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Sexy women masturbating

Sexy women masturbatingSexy women masturbating is probably a view you urge to see. I have already told you how much my husband gets on my nerves. I  still love to tease him and show him I like a good time. I send him the same pics I send all the guys that come over to pound me. The difference between my husband and the guys that come over? Is just that they get to reap the benefits of fucking me. While my poor husband gets deprived I satisfy guys with huge cocks. I like being an evil slut. I love seeing him come home rushing trying to get his cock to me and I just turn him down. I love getting his cock hard just to laugh and walk away and say not today. I do occasionally give in and feel bad but why should I? He has a clit for a dick and I just can’t fathom having it in me at all. It barely fits. I will continue to tease him and let him down

hot sexy woman for you

hot swexy womanHot sexy woman for you was what my latest ad read. I was looking for something new I have had half the cocks in my neighborhood and was craving something more exciting and different. I got a reply from a cute Asian slut. She wanted to come over with her boyfriend who had a massive chocolate dick. I of course accepted. As soon as they arrived I was soaking just watching them make their way inside. Things escalated rather quickly. I ended up taking his dick and eating her cunt at the same time. He had whipped out a camera and recorded the whole thing, I looked at my email the next day and saw the video I opened it up and got excited again and Invited them up again. This time my husband was home and I was being banged and fucked all the while he was in the next room. It was quite tricky to make this mission possible but those orgasms and the riskiness of it all was well worth it.

Deep In My Pussy

Ass fetishYour cock is so big I cannot even get my pussy to slide all the way down to your balls. But yet I can feel you deep in my pussy. Hitting up against my cervix. Allowing me to fuck your huge cock with my pussy. Feeling your cock explore my entire pussy from the inside. My pussy so wet with my juices and your cum, it just glides up and down on your cock. The inside of me tingling as your cock brings my body great pleasure.  This is a good position for getting deeper into any hole you want.  I like this position cause it brings your cock in at the perfect right angle for me to have multiple orgasms of me squirting across the room.

Erotic roleplaying

Erotic roleplaying has always been something I truly love to engage in. Sadly I married someone so boring and so unimaginative. It sucks not getting what I need from my husband that why lately I have totally rebelled and have been on a cheating spree. I have gotten it from everyone I laid my eyes on. If I see someone I like and someone I want to fuck I will do so and I will do so with no regrets. I use to feel bad for my husband but not anymore. I like dressing up and I love pain. Pain and pleasure go together In my world. I love inviting over those who will fill me up and make me orgasm not stop. I enjoy hot sluts like me I like dressing them up and licking their slits and making them cum with me. I have a hot plan and I hope my boring husband will participate. I plan on showing him what brings me excitement later this week. I will show him what gets his slut wife off. Hoping he’s a good sport and learns to please me like a good bitch. I just dream of fucking a ton of people right in front of him and I plan to make that happen ASAP. erotic roleplaying

Hot sexy woman wanting BBC Deep In All My Needy Holes

Hot sexy womanI am a hot sexy woman craving BBC. Do you have BBC? If you do have BBC, please baby cum my way. I had a dream last night that I was getting gang banged by five BBC! It was such a hot dream. There was a BBC in each one of my three holes and in both of my hands. And they all kept rotating so that I had every cock in every one of my three holes. And in both hands.   I squirted several times in my dream.  That when I woke up I had soaked my sheets with my juicy yummy cum.  I was still so very turned on by my dream.  I got out my 10 inch dildo and bunny shaped vibrator.  And continued to soak my sheets even more over and over.  thinking of my dream letting my cum squirt out.

Ready For Any Thing Ramona

My Hot Boyfriend Has An Ass Fetish

Ass Fetish

My boyfriend has an ass fetish that I find to be super hot. All he ever wants to watch is ass sex porn and every time we fuck he always wants to stick it in my ass. He’s obsessed with touching it, squeezing it, and rubbing his face all over my juicy booty. I love the attention and I’m always more than happy to let him stick his nose right up in it and take a sniff.

I had a guy friend over one day and we came up with a great idea. We were going to have a threesome with my boyfriend. Did I mention my friend is a guy with a giant cock? I sent my boyfriend a sexy ass pic and told him to get over to my house. He looked a little surprised when he walked in and saw me sitting on the couch topless in just my panties. My friend was sitting there in only his boxers.

