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Sharing My Pet

Sissy maid training

First off, if you do not know Nicolette then allow me to introduce you to her.  She is one of the kinkiest friends that I have.  A few years ago I helped her with one of her sons.  Since that time her and I have become fast friends.  She is super hot.  I mean, look at her.  Her tits are simply amazing. Now onto the story part of this blog:

Nicolette was spending a couple days with me so we could catch up on things since it had been ages since we had spent any real time together.  Our conversation turned to sex.  For some reason it always does when the both of us are speaking together.  I told her about how I can afford to now pay people to have sex for me while I watch.  How I have a new play thing who was at his Parent’s home for the Holidays, and that I started learning about BDSM.  When I mentioned that she perked up quite a bit.

She asked me if I could get a hold of my pet who I play with now and then.  I told her I could most certainly try.  I texted him and being the good pet he is, he texted right back even though he was out for dinner with his wife.  I told him that I really didn’t care that he was there with her, I wanted him here, now!  He sent back a short reply of, ‘Yes Ma’am.” Then we waited.

Forced feminizationWhile we waited we went up to my closet to pick out some appropriate apparel for our fun.  The doorbell rang and I went to answer it.  He was there, kneeling by the door to request permission to enter.  I told him not yet and yelled for Nicolette to come down.  She came to the door and laughed.  I told him he could come in, he looked confused.  He wasn’t used to having anyone with us when we played.  I introduced them and we were on our way.

We made him put on a pair of panties all while informing him of what the night would hold for him.  He didn’t like wearing the panties, but tonight he was our little Sissy and he would be trained to be our Sissy Maid.  He stood there in those panties, it was almost comical, he was truly embarrassed.  Nicolette suggested that he be punished for not liking what his Domme had given him to wear.  I told her where the gear was and she brought out everything.  Her and I decided on the canes.  He bent over while her and I took turns reddening his Sissy ass.  With each swat he had to apologize.

We then moved onto some strap-on play.  I have to say, Nicolette was a beast with that thing.  I have never in my life seen someone get fucked so hard.  She was thrusting into him so hard that I thought for sure he would go shooting out the window onto my front lawn.  She then made him clean off that which had been so violently rammed into his ass.  I went behind him and continued to widen out his Sissy pussy.  By the time we were done he was in tears from the humiliation, and Nicolette and I were enjoying seeing those hot tears running down his cheeks as he thanked us both for the lesson.

Sissy humiliation


Favorite Toy

Fantasy phone sex Men are my favorite thing to play with! Men have an awesome package swinging between their legs. So many fun and exciting things I can do with that cock and balls. But before I play with you I will have you kneel in the corner of the bedroom as I fuck a huge BBC. I want you jerking off but not cumming. When I am done getting fucked we both will come over and play with you. I can’t wait to see that BBC buried in your white tight ass. My legs will be spread before you to suckle on my charming edible kitty. If you want your reward from me you will have to satisfy us both. After we are done with playing and using you then you have permission to jerk off and spill your seed on the floor but do not forget to clean up your mess with your tongue.

Sexy Women Masturbating

sexy women masturbating

Sexy women masturbating is what he loves, so I gave him a show. I wanted to fuck him, but he is off limits because he is married to my best friend. She knows he is into me, and she is okay with the flirting, just no fucking. I was over at her place last night to go out. We were gussied up and he was hard as a rock at our appearance. My friend is such a sexy bad ass. She told her husband to stroke his cock for us. He wouldn’t do it unless we played with our pussies for him. My friend and I lifted our pretty dresses, exposed our bald pussies and started rubbing our clits. My sexy ass friend teased her husband for his crush. He said he could look but not touch. He started stroking faster, we started rubbing faster. He had a nice cock. It was a shame that my friend insisted he was off limits to my pussy. We all had a hard cum, which was just what we needed. Why masturbate alone when you can jack off with a couple sexy hot women?

A Good Ass Whore

Ass sex pornJosh loves good ass whore. That is why I am his favorite. He says it is hard to find a good ass whore. Josh has never fucked my mouth or my cunt only my ass. He makes me squirt and cum so much when he fucks me in the ass. He is so fucking good at it. He loves me bent over and my ass smashed against his thick hard snake. He pounds away with no lube and his balls hitting off my soaked cunt. My big boobs slapping me in the face and my cunt squirting a huge mess all over the floor. I can always tell when he is getting ready to explode because he grabs tightly to my hips pushes in deep and plants his seed in my ass.

You don’t deserve a hot sexy woman like me!

hot sexy womanLook at you, do you really think a man like you deserves a hot sexy woman like me? Your dick is tiny, way too tiny for a woman like me to ever accept it, I only fuck real men. I fuck men that have big cocks, the kind of cocks that will fill me up and stretch me out, I bet I would never even feel yours at all and that’s if you manage to even get it in me at all! Lets be real here, your dick is a micro penis, too small to ever be worth my time at all.You’re just the kind of little bitch boy that gets to clean me up after I’ve fucked a real man and you will never be anything else. You may as well except that now.

