckings cause we have short cock husbands. We invited only the sexiest of our friends. What’s better than spring break with hot sluts? Spring break with a ton of big chocolate dicks of course. We loved visiting Jamaica and the grand Turk. We had plenty of big black cocks around to keep us busy. We had the best orgy ever. I can’t thank Lena enough for bringing out the inner slut in me. When I first got with my husband I tried hard to be the proper wife. I was sick of being appropriate and wanted to be the hot sexy Latina phone sex slut and whore I am to the bone.

Mommy Loves to Give Rides

milf phone sexI’m a very active member in our little community, and do whatever I can to help the local youths; even if it’s fucking them senseless. I was driving home from work and spotted one of my son’s hot friends waiting by the school. I pulled up next to him and asked him if he needed a ride home, and made sure that my perky fake tits were on display and my skirt was hiked up to show my toned thighs. Moms always know what boys want, and I was right on the nose. I could see him staring at my hot body as he got in the car. I could also see the huge bulge in his pants as we drove off. As we were driving, I reached a hand over to his thigh and stroked it, just barely brushing that cock of his. I told him I needed to make a quick stop and that I needed his help with something.

We pulled up to my house and I dragged him inside by his collar. I stripped off my suit, revealing my gorgeous tits and mature, but tight, body. He could barely believe his eyes! I told him to “be a good boy and lose those jeans” and he did before I could blink. Even though he was my son’s age, it was clear he was VERY well-developed. I marveled at his BBC and decided that Mommy needed to show him how to use it. I shoved him down on the couch and wasted no time climbing right on that throbbing young cock. I rode him furiously while he grabbed my bouncing tits and groaned.

It was clear he wasn’t experienced and probably wasn’t going to last long, so I instructed him to get on top so I could help him with that technique. That boy fucked my hole like a champ! His stiff prick stretched me to my limits and I couldn’t help but scream! He pulled that BBC out of my dripping cunt and shot a massive hot load all over my mature mommy body. I cleaned up, and took him back to his house and told him to call me ANYTIME he needed a ride. This mommy loves giving all kinds of rides

Mutual masturbation

Best phone sex

The hottest part of being a Sexy babe who works for a phone sex line, is getting to hot mutual masturbation sessions with my callers. I had a caller early this morning who wanted me to help him get rid of his morning wood. I had just woken up too, and I’m always wet and horny in the mornings. He wanted us to cum together, so we started masturbating at the same time. I would tell him exactly what I would want him to do to me if he were in the room right now. Then he would tell me exactly how he wanted me to touch my body and describe how it felt. “Pinch your nipples with one hand and rub your clit with the other.” I would do exactly as he said and I would picture him playing with my tits and rubbing my clit. We both came at the same time and it was one of the hottest phone sex experiences of my life!

My Naughty Neighbor

The house next door was vacant for a while. A man just moved in a couple of months ago. He looked to be in his mid-fifties. I honestly did not pay any attention to him until I kept noticing he was spying on me. You can see right into my house from his. One evening I happened to look over in the direction of his home and I noticed he had binoculars in his hand peaking at me through his blinds. I started thinking about all of the times I would walk around my house naked, the times I had men come over to play. The house has been vacant for so long I did not think anything of it until I saw him peaking at me. Best phone sexThe crazy part about it though, it turned me on so much that as soon as I saw him I could feel my pussy starting to get wet. I am such an undercover freak, I even hide it from myself sometimes. I never would have guessed an older man spying on me was something that would make my little kitty wet. Every other day I started teasing him, making him want to see more and more of me. I would imagine him sitting over there rubbing his hard cock while looking at me. Wishing he could get some of this good Latina ass and pussy. My plan is to tease him for the next couple of weeks. Once I get tired of that I will step my game up to something a little more on the wild side. Until now I am getting pleasure out of this older man watching me do things just to turn him on.

Horny Mistress

Mature phone sex

I’ve been feeling so fucking horny and naughty lately! Too bad the married man I’ve been fucking for months now is too busy with his wife and brats tonight! How dare he! I’m a bit of a spoiled mistress so when I need cock, I need it now. I demand to be fucked so hard right that instant. I found out my married boyfriend was out to dinner with his fat wife and his ugly brats. Well, now is the best time to crash dinner! I got to the restaurant looking hot as ever! I grabbed him from his seat and took off my coat exposing my naked body. I sucked his hard cock right there in front of the whole restaurant and his shocked family. I made him bend me over and fuck me right there on the dinner table. I looked right at his wife’s face and said, “you won’t get your dessert until I get mine first!”

Sex Therapy Porn: Your Cum Photographs Well

sex therapy porn

Sometimes the pron on the screen becomes your therapy! But then a hot little cuckold Mistress who finds the biggest dick isn’t being took care of right makes your sex therapy porn into a cream covered teen! See your wife doesn’t understand your porn addiction. She does not know that you need a cute teen to take all 9 mother fucking inches deep inside of her hot teen twat. How could wife understand when she doesn’t even give you a blow job except for your birthday? I, on the other hand, my dear big dicked Married man have a mouth that craves big dick like yours. I will suck it until you almost blow your load and then let you penetrate my tight vagina until you pull out and jizz all over my sweet pussy and stomach. And yes, all on camera so you can watch it over and over until you get another sweet teen hole to please!

Time Alone

Hot sexy woman I have been having so much fun spending time in my home alone with all of my favorite men. They make me feel so good and sexy. The way they make my pussy wet and make me feel so good is something I would not give up for the world. I love the way my men moan and tell me how sexy I am. They love my big titties and ass. Licking my wet pussy, rubbing my nipples until they are rock hard. The men who are a little shy but that is okay because in the end we both open up and have wonderful happy endings. The mean ones who in the end I know are actual sweethearts. It is all in the fun of our interests and imagination. I myself do feel like a winner when I hear a lot of my men cum into my ear. Every moan leaves a wet spot from my pussy. My men make my day, and I love being able to make my men feel good.

I Love Married Men

Erotic roleplayingHaving hot married men is one of my many fetishes. Nothing will make my pussy drip more than fucking the hot cum right out of a married man. Just the thought of a married man going home to his wife with my warm cum dried on his thick cock will have my clit swell up with sensation. I have been fucking this one married man for a while now. When we get together it is an all-day fucking session. When he is about to bust a thick one, he puts his cock deep inside my pussy until it reaches my cervix. That is when he lets that thick sauce explode inside of me. Every time he unleashes his thick sauce inside of me, I explode in orgasm all over his cock. The way his thick hard cock throbs inside my dripping pussy is enough to send me over the edge. That isn’t the only reason I love when his sauce explodes deep inside me. See, my married friend and I love mixing our warm sex juices together. Our juices dry on his cock and he goes home to his wife. His wife isn’t a freak like me, she doesn’t appreciate a nice hard cock. She is the boring type who likes to lay on her back and fuck in the dark. My married friend hates fucking his wife he tells me he thinks of me when he is inside of her. That is when I came up with the brilliant idea to mix our orgasmic cum together and have it dry up on his cock. When he goes home to his wife, he will still be turned on knowing he is going to put his dried up cum cock right into his wife’s fuck hole. He told me the other day he finally got his wife to suck our dried up cum right off his cock. She had no idea she was cleaning my pussy juice right off his hard cock. Fucking married men will always be something I love doing. I do not think there is one married man I couldn’t resist.

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