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My brother in law

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My husbands younger brother has been staying with us for a bit. I don’t have any shame in my game because I wait till my husband is headed to work to change my outfit real quick. My young brother in law is here from the service and isn’t working. He is recovering from a knee injury, so the rests a lot and is always around. I have been a sweet sister in law because I still take him to physical therapy and the gym to recover. I know he loves latinas and I don’t mind being a latina tease. I have even made him watch me play with my pussy. I caught him staring at me one day and told him if he didn’t sits and watch me rub one out I would let my husband know of his little peeping tom ways. I loved how beet red he got and how he almost busted out of his pants at the sight of me rubbing my cunny. You can say my brother in law, and I have gotten a little closer lately. 😉

Ass Fetish Explored with My Neighbor

ass fetishMy hot neighbor has an ass fetish. I have a great ass too. I love flaunting it. Yoga has given me a better ass in my 40s than I did in my 20s. I have a better ass than I have tits. All in all, I look great for my age; for any age, but I do love an ass man. I enjoy being spanked and groped, but by the right men. Not everyone gets to touch me. Not everyone gets to fuck me. My neighbor and I have been teasing each other for weeks now. I undress in front of the window. He adjusts his crotch. Its been harmless flirting and flaunting until last night. I was super horny. I had an intense workout which got my blood pumping straight into my pussy. I noticed his wife was not home. She has lots of night meetings for her job. I peeled off my dirty sweaty gym clothes and stood in front of my window until I got his attention. Once I had him at attention, I leaned over my chair to show off my ass. I spanked and jiggled it a few times to drive him crazy. We are friends on FaceBook, so I sent a close-up selfie and told him to come over and fuck my hot ass. I think he flew, because it felt like no time had passed by before his hands were grabbing my ass. He buried his face in my ass crack. Licked my sweaty ass and inhaled my natural scent. Been awhile since a man tongued my asshole because he wanted too, not because he was cleaning out a real man’s cum. I let my married neighbor fuck my ass with his hard 8-inch cock. He finger fucked me to an intense climax. Sometimes a sexy babe just needs it in the ass.

Latina Mami

Latina phone sexLatina phone sex for that big fat white cock you have. Us Latinas love international dick! I love all my fuck holes to get used and abused by all kinds of different cocks! Come over to my house just walk right in I’m already on my bed bent over twerking my ass for you! Tackle my ass down big daddy and dig your face into my juicy ass. Fuck the way you are tongue fucking me is making me dripping wet. Roll me over and spread my thick Latina legs and ram your big fat long veiny cock into my sexy Latina tight pussy! Fuck, look at me squirting all over your body. I’m so fucking horny Papi! Cum fuck me and ram that cock in my big fat Latina ass! Fuck yeah, Papi keep pounding my fat ass just like that. Fuck you are going to make me cum! Lets cum together at the same time. Fill up my ass with hot warm cum!

Cheating latina wives

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You know I have been fucking all types of guys lately, and one of my favorite fucks hands down has to be my trainer. He has the biggest cock and sure does know how to use it. I couldn’t keep this to myself, I told my amiga veronica all about this hot fuck I was getting, and she wanted it too. So now she gets to play tennis and play with nice balls, and I get to get in a slippery wet situation when my trainer comes to do aquatics with me. Veronica loved the referral so much she got hooked on our trainer’s dick in no time. I mean what are friends for anyway? I like sharing a fantastic trainer together. We have had such a blast that we even set up a group session. The three of us are going to get a vigorous workout  I can’t wait to watch her pick her stamina up with his well endowed unique tool. We both love having 2 girl phone sex with our trainer too. I mean both of our husbands are always away doing something for work. Veronica and I need cock at all times.

BBC dream

sexy babe

I had the best dream ever. Have you ever had a dream that felt so good and too realistic that you thought it was happening? Well, I like those dreams so much. I recently just had one of those lucid dreams. I dreamt I was getting pounded by alot of big black cocks. It made me one happy girl. My husband was tied up in a chair watching me get pleasured and cum drenched. I like how it felt to be cucking him.

