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I fucked his wife while he watched

Femdom phone sex

I love huge cocks, but sometimes I’m in the mood for pussy. I have a friend named Ashley that’s a lot like me. She loves big cocks and enjoys fucking men in front of her husband while she watches. She asked me if I wanted to have some fun with her Friday and I said fuck yes. I showed up to her place and she had two of her BBC bulls in bed with her already. Her husband was sitting in the corner watching them play.

I climbed into bed and immediately started licking her tight little slit. One of the bulls stuck his cock in her mouth while the other mounted me and fucked my pussy. Her cunt was so wet and tasty! She grabbed a strap on from under the bed and I slipped it on and double penetrated her with one of the bulls. She had a cock in her ass and my strap on in her pussy. We fucked for hours, taking turns licking each other’s pussies and riding her bulls’ BBC. Then we dropped to our knees and let them both cum on our faces.

Now it was her husband’s turn. He had been watching the whole time and was rock hard. He took his cock out and stroked it in front of us. He was so turned on from the orgy he had witness that he was cumming on both of our faces within a few minutes.  We had three loads of cum on our faces byt the end of the night!

Best Phone Sex Therapy

best phone sexThe best phone sex starts here. Men like mature women because nothing shocks us. We have no limits or taboos. I have this friend who came to me because she found her husband’s stash of fetish stuff. She didn’t know what to think. He had women’s panties and butt plugs. She thinks her husband is gay. I told her that was likely not the case. I had a talk with him. He just likes his ass played with while he is wearing women’s panties. That may sound gay to you but consider the fact that women’s panties smell like women’s pussies and the male G-spot is in the ass. Her husband isn’t gay, he just like’s ass play. He has an ass fetish. I like it in the ass too. I had to sit down with them and have some marriage therapy. My girlfriend was hesitant to take the lead with him, so I put on a strap-on and fucked his ass. Once she saw how much pleasure he got from that strap-on up his ass, she started to soften her stance a bit. I was enjoying myself too. I like fucking a guy in the ass. I am a dominant woman in case you couldn’t tell. It took some intervention on my part, but I think I saved their marriage and made it even stronger. Guys, you shouldn’t have to hide your fetish from your partner. Sometimes, you just need a little phone sex therapy. This doctor is in to help your marriage too.

cum on boobs please

cum on boobsCum on boobs, please! Let me feel all that hot jizz drizzle down my tits to my clit. There is nothing I crave more than a huge rod exploding all over my body. I can’t explain how excited I get. The grand finale is the best. Cum on my tits and tight ass I how I like to end my day. Sucking and fucking your huge cock will have me in complete bliss. There is nothing better than being drenched in nut sauce. A big dick with an even bigger load is the way to my heart. Pound my holes till you are ready to explode! Tease my mouth and let me taste all that jizz. I know your load is more than plenty to give me a mouthful and to decorate my rack. Watch as I rub it all over me and giggle. A sexy mami that is a great nut swallower but also one that can apprticate the best cum shots in life.

Fuck a cuck

Ass fetishSeeing you be a stupid ass fetish cuck boy for me and my man is so fucking hott. I literally spend all day long draining money out of men while they jerk into their pants while thinking about me. It really is the most perfect relationship. Life really is so much better when everything is cuck funded. Aside from your money, there really is not much to like about you. Now me on the other hand, I am absolutely fuckin delicious from head to toe and inside & out! I want a subby cuc to completely ruin his life for me, too bad most of you bastards are too scared to do so! A true cuck would let me piss in his face and consider it a blessing, now that is what I call completely cucked! I wanna know how many times a day you are stuck fantasizing about being under my sexual spell. I am truly never surprised when you boys fall right into my lap. Look at me, I am fucking perfect!

Latinas lust BBC

ass fetish🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Latina phone sex is our specialty. We know what really gets men off with our sultry style and no taboo mindset we can make any cock cream.

I have the hottest friends they are latinas like me and not only are they sexy Spanish mami’s they crave nothing but the best. We became friends since we all ran in the same circles. All three addicted to the finer things in life and being trophy wives and girlfriends. As we got closer we knew that we all had a common situation going on. Although our significant others were checking all our boxes there was an area they came up short. I have always said some men need to compensate with their bank accounts for having been cursed with such itty bitty men clitties. Of course each of us were fulfilling our needs elsewhere. How could we not? Who doesn’t love to be fucked like a slut? The difference a couple extra inches can make is out of this world. Why settle for pencil dick that barely hits te 5 inch mark? My girls and I are part of the nine and up club

sexy babe


BBC rules everything around me and my hot amigas. We only want Papi’s with big rods that can make us squirt and make our tight cunts shake and quiver. There is nothing better than a chocolate dick fucking our latina holes. Our bodies were made for fucking and our mouths were made for sucking. Size does matter we are size queens who love to cheat on our rich significant others. We all share a common love for disappearing for days and attending several orgies together. After all, they do say great minds think alike. While you are spoiling us we are out getting plowed by real men. The way we make fun of little nubs would have you beet red in the face. I especially love picking fights and doing anything in my power to get away from your shriveled up mini shrimp dick. Sometimes I will come home after a bbc binge and make you clean up the mess without you knowing. 😉

latina phone sex                                                                                   💜🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆💜



Pussy on his dick

Roleplay phone sex  I put my heels on and made some moves tonight. I went the club and had such a great time. It didn’t take long before I was felt upon. My fishnet stalking was giving me the most attention. After a few shots, I got so horny and I was ready to go home with somebody. Tina my best friend was dancing with me and we had a sexy guy work his way to us. I twerked my ass s all over his cock. I felt his big throbbing fuck stick through his pants I needed it. I told him to take me home and he did. I blew his cock the entire way. I love giving road head. Being drunk I can take those fat cocks very easy down my throat. I made him cum before we even went in. He pinned me against the wall and I started soaking his cock with my cunt. We fucked until we came. I need to go out more.

MMF Threesome

Best phone sex

My favorite boy toy loves when I force him to be a little bisexual fuck for me and my bull. The only way I allow his pathetic cuck cock inside me is if my big dick bull is inside of him at the same time. I love to warm my sissy cuck up by having him suck my bull while I stretch his tight little asshole with my strap on! He loves to moan and have his holes filled.

I make him beg to be inside my warm wet pussy and I only let him fuck me when I’m satisfied that he’s a good boy. His cucky cock can only slide inside my dripping creamy cunt if he has my bull’s thick cock shoved up his rosebud ass. Our little daisy fuck chain makes my pussy quiver with pleasure! On by one, all three of us came all over each other! Our sweaty bodies were meshed together and covered in milky cum!

Role-play fantasy

Roleplay phone sex 

 I love to roleplay being a high-end prostitute with my fuck buddy. Playing pretend is fun, and sexy. I always surprise Tim with new heels and clothing. Last night I was dressed in all black. We went out for some dinner and on the way home he dropped me off around the corner and he “picked me up”. It makes my heart race being a naughty needy whore. He places money in my little purse and takes us home. We stay in roleplay for hours. I give him road head for fifty dollars. Every sexual thing I do for him I make more and more. I act like a well paid sexy little slut. Low key I love being a dirty whore. I get my holes pounded and cash is thrown my way. I rode his cock until he came. What a sexy roleplay right? I just love being used.

a sexy babe for the sugar bowl

sexy babe

I’m a sexy babe that keeps everything in check for the only the best. I get all dressed up and ready for a fun night with my favorite guy. I can’t wait to see what I will be spoiled with next. Last week it was a new Prada robe  paired with the thickest Cartier diamond encrusted choker can’t forget that luxurious trip to the Cannes. Most sugar daddies can’t keep up. I am lucky to have a Daddy that gives me the best sugar high ever. Everything and anything I want I can have. My broke boyfriend knows something is up. His short dick has never been as neglected as it is now. I love to go to Berlin for bukkake fun. Making my way back to the Hampton’s watching all the equestrians play,  while I make my way down my Daddies pants unzip it and start to stroke him till he jizzes. I think the best adventure thus far is bringing over all my hot friends and even my sultry Spanish cousins. Its always a party when you have plenty of beautiful babes ready to pleasure a giant cock. We are size queens in this sugar bowl baby 😉

BBC Ass Fucking

Femdom phone sex

When you have a perfect ass like I do, men practically drool at the thought of fucking it. I love being fucked in the ass. I’m a size queen and the bigger the better. My Bull has a perfect 10 inch BBC that he loves to pound my ass with. Few things make me cum harder than when he’s balls deep inside of my ass. As soon as he sees me he starts getting hard and can’t wait to fuck my tight little hole and give me a nice yummy anal creampie for my cuckold husband to enjoy lapping up when I get home. He bends me over and pulls my panties to the side and slowly starts to work his big black cock into my tight asshole. I can’t help but squirm and whimper in pleasure while he’s doing it. Once he’s finally all the way in, he loses all abandon and fucks my ass as hard as I can. Luckily I’m used to a good hard as fucking because he doesn’t hold back one bit! When he’s done, he pumps all of his creamy cum into me. I love coming home with a nice creampie and flaunting it to my husband. His mouth starts watering at the sight of it and he can’t wait to lick it all up.

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