School Girl Neighbors

best phone sex

Me and Cj make such a sexy set of young whores, and we do have the best pussies if I do say so myself. As you may know, I just moved to this neighborhood, and was the new girl at school. I was a little nervous about it honestly until I met Cj. We became instant best friends. This weekend Cj came over for a sleepover. We were having a blast modeling our lingerie and uniforms for each other, and that’s when she noticed you were watching us. I can not really say that I blame you we are sexy as fuck. Besides, as my neighbor your window faces mine. I admitted to Cj I really wanted to fuck you anyways, and she decided we were going to have some fun with it first. We made sure you had a crystal clear view of us, and we started heavily making out. Our smooth wet tongues gliding against each other got both of us so wet. It was not long until we were finger fucking each others sweet young bald pussies, knowing that you were watching us. Right when we could tell you were about to cum, we motioned for you to come over to join us. Your eyes lit up like a young one in a candy store, and I swear you had to have ran over to my house in order to have gotten to my door as quickly as you did. We answered the door together still wearing barely anything, and with our fingers still dripping wet with each others sweet tasty pussy juices. We let you lick and suck our fingers clean, and led you up to my girly bedroom. We threw my stuffed animals to the floor, and pushed you onto the bed. Do you think you could handle both of us wild young girls at the same time?

best phone sex

Phone Sex Therapist

phone sex therapistA phone sex therapist like me stays busy. I found myself in a state of disbelief this morning when he came for help. He acted like he had a small cock. I believed him when he said women wouldn’t fuck him, not even his wife. His wife told him his dick was too small for her. He has had a complex ever since. I was set to counsel him on how to be a good cuckold, then I saw his cock. I was surprised because it was anything but small. I measured him at 8 inches soft. When he became erect, he was damn near 10 inches. That is not small unless you are a black cock whore. In talking to him about his wife and their marriage, I concluded that his wife was a cheating black cock whore. His wife wanted him to think his cock was too small, so she could get a pass on the cheating. I told him he should leave his wife. Let the black men have her. They will never marry her or provide a life of luxury for her.  They will just fuck the shit out of her. I told him that with a cock like his, great blowjobs were in his future.  He can have just about any woman he wants. This was all news to him. I assured him I was telling him the truth. I sucked his cock and let him fuck me to prove I was serious. I almost didn’t charge him for the therapy session because his cock was that nice. We fucked for hours. He said it was the first time he had fucked in months. He had a lot of cum for me too. One woman’s small cock might be another woman’s perfect cock. I will always tell you the truth regardless if you are too small, just right or have a freak of nature monster cock.

Strap fun

sexy chicks

After a long night I decided to hang out with one of my hot slutty friends. I love sexy chicks. I hang out with hot sluts that can party. We hung out at my place and got super acquainted. I enjoyed using her hot body. She was perfect slut and I had to bring out my fun toys. I loved rubbing her tight and and finger fucking her. I got her so wet and ready to be used. She kept quivering with each finger fuck. She was ready for me to pound her with my strap. I got her on all fours and gave it to her. She was begging for it even more. I had to give her what she wanted. I kept pounding her till she creamed all over that rubber dick.

Ass Up Slut

Sexy hot women Ass up tits down and my mouth open and ready for dick. This is the best position for a sexy slut like me. At this angle, I can get a dick in all three of my wet squishy holes. I just dig it when all three of my holes are filled at once. That incredible feeling I get feeling the dicks slither in and out of me from every fucking direction. There is only that thin layer of skin that separates the dick in the cunt from the dick in the ass and sometimes it feels like they are going to bust right thru that thin layer of flesh. I become such a freaking sloppy mess squirting all over the fucking place.

Adult Trick Or Treat

Mature phone sex

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween with their family.  I noticed something for the past few years, trick or treaters are few and far between, and this year nobody came to my door.  I was talking to a bunch of people at our monthly HOA meeting and it turns out, nobody in our gated community has anyone in their household who is of that age to go out.  Everyone has sent their offspring off to college, so that would explain the lack of door bell ringing this year.

I called my friend Hildie; she is the one who is the Domme; and we were talking about it.  She said she must have six pounds of candy that she doesn’t know what to do with, I am in the same boat.  She said something to the effect of, “Too bad we cannot do an Adult Halloween door to door.” Then she laughed.  I didn’t laugh at all, I think that is a fabulous idea.  Her and I started to talk about the details and this is what we came up with.

Next year, those who want to participate would give out adult based gifts instead of candy.  For instance, those little bottles of whiskey, or maybe even full sized bottles of whiskey, these people have money after all.  Or perhaps some cigars, or other types of gifts, anything but candy.  Then we would all meet up at a designated house to have a huge costume party to drink said whiskey.  Of course we need to get more detailed with what would be given out, but I think for the most part it is a fabulous idea.  The hard part now is getting it past the HOA bitches.

We also discussed perhaps taking a select few back to either her or my house for an intimate after party.  In other words a Halloween orgy.  There are a few people in the neighborhood that I know for a fact are kinky as hell.  I am pretty sure we could get a good turn out.  I am sure you wouldn’t mind attending an after party like that … would you?

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