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Exhibitionist sex In the Shadows

Exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist sex has always made me curious. Everywhere I go, especially when I am out at night, jumping from spot to spot, I watch for couples having sex. The few I have been lucky enough to catch were very hot, erotic scenes. One was right out of that movie Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruise and Nicole type people, madly embracing, touching and grinding while they kissed so deeply. I almost went to them, I wanted to touch their faces, kiss them and taste them. When I think back about it, I do go to them, I do join in and it is outstanding.

I’ve seen some Great blowjobs when I caught horny people having public sex. Girls just love to show off when they are sucking their man’s big hard cock out in public. If someone does see them, they want to be doing a real good job. I thought one girl was going to come over and take my mans cock out when she saw us watching her. Horny bitch just didn’t care. All she wanted was big hard cock down her throat. My boyfriend was so wound up when we got home, we fucked for hours!

There are a lot of Sexy hot women out there having sex in the shadows. My boyfriend says I’m like a fuck magnet, I’m drawn to people having sex in public. So keep your eyes wide open when you are out in the shadows.

Phone Sex Therapist: Dr. Farah Can Help

phone sex therapistI love being a phone sex therapist. I can help men out with a variety of problems they are experiencing. Fetishes too. Because I teach psychology, even my friends come to me for advice and help. Tony is a colleague. He is a History professor with a trophy wife he thinks is cheating on him. I asked some questions about why he thinks that, explored it some more and concluded she likely was cheating. Now, the issue was why was she cheating. Women cheat for different reasons than men. Usually, it is either sexual dissatisfaction or lack of emotional support from their partner. Tony is a nice, empathetic man who dotes on his wife, so my guess was he had a small dick. Just because you are my friend and not paying for my services, doesn’t mean I will sugar coat the truth. He pulled his dick out and it was not what I was expecting. I thought average dick or limp dick syndrome. He had a micro penis. That is a dick so small it looks like just a helmet head and balls. His wife is 15 years younger and a super sexy babe. Of course, she was getting some dick on the side. There was no way Tony was going to be able to compete with some young lothario with a big cock. Not even all the best pussy eating in the world can make up for a micro dick. I gave him some cuckold therapy. I explained the good, bad and ugly of being a cuckold husband. The other option is a divorce or complete shame. Being a cuckold is the only option for a guy with a super small dick and a wife well out of his league.  I will continue to provide cuckold phone sex therapy to him, but in the end, it is his only choice. It is the only choice for any man with a tiny dick and a hot wife.

I love being a sexy babe

sexy babeI love being a sexy babe. I have a body built for sin. Men are drawn to me, especially younger men. I have a new neighbor with a teen son. My husband has perpetual limp dick syndrome, so I am always on the prowl for men to fuck. I don’t care about age. I care that I have a hard dick in my pussy when I want to fuck. Every woman knows a teen boy has a cock that rarely goes soft and if it does, it is never for long. School is out for the summer and the new teen boy next door is a high school graduate. He starts college in the fall. I thought I would offer him a part time handy man job for the summer. You know, some one for the nooks and crannies, the neglected spots. My husband is as useless in the bedroom as he is around the house. Trey was happy to earn some extra cash. I was happy to just look at him mowing my yard. Yesterday was a scorcher of a day. I suggested he cool off with a shower. I just didn’t tell him I would be joining him. He didn’t resist. In fact, his response was, “What took you so long?” He jack hammered my pussy from behind. My ass too. His cock was stiff as a board and nice and long and thick.  He cleared out the cobwebs from my pussy and ass. This sexy mommy always gets her man.

Fantasy Titty Fuck

fantasy phone sex

I have often been told that I am every man’s fantasy. My supple tits and giving personality are award winning! I am also a very selfless lover, my man’s pleasure is the most important, even above my own. Nothing gets me off harder than knowing that I can pleasure a man, the look on a man’s face when he cums is positively orgasmic. Yesterday, I met with my married suitor whose wife is a terrible fuck. She doesn’t care about his sexual needs like I do. He loves tits and mine are absolutely divine. I love worshipping his cock with my mouth, my plump limps wrap around it perfectly and my tongue does not leave an inch untouched. I suck and slurp until his thick juicy cock is shiny and dripping with my spit. Then I love pressing my luscious perky tits around his cock and stroking him up and down until he releases his delicious cream all over them!

He loved me

best phone sexHe loved me what can I say? No other girls could suck his cock like I could, I am an expert with huge cocks after all, I guess that’s why he chose me over everyone else. Plus I was by far the prettiest girl there so I can’t blame him for wanting the best, you should have seen their faces they were so pissed that I got him! Those other whores will just have to settle for the little dick men there, oh well sucks to be them! I went home with the biggest stud there and we fucked all night long, those other girls are gonna be so fucking mad when I give them all the details. I’ve never been fucked so good before I came over and over it was just the best night ever for me!

Slob on his knob

sexy babeMy husband has the best partner. I am a sexy babe and he loves sexy sluts like me. We fuck all the time. Whenever I can I get to suck his dick and I am able to make him explode all over my pretty mouth and lips. One of the best things is surely fucking in my husbands bed. I take that big black cock so well. My cunt is most defintely addicted to that chocolate dick. I feel him thrust and bust and I want more. I get my encore and even get more. Seconds and thirds and ever fourths. Who would thought I could get so lucky. After I finish him off with an amazing blow job I make sure I get his creampie. My husband has no idea hes having yummy jizz for dinner tonight.