Standing up and taking him by the hand, I led him over to the couch. He asked what was going on and I told him that today we were going to explore something with his little ass fetish he has. He looked confused and I giggled. Well, I told him, you are so obsessed with fucking my ass that I think you should know what it feels like. Before he knew it, I had him bent over the arm of my couch, licking my pussy, and taking it up the ass.

Now my boyfriend and I have a whole new world of kinky fun to explore. I’m going to get a strap on next and make him suck a huge cock for me while I choke him with mine! I can’t wait to fuck him in the ass for myself. I don’t think he ever thought he would love taking a cock up his ass, but boy does it want it all the time now!

Sexy ass

Edgeplay phone sexToday at my photo shoot I met the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life. I just wanted to invite him back to my house. Just let me tell you what I want to do to that big muscular man! I want to start by undressing him head to toe. Undress my self start rubbing this sexy Latina body against his abs. Oh my, my pussy is already dripping wet craving his big fat cock. I still start by sucking his dick making my pussy even more wet. French kissing the tip full of that pre-cum all over my lips as lip gloss. Going all the way down deep into my throat. I love that big cock. Now time to penetrate my pussy with that huge cock. I sit on that big fat cock and start riding it back and forth then start making my self bounce up and down.

No team like a double team

Fantasy phone sex

In the spirit of the upcoming football season, I decided to have a little get together with some of my young neighborhood friends. I have fucked most of them, there are a few I’ve only blown or jerked off. Had all the typical food and munchies out for a game, even though it’s only preseason, still fun to have the boys over to watch.
Everyone was having a great time and half time was coming up. I slipped away and went to my room, got naked and put on some sexy thigh highs, heels and a silky robe. I love this robe and how it feels over my tits. I walked out to the living room where the party was, one of the boys turned and said “oh shit” then they all turned to see me standing at the living room entrance. Tits and pussy showing for all of them to see, I walk to the middle of the room, lay down on the large ottoman and say “Anything goes boys!” There didn’t seem to be much hesitation, hands were soon on my tits, fingers touching my pussy opening my little pussy lips, fingers inside me. “Give me a cock somewhere boys,” I tell them and finally, the dicks come out. I get a nice young cock in every hole. I love sucking young cock they get so hard so quick and it stays like that.
The boys started to get more adventurous and were taking turns putting their cocks in my mouth and my pussy. “Someone, fuck my ass,” I said and I pointed to the lube. One brave boy grabbed it and slid into my ass like a pro. And without any prompting at all, another boy slid right into my pussy. There were four boys total that day, they all took turns double teaming me, fucking my wet pussy and stretched asshole. I don’t know how many times I had cum by the time they were all ready to nut, but I know it was a while. I had them all stand around me in a circle and jerk off, my tits, stomach, and face took some nice big loads of hot cum. What a great preseason game party.

P.S. Don’t ask me the score. 😉

Heart Ass!

Sensual phone sexLook at this ass big boy, Its all yours! Don’t you like this shape on my ass it kinda looks like a heart. I’ll let you penetrate my big heart with your big long arrow. I’ll start giving you a very sensual dance make my ass jiggle as you lay down and look up at my ass. Your heavy breathing is turning me the fuck on and making my pussy dripping wet. You will start feeling my pussy juice dripping all over your face. I just cant wait for that big fat dick to penetrate this juicy pussy. I stand up and bend over a bit and spread my butt chicks apart waiting for you to shove that dick so hard up my pussy first then when you make me orgasm and cum so hard all over your balls, I want you to shove that fat dick up my ass.

Doctor Rebecca Can make you feel better

The client that I had this afternoon has been a regular of mine for many years and I love doing sessions with him. I feel like I have made so much progress. I have been using hands on therapy for about a year now with him. I utilize my mouth and my pussy sometimes as well. This client is very sensual and he is in touch with his softer side. I have been able to get him to be very open with me.

Phone sex therapy

We have had sessions in the past where we ended up completely nude and in each others arms. I feel that a hand son approach is best because I think it helps heal issues that are deep.Some of my clients just need a quick session or two that never get hands on, but I also have clients like the one from his afternoon who need on going services to get to those deeper rooted problems. I can help with both.

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