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Phone Sex That Is Addicting

Best Phone SexIf you want some of the best phone sex your money can buy you then don’t pass me up. It is nice to have a relationship and stuff, but, some other times someone else can give you what your partner isn’t. I love arousing men and teasing like making them so hard and then letting it go soft. I would love to be there with you while your balls are filling up with that nectar. I always have my favorite toy on hand and love fucking myself as if it were your hard prick deep inside my tight wet teen pussy. Just think while you are stroking that dick to our fantasy, I am spitting on my toy and rubbing it up and down my pussy and then sticking it in so deep. Rubbing my clit while I fuck it and come all over and then suck it off that toy.

Sexy Ass Black Girl

xSexy ass picMen love when I send them a sexy ass pic. Flat asses aren’t “in” anymore. These days men want a woman with a little junk in da trunk. No other race has more big butts than the black race. Have you ever been with a sista? Are you curious? I have a phat ass and a tight pussy and I love to fuck. I like when you grab my ass cheeks so tight that my pussy lips spread apart. Put your face in my ass, lick my booty hole, and I’ll belong to you forever. Every day I leave my apartment searching for new sexual experiences. I haven’t met a man that I wouldn’t fuck. Men love when I put on a thong and my booty cheeks clap. I’ll be your personal stripper and baby you’re getting endless lap dances. I started fucking at an early age, I know what men need. Men love blowjobs and pussy with no back talk. Come and get this beautiful ebony pussy, you won’t regret it.

Beautiful ebony pussy

Virgin cock

ass fetishI was dreading staying home, so I decided it was time to go out and have a good time. I met up with a guy that wouldn’t leave me the hell alone. I was just horny and ready to get some dick that I allowed him to take me out. He was a bit younger like fresh out of high school young. I was shocked he could afford the 5-star restaurant we were heading too. I just rolled with it and thought maybe his parents gave him an allowance. It was like nails on chalkboard talking to him. He was too sweet, and I felt terrible that I was giving him any illusion that I was okay with going on multiple more dates. I certainly wasn’t going to call him after this date and after I got his cock. He was nervous as hell when we finished our date. I invited him inside. I knew he had a mean ass fetish by the way he was already creaming his damn pants. I wanted his dick and wanted him gone. He took forever and kept stalling. It wasn’t until a couple of minutes in did I realize he was a virgin. I was devastated, but I knew I needed some. I did what I could and made him my fuck toy for the night. It took some trial and errors, but he finally did it. He came to quick the first time, so I had to punish him and make that tongue work before I gave him any more attention. I created a decent fuck. I might even invite him over again.

I Love That Jizz On My Boobs

Cum On BoobsI called my friend with benefits over because my sugar daddy was busy. I was so horny and wanted dick so bad. When he arrived I was wearing my cute little pink panties and nothing else, I wanted him to know what he was there for any nothing else. I motioned for him to come over and told him I wanted him to eat my ass and tongue fuck my bald pussy. He grabbed my hips and bent me over and started sniffing my panties making me moan real loud. I had been sweating in them. He pulled them aside and spit on my dirty pink hole and then was darting his tongue in and out. I love when he tongue fucks my ass and then he put 2 fingers in my vagina and I came so hard and he wasn’t stopping, I was squirting. I laid down on my bed and saw he was hard like a rock  he came over and was jacking off near my tiny perky tits. I closed my eyes and held my mouth open and he was squirting like hot lava erupting from a volcano.

Turn you on

Lesbian phone sex

  My little boy toy an I really wanted my co worker/ friend to enjoy a night with us. He has been telling me how much it would turn him on if he watched us get dolled up and dress up. So, I told her that she would love to hook up with us. We would only make her feel so amazing and cum. We took her out for dinner and we came back home a little drunk and ready to fuck. She was acting so natural and so into it. She kissed me and it took off. I started undressing her and ate her pussy out real slow at first. we put on a damn good show for David. Then he bent us over and shoved his cock in out wet pussies. My girl took it like champ. We all fucked each other and she looks over at me after we finished and said this has to happen again.

