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Ass Sex Porn with a Dirty Teacher

ass sex pornHe wanted to make an ass sex porn in my office.  This dirty teacher couldn’t say no. He is young, hung and full of cum. Just how I like my men. School just started, but he is already the teacher’s pet. He loves that I am a sexy mature woman and smart. He said the only thing hotter than a sexy librarian, is a sexy teacher. Students are in an out of my office daily, so no one pays much attention when a sophomore stays in my office for an hour. With all the hustle and bustle in the hallways, no one can hear my sexy moans as my favorite student pounds my ass. I am such a naughty teacher. I was clinging to my big oak desk as he pounded my fuck hole over and over. He set up his iPad, so he could film his hot for teacher’s ass video. He said he would edit out my face. I like the idea of being an amateur porn star. If no one sees my face, I don’t care if 10,000 men jack off to our little amateur endeavor.  I love being watched. I would show my face if there wasn’t this little thing about not fucking my students in my contract. I can’t help myself. College boys are better lovers than men my age. They have the stamina and don’t need a blue pill to get hard for me. Most of my colleagues know what a slut I am for younger men with big dicks. No one really cares but the administration. I bet even the parents don’t care. Every student I fuck does well in my class and not because I am trading sex for grades. That is not how it works with me. Boys excel in my class because they want to impress the hot teacher.  Do you want to impress the teacher too?

BDK Babes in Italy

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I got a late-night call from Cassandra BDK’s OG, sugar baby. I tried to cover up how upset I was I didn’t get to spend time with Papi king for his birthday. I was in my feelings thinking BDK didn’t like me enough to spend some time with me. Cassandra assured me that Papi King did and she got right on the phone with him to prove it. BDK let Cassie, and I use his private jet to meet him in Italy. We got our hottest outfits and made sure to pack plenty of things to get anaconda ready to play.

sexy chicksThe living legends private jet was nothing short of extravagant. We had to share on social media how lucky Cassandra and I are. Give something for the haters to entertain themselves. We got to Italy and instantly escorted into a black on black Bentley. We got our sexiest outfits on and made sure to snap plenty of pictures. Once we were BDK ready, we met up our rey. “La Leyenda vivente” looked so good we had to greet our Papi king. Anaconda was looking delicious through BDK’s designer pants. First, we had to show BDK how grateful and ecstatic we were. We are the luckiest sugar babies ever. We were ready to floss for the gram our followers have grown substantially because of BDK. Who doesn’t love sexy chicks and Papi king? It’s the perfect combo.


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Cassandra and I had to show Big Daddy how much we needed anaconda. We greeted anaconda together. I feel like anaconda grows even bigger each time. It never ceases to take my breath away. I think all of us in the sugar gang can agree.  Anaconda felt so good in our mouths. We gave anaconda a tongue bath and sucked that yummy cream out and shared. We love being property of Papi king!!! We spent our fabulous Italian getaway with BDK and anaconda. 

Sexy Babe and Professor

sexy babeBeing a sexy babe is hard work! I have a brain for business and a body for sin. I am an academic. But when guys look at me, they don’t see my brains. I don’t hide behind frumpy clothes either. I am proud of my body. I flaunt what I got in sexy clothes. Guys think women are either smart or beautiful, never both. I am both. I am smart enough to teach college and sexy enough to attract young hard students. I am not teaching summer school this summer, but I am still on campus a lot because I am working on a book. I have this young stud I hired to do some errands for me. The school pays him. He is a grad student in my department. Little do they realize they are paying him for stud services. Sure, he makes some copies for me and double checks sources and stuff, but most of our time is spent bent over my big wooden desk with his cock up my ass. He has an ass fetish and I have a big cock fetish. He is the best student helper I have had yet. This book may never get written at the rate we are fucking. What do I care, I’m tenured already!

Mature Phone Sex in the Dark

mature phone sexMature phone sex women are often cuckold queens. With age comes understanding of how important cock size is. I used to not care about a guy’s dick if he treated me well. What can I say, I was dumb and young. I had not yet hit my sexual peak yet either. I want to fuck more in my forties than I did in my twenties. Last night I decided to give Tinder another try. My town is still bouncing back from a major storm that left half the city in the dark. I still had no power, so why not fuck? I kept going to my car to charge my phone. I got on Tinder and looked for a hung stud to fuck. In that past I have had issues with guys lying about their cock size, but I was horny, and I had used up all the batteries in the house on my battery operated boyfriends. I needed the real thing. I needed cum. Carl was everything he said he was and more. He had an ass fetish. I love anal sex, but for the best ass sex you want a thick cock, which Carl had. He was 25, almost half my age. He didn’t care that I was a sexy MILF. I think he preferred it. He said girls his age won’t butt fuck. Girls his age are worried about ruining their pretty pink puckered assholes. Sexy mature women just care about getting off. Carl rubbed my clit as I bounced my ass up and down his thick shaft until I was cumming all over his fingers. Damn, it was refreshing to get fucked. It was my fist cock in three days because of fucking Mother Nature. And not my Mother Nature lol. Carl was happy to fuck a milf too. He said he was tired of his hand and coeds. He stayed the night. He must have been my good luck charm because the power came back as we were sleeping. He is coming back to fuck me this weekend. I’m addicted to his cock and he is addicted to my ass.