Cuckolding My Boyfriend

Cuckold phone sex

I get a pure sense of satisfaction talking dirty on the phone with you while my sissy cuck boyfriend sits right next to me. I get so horny and wet knowing that he’s sitting there with his pathetic dicklet while you and I discuss all the dirty things we will do to each other. I love making that cuck listen to you tell me how much you to want to lick my dripping wet pussy and plunge your thick rock hard cock inside me. I love to see the look on his cuck face when I put you speaker phone! Why don’t you tell him all the nasty things we do together, how you face fuck me with your 9 inch cock while he is at work. I love making my cuck boyfriend watch while I finger fuck my bald wet pussy thinking and talking dirty to you. Let’s taunt him and tell him how his pathetic cock will never be inside of me ever again! It makes me squirt all over teasing him like that.

Naughty Neighbors Cock Gets Hard For Me

Naughty neighbor phone sexYour such a Kinky perverted man and I love it. Staring at me through the window while I was having pictures taken of me in my backyard. I made sure to do extra sexy poses just for you. I wanted you to see this Latina ass and my warm wet cunt poking out at your window so you could have a really good view. I am sorry if my tight asshole and plump cunt made you make a mess on your window. I saw you wiping the window clean shortly after. Maybe in time, you will be able to stick your face between these big titties of mine. I would love to know how your mouth feels suction cupped to both of my breasts. I bet your tongue feels amazing, so slippery and warm, sliding across my nipple. I know your cock will start rising when you feel my nipple getting harder and harder in your mouth. I will make sure I take care of your fat hard cock. You can lay me down on my back. I want you to get on top of me and stick your aching cock between my big soft titties. Let me feel the hardness of your cock slip and slide between my chest. I will get it wet for you when your sexy thick mushroom head slides between my warm big titties, reaching my mouth.

Legendary BDK Is Back

Best phone sexI am so happy my BDK is back from his business trip to Europe. My Big Daddy King is always working hard to make sure his Sugar baby is well taken care of. I could not have asked for a better sugar daddy. I face timed Big daddy to tell him how excited I was that he was back and that I was so ready to finally see him. He told me he had a big surprise for me. That is just like my sexy Big Daddy. Spoiling me with all of his amazing luxurious gifts and surprises. Big daddy told me he will be picking me up soon. Since I knew he was going to be back I made sure to get ready ahead of time. I always want to look my best for the legendary king. Big daddy picked me up in his decked out black Ferrari. Oh, he looked so fine in that car. Daddy got out to give me kisses and hugs. Then he said he is going to be driving me to the surprise. He tied a blindfold around my eyes. My daddy wanted to make sure I was completely surprised. The drive was not very long, that is good because I was so ready to see my surprise! Big daddy opened the car door for me and took my hand. Once I was out of the car, he took the blindfold off of my eyes. In front of me stood a castle-like mansion. This mansion was fucking gorgeous. I thought daddy maybe rented it out for the weekend, so we could spend some time together. I looked at big daddy with excitement, asking him is this the surprise. Big daddy told me it is and asked me do I know what is going on. I looked back at him, he could tell I had no idea. Then he said, this is yours, I bought this mansion for you.  I had to have my sugar baby living in something as sexy and as big as that ass is. I could not believe my fucking wonderful Big Daddy King bought me, us, a fucking palace mansion and to top it off it was in one of the richest neighborhoods around. I had to celebrate with my Big Daddy. My big daddy walked me around to the back of the mansion and there I see in the water our own personal yacht. To top all of that off, daddy even got the yacht customized just for me. It read at the front of the boat, XX Vixon. We got on the boat right away, daddy was looking so fucking sexy I had to beg him for some good loving. I did not need a bikini this time, I wanted to stip down naked for my daddy and let him see my big ass and titties that he loves so much. I got on my knees, begging daddy to let me see his thick 13-inch anaconda that I missed so much while he was away. I kissed his pants leaving lipstick marks all over his shorts. I knew he had his sexy compression shorts underneath and I was just dying to see the imprint of my big black thick anaconda underneath them. When daddy finally let me slide his shorts down, I had to get my big thick pet out of those shorts. Damn I know my daddy missed me, the way we fucked each other on our own personal yacht felt like magic getting dipped into my warm wet pussy every time he thrust deep inside of me. Fucking the legendary big daddy king on our personal yacht ten minutes away from the ocean was more than I could have ever asked for. BDK is such a handsome, amazing, one of a kind powerful man, with a one of a kind big black dick as an added bonus. I am the luckiest sugar baby in the whole universe.

Exhibitionist Sex Gets Me Off

Exhibitionist sex

I am no stranger to hot exhibitionist sex, I get so fucking turned on knowing that fucking out in public. Yesterday, I went to the country club to scout out some sexy, older, married men. I took my tight body to the country club pool and lounged around with my legs spread and my tight body on display. I got so fucking horny, I just couldn’t wait anymore. I pulled my bikini bottoms off and spread my legs exposing my bald wet cunt to the country club goers. I rubbed my soaking wet pussy and moaned so loud. I waved over this older married man and begged him to fuck me. He pulled his cock out and fucked my sweet mouth and throat. I got it all nice and wet so he could shove it in my tight wet pussy! My pussy gets so wet fucking him in front of the country club crowd. I squirted all over him and begged for his cum!

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