I was enjoying his cock get hard at the sight of me getting pounded by real men. My husband knows he’s not a real man. My husband can’t get me off, so he has to watch these guys give it to me. It was such a fucking hot feeling. I could tell my husband was put in his place. Thatswhere he belongs constricted with his little penis popping out limp small dick. His dick grew hard when he saw a big black cock. I think my husband has a secret fetish that I just pulled out. 

That dream was so fucking hot I’m thinking its time not to hide it from my husband. 

He needs to see what his trophy wife does all day while he is working hard.

I love Having Small Boobs

Small Boobs

I love having small boobs, I feel like it takes more confidence to rock them and feel good about your body. I don’t think I would look really that good with like a D cup. I have a tight body, I go to the gym five days a week and guys are very sexually attracted to me just the way I am. I have a very cute round bubble butt. I love when I am fucking a guy and he can get just enough tit in his hand and rubs the tip of his cock on my nipples, that makes me so wet. I know you will love what I have to offer, maybe you never have been with a tight teen like me. Come give me a shot, I am a sure thing.

Worship my sexy body

Cum on boobsMy gorgeous eyes, big juicy titties and exotic looks are the reasons why you worship me with your pretty money. My addicting personality draws you in and my intoxicating beauty is what keeps you hooked like a good Daddy who loves to give me lots and lots of sugar. I know how much you love sucking on my nipples and putting cum on boobs, that’s why you do whatever the fuck I say and give me whatever the fuck I want from you. I drain you like you deserve to be drained. The reason your credit card statement is multiple pages is all because of me and my perfect ass. I’m so fucking hott and yummy, you consider yourself lucky to even be in my presence. Babes likes me are constantly milking you for all you’re worth and you love it! Do you think you’re even man enough to see my round booty? I taste just like a juicy peach! Men are worthless and useless unless they’re bowing down to their Goddess. You are to obey, suffer and spoil your princess. Femdom addiction feels so good!

Let Us Climax Together

Mutual Masturbation Stories I love when you call me up and I have my favorite toy in my hand ready to get my hot little teen pussy off. I know you call me up already with that hard prick in your hand. I love us getting off together, I love when you tell me how hard I get you. I have sexy body that is so tight, I love working out. Most guys including you are so into my ass like you have a fetish. I like that you fantasize about me or tell me all that you want that you aren’t getting at home with her. You can hear the buzzing of my little vibe and I imagine it is you rubbing your manhood all over my clean, silky pink pussy.  We go faster and harder until we climax together, still breathing heavy. I wish you could roll over and give me a kiss on my forehead.

Vacation with me favorite bbc

sexy babe Things have been pretty good with my husband lately. I think he has gotten the hunch now. A girl needs her space. My husband ended up gifting me a surprise getaway for two. Just me and a friend I choose. I knew the perfect friend to bring. I decided

Davonne. My husband thought I was going to enjoy a girls trip. He was beyond wrong. I had a ton of fun just fucking my favorite cock in the world.

I met Davonne when he was setting up the digital cable at the house. He was tall dark and handsome just like I love. He was really into me and kept reminding me thru the whole installation process that I was a sexy babe. If you know me by now, you know very well my pussy is open sesame.

We fucked merely to put it in a term we fucked right then and there. We kept in contact, and I would have his big beautiful black cock whenever I needed dick.

Davonne joined me for the napa spa trip. We had wine toured and fucked everywhere for five whole fucking days. My holes wear filled with cum at all times.

Davone cock is about a good nine and a half inches, and it is so thick, and it fits perfectly in me. My dumb husband probably thinks I’m with a friend; boy does he have no idea,

I Make The Perfect GFE

GFE Phone Sex

It has been a long day for you when you come home to me. I am wearing a sheer white top with my nipples poking through. I also have on your favorite pair of white sheer panties. I have dinner made for you. I bring it to you, and you tell me you are hungry not for food but something else. You pull me in and I wrap my arm around you, you start playing with my pantie top and snap it against my skin. It feels good and you put your finger underneath, tracing my panty line. I sit down on your lap and kiss your lips real soft and you kiss me harder, massaging your tongue on mine. I can feel you getting so hard, I love when you are gentle like this with me. I start grinding on your dick and I wrap both my arms around you. You grab my hips, we are breathing heavy and moaning it feels like we are both going to come. I grind up against you harder and faster and we do come.

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