Best phone sex with a hot latina

best phone sexNo one does it better than hot Latina. I like having power over men and enjoy how I can seduce and make guys hard. I like to tease with my hot sexy body. I wear short skirts and tight dresses and yes you will catch your significant other staring away at me. I like being a good slut and crave only the best cocks. Only the best for a dime piece like me. I have gotten so horny lately that I have ended up having the best phone sex with a special guy that gets my pussy wet as can be. I like making you hard an love to make you precum hard and nut even harder. A sexy Latina with naughty ways is the best. You need this latin spice in your life.

Humiliation Fantasy

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Cuckolding Fantasy phone sex is just a hobby of this teen slut.  WHat my passion is in is cuckolding on the daily. I can not wait to get back to the dorms and be my headmaster’s Mistress again. Sir Robert loves my slutty ways and encourages me to only fuck the biggest and thickest cocks. I have a mouth that was made for those Big Black Anacondas. Sir Robert loves to watch me swallow those BBC and stroke his cock to my demure sexy body. I always make sure I stick my round tight young ass in his face and give him a show as I’m giving those deep throat blow jobs.  My Headmaster just loves it when I tell him his dick is not good enough for this tight twat. I would rather go slumming for a nice big cock than give him my sweetness. Well, If Sir Robert is nice enough I might just ride his cock with my tiny asshole. He does make it so fun to give into his ass fetish. Ad I am always game for putting on the strap and slamming his ass.

Ass sex porn

Ass sex porn  Ass sex porn has always turned me on. The first time I knew I loved anal and pegging was when I walked in on my big brother. He was watching it and I was captured. Every guy I am with they know how much I enjoy to receive and give. With that being said I made a little porn tape with my co-worker. Let me start out by saying it started hot and ended just as hot. He had never had anything in his ass before. So we got naked and I went straight to sucking his fat cock while I worked my finger massaging his external sphincter. He started to moan. I felt all his fluids bursting after I miked his shit hole. He then took ahold of my pussy slapped it around making me wet. He fucked my pussy hard just the way I wanted. Then, fucked my ass hole he gaped it open nice and wide as I was on all fours. We recorded hours. We took turns smashing each others ass holes.

Papi Kings Yacht

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I was craving anaconda I had to call BDK and tell him how much his sexy latina mami was missing him. Papi king is all I think about, and I have anaconda on my mind at all times. Papi King was so good to me.

He wanted his latina sugar baby to be spoiled. BDK couldn’t say no to Latina Loretta in a beautiful custom-made bikini. I grabbed my black bikini with my king’s initials on my pussy and put it on. I got all dolled up and ready to meet him and anaconda on deck. I had to wear my red bottoms and brought along my custom

Birkin bag too. Property of BDK was everywhere on me because that is precisely what I am. I am BDK’s property, and I like that all the other whores get so jealous and salty. Anaconda was excited to see this latina chica. I made it to the living legends yacht. No surprise it was top of the line Black on black and tons of diamond and gold decors. It was one of a kind. It was a Yacht made for a king. I had to thank Papi king, and I knew how to do such a thing.

Anaconda loves great blowjobs, so that’s what anaconda got. I got that magic stick prepped and ready to go. I could barely breathe, but it was worth it. I was anticipating that million dollar nut sauce. Papi King asked me where I wanted it. I am a greedy puta so I wanted a million dollar facial, and I wanted it in my pussy. I had to show off on Instagram that I am a bad bitch and I have my sugar daddies name on my pussy.  Not just any sugar daddy the living legends. The king of kings. The best sugar Daddy in the whole world.

Got Dick?

small dick humiliation

I knew you needed small dick humiliation the moment I set eyes on you. That fucking power suit and those ray bans don’t hide shit! You thought a nice dinner and some caviar could get your pathetic excuse of a dick some teen pussy? I have been around the world and I have never seen an itty bitty weenie like that.  Three tiny inches and I can put my pearl ring around it with ease. No wonder you go for power and money because you have never been able to satisfy a women’s pussy with that clit stick! Omg, Its so fucking cute, adorable, baby-sized dick, omg so fucking funny. Not even bite-sized! Get your ass over here so I can at least see if your pussy eating skills are worth training you. Well, You can do better, why don’t you go pick out three nice pairs of my prettiest panties. Yeah, you will be buying me more. We need to go scouting for real dick baby. My fuck holes cannot exist on licking alone now can they?  I bet you have an ass fetish or a fetish for your ass being fucked. Either way, you are now my sexy fucking bitch. Bow to your mistress and procure me large thick cock. Let the cuckolding games begin!

Sensual phone sex babe

sensual phone sexI have grown to know what gets me excited. I have spent and wasted enough time finding out that I have made poor choices and stayed with short dick men way too long. I got married way to young and now that I am in my mid twenties with a relationship that has lasted five years too long I am ready to explore what gets my tight twat ready to go. The thing that gets me every time is a fat juicy cock. I have been dick deprived for almost five years. I no longer waste my time not fulfilling what I love. I enjoy sensual phone sex good porn and big chocolate dicks. Its quite simple if your cock doesn’t fit in both my hands I don’t want it.

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