The Wife and the Mistress

2 girl phone sex

When I found out about my ex husbands secret affair, I was livid and fuming. I didn’t say a word I was going to get even my way. I did investigate and confronted the slut. I was shocked she was willing to meet me up. When I saw the sexy babe, I kind of forgot how angry I was. She was gorgeous. I knew I was going to like her. Her name was Denise she was young beautiful and had great style like me. We hit it off instantly, and I just had to take her home. We were tipsy from drinking, and we were excited to have some fun. One thing leads to another, and we were stripped naked, and I reached for my toy chest and begun exploring her body. We were fucking each other with my toys and had been at it for hours. My poor husband made it home to find his mistress and wife fucking passionately. Oh, no loser you can watch, but you can’t touch. He was going to sit and enjoy the view with a chastity penis cage. He wasn’t allowed to cum only we were. His cock is pathetic, and we let him know how we are sugar sluts who only care about his cash flow.

sexy babe

Bdk’s sexy surprise

sexy legssexy babeOur Papi king loves when Lena and I both strut in our bikinis. Summertime is fast approaching, and I can’t wait for our sweet BDK to set some time from his busy schedule and spends time with his two favorite girls. Papi king has already spoiled us enough with our fun shopping sprees and our late night rendezvous.BDK’s anaconda has a mind of its own when the anaconda catches a glimpse in our custom made bikinis encrusted with BDK on it; The anaconda wants to come out and play. Lena looked hot in her unique bikini. Her sexy legs were fascinating. I, of course, had a beautiful bikini too and Papi king couldn’t get his hands off me when he made his way to us. Papi surprised us when he arrived from a busy workday. While our king was away, he set us up with a spa day, and he wanted tons of pictures of us in our new bikinis. The anaconda was ready to play when he got to the spa. Lena and I always have to show our gratitude to the delicious anaconda. We both love million dollar nut cream.

Ass Fetish?

Do you have a ass fetish. I have a great ass and would love for you to worship my fabulous ass. My goal is to make you completely happy baby. You can lick my perfect rosebud ass hole and then put that nice hard man meat right in my tight ass. I love how it feels to be fucked nice and hard in my ass. Grab my hips and fuck me deeper and harder. Yes, baby I will get on my knees after and suck ass my ass off your handsome dick. Gag me until I can’t breathe and then side in my wet aching cunt. My pussy muscles holding you tight ass I buck up and give you this pussy back. Right now I am watching ass sex porn thinking of you fucking my tight ass and cunt. ass fetish


Ass Fetish

ass fetishI have an ass fetish. I know callers think that means I like to play with men’s asses, but that is not true. Okay, it is true technically because I do enjoy a prostate exam. Helping men find their G-spot to completely drain their balls brings me pleasure, but I like my ass played with also. I have a male friend who likes to play doctor.  We get together once a month and play with each other’s asses. He brings the lube and latex gloves. This get together was extra hot because we did it in a doctor’s exam room. Teddy is a security guard. Wednesday night he took an extra detail at an office complex that had to tighten security because of threats from a fired employee. He took the detail because of the doctor’s office. It was not just any doctor’s office, it was a large OB/GYN office, that meant we had equipment for erotic roleplaying. We had gowns, an exam table and even speculums. He did me first. I was not about using any device to probe my ass. I like to keep it tight and pretty. He fingered my hot ass with a lubed up finger while rubbing my clit. I had a powerful orgasm. My ass can have its own version of an orgasm. I had a powerful two hole orgasm with one in the pink and one in the stink. When it was his turn, I used an entire tube of lube, so I penetrate deep enough to find his prostate. A woman brave enough to finger fuck a man’s ass knows when she finds the prostate because his dick becomes stiff as a board.  Just a little massage and that dick erupts like Mt. St. Helen’s. My anal lover’s dick shot off like an overdue volcano.  We drained each other well. Not that we needed the doctor’s office, it just enhanced our naughty role play.

Spreading the pussy

Mature phone sex

   I have been watching anal sex porn all morning. My pussy is wet watching it. I want my ass to be pounded and gaped. Fill my pussy up and ass hole stuff all my holes. I want a vibrator in my pussy, your dick in my ass and your fingers in my mouth. I am all alone and so horny for you to come and make me cum. I am spreading my pussy wide finger fucking my self. Come in and let me suck all over that cock and make you feel like you should, I know you wont be able to take your eyes off of me while you rub all over me and taste my little pussy. Come and taste my soaking wet little snack, then I’ll show you how much i love my mouth to be slobbing all over your cock


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